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Publication: Courier June 23, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - June 23, 1809, London, Middlesex y  f "��) TIUIKKSKRMONS *ilUj.-i"''>' h"'' -V J SIci-ves I=- : > viiri.'i. ..ll.. r l.i-l-i .n.ilj'.o .irlicli-, rhnTl' 'he Fr.-ncli v^Uninli), ' h .r.-ii-'!� r-i. Spil:,l- |.,, ,, ti> ilcihdi. at .N'.. .i-', Cliciiisiilc-.-No almie- ^nf. fiirlhP UeiK'fit "f llicL'mil.'n S.ifi. (\. fi.r s)r..m.iH c � ,,.|,i fiuiii pfiv fi|vi a^kfl. _ iffltVnilv^**''*''''''-*'-*''- �'- ' ---------------- ' ------------------ lXlA^rvIs^=^^ a: m. � H-ar-past Ti n o'n.itk: That in ih. 4,413 PRICF ?lXPCNCr..jlAi.ri-E.NX CONCKRT of ANTfKNT .MUM!! I'r;d;iv. 111.-3 111 ,,,;-.'hut v ill continue op-ii iutli.- ini-.iii li^i"-, Irvii n-Iit ' "� - ili; iiiorniag nil du^k.-.Vil uiiiunce is.-(.uia- o'cl"ck in Jiijuesfid. JOriN IMP WORTH, Srr. i-WRT\VllIGIIT'S MUSICAL (;i.AS>^RS, n. ,1 ll uiiliT (TifiTtainment-, roiitiniii" -oiicii for .i fi'iv iiijhiH ,,_,..r at hi- {iriiiiJ Sia..'"!, I'iinr.--*--st.,-.i, Lnnre cmmfhrin^prpci-iilv :�i Ki;'>t �''; ''f'i -Wri'lit urci)i'l|iaili.-d hv his jlu'isclilrr. (i.-rtorm iii>-m ami SfOirn :iirs. iiit-Tsppr^ril witli t'l- n:ii:-^'^Ev anj .i.-ant ARrici.r^iir iP iilMri.sH I.^C!,. {�.i'.-i^iii!^ i.f 1..U.- Orr-scs frtiiii lC fiiraiiu-ti-). sou.iiv M.imlif, Ium;: .iiiil -linrl Veil... >li-i-vr.-, Mull*. Tu- ki rs," l In iiii-rt^. IIhU" KtT.-liicfi :iild 1I>>()-iS, ^witli new and hi-aul tLiitlpf-, not Ki l>r iti-iii,-f;uUlii'd Irom I'r. tir'i Lace: a-n riinie vri\ '..'tant Dar.iMiifC ()n'--Hl'n, ^-iili el ^nii l)i.r-d r? Imtli u iiif ill; c'>l.>uii'll'-. '_ iliea|i, at V". .ii, l'liia;i^ii'e. nil Miniirii.o Stuck "fall at Kighl p-r Onl. will be advaii-rd (nr Aimuiiise-nired du leal l-'mpLMty. where the gtanler nas a iirrni i i iit inttrt;!, and pP!>ii"irliiinatily mmieraie wiiere tin- haie only a hfe-iiitciejl. riio-.e w lin have hi'rcl'>ruijp!ir.l on all iliP ir�l.�l mode-..r" secui ity, u illmnJ exp.-t: e nr i(e1a\. ini the cliai^e? aiilhorised 'iv Art of i" Klimucu.-�\ddre>s, l>ojtii,�y, London. I.!'iC"SIIT-l,r>i --Mr. t art-l . an I novel Iri^l I "t Ml-ed di-is. , 1 .liUT in one i-i.iiiiioN, i)ra�er�, l.adiff' iiivi-kr. .Sti'ipKeep-rs, ;f (I tlioM" want-. �il' lind a treai .idv.-iiiti;;- tiy ;ul early .irl.ri'- \ qiianliiy of \\ liiio or I'>tack h fl 1)11 ililier, i-cpiaily cheap ; stout Cot- KWS CHAl'KL.-Oil bU.N'DxV ... s-, J....- kioiN of 1 I 'S'lTv kilile Ole-^e> nil ii.i to iiiiy l.!r^id\ iii-pertioii of i 11-.S|U,^(?. iid ti. Ih toe.;, :ii a v. r\ line. lir. lid ; !'