Monday, June 19, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Courier on Monday, June 19, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - June 19, 1809, London, Middlesex wrAOkliALL.-Uiu1.T Patronage �f Ills /S-KoriGkil^Ni fi.ixf.>n.-JJlOYhTO/; b.g3'Y^^ MANSION HOQSE, and PARK. ivr Jm- ("iNiUheu CR-VNU G.^ U.^.. aiitl-Bfiliiaiit ,. ami �He l^il.hc in gvirra), Jorlh^.r (mil favounj.aithe Mine ; IREEIIOLIT MAH�lri.\ JlO'Jsr, nw\ I'AaiC, of about L^!.Vi.:.i. 11 .r ri'r.XVnVk--4<1"iH-V'V �' "if'Tnls jhf 111, tllul He. ha? ihis'lay n-duieJ llie price- 20i),�cn:s, trr|l limber rt, apcf c-litiblj; sliUaUd wiiiinailis- ,-Hr a-suros them itiat to inerit ucumiuu- . ii'.!';�;�(-� VV.irk--4<1"iH-V"'d. I liim- iiit'irnls ihfiii, lllul He. ha? mis Hr.NRY ASTO\ n.'Vic.KnR. PfniTletor. :(fl{TV CJuii�?a Hl five feet snven iiifhes, Ihr'i, ",Vaili'rii conijile<;ioii, fullliazle c\es, wirlj :.perl . He bad a silver hiiiiliiis watcli, Malferii �{� ^m-liii'^eala. sei iu |fOld,;<iOereiinnved �ii(b cyp er I ryi)"'"' "f- 'T.J. 3',' He Un* iie-ii niisji'ij sii;C'' .yW. ini'iriii their I'rieitijs ami tin' Piibl't! lii Mi'; iliat i'li'y haiv this dav rertiice.l the Rate !,)iii�r ..(.ilflFVECa IH;!�CE |�er Wiles aii :r, fee Sf. Vuiial loan.' ;i<m'e iiiih'" Uiiite;! KintriUnn. EsTATi*: of. vviuj;r\i LiowtirwAnr, decfiiilpfl.-All Pejsiins to whom WillMim Ix-wtUrtaite,' j IttipAf Loinfiard-sireei, ill the CHvuf Liiiibin, liali.T, de- � (eayA, flmnl iridibied ai ,Mie lime of hi? UiTeiise nr wlm liayfanJ'eI.iin;sor'dem;uja 'o.'j7,Loinharil -trerc, afore* iciiil:. and all |iersoi� indebted ti> tlie said bMai.e'iire f �rii|. irilii drtired lo pay tb -Ji^ne ]> 1(09.* OLD'"cni.vrti PORT WJM;, of ihc most su. perinr qualify; at Mwr*. Andoilbn oud Wood'*, 17. :belsea Water TliOUSANI) YARDS nf lobe dciiveied lit tbcW'irks at Hiiiilico; oath I'ipe iiicliidiiij; 1 be Faucet to" Ibeasure y feet, -Iji liirhes; tli.- Taiicet end to be one inch Ihirkj :i�iJ ''^JA!^,lJHc'rUltKR.S .A.N U Ml.KCHAA'TS, EXTKNSiVlO p1j.KMISKS are taken in the mobi cCnttal and bebt frequented ptnre ^^ine9� in theraetniiiiilii of Smtlaiid have an nppnrln-iiily of giving it a f;Sir trial at a snijiU expence.aiid tiiey may rest as^lIred rvery eveition will be made bv the adviriiser Vl make the coneern peromnent. Kor pnitirulars apply to iVIr William .M.-rtin. �-'(. liirrhinlane, C"rnhlll, f-ondon. Hm MAJi.srV'8 STAY .MAKKll, 18, aWw Uo.-d street, London, aild No. ti, Wett^ale Huililiiiss, lJuth.-.Mr�. 11.\IIM.AN has liie Inni-nr to aMnnunce to lie.r iiiimer'iUs I'ustniiiers uf rank, fa-hi-n, an:l luste, that �he has eoitipleied an assiwlineiit of SI'A V S intended to exhibit the enpabilit> of pre ii-; and of iiiipiirtin-; :iii e�qui?ile form in the i}euestst>le of f:�hion. Ladies liviit' at a distanee frciiu London or iiath, np|il\ii:g by Irlti-rtpoil paid> will be tiifornied of Ihe proper luetbod tu senJ their inaiuiesoas to fiisnre Iheir tiling. M'- 7iiBi>iira Rum, JSr','.per'w"""' ''' ANS.-H!