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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - May 26, 1809, London, Middlesex \ tfliVG'S TIIKATJll':.-xMr. NALUI rc^p/ct- 13. fuUv bfg� leave in iiifonn llie NoJiilitv, (Jrinrv, Suli-itfibcrstothtOju-ra, ajid it.c Pul>lic, Uiat his UlvSl.FIl" �illtak� place on Thuts Hli resofCtinff tlie'- '5osiS.:u ea/fy a� pusiiblo,-Coiunnmli will bereceiredat NaldiV; White Co:tige. Old Broii-pt.-a, j,g|,H�yinark.et5 at the OperaOIBce, and at the Olbee uf ,1^ Argyle Iiiatituiion. Little Argjle-rtreei. _^ rM)Vi;ilNJi.SS.-Wantfd by a Family rcsidiiit \^ In the Coutilryj ^ fcsidy (iosiieiisihi; (he requisite Ac-coniplishinents, itiid tally cbinpeteiit ti> superintend and educate a Yiiuug Family^ She miw b<; of the �itublt$he ii'son)e fiuiiily.uf reprctability, from whom siie ca;i an undeniable rfconimriiJatiou. A Widow, or any La- 'Uy froui ^ to 50, woaldbc pre''enrd;^All applicati"n.-i'(pust naidimiiit be ad4tesipd.t ;<-i*:�:t'B�C' wuf^iv-a. P'liE D'.reeiora of-ihi lhnl�t�akmif are rently tt� TCfeive tender*, from persons 'wiliiftx ' ucu.- i .it |>.i. larsKheivof uiuy be*eeuut the otfice of Air. R. \^ alker, the '7w)deK,5|H<ifjinj; the price nfY yard run, Xo^ht delivered je4fd VP at, the Caiiip<-uiy'5 OftiEe, N<�, Itj, St. Helenas-jlatekBishopSRate-slreet,' lUKtr'beforcMonday, the2Vth day MayiBSt.; wijh the-wordsj " liast London Witter Work*' ywlet/yr layit<g l enipli>^fHX*-Ainil$:r(tf by Letter, post paid) tu  i/r.^BiiiM IW, Mai(!�io0ei^�^ , etltJSOftlFJjIOi^ii.fijri STATUK to the Me. iljetnorv of, JOHli.LOTJjKK^tlre.received at the follow. , ing.Baiilier** iM�S�ri.. IJli�n,Tfioi^eon, nnU C".; dle. rs. irovfn, tiohb, and Co.;, Menms... Hitmtncrtleys; Mp�.r e; l.sq. = M. ----.5 5 Daniel Sykes, tsq......2 -i Re*. Dr. Rainci....... .5 5 J. (i'urney ICsq..........'1 s il.Treshau!,;lisq..R.A. i 'i His GtTice the Dulie of Somerset,...>.,;,...10 10 W. Maereh, lisq..,.......n b To every Subscriber ot Two Guineas and,u|)\vartli will Ije bresented ail Iwgnlvinx Of the Monument. Ti> Subscribers .if 5/. 55. a Medal,e>eeuied by i\lr. Bolton of .Soho, nith Ihe Hcjid of Locke, and on the iever.->e an exact represeii-tolioq of the iMoiiuraent. To Subscribers of IW. 10^. a si-1 ailarMedal in Stiver. . . , , r The Nobility and Gentrj-may inspect, the iM.idel of the Statue, which Is now finished, at Mr. U citmacolt s, Mouul-jtiett, Berkiey-sqM:ire. � , , - . , i, -ttts requested all Letters on the subjcit m.iy be addrcs=-. ..HARYliY MOltTl.MliR, Jun. Sec. , Ulcrary Fund, Gerrard-slreei. _ tjMU'ERING VESSKtS on a tio.w constmction. , JP .Br lhe*ev.�?e!s, foul,fcIayiiitr, or ftatid Vaier is swcct->!� uftiGirroN oitiGiN'AL nor Jl r.l�athiuj;<�Tlie l'fopriet"rs of these Batlu have bitly expended larjratuioS <if money im repairiiiR their Premises eoif/ftfcVeasii^ the mmbt-r of^heir Baths, and ig mak-wveryr {^at;imprutred)et|ti() in order to render every pnssi-llearcoraiiiodation toageuerous public, who they hope wilt coBtinae to faioqr.them with their pairouaje.-Th'- Baths,'rsally allowrd to exceed any of the kind in Bug' latt 'i&c. are on the taemcn't story, withndt going ut> steps to any of theih. The flonis arc'an "perfccily free froiSt damps, and the ceilings very lofty; cvety Bath is very privaJt; beln^ .�ep,irate from eacTi other; ac6ramodioiHileal siltinjB^hioin, furnished and carpeted, with a fire, coiiiniiiKling a fclear ripen view of the sea frniB iiast to.W^t; with si good tele.