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Courier (Newspaper) - July 7, 1809, London, Middlesex ^. 4,425, FRIDAY .JULY 7 9 PPvICE SIXI'KNCE-fiA LFFENNY. '^.�T-C�AI.L -nndrT Ihc Pat.oiia^e of his ^irtO Pauents aiifl Gfc'AUDTAns.-^One .ir l�o J. YOO'.NCJ'I.Al)ll'.S,of re^iKxiahic Coimft ions, may lie ri-ccivc ertVrl llifm in fVi-ry rhxii'l aixl Ujfful At-coiiiplislmifnt, iiiidrt- Itie cure .'t ilie tir.-i Vl.isurj. while llie � ' �� Health, iiiHra) and rcli- THK M.W COMEDY. This day is piildiihrd, I'nce 'js. Gd. LRIEVliVG'S a VO\AA'\ a Comedy in Fire Acts, now perfiirniiiig by the Company of tht' Kite Thralre Kovnl, Llrur)-l:uic.-By KICH. Li:U.ll, K�q. Printed for Loiigiiia'n, liiirst, Kecs, anj ()rme, l^lte^:llS-ter-row.-.-Of whmn may he had, jusi iiublithed, TilK BRITISH TUf.ATUL.: or a Coil.ction of Plays, A- by letter, ! which arc acted at the Thrativs Itoyal Coveiit (;:iril.-n, aiiJ  lla-yiuarket, prinlrd under Ih- Autluirity and h) l'trniis-.ion A. H. v.. at X r,4.,� ihe 19Mi day of July ticxl, at J ind to Contract ,torftcivei-r.n.~n .y.^^^^ less ll.nnone ^ . ' "ml t� receive prnps-als an:l Coutrat^for StreeU witl.i.i ..;e�nd Parish for H, Clock at N'li'n prerisely. tnicunsctjuciiic ... . Jrart^r Ij.tvinj failed tn protlucetlie Security olTen-d h v him ^ � rri-i-ive l'riH)iisa'.s in Writing (seole^ uji), .1 ' erin mil " �"�--------...... :;icnnsin| '.nwa* ti iiants^ n 'fclransinKlhe ()pti.iii;i. ..,--------------- like Temrt. Vm\\ PiMposil lobe separate, and inrpecify 'theTermsaiKl Time tor wJilch thet^i'roitoser is williiig to con'racL-^Pariiculars ni.ay be known, and the form of the Cnntracts seen by applvin^^at tlfc Uerk's Ollice, A'o. la. Charies-street, St. J4m� s-sqaare. By order of ijie Cnmiqiiiee, GEO. liODGSON, Cicjk. LBAU- J^E'W iNV^tNTED IIKGISI'ER STOVMS, K or, DER GAZKTTIv ALKXA^OER KSe Circulation thronjl, f lie Counties of Uoxburgh, S,TlrkSelkil-k, Nt�(thiimberlahil, &c. .. -J,U�retnrHshis grateful.ha.,k5. eeins it ntcessary to inform them, and the Public in KCnenil, that fhini Its Ciroilatiott in the above Counties, Advertisements iiave the certainty of being now tpade generally kno wn. To Gentlemen hirvlng occasion io advcrliac the l.rt of i'anns.&c.fhe Weekly Jouma) poaiiesses nuinv advantages ipcqiHcquriiceofitibeingpublisbeclitn the XViday, and he-iiijjccji by Ihe.respectable Farmeft who attend Kelso Market. Illihott, Advertiseme�<s of every dfscriptii)H Hill appear wi�h as grfatadvanlagc'iu the Jouniat as in any other Hauer.of a longftindinff, ,Vcr�oP8^ftv�ttfing the Proprietor wilh Adverttsenienls will ! Iiiease.t�;��Ur�s their letters to him, at Ihc" VVcekly Jour- ! BalQISceti^lao," Aiid.tJiey oiav^lrpeod Ui ou the utmujt �neati(w lMi4e.paid to their nnlcfS; : .:lbndonAgents for receiving. Adreriis - I'mni-hing Ir. nnivPRers and Ala-nnfactiner';, Xo. GO, Great Ru>.-pil-slr-ii, lilmmisbiiry, London. Improved Air Stoves fur wanning Hall*, &c. Range bve;:s, Hot Closets, nnilers. &c. on the approved O'NEY tllrectly advancetJ by way of Annuity.