�ome (ientle. H AlUtOWCLlFl'l-: and MAD-OOC'K. \o. -lO), Sfraiid, (oppo Ite'fhe Adelphi), moit Ti")-!) ctflilly inform thi' I.rtilieian.l (ienlleiii-n of Lniiilon nnd its Vicinity, lir.i rliev hate arrived tVom .N�lliii;;h;mi wilh a large jii-iiHiHent of I lo.k-, M.i:iil..->, lleail-dressrs. Handkerchief-, II.-ilf-Kai.Jk'rchi f:-. Shawl-, Slccve-i, nn^l a varietyof other artiMes, lull iininrr.iiii tn iii'erl. Thi-\ al-n bee leave to ftate, tliSI f liey h.ive cstalilished a MaiiufaVlory bothiu the l^ire niid llobiery, at a expence, aiiJ they 'are proud lo-.iy Ihill irit .i ir.ulesn'.in in town ran produre 4U 4iticles uf so good :i <pialitt a<'d durability; article.' that will give satisfaction to muse who inav make trial of thciii, and who inav condescend to bmiriur them witii ilieir patrmi-ase.' Thev cull execute orders to any ,nniniii;t .it the shortest '.ltoti >f I'liie Steel Work, to the Royal Fiimily, at:"in tolicils ihe attention of Ladies, to arqna'inl them that lie is liie sole Invenior and o:dy Mniitifacturer of those nnvi'l and liii:hly patruni:ted Needles,whirh, fri>m u late .furious pr"CC.'> ill lini>hint; Ihe eves, are prevenle.l niiil ever warranted ii'iMo flit, anil from thejr other siipc-rior cxeel-leoce, are Keiferully iillMu-ed to excel every article of the kind ever yet Mi'f red to'tlie i'nblic. 20i),acres, Well limber rt, apd'elieibly slibaiid win in a dis-imiceof 35 mill's froiri London,"w itb or wilhoui other-l--iiatc3 iiearly ailitilning. t'or piiMicular> apply to Messrs. Necld and Flndsate, KorfoU-slreel, Strand. London. O Ije.tiOljD. by Fill Vate ConTKAtT, a u. > I i'.rn soi land.situated n( yhte/y, iieai* ILirtTort! llriii^c, Hani,i>hiie. ag)�d ' sporlin? itotintry, 34 miles froin Hide Park t;.rnrr - l" r ; further partic.ilars, and ordrr to view the above, ap,ilv l' * Mr. J'. iMar�hall, Upholsterer, Sa.'Iz, Upp-r King arect, i BlooiTisbury. N. B; Tiie House sfanil- in a Paddnrk of 33 acres. /T10 BI-: niSPOSKD OK,"iTro'^e^"the'br^rt JL tIioroaj;hfarcsin London, a iMOP in the Haherdjslierv,. Hosiery, Lace and (Jlove line, now in full trade, the premium is tritiiiig. slock nbov.t 500.'. 6iiO^ or thereani>ut>, .ind good Mills at Short dates will be taken for one half if neces-s;jry.-Address (post paid; A. U. Globe Tavein, .Miiorgate, I Finsbiiry,_^_ "imRKKilOLD CO ITAGE and LAND.-I'o be 3} SOt,t), a ijeat C0TTA(;L', with Farm vard .-uid re-qui'iite bnildinirs^ and ih arr.s of l;u)d, coOiislinj: e'oiilly i* pasture, orchard, Hiid rich iiieadnw, situated in a lieaiiiifnl Country, c.inveiileiit to the turnpike road, three niili-s from 'i'oiibriilge, three fr-nn Seven t>aks, ?/ from London.- Coarlie.-i |i:iss to and from I'own daily ; al�o a re�ul:ir supiiU of fi-h from itie .'oaiit. The whi-'ejhis entirely compart, and immediate posse,-sion may he h.ul.