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Publication: Courier May 3, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - May 3, 1809, London, Middlesex r � '.2 � '� '�' Price Off. f-.Mr.SAW). r.j�ird UAL r-w^izt^ T> M V.VY wlMCI-., Ar.l.iiJ.lSi) . � -it iitii-j ^ HUioblic); UncU", .7 D, nji I,/ i/,r Cnulracf trik fi h\n,t 'of Htc Tuifhr wnt) &- liitn ulVtti Of,cv, ,i,ii ,�> �Jrntirr niU lie rrrri'-iil t;;U-r Uiitu Clock lUiy :irt- i)ul>!i-!i.'i1, in Svi. jiriI{|T.\ 1 S -IJy Lurd !>ili;i"l lEM) I'utilisiicil l>v rJc()ri�.-and Willi'i-.i Niful. IJn .l,t,'.!iT> ii> iVl.ije-ly, i'all .M;ill, .1. A iiiriu-, I i ' VV;..-,e muv lie tiiiu, iiiiri- 7-. T r.laiii. nu-nt� l{9cpli Ker* thaw, (U-ni. t.i i'-iiii;!! lo fil.-uimni Hijhrr Divbioa li'v^linnil ; itriir-rl Curcliall, fitnt. In hciliiriita ihe fcey-lajij .iiiil t)rn;c'- mI; l�.-eiinMit j .ttihri i'h;!iips, G^Bt. In be (tiilii lo llic i r:irt'fi!-liimsi- |li'!;'.inciil ; Jiihn Bcthuiie* (Jem. to lie Uu- l'r bcrt Let-e, Hi-i;t. ID licftiii.; lo l)(f l>t .-VtjJ.llcti'i) Ji'f^-imcun VVilliattt t li!;i'l. t; 1^1.. lo J.c .1:1(0 t.i :l!ie 5(1 Midrtleton Ri^.. iiu-.i j IVt.t.N cLiiImiu, (io-if. 10 Ue dillo to the Warring" -1 WliVO^SHIRE CLUB ;U s-  Jl}iiiierpt!r�!Kty�ti>ix o'clock ' Burt. IN cimscqucricc hf the iti-sofnOtJns' of tliu I ra-� Inrielorsof East India Slock; iisifeinbrfa >c=tcr.1jiy, al t:o rilv-Lf Lunduii Tuveni, ljEmbia.ce tlie.carlicsi oiiportsniiv nfjfciirinfwy �9iWJt�!rf�criniiriti.)iii>fgoliixto ilu; llallot, iheiitli May ucst,.�n*J bi-e Jcavc n.rciieat my HMC"e umrr.'in V"'�, ;bal if succosful iii my ohjoil, a will lie in��A'ofiy �" I>ra*e lijjtis.elf � ^'Corlliy' "T tliat luiiiouraloi- siln:!-,i',,, nbiFl� 1 am Wxi>iiM ti� ohlain'li.v menus of vnir '�affragrt. 1 have the honour to be, willi t'l'e grraicst icsiioft, . . ^ Ladiir*.imJCfiitlcinei!, Your most devtiti'd ifrv-ml, ; -  - JOHN CIIAMIKIl. firnsv'rnnr-Jilw. Avril2;u 1809.. Mr.CIIAMIER's CO.UMI.TWOR ivHl n.r.t �vrrv d,.v ffiin l�i li'l fiv? ti'clock,ii� l^lly i>li dav of iiallnt. Mv pCfti'iiii""^ to^^''("'^-'t'"^�'^"cd .1 mark of vour Kindiies'' ' arewiiiidrd upop ^scrviceof u|iwJirdsottwciily Jvo uvii.- in lodi.i.amla^aithfuiaini zealousdischuf�e of ifiv dnlV lo tlie l"offl|Wiiy. . Sh'oHli} y"H ii'oiv be pleased to confer ii|ion iiie � culive Biid>-j I will'evince my (^r.-iiitude, by devoting llic : �Ifole �if my lime IP, y"ur imporlaiu coiiuerifi, and make t lie ni\iniU of'fhe CoiUJiaii.v the eoveniins�ibjeit and jirinciple ff By conduct.., .Ifaiivfl the honour to be, Ladifs Uf\ fienlleni.