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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - June 12, 1809, London, Middlesex IFftfetORO G{H/5JtlE WBETIN'G. ^ �J ntt��*a� MePlinjrof the FredioMfrs of. thfe ht^rof H^n>f>�d, einrrrr'i i't ihe^SSure-llaV. on ^"iiJi, lOw i6U9. by Ihr GuiHwiM-" whow Requisition ht-the st.ria: Hoi. ttc Ev! of OXFOR 0, i" Ae Chaif, -^(^tJmSIhhi County m "LLOYD WAUUIJ., ^>q. fi.r.the day iirrlic*i.�!;hp-( \)>-rtrc)uirt.-\, M. V. Oriviicxctati&ior ,;u)>; part �f Ti�vnj or ('mimry.____^ OYAIi IJiOTKL, iiirniiftthan -Posting 1 durcd Is. 3d. per mUc-, l>y ihe Tublics ohi-difiil S ^';^�'^�'ltLYM^LLe to pi^werTheiu^vetcd in Lringins to li-l.t ^!^^i>riM:ticM lu the Office of flu; CxiimamU-r m iAf Thanks of the, FiyeMlliTsuf Cutinty be ..Sir ,U)ti llrilel, Birmingham, Junp % 1809. tsTVLIOS. P' uicKof i'OsriNu ai-;ducW3-giloruk _ LiLhRrtl, .lutw 7, J. Wl'liB hegs to re- iimi hts musishiit'fMl thuhlisio thi- .Nol>ility, ('.enli:y,aiirt the H|jiffle^nau�?".".--vy PuJ.Vic in pfenib.U I'of llieir ji.i^t favours juid-at the �ime trSir Fr-ncs liurdetj,,lJart. H,-,^,V"m''' time i.iroim. tU.-u. tfcit ttii.-; day reduced the price of ,U,rd Folkitone for having sh.alily s-p^orted Mr. . p'/.r .m;,,, and ns.ur.-, tlu-ni ihat no exeftion ,^ K ,f rn,...�v -Kallhif wan�iu2�,.lii5i>art,li>intrita cominuance ot their Sj.<e lii��y preWLUt-e of-PahHc.Tarrs, ( Skd ���e iiemsarie* of Fvff ),;rendc s �i � Ixei-utors of I'jidRate-exleojive (which hit*e~ f the ofiinxt kv .^nUihf-ir KoyaV HiShnwsrs tlie J)uv<�ii of ClaKnce �il<t fOpWIUlq lu v.......----^------ iMiWruiilyobjettiu rcfoiijmfndingaReforoHM Par- i fjr \Tptv tin.. , j ^ . , ... .-it,: obtain tor the lVop�t,�f Inslrti.d Ihvir ac- K 1:"^"."^";;''*^';-^ JSrfJtd share it, the G..� , to s.-cure a,d e.i'urS if V, I -rlV . Thl'V'^ .'r'^J"'"' a''"'"'^'""". fctlr-liidriof ..urinvaliiahlp Con^lilolioii. T ^ � S'lper or, to ihe l,e,t lie ha^ eoer sw.ljl.ilher ;VTI��.i.Wed to inform the Mnnl.rri "-.^^-JI'^l ''i-'j/'j "C'S SiUlv Ah,.. ,a C'ol- grtjiiiort anyjhofiou fcavrng for ifsxibjcct, a toirijicratc lit i'acliaioeiif. ^ . kittTie Chftiwnan Hp al$n re^ucct^d to inform Colon, j ,Sir F. JJuidcU, and Lord 1-olkstone, of tne Krso- (tiskiuji; thrin \SiKiied) OXrORD, rhriirman. t'>ii's VVhart", uiicre attendance i:> givtMi f.if ^riling arid bdl-iiig the same.-Atijilji il Uy teller, pnst paid, to Sir. Foote, at Now 3t^ Ahiiidcll'-btieet, Strand. reJjiectfuHv informs the t^ublic that he iotehdis to . publiih POilTRAlTof VVaLI'I-.R SCOTT, ..\iiihoriif tile Lay iif tlii' l^just Miiistrel, .Vlarniiiiii, &ci from a fine Pirlure, tlw; of life, uaiiiicd fty Rurburu, in the p-!-'ii-s5ion �'f Artbid.-ild Con,iab(r, l.sq. of filiiibHrgh. Thi* pirlure is of gri'ut valU'-'fioiu it? slriltins resemblance t<� the o'ligina!, and it � Jll be eiiptraved m a highly tinishi;d i-tylc, in loe Vine manner. The pi;r(i.eid:lis will be given iii a; wiUiiit Mr. TopplevSjAttl.... _______ �If (f .Master of Arts is an indii^i^iKstible qualilicatiob; rind ^jtlii'pt'd (bat do Grntlemiui uiil a})plj tvhn is not com-tWY . iii, ivitit ait Hoikf free from all tates, re-' '�aml taxes, and capiableiif holdir^ iiO boarders, with al-itirefiiran Usher, and other atlvantagr.