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Publication: Courier May 22, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - May 22, 1809, London, Middlesex NAVY OFFICK, May iwiuih�8ii�(crip�l0(iila�que-.;j, . . ,'I'll s d.-'V Is imlilishV:!. price "_'3. _ TTlLi-VMENTS OF llKFGRNr, or A\ AC ! '^>IU: Prircip'ul Ojicers and Commission,-rs oi IP-i CDUVTof thft MOTlVr:S ir-.l l*rMNr4()NA of ; _fi_ //.-v M.ijc-.-fs N^vydo hereby gii-e Aof�.>, //,,.' ��� ' iitifrMU, at One o'Cfwk, tncy ir/tf ybJ.lG iNOTlCi::-A Sp.nish Merchant .....^ _ ' ff'fir�f"rsaU-.->(iuanlil> "fXF.K !.Sand PORT WINKS," I . p,i,iJd :) � aiul M thtj-are the [jrinliicp �if Ksiiile= (if hispwn Kimily, j c:i>iii, rict - ' (rMldSnfi oDX�>^f. Ue La Jt roiitei^i ;uul O'uro,) he is on- ' and Novsnn , (rrtldSnfi ______ , .fkSi: leuv*^ (. at,^,fl+o,Hu if forimitK?>, ill a Ml.- w.Il worthy iftc ilolice ^ SOCir,Ti" for rl.ilh- i S. 15.1N..- iradf may W dfen, wliij/rtiirn llicirgratftiil ihink-i to tlirir libfrul bub-6i'ribrr!>,aml bcRUitve li> intoini ntimi:i-' lielrimlrouago, which to thoin will ph)vei>f cisciilial hdd at Mawman"?. Poultry; Uatchard's, Plcca-I'.iul'..' W'd on Uic usual terras. VISITAl'lbN at isy- tUetr '"Tii'-y M X\ c.,mirtetal,le practice in ihe difr.rct.t branches .-F the |irf.M*arWltW^.�hf� t^'l^rrn MnoicAL Ph.iVC^siu.v �ish� l.. taKe a Youth, ..f p.od Cb��iWl|�?!t�iV'.^j'^pro�'enc.vtnade Learn-' edtifcaiiot.. a, .\i.i.r.nticc-. 'Ihe situation Ms con- tothemhstllesefvin^. �,  Ji.lerfihUia.lyiiniaBe.-, ai.U in cverv instance he.will ctpL-ri- irieriy i oiiri i _ i;i,.rtil im.'.inipnu l>) lelirr, |io>l jiaid, to Mr. l.I.ivd, liiiN u Im> will give a reference will lipfcqiiireil. pA^OS"l>0>>' WATKR WORKS. fpHE'DrectoW of the irnricnakitig are rpatly (o ki-taind WlavingT^u*" andjjoinjjig; the �aine, and fil ica-tlie la^edup at the CoMjiq/s Oft-.?:', iTi*^? * JtStoWt �ilh the wTktespcct�!�WWBl^Bil^Ci of the BURGLSs-^lu.-ni tn A R^^diloB nrcseiitfd to titeWtt^or fur by. In E- oni |ll^li risU K'ul ry. on. va-rti. Cllj and -lUd ra ale i It ivei UJftJ 5MAs'cOUW^^f?,;fisq^itaJW,^t^^tiiai^ . , ... CottJWOM, relative ____the late Cominander in . tl� Cimvixstion of the whole Country, -^lence of iagntnt'ABuies'in'thd AduiiniVftntion of .Wl?a4ami*>Hij�ri(nis;ift IbeirJiCecJi to tlu; Pnwueriiy _ Jl Thiit tl: s-rranlij of t1ii$ Meel ing be presMfed lo C w j 1 - ��rtMlibJiliMw!�u^i|Hyka^ifeSin Wnductiug. ttot ImeiS- {ppetciffarittli^rthriBof CffrriipliODjivhicJi iin plea AiltfiWMi^ ^ Ipiig jbeller ffinu delcctluu and di>- jAMiOS Ctii;ASK uti.i Mamifart'^iifirs of CIJKAP P;^iNT, SO'S, 53, We.vt Sniiihfielil, London.......,_______. liie OIiv� TJiiiwo ;rar I-'.iint, ni fiur-pw.-re jier frouiid. for bu!.dnof*^iirk, nlfleh iii ready for u, 01, Ml WARt-.llOUSK.- the ADVOC.Vri:.