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Text Content of Page 1 of Courier on Monday, June 5, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - June 5, 1809, London, Middlesex Ll;!- ^jjuviumt fliid Insprction, al llie .Mi-ejiiig �wt:-;�,�.mrntfliid Inspection, al uie i\ii-eTiiig fiuu^e in h.iiike-.i PrtlCE SIXPEXCEOfALFPEfraJY. ^jis^J^ SGHOOL.^A SKRMOJV ivili be preached I'.u ^VWt6fhli*an�vfey-l�eR*�-Hr. YOUNG, lor the 15 i>-ni(irrii�v itjielii i�f under Female Mii- Hxu^e in S!iiik'e-< .1 friftn the lJ(JNDu:\ GAZETTE^ Juhh 3. l^ovcning.street^ J unci. A drspatcii, of which Ihe folluwine is-a copy, Culoml Pr cnt, with the ihnk companies o� (lie 3i VVust Jiulsa R-jjitnent, and tin- iwo rilli; com.. CJPLICS -if t;O^M�;;RCE>=-Xi�c Seventh jianies of the COlh, ar.d Major Henderson wrth rcwu^Tlta. been received fr.,u U-�t^-na,,t.Oe.r.ral'si; j Ku^l;',!:'^^^ �mrsl i:George Ueckwi.h, K.h. Commander m Cbier �f J ,* " ' ' tL", 2,1 f ^ '^'^'^'^^'^ ' - � �'�fin}-. 1-lJH was wi-ll oxicuted, and tve gained a f��onr:t{�iu iiosifinn, whence our morfars could Lecture, fiii Majesty's fiwci's iti tfie Le'ewarA ijlands, J)yJ &^^'hut tUeririns�loi�s. , le Uit ef ^J}ejl*^ins't ul�� ConJtUiM^^ of Sale arc "�^.tlyereoH^- .  ' .   ' JiOvNABUi^-OAHteiNG.-l^ttTVATli TUI'rrON. [ur'ilOPKJNS begs leave <p relurn Jire ;-ro05t ijratefui tliknXs;tw his Frienlsaiid the I'ulilic | ?enre!ies, rtm uppUcaiioir at his residence, ,1tiflcirtlnlfcn'. Hall, ^Foslei'-lnni!, Clienpside. 11/^-----:- Com- IWS^ ?D (liii�tiinp�uiy*sCToimd,'at jKenstneion. k - PeisoiM wishing 10 ^ptrari fnrsujfplyjiiKilie satni;. will *-'iirfrSatUeirTendifrial'flic Office oft ^ CHief Clerks ^o. ,i-Momagtie-Streel, RusH'lUguare,.hefoj:e,10 i>'Cl�<:k ou iRdiiJ, the Sib flay of ^Uipe instant. , ||J\aBRlGKIAVEftS^i^'he Company of Pro. P�s to.GwnnijCt fortli^cieculiimi agH otlly,"(ii�e Bricks being TrtundKythe tompiiftV), m�jt fell^crin tlieir Teqders nt the Oajce ef the t;i(irf ,t;lerk, l^iK.WoiitaMe-strt'i't, Kusfcll-square, before 10 o'Ciock giTnursday, theSlh day of June insttiirt, sl-ftrtlier particulaRj may be known. l)y np'uliration jis ^Ve; � JOlhN FRKKAIAy. Secrotary. KNT.-Tonbridgt^ aifd Ightham KOad.-" ^ Notice. An AirtJif Parliament having Iie^ii Inieiy .iincd (�r making Turnpike llie present Ilisiiway Icudiiij; iijiie tn^tu (if Ttinbridge throcjgh Shipljoriie, io Hie vil- \ly^ un Tuesday *he'l 3th day of June insiant, at mie* rtliCaflcnwoil.jjrccij'yly, with a wriiien'tciider for s,'A paVtlojlariif the work tn be perfurmed may iy had .it the olfice of Messrs. Sc<iofie^'�iid Smi, Town. By order of'tlfc Tmslees, ^afie,.]st J:Bne. Iti09. SCOONF.S and SON. H of. SAiNlMAliy.LK-BONE, in Coupty of Middlesex.-The piieclnrsand Guardians 'jtte.fdlir.vril) loeet at the Wwrk-htiiisi'in Northuiirfier-;^^d;Slrcet, in the said Parish, on Friday the 9th iif June, "fOHTe'PropnVais, and'Coiitnict with any Person or I'lT-[.{pitupplyjthe folloTviqs articles ;-Giio<l Salt IJHiier, at cwV.; Glnsier, Wiltslrire, lor t;h�'shire Ohecse, at p'er .r�L; Small neer.. Milk,'Oil, Vinegar, Soap, CandlcE, ' mf Oil;, Sh�es, Cotfius, aiyl iSfarouds, fur twelve moiiihs, o lilitlsimthi^rM^ay ne'jtl.- All the abnve ariirleslo be de-tttd at the ~W<fTkThoasc.�if n4aiteetflhei^e<in,-lii ^pursuit of't.ame, without n iT^Aiensfuthoti^y lEtom pie^ ife prosecuted.