<:. The day of clinhvIUbe on Monday (be 7lb of August, at Twelve , tockatUboti. EW MUSIC-this tlay^s ptiblishct?, by IL , _ SElNEj a GRAND CONCliRTO for the Piano f fitlp. jjrice lOs.'fid.; also ih^foilotvin? H'ork. uetjj>rice3s.; Surrender uf Cadiz, price Ik; Woenrt's ViSlz, with Vstfiations adapted for the Fianrt F Suite, ufiee ft>.; and Sir Arthur .Welleslev'i Grand .March, Vmt" * " " "�"  " � ------- - ' ftnl-.�t'*t, where liketviie'taay be had several new Sets of Bflllaj' Music._ _^_ yt' UATES, rcspPcU'iilly informs tlf puhlic, fi.' he hcis taken, and thi^ diiv enirrod upon, that :�(*rtliiiilis(ied Imi sj�d Tr^v^llei'a'llHUl. (he SWA.N, Jnnlry.-In,-iridition,to the large Slock of Old Wines au'l ipiriht piirchiisi'd fr^im Mrs. .M.iycr, lie ha? laid iiiaiViifbcr �HPiiIy ut Iht very !)evl tju tlity, and hopes, by acolisfant aiii 'trpRdra'tteiiUnn'to it'^co.-iifiVl' andconvcia.'nfcr of ihnse Gaillcmfn who msly.h>>ri'|iic binv with E l(.*rii'�. i^  v el^ ;til�ilated for ttie .nv.c^mniiidation of (Jenfleinen. who havi: �hftlesjto fniB.�:ictJn i.he.|ieighb< urhood ; well airi-d bril^, fJir ilitmseKeSi anii,f<iadstabiiii{; furiheir htirses, may aluajs Wdcpcnded inj. *�� An Ordinary.every day as u'.Kil.-Neat Post Chaiica ted comul driver*. ,  HanlpyrMav ^.'�;J809. __, have been executed for this pur^ios-e by Richard We.'siall, Es(i. I!. A. and fife now sultaiilted to uublic iuspectiou, ut .No. lt-(i. PicCTidiHy._, _ LIJ crtis.'ed PORT VVI.\i:, of the most sii. perior quality, ill .Mesft�. Aiidrrlon and Wood's; 17, Little WiudinlH-stri'et, Goldeii-squat-.-, in quantities of n^t less tlmn three dozrn, at ih. piT iluiten, pre^c^t Cash; also Old Port from the Wood, 4^s.:-OM Slierry, lis. : India Mado;m, 6"5.'? Clarel, His. ; witll all'nthcr Frerch and Fo-" K'i;;n Wines equally reasonable,, in quanrilirs of one dozen and upivjirds; bcs.t Cofi^iiiae lir.mdy ani tl'dlat'd-^, Sy*.; Old-J.-i'iHatca i'uin, i^s. per .gallon. Kntilrs-to be retilrued to the Porter, oi paid for, at Js. p.-r dnzeo. BliyiDUKKllV's FATK.N V SIMCCTACLKS__ _ The sight .if tlie aged is rrs/.iiid, (he weak sight ."ireiiglileiied, and the perfect k'ght preserved upon unerring prinriple..i, by JJr.-idberry'.s Pat nt Spert.-icles. removed from Piccadilly to Oxford-street. To prevent disa|lp�intinent, be particular in ob-crving it is M m evpfy part of "leliiDgdoin, for Ver.isou, Paultrs, and llatn Cheese, gse- , tilled Hith nunctualitv on re.-isoiiable terms. C):NKi If) I.KND---i\;rs(>iis itesiruus of htirriming Mnnev may be .lecinmodateil with Sums rnmi ll):7. to any .-iniouiil, onaiiygoid.iiid .-ippruved!<erMrity, ttlictlicr arl-iiig froiii I�iiiil, llnu.-es, iJlL-rgyiiiens' Livings, or funde.I I' inlintt'ly le's expi-nce than isuruaily in- Urrid in niiMii-y iraiisr.rtions; trie utuuuf riftpatch and se-rri-Cy mav he d.'