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Publication: Courier June 15, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - June 15, 1809, London, Middlesex --�rr-'" . "4,-100 iPHtjRSDAW JUKn 1.5, 1809 AUXHAL!#.-Uodrrthc Patrona;;c of bis Royal llighnm the I'riuce of Wnle*.-TO-NOIl now, JuoeW, will be a lyx hiliitioa of Fire, Works^ RA N D G ALA ,'and JJrilliaot "~�.^^OUCJi KNtt ACAlMiMY.. i-8. Sf^wrtruJlOiiroriiDi theKoWlity and Genlrj that riidOtretl� ia costuraf .--oiisaitof ii�pj>'r fU'tiiiis wi�)!>�� filtfrf U|> tifMif^raixl ^m, &r. &r -C. W. a-NUr.-'S the I'ulilic tluil iiei-�rj^^esifivf-will I>� ared to luakc thp above ilm iSJiMl ,M;t-^u.T.ule for many "jcars poit.-Drevbes tn ]^J|HU.-e.  _ jrif(7\;0iNCI'R'iV JBTO.-.Vii'ssrs 11 A'.:. flrART�./;.M/�N-, .yKKiJtKATORJvX; i.i..>t jMW itOlO"'"'N�>''OYAL HWBL, Birmingham.-Posting rt. iV duced Is Sd. i�?r mile, by the l**rt)Uc's oHrdii-nt Servant, STVLES. ll�(t!>-An Asylt'iu Ij offered to two ynang l/ADII-.S ill a (iriiili.-iiiaii"!' (a C'*rSJ"''''"'*^*U''"'y 'fc* li'g'iest jrespecl.iliility. and nnht fashiitiwhly i-ituated.-Nelveb t� apply.-Direct (vo^t-paid) ri> the llev, II. W. Strairurd Cutree-Ii�a..r, Otri>rd->lri-i't. ' ' �_ AN Iiicumhent or^jTVLXG, aboul 19 mile. /�, Irom fjath, iii Srtnici�'(�hire, of nbmit llie Aiiiuiiil Vului- i�f 20'.)/.. wttihV* io ICXCHAKUI^ it for a Uviiig �T rtiunrvaliio, cither in S�irTy, Sussex, or tll�' fteslern part of Kesit.-For fncthor })artit|ilars apply- Io iStessr^. HUaf ilale, 'Aleuoder, and Haime, 11, >�w Iiiu; or tu Mr, \. vyklihftm, FrogiP. Somerseiyhire, AJI ingnctt, June 16, a sr.[(MOi\ Kill he pr.-.nrhM nt Atoukweil-Jtreet -dno Society f�r pfuniinin!; CbniiaiiKy amungthe Jews.-Stft-viceto begin M l>a*f^iw�t ai ^ iiUrleck._- Family, a sitna'ion ar*��� iiRi-, as an A PlMil.S- e.vcceding 10 miles froni Londnn, whore be wilt be t'nlU ern-pluycd uttdiT the sujierintendance t)f bis jn;i�ter, and treated ivi (nic of the f^iaily, an adequate premium tvij) be ;:iTi-n. Letter;, specifyiix; pnr|irolars, addre$>eil (]iii�t paid) !ry iert-at faVuu^* he i^ctUet, and Ve.'N particulrtriy : enitenil for (iieirtv |^uintifiii> ^rt-feieuce ^t^t-a i iii* Ho(rI�'tt (�'>iiSa\i ctjarli htab1in);, f^ood . and elegant chqlai'is, ;i�t) (tretity pair of as guud korsei) as any ; iatbc kiiigdiqu.attenpiiiiiuei'nutlce. _ ' ^'"T'ANTjj a place as VALKT to a 5�nK�tt tl�-n- . ADMlRALTY-OFFlCK, May 3*. l�(f^. TkTOTICE is keret^ given, thdt a Setsiup of Oj/er the IHNT I.IKK ANNtlTlKS. .NATIONAL DliHT t)l'Flt;K, Ilaiik-sircet, C'unihili, Juui* IJ. IDOil. '^W^IIE Act for eniibdit^ tke Cnminusiane.r') for Jl the Htriucfinn efthr ."