.i.iMi i ill.Ml, I't >ii> Its U. l-id tun, J.!.: a v.jru-ly of CMo. lion till ; snperf lie, : line Riii'ieil I ol-lihl. .a \iair ; Lacn liable arlicli". uCloc"*.by tiie- Kev. Tb'lt i" tll lost a Litnb, weie dis;ililed, nrwcrc lightly uounried, and of their station o: r.iiik at tli- time, by lending there Frnofs and Certificates directed to the t'liair-tn'an, :.t Lloyds (adding the wnrd RouLOGNr), ivili lie nliri]:led to, iissuiiuas ^le accounts are received uf ali t!ie J. J. A.VGERSTP.I.V, Chainna... P {);\'KV -M^'SH. MJiJAS �nJCo. b*jr:cave i "? ii til n^-Tin :h te t'lat mav b; -ii ^in-.l ami d;-iroi5of :iorro�i!.g !u.-d,-,  11 yiffrji.'i.a' rd urily, o. tiuv "Inn .iris'iigiroai Va iate S'A �a;eiil.. M niy ia tne P ^^o,d. .a.thold J-sla!c�, nn (hi; ni-i-t iaf juk! ii. ii'iuiiili e lerT-li:o e if.iiiiv 1.1 M��srs L'iCHS mid (�> ai ii?. Jr:-i\i u St C't, St. Jain'tn-eoear', eitbiir pcrs'm-I'ly ur by I'tlrr, p"6t |ia d . H. Trii ytu.i purcii.l'c will '�� I vr". iT wr.l'd .Anr.iiil'ri. ON'l^V ti. tA'.SD. - Slssis. SIIKRl.KV and ; Co. hip le.avc to inform the Nidiiiity and (ienlry, they can at,all times,.-11111 wtihiiut dela>, ailv.inre from 'ilX)/. to :itl,00d/- on the security i'f i-reehold. Le.whold or Cnpv hold l..-laie-. Money in the l-'unjs, CleriMiien"- Livi...;-, ;Marii:i;;e Setll.meiits, oir.�l bern-i-ty, by ;i|ij>i>iiip peisni.illv on iV.evrs. ."^berlcy and i'o. .So. .y?, ("li|-iiii.e -tie. t, I'.iitianl place, from e'leveii to three  'clnrU, or letter?,ad.livs^ed, (p. si paid^ from town or country, .inTA IK, c illed the RIIVD-.^JlNCio. I'lirihe term of n9 yeirs frt>in Michaelmas bu-t. WK^TMIXSTFR FIRE OFriCE. (Established l/'I;,) Hedford-jtrcet, I. oviiit-i carden, F*�r Insuring Houses, Buildings, ilo,i.e.mlil r uni.ture, Hoods and Stock in TrnH . wltthi . ..s^l i.-i,-Scnil iid,,. id .\ ales. ANNU-\L and S-Jj-tt'iuiiiul in^i/rdiwe- are made on Ifit i'rtpeiti/iibi'ue siit-L-Jird, '.oiii L.n., Saturday cj-v/?,- d, uii icnici dii t'c OjjiBt G. H. iHO'>W\K. r^etl^^. SSJN. B. No charge made at thi-Ollic- tor policii;. � here l!ie i'n lUum .: w l� I � ti . :i i up. . d . EAULI-; lOiSL'KANCsi. tOUTAN V, Cornhill, London. JV^L'RKUS uiiji tlii Comi (iiiij arc m^iicr.tjull^ jiirivg at '^1 idsummei-day aiU'je 0//icr, iL,. liin l-ltieen i i.iv,� riijB rtiiili/ n^rctiiblij tv tne cctiuccU h -I-, :lli/d,l!nt /'JlDrj,- y-ii- uii! nr. nppliculiiiu nt t ,i I' ill p^riuU^ Jitftiyts being 1*rt.iitiiini.>^ viz.- L'uninuiii lt.stii';Hice .... Jlazaidnii?........... Uoii!)li IJa7,ardoiis. Advai.t .�; > t /'..(/Jni.iii o Ii 11- ^.lo,0iH1 at 2i.;) t>,COO at Js.C per CcnI. ......iM i'j,Oi;,) at is. J Insureri uitli tiiis Company : (12 Ca^e of I'trc, Kiihuut increase of liiijtii nitt .V giii'd. Ax iv.arge iiierc-ised iddilioiial .- I'lie IJ ree I'-* Hi- bv lUi ifA I'e- r..- rft- ;t.t- �7i^ laU SEA RATH WATKllS in Lotidon.-^As iiiat.y of the Notiilily and the Public may not he .-ivvare tSilt an Cftabliihinent of this tit.ture is in Lnndon, and to Mholn ihe-use of .Sea Uater Baih, eitiier for iiealih or I'lp.