-pv-iideil nii. Apply piTimially, or by letter, po^j'jjniil, a<!dri-sM'd to Mr. Masou, i\o. 4, St. Swithen's-lata-, Lombard-street. MONKV.-Mrrclauis, Ni.Wlmifn, am! Gerr-tlemeii ni.-iy ht tllrecil. s pidied with Sums of Money (lieI less than'i(XV".) (o any iinu.iiiit, by Aiinnity, or on IJili,<i <ir Notes of H.ind, orollur .Veiil"ily.--Apply or addr-ss a Lin.' (post p.iid) to .Mr. Mailin, ."vo. 115, Uolboni, near F:-;r.iiva.% lii"._ "__ OXEV MATTI-Ji^A Gentleman, the comiium i lass of !htonry LenilerSi. who has for many yfars carried on h'isim-S:' to general --.ifisfacfion, has lar'epuin.s <if money re,i(ly t lay om oiay emiiluv them to greal advantage. -.NoliiiniT.-ilt. iideH to uoiler'i.l /. Tunbridge Welb, ihey'wUlbe immediati^ly inftjrftiea what I.origiug lloiwes are to let, with the req'j;�ile particulars.- it. tJ'etve�.linj several, good lloasci on .Mount Sum, .Mount Pleasant, niM Mount Kpbraun, well furni%hed, and plea-snnrty sitiiated. ^ .. _ rGimTY of Iho PAUK-To LHT, the whole i>rpart/if a flOUSE, geateely Kimiiihed ; two rodm^and a li^t closet on a Qoitr; iinnitrdiate ous>es- Sli�h-i-i-,Hqiiire iSo. y, St. .fanlesVpljice, ^lt. James's-itreet. WANTED to r.ijt^ wUhiu sevL-n miles oftheiuitropolis, a S.HALL F.'\RM, with a JIoujci suitablt; for a'l.-irge f.-imily,aiid Uut-buildmgs au'cesjary tor the Siiine. To be enterril tin in September or Dciober I'n-xl. A lin** add/-e*.M;d for T. S. at A0. ;i7, King^-sireet, Choup-gide, will lie attended to. rpb'NtiJllDGIi W KLLS, M,ldle Oroe.".ho-...e, JL to iriiT on Le.ase, ht for the reception of :i large and distiriguishi-d fiimilv, conip'.otety furnish, d. For partirnlar.s enquire of Miv Wm. Friiic l. Is at a vciry aMnnei^'A'frt.-Far further .particitlani apply to Messrs, Graham, Kinderiy, tiiKl DomvlUe, Solicitors, LltKoIn's Inn, London.   .' AK [ticumbeiit of a MVlNGj abuUi ly tnik'8 from Bath, in Somersetshire, of about the Annual Value of ajUt. wishes to KXCHANGE it For a Living of equal value, either in Surry, Su:isex, or the Westeru part of Kent.-For furthej-particulars apply to Messrs. Uleas-d.ile, Alcxsinder, andUoliuej II, .Vew'lnn; or to ilr. J. A. Wibkhaoi,- Frmne, Somer-^frtshire. PERPtri'UAL ADVOWSOS.- l'o be iioLo, a perpetual AOVOWSON, with a prospect of very early ihdiirtion, of considerable uiuiua! valee, sftnate in the Wrstbf England, and within SOmilnof t�wn. The house and olliresare remiirkubly good, and in the cdinpleleot state of repair. Tdere w e�.-ry cmivenience for taking the tithes 'in kind, and some pe.culTar adv.anlages are attached to the Livin;-.-Further parliciilars.may be known, b> applying to Messrs, Strong, SliU, and Strong, LiheiJln'o Inn, UliliNWtCH.-A FIRST FLOOR t AD.-^LEASKHQLD , RESIDENCE.-^To be SOLD bv PRIVATE COiV-TliACT, tiie boexpired Term, aboiit 13 years, of a very ronvtnieiitland.substantial LLASKMULJ) RESIUENCE> very, neatly fitted up, ,nnd |n excellent repair, most pleasantly situated, tio. o, Ciimming-place, Pentonville-nmd, with a back view of HamjjsieBd ,and Hlghgaie, fit fofthe iipmcdiaic reception of a gintcel Family.