-ii, � Y.nur fnithfut-anil iibedicnl Servant, /D.IVvflwIiireplnce, April-29. JOHN TAVl.OK. CulbncJ Taylor's Committee meet evr ry day at ihe K ing's Head Taveni,in,tbe,l'oirtiry, from Twelve to Four o'XlocU, tthtre any friendly coinniuuicaliuus will be tliaiiktii'.ly rc- frired. � ' _ __ l'HE�TEi(;.\E,2'jtb April, ISiffl. R.^Di\ORSHIRE.--At a; Mieiing of the. GKX-TLKMliN, CLr.�GY, a-id FRLKllOLDKH^. of ikeCoiintyjjf RADNOlf, held this day atlheToivn Hall, id Presteigne, irna W'l^llTTAKER, Jvsq. High Sheriff; in the Chair. U was Resolved, i Thai ihe'Tfmnls bf this Meeting he given to OniJliiii liiqdWnidlej EfQ. for hi# Independent and intrepid cxer-tiaukWliromnliiigtlieinveMij^tion into the rondui t of ilie Ule'Coniinandcr in^Ghief ofliia Ufajcsry's force?. Tlial�hiIcJweackiiowJe''jfe wilh ^ratUuile our Snverelijn's palenalVegard Jo his subjects, and,his patriotic endeavours tuaiMiidtliesiluatiiiip and lighten the burdens of liis jiei.ple, ilijaur'iipi'nion lhatit is only by the persevenjuce ai;d teni-  j)eial�lrnine�9 of such men'iiB.'yobiiiel \V;inllp, that a due andtpecdj effect can be given to his Majesty's benevolent in-IflMions.' .'' HiiUhe Sheriff be re�{uc5tcd to fign these Rcsoluiiuns in tteamne of the Meeting. i (Signed) JOHNAVHlTTAKER.Sheriir. ..TbeHijhSlieriiriiavingqoiited the Chair, , Resnliedi f hat the Thanks of this County be given to the JiigbShrrilifforhisreadiiiesii in" convening the .Meetlii;;', and ^^rliisahfednd iinpartial roiirinrt in ihc c;iiair. _ A" SINGLE LADY of Family and Ctiarailc.r 'wishts, fortbesakcof Siigcty,to reside wilhafaniily . oflhelMghest respectability. In a gmid .iiei^hbonfhontl, it .^ilibemiich preferred where li carriage is kc|.t, thi; hemiiy pilkrtdimlly residrncPTtml that of the mmmndiiii; c:)iiiilry isaraalcrialohject. it is cerMi'i'-iy not wished more than 10 miltsfftim Ilie Aietropolis. iiiid if with '20 the moro cl-gih|e. Afamilywlitre there are children will be objected to.-|i is, J^quwien no one will answer tnis Advertisement but .with waJnamrsj and whasesituatiitfn in life, and nft-.-crencesatc MeKcpUonuble. Letters must he post-paid faddressed !0 J)>H. at Mr. Hodgson's, Bookseileni, comer oi Uiniiioie and fareat Marybane^rtrt. iil'IUMAN FLUTE.-This lUy is iviiblislied, MPfijeJs-fid.iiifollo-WR/GG'.s linpr.ivrd 1-I.ini-; illKChPTOR; or, tlic Art.of irt.iving the (l.-rwin Jlatc Knaereil eawf to-every rapnpty. The contents are, a co-piout set �if Iiptructions for a Fl'ile one key iili.iiis lo a� large aS~they may be Veqinred in rxecuiinn, from jnc^nneDsiymofihc Cabiuetto that of ihc Drawinj; lloom ; .nre dj.