-* f..r I'ARLl v.v.K.S r.\l{ V 6e bail of lionkjellcrs ' Hsmen in'{'own and Country . ; !)- Disru'F.D OF, a small HQL"*^ in ihe vi.  fiwlly of Purliiian-sqijjvCF i'o'iiniaiidini; n ve� of iMim- j ta^ic-^ariiens, new .-ir.d et.-^;antl\ filini'ihed, wiih an linexjjir-  eJ Lea~e of iiineleen ye.ii- trom ne\t June, :ii a niudcnue j price and'lriw rent. " Intjuire at .No. &, ?aiini.:gue-.-lreet, I Pottn\.rn ^lyjitrf. . . ! r�^0 UtKU^K.AJO.N'CKIlS.-1'.. 1)0 SOLI)", ' A. the JL'K.iiJICof a ilOU.'^i; in the ahme Iii)e,n)i>^t eli�i- j lilv siltiatpd in Ihe neistiboilrhood of Soho-s(|ii.ire ; the Siii,-k I to be tdken at ar pariicularsapiiK at Mr. I Sp-'ucer')!, Habehliishri-; No. J.', Oxford ytrei-t. | 42, I'eTonsiiire-.s'ii'.eij Foriiaiid-|)lace.- Lei, or ihe l.e.asc Sir.rf, of wliirh three yc;ir:.Trc uucx{Sired. of a se".; of ,11r. Smith, Auctioneer; Wintior, or at bis Ilnnsc, So. 9, New IJroad-slreet. City of i..>uiloii. . SYDENHAM COM.VION, Ke,(._Spac oms fijdepi e. uitli or without L:inil.- I'd b- Ll'.T on Len^e with iininediale [jo�elati|i"g, c :ieU bouses, .unlsnilaljle plhces �f every* descMptioa, l.vautifnl plea-ure flrnuml, ^lieet of urftrr, i kitchen garilen. in^irl walled, ami fully rroppeil and plani-t ed; and tnree (ielils of most capital nn ador) lanl. containing I ui).warils of'20 acres. Tbe situation is ilelis^hifuily pUa-rnt, I tlie prospects unbouiideri, and the distance dhiy .^evcji miles i from the three l}ri(lf;es.- iicket* for vieivin;; ni.iv lie Itad, aa>l �t.'rnie known by applying to Mr. Sqiibb, .Saville-piissa^e, .Saville-c�w. ' rf'^ObeSOlJJ C111:A^^ tintlor 1G:jO/. JL DUN, a seutccl and verv coinforl.iMe House, in tcood repair, h iin a good five-stall stable, co;ieh-li'iii.f, and substantial slonebnilt barn, witli slated roof; ami other suilible Bllices; ui^ellier with a wailoi and kililien-j^aideii. and gfeen-hou�e,ju>t built-two ne.-it C'oltii..;>.s ,tnd three I' of exceedins i;ood paslure-t'hiHnd, all IreeholU, siciaieil within three nulofi'of the pleas ml luunof t'lyniplon. Md live of Ivy IJridifc. An excvlient sporiiiii; couiiiry, tuo parks .of hounds bell-:; kept within two miles, aid certainly most iliRiblf for a Spin-|sirf:ii), or a N.iVal Officer. If not sidd before* It will b>-put up I" I'tlblie .�^l^etioll, no Thursdiv the i/ith June next, at Ihe Clobe Inn. rrai:clorl-j;iile. Ply month . J'or further pariiculafs direct to .S. l{..e lioi^se is roomy and commodious; the Furiiitiire, whieh is appn>priate, may i lie t.iken ; the iiei;;hb jim hood is select aii.l genteel. The ' (Jr.iiinii.-are plen�antly dis;io;ed. fortnini: a Lnvrn in front, I inliT-persed with clianps, and shrubs, wallej kitchen-garden, j cloatbed with choice fiiiil tree?; coiirt-v.