Thursday, May 11, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - May 11, 1809, London, Middlesex ;. J. ^?h'cc�anc of t.'n* JJvcnitijf. (fur Ihnl .Xi^hl only) a .Vptv fo'iiii: r-aicd JOll-N' LULL IN TOWA ; or iJrni,U To which will h fl, *V, Mi>--!.-al /� irtertd.'iiueul of "'piclifHli) be had of jMr. liiiirrv, N>(. iol, Halton Cliirilen ; jBlorJIr. liraml J�iHT. /nflKATllK UOVaL; HAVMAIIKET-On I'^MOVDAYtwxt. tW iruh of Mhv. ISlW, be '�Tj(ie-l'.H.i<Jv ..t" Ihe l)llA41^'nS.T.-r-n<iiivillc,..Mi'. liA;:i " "�"  -  -............. rliilK Secoj.d KXUnimON of DRAWINGS, A by lh -n. TAST INDIA GOODS.-VVant-d a vat ety of ^ sn.\\TLS andSnAWLHANDKERCini.fS.-and any "lliif curious. Articirs of IndiA ifi-iidwe.- A|i|ilv to JOHN DAY'I lis, of Boiid-sUeet, Liiieij-dnijifr, dirrcily i'liNA to the SOLD.-A present from the liuipfriir "of Morocco, aliout niwe months'old, perfectly ; iaiDt-; and us Iinrm1,�s as any diiint-slirated Animal,-May be I Tiewed Willi cards ou apuiilMtiiin to .No, ati.cKsiex-iilreet. W Koorlrrnth N;/it.�.f:ihc"Ne<yNitn�i=-al Sp^rtact< <*,i�liKli..'cdiitJfiui- tO;�v<. !v ^ *iMl COU.VCRV OA-NCii. I.y^ .slit ii^r^'Iilhtiinp, a lu-w *."aiilical ^rcladi.-, vmisiMijig of jtititativc, Snop^, Duets, tilees, UimI i:ii(iru-Jts; witli.aii. Strouil. _ rr^O yAHlSH CLliltKS, &c.-a Itewara^yf tJL FfVE (.t'lNKAS will be paid f� any pirson pro 'darir;;: Ibc" C ' furly mUifs of London, on ap|U.^i:>(; lu Vll" trept, Weljclose-square. W^DMAN.-JrDatud'l Wililman, J ----- Msferrffi�ia*fS;T- Mi. Carter, >o. lamiiii) ^y*^"'^''"W's i-'^'ip^oy. lyit .iliipe Dnnrtug.-^To (�<iuclu pilal recemly erected ik�i tlie t^lle, the Chalk ClilVa extending to'lhe Souib flirliiiJ, the North and South l*icr-beade, tlie Sea e.\t.nd-;�j�;lltt-Coast-.of,J-"rance,."which, �iih tlic SleepK-s of tifetiisdijlinctly sr^a.i.a the dislance. 'Jhe wli>He tijj variety of ships, boaC;>, tigtic'S, &c. Cojieitliu-tntonitnufs opt-n.  �  'T ONUUN, FKMALfi PhNlTjZvTiAia'.- JLJlht ASNi-.\i. MEETI.VGofjlliis.t!Ocicl>,.ui;i beheld tlvlcl*M(lj)nd ^'"''biv the J;;tli "^tMij,eleven oclocK, v�Iien tin- pr.ieeediiigj in ?/)t D)UM)itl2e ijurinjr ihe \ast, ear will be ,pj;c)rl.-d; nnd 'iliifrbusiars-curibccledwith the'd'eneral .Meilii;; iraii.^acted. THOMAS i'Kl.l-All, &,-ciciar>. . H. V, lit Chair wilt, be taken iir.;ci3ely at Twelve i tUwIu. . ' ;-";')NS UF TlJi'. llVl,U(7i . rllE RKllKAilSAL of t\xK MU>IG to be pcr-fomifjlatllic.Aiinivvr.-iary MeeJing or"tni> fiiAK^rV', TillbeiritKetatJiedral Church of .sJ, rani, on lue:i;iay,the �'jik, 8ii(i llie Auiiiveijary ou 'l"hur,iday the l.'-^ih of I'.+aj, .......... lord , t!ir- �i�>-.......... -...............................----. - . Ihe |3aSirlJKMtV JUVl.Il.S, li.,rt. A..M. STi;WARDS. The Kt. ir.'>ii. Cti.1'5. ITowcr, Lold'.^iayl;r. Sir Jas. (.raham. Hart. M.i'. i The liev. the l.Viiii of VVin-f;ir?(er.- Honey Merchant, (leceiited, will apply to WANTKD, ati Appke.vtici; by a ]>nA fcn in the Conniry.