-.May be Viewed by applying to Mb. Pointer, J o.l FfeloiVT .tVe.,.^<^ .^f^ n�-,Vt,at Kigbt o Clock ill the .Morning. .^V.^^J'^^ _ V IGTU A LL\ SG-O/Fl CE, T\rtli,2. 1^. "'i ^ 'T^HE Cctrimissiorteri for riciii'ailing HisJd^J^^ JL ve-'t/i iVnoy dJiheifeOif \give NnUrs^ that, qn Tu^ayi,-,.  Iht 13lrA r;K'a/i<, llieg '&iU fie rcd^i/ In reeave.Tenders. t"�_:-. icrilitti; (itaM up), and trial f.-i'/l siteA i'�r��!W .<u trii^" tnilirrnkc to iiurihTHe all the Y EAsT tnafsfiiillie viadf ,�*. Jlii yiajesiy's Hrtichou-e A Ufptfiirdi/or imii yuir^i; ..'!tnnt', nur unhit the i'<rHun VthA riwites tj^e; ' Tender, ur srume I'ersun oh hi* l/ehiilf, iHi'enili, tit iifagier' ir/irn rnll.'d Inr. ..... _ K.XCJIEQCER IJILl, OFUCE, May 57, 1809. All ExcUeciuL'r Eilts d:iteil i<i the iMouiu ut May ibOS; ' TO EEPAIU tJFF; '�f'^H"!'': LfOrtL- (JommissioiKrs vf His Mi^-eslfs � Priiaiial ot rffer ttbTrt*ffli:irtWs�Jd' ^h�Cbfcqi�r 'iJi�^.;*i^ the ifltererit due tllere�is at liie ICxchequer Bill Oibcc in the Releipiuf K.x(;he^iterj Nfw P;iliice \ avdi WeStraluStcr, on MoirJay, the 3oth dav of June, /attendance wiU P weceiving the same} aiid, for tllii greater dispatc'h, the EearcjT. '. f the said Bills are desired m bring Li.<ts tliereoti cont.T.iuiGg the Numbers in Numerical Order, according id , the dates of the said EiUs; and couunenceineat of Interest,-with the principal Sumtar.d Interest due ttiereon, coinputud from, but e.\c!iiding,'the days on which they are respectively dated, to the said itlth rfay of Ju;ie iiitlusi'Ve, when the Interest will cease : .-lad the said Uearcrs afe iudl-tpetisibly required to indUrse each liilt with theijr usual signature'; and to write their names and residence at the bottom of their Lists: imd they arc moreover required to atteiul tlie Excheqner Bill OtHce for payment^ ana to receive the .Nef^ Ellis, and giveUieRetcip'5 for the sainpi i If any of the Holders of the aforesaid BiUs shodld be^ siroiis of receiving |i:tym > delivcrcTj^ on or before tlie iSlh at June; 1809, ntay be accomniodated With N^w- BiWi cari^jitig an Interest df Thrpe-peu�e One Fi^rtjiing bv.the day on every One Hundred Pounds, which taid New UlUs will bear Attta^ � the said ^6tl\ day of June, ibud, and -nill be d^verGft on iVcdnt-da,y, Une Sfthjof Jane, and the foUowlJ^ 4aiys. ti--�Wifinif their Majesties* ihc-Governurs of our Sellleiiivit', JJ^pcrsoni nf eminence in oAicial and iiiercautile situation.-, . ^.be seen, at tilt? inyentpri. ^Mara happy 1o inform'you, that [ reijrive by every fleet ftttlia fresh pronfd of llie utility of your StyI.�grKphic SP3""8 hlachiue-Ninety pages �>f journal, interspersed WdrdWings, c!ie�-alrd innyoyagi.- from Calcutta to Oelhi, Vvean^ of ywtrneaC Invention, prove the convenience .and ; T)ly of it, evenln th.-it varintL-tcliinate. The drawings have Roarkahle^ond effect and do ijol �ib out.' , " V. T. Ogwrli-hituse, Newton Abbot, Devon, Mays.!, 1K0!>. I f To R. ^Vedgwood.'S28, t>\lord street." 'iJ''!� inio)i. for nhlrb I !