-nl. conch liotisi-, I stalilni; for oisht hi'rses, barn, brew lioii?e, and other useful liuildiiii;aiitiful ride's, vj^i'iius ^ood road^ from ir.w n. Tile lioiire \\f Treaty, nor r.n^ wUir^n', iiwc^i l/tc t^avt^i, or nri yfgenf f'c.r Jtiii:, titttiuds. Lrrrj I'cniUr ttiui! uccoitrpanifd by n l.i-.ltsr a.L:lrc-i>td lo the \�e.^ Lizard, ntiil .sr^nrrl hy iu:i> rc-.-.p.'Hsih'^e. per:ion^ rue a*",:,' bnome boitiht v-iiU iht; ptr^ 5; ii tfiidrririg in tlt ^tt:n yj ""iJO.'. f^t the diu ptrJ'jr.'uur.L-c of t.'.c Cn;r..a. A of this MeciitJS fire due to ,;,Ve prOVett th/iiOPtvA iJie w'-e and faithful fui(il,Tliftt-iii the Opinlon.of lliis Slecliiip. a liinrly, (einpe-We,aiiJ�eir-ronrtdct'ed Planiif Pailiament.iryR�fofi*i ran �iil(airor4.nn^fl(;rtnat.Scieutitj(agaiu't-all.j;re,at- and d;pi-I ptwisAbuiM ia the yariotts-Deparitiieij's of Govcnimnit- JtJial i>v restoring_to Hijuse ot' 'Coninvms Its c.niflitii-jsWaDd ri'htfitt ehiaraclcc*�f beiiK; ii-tair ,iud faithful I ^^wj^ninUoii ofahoJJfAple, sflch /{�foriii would rciider flat P^y�tp�able in Ihe.estimation of their ,Jfl"li|iifni5-wouH tonlt-ilntife tssehtiiilly to the Happiness |JT'TfClorvof thd Soveretwii-'-woald givt tbeir'doc \> eight *ni'frnt di-tmclion ; the Jloiise coiitiiiiissevvn rooms on a Uonr, n iih siiil.ihle ilinnestic ufiice.s, slaliliii.:;for ten liors s, sl.ifidini; for si.i c.irriafjes, larte nailed Raidens, pleasure-cmund. exlii)?i\e Imi aiirl prcen-li'Mi^es, and a Held of meadow land, ihr >;rn;in i [ilotufliie whole upwards of eight acres. J'ickets f'C vi.u iip;;, and further may be had of Aic-srs. i;iliol nn.l liar.cis, f.ond-sireet; of Air. Jn^rani, Ciajiliaiii,- an.l of Air. Field, Auctioneer, IJigh-strccl, SoutliHark. ^liEEllOLr), Herts.-To Jie SOMJ, or I.I'T for a tierni of yeais, no elegant l"R 1. KiiO Lt> \' ILLA. and 27 .Acres nf Land, di.-lant IS mile.' Irnn Lo!idon. wijli ib*e - AppliKitiou from Twelve till Two, or Letters(jiost paid) adilresscd to Messrs. Wills and Co. No. 49, h*i)ulJi-sli-ect, Ucrkeley-squarc^_____ NStANT MONEV LOA.\S.-Sonic Gentie-men of the first re-pectabili�y and independent fortunes, hnviHg formed a pvivai-; Establis'hiflent of national advjuitacc, the>.oliility, ClerRy, Ladies of ilisLnctioa, .and "ihcr Per- po6�re and delav; be'accommodated >v;i:i Wou*y lo finy lie.umirt, onteniis iicarlv eqoal 16 iiior;:;age. Letters, .post paid, addressed lo Me�sr(. Cox ucd Co. .\rmy A^-etits, b, VYarwick-street. Charin!f-rn'-s. , . _ UiNt^X.- Mpe*iii-, and not 'luy'tWce oi;ju�- j tillahlehi:textravaj^n(nadcx(aftlotiateil(Na:iii('.sitnd ch>ir,^i'a { . thata:'c UJually uindc and axactcd in nioiity nexotiAi:. ns'wiir * be avoided by thoretnat njiply to Metns. Luctis and Co. at 'Vo. 19,' Oar.-iyn street^amcf's-xinare, either p�r8rn-'anyorb.jrJctter,.iirist pu:d. N. B. Ten yrars paiciia.-c will l>� given'for vreil'seruitd ".