-SO.OOOt in funis of 100/. tJ5,OOOf.on approved nv-il or peraonal ieOUrity, for which liberal prices will he' given, and an otniorluiiity of repaying t1ie principal at the option of the Borr.mer by piwine 7 d.ivs notice.-Personal applications alleiided to from 10 till 3 o'clock.-Leltem, pott-'paid, to Messrs. Ilankey and Go. No. 38, Bury-slfeet, St. Jainds's, answered without delay. TO LET from the lOih (�f July next, a Marine ResldentP, WARWICK HOUSE, Worthing, Sussex ; conipriaing a Oining-rooin, 2rf f et by 20, .Uniiving-rnoin, same i^i/e. Gentlemen's Room, i nnily situate at the lieaiitiful village of. Binlield, in the Counlf" of Berks; 9 iijiles from W ind-or. 4 from Wokiapham, 9 from Readin^v and only 30 from London.-For further Particulars .ipply to Mcssq. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent-r<wwl, Loiidoir. ' , 'rLr^.tBe^ijjir^ and tai^CRAyD CI3?Y LOTTI:R V. "-^---�-5.of^00tt/n uMishe'?l. in Uin^ vols, 12nio. jirice las. boards, I rilUK-DOMtNICAN, a ib>mance, of nvhich the I JL principal Traits are taken from events relating to a fa-"''! htllvbf distuicUon,-which emigmted fn.m Vrance rturing the i Revolution.-By-Cnutain T. WILLIAMSON, Autlwr of j " The Wild Sports^ iRe-Bnsr." ; Printed fur Longiafln, Hunt, Rees, and Orme, Paternosler- � rn w. I MKl)ICO-CHlRrROlCAL TRANSACT!OSS. Th:s day U publiihed, in Rvo. illustrated with ten plates, price 143. hoards, the ttrst volume of E T) IC O - CIl I K UIIG1C A L Til A NS A C-TIONS, published by the Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. Printed for i,ongm;in, Ilura, Rees, and Ormc, Paterimsler-ro �. This day is published, in 5 volsfiyo. price 2/. 5i. in l>oar>ls, the Sixth Koilron, "f SACRED BIOGHAPMY; '>r the History of the Patriiirchs; being a Course of I.ecturcs delivered at the Scots Chuich, Londori Wall. By HENRY HUNTER, O D. Prir�< . and J. Murray. This d;ty Is pnhlished, in foolscap Svo. price 5s. boiird^, rflHE HEIIMITAGE-, or, Vli-;VVS OK LIFE M. .A>fI) MANNERS. A Poem. With Notes. Printed for Luiigman, Hurs^, Rees, and Oruie, Palernos-ter-inw. I> r. � lyjn s ,11 f.ijitr. IT uii A.n vl. Thistiay is.p�hlWhedj-|)" rds. the 'ii Mition o! ANEW and EASY L\TRODUCTION to tl HEBREW LANGU.AOE; uyo'o Ihc pl:in of Grai jearlS68,'byfli;reenint6nlSur�(iynrs,and pro.ed b\ Uiem V|^lijiit)itfute?iC(miml(tee of the Hoate of Commons, ' loctb'ogirards of JOOjOOOt ;i but as lliey h.ive since inct^asedln value, a new survey and estimate arc �-"Vwbith will be shortly {>ubliEhcd. nd Stiiwaarc on Bale at the licensed Lottery Of-(their Agents in the Country. I PRESENT ^lllCK. |.r^;:J.j.,V-^ Ticket.^......;.i.^..,=��! .,..�i 8 9 5 Eighth.......^1 3 0 Sixteenth____ 0 U 6 _. g�.'f),e Pricewill he'raisedon Monday the ITlh infant �CrtiTt; LCnKl^Y, to. be drawn in One Day, '�� Mth OCTOBEIl, 1809. ^ ' SCHEME; - 4- Prizes of ^aiOQO are ^�80,000 4 .._____.... 5i00a......2VK)0 : 4 ;.........: 2,000.8,000 � .......i.eoo.'....: s.OiH);) � ,21...........:. ;oik/.... 36 80.':...."1.8(W ifilO............. lb..:- 7a,8flO SB.IMO fiiltets. ,�200,000 JiislLpltery consists of only. S.poO.JfnraHei* (from Ud. r,C.