Tuesday, June 13, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - June 13, 1809, London, Middlesex ffWT^hidmt^i^^^ ��f S�weifta, nor �gj^.Z^^^ Sale are ^.*.nuw .^;,rtUiic.-iil�f.o, (ife-ciaii, ami tloman e of I'an'iJipi. C��w�ls,-a�a Ci�Jni.irt, Uin ate 1::dl|) valentia'S f RaVELS, Xhrtee Vo. ;;| ItimMi. Q4art�>, lUtd Mr; TALT'S T>r IvNTY-fOUIt VlhyVSi, wlllrbe puWiibrdon AJajiday Rc��; I6e ISthJu- TT l>h G ItOCif V's S.f pt-rior MI EH a L W a- irl.; Ti:rt, AvAltttilousk. ^o. 4, fjrvai ohnoWit-rtwri. liadinltif M)>li|Q^>tate of prrrvctinn, od tcnsotiaMe Urm.-TiUVitxl alldWaacemade (6 pcgwins latia; torse gmiiitUie*. inpntiltg tuaUi up}^ nni Uhiit fo.^ iQ^^t HUKdH.' tlw Fuhlir Schdiita oft �lie UaiwrtJilie*. tiKich pri. ntlnaen Ai( whom ��KcaM,bim�oJta9�*jrate or Brubtinn in tlip coarse �/ the oibuiHg.seasop, he will h'eii.w _________,____..... Amy "in aiVM "Micafitfnalfy Ift aiiv familv piing trt ciHtemf �ni�ie ptaccn.-Lrtters �Ml�Wf�fd Io:A. K. at Mr. HriDKlfs Uwh-JUer, WatiHwrr�treei, Ox-f�rd-ri�4d,..vri�liPduljjVtifnrffiJia. , WANT^PEAGBS. aj MAN ^ofT bU WIFE, wllbdtfl tm .iMlWihrantr, the Man as.. GarJebrr, anil hi� ^^ifVtow�li�t^ �t*a,v. �>r, hayc an iAij�;li�n trt-be ouj ftf-tlrf hiiniw; Tbe Mhii bwdnvtirtxls hix'btisiAff* id-hH //(ifUfcrf " tne moMAv , - ,__________ fnrd; and to iepaid for BUb,'paytt^li,irilh IrMrkt, M'lefy darf ofler dole. � ,. N. B. No Tender for a less �]�anCiiy tban lei Thouiand Gallowiif Ituin winbeaamiited.  . . . 'J%cCi>�d:li6H$ of t/ir, foMtraas may it itetiai .the Seen-taryU VtSitt. A* regftrdKiU he hail to any Te*dtr in leMfcft the price i�.iU ani be ituerttd in ii orJs at tingtlfy ortbnishtiU rot be deSre   jcA to Ihc-ltoittd t'tf-ir* One o'Chck in tl,t sitid tri-^iky, II,e iS'h iuiteiiti nur bhhuile i'einun lAf T'.rii'Ti or soi,e ftrton o� /lis brhalj, tnU}ttds,to an. Khtn'rnVrd lor 1 lVl�>'V# inii�f be p"Sl * ili*� will n<A'''^^^'�l'*^ *"' STxjp�AliipS:-rA WI bow, middlr asod, WnwxtaW^ eh<�ft'Srri44ia conhectinhs, anrt free from Jl�if�lhW^ ha-inca, wfikbevto ,pr..r�iP aKittritinn. !t!iAU<ly.�r.G�^' nf �'"�'< Hcrlinin' hpalth re-I'liSSmtrv, witlitlie Mlieodaiicp <if a �ti':idy careful .Viii^ �t) - fnrc ,..^i(carcVu! Hbu�eli5rep#rv ar�i..^ cii*Uyrrtun#�hahk� �o the \7S|rANTl�-��tnitMW. 8 middle agrf lV>�i, and or aav otUer (Ieparimi*ntbe maT jf�e fmiad. wi-fql. The \V�-raanai Cnoic and IlovjnVEfePHit or fact>irv irirnrfwes ^Ulbe^ivona^lo (;halr:it:l -nMre**-,tHi}J.V. B. (postjJaid) No. 18, St. iMaiXiir�-laiit, will be diilv aHfrfdfd to. _ " ' J V I'raciTiei in a Market Towir in Ihimpshire, where tbcre i� ail Aiiiiilitot, a. Yooih of pooA moruU and suitable Kilitpiioit, ffirliie term f>f three orfi�nr years, nliu wilt have piirlirnlnradvantnKriitn'fflfirtrard his in�irttr(ioa. i'tie uswil Preminm will lie ex'iiect>- y tii Mr. Jt'tigbt, iNo. 101, St. MartinVIahc, Cnano^ cron. R0V^"H01;. � ^.KT for a term flf years excrtleBt KAMI lA' HOUSK� -titb Pleajtliw �ronndi,Gard��,,�Bid Prc�|j��,^ fortv gd^g^^piBwat,!