-pljijed in impanneUed and other dh-irilmlioa-', {* Which lhoy*�Ha6enipt an endless variety in every style �'""""^'""sdor.kanwn. ij.touperhavitigdtvntedthegreittestpartof'his time lo  wesindy oi Atciiitectural Paiiiling, under the que eil'-rt,- m� TiiANsportT-oi-Kici;, AprilTi,'Jaj 'or condadin^ lUi Ma. .for iaking Cfire of Skk aii.i ihe C.rc kuiI Cvit^dy of FtUuves �cc, tliui Ci.ey ailllt itHll'i tit litis j , -..... (iaij iif May ISOl*', lo riceive nppl\ing a liCTAT or BO.'V.AS* i"' the cojjvevance of Siefc amV KccoVereJ Menfr.Hn luid lo Ship-HI Porls-noutli IfarbDnr, and for the g.ncral se; vice of Ihc Ho.-p ts�l a|l liours, -The Coiilnutor w ill have ( liencBt of the l-"er.-y t arroi.-the I.;ike b,tn,.vii the nnipnal and U.)sp.)jt, at ihc ruitittuai'y f''aror,,cxc.>|il:liL' so far as may rulaie to Per.-.oi:s ami btljn(;in.; J.) Ihc ll.i-pital. an-i to the Ahiriary o:^ .luty. wiitih is lo b  provii'i-d for 1)> the ('on-tractor, Ir.-e of ex|reni e.' at all ho-jrs of the Day aiu! M!;ht. Ao Tcnthr nilt or nr ival after Cnt Om k uit Hit tUy of. Ticilij, nur i.nj no'irtd ar.l^i the I'arlij cr an A^rvl fur him )i-i.-onnl'i) ,iri,ii.i. l-.nik /'erlon, tube (ajjl.iin-. Evan i". rr\ J'r.s>er. Jri!-;rii Ithe-i;. Jaines and .loiin Jifvan, (i"eiit>. lo lie il i>, I I.i uteii-!-!^ -hire i.or.ii ^liMl.i. K�^t�\�.^. .'.'>a-. Ii-. �I Comma'iJ.ii.I. i'. ..-ir.-r . l-i.:o:oiie!. .lolm f'.i.i, :vi,| Kirs .r-i '.V il- I'riTC, llich.-ii.i l;> ::r,iicl |-.\;lii- I*r:ri-. I .^r. L>:,\Ui Dasii-^, t.lew.juii illi.-iiii-. I. .;; i'i.ur. Hi, ;it t' i, (ip-pt Yiiriiimiih. t.toi;t!l.; 1.'...'; \e� -5-jii;tvnl:in,i, i;i-.-\'tork].l ic.' .M;iV .Mid June Ij, .11 l.'l. I'.ANKitlM'TR. ir'nr^lii, dr.i}^.'r, to 'iTiTtHer May H, . .iiser, Jeri-mi.ih C.-.n:?, ami Jolui il.-i-l':-.-!, (leii:.-. li. Ue J.n-i;;ns. Walli r \N alleis, (k-mI. In be qjarii-r-,\!u.iie-r. JoM ph I'nichanI, lieai. to pe Sur-,-on li.Mii LI'Ik'-, VVhiti-c iir'.oi, iiiMl ^, 'i!. .'ii^* ("..' u .11 r.ulM-iali. Attorney, Mr." �I'jl.-r, i-.eitiorl .;: Jt..:il--i;u ire. (il iii-i;- ll^rl, .M.: 111. r 1 .-iri-il, lll.-ii"s-rnad, horse-de.-il-r, M:iy (i. iv, a;;;', .'���n^ I!,', at ojie, i-.l tiuiidh^l. At-lorit-y, Mf: i�^n^;!:!, l.;:i..b.U!l-riK'd. .11.1, VlC-TUALMNG-OI'i'ICE, April iS, IboS. rj^HE Coriimissioricrxfor ("ictuaUing His JShj;-.!. Sl ty's Navii ro /irie'iy giue Ni.tire, tliat on Fri-las, !jit \!-lh iif May ii:xl, I/teg icill is nmy lo receive 'J'enitera in � iertrintf, (feii!eil uy) iinth trenl for l/ie supplying, oii sc-pnral Ciwlrach, o/SKA PItOV ISlO.Nh amll'-KESH  HKKF !.) his .MajeslyV ship- ami Vtc-seUal Leith,I,eilhl(oailS :ind the Finh of Millnhui-gli ; and .ilio the scippl^ jng of -SEA P.'lOV I,S1"�JNS to Jli^ Mnje-ly> .Ships ai.d Vessels at Newcastle and rinniouih Haven, ./ c-rtaiii, and fill l/icr uiiUl^ij- tnonl/is ivarniiig sliitU ht girt.ii on lillitr sii'.e for the trruihin ion'of tlir snid Cvillrach ; tJtC jjiutlc of paytntM lo be by ondiliiiKs ul the Con'mctx, mny he ncn aVtheJiecr!