*S.'M�e thus publicly to: ex pres.' mv gratitude, Was sent ;."'jrtw*years experience of its ulilMy. -:,.83' That thisinventinn tiaswers in cnid as wrll .n* hot ^ nunates-j.may be inferred from the compliment conferred uii i 2*^'""*''''*r by the Emperoir of R ussia, t hrough our late An>-[i*^4Q'>r, Lord Grnoville Levison Gower. i\'^'^�'"a de^rjplion �f his inven AP,-reci�mmend� it with rciiev�ed corM-T^Mtoe^iotrtlHy nqrfO'entry. prepared'fro-ir .^vrret JSTjt:l�Hlc|e, Pdm_.Oil,'iheplea-aiiuieM or Uie IVifatr.e,. . ris "^^"^ Its We.'jiW merjieil the atirnlioii and pairmi'-^ - of lie lifrt Familtesvavid is ester mcd a valuahfe di^covi-jy �!ldJJ2">ng� deaisihg,-bTficing, and pioser�ing the Skin ^(^J^IBeAK�0l^|ie�tini and is,.tlso.found lui excellent de- ntc�d(!wtedf�nd�barp f�-n:ty u1r. . K-sni*! H 'Varrt-�tjd.BaU�,is. t ach, with the words '� S.i-, Wrii^Jt^y' oiithw *�ipper. The Proprietor rrcommr.iils ' R 4^�*?-^?.'^l***"*'"*�"�ir�''P'"''''�'C'''S a tJae soft lather;-RSdffi'*2^.S^**"*^^^^^ '^'^^S^' Is.-eacli. Pr^iiured ^J^SlSv'^^ ftitpointiner;t,..-it the principal Per- i hold. Copy liolil, iir Le4 >I-.l Properly, Mnney in the Funds,' ! Clergymens' Ltviiii�, Mnrri.-ige Selllenier.f-, Wido-.vs' Join-tur-s, tlrfinls from tiie { rown, or "n gond Per^ Security, redcemabte at p1,-,-i<-Ur.-. bv adilre-sing aline (post paid) to be leftnt the �nr nf Read's (r ii--<-. rUit-.Hrret, for' Mr, Wilson, frniii town orcnuntry, will be an-werci by re t-urn of .piifl.-So pervonaV aiipliralio'i cm be nceived "niiliV the irstisre of the s.-rnrit-,- i il<r I'Matrs. Money in the Funds, Clergymrh's Livings, .M.lnl.ige Settlement.�," Mr. Sherry and Co. h.ive l(1,rxii)/. to ailvnucc in di(!Vre!if Sum-on good pen^oiial sccjtri-ty,by aiiplyiiig pcrso:ially no Mesers. Shrrley nnil-fo. No. 37, Cltpsioiie-'ireel,: Porilnn l-plaee, from eleven ti, three o'clock, or lelte|-s, addrcj-ed, (p'lsf paidj from town or CmiU-' try.' i-n'werrd liv rftiirn of post. - to' M VNrFACTCR MRS ANO MKRCIJAA'TS. � ^IVE PllfvMISES are taken in the i nil!!.! reiMrarniid best frri^Heiit:'d plac'e ef l-Minhurgh, for Ihe piii>po�e of selling .GOODS on CO.MMI.SSION on a Itcadv-mniiey plan.. Geiitlemeii th-'refiire wishing to establish a bu-ines>- in the metro|iiil)5 of Scotland have nn opportunity of c'viiig it a ftiirlr-til at a small ex pence, .iiid tiiey may restas'ured every exertion \yUI be made by. the advertiser to'inake the concern perirtain.-iit. For paiticolari apply to Mr. W illi:ira Maitin, 23, Birrhin-lane, Cofhhill, Lixidoh. lIMIiER for the NAVV.-To be Sold by Pan-.�.TF. CosTa.icTi 500 very fine NATY OAKS, .inil .1.)0 COf PICE OAKS, lying on Bo Mrs.>rs. Unniell aiid Ma-berly, liedford row ; or il.. Bainbridge, No. tia, Guildford-jlreet. Liiiulnn, WA.