-Dated .tliii'fcdiif'May, 1809.  : MARMADUKP. H:T, GWyNNK. LcTra 'Of thfsaid Manof� . ADMIRA'LTYrOFJFlCE, May UO, :8iW. mOTlC^Mheribj/given^ that a Session of Otftr f^yMdTt^mr^tndGiAlDeUatry, for the Triid ofO/-ikilcnauei oh ilieUlgh Seasf tcilhiH the jurUiiction of ^^dmifttUji efEngUM. �m tehM dl JiKtice iinfl, in . l-iS.P'* Bailey,. LBadon,'.on -Friuay, the .23d or June l^^at Btght o?Ctoi;k In the Morning. AV. W. POLK. �  Vat�UA�,L<NG OFFlUt, ftlafy 23. itiii). iVi^LGovtinKsioiikirs for Fict�-dUin^ His Ma. j**(^iJfaBv'i6 hetfby give Aojice, l/mt ah Tues they will be rtadij lo receive �jinwt* "i� !rtttii<, (sen/eil up) ofiuchnuurUUiesofgoiid T*;*8?A8l3ft RED WlNfe,- o/tAe rc^cc/fee 'M^chwHs '^VtaUrtthtnbiinast^nkprooer toiler; to be sukjiH i^y'*v�ififttctlKemoKthss tobeiieUvtred inlheipnc: of taflerttate. tvtfliuCentraftt maybe seen tit the Store '^�^'^^ ^*^neiiiierteiiii words at Itnglk, if that shsfl iiul be (oi^-BoeuHi'diiiprteforeUne rfi: AertriS^ giveNoliie, that' oh Tureflay, of June next, Oey tttti be ready Jo recw'-e Ttodtrt UraONS'POItTOPCOALS^ tile delii>eredin a<ehoU Wftee yf Ife CoMrdct^ aHi the other ktiliin dx ve*ki *^ffm7lA:9tAA'Kt9me ritriAitm^ ^toU^sidi the fir'6a Bills fiayabU^idtk in- -rr-- / iX�/�'^nrW, miy J* seen at Ike 6eere- SKr^^yfie.iod t� Any.Trader in tehich <A� pn� *^*^�tmik amht^Ui^'tnigth, ariltat shall not be . . JS <Uutiitor unl^ the i*enun who ^^siian^JtttKktnUsieAulf^ ^ilcndsto i blockaded by Rrar-Atlmiral Sir Alexander Coch- i ran^, w'ftli a siipiTJur force, I detached a corps'of between two and three thousand men, under the jvcommand of Major-General Maitiand, to co-ope-ralc,wlh the iidvyin tiicrcductioit of (hose islands, lo distroy or rapiiire ihf. sbipy of the y, or lo force them lo sea. i tiave the satisfaction to report to your fjotd'hiii, for his Majesty's infurma. tion, that after thfci: days ofgreat loil and most actire service, the forts 'were reducinJ, and  thc_treop* sntreiidcred prisoners of war. The Jfrcnch ahi^)s tif the line pusht^J to,sea, earjy on aight'of the 14lh^ on (he I6M1 the Admiral 'be enaWctTiftwnJf'the^^ I ItaVe' thebiMiotir to iiicltre the Major-Gfencrai's report ;upot� the honoiiralde ^v'rnitnation of this service; a^id.J bi'g leave th rccouimeod to his Majesty's fa-vouraljle considtT�tion, the mcrilorious service of Ihf* get\" olTicer, i�ot ohiy in the present instance, where he held a di>rihct command, but tor his general gootl conduct dnrin;� the whole cainimign. The Olficors of all ranks hate done their duty in an exemplary manner, and the troops employed Upon this service have inaiiilaincd (hat superiority which has <lislingiiislied this armyduringthe whole serie."! of our operations since our departure from Uarbadiies. I have the ho'ncur to be, &c., (Sicned) Gko. iJECHWJTlI. j The Right Ilou. Lurd Vifcnunl C.isilereagli, &c. &c. Camp .-vl llie Saints, April 18, 1809. SiR,^I hive the honour to transmit you a re-.port of the procetHlings of his Majesty's troops tie-(ached for (h6 reduction of the Saints.-We sailed from f'ort Itoyal Bay on the 12th ; Captain Bca. ver, of his Maje.