-ciip {Iavier. The grewleyl rai-e, attention, Mihl cleanliness, from the servants, may hr ili-oended mi. . 8^*.The original Hjpthing House hits nd cotiiiectiou what-iiver with the other Bathing Hou�e. "A cobimodiiius carriiiee-way lu oiid fl'sm the Bathing Iloase. . , y. Vr. A bleaH seaaii chair Attends; with shbet- ch^il-iilrn. ^ TO IIUILOKUS. , \/|ntjTS.-IIOUSK OF eoattECTtON - . T T The Jiistices of the Peace; at the general t^uartiT Sessions held at Netv Sanim, in and foi' the Cornitv of Wilts, onTucidiiyj the lllbday of this in^iaat April, having np-broved of a plan fob biiildiUg A new House of Correciloll at Dwlzes; in Ihfe said Coaiity,  ..� NoUce is Bii^ebj: given, THnt the Snid plan; abd the elevations, sactionsiand specifiratibns thereof, are left at Ihe ottibe Mthe Clerkdf the i*etce,at Wlltdti, neat Salisbury:, WHis, . 'orihelospettlBn of any pcHoo or pitrtons Inclined ti� under-sAe the work; , P�iMM incliHiid to contract fbrfhe Knildlnsand earrving Miej)Uin into execBtioii (except what relates to the Carpen-'fjs jltitl Joineh^ works), are desired to fend In their Propo-to tile .aerkofihe Peace on orbeftwe the 7th day of JMetieXt (Sealed op), without niifnatures^ but with imittoes �rathcirdevice$i accompanied with sealed letters (marked ' on the outside with rofresponiling monocsor other drvices) ; Mataining the nanieiatd addresses of the persons sending the wme.. - . . .The proposals ^tUl he taken into consideration on Friday 'ae<Jlhday-pfJunene;it,atthe Besit inii. Devizes, at eleven � a�ckin the forem�on,''wHere the parties who send in such proposals are requested loattend. J. S \%KY N li. Deputy Clerk of the Peace. .,:^on, April 11, ISiW. . . VlCTUALLl.NG OKHCE, May 7%im. . ^&^HE Voviiiiusiuners for FicVudUn^ His Ma^ jL jtsiif's i*ufo jIo berth}/ givt Aolfcc, t/mt on Tnef.. duy, i) e Cilh vf June iiej tl-ns, (stnlai up) of s'itJt quantities of goiid s.iMMf/SPA JIISII flKD WINKj ni tlie re^inclice sVtrc/innH jjiid Diaffit l/iertin maylAink.prupcr in ujt-.r; In be �ufiject lo rcai-ranly jf iKtlvK wuutlts i In ve iUlii>< reil in TAc apnct of c'r.t ".until, free ofCutiwu anil KjriNe tlitlirt, into Ilia Ma-ji^ti/'s f ictitallhif! Slurc.1 /<< Deptford, Poitfinouth, anil i'iynuutth; ami lo (-e puiil fur by liUls payable, u-iih Inte-Tc'C. ninety dnys afltr iliHe. Cond.H. nj I'/t. e Contrac's maybe tieit at tht Stcie taru's U[/ice. K'o regirrd tcill te had to any Ten er in n/iirA thr. pr're shttliui-'t'jt'insrrlcd in uiints iit tengl/i, or that sUAl nut be ih l.-yei-id JO i/ie Biiard vn i-r licJoieUue n'C bck un tlit icid Tmiii.liij, tite 6th of June next, nor unLst lUe J'ersnn wHiiviaks Iht Teniltr, vr siniie I'ersun on his behalf, aUenda^ tu �n'ir�r ithrn rnlled f,ir^ VICTUALLlNG-Ol'MCf., Alay 23. IBOS. rB"^HE Commifsiouetsfor l^icittalling HisMujet- JL lijs Niifif do heretiy gim Nulire, that on Tuesday, l/ielSlh ri_/"Juhe nrJ?, they will lie reiidi) to le'-eifr. Tenders in tenting, (kealed Hp) imd.lrnatfar Four Hundred ChuU J...... .V. - <nj ^..^1.. f... itri__t__....