\ l"KD, by : GeniJe;nan and bis VVifFj (without children} in a tine country, cothmlonding pleai^nnt �iews, near, but not in a Town, a small COl'TAGti FU.RN ISH I-;Dj or a ileL-iched Apartment in a (ientlenian. Or respcclahle Farmer's bouse. It must consii^t of two silting rooin-s. �ne or two beil C.liniuberr, and arcommudaliops fer three servants I. Pi'eference will he given to the vicinity of some Park, in which the Advertisers ihny liave Ihe liberty of walking. Distance'from Lundon iinmatrrial-if not in the immediate environs, will be taken for the SHinmer, or if reasonable, by the year. IJirect, po.<it paid, (specifying full par-ti r p irticulars to .Mr. Eeymtn. Solicitor. Sewea^lle, J-:ml>n afwresaid ; Mr. JarocJ Tiiiim:i3: or Mr. W^atson, Surveyor^ in Haverfordwest. A Matt of Ihe Premises is left also at the Chambers of Mrs^r?. Jenhin.<, James, and .Abbott, .No. 8. New Inn, London.-N. IJ. A Lease will be granted to a responsible tenabt Worsted Hiise, at ifotliogbam and Derb*;, The ntily lioiise in Londdn appoiuieif for ibe Sate.qf th? hy Mr. CaQS^T, EALLVti-HOUSK, late in ihfe jj'ossession gr.qunds4 . and r4cb nniradntv-liind, in {the vrhitle aboiit thirty-eigiif .teres; excellent domestic offices, stablest.&c.-For iurther pariictlla'rs, iiit/uirfe of Mr. Crosby, No. 3, Bruton Street, Oi-rkeley-sqiiafe: � �'_.' -' HEi.TENII AiM.^Tp bq '.Sola by vxte (;osrtv.vcT, in one Lot.^the'refniiii'tBg^pa'rt of a i^dst'- frmniue High-street io the Sl�aj with a'g^ntte,'di--c.lfvSty:ld. the brook or river ClieU. and xpouiiundiii^a heant'rt\il yXevr of Bayn HiH.LeekhampliH., .-jiid the sdrc.>undiJig.hliW;T>-io;I is' mostly gravel, perfectly dry '- ' t) the fire, and tlie l.-uid l: v.-Kter, nod a sufficiency of of lOe premises for .-Jl purposes. and The 'ixi-emi^^'' � linn may he made at>ihe or- of MesS tors, Noi3, Lincoln's Irai NtwSquar^. le atjllie oti�:e or _i,vir. rruyuj^;,iii. Cheltenham; or of Messrs. Vizaijl'rtnd Hilichiuson,' Solici- B SUI'TOLK.-To liET, natJy Furnis/..d, a ca. pilal Family Ma.NSION, with nomemus Otfiri-j, lately fitted up, and elegantly furnished, standing in Ihe centre ! of aiarge park, the situation healthy, with a watled t.'jtni.'n ! atid Ic.'-bodse, large Maiiors, the covers well slock- 1 cd frith Game, and .Foxhounds in the Neighbo'urhond. In a ' grove iit the park is a piclunsqiie Cotiiige, with beautiful j Dairy, Poultry-yard. Farm-yard, &e. The Park adjoins 1 the turnpike ^oad.-For particular-! cnqoife of Mr. Hales, ' �No. 5, Welheck-ttreeti Cavendish-squafe, where a Ur.iwing ; of the House may be seen; or of .Vir. BlundeM;, Kentwnll- ; halt, ne.-ir .Swlhury, Suffplk,-=l'fierj post paid. ; Y AUCTION, by I^'lr.,AUmlUGE^ ktiis Repository, in St. Marlin's-lane,' on VfEtHfrtivkf hext. June 14, at I'i o'clook, nb-ut twelve fine BROOD MARES with QoUsjit their feet: also, scvcnl very cipii.-ii three, and four year Old Colte, ivhic|i..ire'c.a'.cafaterf'ftT a�o-ters. road-'trfs, &c. tl)e property of ilicfbreeder. Cntalooucs may be h.-id of .Mr. Aldi-idge' iHC day ^rlor to the iaie,- wlieo the.whole may be viewed. Mdtchless SKT of HOQAill'H'.S WORKS, in IhreeVb-luihes.- liy Mr, STL WAS-Tf, ^tbi4Xipi,pu ISi.PjccidOly, . nil WkumcsuA y( June^l, at Out o'clock^ ' ONE'bf the tntist C(imj>lett''.Collectionft cif.^be WORKS of the miin'rtable Al^ilsl' IlOGARTH.