^",lV"L""^' there.ttre,-Fonf Ti>;l6eta of-e^cbNum-;�er, winch *iH be Wh-erally entflW to Mrliatevtfr Prize is 4tot<B4amst sttcU Ntomher ;�wri�s�ante% if'Nos l-sbAuld be "f SOitWO/. the Fw6.'KU*<�t .Vumber 20,000/..iBaHog, in the wholr, w"^"', person�flittuia purchase'more than ,Ulfefifiet of the.smni; Nnnibe^-iinatliatNiimber prove .fWiiaale, lijBm.'iy gain, .4- . --. .rr- , day of July iJeil, Io lome in brfire'Jo7/>v CaMVBIsli., K�q. one of the Masters of the said Court, at li;s ollice iu, Cliancrry-Iffne, London, and prove their kindred, or a'Pniiy to ihn f-.ii:^ Robert Jone.-, or provetheir representntion to such n;xl of kin as are since dead,or iudefault thereof thcv will be jieremplorily excluded tlie beneBt of the said Uecree. CAPITAL Modern 110USE ar.d Gard..>ns, near, ly adjoining Sioii Park, on tlie ( Western Road, eight Miies froiii Hyde Parli Comer.--Jo LET, bv order ot the Executors of .ML.\s Pai.mi;h, }.^(^. deceawd, coni-pletelv furnished, for three vi'ars crtiiMi, the spacious IIRICK. MANSION', with ver% ��xicu.tvc and loAy walled (iardens, clothed w illi a great v,:rifl\ of tlie choicest I-'ruit Trees in full bearing, l;irjce Cuc.r;-V"'''. Coach-houses, pxctllcnt Stable for live, Un'Owu^e, juid complete Otiices of every ilescripliou ; Melon (iro.'.nil. (lardmer's House, &c. altogether fur.r.ini: a mort di->ir;vl)lc HciiJi-nce �for a respectable Family, silnatf ii Hrentfont Mn.l, adjoining the Road that branches oti'I o hl.-n orl.'i and J'w tckenhun. -May be viewed hv TictteVs, which m-iy b.> had at .Mr. Graliiim's, No.'_'5, Red-liou-square ; anJ of 'Vin. Saunderi, Esq. Brentford Butts. VJCrV.ILLiye Y.tnD. Dcplfor,},Jnlvb,im. TIJEUE are to give Sotice, that e exposed to Sale, at his MajesU's 'Virlnalling-yard, ui Deplfirrd,sundry Lots of the followiug PruvR>iuus.uiid \ ic-�fuuhing Stores, viz. Bre,a'd,-Urcad-du!(t, ,F1onr, Flour-sweepings, Ra-sins, Cur-"raiilj, Rice, Peas, Oatmeal, Pol-harley, B.ikc-house-swecp �raiilj, Rice, Peas, Oatmeal, Pol-harley, B.ikc-house-swecp- j ^y Utesamc Author, A FATHER'S inps, CallavanciS, Spirt Beans, Bags and Ragr:. old Bisket- . ottlLL). In royal 8v�. jllusJraled bags, Ftwur-sacks, linttcr. Cheese, Sugar, Beef, Pork, Suet. : boards. Bacon, empty Tierces and B^rrt-lis, Board and Doublett F.iuU, Staves and Heading, Iron ilogps. Cooper*' TooK, &c. Anfi-corroaion Powder, now Iving iu his .Majesty's Yard, at Deutfurdi ' A Ueposit of ^j/. per c^nt is to be made upon the amoont of^acb Lot at Ijie time of Sale; and if the remainder of the n?ohey he.'not paid, ami tlrepartfculars taken aw;ty wiihiu -tw^nly, working daysaficrWardi, tho Ui-(M)sil will be forfeit- ed, aiiil tW goods remain the property of the Crown. r?�i�liti�!s way be Seen, and Catalogues had, at . Tlie other .the .Victuallipg-yard. Urptford N E W TO N's. H1; 15 R K W G fl A M M A R. honrdi. the '^d Kdition of the plan of Gram- iiuir in gencr.ll. Designed to encourage and prmnoie (he study of iliat language, by facilitating Hie acquirement of iis principles upon a plan, which in no woik of the kii;d has hitherto been adopted.