^utiontl Debt to grimt -JJ/e Wm-nuitin hav-ng betn amended, rehettbii ertaler facHiiUt an In tfrf PuHic to reteiiu- tJie tarm ; A'oiice i* I�en'l>y KWea, if the iNonynee ppoo whn)K>Ufe nny Aan.iity iiiav dend, sh:>ll appear perMtnatty vut ideiititifd iU'lbis (.lllici-, iiuanx day after tlu >anii- tiuill lieromc duP, the CertitiVato aud Allid ivit heretofore r.-quin-d to be pr�Ml ii> liieaRHiunf u{:{,Oi\Ql. |ier Annum �nthrcoatinu:uH:eeilJiernf i)iiii;le iir .Iniiit l^x's. �fithlrs iif the ll:ite� and blank I-'iinns arc dplir:ili.iitat the UUicr : but |� i'-,).:> who h;ive alrt'.iily lun-liiiT'fd .ui Anuuity, iivtv make a ju.JAcrpiirrAas.-niiine )ocutiiciiUori'ioally prudiicit!. S. llltar^M, Siipi'riiitemlant. , V ICTl'Atl-l.NO Of*- ICr., Juue 13, 1* 9. ^IHEE CamtitissioMers far Viciv-iilm^ His Miu JL /ttti't Ji.^f t tim htnbf tire .\-Uct. tiat on Tu'*�- ------ - -- - ....... - '.y^tutetm. pnuluccd WL ,wriiicl�,', incenfed. rii nsitbV, J�mj>>. called THK ARAB; iir. The Klfli pMhc Wt-S^'ftt rimip re herding a Seriej �if ip IN jiniureMive ^d�eiiUirrt aud Actions of '�"Tir Ii.famryajid Cavalry J'with a faithful imrr i-niaii-,6* (lie Diiuhle Cn^npuiUj aud Mr. Siu'th. with the L^ifil��nfihellUNTW) TAILOR.- billy lJutlon, rcn�iIianjp-.Mr.;Uichertrlc?;ipt Tichj Rope Oancinir. |i�ncliia the jud^ueia M�iii:-rs in all j(j vjiri'm-' ili-|iarluienlA, iv(\\aWilitrii iit simv e isre'ig'(j inlheollicc of a SoSiritur in the j,f�(jefiaU;i refeieiiccs will lie" j^ivm. Letters ad-Ttu A.R^ C. f post iiaid) Bar ot I'ecl'vi CoffL-e-hou^c, JlDfai;end. ��)(i'ftirc (he lilh �lav of July ne�t, li-Viiniuiiial-'of their Ifeliiini: to Jol'u t'a�i'o�, VUq. (;oriiuU"|lfr of the said iiyl,!!! ilr. Tniii!li-"!i,.\tt�iine> at IMW, in IJiiryl 'j'hi-'d.-iof ^Ha^^lr of -iris is un iiidi- pen-ible qualilicatinn: and utiiprd that, no iit^iiileman �ill. ap^ily wlio is n>ii toin-Htljsk-.lled ill the Greek and 1. tin l.niisiias''�- thesala-'kMA perniiiiuin. with an House free froiji all Rruairaiid !iii�,:iiid capable of lioldinj; (it) bnardert, with alloivanrr >ii Uther. and other udtanta(C. i'lie il.ay of �liciion >r ou Munday the 7th of .Aui.'ii.^t. at Twelve o"CJoi-k at unlrjsaocajlier day shall W fmuid more convenient, in rurf due ouUce Will be tivtii, by tetlir, to every iaii*lfl,itc. . |JlltJiim-.IS^.___ _ ________^ ^.CTrOlt waiiinl t "edik'afi^ two tioys fietwvcti , viglifand eli'ven year* of age, of nmiatile Vempcr�, tyj'f'.-*! and correct detio-anor. They Ij.-iVe bithtfrlolieen i(Tii up'tiad�r the eye*. i�f their^p;ii'ent�. who have t>ten ic^ vfiife and chararlrri, in the course of many years re. r�teJn the pKntMpaf Cii^titrtiii of Knrupe, but are ik)w tiy-M a plqjnq|i^~ luiWd niitmicr, in one of the principal ^irrcisl ports m (lie kifigdiim,' They are de.