-, 5d. per ...lie. iiog^aitaiid Pliillip),(>3; ftrnad-strretJ To CII ISTS; t>RUGGI�;T^'anirAPOTHE-CARIES.-ToBit' Di��OSED OF, on nr before the fir=t of January 18l�. a^i'KSrAiJI.lSHIvD BUSINKSS in a priiictpal To'wn, withjn aday'sjourney of trie Metrop.d'ift, wlucb i�ft:ell raln^Ialrd M srrire i(if inf'eresu of Hvo younjf jnei), Uieie' l>�iiij{ two eligible^'imitionsfor conduciinjt the fame, incliii^in;; lucrntive appnimnu-iits and n,eemn'l Itctail, with the he^t proMperlit, putlicularly forswh a� wiih \o miike � tlie,priKlireof iNtcdiriuetlieir {fiiyri. fur particular* apply to RJes-rs. Howard,'No. SW, CViiinwi-Jlrcei. EiJTATK of WIlXlrtM LKWrHWAirp, 'deceased.-All IVr�'ins to w :>ia William l.ew|li%raite,^ I'iite of Li>inhard.sirei-f, itjiliji. City of l-ondixi, JJatlrr., At-"efiicA, stood indi'hieri ^ the time of his di-cease, or who . .have any claima nr diMitiiiid'i i-n liis i^tate, lire lreque!>(rd to seiid nil aeomiil thereof, lojj-ther with rhe prfrticttlar^ �t the fentet cotamtM on the Jligh Scas^ mt/ui the juritdiitfon of t/iK Admiralty of England, vnil beheld ut Jiistire rfiill, in th? bid Baiiey, L-ndon, on FiilUAV� the" lid of June neiit. at Kigcht o'c'locic in the Morning. W. W. POLE. RO V A L tXCHA.NGTi ass UK A.NCK OIIICf" Miu jsort. "'HE Court of Directors of the. Kovai. Kx-. CUA>CC Assltt.i.NCn do Itenbi) i-ifr ^Sulice, that fAtir Transfer-Hooks mil be shut f.om i^triny, the SOfA cf Jaue nea/, to Tucfdny, //� 1 Uh i>j J mI> /� /^�iiinff� uvd ihul a iitneral Conrt nf llic said Curjiomtivn, Kill be iioldrn cl t/ieit OJficey on 'Wi-dneSday, l/ie "ilst oj June, at lUtrtit ti'Vlock in the ForentvHi In iunsider of a Diuidi^nd. S.\M KENN I.Nf., jiin. .Secretary. . *i* Alteadanc? ijgiten daily, authe ?arrt Oirciu aod'at their Ofliee iu )*all Mull, for the A.>�uraii � or l^ainagebv hire : and alio for the AAiiurance of, and lemnting Aintuiltes on Livrs. Y AUeriOSN by Mr. ALDRIDGI:, at his Hepnst)Dry, in S'. .Martin's-lane, Tt)-MO/HlOW, Jfftielh l8l�,al J2 oelook, ah.mt Iwilve fine UKOOI) M ARKS with.Colts at their feel: also, sever il very cii|>iiHl three, and four year old Colt�, which arc calculated f.t hun-teis. riiadster-sXc. the pr>iper�y of the hrccdi-r. C'ai.-ilnjjBcM may he kl^il of Mr. AWridge the day prior to the sale, when the whole limy lie viewed. tlOU^ OF t�)RI)S;MoHDAY, Jcne 12. Mr.W.MfettAtL and theSoi.icwoR'(ii:nkral were heard on tne Appeal of (Jmom, widow, V, I'enfold, clerk. Farther heariu;5 pi>5tj.uned to Wednesday; TheAiriciJi ColVee Rill,-aa4 Irish Ketenae Regulations Bift. were jjimpsht np from the Cemmons. yThe'JAenniMidse? t'oor Bill was carried by a Majority of omcri, br at least-propose itnthp spfcilic plati; but Ji� ihh iip wai riisappoliiterf; The Hill, in its present curtafTeil uta'e, lie confessed, d sappoitind his bop^ ;t>iit still t>e fhoulJ role for it as the harbiiiffi-r "^friPureijinnU. 