^-.As ihi� sihiulion ioii olfir^ j� t paid. XTtTAISITs a sitaatioa as JIot'SEKtKFEu, of \^ C.p6k and Ilot'SEKCEPEB, a per^-n th.nt ivould pre/(?f'the.XJoUi^ry.-Address to Si T. at Mr. Reed's, jb, Ucrparditriiei, R"u-iel-*qaare. __ 'A.N.TS it situation as VaI-KT i<� a sinule <; : if io town would he preferred, but ha� no objection l� inivellinft, and can hsve an unjrniahle (wo years character .-.A line addressed (post paid) for .a. IJ. at ,Mr. Taj lor's. Hoot Maker. No. �^ \ Old Uond-streel, will be puntiu.illi attended to.-N. B. .No hjertion to a Job. WANTS r,m|)l ynientiii Town or Country, a Young Man who writes a good h.nnd, and uiider-stnnds cnmimm arcunts, eilher with a Merch int or I'rade.''-man,'Or to lake iinlers. which be has been U'l-rt in, \viitild have uo objenion tn attend on a (JeHllenian iwtravc' nr H'lt.. The most re�p.Tiable references can^be given hi.Tct fur" G. Ct. at Mr. W.illls. .No.'2, .\e�CH.-tle street, Sinuni CITkIIOVMAN of the Ksiablisbisl Church, A 'fitnple> Imf,"^Holbqra, be will bear of sumething^^reatly .tobisiidrantajp. UBMC NOTICK-A Spailish .Mercba-.t of-fer. lor �ale a quantity of X KR l;S and l�ORT WIN ICS, and a� Ibey are the prodnre of ihe Ksl.ilesof hi? own rainily, �(le>idi'nts'of Xeres i)e l.a Frnnlera and l)>.uto,} h- is enabled to do it for inoue\, at a rale wfll ivorthy Hie iio'ice of econiiinist.-,. Hf. per doz. Imitlf, inrlnued-Appliralioni to be made Id Mr. Samuel Cornet, No. Ij, Ariindle-sireel, Stniud. . , _ LAW.- A. ytfinx^ Man, of rc-pcctabb-coniicc tions, who .lias peen iifne yr.irs in the pror?'>*ion. and has herded lii)>.4^rrlo.hip in London, withes fora silaalion In an odice ofTe-periability on the sea coast. He is perfectly competrfiHo coHilnci.the/5 fii, out lialf theprice. Sold o'niy b> the l*al. niee, l.'il, Cli-ap^ide. ^ " N. IL None are "the re;i1 I'aient Mixture of l.nglisb'bax but ivUal aie marked wiih llie Signature fien. Li>h<-. ^ffVo^thfe Admirers wf l-MiTlNCjOVlM-XIl JL I'rize Wines-I'mir hundred Do/en of em-elleiit Vin de Grave, at ttis. per Dozon ; and Five b'iinilred Di./en of French Port, atSls. per Dn?,en, Itnllles included ; a Wine possessing all the ricb:irSi orof CydcTand JVrry to her M.ijesty and their Royal lligtfHes ;.MjuJ^tffiU^Jwu^ ------- or rriend may rely upon every tender and^pr ipei- :.iieii(ioii being sbewa t-t .-lirh as shall be intru5ie�r to hi' ch;)raf.- Liber;il terms will he ex peeled, as references of high r^-siieeta-bility will be given.-Letters (postage paid^ addre>,fil (a Cr. (.. ISalsOu's Coffee-lioujc, Curnhlll, Luiidon, will be-.-illendeit m. FOUII PiaVATt: PUHILS._A tnarrCter-gyiiijia, who resi'le* at Ins living, Iti miles f-l fr-'ni Jlyde Park Corner, receive" Four I'rivale J'up 1? ii.di his J''aniii;, under Ihe ase of tuelve yerirs. 'J'he\ wili lie in-Wucled iu the I'.iiglir^'n. < coniprisin* Oralery. Coinp.i-j'iui, iin d. J.aeh Cliild will have a .eparr.i.