^nnjiities. ^ _ . utjUErfur DYING.-G. BLACK- AlA^y,.3;v.', bvford street, Uegz leaVe lo inform Ihc Public,' lliat liis Liqaid Blue, for dyiu^ Woollen, Liuen; �fti'iislins, Cutloiis, I'eatber.',. Lrutbrr, itc. will be found far .�uperinr to aiiv other I5>V|" manufaciurcd, as in its full strensth it is peifeeilv iniist pic-Uiresup|ily of excellent water, and - v.-iy d.scripi-ni of CON'JiiAtTS FOii (.JOAI.S AxNO CAM>LI-.S. ComniiMary-Ceuerara Oflic-e, .May 11, 1609. ANTKU, fur the lianacks in ikc timhr. mrn(ien-tcr> far the time bring. ihc deUutfies In evnim Kce at j.^uh the 25ih of .Tuce iiej7, as liie- rcsprcjivt IJ .inai'n-Mr.s trt tl'.nll miuUr, and t6 cunlinne iiiiHl IhrlUliofiiiw h'UcKnif;. J'r.ipthtal.tfnr .miu,�/i.'i�,^ Lii:;li, in�f.'� sepiriiir'y for errh l^tmny in South Hiitain. fAtju-.'-c/e i;/'i*- /im i-/;i-/-v t'li .Vortii Britain, aufZ/^iir Ih-se. ii Hie i.lniws ey" Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney, atulct ui> and narked " Tender for Ciiais," ir;7/ b- rct:i-ired at ,7iis i>///er trntil C/o.k, on Tuesday, the JO/A imttinl; ihe i'uriies teudi.ring o'rs,:rLiitg, that in tho>e Cnun'ir.i wi.ere hol/t Sea i-nd Inland Cviili are ust'd., and ihe Pru//ojiiis uitist purtii^ularly :i/rfii( Comiiiissurj/Loc-eom'J, Guc/">ej/i aiiii Mr. A.-siititiU Cummiisary UumareSq, Jfr^cj. Cou.NTii;s.- llerks, Chesitf, Cornwall (including Scillv^. Cumberland, Dcvdu. l>iir.-et l.'urliam, Kssex, (Jinnei-SK r, Jlanl.s,' Hunts, Isle of Wight, Kent, Lancaster \iiddlesex, Norfolk, Northampton^ Norlhuuiberland, Nottin bam. SIN ARY AUV ANCh OF JiJJPL-Rl-TNl; CLOTlf. AMUEL SALA\3AN, I', Lacoman, Em. broiderer and .iword CuHler, -i, New-Streel, L'ovmt-Gaide'i, begi I. ai.e most respeeKnlly to return his most sincere thanks to his fiiepds in general, for the dislinguished nianuer tiiey have proved the superiority of his matrrials, wurkraaiis.'iip, and moderate ch.irges, by enlpl.o^ i'!g him, ai d expressing llieir highest .T,-ars, is in fail Work, and tVoin the coiivenienee of its siiu ,t 11:1. beiih; o-iry ,-it .-i short dist.auce froia a .\a\ i^'abie Rjvi r and c anal, eapa'-Ijle of being carried outo con-ideralile cxii-nt. (1;^ The I'remises, nhicii are I'reehold, uill be let.for a cerl.-tin niinflier of yeiirsat a fair Rrnial, and the Fixtures, Stock, and Utensils sofd at a fair ValHation. i'he I'llrchaaer may be accoiumodaled w iih the services of a very sci'nljlic Knzineer upon the apoi, and who has at prfsent the diieclron of tn.e cmicvin. Further pn;ticulars mav be known hy apply ing personally or if by letter ( post paid; to t!)twilhstanl^-( haviuj; been I'liilt ouly about rwo vears ; with hol-hnn-e, , ingits Green-bouse. Mild buiMlsonie llower and large waited kit- " chen giirdens aJioiniiig.