___Tit^ or SiatSONSPUNTOi citrga.oi- cnrgocf, ofte half thirenf in the apace of six titeJa fnim the date uf the CutUrucI, mid the other hall ia six taerki aftcrtciiids. u'tiid and ptrmitling, alongside the Wharf nf Uis Majesty's fictuallmg I'retnists �f Pjymnutli �nc{ Sunt hamptuil t (o be paid for by Hills payable, tcilh in-lercsty ninety days dji^r date. The rnnikiions of Itie Cuntiacti may be seen at the i'ecrr-Aary't Olfice; ; No regard ivill be had lo any Tender in lehich the price shall not beihsertul in ie,nits at Ungtit, of-that shall notbf delitered to the Rti-. rd before One o't'lork on the siiiH Tuesday, the 13th uf Jiihfe he.r/, nor unttst the tcrsvnieho wakes llie Ttntter, or some fehoh on his behalf, alttnds to aitxkcemhth called fir. V iMrs. ELIZaBKTJI iHOMASi who left h7r retirat in the North of England, in November last, will dpply directly, by letter or otherwise, to her friend S. H. she nill hear of someihini; much to bcl- .-ulvanlage ; heratfairs are settled: she may depend upon the utmost Kcrecy, and nil! relieve her fpeml from much (Jain. MON EY.-A Getitlt:man has Thirty Thousaiitl Pounds to l.ij; out in the pdrchase of Annuities,'from loO/. to 10,t)00/. on re.U Brykcr need npi'ly._ ('^OlUNlllLi^.-Wwted, a Premises �� s"**-J stiinlial repair,at forH PUBLIC OFFICK, between the .Mansion- ll r the Kxhange rtill be prefered. Any pej-Joo havingihe like to dispose of, %till be treated wiltton l^eral lernvs, if thfe riiuation MUWlik.-r-McfSB. L.UCA^ utJC.-. beg .e��� to inform those that may be in wiiui a'>\,'�n'7"�.l�. �^��1.ii�tt.porary.or:permanent sans of M()N h i, that �wtpwardj; oape��icalkectnrity. ornnv otncr arn�is"o� ��a��iat* StttlcBentf, Montr in the FonJi. t^lMtymtn. jWtaptMiPrepJiold, Copyhold, and Lea-ebo!d rstates, on , 'JhtWfiBlt and bonoorab-.- ter�n. And Lucas and ''?>',P^�dge'thjaii�a��� to lian.�tlever� ntgociati-fi ��� jwatpwttaal tyaoddi.vatctt, and not oniv r�.�e usjw-"�BbUbBt�itnbia{:antnsd exiontojultedcanniis-antlcnniges :'I�ttareaMaUy�iadeand Biacted in money tefcoiiaticnb wil .�^.afollcdhy tbotethHtiipplyto Mcsiii. Locas and Co at nywbyUtttt, postpr.d. N. �. Tet> xtar^ j.orcha-c mil 'ItTea for ��1J iccEtta ADn'jiU�k. poje L .-------------------------...........,_________........ IS eligible. Dirett(pojt paid) fti* A. A. No. 22, Philpot-lane,.�illi real name and addVess, with the size of the grhuiid ttoor. ANTED, a IICUSK in an airy ami per-_ fecily healthful situation, at a d.istance of 5even or eight miles from liiUn, sutliciently large fur Ihe acenintnnda-lion of a family of twelve persons, and a liberal e?t:ib|ish-meiit. It is required that tile house slioiild be detaclii-d, and llKll it should have a garden, and a small meadow ailjitining would render it more preferfable. Letter (post paid) to be atdrcssed to MK Abraham, Surveyor, No. 17, Percy-stftret, Bedfotd-sqliare. NO. 4'2, Devonshire-sircet, Portland-plttcc.- , To be Let, or the Lease Sold, of which three years arc une.xpired, of a gcntei-l I)VVIXLING-HOUSlv, Coach--house, and S.t'ibling. tit for the iinmriliatc rcbepticn of a genteel family.-The Furnllul-e to be tjikeii at a valuation. For particulars dpply on the Premise<;: of Mr. .'^inith, Aiictiooeei-, WinJsor, or at his Hdllse, N<l. 9, New Kroad-ttreai^ City of Loudon. Desirabfc bilck-btitlt VitiLA, �i(h .sixteen" ---Acres of istpA in Herts; twelve miles from ihf Metro- poli.s, to be Let for a term of years. 'J'lie 1iou ol is most ruraMy situated, four miles fioin St.-iitinore, Baiiiel,nnd l'.ilg��arc; ill the divinity are beautiful rides, variims good roaS- from fcwri. The hou?e and premises arc in complete rrpairjaiid fit fiii- the iii.niediale reception of a genteel F.iniiU. I'rincijials of res|H;cliihi-lilytii.iy be iiitorined of further p.