-By the Rev. JAiMKS WILLIAMS N EWrON, M.A. Mihor Canon of the Cathedral Church of Norwich. Printed,fi+r Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Ormc, Pateruoster-row; Bacrin, Nor> �eud it to the attention of scliiols, in which, we conceive, a general acquaiolance with the laws and constitution of the country might becultitated with much advanuige, as forming a propi r prepnration for Ihe active acenc- of lit'.-.- Of the nierita of the Nvoik, the public may form some jud|;-nienl, when we inform them lh;n it contains wlialever is iiioit interesling to tlipgcnenl reader in black^time, together with much useful information derived frem Professor CliriMian, Lolme, and various other eminent authors." Eclectic liev. Jan. 1803. _\______ MALKIN's WALES.-This Dav is published, in 2 vols. Bvo. price II. Is. in boan's, Ihe 'id edit, with consirlernlde | Additions, and two Engravings by Landsecr anilMiddi- � nian, of i rinilE SCENERY, ANTIQUITIES, and BIO- JL GRAPHY of SOUTH WALES. From Mateii.ils , collected during two exriir.iions in I he year 160J. I i By BliN.'HEATH MALKIN, isq. .M. A. F.S. A. 1 ! Printed for Longmao, Hurst, Recs, and Orme; Paltfrnos- : 1 ter-row; _ I i " Mr. M.ilkindisplays a in.tsfery of style, and is an mstruc- { ! tive coinpnnii�h; we have no hcriuifion in assignii:g him a ! ' place in tko first class of Tourists." M. Rev. I ! " This is one of the most elaborate, and indeed, salisfac- I i tory acconnis of a lour thrnngh Sunlh Wnlca, tlmt h-isycfl ' appeared." Brit. Cril. A few romaining Copies may in one large vol I 4to. price'27. 12*. 6d. iu boardi. Of whom also may lie hnd, � - . FATHER'S .Vtl',.\lOlRS OF HIS with Plates, iUs. 6d. iu boarils This day i.- published, \n.i large vol*. Svo. price W. Itts. SELECrlOM :of C^UU^OUS ARTICLES ____fn>m the GJ-lNTLT^MAN'S MAGA'Zl.NL, cmt.iining 1. Researches,'Hi'loricaJ arid Antiqiiarian: 2. Ancient and Modern UteraSure. Criiicisosand- Pblbriogy ; 3. Phi!.�ophy and Natural Hi^inry;J 4.Xeueit to.and tfom eminent Persons; 3. Wis'ctlluneoiiS.Ai'tlcfea, iirrludiiie Anecdolej ofei-traordinary Persons, useful Prajpctiand Inveniions^. This d.TV is piil'lisbed. in IJino. price 6- Imnrrf?, N INQUIilY iht: SYMPTOMS and TIltAi M K.N'I'of CAfiDI riS, or the lutiinuu.ili.m of Ihe Hcarl; iliusir ited b> C:l>e> I)is?eclit)ii:. B> JO-i.N FOIIIJ IJ \V IS, .M. D. Member of the (HIlege of Ph\sici.niis, l^ind.m ; of tfitJ hi'\A\ s.iiiri,, Ldinburgn ; and other Jledical and PhiM.-jiphiral .S'.neties. I'rii.ird fdrUii'gmiii,+Iursl, lieei, ai:d t)rioe, Paterno-trr* row ; and J. Il.illy, ItJilh. S the ftb in t-ter. ill and '"Clock in the .Voniing till Oiic in the f tUe .-^lid Bills arc desired l<i briog separ ito I.i^ts of each ^loscriptiou of lii.l?, contaiiilugihe iNuinners Ofr<ler, .-iPcordiiig to the dates'of the said Bills, aiii4 cominejicement of {iiterest, with the principal Sums aiiU IntCTe�thii^*TB*T?oo, rompuXed frfim, but e\, the dajs on which they are respect ivtjy dated, to flK- t lid 2ttb liuiaiit, icclu-siVe, when tlie Interest will ccxnc :-.