-.ty's ship Acasia, tvho was com-. . iitodoTe of the division, leit the . . adefrom the islet of Cabril, the guns of which fired over the ridge among the sttipping. When fldvancetl to the first ridge, we found (he enemy occupieti the grcit mountain which is above eight hnn c Companies under (,'a|iiains Dolling and Lnpton was great; (he a.sceni no less steep than an angle of fifty degrees, covcretl wifli bush and pridily pears, fhey most gaifaotly tjlTeded the service, and drove back the enemy wh� suffered considerably. The" Rille coittpanies were supported to their right by the flank companies of the 3:1 West India Rt-gi-ment and one company of the Royal York Rau-.gCis led by Lieutenant-Cylonel Campbell,-Deputy Adjutant.Gencral, whom I �!eta�lied for this scr. vice. i We had now a strong position. Before us wdreflie enemy's three forts, showing stout garri-soits, and llfi-ce line of battle sh^S^, and two fi-i-gates in the harbour. The large ship* very full of men. VVc fotflid, however, *e ctmid not advance without biing flanked 00 otw 4eft by the fort Isle dt; Cabrit! Two eight-iirelt howilzers were immediately landed, a battery ll\ftckly constritcK'd by i,.ieutenttit Hobbs of fhc Royal Engineers. RrigadierkGcncral Sieliclin of the Royal Artiflery and'uli his- oflicers and men were most strenuous, aad b(.>fure six that evening oar.battery opened on the enemy's .eqaadroo at a "very fair distance, '^iiont an hoiir after there were indications lh�t � (he i'Vciichsquadroti was aCbout to push oift, and .by eight it was not doubtful. Not a rnvBent was j a the fort on (he Islet. A morla> battery of two I thirieeu-inch, and four (en-inch � as immetliatvly ! I/Ui4iin, and carried on wiih uuremitted exertions; j all our men volunteering wery labour. B.tween pre : <he enemyr'! forts Napoleon ant! Alorello, and ns. was a middle ridge, which ua^s on the back of the town, .and held by the enemy. On the night of the 15th, a stronj; picquet o� the enemy's was curpriseil by two companies of tlie Royal York Hanger.s, coramanilci! hy Captain Starke, and IJeatenaut White. The French had one oPicvr and seventeen men bayonetten, and twilve prisoners were brought away. ThisaOair was hiqhij' cre^ilablc to the Ofiicvrs named. The niaht fol-iowiiig w<! deternvined to occupy the .MidJlc Ridge, and confine-tli��nemy within iiis work.�. Major Allen was ordered wjih the (wo flank compaiuci: of the 3tl West ' "^MajirllemliTSon. The position was taken^ tip without opposition, but abdut eight next morning (he enemy advanced from f.^rts Najioleon and .\lo-relle to recover this ground. A sharp action took place, the whole of the York Rangers, and (he rifle companies of tlie I^Oih, supporting our black troops. The ground lay ojku in great part to the grape shot from forts Napoleon and Mo-relle, and to round shot from Istet de Cabrii; hut all our troops were undaunted ; none were more ac(ivc than the Hank companies of the 3J West India Regiment, and a flank romjiany of the Sih W<st India under Major Al<n. The eKcmy was driven back with Joss, and �ur possession of the ground completely secured. On tbis occasion onr loss was about 3Q men, killed and wounded. I omitted'to say (hat two f rench fiigates, both loaded with flour, took their chance of escaping on (he forenoon of the 15{h. They went through (he windward passage, keeping a li(tlc from the wind to gain the shore of Gudduloupe. The leading frigate was engaged by his Majesty's ihip Intrepid. This frigate however doubled the point of Vienx Fort, was followctl by the other, and