-lary'f OiJUt.; nl llti-- OjJUe ; nr l-y npplyiiig tn llic ColUitvi:-ofihe Customs tit Leiiii md .\e�cai(lc"re'>yiecinf is of ty'nr, do give iiolire, Hull Hi-m/ icill^he natij) at this Offiar, OH Thur.-day. lS//� iMay, iS;.9, to receive seul-d 'i'eitilers, iiml Ireiil wil/i surJi J'ersoni us mug be willing to i euiilrafi for ITIi- ptrfurninnfc of cerliiiii \S OK KS piopo.^i d ^ 1 bedoiieot Ihe lioyal Na\.-il llMspital nt Deal, in the County of Kent. 'J he" Tenders are to specify a time fur the completion of the Wtirk-. ' ' Ao '/indcr tcitl be. receireJ after One o'Clock on the daiinf Tre:tl!/, nor any nolictd unless llic. flirty, or an Agent fur .,Jiim pi rsoiijiUy ultrnd. auulUospitc4 at Deal.' Alt.MY CO.NTRACIS. CoininirKiry-Oeiierar.> Ofiif-", Great Georgc-Mif Jl, Linidoii, Ap-il '.'5, 1809. OTICFj is hereby given (o all Persons tic- sirnnsofctinlriicHng hr.-upply the follotcing Articles, /'or the l.'se of the Armii, viz.- 0.-\TS-To His M.iji>ly's Cavalry in' Canlonnienis and Quarters in \ ork. l'OIlA(il-;, viz.- -'- lis, Hay, and Straw, to Hi^ M.ije.^ty's Cavalry in Earr.icks in Noilinsham, ."xniiersct, and Warwick. Tbtit Ike dclii'crirs are lo cotntmnre on and for tlie 2.i//'j in KritJrg, sealed up and iiirtrtfi/', " Tender Army Supplle?," iciil bs reoeiu.d til , this Hifec on or before the \Mli day of May, (but none. \ Kill be rrieiccd afirr ICtiven n'Civcl: on IhutilayJ, and if-'i soil by t'ost, the piii'i.igc iiiu, orio,iipiini:tl by a Itilrr ticii i'.r.rsum of knnun I'-i'pert^^ cn^ogi'ng to beciime botUitl Kith i/ie' I'erson tendering',^ in Ho; 'Ir.nnnt KhTch. may kc required, for Hie due perfonnanccr of the Contract; and no I'mpfsal - u-itl be notiicd' nntcss' made on a printed Tender., and ll>e I'rices cjrprr^Kid inieoriis at length, nor un! lilt I'artii, or itn .^fg,nl for him, ftersonitUy attend on ihc foilouing diy tb Hie Cceision tlirievn; and sfmuld ii so happen I'lal during . I lie ciMimiaita: of the (�o;i, r.'�7;i!:-.!. RenlVewshire Militia, l,ieiil:-iiant William i|ei;r\ .'^l' from l'\e S'USset Milnia, to be Ca|>i.iin, vu-.-|.:,irl>.i'.. signed. D.iii.ild iVr^ciii.-o.i, (i'ci.l. to l,c^ii, vue ii..- beriion, appoiiilctl to llic Lire. DognirrslieUl iToup of ('av.ilry. Sir Henry P,-i�lct St. Jolm Auldiiiay, Bart ivti:-C.-iptai.i Coiaiiiissions in the fii >. Coiinlv of l.eicfsler, R.ibeil Cix, (-ei.t to he .Aili , ;:ni to tliir l.eieerler i.i-Kiuieiil; ..'"