-uid the Enid HiMrers (bein; Holders ^v notj are iiidiipensibly required Iu indorse each B';ll with their u-ual sigtiaiure; and to write their names and re^idehc- ai the builom of eaeli tc,'anile ; m d tliey ..le mor , they may bi- :;c-coina'.nd.itcd o.'i cjirjujiiii^ t\,t: Inv^risi to (he dav on which th.;v v;ish lo be paid, a-d UMvsng iliu titij ijiils for exami-nr.'.mn oik,' dav prior thcjt'ti). .~nc!i l'errOl:^a^ mny he di- hoi'.s of liaviag New Exchequer Uillb in whole or in parr pi .ment of' J'rii ripal, iijjon ittiirkiiig New Bills, ;ii)(l iini.", o li:';; lin- amoiini at riltt liontaii ofthi'ir List,, delivreJ mi or before 1 nesday, the I'jih -July, ni.iy be !!(.( ()nii!ii>H;rf.:(l with New Bills c.irry hl; an ln!':;ist of Jhrre-jK iice One J-art! ins; by thed.iy 0.1 every One limidred J'o'.iiid-., which faid Now Bills wiU"b-;ar date the said J-ilh day r-t' .(nh, thjy, ai.d ^^iII be "d.-Jivertifl on We llie>day, the V61I1 of ./nlv, .m.-l ilic follnwinir da\5. N. B. AH" e;.tl:'hh'-j- Bills dated prior 10 .iuiie, Ibt'S, � have bi'en arlveiUse.i to be ii.-iid oU', and (lie interest thereon ha> cnaied. ClltX.SEA IJOSPlTAl,, July i, JSUi'. r�^[Ii;SE arc, l)y f)i(ltr<.r the lUijht Jfon. (l-.a -H_ Lords and ..Ihers, Coirmivsirir.ors for innn.iging ll..; ,^f-f.iirsof the Royal 1 losjiil.-il at Chelsea, lugivr no:ic hcionsifig to liie ^nlcl Hos|iiIai, re-i.iing ia London, or v�ithin '.'j i-.iilus Ihen-of, .an- vrqutre' ti appear pers.iiially and regimenlai|v. .-.1 the S ion in advance, lo Cllriyfmas  ne.vl, with the Angincntali'in in propoitionto their disaliiliiy ' and length of service, .icf.riling to liij M^ijesty's late Regn"-lai oas in their favour. On Friday, July ';th.-The Pensioners at 6d. per day,from the dillrreitt Kegimeiit- of Lav.alry, Fool (iuards, Ist" Regiment of Fool, to Ihetj'id Begiineni inclusive. On Saturday Ihe yth.-Tiicie at 6d. per day, from the 6,9d Reginieut of Fool, witli Ihe remaining Regin'ienls or Corps, ;i5 also the Pensioners at \>i\. per d.iy, from llie several Regi-ineiiis of Cavalry, Foot Guard>, the lat Itegiincnt of Fout, to the tjyih inclusive. On Monday, the lOlh.-Those at 9d. perday, from the 70th Regiment of Foot, with Ihe renirfin^ng Regi'uienis or Corps, as also the Pcn.-ioacrs at Is. per day, from all ths Regiments of I avalry, with the Ihrae Regiments of f'oot Guards. Ob Tuesday the lllh.-Tttoie at is. per day, from the 1st Regimeut of Fool, with all the remaining Regiineuis or Cnrps. Oo Wednesday the 19th.-Those Pensioners from nny Regiment or Corps at Is.Ojd. Is. Id. is. l^d. and la. id. pet dav. On Thursday the 13th.-Those at Is. 2d. and Is. 3d. per day. On Friday the lilh.-Those at Is. 3;d. per day, with those of the dilTerent rates to 2s. per d;iy iiic'Ui-ive. On Saturday the loth.- ihos.-af.2s. o^d. per day, .ind upwards, those from theJ.Miliiiaat jd. perdai. with the Private Gentlemen who receive AniiUitus from toe late ist and'Jd Troops of Horse (ioards. And that all Out-Pei!5inner-bel.mging to tlir-.sjiid Hospital, n iio li/e at a greater dist.ince than Iwciity-five ruiieS from London, a-id lliose in Sroi!.i':d and lrela'al,'arc liirehy required and cntnniand-.'d, affef iIk- 'J."