- U'i!, .I'ld .".H "i-lile aU'-lliion will hetiven [o ^rnui.d lli'-n". in jir-(KT prinei-pIe^, f.>rm llieir inaiiner>., en-nre their lieallii. a ul iirmii'iie their The Term* >f ellPr-, I:)/, () .ed iin-ii- llif nioiJ piii);;:.i!i' euilrw ra.-s-nu'iit.-', frijni ui.expeeced iMi-f<iriune�, iri'Iv n*ihie nf ti'ieir (.uQerings, she fee!., il kiT (liity on (lii-ir ]i.irt to MihMi'.t this for ibe con-ider.ition .if Ihi* humane and henevolrr.;, I.'anerrd tn hope their sorrnvs u ill be inifigalei! \)\ ;t ?!eri;1er .�inl. uhlrh nill ilievilabU prevent farther iiii�erv.- -Nfiy (!ne;:ili'ln, hiuv-e\er ^mall, will be acknowledg d nith inirei:;ni-ii i^ralmnlr, ami leceived by Mes-rs. Mai'sh, .'^ibh.ild, ;iiid ( o. jNn. tl, Jlerii'T's-':!feei  Fuller ;ind Co. (^lrnhiIl; Devavii.-^, J)t�.!. ,|iid (; !�ppiiration. ONK or t�o M.NCiLh ij l-.iM'J>l..\l li.N . c pect.ihilitv, wisaiiig to avoid the llll^lk� nf London, bul.vvhu mighi be obliiied Io go tlierp often, ai.d therefore would be glad 10 reside at an easy di.'itance trnm il, niav he .irronimndaled in a sniall geritcel private lainily uhfre liirre are no children, about ihjrty mile* from Ihr Slelriip good. Linexcepiinoalile r.-ierenees wiU be ttiven and expecied. Tbi.s ini^ht suit eiiner ?t>i;ie eUetIr i;r midJle-ai!;.?d gentleman, or mie or iwo young men who Would w isii to improve them.-elvt-s in ilill'ereni liranctie^ 4 flOirSK to be let, for the Summer,, neat--TjL H o�se.-*i>m), the f.I^.ASF of a valmi-ble aii.l well estaldished SHOI* and PRFMISPS in the l5Lt)l Kiuid MAST MAhLNGTRADK, most eligibly >i-Inaied on Ihe riverside. A well a-sorled Mock to be taken at a fair talualinn. l-'or further partit u'ars applv to Mes>r^, Be.) and Brudrick, Su'.icitun, 43, Bow-lane \'OWSON,in aplensaiit airy situation, with a goi�d >Jou fr und�TA idue in the King's Ibioks.-A pply t.i Messrs. Colleil. Wiuiburn, ami Cillett, ^o. ti'J. Chaiicery-biiw. _ 00dk0r'D7"i^ytOH, or WahhariKto*^ 's^nmws riMn�s. AlW ^.-w� "ve description. ,ire requestedlosend a liiie nienttwtini particulars4jf reirt, &r. atidres^ed to C. Dt al Mp. I'hipps, l.Tpholjlercr, .\o. 9t), Wnilecliapel. S fTPTO f" IG HI.-/TcTiin pletely Fu s'..-* t sii iHJ llOlsr. to be Lr,r, Twelve Jlonlhs; rnasi^fiiif of l��o .�"iiiiiie-nioins, three, or if required TiOr bc.-t bed-rooiii�; tlic >unie fur servant- ; four '-'.iilleil stable and coai'h-house ; all i>iil-nllice me Sourhward of Rjde.-Po!s-.^>i.iii ii?.:; iiiniitL. or a� figreed on.-^.Apply, if fty letter, post-paid, Ic (;. S. at Me-r<. Winche-!,T,'.'st:ilinneni, b;raii.i; where pari'eiilars and a r.'f.'renee m;lj be hart. A^TTf.D (.. I'urc.hHSf a FJlKElTOLD V. d House or .>d milsl lie also gnnd ; dist.inre t'mm l.oii^..f. friiMi -ill bli inil,�j.-P.irlirulars may be adifrci'.f-d (t>n.