�^�ph Aio.;ii. (..-'it. ic i.c-iliuo to the Longliliormis:!! K'-(ciii??iii; N.-ioti-- i'. its , tiri.i. !i> he ditto tolhi- \'v f.-l J..;li-.>ler U.-i'iip.-ii|. Couiily of liineolli, \Villiai!i D'him:;!, Cent l. Ii- A.l;ii!-;;nt ti) the l.ovi-deii Uetinifiit. William tii-ek Ir-S-,-, I..-:,;. :o be dillOjIollie liiidrav,>i), aii't Lin. oln iiii'iit. 'i lio.nas Kini'.isuii, (ii;n!. lobe iliUj i.i liio Liudicy l'i'.i,iini-iit. Ciiiiiiiy of .Merioneth, R. M. Chadwiciie. hi- .^dju-lanl lo Ihe .\Iei iiir:. Ill I''".s,iii'..-iil. WiI'm'.ii !;avi , C.m.I. i.i be dill.i 1(1 the lla^-lern (f e;;iinenl. .-"vMh'i-s 1 lai m-I ia.iac-s.iii, (ierl, to be iliilo lo tlie V\e- K.-^itai-ni.---^ t ohlihiir..!, ,.)a�i>-.- Hirk!", aoit .S. il. Aldred, Gems, to be Adj'.tatils in the Irl i;.-irl!-ni Ilesimeiit. Cnuniy of, Itobert .Marriott, Gent.lo be .�\djo-loiii'lo th-* We.-w-rii Ifegiment. County "I iNortliumlierlaiid, Cie('r;;e .Lnnes, Gent, to be Adjutant to the. .NorlhunibcrlainJ lUviiiu-nl. 'County of Oxford', C. II. Jicni;ir.-.oi:, (jrr.t. ti'i l-e .A.Ijutnnt to tlie VVest KepJmer.l. County of PeTubr'okr, C. H. Salmon, Gent, lobe .Adjutant to llie Pemhr-'ke Rrci'iiitif-Counly of J^iihip, �.yrtliiir i/own.-s, .'Tent, (o be Ailjnta-it lo the 'West Shro;isuire>R'';;tmeiil. Jnbn \M.lianis, (i.nt. to be ditto to ihc .N otlh.Shroi^hire IJ. >;iaienl. John I'ruudfyot, (ierit. to be iliilo lo Ihe Vi rekin IG-jjiiiiciil.' C''uiity of Somi-r-;^ t. Charies IJrowii, Ger.l. to he to the Pold.-iiHil.t llfgimenl. ^'i illi.:ini Noimaii, lient. tn be dillo to Ihi- .Siimertnii and J.aii^l.orl ilt;;iiiieBl. Join, Walton,"Geiil. lo be ditto !o 1 .ast ^o�.u r?el liy^'iiu.-iit. J. P.iole,-- (�-iif." to be dilio to tne *\ i-st's^.inietitP.'.'.'simerf. J. \\. C^>^^e, (ieni, to be ditto lo the liridsi-".-m r - iiieiif. Joliri Roue, Gent, to be ditio to the l.a-i .\leiijip Hdcirai'bt. Coimty of .SI:iflor.I. S. G. Simpson, fJcnl. lo be Aiijn'.-tnt lo llic "Weslerii Ifeginieiit. Uichar.I i-'reciiuui, Gt iit. lo he dillii lo ilic SonCherii lieuinii-nt. J. 1'.. Toole, (ient. lo he ilillii 111 the .Northern Ki-t;iiii. ;.l. W illiaiii i-'li:lcher, Gcat. tit be ditto t'l'hc Eastern liemment. Connly of Suiri.lli,- Worboys, t;cnl. lobe Adjutant to the IJaherg iliniilrcd Keglment. � " �  be Ailinl.inl to U:r .11.1 rUiiinpniai:. .Vi.-iv lii, -ill I Ju-te al twelve, itt l.iiil'liial;. Aiion-.-y, Air. iluli, Cok-n'"! sirfef.-^'^u*..^ ' Vr'illi:;r.i 1 -.--i.-, i .u;;..ii i! -li.-cl. .'^t., dealer and cl.iipiii.ii, .Mav ;.:!.! ^v.v.r J ;, at t.iiUe, at (inildhall.,..-;,, ^.'r U. Jivr-. GrO�.-S iJCKlti.; .-Itiil J.*r. ^-OiTilers, and cii-Uin!:.!