-/"urticulars at Mr. liur-nian's, Aoctioneir. Ti>nhrid;;e. OU.XTY OF OURIIAM-To be Sold by PriYatk Contrvct, a ver\ desirihle Fstat^, called IIAYI) ALf., in ilie Town Uip "f Ulaekwell, one niilefrom Durliiijtliiii. The l!5t:ite coiisi-ti of upwards of 'JtUnrres nf rich land, and is tithe free e . Tln're i- a neat onftage on the faini, with every requisite ; bnlWiiiiT, and a thrvsnin^ rii;ichim-. The land iax and poor r.iles aie very low.-^-TUe greater part is freehohl, the rest cop> lioUl, hell of � the Bishop of Durliam,"subject to a very small crr:ain line on death or alieiialion A part of tlte esiate is l.l mi li-a.*e for H yeais, at a net rent of TOlW. piT .-inn'inl, and the re.-t to te-iiaiilsat will, nt of -JMl. perannu n. -For particulars, apply to Richard William .lohnston, llsq. Darlingt.ia; or V Lowndesand Lnihhert, Red Lior.-square, I nn'lon. " HOFKIirV, by PHIVATI-: lO.'^TIlACT, � andPUIJLlC ABCTIO >'.-Metsrs. UKOUM, ad Co. beg to announce to'the .Nobility, Gentry, and Public the �-;ieirnig of their estab' fiw biivtif, selling, aid letting by piivaic contnict and pntillc au<'ti n, in l.,< �:l tnd^ Irrbii'xi niiil Scotland, Lands, Houses, tl.nrrh Pn fenii..Mii�, Annuities, Reveri.-ions, Shares in I'lihlic C-inceri.s, and Pm-petty of every De.-criplioM. Wilh a view in the eonvrnienre of their Cliitits. Ale.-jr:!. Browne and Co. wi^l a;lvanc: Money to any amoniit, on IC'tates designed for early s.^li-, and content tbeniselvos with liiilc more than hnlf the fom-. inig,inn charged by other Auclioni-er-, their idi'ering to fje public a saving of. 5il per rent. All letters ti bt poft jiaid. No. 7, HHckiiigham-streei,, Adelphi, London. VICTUALLING OFFlCKw ^nne IS, leoS. rriHK CommiisioHers for Fidtiailtnz His Ma-JL. jrtt'st^-V) �Ui hut'j^ i^otice. thai nti Tues- day, lliclCilli instnnt, iheu uill be iemto In rrreicf. FrH'ert in irnfinff, (ifi,^ Samfila to be proiliiced loU/i th' 'J'rwtr$; to !ie rltliV'Ttil, unc hull'Iknetif in a funnighl, and (Re lemaintlfr in n fuilnisiii MJ'lerKaids^ into His Ma-jc*ly.> ) ictu'illinf Siurm tit Uepiford , nml to '�>e piiid for bj lUlh iii:i4iib'c., tciih In-creit. iii-i'-t,j days after :!n'e. 'J'lt C n (m'oKj oj tilt (.oH.racts maybe oeen at the Secrv t.r 'f tt.Jue. i\',r rej'iri! iciV l.r lin'! to nny Ten'.er in ir/iich Ihe price tbnlln �! i-c iascrt.-d i i toinii i{' tn;'//.-, er liuU sh:ill not Ot d lie, nd l-i t/fc 11 vic..' on nr be/or-: nn- .yifock  rt tne said Ttici.lay, tiie 'JO.'A imlau'., n. r i;n'. ,^^ i.'if ferson rho m.iA-J ill' �/>�!.''.. nr si.iuc i'ers^m nt, liix h, l,a'J\ aitends In tiTi^jter a/ir.n rnl'td f^r. "vUTUTl.i.l>...ip. ; \. ... .,,.,.- 1,. . '^i'^HE Ct m:iio tnii^r A .a'livg Hs Mijer- il tiis \iity 'O k.tely j;iie on Frid.ij, \ n'xt, Ihe'i'M ins ani, u ica y o e eive Tendrrs tpi wniiii:;, (��.'�� .p) 'nd !r ui .tcA quantities cj' : P.MKKT, male from wh de \- ra', ns ihe n ^peetive Manu-' jfiiLluritrs oflh'it nrlule ,. tiy think iirvper to ojf.r: to be iSi-l cerid in ia:o mi>n//iS, by ir kly jji iii^rlioii} into Ili.i ilajea-t .'s yictu'.iWiig >/.-.) r.u' l)epl| ; n jrf paid Jar by iiil^-i payable, tcilh ir.lercit, uinetj dayt ajter date. X/ti  iinditium uj i/ie Lun'nt'.y m.