�t p.vid) tn .Mr. .Miiore, No. 3, i'erey slr.'ef. BeiC'nrd-snnar.; W"^ AlTfONTlEATfi, Surry, 18 n^ile* fm^ l.onrton, and three from Riegale -"Io h- "SOL!) |iv J'RP.Ari.t ONTRACT.acnmpait LKASi-.llOLO CUT-TAGI. urni, with large Garden, Ingethi-r with Two !.(ijc adjoining, and 'JVn m.-.-idOw t'i,.)i:^. 'ihe wlinl" rompri^T.g 11 Acrei, with ilniiiifiled f glu ef Cmniiine.- Kor pariiculart enquire of M^. Juhu Arliss, t-i, L/aIth''^^mr^T Cla�e, We.�t .'smilhfield. OUl.l.i�ai lU ij',1, rf^IlF, valuable and cttcnsirt- COM.IERVof JI. RCMKOKD upon the K-tate of Parkhall, inliie i�a-rish of MOiravoaiid.? and County of Stirling. rbW Co'!liefy coilJ|irohpDds a veryJarge'nn-1 proven firbl of excellent Coal, posse-ses an exlcHjive �alr, .U bnel free, works a jjiiod Seam of 3 feet, at a depth of fr.>in seven In eijlit fatnoin- only, is well roofed, will turn out an* {juuntitv of tiial of the very best quality .enjoys the adv.-unnijei nf rlla tiine, liv f'alkirk : or to Mieliail t^niiiiii;, Cler.i |.i th- .'^ignet, Ldiuborgh.-;Vlr. I (Sif, ;�f tlie C'ollierv. will sh-'v fri.- �v..rkv V K I'D At-Ll I-Iv/i., .Ajiril .:h, l.-h/i* ' S"^1IE Coinviitsionersfur t^ictuallinf II.sMnjss~ M. t>i's rSavij f'li Ifre'iy ffii'k Ai,//.f, l/iat on FrVdus, I/k Villi i'_/i\lay m.rt, iheyicUl Itc rcniiy Iti itirirc '/'rutiiis in Kiid'ig, (ffiili'l u/i ) mill trif fur /A* �Mp;j'(/''>i"v o)� it-p,,l r*^^,Ua,ty, o/ SKA I'liO V IS IO .\ :ia.l FKI..Si-f 1! 1,1^1' lo 'lis .Majesty's .ships ail'l V.e...s !li ihe 'JcniUr,'or iouir Vfr^nn on hi< I'l-half^ it.'ti.nd^ to (insirf r tr/ifn tn'lni for. Sori^^il ony j'-iTjer I .'lat cunlitlrtt -tii J IV J.. ...viy. JOM.-. ''W^HK (kmmis^iontts Ji>r f''iclatiUnJ itt.x Ma. M. Jeti' niei';t\olii:!, tUni on Tueo.l.iv, tht'iid iuiiiinl, Ihi-^ u\II h- r ."I'l '" r'-e'u'f fr'uttn i>i i-ri/TJiT (>ci!*d up) und t.r.U ,�/T VV L V" L 1} L'.N L>RKU MU-LLor l)RK:sS!:i) CA.NADA .Sl'AV.' S. to consiu of i'ipe, iln;;shea(1, and Harrel Si.ive.-acii lienili.ig, ?'� (/zey'o/-l>juii>^^.{irnj,,rtt;n!i, e.':.-l'l,ie i-l'z'th pait<. lin^-liead 4-l!ifh parf. ii;irri-t .1-1 iili p'.rls, an.l lic.i.liiis l-lCth part ; (j lie a-.H:i'^i'U into tlf t utiin'ting SLur.i ill Deptlnr.l, Fiii'L'-nvmin, :.nii I'ljnmnili ; in hucH q ntitits m may hr.rtniUr ie dtUriKined up'iH^ uiic lia'J th rt.:/' b-./ the tiljl J5 qua:itily Ihati Ofle Hundred' MiHe will beadm.tted. ^N o regiurd iciH hr had tn any Tender tn �/�rA th'. Price shall not be intcrtetl "i KertU at fcn.^f A, ..r tAot iha I n-il be it''ii.ireA to Ihr. Itnnrd hrfore One i.' on tne mid Tiresrlav, the 23d fistant, I'ler unless the fjcisvn rlio mukes the Ten-c'�', or Koine person on A� tiihalft alicmis, la entiieer h-" rnllm for. " iRA.NSHORT-OFFftl';, Apr,U4, 1809. ^B^IIR 0>mmix!iion-:rs for conducting His AIo' JL jrstj's Transport Servicr, for taking i ure of Sick and \y iiunded Semr.en, and for the Care and Cwludy of Prisonirs vf' If'ar, do herehi f;ife nvtlce, that ihei/ Kill be rr.adg at tfii* Ollic).. en I'hurschv. the ifitii M.ay. lSo9, lu receire teaUd jen^lerx, and treat teilh tuck I'erians at may br teitling tir �ontratl for Ih'.performance of cerjnin \\l)tiKS proposi-d to !