-isure m.iv hc'Sesiralile, parlieularly in \\ .liter, or r-turii-iiif from Wakriiijt Flares. They are mi^sl respccHutly in-foimedlhal Sea Waiiis-Chete Ba I lis a (ail in j; B;ir;:f has been '(�Tymrly huilt a:i(i fitted up. �iiji a lank or i iservoir that Hfillcontain in liulk .-ib-'ut six thousand (pallors of W;uer, a'wlitronsiantli employed infringing it from the Sea, a few iHilrslieyund South l-^id, in l;�ex ; a similar tank i> huill in lie Hiiuse for the immediate tupply of the Hatiis. i he W;i-. t^r is taken up about tfiree miles dihtaot finin the -Imre and ni the hufh tide, .it cnii^eiiiteiitlv is in the most pure state, fnd is sold in lat^ or small tfnaiitilies. - J. LAWaKNCii"reiiirtu-his Tlianks to those L�;Ji��, Nolile-Bien, and (ienllemen w lio have for the last 11 years supported fhi!�e Bath;, He n6sur�.�'lheni the mo-t unremitling attention tli.�ill continue to be paid n� their .icco'imiodatinn. , To L.-idies or Ueiu'.eijtei'i � h>� may be laiixued bi^ Travel-linil, the u-e.of theTVpid Baihls iirougly r cmnmeiiJed. iil, (>eo��c-itreet, Ade'plii, ihc H-iii -d, ..illiinii an .�iM-ra;;e cltn-e, .ii i-. per tent. p'T Vniinrj. That 0 un.i>;e liy Liplitiii.i..; i. mail." good; and tint rolicie-are iss leil, and l-.ndoi aenieilts .:iid Survev made free or'expe c to the .Assnied. Piii.t"d I'lojMisals may bs haJ, on .ipplic.i .n! :it the Office in London, or to l!ie Agents in l.diiibnrili. (ilisgi)w, Dublin, fork, and other Citig. and Ton'.s in the United hingdom. IJv Order of the limird. HI:.NMIV DI-MU)UOL"i:U, Jun. Sec. Cheaiisi- e, London, l.'itli .Tune, ISl)>'. lURSUANT lo a D.-rree nf d,,. FIih' Oi.rt of Ch.iiicer>. in iHe ill a ('au--- Pnicr'ajf in'si Kc.iiuli:, the next of kin of ROIM'.RT JOM S. I ii- "f Saml iMa \ Hill, in the f itv of I oe.'un. lir n dvnierrlia.t. dd-'.-e'. who w�re living at tl'e lime nf hi* de.-illi, (wliiili li, pjji-ned on oral) oit the 'J:'fli ".i. of June, IHOSl, or i le l' ji-r. >ii1ial Te'ireseiital V es nf suc'i of ihem as - r- sncde H, are fortbwiih to cmne ill before Joiiv C. ur pnive iii i- represen- . tation tosurh next of kin as .ue si,c- deid, -t def.i.ill i thereof, thev n i'l be c . clil'-d l'n-h.-neiif nf ili �liil Derr.-e. ' BLKASDAl.i:. ALEXANOI'.R, and HOLME. I New inn, June Ki, 180IL | )URSUA.VTi(>3 IVrr-i- ..f f'l- :jii.'i. C-.n j Chancery bearii.g lltlidav oi Jiiv, )SO-l. � made in certain Causes t'lere depending, wlieri-n Samuel Galtou, Esi|. and Joan Bellell. � don, ;ire pi.ii dilt-, ;in,l Abr.iham Iti/.don, ami Sar.ili, In. ivife. are d.feiid.iiit., -iiid wherein the >:iid Mir.ihUm Vizlon and Sarili. his w ilV, are plailtin's. and tljesaid Saniorl Gvlioii, and .L-.m Hellell, .-ire defendants. Tiie rUEDITOHS of JO.SMMI (i I Fl-"OI! I), late of Taiiiituii. inlhet'onniv of Soiii'-rsel, who was formerly ii Linen.Diaper, in T.iunlnii af�ri-s.iiil, iiid wiini'iid in >'r about I lie inniilli of lehrnnrv, ISill. a"- toi!liwlt!i to come in and prove their debt- h.