-ii'ticuKir?, Iiv ap plying ( bvPniVAW. Cov-tract,all those valuable and very desirable FliE.SlMPLB aiidTYTIil-: FRKK I.STATKS, in possession and reversion, eligibly filuate iu the P.-iri.h of Little C�m{iton, in the i;oiinty ot Gliiucesler, containin�t together udwi.rds of lliti acres of exceeding rich arnbte, I'ne.'i iow, and pasture landi together with the Alanor, with all ri:;ht�, privileges,and ad-vanttigesappertaining thereto, which e.tleinls over the whiite ofthesiiid l'ari>h. The larm-lfMues ant buildiigs are con-vcnierilly situiited for the occopatimi of the respetiive farm?, aild the M.iiision-house may at :i small expence, be made a coiiifortable residence for .-i genteel Famiiy. The- Turnpike Itoad from Worcester to London runs' thnnigli the Parish ; disiimt f- ur miles from Chipping Norton, three from Morton in the Marsh, six from Slow on the Wold, and six from Ship>t'in upon Sto�er.-^To treat fur the Lstate, apply to W. .Meyrick, F>q. Red Lioii-�qu�re. l.midoii ; or to Henry Cl:trk, l�iud ."Purveyor, Shipstoii iipt-n Slower; of whom printed Particulars with Map*, and Tickets to view the E>lale. may be hud.___ Mi:irlNO KAAIS.-to liesOLU hy ALl, 1 lt>.\, ill liaiti. in the Caltleyard of the Bath and We<t of hi gland ?o- Ciety, 00 Tufsdav Mnriiiii -. ONEIIUXIJIIED ANGLO MEKINO RAMS, dnshom, being part of the Flock of~Jo!in R. I.i!ra�, I ji|. of SlapletUH lloii^e, near Bri.'tid As a greirl ininj of these Sheep are haiidsmne, ai.d the wnnl of iliem .-i* line as tliat importedffiini So.-iiii, Ihi. Sale is well worth the allen-tloii Of lieutlemen and Karnlers. br-cdets ilf sheep.__ "~ ~ HOTIVL" I .N"QC I;;\-S f Rl.liT. thel-ewillbeSOI.Dhy PIjBLIC ROUP, in the conrsc of the ensuing month, on a day t" be aflrrwards advertised, rflil.vr caiNtal, long I'Hlablishnl, and well rri-> X qUented HOTKLand I'AVERN inQueen street; with the comini>dluus Slabluig, Lofts, Vard, and Couch.tiied in Shoelane adjcrniing, at present occupied by 5Ir. Anderson, and lo whien iiuniedi.iteacce** will lie given after tht nal**. The Hoi:=e rjieasures 4.^ feel 10 iivclies along Qiiern-streM, anil '9d feet, or Jl.ieirebN, along the buie; three stories high ; has r small back cniirt : ami runtaius nn excellent hnil,-'lu feet by 'ib t six 1 'ipilnl, entering on �fau-iiKSs, a purchase wmild be atore dr>inib(e'thua n I<;n�c of the premises, as the tcrmi will be particgiarty favuuniiilii. toa buyer. Application, id the meanlimo, to be m.ide to Joba laiir, advpcate in Al�ei:deen, TrBftre on Mr-, ADdc.-soc*� irqaei-tratcti ebtate. TO' HIS XMPEfllAL iflGHNKSS . .. .ARCHDUKE CHARLES, \ Comm-inder in Chief of the AUstHans Annies, &c. &c. i Sir,-The high honour your Imprrial IIif;hnr.s3 llid me liy, writing tO me in (iio year 1S04, these wtjnis, " 1 atn now. conrinceil i!;al your tratd? hate f(�r tlieir object public utility, an�l that of your c.linlry in particular," cncouram'S itl^ to ofil-r mj s. If again at this iuttresUng pt-riod to your ' graciuiis c�n?ideraijon. AJy Conduct, I hope, during thc?e five years, haviiit; tiuvcr cutpr(|d ttio ferrltorics of Bo..n.