-^.'V i^ureh.iscr may ban- iin.uediaie ^Mii��'^^��J*''W'^^^^ V^"^^ directions. N B One smajl boHU is sutncient to it>e.i loikj s uress. .ikewise hi� I/^ac, i'm'i, Njinkeen,and Yelloyv.4ivcs. sold �'�^^-Mmil?f��eni, Ar;foU�.wii�..siatcraciit can only be W- nent Ink .'�waA^l'be.Pr.mrietowLiavc diviSed the M�"es into 3.;00 wuccr-. Likewi.,............., ....., . . 1 , j in bot'tWs, jvitli.urop-r dieclions. Also may b? b;}", prr-� thill wM not discharge, �*itli beautiful pink e:Tch,^�i^nhion-.rf whi?h they tire now sel-' .wi S^'��WPubl:c;rtt �heprt6e>f 51. pee Share. Earn I'ur- now irrtyJ eus ^if , litis*' !��* _ fdid;- of Me�rs Kubarts. Cufti�, and tff. lUnlicrs: Lom- ^��lffM, LouOafcc^/wiU Ttiatfe tl�e �atftetn-t''= J2,.!S'J^''0-' Afatthprpayiiiciit of 5/. *�er Share will 5>e �r^wf^t .thfc �ju>iratiob nJfhree monlh* jifffr the clrtse of ^^tipUo&ti-mahliiK aU-iJelheirr.nW-.15/. pet cent, on-*^.109/.^Orei and which il i� Consit^d will be aniply -i ��ilfi>r the pHriWses.prUca�ioftai{he.Offife of Mean. Hi5hmoor� So- HOIJSES furnislied CMtnpJciqly at a .Not pane*, hy few days Jtolire, ioibe lirttotvlc of'modero farhi^on and eler: by MOIir.AN' niid-^jANUERS, I'pbolsterers ami Cibtnet-makers X^f; It) and t7.-. tmiim.^aataorfWMi Sanders have iii-donmction wbufcver with eflny otU� WaT?' house. po-sessio'i, and further pariicolars nmy be kinny.i mi aiipli-c'a'lion (if by letter. p"St paid; to Alessrs.Ll.irkes'and Sevveri, Newpoil, Isle of \V i�iil. May li, 18,.a. lvSiJlA:DLE rilvSIDENt;!': ill Hie IsT.eT)?' __VViGBT.-To be LF.T��nd entered on hiiined:atelv, for a Term of three, fix, or nine years, a singularly de.-ira-ble IJesidence, called CALtJOU R.S 10 LODtiK. sitnuted near the village of C^a'liourne,. .ibonl five nrles frnn .>ew-p'orl. and three from Varnioniti, in inc IjIo of \\iglit, in thecv'iitre of a genteel iieigliboiirhood, .and eofisisiiug of.'; Mo'diTii D\^cIlin.g-house, containing good dining aiKt draw-iog-T'ium's,'bed cliainbVrr, .kitchen, il.ii/y, ;iiid olfier olliees, t-lai^ling in a lawn tx-teliiUy. laid out amC wrll plnul.-d ; a large kttrheiT g'arilcn well stacked wii;i ffnil trees i tiarn, graii^ry, farm yard,' four hoive stable and chais-^-hoiise ; and JO tiOfes oFgood arable, luendow, and pa-lure l.ind in e.inve- iiient Iiiflosores. If wished, lUe I'roprietor will parity furnish Ihe Dwelling-huusc.-i u^ther P.iriicul-irsuiay In- know a nndtl/e Preatses.viewed, on .Ipplicalion lo Atyssrs. Clarkes -lUidiSejvell, Aewpori, Isle of \\ igtjt. _ KAitrtl.-r.. lie in the pd.'ck, \-Hid Lfltle W h. niia n, * wili�in;�Wi� miWs of Capdncl; White Kftfi,'on the Turnpike i RoiitM-itiljiig to Loiul^ni, and six from I p-w ich, cinii.ii.ii::^  - pTcbes of e vCill.-nt .lr~ ! blejral pasture land, in .-C high state uf roltiv.