-.. al llie I.a.ih- .-uid I li.'.d Devon and I o -i, �,; ,r.,j Kiirri?li, liiii. iiij;i..'.iii. .\rlliur, i.H.'i.nn, (i� f. iiMii.-c I'.-'.j." �l--ln-i-r, Ki'dfo;.l-fotv. r,.-..!"p, Kir,i!:r-h;-.m, jencHerS, II', .11 nveWr, ... ja. I;', .-1:1.1 J l;i(ii:!i:i-ii,vin. Attornieii, iMessrsl .!. .n -i:.i.iri-, i.oa-Juii} anJ .Mr. G. iTirreerand linen-dra-,-, .-u Guildhall. Loa-, (. nisiii'f rireet, Ciianccry- rr.cfT. (Ical-r and chapman, ;ua- o'-. at the Hiish ta-.\(t".rM>-;., \ir. .faiio-i, (irHv'j. iIoij;an and Livcll, ijris- Coui.t\ of Surrey, E. H. Firlrr. Genl. in bi Ijijist tiegiineni ; Jcs'-iih lialchin, CJ.-i;-... li> In-d.lio to th, Il.'giiiieiit ; and t-ainutl L'un,Gcni. lo he d;Ho lo iiil I'.-inl .'.le.-iscr, (cut. 10 bi- dillo e:i WarJ .'; ;----C.'ir);-�ii, Ger.i. to he ditto to the an 1 :.'ale I.'i-f;MU.-ot. Comity of U iits Henry AM.e. Ii. ni. t.. hi- Ailjol.iil to ihe 1=1 Itej^tinriii ; It.ibei t tiuKhcr. ( 0 i.i i" he .\i:'nii..iil to (he'2d . IJegiinenl; (ie-rgi- :M'l;o�e!l. !�..-. t. to ii.-'dilio to the :,'d Uegimei-.l ; uiid'Jonu iiciinct, Ge/.l. lo be diilo lo the 5lh ' Regiiiii-iit. Connly of Worcester, James .Na.=li, (o-iit. to be Adjut.uit to the "vV.-i Krginieiii ; J.^s.p^i F. !lo�ey, tieiil. lo b-r (lilt.i 10 ti.e l-;,-i-i (leuinienl, Counly of Y-ik (Noiih Riding), Jonftt'/i.iii .'^leigh, Genl. lo be he Adjutant t.. the J^t ii. gaiei.l-; Jam.: (i.iU.iw.iy, (ieiit. to be dillo lo the 'id Itejcinieiit : flioni.i' .Vapjier, -tiie!;2il l.'egiinenr.- Pei.-i t (i!i->,'(ieiil. 10 hedo. to the 'jA llegiinein ; \\ illiain lJnc!, ta-.t. lo be diltj 10 tlie -llli iiegiiiiriit ^ p.-r, Mas !., 1 , a'lil Jv.-.:- V ! lol. LI'.veil Jafk3oa .ii(:l .S.-.nui. I Jack5on,lale of Bilston, Stafford, japaiiii.r=, dealers a..d rU-ijHiien, Alay 13,itl four, iii, and Junei:i, at eleven, al Ihe l.itti.lon .4rms inn, Penkridge, Staffordshire-. Altovne.-, Nir. Hunt.iju rey-slreet. Strand, London, and .Me-^.-r-. l.nnvd'rs, -^edursburv. Thomas Lea, late of W al-hain le, John V\est, Ch,irierhonse-:.!ri'pt, m iiiev->erivoncr, dealer and chaiiin.iii, iM ly (i, , Holhoui, Thomas Goldwell, Wnk.-Hild.'^'ork.-hlre, dealer and chapman. .May I'.', al live, 1 j, .iiiil June lU devisi, at ihc New Cimrt Uoii?e, U akvli.-!.-!. .Atloniies. Mr Kvaii?, Hatlnii-sanh-road, V ire s-ln-rt, IV-i'lar'-. nrrr, dealer aiMl chapman, �May (), Hi, a! eli-v.-u. .-ni.l .lu-n- !J, at len, at Guild-'hall. All. '(e-m.-. iG.geis and Son, Ahuieftetter-btlildiiigs. We t-nivl'-r. John I'.diiey, il.u:ii I! niti-Tn, 7'ice?ciuii:'sr r, dealer and chnp-iiiaii, M-;y (i, lo, ;-i d .lu i.' Li, M i.vrSe, at Guildhall. AtliiincN, Mr. L;r,.iia, l.'