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Courier (Newspaper) - April 17, 1809, London, Middlesex MONDAY, APIULU, i{^C9, Price ^^|^5w5TORSor EAST INDIA,STOCK. v';!Sprcsen.i..Rmy�Utoyour notice as a P **fl','f.,rv6urtufffi�psontli*'�ietl vacant W in ^/ritf ..omcr"us pwrniiW Of ^o,,p..rt 1 have ex-iMriii' i4y Cniitnis, and for il>c further naur- / ^ir�Ppr�*ati.woi.:lJ.e 1211. ilamld have at->"bw. "f liis �J^>"?'J with �utli flatl^Hng au3 r,. ^- pfivpccls Ifuw look forward mtiUj a couudcot * Ladi� and CJruiieman. Yoortery faitUful aadolicdieut Semat, I JOHN BLAUliN XAVLOR, - pj.irr-nbft,Apritl4..J8lW., . ^ p^-^irilAiirkoLOMeav"s uusei rAiJ H iietncDcJacSfd at St. Barlhoiomew's Hospital, will P'iV Ldnuox Covfee-house, Luilgaicbill, on L�div,�lie S/ib April, J809. William Lawreucc. Esq. Samuel Cooper, ^i^q. John Hrickvrr)], Esq. JohnSuttun, �i>q. KtfltlemellaM particularfy reasestM to ajipjy for Tickets |� �r before tie. �Jitit.-_____ �---KAST'LONi)ON WATER WORKSl TOTXC'E is hcrety g��:en,- That a Call of 5/. I rff fciil. oil the rrtpertive Sharrs of the Company i.f isDtade, and dincied >> he paid at (be Cum-fflt lOfSce. No. iS, JjcXielen's Plii^e, liijiiopjgate-sircet, on ur beforeSaiurday the J3tli Day of A'.ay ne.xt. Rv dnier of tlie Court of Dil:�ctoi^, , . ' T. N. BiGKERlN P, Chief Clerk and Sec. I SUMffl'* Placg'ISih April. _ JiAST LOAUpN WATiiit VVOUKS. ""lAUTlON.r-'Adrertiscmetils having appeared J iji Ibe public Newspaper* settine'forth an erroneous Ltrirtieni of intcd to oppose the JL EUaW'Shinent of Waterworks, have the sati�fact'on (fnirii^lnglhePuhtiCi that Mr. Dodd's Plan \s;ii rejected ij IheComniiHet nf tlte Jiotwcof Couimous, who found thut ilXllfCiitionscuuld not be proved. 4tHBoped,tBal this repulse will be anaJmouition lo all j^jftWtstad Adfeulurerf, never to obtrude a'ly visionnry .Www upoiia Body of.People contrary "to their approbu-(ioiiaailcoiHeat. JAMES ALSTON, High Bailiff and. Chairman. � Biraiiagtain. �larcb g9. 180a. _ GRANTHAM carnal l5 AVKJaTION: rpBB General Annual Assembly, or Meeting X of tilt Company of Proprietors of this Undertakii'g, willbeteW at (be Angel luii, in Granihaui, on Thtirsday, tif r.>-l.pKinjthekaid investigation, and for the cool yet atjadv per-weruicewith which hrconducted himself to the tenuma-�J>n thereof, is entitled to the Thanks of this JJcetiiig, and in wir eslimmion to the gratitude of his Country. 3. RewWed jinaniiiioQsly, That the Thanks of this Mectin;; B?*v"ian especial manner due to Sir F. Hurde)i,-Bari. to , *�Tyisceout Kutkst>ne, toLonI Viscount Altlior|n-, to S. J. �Tiilbread, Esq: to Sir Samuel Romilly, to Rlajor-tieinral ' Jmsossoft, and to G. \V. Wvnoe, Est}, for.their able, manly �Mpaliioiic jctertionsontheabuve occasions. ^^-Jwolved unanira'oiistyi That the Thanks of this McPt-i "jpe giveii to ouf-wortby Representatives, Wm. C-' ftnbarts, Esq. to the first for the vote w inch he MMonHiablygaTe with Mr. Wardle, and to the latter for �coafcicniiouj and coirect view, which it appear! bv a J?)