'JOIINS'FON'K-orrosed fhp BiH, sni! the Cd^ntfUCt of ih(t I{..)iisi> no  ;i9 .C9fn- tisitl?f.;'d it ork of a series of inea-�!ires; teodltfg tt> PCdangcf Uie well.being of that floaSe. ' ' MIitE relurfamly opposcc! the Bili; hp Hid iiDt thWk it woiriJ icMiet that House mrffe pnre^ but titat it wonld rcntjt-r a Minisrer more sfroTig'iainfi'.i'nce ; lie thought thf oath in-dispensabi*-," and lhat the insprtion of the word " rxpre&s" h)ok awiy much of theg jod cff-ct of the Bill.  Mr. IT, TIIORNTON appi-.vred of th� Bill, thuiigh he thoUeh't It bMl Ptitfered- In it� pr^^r^sa part oT tTie BiJtttifrJrt^�irtHC!t'^^ Sit J A MES i'Ui/rftNEY panegjrised the Con. stitutton aS'it pratiticailf exJ&ted. lie rxpreiwed a f inz on extremely well-(/x idifgk). He would, howi'Tcr, �ote for the'BlU^since itbad been introduced and motlified as^it was. Mr. AF3AM felt it necessary to sra,tp to the. IFotise the ground of the v<.te whifh he meant to )?ive upon this measure. He had at fir�t heeti of . opinion, that the mctsurc on?ht not to hare been entertained; but �*hcrt he referred to th" illns-trioiis time of passing the Grenviile Act, andfoand that no sueh eaS'!S of corruption h;n! then berr* Stated, as had lately been adiniticd in (hat Hoiisr, he thought it iiujiossil)!.! that the ilDU-^e could omit (o apply the necessary remedy. lie bad wished the IJill, in its original form, to have paFSid ; but the iwtroT^uClion of the word " expr ok^df An-, jiti'fir H......._ ____________ OfertlBtfi'. Ac. .a.,Tc�jJJeO'f. Dwwlen China, , - "Wft*S.''S^'^ .^jfSLbnn MylH'��y ; several ele-JtrMjrB^Tndia and^iAlrer CaCMiifti. perserveii Birds, wo^=Al^ctcsi�tnci6i^iii4(4ilrei^ A .-m�iii, vonnsting nreraJlerli^ ur.aii]|ntf pailniedTCliiS'.s in line pre--JP; with ��i*n%*^il�hpRVaririi^^ {irtlcle�,.nre f^utKHt- \Vi S^{i(Mirtt'�,.ifpniiwie the Ji^trhaHge, who "�i�rf�WF�U>i^f�t�e } INiV.-^T�. be LET, =f�r 9- 'rah^e- _ A'5�){uyf.JoJ(^,V�irlii*h. , 5g>�^jPr�njJw? M Vrry, iJe,'lr4jhre for any person |1oT^ia-� rji.'niblrt'liriiie iiran eStt-nsive �av, as � lll'B$iUA!saj .-miLtKo Prrih'�9<-s may he eiiter-itliij<j2S^eh day .of Jifi^teinber or Chris'tiiias .'fVijiio is rei.rinxfrii'ii biisirtrts, the ensuing kl^MiSniaiii'i H'-iUi'.MM'iForuiiiire mid the tAA ^aJce-r4ViaiJ! J}iiu;JiyM^^_____ "I llTi FIClA h TEETft, made from asnliStWcef i\ 'ttlth an i:nami-l, which doe>�nt chnnjte, and appears equ.nl to Nature, skiiriilly placed friiin one tu ii �vh .\fituivil Teeth placed from asiuRle, ioa complete �e Ariilirial nrd'old tinms. on rra->onable terms. Fi Ai'lificiat Teeth no exarf. that'they mav be worn vntiium lyinj;. Has an �isv inrthtid lo.lix a tooth firm with a iiivet. If tliediinip beeverso farjtope.-rA. P. thrmigh hi; study and ' ex ji'erience, ha'- diH-ovi'redn' Kont, pr pots; aiid-periVirms al) opernlioiis oi) the;Teeth and (iunw �itn ii!