-iiiun, irrn; irr cpnVl^irnl incldsurei, with .good fei-ces; tae w iio!,-te-.irrj" I a' ri.'ig-ffUC*; with a capital and snb-t;in!ial brie.'t Farm-honsc, three Barn-, StahUrig^ Crara''v, ^ "W- ........ ,:irul otUer Ont-buildiiigs, an inn^iei4^in;r ;;.oiid te; a r. Thiire isap.Orcliard,aiid �ouie �x�ellc�^f^Jnni Tte.-- ,' il-o ! Ihrit'iyJlouDg Oak", and njriv Tiii^'rj iioon the Pre-_ Of Jlifcl-�tate50acrpj^re-:old, ihei^tt... n.irr 'Fre�hAH.-*4'o�ct�ionuiay be had.a:,.�icn.'ieliiiasnevi, tie contiguity to t'crn, is remarkably rusiie� and brini;on an easy eminence, and comin.ioding t'le most beautiful and v.t-ried prospects, is adiuralily sitnaied turthe ereclio.i of gen-; leel Houses, or det.iClird V'ill.L,; it. cunpri-e-i a front.ige of .iboot'i.lOd feci, and a hand-omo new (G�|id is d'-igiied 10 pa li fhrougli the Centre of the Estate. The (;ar.->i;eral tlie gr.-;.t house will shew the ground, a'.d p;irticular5 of the Lsl,-te ni.'iy b'e had of Mr. Ilntt/>n. Surv.-yor, D; .m.-inel. S0.u.1-wark ; of Mr. Waisoii, Urulgi-.-lr.-el, �S eateii istcr; .and at the Pitceof Ssle. i for SALE, at 70, Tower-.sircel. on fuLKsu-VY next, the I -Joth in�t. l.Svy. IIliiTs.. very superior Ml.'-iCATEL WINE, e llhds. verv SHperi^r FRO'ntignac, 4 Pipts MADl.lR.-l, i>uij paid, 18 bittii "llia'n. Unto, About io.' U./.en CLARI-.T, 2 t..l:esl NOV LAC. P.ii-ticulars ill tiTie ..f 'lEO. W>j. noWNEVn. TlMUKlt li^r .^ALi-., .iL I'.u ^UF^Oi.K.-^YALUABLE -J>�t.D-by PniVATU CoNTliiCri .a. very desirable s,............. JCSTA-TE,- part Freehold and in.ri CopvhoTtl, sitnai Paris^s lit Washhrook, Gnpd.'ck,'.-Hid Lfltle Wi IpiWtcb ; nbws s Map oi the ttlate om^ Ijc *--ca. ;..iv .. .iusb- siiire. North Uriiain.-lo be ^;)1.U by PR1V"ATE LONIRACT, from'i-i.lKr,; loJJ.if.lO 1-1 li -J'RM .S, all remarkably siwuid and healthj, .la.! vf a iijlre, ad rturit.le quality, fit for joisl.iiig, ri;o(i.j;, S.iar.iin:, �.if I'-p.prs, coalworks, or any oih'ej- jnr i'li' abn/e wm d i, sitnaied witliin three mile, of tlie .Noit.i �i ie .if t,roir.arjf ti:i\, to irhieli liiere ic a ^r iirie> 10 a iO .1 �hi|,piii.j; ]'l.>re, and tlie roads and :ne.niL-s l.irii.i?;i lh>- wijotfsare un-riimini-;.K JC"'oJ a.-d cu.iv lient. ike ir^prii-t r w U de fiver llic woodalllie s.ii,'pi g p'ace 1^:0.1 an aP.i^ale pii. C l> � ris p.lid, nn ! w i-l l;CiJ�^ s;;i cinii-n- ' i' iMi;';'-r to Loud...,, ^e,vc.l-^le. LeiJli, or'.Jtisg-w, if it is the .1 ...S ufnirt r--specla'.de oU'i rer. inmi imodw, wiiirn a.*.- it vt rv g e..� extent, Vie pick of tne ire s li> in.- abive s.^.i-u., ,1 nta',!/. , will be given, and the lern.s of pii\n;;iil wil; lie mule v, 1.-it-.'i-r.t. .\f same pi tee. and in - une ajanu-r �Ije t.ii.i, 26iK) Fir Trees of sitper:..r dinen-ion. i,, liic, lUove. iif

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: May 22, 1809