^j be iezn at ihs Secre-, tarn ^ I) N.B. No Tender for a less qnanlily tbaii One Thuusaod ! Bag^wiil lie .i>tniited. t\ii I egnnl tsill be had to Any Ten'irr it tchicfi the prift ' rhalt not ~v inter ted in ao^ds at Itngt/i^ or th/ii ihnll not bt I -telivertd to the Hit rd f-rjore (Jnc o'Clock on the sntH , i'rida), the 'z'jd mtuui, nor un'Ui the l^ersvn tc/io . maktiil.e Under, or �o;�r fersoti on hit I'tluilf, aitendt to ! an-iterr teii'ti � n'ttd tor. V 1 u .A i^i.l.,(j-4)i J- l�..ii, June to icu.. ''�'^11K Ccmmissioners for f^ictucUiirig liU Ma- M. jc^tif^ ^u.-y dn htrcbi^ ."^otirc, that on Tnesiiav, llir.'i'th imani, lliey icilt be remly to i ecriiic /'eniUrs in tenting (.'med i^p ). nud trtnt fcr I/ir supply of icJial ever UAVI.NS rruy be teamed for the s-reicc uJ H,i iHtrjaty'-t Uakehouie at UeplfurJ,/uc ttcelvcm nhs .ur.: tiriur fS, Tzhose ari/mal Premiims fall due on the ^i\lh instant, are hertiy inform d, thi.t HjLi-i'filt read^ lu be delivered at lh6Wump'/t,fs UJ/icesi occr the /loyal Cxchitnge and in Fcll-.ttall, us null as 6y their r sijcctive galls in the secfra! C'oiiniiof ; and the t-^rlif.'i (i frpa Lqiid, H.xiieis, nivitftn-ls iif Slock, Marriaee'Settle-ieot.Xhin'fh I'refennenliiir other i'tlicieiit PKiperly, may ' W nMomitiodntea willi .MonJey toaiiy ambunt, ou lefms JfaHv ednai'trt mbrlgae''. ' . Apl^licaiion perjonaW, frdin*>t,'Channjt-6fa;Ff will he atfiided to. \ T^i;iTiES' jr,ei)i<:i':Maijli':.--moni<:y", JL (�tEi;rhi�-'f ?<'iH, will be atlvanred for Anmiiiief, s�. fto�ifdii.�vfl|.Property; irherclhe^anler ban a pernianent iirttirtl.' RKd iftrAMirtinkiibiV iiinderale w her*? the partien W�Mv � Iifi--tiitefWt.' Tfio i')nnv be immediately ac--ftinwilatrdw lib tiny sttni, from liiO/."to IlW.lH)./ to re(l.�em IhfKtisp t.aiid Ihe N'oblliLy'Varid others, desiroiit of r-.-tisiiig iwtoi'* liirough a i'especlable chaio'i-l. may be ^upplielT on alHkeiBiial iiloHrmf Sefctfritv, wiilioiit e*poeH:e er delay,  >iB<fc�!harges aothiwised l�v' A ft of Pivrliasierit.- Address, rJMtag*.freiv tiv-iMr. sjiibn hei^-, llakcrs Coftce-fiouse, dianjff-allev. Liitldon. � ' " ""li-' ^ro^AliU.Ktts'SwmiLWKp^ bo SOFJ) Jl tillTiyrVnie hiiirtlietf original coslVTi'f tiHlb(^,mity:flf ^rn1'kiAalISl�iplllm<)St unparrnlb-led, witli Dres- ' �ir^aiid linulling ,Mnrbitk-rvtCI|Ui4jly well lixed';iiid finished; ilib'a ciiinple Set lif Maf''iiii'''i'y, wilb two M-is of (!r;iiiile (ioi.'e-/nr the cnnhing of Seed."v"p;iTtly framed and fix�-d, i;�Mh Shafts Slid Wbeel: (e.o,as bai-fhelliiig aii.rMtisiard-Qdkin^^ Sic, all situate iiiar.n iinvi<Ailile river, ami iniv be ihippeii forna\ pari f Ibf Kingiloiii. ^nquireot (i. \\ardale iuidSi'n, ntrrrlmi.l-, WisbrVli, BUSli>flvS,��,;.S'biner��shir�.rv-To be I.,kTj an �nlil-e.^nblfslvrd Hniise of near half a ceninrv fiindi".: ill the GiUn 1-;RV. LI.XKV'D/rrPl.iCi , aiidCI Nl> llAL^llOP liUsiNlvSS, jilp.i.nnlly sitn .ted at a markN-I'in n. The premises are eoiiiiiKHii-ii. an I the pre-linlpniprieior reftrii.p. The slock, iilkch i^ i ot a Ji avy line, Jo be t;iken nt a ti^ir ralnatinn, hot no prrmiii..! o gmi -, willisr.'