>e and ssifety. M"^ ONKV -Mmso. LUCAsTndCo. b'giwTe to igfonp those that mav .be in wa'.'.t and i)�i(*>uiof borrowing tenpurary or p^cmancnt-tiinisi of MONliY; thai they can at all t:iB*< RdraDcc .-i:ir sura frua I fill, in 10 OOOt. �,|J?^^Sb��W'!M.�their. Manutac-eI(onFiisiie.. Uatt2JK.:&Mhcd in PfP*''' biw^iijlinled, eqiia! Tjtl^WSl{i>s���H".!"'<l iv.ry ^ ^ ________jtnV enr^v- 'lr*r'i;�iT'. . Co. plcd,i;e th'!E�*lT,ef-.to tiij, scte�f'v ii�;;ocmtitin n\iu t,nt 1. (r ^t''ul'ty at>d.di<i'utc(i, uod nil "iiiy .tlxvoe �9jtii. [ tifiahte bt;t ertr.n-�'iii.afat nod extortU imir <lfr<'�Hrirt#and char^ ihatn'e urually made itiid (tatted In munev ne<oiiAti ns will he^Tpidtd bv thote t><at aiip!v to MriKi. Ltica� undQn at .Vo. 19, Jerrein stiett, St. ^nDits'|.tuuar<!, either p'ars**!!- ' ally or by letter, pii'stpatd. N. B. T�i )*ars psrcbaie will h-rlv<�fi W feeor�d Anniiilita. �OHK and LKKDo lU'w'tjoitiiniidJotts Safe, ehe.ip, .Old e�pi-.liti..u� PiXT COACIJliS will set i out friau tke OOl.lU.N t'4l()^S, Cil.^Kl.NtvCr.t)?^, i ond B|-:LL SA V AGi;, Lud^.-iir, -vrry iii irnJng at half-p.t^^ ' livet brcakfa5tnl the Red-Unn, i};iriiet: diiie at the Cock; l.aton; isup al Crelhain.Inn; linakfist a) the R.d l.ion, Doncasler; an! arrive in i.<' y anv le?a! aut'-ority in the I hnpesrasalHtieln'theminoritt. . Ilrmsn He  . .. . OfJlhrthlnlfeiidinjoHheManehesterW.ntor Works Rill " ^" a consMerable^''Cuslion occurred, in which LnnU rtri�!i�eniir, CaHl>fe, StWnVope, 'Kldon, Hnrrowby, Redesdule, Wilton, Sic tookipart.. Al last It was rcsolve'd to take imo consider-qtinn the-SlimdingOrderMtf the House, m order to decide how fnr'ifivjc��W be'dHprhsed wit.i, in cuntrquencf of certnlade|�arittre.� front Iheir provisions in the pryseut Bill. . The Ihini-reading of the .Sale >)f Olfice* Prevention Bill was pastpooed, al the requesi of Lord Grosvenoi* till to-mnrniw. The ln���lTeftCy BHl went through the Comihittee.~Ad-journed at half-piiSt seven. house 6k*c6mmon"s. On the Motion of Mr. CHARLKS IMOLl., the T.ipers rrtalive to lae Naval Asylum proented to itie.lJouse, were ordered to be printed. SirTllQ.>lAS iV RTON iiavenoiier that he ithonld, early in the next .Sesijon of Parliamem, it no adcijnate nrriiiigi--iiient should In tbe-mean time be formed by the Ch>tnreii�r of the li.tcbequer. suhinit to the lloyfe !i Aloiton on thi- >ut>-Ji'Cl of the Income Tax, TC'tpcctlnj; the fcide of- th;u tax, as Mlleetliig the midfHinc and lower orders of the peopi�-, W krli* be was on iiU lep, tne ilon.iinronn wished lo luk from ih<f Pre-iidenl of the Board of Contmul, whrther any thinit ha<i yet l�eettdone, or atiy detenninatiiiii taken bv the Court of j jJirectors, with respn-t to n-cnJlinj; from India the untor'u- 1 '^i^atc.prrti'ns who had obiaitied their appoicimenli uutuarls ' by indirect means. \ Mr DUNDAS said, thatihe Court of Uirertors did ftot . mean to depart from the ilesolulion they had lately m:i<lc I on thathe.id. i � iiirTHO.WASTURTO.N' then pace notice, that on VVr f� this >int)itct. ' .The Hoi'iiC thrn re.