-^eitn-fi>iting df PioofJ; l:,tch5ii^s,' Original- Drawings,-nndunique PriiKsi boftnd in Thtee V/�Inines.--'{^r be viewed six rfays previiiils to Ihe Sale.'nn'rt a Maiins'cri-jit CataVogueseeni UECO'SDAI A NO W .\ rCH Hi__To be SOLU. kJ for nearly half,the original price, a very ..choice/Collection of Unredeemed Watrhesy eoiijisting of .Pqtkef ttijd Sea. ChronoitieteM, altf.if/It G^ld Repeaters (sufh arjeratetv met with se'cond-liand],'-floriZonta!. Duplet, and plaiu Watclics^ tf the flricst rt-orkmanshipj and finished by Hi-iniMit eraihent maki-fs in London : a v.nri'ety of Ladies Gold, and "gill'eifgirie-tiirned Wntdrf-ij-that combine beaatj with blility. with Chains,-Seals, &c. en suite. .The above* are warranted in their (Vf^'/fonnaiiees, -an^ eithan^i if jiot approved,of after six months trial. Likewise iwenLy Pairaf rich Hrouleand Or Molrt ("'aKiHefticks, not to be iex 'lCv sold hy theiippointm�*t of Mr. Butler. .N'o. 1. Cheap-lrte, whi.le ale Agent ;,aiS!r^ VVm. , Alla�o-.r�, biiofc^'llcr an ls�atiofier,.iV(�.:iJ, .Vtrti B^nd-itrtet, (from Mr. Kfrt>ySj Slatfurd-Sttcct, Jate vender iif ihCjUbov^ Mediciftes.) "' � \ N. B. None ar^geftiiine ithirh havenot the iMite iti^'tei ifl it bIatlt>taTfip, thef�rgeiy.<tf nhieh f'.' J^4SBfEITl', <fep -'Vlvssrs. CLlt.vlE and C-� ^ (^ReiAitfdiest'and jir V'^^^jff, P*;,''!?*,*^:'^j*^, l^^* 'J5f!?ll' fflO bo .SOLD.-Ai� i:it''?Hm FREEJIOLU JL VILLA. tilHated upon the Banks of the Thames four tnilcsfmm Jljile Pjirk Cproer. The Hbn�e*c�titaitl�a;hand- . rr.c'iii.c.. ..u...v.-.----^^^ , . ...j, , -----------, ------------- s.-ime eiuranre hall, aud ve.-tjb.ile. rfiriine, breakfast, .inj and CutVof VKMvRf'iAL CO,MPLAI^T:^, npiv^lwrf for ten pair of''j; the fr.iiue -w..rk, &t'. �f'>trciigih j geiitl.-joan-' <Ire=sing rooms, library, and cold bath, an eleg.iKt  class of DeHilitv;- rtt.eiher ariMttg frjim irrrgman.Hrtiii \r\- 'nndbeiiuiy of Tvorknttiishtpalmost unp^trrallelrd, with Ores- , .�il,ion, boudoir aiid rtumerous bed'chainhecSi -Tliere are ex- ing. a long fesidei <e in hot �lniat^,�oj; t.^e (Jeslnlctivc hab.t jiiig Su:d Uoultiiig .Macjliuerv. equally well fixed .anil finished} ' c.-llent offices .-vitBcIiedirnddet-jclied, d-mble coach hou^e and of lri<iiii*'dferatey�loth, vAicheWaU,*, hyvantIpi|�rtion. on also a comple Set of Matr.'sineii*-, with "Itvo sets flf Granite i .jtabiing for six horse-; a'w.iHVd-earden, hot house, ' f( nn1tup^y''"tt'�St*B'a�''jfit^J'tie* ot ^m age. .In alight Stores for the cfuvhirig of .fSeeds, d m the with'Shttfti.tnrt WlieeJ[-.,�wtiii;|jmav^lvaddpd loandexlena- '�. nrrhilr-'-- f""" !"^�.i�i-.--.ri'riiinmpfni* tome of the :ijii'rif perio.d'df'two n.nyi;; Ihey tnay ne con^ pd to pther,.viiirks and purji'-ses, :w (tal-yiellliic aiid ftlustard- - finest i making, ifcc. all allutite near it n.-iyi^blc river, nnd^mav he ; repair, shippeoforanVpartofthe Kingdom. Inqqift-OfG. Wardali: - nr Grntleman'J f andSt>n> tacrcbants, Wttbcch. j Hloam�biirj-�qu.-

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