-'ir'iU'' of cilu- oTutijirdnly tju-itiGed Iq give' iheiu "inMrnction in the 'tp\ French, and l-.ii^Uih*Lani{UHgi"�r Oeo};r;tpliy. oune >lif^n�t u!�fn! bmnchet of the Mntheia:)tics; vai ttnvof the faipily, livFWitbmit'ost^tntiim, but with all due rmnfurt aiid r^%Iiirir\-. As thevdre'hot in eirciirnktancri to ^ffnr'i any , lliT:m7e'sA))n;^r.i�^9ditiiiii tn Indshif;. bi^ard. and w^thr Miir Httiftlion"ihey oiler fli'ay not unit every apiflicaai for^a TSliip. biit they hn��:i- . �*Jt>^utt�rf�wun^, Kiiulerly, and Puinville, Solicitor!, ljni:oIh'i luu, J.iit� Tiuibridp: Wells, areniost re."pcctfully aCMUniiiteir that on appliration to R, HF.LVES, Grocer, Tuiibiid^e Wella, ihey will be iininetliiilrly informed what Lodging IJonset are tii let, with the requisite particulart.- R. l5t-l�es hits several jtood Uouse.^ on Mount Sion, Mount Pleasant,, anil Muunt Epliraim, well furnishrd, aud plea-santTy liiiiiatcd.___ SPAN^'ISII SIIKEP^Tr-Tb bu�, Spanish ainJ Merinb Ryeliiiid RAMS and RAM i.AMB.S of the Flockof Mr. Sheppard, of Uley, GIouce�ter,hiie ; to nhuin apply fur PariicuJ.irs'. Ive Di;*pi�sKn op.-Two or Three very - ,.Kid SOClAliLES, well calcnlated for Uatbing Towns, such ail iirightun, VVorthing, _Mar){Bte, Ac. ; alto. A g.Kid SOClAliLES, well calcnlated for Uatbing Towns, such ail iirightun, VVorthing, _Mar){Bte, Ac. ; alto very .suitable for Innkeeper.*, tt�o having ranoiiv hfaiU aii�l euriains, which shuts up clnac.-1'u be seen at No. 9, Park-lane Jl^iccadilly^__J__ SEA BATIIlN(i, Sussex.-To be L'.rrorSOLD Unfuniisbed, a new ereeted FAMILV MOIJ.SK. jil a-s;ii)tly-"ilua^edal ISu^nor, with Coach-hoiise, Stnbiei, ivalllomi-�iie OHiee.s.- For further parlii-ulars apply to Mt. Rardect, at hi.tfr.~Letler* niubt be fiM paitM - � PUKSlJANrto a J)f-crcc of the llis?h Court of Clmneerv, made in a ran^e. iiniten v. Oaviei, the Creditors of TIIO'M AS lit) ITK.N, the elder, laie of Sboe-lane, in (h Uiiie, Lnmrnn. or iin)efanlnherei�f, they will lie per-i'lujilorily c.fcimled the beii5^t of the said Decree. OrlD cnis(rd"P(^Ilt~\VL\K, of \\n>. most su. perior (piality,':it Me-'^rv. .Anderlnu and Wood's, 17, Little lVtUilintlJ-�(rer(; {i'cddeu-:fiiieijSV.>, by ltradlirrry's.4'at'nt Sjiei'tacles. removed from fi^cndiilx to'0\riird-:>|reel. To preient di>ap|iHinlnieiit. he iiai'ticular in-ob-ervinj; it i- i�oi a Shop a pri�ale House, N'o.J!i!�;MiL'�e do-r t" the Fi^lMUon^iT's. between Swallow-slrcetuiid Argyle-strcet, wh re Specincle* ouly areaWcinled to."'  ��' �__ rlnO be SOLD, f..r ready Money. ONE TJIOU- A SA.N'O Glf!^ ST(iCli.!i, m.i�t of which are cutout to the Tower J'allern ; aNu, lu-ar U)i)U feet of f Wal-nUt' Plankinjjr'Mnie "f ihi.i Planks inearurc near iliree feni iu breadth, and 'have been cut 'mt (wehe ioe�itJ)5.