*.pAkte, or of his allies,, sjod havi/'g chosen this asylum for : the purptise, aS cati U^,ascertained by the present and late Ministers of serving my cmintry, .and the ; gt^uifral, has not jtJi.minishyd that favoiirable 1 opinion your Imperial l!ighae?a ciuettaincd of me I at ih�t time. l^ihall not^Coiiceal It from ynu^r Imperial High-fee -------------^---------_B and on more liberal priricijiks frunl its ashes; 'III a paper written it 1804, and which wa^ seen and approved by an .VustiJan Coitimtssary in Venice, shewing ihe necessity of a general union of the principal Powers of Europe to stop the career of an ambitious man, who evidently aimed at universal Empire, I ."itronj^ly pressed the idea that it would greatly rcsu't to thfi hijnouh of the House of Austria to restore those spoils tibich perfidious Counsellors (Marquis del GAr.tti, Mii. nister to Feudix.wd, and then to JosepiI^ wii the principal instrument in the fatal treaty of Campo Formio) prevailed on the yoqng and in:, gcnious mind of your .augusi Brother to accent from the crafty Plunderer. I hinted, that a compensation might easily be found in obtaining again possession of Brabant, in Flanders, wherb the people, as I know it, having long resided among iht-m, cnntiuiTc warmly attached to their ancient So�ereign^. I Temaiii at this moment in this same opinioii, firmly convinced, that so sublime an actofjustice as the restoration of a Slate, respectable for its great antiquity, the Republic of Venice^ having lasted for an uninl'errupted periud of fourteen centuriei!, wonld equally add to the gidry of Ihe IIouSc of Austria, and materially serve its true ind dearest interest.-Shall I be pardoned for speaking freely my opinion? W7//� the concurrence of tiife people, the expulsion of thcinvaders will certainly be in the end accompli'hed in Italy, .ind in every otiier country j tdthonl it I fear never. A proclamation^ then, that the Austrian arn.les entered the Venitian Stales to restore ih'- liberty a^d independence of the (Country, would bring thousands of the youth, both of the Italian and Dalmatian provinces, where they ad<)re �'iithiisia t begun, and the news we have yet refceived here is favourable to the enemy. .Ill my estates are situated in the Venitian Doniiuions and ia the Tyrol, i should have nothing to do but lo remain dumb, and my property would be sdfe in any evetit; but I shoulcl think myself unworthy to livtJ if at such a decisive crisis 1 did not, whatever mdy be the consequence, raise my though feeble voice in faVourof my unfortunate Country. It is painful to thfe to appear ungratrfnl to Ihe SoVereigrt of Bavaria, from whom 1 have expe-rtenced only acts of kindness ; but this considera-lion roust giVc wily to a superior duty, the CTuse of IJluth and oiir Country. to BoN.vr.vutE, Cerlainly iie has not seized my property ; but eyen leaving DMi of the question his infamous conduct to Venice, he has so completely broken through all duties to God and Man, that those tii s which subsist between social men are torn asunder with him, Cntti Tlriintto niillu Suciftds. The eyes ef all Enf.ipe arc turned towards your Imperial Highness; in yon alor.e the hope to see t!ie career ended of an am)'>i'ii>us Madman, who will never stop till he realized -the chimera of uuiviTsal Empire, from whirh ihe World ^vo^!d have a repcfiiioi! of the liornr experienced under the ancient Uoman Kuipi.'e, ami Ihc transitory one of Chaulkmagni. Austria is Hie only hgrrier (hat remains to the Universal despotism of the Family of t^c Bona-fMtTKS, to whom N.\pii:,E0.v has destined the World. Tlii< barri: r onre thrown <lown, there wllj not !) one corwer left on the Continent of Europe to hreaftu- in with safety. Tin�tinjf that Divine Providcnre will rrov n with .<Urci-s.