>.-dt.t>�* nt the Royal Ninat Ihwpital al Ueat, io the Countv of Kent. _ ^ > r The Tenders arc to specify a time for f^e eoifffletion of the Work�. No Ttftder Kill te recrired after Om o Cinck on. Iht Aay of Trtuly^i nor any naiice^ unle'T the I'afty, or an Afftnt for him jn-rtannllij aliend. E-ich Tender must be accompanied kg. a I titer from tico raftclabk I'eraons enf adzing to fieroint buurtd Kiln tlx. ferton tendering, in ttis sum u/2003/. for (A* due utrfurmance bf ihe Contract. rarther parlirulurt may he knoxn, nnd Draicingt of /4> prvpo\ed iVuTkttttn by applying at this O'fire t, or tu Vftlf. Mir iJowers, iWy. tiuiicrnvr vf tit Jt^jai :ta:.-.l Uotfitat at Vie*- rZMf CO ACM.MAKER'S, parlitiularlv llio.'.e in ' .."''-'r<--^'^'l '" C.Micehi. will lie treated With.- i al Vr. (. Uason ., tionk-eller :.m; S ., loner. No. (., North For puiliculrrs apply U mK liu:h. No. G, Qra!ilv-cou.l, i Audlcy-strcet, Ora=-cnor.,square, wii, answered in a tew  v.n| i..iu ^.IJIIt 1 rfl. , "M � .... .. ... ...-----.1 nlwiiiSwuiun will be preached before his (inive llie Lon .ilrcljliii.lm)i lif s iinter'.oii-j, liieir Loiilfiiips lii.- Li-hej).. Uk lii�blliiiii.tlie L.ii-d, AMeriiien. f-leigy, Ac. iiy Ihi iliiRiijsUnghtTfSiJHe iTuWe >ftoi,K?C,'. ili'lirace ilie La..-VrcIihishop , ufVurk. |leltl.lMiJ. LiirlPercv.* Rl. licv. llie Ui.l5i"sbop j The Rtv. Rich. I'rnsser.I). I). ufUfreftir.!. V'Kt. Rev. the W. Bishoa �f Ultij-ne.  till.Hum. Ld. lirownJow. letttUon. Ld. Uun.laa. n. M.P. . - .. ... ... the Oyeriure of Lsiher. Mr. IMlinieii Te Oetii.....nd. Jubiiafe. \�illi hi; Chorus (iiyMrfsiii!!,  ilalicliijab, foj the Lor i dod On!ni\io-,tei*.ieihan Aulipiii composed ou purp'-sc fer this �ly liv Or. l;.i\ve,aiid hir. llnwiers (iiar.d t or^ipntioJi J!ie Music to lie foiitfiic i.y Str VV jlliam Pur-Mbs.L. Le;id.-tof llie liaiid ..i-..>s'l,a.iv. |llielMiirii,f HieCathcdraryiH In- � ji nrd al T g!ons, SI. I�aiil*� cHwJi audofJuhaCacoii, IvbJ. ! iisl-FruilS-OlDce, . Jf, Sl^^itis. Wi. "''"'Fharity ^vitl be tiiankfuUy received by ^baciia, |.>q. Tiea-urer, and Charles llicknett,'Lsq. 'iLM-drii I, rrire. - .eri-farv lo f'le St.-\� aids.- CRtNCH (iOOlvS, just itnportetl from Wart.-*- . "-DULAWanaCo. beule.-ive rc^-pecffnlly <o infotin ��malufrsof FRKNCU UTURATURI-.,tha�hes have rj"* . Hv�.-Aii:ilv�e d'uii foot* rfi' Dr^tJail.DU y***'''! AnSitetnitdu Cerveau, d'apii-ss'm .*>)�ieiiie, I >*"'-^ tr, traduerton iiimvelle, a%ec le Plwie.iiar DKreaih-^UelaniaMe,del Ae.ideuiie- Fran-^Uul. Bvo.^Tacite, avec le lexte. m-iiv. trad, par TWiimalle, S vol. Svo.--Ariaxercjr 'J'r;.J.'die, 3 "�Wr Drlrbti, 8�a.->La Dall^e on la (-iiierre dw DVeux '*�v*M!.