(iutred, and the rent will be niodertie, therefm e it *ill be fimnd a very detirablexknd u .comnijn � p-I'ly. post paid, to Mr. John .Al'i <re, WelU. aoner-et. i.r !ia.!r.Sito II. H, No. 43, AlbaiiVbtreet, I'.ill-.Mall, LoO-Where particulars may be known. '\\KIIGK I-UILDKIIS atid'O� Ms^'I'e _ Kennel ajlJl Avon Can.TI Company, iiif-nd.og t. ri.s at Devizes liill, w liich f .r so .� lime *ill be supplied bv n Rail Road) ahd bavin- eM-r% rrasoii toiii|.nnsc itieie will be a roD%irier.-lble tounnije . n tJie >.,iil . }i�''f Canal, Iiorcby iiiforni all p rMiiis <!e ir'ii- t balldin: j. Jlarp'sanil Boats, timt ibey cm nrc-miifidai.--nch prvii-'Jllliprouiid for yards on tbetiailks .ifthe l .-111111.-!.\ery in-iiraaiiiin respecting the size and cmi-triirtion ol >uch U; in any other .-i-^alioiL, may have them convened to Uu- Kenin-l .ind Avon J*!?'by the Locks comiimnUMlina; " ilb the Ri\er .Avmi at or bv tlieRiver Keunet at New biir\. EV. \V;VK iSAiUl.AV's ANIllHlJOUS PILLS and SPl.C I KIC, sold by the nppoiiitmeni of Arx. Bnller, .Vo; 4^ Cheap'ide, whole-nle Agent : at Mr.Wnr. Allasoir.. biiok.^ellerniii .-talioMcr, .No.31, .New R�nd-6treel, requisite tiuildiiig: Karly �pi>>5esnion can be given. 'Koiftier purticnlars may be badof iMr. W. 1). Jesirx, B.-i^ tate may he ?eeii._ Allason',. biioli-eller nii-i .'talioMcr, .No.31, iSew H�nd-6treel, | "WTArii*!,! i-c. . r i- , {(ffiH Mr. Kerl.y-s, Sfair�rd-*irec(, late render of the abo.e V Ai^U/tULh Situatioi. for any I rd;lc Medicines.) : quires r.....n, with jmmediile po'.sessimi, to N. B. None are genuine which'lavertot the name engraved in .a black b(i�mp, tlie fniseiy of whicli is fehmv; O. 4, liJ.OO.V'iJBURY SQUAUK.-^nch Quantities of Fla\-seed baVe Ivi^eii got into Ireland from Mr. Foster's Bi'l giving a bonnlv on its importation, and -the Ori'ei; in Cyunfil against America being rescinded, all the danser that wasapprehi-nded of a scurciiy , which are a- by whnleyale in lielaiid,-They "�ell no article but Irisli Linen, and wt les* than a piece; earli pK-ce i- f asu-nal) "nrranted as tii fabric, and to l>e bleach- ] ed on the gra-s, and the money rituriied if a fiuill appears. ( -Orders everuied \v.:th punctuality__Cash fi-r liaiik uf Ire- '\ land Nole5. ' ! Several Imitation; of their evtalili-hnirni being lately put � up. ])leafe In notice that their only lioii-e in Loiuliin is, '.No. 4, (south .Si.le) |}lm>ni-hMrv-'^(|ll!lre. i J. OMlRl KN, Aceiit to the Conip inv. .4 liriKK.IAf/rKKTir. mailefr.nn asiihsU. cc. requires room, with jtbmediile po.sesiioii, to he SOLO byPRlV'APK CO.NIRACT. at Wisbech, a Sea I'l.rt in Cambridjcejliire. and iie:ir tne centre of th.e T-ivin. con^l.iiiig iif.a coovenient House, large Yards, (irsinarv, Wharf Vaults, Warehouse:', and OiitliuiUluigs, siluaied immediately "ii ihe River,and at a short diitaiice a lar^e Vard and GarJi-ii inclosed by n wall. The Purchasi-r may be accommod.ited with 10 In " I \ere^ of Gr.iss Land ndnr the same, .it Laly Day ne\t if rciiuirvil. The .Sitanlioii is best ealcnlaled fir a general Trader nr Brpu-er.