-fnreS \Mii r; 1.1" 15'.; vrcN fox. I'.sq. of the Mastei-nf ilie-aid f.-mt. ;it 'is 1 liamberj, ill Soiithamtou-Hiiildiiiis. Chnneerx-1 me, Lniidnii, or in default thereof, tliey will be etcliidci the benelil of the said Decree. P.\LV rKll>. -IVrs.iiis willion ye;irs cmnpiisinE a de.clling-liiiii�e, with suiiablo iiu'hoiiic-, and about..'Witer - nf very auperiiir land. J'he hous.- h in (he nl.l^l eompiet-repaje, and p-plelc with evrty convrnicnte. ll ii siiii.tieil on a pleasing eminence, almut a hundred vards firtni the sea, cmnnianding a view of the li.iy and liartionr nf,-a, with the oppii?ite con-tr *if Devon and Sonier-e!, ;is well ;i4 the i'oinaiitie c(>iiiitr\ umiin.''; ouly Hirer qsir-ters of a mile Iroin Snais-n, thr.iugli uliicii the mail s ilailv, and a ri-iilar packet rails t>v'ic;> :i v.ei-ii lo the coa-t ot Devnii. ii all'i^etlier foimi a iiiojl ciiiii{iacl and desirab e retreat tor a  niiiii man'- l.iniili. Tlie fill.ll.lie, i- in liiili preservation, may be purchased at . v.iliiaiioii, .iiid iininertiaie po^b.ssion lie given.- 1 l'";ir panienlais apjilv to Jnliu L^iioud, l.sq. or ii> i%lr. Uin. I Phillips, .Allnriiev, � "^KT'l'-L-X, (ii)dsii>n , ,Sarrv.- I'd be Sold by V Priv.iti: Co.Nraicv. apirieiilarly elegant and min-pait LICASEIIOLD V J LI.A, miiipl-.-tely'furni-hed and very drsirabl- situati d in a line sporlin:; euunlr-., nn tlie Souih-side of T Ibu-icr Hill, c iniin.mdlng a nio-l i xleiisivc and beautiful view of the In!'.- of Sniry , Kent, aud Si..-fcx, on the Lewes a:.d Bri^iil'iii Road, almu; une mile beynnd finditoiie, 'i-J mile-iroin J unbrid.;c U elK. My from lir.gliion, and 'iO frnm Wcsliii :-t-r III iilge, c.ii.ed 1 ilbn-ter Lodge, con^i-ling of a good I niiilv resilience will. r�iachhoiise, live-stall Sia-iile, and O .ices nf everv descripiioii, a Kilclien-gurdeii, farm yar', .vc. a Lawn boun,l-.-d by a pieee of w.lier, a P id-ilock cnntaiiiin!; at out ly aci'es, and ihr.e detached iia linnri"? of ..r.itilc land, the w Imle ennl.iini.ig about 31 ac-e-. held iipon lease, of �Inch 11 lear: iMllheunejp r  .-a Micli.iel-m IS i.SO;). .It a ven rc-nt '.M-.. u vie-Mdwilh 'J'ickeis only, w hich, wiih pi mted ,i.irtie..l.i,ma  be h.ul of iMes.-ri. Iliav, (Irerti R.issei ^ire.i. Blnnnsliury ; or Messrs. Malroliu anil Uoiisiity, i\iirseryinen, at Sluekwell.S bl. yer Cent, alloiceil ou Shipping Insumnce. . - /� / J_. I rtl I . III! - _ Vrtjtii'iiti. tfiuhtigc liy _ fui ii./iiie.s IhVuiMtiunls, Cii>Muit .1 !/uli'mills'iin Cuiiniiy 7n.Mi.'/mi e�. /"ri.ja Ifl/. iu 4U/ pr.r Cent. upKin the. l^ciiuum ; on/ Jru^i'i '.'5 lo 13 /wr 6.'tiit, upon t/ic Ihity. t^':'ri^ii:ig jluck Iniured (without Aorrast Clnnse ) U 2s. per C^ni. V. *t* l'!ie Oiinpnn^'s Term-fur Life iH-iimnee ar equally li4i.