-For par-ticCilars einprrre'iif Thoniai. Alien, the >Vsi!.', whnlivale .Asmt; at Mr. Wai. AlkiSon'*, boot-eller an'stationer,, .New IJ'dd-streel, (troui Mr. Kerbj's, Stalfiird-sirec, hue vender of the above Medicines.) .....liyvt^SPipWfe'^^^^SW-^^uSge^ i� iif an active cheerful dispiisiliou, can be vvell reeoiiimeiided, piirl'icularly t>ir hi� allenlioii an i teiiilrriie.ii>ifaril-Mivari>J-, a'ld hi� eintea-voura will be to make him'-eU'nvfiil ami to merit the i'miti-deiice rcpoiied in him, likes living in (lie c luoiry, and would have an olijfclinn to take a v>b for die Sur.uner.-l.i tfer=, p�i�t paid, direrted to A. IL .Sir Uei.r-, liook'eH.-r, .\ii, 81, (ireat Portlaiid-'ireet, u ill he iiiieoiiinii-U ar^-m-rvd. AFnTirMANrjlOX ilULSE untf PAUiT. -Ti� be Sold In- Piuvatt: tiONrincT. a c:ipilal FRlvKllOLft MA\^ipS iiUi;.SK ami PARK, of.iO'Jut '2tK) here.-, well liaib V, LI.MvN l)l{\, ai.l (iL.Vf'-I RAl. Slli)l' 1;L'SIM-.s>'. plwanily sitiirited lit a capil.U tuarkel-tuwii. The premir( > ;'.re coiiufKlii-Us, and i^e |)rc-,' sent projirieior retT'l'},'. T/.v -("ck, which is t'Ot a h-avy ' otir. to tie (akeii al a lair valiiad'm, hut no premium or j^mihI j t\ill is required, iind the Tcni will be moder;ilc, therefore it j will be fiiuiid a very desirutile and u^eonimnn opeiiin);. Ap-: ply, pi'Sl ii'iid, to Air. John. Moore, WclU, ."ionieriiet, or i nd.:r,.'.s to h. H. .No. ti5, St. Alh.uiVsircet, J'all-Alall, Loii-i don, irhorc pariirulnrs may he known. ' rpo PiUNTi'RS, HOOKSEJ.LERS, &c.-- A To he SOLD by PUIVATF. CO.STICACT, the STOCK, in TRM)i: ot'a Pit I .N T KK ; .r.>nswiins of two Pre-�r�, and a large quantity of Bookand Job lietirr, &c. ihe w l��le iif which h;w been iiad in new within the last Vii;h(e(-fi iniiolhs fr.>m the Faumlry of CnMwn aiid Caiher-tiiiod. and lilile wor.'te for wear.-'.\1m> the LLASL of ihe lIOLSl'., seventeen years of which will he une.vpireri at Mid roe are/reouine which have not the name engraved in a black' stamp, liie foraen.of w loeli i.s fel.uu. ive'dtteiirap an hxbibiiian RooDi^io upa-/ enabled to diipl.ty tbeir'compojilions to [cv^afttai^easi^TiaV be iiirtjiiireil in lecutiou, from TON FKl.T, removed frw.m llie I'nu-r* ( 156, llo�t 5.lre(. A most-rich. valu.-ibte, and eleeaia sekcijim of Laities and Gentleinem ijoul and fine bl.icit, wliile, :.iul ci'liiured Silk hos^, af Ti. (id.; tupertiao w itli (Ue inool fasliiiinalile clocks, l(;,;-fii!. To'tiih of the N.ibiJity, Clergy, and (/entiy l�ho ijrtt/; hut niail^^'i Irial .of their diMii:j;ui,!i.'d and uneq'uallcd e'.kee(le'lirie�, it niti'y be proper ni'ire precisely to state, that they aie far mure cou(fort.:iile. soft anil pleasant, inlinitoly :nore durable, and tho'tiR" evrry way .eqnal in riehiies-*, ele-guficif, fathi'on, natl ifnuii'.j^ .nre not t>vu-tbirds the |irice uf Hbii-e with silk feet. __^ NO. 4, UJJDO.VISBURY SQUARE-Sn�h Qutrntities of Flax-seed have hcfit got into Ireland from Mr. Fosu'r'.ein)i; r.'