- Lnqmri-of Mr. Celleit.ilf, Atlornev t'lere, if by Lcti'T, p'lst p.ii I _ iObi- ^OLD - Aii KJc-am Fli Ki-.UUlJ) VILLA, sile.atrd lipmi tMe hanks of tin- I'h.-imf^ Imir mde? froiii Ilule P.irk Idri'.er. The llon-c cuntain-a h^iMrl-sanif entraiue linll, aud vi'-iihiile, dining, bre.'ikfa*!, .'Kid geinl in.ins dre'sin; rnnnis, lilir.iry, and coldb:itli, nn ele;.-.i:a .sal'on, iioud'iir ii'iil nllmetoll^ b'.'vliainlier'. Tneir nree.\-e. llriil oifiri-.-. .It ari:ed .mil net.ieh.d. d utile coarhhou-e .md >t ihllnu t.r si < Inn-.-es ; a capital w.ilje J .;a^[len, hot lunise, and iiii.'ill paddnrk. I he Iniiise i- of modern and ha .d-nme aichii; rlufe, :in I from its situation coiumajlds some of the (iiie-t view? 0.1 Ihe river. 'I'lie � lide js 1:1 the m i<I perfect ,�\DllHltle^ nil, l.< .N.I'.. I ire i'ciitii will be i -.___ rriQ b- SUL!) by .Vi.?.r?. LH\vi>, WGLkE, jL and CO. -No. 9, (.'hun-e-a'.lev, ConihiH, .-HARKS in the CilWl) .1 U N CilU.N . (itt\.\D .>>URK!i. and rilAMi:S and .Mi.DW � Y (AN ALS, the Wl.sf iM I ^ DLI Sl..\and !' \\ Ai'.Il WORKS,and tne l-.AGLi: and A i'LAS X-1 ItK O 1- :� u IS. T! � enial .V-ii'ir.-. ski|iil'\ placed from One to a t. Imle .-el. .N tiiral 1'eth placed from a single in a cdniplile n-t. ��itii .Ariifi: i;tl er ' oiil iinm-. 0.1 r a oiMibb' tern)'. I'ixes iho .Artii^Cial Tect'i i'�:irt lliaf t\t>-\ max he noni w i| unit f . in-.' i!a- or tlio 1 to ii iiiil\ an.I ovperie re. 'a�d -en- red in.n, pr. p r..d �i'ha rheilical pr :i. alii'n,-w hich il far pieferablc rfiil durable fur a t nnd 1 -!-'.inseio eiiioninnlv made'rmn g-dd r"p or lir, an! ill I -i:t!em.iii-- ;r ;li- inimediali- rer f.iiii-h.~For partiru i'yionmsbary-ipiate, where a plan may be .='"�11. ptinn'-f any Nubbman lars, i-iifiuire at .N �i. l>' fl:d 'I r 11 ir f 1m-. .11 hi- h nise, .Ni). gill ti-s :iii-xen re.tli ; 1 ail iip'* ati ��, """r . Uwl an establishment of this nature is in Lo.iuoii. and f. �hom(,heuse ..f a Sea Water rbub, either t.T l.ralin .n ["nacdlh;................,,............... .... , iouBlith, two smaller"eiili�T Wa.m or Cold Wat.raixi 'iKwer Halb.-W.-mn or Cold I'.aihs mav I.e had at a notice, a nliin.-uid womnn being ineoii>>ant atteiio-,�?ce from Seven oCl.ifk in ti.e Morning md'l l.b>i'i:>. I �>Sht. Forsupplvieittbei^e P.atjlsa sailin? UaiS'-has Uen Ijnmiisply |,ulit..i,;d fi,,.d upwiiji a laok or ri^rvoTi' I contain in bulk ab-ut six thou'iai.d gall-ns or �airi, *Ml�coiislaiitlv ehipl:Aed in bringing il Ir m the .>M-a. a l>-* �n�hey,iocl Smith l-;iai, in �->e* ; a sirwilar tank i� " J��.Hou�r the immi diale snpplv of ilie llalbs. 1 he " 'ff;*taken up about three miles distaiii .f.oin ihe hme .in'i aniie hi�h tide, it ronsequenily is in the iiu'st pdr.: stale, "4i*�uld in largeorsniall qr.mtitics. � ,. x- ,, tJ- LiwiiKKti: rctuuu bu. Thanks to those 1 adiet, ^ol.l.