!lh uf Heccmber next, and .ifter every succeeding'Jilh. of .luiie r.u-i J.^t.l of Heccni-ber, until further orders, loapplv lb one of his .Majesty'1 Justices of the Peao', in ih- neijiiiliourhood wiiere tliey reside, and iii.-ike the follow iig .AltiJav;!, v. hica t!ie said .Maiiistrale the Counly, (ity, i.orouih.or Hiding, before w lii>m th� Ponsiuner appeai-s, � ill sigii and date. �iz. 0 c.inne before in'-, .i:p of Ills M.arcfty's Justices of the Peace fo: the Couiily of , ard m.ide oaia, that he vvas adinitled uji Out-lVh-ioner "f (Chelsea Hospital, on t.hc day of ,17 , or iS , from ih.; Regiment of , c.Tmin.inded bv was then aged nb�ul years, served in the armj" years, was dischar;ed for and he is no otherwise provided for by the Public, bat as a Pensioner of Ihe said Hi'spital, at pcr'dHy, juid now lives in the i*;vrijli of , in the County of .'" Sworn before me this dav of 1809. �The Atlidavit, drawn according to the above form, sworn before, daleif and attested by a .Magirlrale, is lo be put up in a cover, and sent by the General Pust, direcled thus : "X" �*�*->>o:ridinss, Corohill.;'-aiJt facing ibeiGate oTtlie.Kiiig's iMwe f�l.....t!;_ . - #�. r.^ nni^ *\j..i..V..�� M r�*ill .j I T*iietobedfawn iji'one'^ayJ 500" .&c; Ac, &ci. ':,-. �' V,-eh:,rimr.rrps�; Tljer#ji!y-*|it(3,e00:^�ifnherJ (in '5,060 Tncln^vehfour-tjcifis,rfttvejt Niunbec. T "Mitobedfawn hi one^av.*  ''. � � at they can !�t alltioLii advance any toy ^ Silf,.!.. iq (XjO/- �nd up�a:dr/ on-pi^nQnal'seciirily, or eny -itV^f arlB^ngrrosn . Wttrrin^e Actlltmitnt*. " Mon*y ia the F-tid-. CU-;,yte�ii. liiTing;. or Fierbuld,'CnpThold, btid Lea�(lio!d^l^<tai'(s, cn .the moi( i'a!i am"! hon'u'nib p'(isr��. And Mntri', L;;caj and' Co.'plidjj,e tiirffisilVe, lot^aif srf evi^rv ntgitciation yrtlb'tV* tr�a.t�:atpiii)v; t; �� , nudnnl ciily Bc.;ui- " � lilnf>let>tititxlra�ai,ant itud r�loii*. i;al' cbatgei' -thalf are osually isade and  .arttd la iniuiry nctuii&liros w ill  be.awrd�d'b.y'tboidti)a:-aiipty fo Mmsi: Lent and* do. at iV*-, W,; JeTni.virBirec-t. St. Jajnrs'f fijcure, pcrsoo-^ISyor by ]�usr, post .rt d. N. B. Tm� jcar� pnrchaie will tj�gi�eSfcrtjeil5<'ei'.d .'.iinuitits. , 'jpcfiaod Inventions, &c. P,riiil.ed,"fiir L< ..of...^ All?.; ' &c. *'C. icj >' " :!� . :*|w^e.are Foiv Tickets ofApfcjUirtjbipr.V/tdCrhur*'nir ,: i-vi the cbatcc uf giin'mg Ei^^ T>iujcK�ml PouatU. m . iv.J!t-.bargh, ami Glasgow 1 Spil>U�ry, Dul iftsl ? G'ressdns, Liverpool j Rouse, l Dublin ; Pros-aaterbur\; tl;rMdtet"Sa^i^b^J^^ ; Wood, .�^hrevisburv j Trrivvinan, E�e-tervWa)tv�\<.i.i�lor [ Ritfli, ; Rotic, Stamford ; LSlereiifou.-Nnni if^ ; C i�l|; but if. properly chosen and cl.issecf, they miglit revive to great advantage iu'a new publicaiionuf a moderate size." � _. _ This day is published, m Sto. ,1 ne�! Edition, consideratjiy �" ' "enTarged'.nnd irfiproved, price iOs. od. in b'tr.rds, . y ATJN-PROSODY MADI-i EASY.;-By JLi J. CAftEY, EL. n. Priviie Teacher of the yias-si�, F^fnth .l^anguage, .and Short :liand.