/;;i;)ia'.l co:;r:, Tiirugjiorton-slre.-t. Rii-'iard f Liris", 'i'orl.-v-s'.r.^; t. rhari:r 111 linger, dealer and chapman, M:.^ 1 .'. I'J. ao.l June 1 at ten, al Goildhall. AHorney, iur. ^'i iKl^on, I'r.riiiv.-ii' -Inn. DIV IDL.NDS. May5j. S. P. ISan'' : '. .. C^..^:-, and J. F. � . ....i-u->i inaiiuLnluieis, altleveu, at ihe Lli-jih.;!:! nail i -, ilali.. "�i ay'ill- J. ami \v. Pol!;r.!, .Maaihesier. colton-spinncrs, atl.\.�, al til" C"(-n;.iii-ri i.-'.I l;:ii, .M.iH.-Ji.*>tei-. Miiv :'). J. 1:1 ink a':d S:;tlcrihv.Milc, Feii-cmirt, igsu- riin'i'-lirokr.--^, .:l r!i-. e:;, .nt (.'ulMii.ii;. M !> �-'^- J- l!ii'Re, (.'M-tie\, S..:;ier-el-hii^f-, stncking- ni;.nutartnier, al e!cvi-;i, al tne .-'iiisr.irJ ion, \tssUttA, Su* liter-e!s:ii"e. M.iy'iT. J. I. I.'-vv, H.-i_\ inn ^t,-l.�et, Minoiies, merchant, ai eleven, :;i Gn-M'.'.ill. June 3. i\!ari;,-i.-el UM-u k .md Marv Ullnrk. Chatham, Kent, lin.-i;-dr,nu-r�, at one n( (.wi'.dhall. l..iiid.ii. M:i> 'ib. K. Jricker, Porisea, biiil.Ier, at ..uf, at the Crown inn, Gosport. Ma'y^?.' J.Hind.', F.nelrr, maney-srriveiier, attwclve,at tlie Half .Moon Inn, J'.x: tcr. Ma^ '27. 11. Names, \S arnl.ird .cmiri, Tliro;.';n;orton-streel, mcichanl, at ten, at (oii.Liail. May:N. INiiidek, yiMkKe:iriv.'"-'h Shore, Durham, b..lflier, at ttii, at L.e Liack-l,i.>ii,-!U >l-n-kio;i. May-i9. T. I.aiii-.l.ile, ."i; iinlale, ^ . rh^lnie, iaL.', at teelvc, al Ihe lilarl. Lioii. htorktnn. JuneJ. AL .Maiilaii.l, .11, I'aul'a cnuich-yard, chyniist, at one, at Guildli;.l . Jiure '1'. J. I'-s.-, r.i-lo'p-eate-Mreet, halu'rdasber, Bt t.v. Ive, at Giiil  .lail June.i. W. Hennelt, rvv-l.ine, carp.-nter, .I If:;, at Guildhall. July 18. ^V. '.Vak.-, Spital-qii ire, silii-weayer, at le*, at (iiiiidhall. JuiK-S. J. I.ovell, l!oa!uLd:ich, ha!.er, at one, at Guildhall. May "27. 1). Holme.s, Piic.idilly, arehousrra 10, at ten, at /i..;i,ii...ii be desirous of tenderiiig to sirpply the v:iiic, mm' appb' for the ( p,irliciilari ; and it is aL-o' !i.ea:-%ar� f r snCi Perbo-.-loIa-ke notice, that uiUess the l..ller.y\h . h is an-ne.vedioilv- Tender, is properly fiUcU up by their r..reties, I'lOiiiiNils will iiot be iioMc�l. Ihe.r TO gfati.-'ying'iotlwiaaid of taste. Their'expcci.itiims 4>f cn-*u-u.liioiUe 1,'lerk of the Pence on or before Ihe :JU't day of May next (.Si-aled op), w'ithoiil s.iiiatares, but with moilot-s oro'ther levires, aec.impaiiieil wilu sealed letters" (marked on the o-.iiside with coriTspoiiding mottoes or other d'-vices) eonlniuitig Iheuaniei. and add'e;>rsof (he. pcr^oui sending the same. . ' . . . 'I'bc propofals will bt? taken into c.msiderulion on Frid.