�-.,ajid Reiitlemen who have for the lust 11 yeais-Hpporied ^Balk.:. HeassnrrJthi-mthe most unremitiing tutcido"' "*M tontiiiurt 1,1 he pai.l to their accoininodatiou. Grmlriuenwbo may be inlmocd ti^- 1 niHfi-the hie ed confi. d�ici'10 thr ^ iiliilii V a-.d i iriiirs, j, T'-par-d iVii^n iliat >\i i-<*t .iriicle. I'.iliii O'l. H'e pli-.i-aiiin. ?s mthe Perln-'i.-, :Liid delie:ie\ .nt i:.. , ha- in-'ril:-d ihe ;tt[i r i-<teinied .1 v.iliiiiili- ili-rnvrry for S'llieriiig, ^kin from I'Vj heal uf ilu--nil; .-ind i- a'Mi l.iinid an exeelle.-.t de-feiiei '.iiiift eoV.I �iinls iu'd .-harp fmsly air. Sulci in Sqll ire-.Hid IJ.llU, 1- lili'll. w't-i the wni.'i " ',1-miicl IVrrv" mi Ihe w r.ippi-r. The I'ri'prirt ir r; i'miinw nds-it ji-the b'St Snap for slniyiog, pr dncing a line sn-t l.itl'.i-r, priv er fur"!-nder l-'ares, in nnoid ( aKrs. Is. eiirli. i'lepafril and sold by S. I! rrv. Iml-ale PerTmii. r, .V". 17.,-slreet, Soho ; ;iial, by h'- :i;.poiiilinent. :.t ihe jirinr-pal Per-fuiliersiu Londmi .ui.'i d ll'-r.-nl rovvii!- in the three K ingiliun^. iiiiilie liy A D.AV an I Aj.Ai; I'l.N -I'liij invalii.tbe C"iiipir..tioii, with hall tne u-hjiI l.-|li-'�r, jir-idiues the ino-t lirill::ii-.t jii 'iiiac'.v cvi-r lieiielit. .iiiiiril- [neiiliar iimiri-lnnini i" lli "il li-e tinert Ini-n, is peilicii) tree frmn any asaot-I'.ii'il. aiiil � ill i. lain il> � 111 .iiii elini.-ite. 3"10 biJ SOLI), anil i-n'ereii upon Imnu'il-intc'y, _ _ Ih-it lieaiiiirul freeiioM Villa r;t!l.-d TIIOR P-PLACK, in Ihe Cou.iiu "f .Norlnik, w-lhin three mi^-.'s of the Ctl\ uf .Niiiwicb, wilh an excelli : I ganlen, greei:-tiinise, and ur-cliard, >iirrii .nded Iiy abmit 'iil acres of verv gnoil laiu-J. lying nn the ridge and ibelivity of bill, cominandng tho>r exquisite views af wmidaml w;ilers:i nnivcr.-al'v adn ired ; nn the snarnil i-^ a fine woolI inipru-cd by .-uhlitinnal pl:in'at o. s m.iile with great taste .ihoiit >-i\lrr,T sears since. The Inuise, fronting the Smith, ennlaiii-^ a dining-r.iiiin, draw ing-fomn, and lihriry ; five chambers nii'l five allies, all uf excellent diilieiisiiin-, with eunlpl.t.- (illin^^uf all (,lii;U; slah!i-S fur � en hoj'fs.and two ro,!cli-h"ii-i - ;!'>� hule liniii nliiiiil Inirly year-since, in a most -np-lini- and siib-t:iiit ill manner. ,i:,il "�'1)111171 lew months filled lip in ;!ii i-|i-;.int MM'-, and eo.n-p'eti-1-. r":)li I" adniil the piirch:iSi'r withoai an\ -idJitiniNil! the iiavigiih e River Vnreand the turnpike fund p.'iss at tile i'liit (if the hill-. An 1 st iie of fmi." or five I'.nn-dr.-d acres i-i -lioi ll\ cmiiiiis to .Anciion, .-id'oinii-g lu the (iri.--iiiises. I*'iir a di-sci iiiiiuti uf Tlior^i, si-i- the lie.i'tii'-:. "f l-."e-laiiil ami Vul II, pme lyi. l.'vpiir-, po!t p^.i.!, "F ^Miss's S'>ell and lilal , S-iiliuw -Ire.l : A-t 11. .No. I. 1- -!.-'n.-; the" priueipal liiiutniai,eis. I'erfunn-i--, wid Oilmen in i'l.- .vU-lrupuii;, and in i-vei > io>iii iiiio"i:1iimiI illr Co.led Kir.sdoiii. iri simie biiltli--, i-iii'- 1-. lid. each. i^oii ii.c Jio'oiM.