both escat^cd iuto^ Basse Tcrre. - Abouxthemiddlc of the day, yesterday (he 17th, the French Commandant, Colonel Madicr, sent a flag of truce to enter into terms. Thiy expected what wo woHid not concede, and (hey submitted to what we' wire willing to gran(. They are prisoners t)f war. I understand their number to be from seven to eight hnndred; of this number, six hundred were landed by the French squa<lr ted on shore. The ^oyal Aitillery under Brigadier-General Stchefin, have contrnucd their usual i^pirited manner. If the enemy had not capitulated yesterday, we should baveojieued a fine biiUcry of six mortars 4 and I am -certain from what happened at Martinique, our artillery woifld liave given them enough of it in one might. To Lieutenant^Coloncl Rial Ijth il.eginient, I with pleasure acknowledge the assistance J hato ?eciived from him. He (anialiaed me wilh an.o^Trto ta'ke Fort Mwelli by assault with the 15th regiment the morning of ye.'teiday during the action. J/ientenaut.Coiouel Prevost deserves equal good report. Major Henderson who tjontmatjds the reserve is a true-s. Itlirr ; and Major Alcn, 3d "West India Re^imee;. gailanlly leii kts1>lack froopii. TheStufl" have all be mi active. Lieu'enant-Colonel Campbell,-De|uiy Ad-jutan^f/^encral, I.a? been always forward4 he is a;, j'j, ^(pT who must t.^c by Ivis laerit. The Honourable Capiain lie Courcy, of the Qciart(;r. Master "General's D^^'partmcnl, has shewn an activity and exertion which does him great cre-tlit, and proves him to be an offrcer for service. Licutenatit Hubbs, Rcy^il Engineers, yielfls to iioonein work, and is an admif-able olficer fi/r a service of tins nature. The Akdical Departmetvt -haSibcen; ably conducted'1^,Doctor Barke. I li'ave been much assisted "by Col. Soter, the Roya-Iist,'a man inflexible in "loya'ty. My Aide^deiCamp, llt're^itti hi:ll equally Ix? niftsidered as prisoners of xvnr ujioji tUrlr p;�rolc� of b.'mniir.'lo b*-tranpurted to linsland until eicliansed. Thex'-sha.l reta'io theii swords. -.An,�or.-Artirl^ j, 'i, a' ojis to embark i!iiiyi-tii,'iUl\ after. i V. The troops sli;iil reUiia their personal baggajc.-An-swer.-^Ofanfcd. v. The Otiiterssh.iUaho retain their private Baggage.-. Aiiiwcr. Graiiieil. VI. All the Officer? rcgul:irly employed in Ihe AdraJni?-tralion.ruxl ftledicil O.'JJfns, iliall unt be ron. e > (;iuadaloupe, with tiieir private hii'iijaKe -'Aiisvvrr. foamed, VII. I'rivate pi'ipert) shail he r.^nerfeil, anH the inhabitants shall rtrturii lo tnrir l:i>u?irs.-All iubabiian^i pnS8e>:ing pri�p?Tly inlheS;tint iiti.^r. and goud faith of the Uriiish Nation. VIII. Whatever is doajiful in ries- Arlirle�of CapitUla- iiiiMbi(aiiu.-7?4s^wef lost; CaptainiWdCooTCy of tlie Quarter-lVIaster. �General's Department*was sept ;by me tn Captain Beater of the' X'casta, and we fired six rockets . . , - from a headJ.vid at five minutes interval, King ti* ] mcnl, will have the honour tndelivcr (his dispatch signal ifixeil tfii by thtr Admira'.' Abotit teii at to yw ; he has fceen many years witH me^ I wish eiAt,. the Three French line of feattle'shipS were , i �o^*d.get>.e prpmotltm his merit deserves. J;.�.;';r_*....-iL-. .-L .L - ikT . i have theoonourto be, fcc. ^Signed) F. I\Iaiti.amo, Maj.-Geo. Hi*?R�t*lWiicy Lieitt.-fien. Heck with. ,^ . P.