-ial, aiid pui-ess vefv suiierior ! Ijim- in public Pa-lioiiage. \V. B-LLTHAil, �EC� (jr^V Agents vvniilc . JlHl'. real JAI\\N [il.\> KIN(J, made by 1>.\Y an 1 i\l A K I I .\ - I'liis invalii.diLe C.iiijios tioii, Willi half llie ii-ual, prodnres tlie moit jet black en r belield. allord- peculiar iiniiririmieiit lo ili-lea-Mier. will n".__ M,A.V(;LF,>.-Tlu- Public arn r.-sp-c^fullv informed; tls-it (iOL'Ll) and l^O. No. 1.'.'. .'^iiinner-Slreet, Snow hill, three doo's from the V-'imimercial ll:i!l, keep on Sale n supplv of Ineir eeganl P-i(.,ble PA TEN I" FAMII.'V' .MA.\"(."LKS,su celebrated t!iriin;h.>ul the United ALCARM'; .VOi'VflOLD ESTA'JK, Child':). 11 .;l, llair.stee.d.- !'o be peremptorily RESOLD, pur-suiiit to tiiree s, ver,-il .rder- of ibe High Court or i haiice: v, be.-irlrg 1. .te respectively the 1 In, l.ith, and Itiili days of Al.iy lb.'9, iii,.iile in a cause wherein Morris .ind oilier-i ar' I'lainlifis, and James Claiks-in and anollier are deli-iidanis, witli the .ipproh.-.lion o! KOBl.RT SI'I^ELi;, . st|. one of the Ma-leis of the said t^nni. ..I the Public Ssrie Room of I lie said Court in Siiiilliainplnn Buildings, -liiae. L'mdon, on Tuesday lliei'Tiii da> ot June, instant, between the hours of 'i and .') o'clock in ihe atter-nomi, in three lotj, a valuable COl'VnOLJ> ICS TATE, silunte ^t l.'hild's-biil,� itliin the pari-li and iranor of Hcnilon, ill the c iiiity of Midillesex, adjiiiiiing eaci'i side of the road le.u'ii.g from Hainpsiead-llealh lo the l-,d:;wari road, coii-talni 5 about 31 acres oflmd. with the l:i.nil\-hoiise, or-!-!i.-i:il, airl garden, together with the pottery, kilns, sheds and hiiii lings appertaining to the nianulacinri, wiihthe sheils !. r stalling iaille, cow house, coach house, a:id stabli f, and .ilso the CasMe I'uhlic House, ;iiid the several otiier liuusts, gardens, mearioivs, lands, and premises, late the property of Samuel .Morri-, Child's-1 lill alor.saul, ilece:i.;ed. X. H. The .iliiive mentioned lauds pio.liice I.'le best c.-irth f� r making sugar bakers inonlils, pots, jars, led r-bbers, p ivuiglbrick, tilca, red st-i^-ki, grey st.H-k-, w hole fO.OtWf. si) that if anv person should purchase nior-- than oi^e '1 icket I "f the same Number, and that Number prove Inrlunate, lie "may gain,  ^ By Two Tickets of the s.ime Number, a Prize ono.OOOZ. By Three Tiektis uf the same Number, a Prize of iiti,()Oi)f. By Four Tickets of �he s.ame Number, a Prize of SO.UJO/. ^ And all other Prizes in the sane proportion. , TICKETS aad SHAKES arc on S.ilc ut ail tbc OUiccs. Kingdom for Iheii conveiiienee aid ii-'^lnlness, lieing so p ir ! table as to be leni.ived to any part of Hie H-nse wil'ie.i.-e; j so stroiii:lv niaii'ifaciiirrd. t!i;it t!ie. will last f. r year- with- � oiitJepair; so ele;aiil in, tiicir roiv'triiclinii. as no: to di-. grice a parlour - Thise things coii>i(i- r-d, liigeia.