\(; c()Lr(;ii. A>rn.MA', ^. and ..ppi.ii.liiict.l .-.I WaiMi's, No. Il) , ;>-,riUiil : Sh ,u ni.d I dMari!-.! Iiicey and Sut-oi'; .Neubeiry ; liutler: l!ai- 11 .-md t u. and on-H einl-iii-iil Mediriiie V .-nil. r-in luiili'ii; I iu-b-ind-ind ( �. Fi'm-.Iuin;ix; ami . liiill. /.'yoi  slo il. IJubdii; 10 n. itl- ai 11.. and 3>. lil- i-arli.- \\ in rr miy be ii.i-l. W al.-ii s C It i'.itti LuaeiiP'.", i r Cuiigli.,. ,\r. inlmxo at Is. J I. eaen.-N-me are gem^iin-ii;ili-s-s g ed :;. *Sal>li,-.N . B. counlr* l/e;i)i �> spplied by's..a-.' ui.d Ldwanlb. ' \rAl.UAnf.E COFVIIOLI) ISi'ATE, CliiliN- � lli'.l. Ilani-li-;iil.- I'u pi-rinipiur ly RKSi) 1.1). pnr-SUji.i M three sevrral iirder- uf itie I li:;li 1,'uiirt of ni.i::rer\, lie.iri!;g d lie re-peetivily the 1 : :, l.nli, ai.d I6lh (la\-. if M:iv ISiil.-jnide in 1 i-.iii-.- ixiu-riii I hmiias ,M nri i--aii.l iinirrs ;.re Plaiiii'll'-. and Ji-ni--; CI 11 k.s m and ani.lrirr are d--li'nil.inls, � nil i�e iippMjiiati-in uf l.'Oiil-.iiT Sll.!;!.!,. I'so. nii-i.f ilie Ma-I.- > uf ine -.ii'l Cuu.'l, at i'l- PnliliC S.-ifi- R-i'i'ii of Hie s.iid Cuiiii in I'.niliir- -. Cn.-'neers-l:ine. L'liid-ni. on riie-.lnv tlu-'-J.tii d.. uf.lini--, iii'-l:ii.l, lienvecn tie iimi--uf I and .-; u'rluck in Ihr .nltir-pmm. in t:iiee lois a v.ilualile ( OPVIIOLI) I.^TAl'l'., s-l-i - t :il ('.iiilirs-biil. -.1 iliii-n Ihe nari-h and n'.inur i.^ I if iidun. ill I. nniidv nlMid.ile-ev, nl^uin nx inch sd-'flhr r'ul leading fr-ini Haini" il iii ihe Ldjn.-ire r.iad, eur.-I�inii|g aiimit .ji acres uriiiid, willi t!|'- Kaniil \-hmis'-, i-r-chard.aiid garden,loi-ether ith the p. <:rry, k-J'i-<,-ilieil-niiil li'ii'tli'SS-ipp'riaiiiing 10 ihe niiniit.iriuri, uilhlhi- .-h.ds fi-r si illii-g caille, r'i� house, ci irh ho-j-e, and stablr-. and also the (iirfle Public House, and the" -evi-ial uther h"ii-'�, pardi i.s, meadows, I; nd<, and prei:ii�e ,�, Luicnln's Inn li-hN. wlii-re Plans of the liuuv-;vid l-:.^tate niiiv be seen.� m.11 a'su be had of Mr. Hookey, i I'pbul-lerer, Suniliam-iic'i. j S\l,l. OK l.\.ND-""rN~AI{(;VLL.S:JlR>;. ; rf^UK F,vrATF,nf .-V'JCHAR.X Will be exfic^cd ! fi. to SAI.K.hv PUBLIC AUi-I f U.N , witi.i.. the iiuyal ; change ( 11 Ve-li.ea-..-, (-. liidni-uli. un Wedneiiliy JuU ]'?, ar two o r the ah ve d-^rripliua of stick shall revert to yvlia! llu-x Ivive r. rently bii-n. 'hi- rent will malerially iik-crea-e. I'hi' ii-iiid' nrr v.ilucii .-.nd exiian.ted. ;ind the feu <!.;tv i.-'l i'lh- r |-ii die lii.r.k-n- ai i- very ni di-r ,f . J'liis |)ro-j.eilv lieii^ verx i;rar thi- hea.i of (..(-a.-tll'i, and in Ihe iinme li.ile vicinit) 01 i:ie .Sm n.l of .Mqll, putse.xses ihe nd. vart.-,i-< - f watir eainasi- tor eOi.Tejiiig tae |-r...-.i.^c - (> �'cnr-� .Applicaii-nifirr pariiniliir-^ ma; :a .Ar iluriai Vui^^- - on- nay b.-made to tlie Proprietor iiorvernr tu Ilolieit lainplvll. \V. S. i-MiiJ � .Mr. .Vu' 'Jeil, PftJttamenl-s'.rcKl, '.Vcjim-.,(ir

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