-ty tiie 5d nay of June next, al thq Hear Inii. Dcvi-^es, .at eleven o'clock 111 the forenoon. wJiere the parlies^ who send in such proposals ate requested inaiiend. �J. SWAY N E, Depatv tUrk of the Pc;u-f. Wiltoii,, April 17, ii-X-. Isl Regimciil; l 110 I.. Ihe lid ; . U.Siiiieiit ;'C.-1. ilraekenlinry. (i tH. i" ''� dilt-. I., llie . 4lh-iee^i.iient;-Joiin Ugle, Oeiit. lo be di.lo lo the 3th | Ueiimeiit. ... , , . i C.innTv of Flint. John Walsh, Gent, to be Adjntir.t to the M ^ P.egl-.ucnt r W i.lLim (.li-.gan, firnt. lo lie 01:10 to the Jd � IJesinient. S.iinh to tlieS..olh (Ggi.-n,;.!. i.f lieri;, I raneis Gritt-m, rl. (o be .Adjniani to Ihe'lsi K.-tinipiil ; ;nid J.iha Hcritt, Gen!, to be ifiiio lo t.^ie .�ircliciiiield Hrgini.-nt. Connly "f Herts, Jo,rpli Hihbhiv, Gent, lo be Adjutant lo the W'�-?lerii liepimeni.; - Cle.'ve, (..eii:. 10 be ditto to the Midland ll'-i;inui:t ; and W. i.lrvni, (ieiil. to be ditto ill tne Eiisirrii he. iau nl. County of llimiiegdim, IJ. U. Ff.x.!;.-, G'.r.t. (o be .Idjiitarit 10 the nunlipgia.iisliire Repian ni. County of Lai.c.asicr, John I'irl.i.rr, (ienl. to he .�\djii|.int to the Anipundcrncs's Kef;imer,l ; James Vi;n. .Ni-i-. i.a aiiJ 1-,. u-.-.'jri:; U-gi- Ma\ .'!0. M.Joel, JLi;li rireii, Sluoediirii, dealer ia'gl.-iss and i.-.-irllieii �ar.-. :.i iHt-ivc, ..i J. J. Newil . rp oil, -liter aiut plaist.-ri-r, at eleven, at the tiloi.e T.nerii. .! hi s reel, Livrrp. ol. May'22. \\ ..oi!:. jf, W 0 ILi-ion, (,loiici--tei-h;re,-iron- io;niufiiciurcr, aH"/viUe, ai ll.e h-.-.i.iLirl .Arm.-. Inn, Chep-slovv. May ii. li. Williams. Cheii-tow, MonmouUmliire, mer-cnant, a; l-.reUr, al -he I'.e.i-ir-ri Xriiis liai, (..'lejistim . June :L -: Giu^h, I'.irk. r's ro�, liirmoMl ry, victualler, al, .-.I Guildhall. Jii..e;i. 1. Cirey, Rom:"or;l, F-?ex, innav-lJer, a� (ed,-at (,., Mav i.-.. .1.' Shaw, ll.-igliU, nrr.r DeUih, 'i'orVshire, cot- loii s(.iiiiier, at tuo, at l!i - i'..l.:re-Lm, .Mai.clie.trr. Jnin-J. J. 1. Hawk i-1, D.iL. .Jiir..r-. ( ii\, lucsi- i-a-ia-iriimenl-in.-.ker, r.l le!i. nl i;:) ^lay'io. .\. L'.iri-eii, i�\\^ J.-ii-'J. J-:. Redd. I on'..10 >��:..'i. Lojdon, merchant, a: t ii, at Giildl.all. .., CKI{TIFir-\'l F-'i -V^v 12. V:. Heaven, jNaiisn01 li., ( Inui.-.'uli.r . ci.'lhier. J*. F.riiilev, r.u.kl.-n:l.;;rv, tun lo-'. 'lu.-.t .a.;.u.,. W. Waw.on.Kei.dal, co.i ^a';.ir.i)� 1J A\ . I'earci-. Diver, c^frdxv iiarr. Claik, Si. Jam.--sireti, ii;i.lir..-r. J. D-iid.-i, i;.ii.k.siJ.-, '�urrej, li^:.lrr.iian. L. W J,:c:.-un, lir-.iw i ."-'-I'ce;. "(ilborn. eai>!cct.-3:,xspr T. III.-, .Va''C"e3Urj-'-'.toil m.ia. u;c'.ur.i. ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: May 3, 1809