-ci�iled, all the'danjer that apprehended.of a .-oirciiv of Klax is at once removed, .-iiid the Irish Linen ('nnipany ha.e Ih'- satis-faction (o he able (o primiiye to eoisdnue "selliaff at ibeir nsttijl pr re�, which nrp ai by wholeiale in Ireland.-Thev seljtiio-ariiclc but Jrish Linen, and n -t lej� than a piece j eacn iiiyce is (asusifal) warranted us to fabric,and la bt blearb-:d on the gTa.Pd�nn:npabuelled and �other diftnhutrnn-, I ^JKo;;;eVora^^^^^ v,rie,yia ev^ry-^yle , r """.T house ia LotTdoa }>; So. IfekA??*!. y ftifir 'depilrations liiat *' (�>uuth .Side) Bl�om=b:.rv-square. � ' - IWf^l .w^ ele,taiire .nritJ pirturesqBe efle,l. J. O' IIRIKM, A^nt to the Comp.^nT. gN��*>K^o the mind of imitc.- Tihe^r ezpecl4tioi>l of con- ----^ - patron.igeare founded on their U-iiijf the -1.1 .slP^t?. .a iW^'H**" IJUdprfftki^, nad have nu .. Li_ wirtiiBt the inlcrtretKinn �Pi dtrived from coma^iiiK th*ia. wiMiiiL___________ jW^j..�?J|er jjerti^n,^^ -w^bJch dcjiay is preyeuted' aud ex- Most fe- . ---------, ^. ^ijkiiii"ire ; and �oW hy. Uie Author at hii lt�0{u^ ! IVfF.VV CJIEMICAL DLSCOVERY.-B/ the i.^ Kin-'f L'eileis.Pntent.-VfATSON'sPirRKIRANS-I'VREKTSOAP.-Ihn v.auabll�t�duct of moAfOi discg. ! vei^ is offered with confidenre to I he public, as the be^t.and dt1be�an>eliihe the muji iiiibl, innoceat, and refiurifSoap tfiaf krfi ever been maoe.-The clearnett, deliCtcy, and suft-"ness it'gives to the cooiplexio'ij are at^ulely uneqaattrd ; and fentlemen. who (have (hf-m-ietve* will find ibaritresderi th.r aptlna of the rator rurpriiini^ly pleesani, 01"^, mhou^i sindeas'y, aiid le.t*c� fbe skiu, hbwevrr tender, fufft texihte aud free from .the ilixhtrM irritBtiuu.>-It is (old whnlisalebv tlic Patenlee,' ^o. b, Melinvplace, WeitfliiHStrr-ttiad{ aisil h\ Mr. gainart Herry, Ti hole>ale PerfiiOirr, Greeh-tireei, Soho,'London ; and ririail b^ th.- pr4api|Nil Pt^f&itn, Hi* %^tfiuti{e'/ii-lHM.tioutrf, Ac, la life Si.c. I'he srouuds arc disposed with petuliar t;ute. and lit".*"- a south asprct, with a gentle slojie to a r.i-pid river. I'lie li>'Use stands on an eminence, has remarkably dry cellar?, aud in every respect forms a delii;ht/ul w'ii:i>-'r iis well assuninier residence, "flouiuls are kept in the nei;;h- I buurbnod, wb:rh is hiijiily respectable. Kurtlierparlirulnrs, ' with tickets fur viewing the same, muv be had at Mr. I Saxon's Chambers, No. a, J'ump-cour(, Temple. ! Ai^lTAL .MANSION, PARK, an.l LANDS ."^iirry.