* the btdvc armies commanded by so lllus-titous a Chief, r have the honour to bcj With the highei!t consideration and rfiost profound respect of your ImpefialHtghncss, y.our most obedietit, most devotedj Most humble Servant,' ZfNOBlO. Ch.'Utfnhstn.^iM MnyjlSOP. p. S^ 1 am obliged to publisTi this letter-firstj bccsttseit is uncertain, during the present dilTicol* . tie.<^<if corresponding with the Continent, when it : wHi �r#if c : *�'CoDdly, because I wish my scnti. atwt� ma-jr be knovtt] to mf Counlrjrmen and to the Public iii general,, apd that thel-e may tie ii6 safety for m� but in ibo complete triiimph of your Imperial litghdess, and the total dtrfedt of the eiiemy. _ . HOUSF/aK IXIRDsTTHtmsDAY, Mat-25. tn the Committee of Prlvilej^, tlw Solicitor-Gener^ wits further heHM in beh.ilf t^the claini (if Sir WilHnm Jeraini^-ham, to IbeBaruny of SlalTord.-^Further consideratiBii tliii d:iy se"iinight, '  In the Appeal " Playfairp. 9Incitei�ialfi,'-tlke Lo^Chan-cellor delivered his iqiinion at somrtiiffTb in faWafr of the .'\ppellant, and mnved to p t4l? Luribhi{i's mo'.ion tjhstpixiert till to-morrow. The OH;eeS.iUe Prevention liili.the I:*elk Holidays Bill, the Iri.h iMiliiia L'ompleli"n Uill. Ihe I'rtnters' Indemnity Bill, the SI:ots Mllilia 1 adiilies' Hit'., the Land-tax Redemption Bill, the Smuggling Bill, and some other Bills were brnlijfihtUp from the t.omrfimii by Mr. W burton and Whet Alembrts, and rend a fir�t time. The l-iii'ltax Codltiiissiooer** Bill pasfwd through a Committee, nilUwai reported. . ^ . - - - .....-------livorceBilL T^w( wit- _.........____________,____________i srrvjttlons fKAOfft Loi-d Chancellor. Ihe fnrtber proceeding IR tRe'-BIB itai postponed till to-iuorrow, with a view of Itten appointing a day for its further ron-^irieration. ' VOTf-; OF CREDIT. The Ear) ofLlVEIlPOOL pfesehfcdaMcs-wge from hU Maj-sty relative to the pr�p e. ther it wa d to-for the sake of ob'aining a little temporary advantage for ourscltis. A feaiful responsibility, iherefdre, rested upon Ministers, aijd inves'igaiion might lake place. The EArl of LIVERPOOL agreed lhat Ihe disa-vowal of this arrangement must neces.saijly increase the difficulties in ihenegociaiis>n with America; but th^t dould nut be imputed to Ministers^ as in mak-ing that arrangement, Mr. Rrskine hid not only acted unauthorised by his insiruci'ins, botin direct conlradidioii to his instmclions; lie tfioiight it necessary to state thii ilistincily, as- the Noble Earl appeared to have misunderstood his Noble Friend. Care would be taken in 0\e Order, which would appear as soon as the course of bu.siness would allow, lhat those vessels whifch, in the m^an lime, had sailed in consequence of the confidence repos. ed in the arrangement maili; in America, should be e^icluded from the operation of that Order, and that these persons who had thtls embo * d their goods sh'iuld not he Io.�er/�. As to Ihe Olscussion of the subject, JVlintJtcrs Would Jbe anxious, whea the projVr (ifJi.! arrited, that every po>5ible iufur-ination should t;e given to Par'iamenf. ARMY PROMOTIONS. The Ear! of SUFFOLK wished to be informed, if the Orders made by the Dnke of Yoik, wheo Commander ia Chief, pirticuLrly that by which an Cfiicer could not be promote:-! to a superior rank until he had served Iwo years in an inferior, had been broken through. He had on a former occasion prai.�ed ihecondttctof the J.)akeof York, wrih rcspppt to the discipline of the army, and the Orders M which he had alluiled were alio another

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