-S.:,I 't'"' (icces-ary retnris. There arc 14 pieces of artillery andfuttr taortars ; 18 iu ajl in Fort Napoleon, alone, ru.'.-'cu:- (Siihcd) F. M. jjoinied from each side, wu illflieel al t,Mi*sp.jtto-nmrnMr-^' morning at eight oVlock, ib of.ti-r t<t take a-li.-tof n'l MitMa-ry Stores and .-(her piibl.c properly; Tbcy sliall be given precisely in Ihf stale tiicy are at ihii moment. Stilrscribed i.j us at the Saints the 17th day of April. 1809- 1J-, U.i.ieiiant-Colonel Dep. Adj-Cent. Mi:Rcr!:r;, CasuaJa Stiu iiegiment. iJntWcd. {Signed) rril.O. aiAtTLAM), M.aj..r-Gen. P. liliAV lUi, t aptaia ..f Majesty S ship Aca.-1a, .-uid SciKor Oakw at the iiainU:. (Signed) W. MADll^R, C-lonel, Commandant les Hle� dcb JJaii^i s. Rc d, �^>'oiind.-d, and i\Ussii!jof Jhii Armyundcr Major-Gencnil Maillaiid at the l>aiiit,, train llth to iHh Apri', lt nmk aii.Uile, vnmnde.i- , , York I.ighi infantry '�ollInte f the 8ih Wtst India Regiment, is Lieutenant John i:rii.;liie-. The e AlesTC Mjiy IE, 18G9. My Lonn-When I deionfiinul upon the;e�ir&. dttion to (he North of Portugal, agaiitst Marshai Soult, I was in hopes that the Portitgue-**! General Silvierra, would be able to h(Bl4 his |u�t upon the Tamaga, till he should be reiufoiced ; iy which, and by (he .possession of Chave�, the enemy's, retreat would have been cut olf,excepting acrossiho Minho-; and I iutcndeil, if siuce+sful, (o press hinv so hard, tint (l>e passage of thai river wou^d isave been itv.praciicable. The loss of the bridge of Amaranfhe, hotvevcr, on (he 2!l inst. a!(t�red <�ir i�ro&piTts^ I had* no hoipes (hat Marshal Beresford, who marched towards the iijiper part of the l^otrro 0^1 t.'ic oih, ami arrivtd at Lamego on (he lOth, wuiild be able to ffect more than cou?ae (lie avc8 into Grali< <-ia, rd*her (ban by Villa Real iuio Casiille. Gen. Bcrtsford, however, -having obliged the (enemy's posts at \ H a Real, and Mii-an Fiien^ to fall back m-ith some loss, aii.i having crossed the J)ouru, -drove in Gen. LoisoR'i out-pi�s(� 4t the bridge of Amaranlhe ; and arquircd p�sscsstos-of the left bank of (he Tamaija on "(he 12 h, ite-day en which the corps under my comiDand fosccd tktt passage of the Douro at Ojiorto, L'iison retired from Amarautlic on tlie-Rioming of ihe 13ih, as soon as he had iteSrd ofthccvciitg al-Oporto ef the jK-ecediti;; day, anil mtittlte ad-Taflccd guanl of the- pTeucit arnry at a-sbort AUm tancc from the (own, which Otn.-Beresftwd immi* diatciy occupied. ! 1 was unibit! to commcncs the ptiTSHit o.f (lifl j enemy till tiiemorni'ig of the i3tn, when ihe lla-i- novcrian JiCgion movid lo Viion'ga, under Major. ; General Msirray. Qii th�: evoning, I was infofm-. ed that the rn;my ha^Mn ihe moriiing destroyed s j .great proportion of hrs cannon i:i ,�he hcigbboar ccti{^e3 a strong.and cutmnan^ing posi'iu* oulibc i�ast4idc of ^bis-Hay>'L;ie\iteiiaa!-' hood of I'cnrffiel, and had directid hit inarch.'ty* yvards Brags, This ai>p�'ar�I to be the r obsMe remit of (h� sit�ation in which lie fooHd bimse;f,1n conseqnea'p*' -;-�'.� � '.'t', ' . ; At rfKi.s�iie f�me I di^tcd;&eii>ral IJ^te^ofM' ;Jiai<1e�ofCapitnlairQnpr<.j)os�l hyCol. �ar.dier. Veinber ''� "P"" <^Jia�fi�,.in case theeffefrij^ Should fiirtifii uf the Lc^oD ot Ji^nur, Cwn^iOTtltot ofaii tte Sainu, tight j ai�d Major-Gfiucral MtirMy ttrctJimodtiiiai-

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