-n'.vrd ir-elfinlo ii Conifiiitiee  nnun the nvi when pack. :e. luar ext. rcehi lii�' ^de Hi ecri ro; ~Wi ^ fen-' ttri^� k^^WYlf R ^:"'*'t' Strand," ,-|�t Chjfir �ed JMannfacinrrr' ^FaMiKyWwIfiait.iiuinlieT.nf [, ,.^. ^ti}t(imyIp!ol0ilit ''enturs of | !*^�Kta*le Cnalrs, aiii) Ihr muchr IMoiqt TsiMe� and Sidebnard, in 1 �aii*irtb�!4'a(ent r�rp.^��>l im4 I iece^'ja(uI,'C^ery other d''<rrip-hblster,vvin(t.Ct)biiie|hrhnrhrs < m WeSimt Ivadie* an* Gentle, i ktkc ^))�^)l(i-�ittl, 17, as. Moripui aji4 11^wija^jrr.,*rjibapy other War*- 'I'l^improv^ineiit in-i wmiMT A ^char)(e{ G. P.olmer,  Hv tir.O. BOULTOX and Co. Froin the Gnldcn CroEf, thefollowinj; Carriage's, sri out bi'side liialiv olhfrs lox uumero'is lo mention : Liverpool l-'.xpi'iliiious I'o^l Couches, only i�ie night out, �every innriiinj: at sir. Hitlyliead and North Wiiks >Jail eviry P.vening. J{ol>'iu-iid, Muewshiirj uml BiniMigluim" JicW Post Coiiel�i's"evcrv inoniihg'-.Ht;nftic. r.ndlow, WorresieK wild O.xford Mail every rveninjj. .-itid n MO- t^>�t.X.' ni Isle of W i/fbl;" B�p.ior, Cbirlioter, Arundfl, Little llanipton.;. Margntv. Uanifgiil.-, 0���fr,i)eul, lljthe, Folkstone. <<ir. Coachesdniiy. , 'j laboar-in tliurninsi it iSmiiVd hj �,lrrer, �l�h;weTKht wHl have a conpletf ,ii�del,.��i|t| RfjnjeA^irpctiMil, a^f iipwaM^ tffliot 't^fttfK|tlnl�^' e \yonld, ihefrforc, in this instance, propose to rr-ject the ftill, under a distinct pledge th.it at an early period of the next sessinn, it should be-brfitg.r!t forward in a more perfec'form. He hoj)ed, l!ieief'.;re, that Cinijimen would turn their minds to the subj ci iii tiie course of the re.-cesji; but independent of this gener.-il o?'J�'<-<ion t� the measuf, there were other defects in it which rendind it impossihTe for him fo <'ipp<at ir. There was no machinery whalerer to ir in motion: il wanted a ciaiise to rcpulatc 'he sears ch-tained by such means as the Bill was int'-nded 'o pr rii�'^d with r-sppct to the po�s-">5:on of the svafs so obt iitu"L A man mi.;hi have th*� p-n.-ilii.-s rcrovtrcd hy action a-afnst him, and yet nun invr to occupy'his 9 snnn ohservati;-iiis, on the natiir,- of trurcajfe fenniesv and insisted upon the [iropui-iy of extending the time for pri-snring petition'; ai^aitist this st>,rl-� of cnrrjipiinri. Heprop-^el lhat any of the Kio^'* 'uhjcct.s sh.inld b.� -v. tended from liftefn diy^i ir)' one calendar monch :if;er the d-.scovery of the nlL-iire ; and that this ri^lit of [)*iitioiii;i;( .shoiltd foniinac dijrinp- '.be whole P.irliameiit. H'- propo'^td also, that to Iho-ri:iht of peiilioninij should he atitiexcd t'le rich; of costs, if the petitioner failed in stj.'jstafitiitii'p his alli'satiotis. 