-r v. lib the great s.iving of (ire, liie derided preference given by the Public lo thi.s Mansic 1- aec iinlerl fir. N. 11. I'aieni Wasliiii;: .Maili'iies on a new and approved principle - Huifer i Innn-, W'H- .V.ipkiii, Table-cloth, ;iiul CljeeEe Pres.e� coiist;riit'\ o ' Sale Under the-I'a'.roiiage of His Koyal Higliiiess the DCKEof ' CLMlLNCi.. i^A.MPJJ[-:LI/.S i:,,,rT.-Ti'ic pl.inand exeeution of lliis piihlicalion havii g iirin'dnced il into the Hi si enrU-s of rnik and inielligeiM wh-> have strongly n ci'inmended, ilial if at c-iiisistei-.l w!ingin O very valiiaW  Mi-, KliOl.l) I'SlAli,, siinale in the lo'irr part of t .11 dii'anrhire, in tin- po-sessinn of the owner, coii.-ii.-ting of ,-i (lO'id House, and 111) aer-s of rieli incidow and pasture greund, iainiedialely jniai. g .nl Snrr.iuiiJ-ng il, wiih innnerous olCcis; or sep;ii.itel\, as t'n!l.>Hr, vi;;. srilADMOKE fllLL. comptisin;. .O acres of tin-,)a-ture Inn-I, and .1 large brick built larm-yard, I..rinsed by all ne-cessai . i)'.ii|dni;s, a part of winch iii;i\, b\ iateri.r finish only, be con eited into a large and handsnme C ..It.ige, being an healthy, be.iuliful situation, in genteel siic--et\, upon Ihe banks of l!ie Tyvy, so fa-nous for ils s.-ilmni, within live miles of the sc-ijiortand niarUel-town of I'ardgaii, that Uas e isv and regular enmuiuiiicutioii lintli -. ith Bristol and Liverpool. THf)R.\ V I LI.I--, a c(imfort.-ib'e. pleasant residence, Cim-sisting of an handroiiie nu-sua;;e, gmid garden, with neces-s.iry and ornanieiita! aiipeiidages an-1 50 acres nf eMreim-lv rich vale meadows, ihe wliol-- iiropi-ily is Well-feneed ami watered, and the post oass. sanj r pas-es diily. The greatest part of'the purchase money m ly remain. If Thoniville IS nut sold, ii will in-let for a term. Applications by letter .ire ih sired to bI : .it a nmc'i lower prirj- at Diilli.ld, where ihe lock ilurr Interiir I)-, on, Nn I", i niln d-^lr-ii, Lie d-slri-el,m:'-! r'-sp-i IfiiMv .ie;pi:r!il tlie .Nnhilitv ..u.l (i-mrv. .1 id III? I'nli ie iiiigeii-r.i!. t'l.t iln--. have nni- id llu ir sp.iii r.;s lm s.; � pa-srilii, 1.: ir e-imp.isiii"ns to the P.-irisii 111 Hi)-giie .1111 Siew.irir-y nf Kirkriil;ii;;;it, which coiiii I of abimi JJi Acre?, .'scois statute nieasuic, or alinal j'H,)!is|i acres. �|,lirse Liuiils are inclo.-ed and subdivided by gnnl siime d\k'i"s, and priixiliaily oeeupied in two f.irnis. npun each of wliicli iin excei-ii'Oi; gii-.d ai:J -iibsianliii s-.-l 01 imn-ei and oinees w ii h sl.