-Besides other ra.-ttefkil impr6*eravnts,.in almost every page, Ihi^^dition omtainSn mwuti; account of above fifty riiU'civnt Species of Yei^;-FJirthet^ Notices of-Ancient l*rnniHiri.ilion-^A DIs-senaiio'ii on the Power of ihe Initial S.-.Metrical Key fo i1ot:i(?e's t)ifirs-^S>ni'j)sisof Jiis Metre3-:-A copiftiis lndex.,&r. " This Wn'rfi .-ippearl tft 'ti*'like'ly to provea very usc-ful publication. rThc. rule�arcgi !rs_o^kJ{is.subjecl ; and heihos treated-tt fully) arculateiy, and iugewiusly. - .WoiithU Review. April, 1801. \- Steaho British Criitr, Dec. J800>-Critical, Dec. ISOO: -AntijhU'i.ftin,' M iiy, 1 .Sai' Pr'inted forLpngmaii, Hurvt, Rees, and Orme, P.iternos-ter-row.-f>f whom may be had, .by tiitiOTinc A�lhnr,  1. liicaiiniijc Eliercises for Y uung Prneudinnp. Price 4s. bds. 2. AnrAlptJartHirfhJ Key to Pro^iria QiSE Marihas, Quje (3e-tHU, ;&cl' in one vol. I^aio. P. ice 2s. (id. bound. the Rigiil Hon. the'P.iym;u i(ul may be Miiisbed ihat the Pensifliii-rs .'vrc the same Person- who have passed their examination, it Is hcTcniy further directed that such of them who havx-served in, and have bein discii.irged from any of the Retiimenis, or Independent Ciinip.mies of Invalids, or Roval \ eleran 'BatlalioDS, are ni t to mention in their Affidavits such lieginieni or t'ouipaiiy of Invalids, or Royal \'eleran l5.-it!art("t�, in which liiey served last, bst the liegemen;, Tnrip, or Corps of ihe .\raiy from which they were first t',i..inarged and rrswrnmendi'd, aial received at CKclsea iiospita!. i he i'eijjioners .'iri; iiariicilarly lo lake notice, that Uie half yearly payiiienis affer are regulated as to the'e of payment, by the musters at ( li..-lsea, or 1 he atiidaviis sent as above, after the ;\lidT.nimner pfi-ccding, and that lUeilidsumroerpayment I... in like lu.mncr regulated by the iinisters or alF.dnviis after the IJJvrisiina* pr.-tiding. U is also ordered and direcled no Pir-"n who shall rh.Mi^a the place �f his abode given in at hisir.usur, or speci6 t such plac'e of nl^Ble), shall receive Ihc same, unlea, ii app.ears, hy the Certtttt:jte J>f rt&pectnhfc pers )ns, Ihat sucii removal wag ihrmigli unavoidaUl.-nece-s:ry, wMehfieor i;�,-y could nut foresee "/prevrni ; and that if any Pension, r shall fr.-iodu-leutly atl<iMpIto receive a d'-M'- p:i\inent of ihc-Pen ii,n eilheV ;it Ctiilsea, or at dilieicnl places, be shall be struck off the Lists. |^l]y_lt is. not'fied. th.if none will ho entered upon f/,e Pay Ijists "f the said Ilospiral, or be ^;.Ilf;ed lo.n c. ive any benefit iherefrom, who shall not act agreeably to Ihese Or r ders andlXrcctioiis, particularly in fending their Half-, earlo Artida�it5to the Paymastrr-Genen.!, ag abuve-direclPd, li*no other Otficc ; which several of the Pensioners ba�e of late either nrgleded lo do, or seql thetn iiregularly to ottipi i JUe|;)arta)ent�. G. AUST, Secretary anti Heftjtt, *"!: yt

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