&c. Kxneetediii afew days, Aljihoiise, ou IJ.latJ of wiiicU �m be dcfiVered griitis in Soho- J'BUeR^fAN, 'No. ^q^, Uxfour-suect, l^arthf?Pantheon, Soperfinc Cidourman l his -Ma-T*�^Prfnce�scs; innst respeclfulty begs leave to in-*-M(Mic,-tbiit he has brought bis C'OLiJUli  for a.fjtja GLASS to sudr perfection, lor beauty l^*Mylbej ate "notio be cqaalUd.' ooid io boxes, Wmea^ach, nlih proper dircclioiis.-Wis SupeiHne |j5?T*'Akts, whic^ wilt ivork CilUer iu oil or wal -^""^T^?* Varoish'for Pixiiifing on Gbiss, at J� 6d. ,,(j^~AU9� bcaaliful Liq'iid tudia Inkv which ii jHjKS' , w bicli fre an.l SIMKI TS, .JK for SAf.i: by Mes.rr�. I.O.SG.MA.X and Ciinpinv, .No. 1-. .N'.irf.iik-street, Slranl, on the li-tliwiuj; rea^nn.ilile lerms, for (eady money - I'uri lo \:i>. lieriln/en; sii])--rior old Crii-led diltn -Itis. to -i.Ss.; Slierfy i,-. lo -is.. ; >u,,e-rinr Pale d'H" .^"s. to ; U est tnili.i .\laileir.i (il!-. t  lii>-,; t)id 1-I.n�t llldi.'l dilio (i.-ss. lo /J'. ; I me nhl i\r\ i i-b ..i J Is. ; Superior Old Cl-ir.-i |iUs-. I'ine Olit ( o-i i .c I'.raivly; .lama r.t Rmiii; llol.and. 0ARD and lodgings, Miics from ^ Loodon.-An Elderly I.^ldy or Gentleman -{keepin.g a (!arriii^e) may be arcimmodMle'd wifh Board and Lodging f'.r the Suumer Season, in a (leiifeel Family, consisting of <i (ientlemaa nnd his Wife only, where every'aecoiiiniMflaJioii �;�'dedlhem. The llouse i.� ple.isantly .situated in p ^ the C"U�ty of bucks, withfn live miles of Windsor- riie S STKYNi';,,�iUGirrON.-To be Sold by Fui-ViTE CON'thact, a capaciniis MANSION HOUSI., on the ICa-t side of the Stevne, with a Ironi to Lasl-streei, lately occupied liy the Riiht Ho:., the l-.arlof Craven, wilii Co'ieh-house, Stable, aud Odinv, cnniprising every coirve-iiiente for a larxe I'urnilv. The I'r.'iiiis-es are^ ('opy hold, al a small certain liae "ii death or alienation, which renders ihem eqti.a! or to Ffcchold. The Furuilufe may b'e taken al .an appriisenient. Particulars may be had of Messr;. Legcalt an! Vander Guelil, Solicitors (raven-slreel. Strand. SURRV, 10 miies from I. mdon.-To LET. 1 nrai'lied, ,-i very desirable COt; .\ r/lV RI '.SID i; .S (' i , w ith (ia'iU'ns, Mibting. ard two Paddocks, cntaining-i.. Arr.-s, siiu;;le in a h.-aiiiif-.1 an ! sporting part nf the ('..iinty ..f Surrey, only H) miles from London. I'he House is sealed ..ii .-i Lawn, nn.i coolaiia .imply arcnmmoitations fnr a family of the first respi'italnrily, with double Coach-Tioiis.-. five sial! Sf;ible. Hitrness ronin.'&c. ; l^easure-grour.d. (hardens, and C.reeii house. Immediate possessii.n may be had.-I'rin-cip.'ils may ri c-ive Tiekels, and further particular?, on.".ppli-ition t 1 VVinstsnb-y and Son, I'al.-rMo.ler-rnw. Advertiser heihg more .actutiled by thewi'-h of having agreeable Society than pecuniary motive.'