-vte roofs, w er.. c ected w ii ;iin 1 lie-e si\ ^t-Ars, wl.ieliare still in eM-elleiit n-jinr, and r.ip.ih!i- of |oil;;ing Hie li-iiiiits and their callb" The lea-e. of aliisns: tin- wlmle lands e v pirc at ihe term nf Wliii-uiidav, 1"^;-', S' tii n i!;--pi/fcha-.r Clii na>e emvy to tlie occujja'i'ii tln-re.'f ai I .at tern. 0:ie of 1 he frin houses ij delishifuuv siu.ale-l, tiav-of th - s.;i terminated bv the l-je or', .md ol'i-r siiiiati m- eipullv fav 'iirabie simuld � � If- inK a view mere are tiie proprietor be iiicl'r.'d to liuiM a re-ideiice mr liinis, 1! Tlie t, rliluy nt the l.n.d-111 the par:-!i nl Hir-i has tieiii long known ; lU;>se Oi'" Cliappletoii .in- nnl ii.'irinr to Ihe re t ol tin- p.iri-h ; and .ilih'U^h improved i-i a 1 n lin (|i-gree, are still capalile of mncli ti renter nnpr .vi in nl; ih.-v .-ir.- f.-)vi)urnblv situated for di-pos;,; (,f the, beii^j aUnut Iiv,- miles ilistaiit from the tow-n of K lr� eudln ight, auu tne ihrving viPare of (i'aielioase of Fleet, wh^re iliere.-ire regular weeklv iiinrUei-.: th" - a port of Kirk-Andrews is onlv tw'i miles, ai.d th - I', iv of i,:i..inng;i.iii four luiesdi--l.inl,-ti> the h.-i w h-renf Hi-r- me evcelleni r.i.ids In.m the lanil-. anil bv wlixh ihe p.odnce is evpnrted to ihe op-isiie coa-t of tai-nberlaiid and oiii r quaruii. and b ne Im-tfesid.'s which, Se.i sliell- fur l.-nnig on the lairl-.ire pos iiorled ; ................. , 10 be in tne nei^'hliourlmol. I'ne lani;-= eniille 1 �� pro pri.-t.irtobeafr.emild' Ih-" red'em.-d, a-id the t)ihes are valoed, and neauy ei- hansli-d b-. Hv sf'p,ei.d. , � , , .,1__ l'cr:iiiii,.irieliiiiii-j 10 purchase m.iv apply 10 Adim inom-foii- Mure, l.-l. KnocMirex, h- (iatf hm-e ; n. m I ei.ry '.lohiisloiie Wvlie, Soii.iior, Ni.-tih� rlanJ .ti eel, iV, 18U'.'. the eye as laige as t'ley mav be reipiired in e\ecuti n. Iioin the d imensi'ill-i ul I l.e I abinet to 1 ii il nf the Dra� ing koiim ; th-s�' are diplaved i'l impaiiiiell. d .-.nil other di-tribiit:i>iis, on wliidi tli'-v will aMeinptan endless variety in every stjle hitheito ado,.ted or Miow.t. G. C'lipi r having devoted lhegre:jtes| part cf bis tireir tci the sliidv nf .Aicliili rt-nral I'ainiiii;. iin.l.riiie hr-t Master.^, trusts ihat they will'ie alile top-vein I'leir decnralion.s that tini-hed sl-ile nf cl.i-iie eiej;a!ue .I'd piclnresqiie elfect, so gratifv ing In li;e in ml of last-. Ijieir -xp'-etations of continue I patronag.-are tonnd-d on l.ieir bi-ing ilie hrst art-ists who h.ive engised In a similar iin.lenaking, and hav;- no (hiuhi I'.-.e p'lblie .vill be nadilv convinced of the advan-tag's derived Irnm c.niiuliin!; th-m, witli"iil the i- lervention 01 .i';v iitftir person, iij wliuli delay is pi.veuted and ez-p -nee and. J u-t puld'shed. dedirat'-d, by permi-sinn to the Mn't .Nni'li-Hie vl.inuiiof I'.iw nshciid, i.irl .if Leicester, President of Ine si. tii-iv of Ai.liquarips nf London, biai'd Ri'niiiii'^ "f 'iiirent British Arelii-ti-cture and >cidpl'.i e in liri i-n ; l.v (li o. Cooi'Lii : i-don ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: June 23, 1809