'J'he Hon. (ienfloinan concluded, \>y station .that he would not brin^ forward hisninen-.I-menis tio�, but w'w'iild votea.:ainst t'le liitl, U'idtr an under.s'a'i<lin m the Hon. Gentleman's sptrch, it app.ared to him to involve very novel r.-gul3trons as to the Election J^aw, asfoundidon the Gren^ille Act. Jlis clauses wonld in'rodiicc, for the first time, into that law^ lttii;aiion by the common infortner ; and no Mem. her of that House could atty day come dowq > Ji|s d�*y, without feeling it nce<-.<sary to inqnire whether any petition existed against him. The Hod. and JLtarne4 Gentleman had said, that upon iheauthoi^iiy.of an Honourable antJ Learned Gen. tlefflan not then In hi? pbcc, that the word " Mpres�s" was not to be found in any Act of Parliatnent. "VVhaf, h� wouldask, Woo7d �he House think upon this subject, if it should appear, not-' wifhstaniing all these learned inithorlties, that the wor^ " ctptrss" was to be fotintl in an Act of Parliament fKat, every day of his professional prac-- ' , - . ice, came within the cognizantse of the Learned �ipb4er^tS:f�foriiiifi.ptMaple? and h�5 �pected j Member alluded to. He referrefl to the statute of arte a-; 5^ *��eiis*r.r���je^ of its adTocates, and among Frauds and Pcrjurief.. In the 5th tdanse of the I tlter?8t, M.H��ivB�o�t,MltWsBiUa*a�ood ; ^gih e liill. A di->-ii;)-i..n of ^onu- i^r.qih ' t'lok. place ujiim the suhji-cl of inrrea>iii'.; tii- Saliiriis "i ihi-  Welsh Judjie^, oppo�eit hy Air. ljyK>Ki:--, .Mr kti;uii Pi- | :r .SA.Mt;i:L Ro.mi.m.v, suiipmicil ny tnt- .^t- ; tok.vcy (iirNURAI. and I lUNtUl.LOK ot the lll.t i.ALHt;- ; VtUt:A. The ;biv.e w.ir u'liin.ifely fi;;rfi-(l II). j � A Clausi; was jir.-iiK-cd \>\ .Mr. llOll.N I'.R, f'lr previT.iin'.j ; Welsh Juilgrs iritin uidn;; n< Coiujtfl in any caii-f iliinnj; the '. period ot ll! .-1 riaii-e w.islolaily uiiniTt's-;iry. The Bill xvav ordin-il t.> lif rciiorl s' jtssent ' to the lfi>H t;U-1)e-hiiue liill, V tiif iif Cndit lliU, AijciU ] (iciierilxAd, aii.l Hit .-\-v/..; i-V,-s Alderman SJl A W pn-seufi-d Pr-iiiim' fr"m-the London ; L^ins-'D HnSjiit!il, and fron! ilie Smatl-jiux llu>jiilal, jiray- ] injn-ltrtV-Urilei'ed io !) i.n ike tablf. Lord Cl)CH!t.-%.^ l-;'e.iv e to tiu-Ciiiid.n-t ..t thf K-iarrt j of Admiraliy, with ri-�ji''Ci ii> thedKiiibiuiimut jirize-mcn-'j, , and relative 10 tlie lorliiiea losiHat Pi.'ti;iiou(ii. Onthe iMmioii of ;Mr. V A.N siC I'Mt 1", liu- flna-jri.nl ({.;-solutioiv< wertf ri'ad pro forma, and tlietr fiiluik: cmieidt i-;t-liun deferied to Mo�irt.iy n-**!. .Mr.Sl;\ll-.l.).Vsibaiiiloiii �1 hi; Motion respcrlinp the ('n^)y "f IheWarniiitbv which ihe .\la?ti-r� inChaneery were.-ippninii-ii. and wiihTj-speet lo tiiri- t-niMluments, .'ui he cuBC-ivi-il stiiii. cient informal ion on tlir suhjcct was already before Ihe House inVvvo Reports of the Kiiiani-e Connniili-e. CRL'bLTV '10 ASLHALS. 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