^, bnyes no "ifne yviU c i apply but those wh.isec*anirter n-fll hear the slriclest sciu- i wa r. ; tiny. - Lrllers pn.l-p.iid, addressed to M. B. tu be loft,it Mr. ! fen< e 1 VarvePs. Hair-dresser, corner of T,ivisiock-street, Govern- 1 toft .Garden, meuiiooing-real Names nnd Address, will be duly atlentled to. llE CENSOR, Saturday Paper, devoted to T ^ L0-;TER- eiident Strictures on the most imuorlant subjects of passing I'olilirs, Foreign anil Domestic lolelli^ence to the b'lur �>� pablicatioii, 1,-iw and I'oltci Reporls, J-Vhionnble Mis-, reltinv, Aniiy Pioinoiions. Lloyd's List, Prize Paymeuls, "^i-'ifl^"','^^:'f'"'' '  . ' ,. ' ncw-ii'^cnled liro ler. uhich elT^^cTuallv an^swer. .he pi;rpose l�*eNumberforn=xtSalur.l;.y w.l+contamaLcUrrfoMr. : of the Gridiron w ilhout any of its .ncmveniences, .Jit loav \\iudh�m,.m Parliamentnry Retorm-i w ith every article of be used without waiting fora clear Kre, ther. fore p.,nieular>y iug taken Ihe old-rslabli.hed Shop of Mr. D.AVVI S, b.-cs leave to inform llie I'ublic that he has laid in a fns-h and genteel a-s-irlraeni of goods in the above line, which he r.ill tell upon Ihe niost jnodera'le terms. W. IL A. begs leave at Ihe saine time to ret->mmcnd his JnfuricalioUf use^jl or iutercsting, that may occur in the Week. . Or(ti�rS for the Censor received by .nil the Newsmen, Gcrks of th* Koa:!s, Postinasiers, nud at Ihe OlDce, No. 1, Cathe-jiqe-streel. Strand.__  EAVFlRaud \VA I E�S-l*ROOF >iLK HAT.S, Messrs. IRFMAKV �nd Cc. respectfully tsfiirm the Public, they having disposed of their Premises in Liidgale-itreol, now'cnrry mo their Business jir^-fy at their M&i;ttfnc-tory, Alfred^ place, opposite Christ Cfcurch, Surry-sidc of ; theful in T.-iverns .-ir.d Inns, or yi herever expedirion in ctx.k'-; -nig i< ijecessary ^ the steak, cnnp, &r. drps-ed m it cuiireL i rebiins the gravy, sind is served on the table delicate, neat, and clean. N. B.-VV. H. A.hfts .ili" surcecded Mr. Dnwet in rhc j mannfactorj- <if bis P.-itent Air Trips, lo prevem smells from : drain h�d, or long LeaseliJld l-Jt.ales. where the pariie* have >lem**'T>estbeaver, Set and ptifem silk baU. �s. finiibrd ^ jjn absoLuc interekt, and on whiclf Iby rea� m of i.i= pres-ia the first style t>f fashion,, duty rtnd paper boX Ihcladed, -�,',rcof iheti-Jies) lonry canMt be ob/aincit upon ; eoe.-diu miatitvijlo those now Charged from 27�. to S'.to. tt^ Jmd eight ycari^iurchaic w;!l I:k-.-*i>e he given for trfoiiiions. G�iitlewiwa' (rtilitwyv Offrn, Lcchorn/'; Lives Jecwred on the Wke prnpertv. the In<er..,i or Vmnivefv bni*. Vub linifies and chiiaren's of erery 4eieri|f- ; Money in llie Fiindj,<;hnrci| Prcfermi^nt.or .Mar.mgo Sriil.--timi. .aoQ newest �Wir*n� on the �anje rediicnl plan,^^ A ' mcnlf, where fhe parlies have only a L:f,: Interct. tn vrietv tepl fmisriied ready for iaspeclion. LrttetiM^ovl e,UiercasJslhejrnWBr will h.i�c the power of redeeming tne '.mid.'durvaiieniH-itto.and-whenpaclUi'gcJJJMarefqpiiied, ,Bme.. Aiipir .|KTsoiiaHy, �r by l^ier fpo!tp.iid; lu Mr. 4�sfijo.tbextniChar5e.  jl,al^, ^.yliSrKMiU^WIaBd-strtct, Slond.

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