-To ho Let furnished, for three or five years, by WlNSTANLKV and SON, a capital Mansion Hou=e, sealed in a park of 111 aer-, with olhces, stahtiiif;, ^ardi'iis, ': pleasure Kroni.d . ^reen and hnt-houscs, and every requisite j aecftmniodalimi (Ta.Vt.t, a very d.-^irabl*" Instate, rnlled BA V l>.'\Lh, ii; Ihe To-ou.-hip of'Bl.irkwell. one mile from I>.-trlin(il''b. The I'.sliiteconsi-tat w ill, nt up" ^nis of Mil. per anuum.- For p.-trlicu-larsi apjily ta Richard Wilila'n .Tohnston, 'Esq. r).t.rlington ; or (o Lowndesand Liirabert, Red LioH-square, London. ALUAIiLR COPYHOLD EJTATK, CliililN- UIU. Ilamstead.-To h- perempOrly R!;SOLD, pur-suiiiit to three seV ral orders of the llijch Court of Ch.incery, defendants, with the approbnii.m of ROOLRT STI'.KLF., i-Uq. one of the Masters of the s.iid Court, at the Public ;.��!�! Room of Ihe said Court in Southampton BuilflinRS, Cbnncery-Lnne, London, on Taeaday the i7tb day of June, instant, between-the hour* of 2 and 3 o'clock in (he afternoon, in three lots," a valuable COPYHOLD BSTATK, situate at Chilc('s-hiU,n-ithhi the parisR and n^anor of Mendon, iu the counly of, or-chard.and Harden, toeether with the ponery, kilns, sheds and Huildlrtjcsnppertaininjf to the m.inufat-�>fy, with the sheds forctiillini^caille, cow house, cn.-lch hOySe,'' i (Jliam-6ersiii"S�mha-pum Buildiin- V'lancery-lane j Mr. A -mleyi Solieit"r, Uare-cimrt. iemple; of Mr.  ttye. >i>-itcitl^r, Chanrrry-lanci qi/dyf tVlr. Jitorgan,. SuLrn'or, Bed-fird-^^uw, tiiod'^, ' ' R.ALs|.\.S; fa bt. atitirettiMr to'famftfrs t� he jdrixUlrtli m'ift lilt I'lit'ierux lo he ilrliiy re4i, fitr ttuII'I'irrr.iti'in a fvr.n'p/Mt anil ijix i-riHuin. . Gentry, and Public i the o,ie.iiiij; of their erlablimenl for bu>inj;, seltinc and j lettin;: by private contract and pubiicuw'tion, in Lncland, j lril;ind and SL-ntland, Lands, llou.iviiif of ."lO per cent. All letters to be post paid. -No. 7, IJuckinghaii-jtreel, Adelphi, London. rp'Olj'e SO 1.1)1^ Urrj'TiFislsbei!, or may be A Let unfurnifhed, on r.easr, bv'p'irch.'winx the Fi kfnrei a� a fair valiuilion, a snbstantial well-b lilt F.\ MIL V lIOUSi;, in complete repair, with coach-houses, stahhlinp. laii'idrr, dairy, and domestic officesf Surry. twenty-Ioor mile� from Hyde Pafk t.'nriier, nine from Windtor, 'seven from IrKliain, .->nd foar frniu Siimmin^hiil. For pariirular". and lickeli to vieurii^-Iily to ,\lr. J.!, Ivp.'iolder, if. 'iS. Kind's -tre.t.!!s^^ . KirKNOiivS, near HUTiXv', JLV.VP^^-robe Disposed of, the LLASF ,tf n years of wlia-h .are unexpned, al�o lhewhnl�- of tile FurnV-ture. The said House contaiui lhr��= sitting-rooiow. aud � smJiII parlour, att.iched lo one of them is aT;nvn-hou�e. es� irancc-hull, servaHtVball, butler's-ni mi. kidh n, d.-jiry, breit:t>a>e, and hmndry, fonr priiicipat beit-ronms, wiih liressing-ruunis, and a small oue, al->o iwn lai�e garret*, itablifiii; for 11 horse, fwo cuach-hnusrs, har", ilog-kennrl, Ac; fionti>i-iity of all kind, of game, sitnaled in the nii'Mleuf �ne liuiii, uiul lint far distant froiif another ; several markets are lomuiodi-nus, and only >even mile: froiiiSnulhantiiioii-r�r p.'irtieulars apply to \\. Walker, uphoMer, Ao. J, Janie�-�lreet, Covent-Garilru. 3Iin-ar'S�an�eft.- I'o He Soi-b by Pniv �tc t'o  ru �ct, /.LA.SLIIOLD F.S'ftATti, called the R H > PI) I .Vds, for the Term of 59 jea'S from Michaelmas !a�l, compriring a dwellu|>erior land. The hi>H>t.tii( only lliree quarii-r-iif a mile from Swan-ea, (iirousrU whirh the uuiil parses d .ilv, '"id a res'iiiir packri sails twice a weeti lo lire eoast of Devon. 11 altogether f-irms a most cdinpiK: I and de-irabte retreat for a (ieniteman's family. The furniliirc which is in hi;;h preferrali'.-ii. J>i.iy be pur; chaicd at a valua(tnii,-iuid iinmcdiate jioi-evxi.m be given. For particulars apply to John Stroud, l-..-q. iir to Mr. Win. Phillips, Attorney, Swansea. ''j^O be DisposEii OF by Puivati; (Jontract, A the wlHile, or such pari l hereof a- innv he agreed upon, of (hose BL'ILDI.NGS, er>-cl>-d in a WiilTK and KKI) LEAD WORK, near the town of Litcriiuol, sifunte in front of a certain intended n.'n street, to be catle�l (Jreat i-lotv.-ird-street, and within a very short dislanee of ihc rivi-r .Mer�t-v ; also, another WORK enxteJ for the sam  'uraneh of |iu" two .m-Is ,( stones, and a pair of br.i-s' rollen, one set or whirh, w itfi ific rollers, are c-innected wiih a sl-am enxine, but ju-t erected, of 16 horses power, on .Me-�r�. BoolLwi and Waif* impr-vcd principle; the other .-ct iif � is wrKiiv lom of lead, brew-hou-e, store-rooms tor acid, and (ivo 'it-ri le.-id ovens, besides a variety of al^er requlsiie ap irtments. \ The Uuildiiigsnf the wi.rTi in Wale�, ar.- riiielly newvsuh-stintiali) hurl(,and *rry commodious; pariimlarly ihe g^ioii-ioe and washjog backs ronmsj ti-e sit�aiion is' prcu!ili^rt5i  good, from its vieinity to the Smeltinx Works, and Cfmh, rttel Being on the b iftks of the Kiri-r ltr-. .mdrr-in the latter Port, the is oiiyejcd hy tjje StalT. rtf.:iire lan^ tn ail parts of iln- Puiier'-s. There n likewiMr upon-the Prrmi^ei a tin.- PJ-ol. a/f. .'.irg a sif%1ei>r ;;�>;> uf watfrf;ir six months ui the ye;ir, to turn a p-iMerfiit livcr-lihiit wheel, of i?i f-i-| 'i.nn'-ier. to wi-ich'are. ennncrfed �. tnree pair of Moii.-s nni ..i e iinT of bra4 rollcrv. ju-A in cave ' of thi- failure of aai.-x, ther�- is a trry gmMrstram caf^incv of �'"ir.....n h-r e� p. .ler. w lica nuty" be re-a:le

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: June 15, 1809