*Tn?wpmdured from him, he held upoa liie ocn.Mon, � Which we are �orry to learn, his ill state of hc.iltl) pre-:rWli]d (vim from following up with his vote. """"raonuslY, That the Tlianks of tliis MePt .iJ^JrPWto tbcHon. iVilliam Hen. LMileto::, M. P. for-TOl^nty; to the Hon.' Andrew Foley luid Sir I'iioma-i ^^!ii?"?t""' IJart. M.'P.fOrthe Borough of Kvesham.tcnh 5) wTl's'^Cnnnty, and ti� thcp.iher Members �-onipoM.iglhe twcnty.-five who divided with ' fc,^*"'''<='l�That ht� Royal HiRhnrss the Duke of "i-ork," ^VrfJr?"'"*of Commander in Chief, h;i.� .i.ted i'SJ?'T;mity wilh.tiiewisbr* of the People, in nppo-iii.m ^ZkSr J any personal anr fnlHre period . �T*wadv�ehis Male^y to reinstate �im. he will bj such ;*"7'*^l!T��h�m?elfanrii�'.,,iyto his Conoirv. 'ttiLfc*^**�'''T�WtUie hue dectsiim of iheiJonfe of Com-f�^i J PP"*"**^ tlw hopes and rxp.Ti;iiioiis of the i,.^Sfv'^.�'Wy�MeB� of the ne'ci^ssity �f a <pp<ily ami of-. ' '^^JrTiin m Ibe Reprcsrnlalion" of the �.:<mimoiis in as a'.secoHtvtu the Throne,,a support to the a2 n ' n. fs 3-- r n "5.1:S :S d ^ H '"^ - ? r= ? 2 r -r SB" | *5 O 3 1 3 a. - o e � a a - M r. 53 iNiNERof iheLlVKKV of LONDON, at the London 'J'avcrn, liishop5gate-'^treet.^)n Friday the Si.'^l of April inslant, to comiuemomte the noble eland which has been ni.ule in support <if Tuuth and Justice ne:i'iist Yet b. Kir William R.nwlinj, Kiit. ftieasrs. S.nmiiel Miller, Sir Richard Phillip*, Kiit. Samuel Nash, MeMK. Timothy BroHn, John NichoUon, Samuef lieddome, Samuel Nicholson, ilAMi'siiiiii: Mr.i;iiN(.. On S.iturrtav, llie Slli iu-t. lUe followm:: (i.-tiui-i-i >:i m ,-! (er. Rth Ap'il, ISO''. Sir,-We, (hp u'dTsi^rniil I lu-hnU'-r-ami nilit-r La\i''-hoidejs of Ih'- foumvof ."^mii'iainplon, ^.-tlIu�^t. tloil you w til be pleased tof.sll a Mniiiii-.f llu- lahahilaiiN i-f ll>i> l ��unlv, to he holdeira: v\ inehi ?tiT, m; such day as shall, at no "ireat distance, be ronveiiii'i yo >��. in order lo a'.l'.o'.'- u-, ami i!.e iMh.'ibitauts of this C�o.ily in ^i-ncra!, an oppuriii lirv of publicly and fiirina'.ly e'vinK our tlianks lo (i�yll\iu {, oyd \Ynr-dle, lC?q. M. 1'. his iipriRlit and pubiit-Sirirt. d 'c"iidm.i, during the recent fnqoii'% !i'-r<iri' the liiiuicot^Cnoiiiiiins; and also of expressing our sent inciits upon the subjects pt that lu-quiry. .1. S<ii'n.Ier=, I'.liiu;. W. 'J'wva'ni, S'.luTt�n. F. I load, Si'lit i ton. P. Kiujjlii, S.iberion. Jl. I'arrott, Drsxf.rd. W. P. Powletl. Tiionias Hatch, Sob.Tton. (in!lrieli, TicIiifiae. William Agaie, Ouiifjion. fnlMiliiirrt '^''"'''"''^'"" ^^OflBWKji Jiii/ii-toh." - Joseph iM.TV. iJr,t.i>iha\t. ifev. Tiinnia- May. John Sirouil, 'riii'-toiry. J.inies May. Rior.s'-y. \Mlliam iSarn.'ti, Hum>av. J. Kellawav, Korilni^liridge. W. \V. Wrlj;-!!, Sopley. John Ske:it>, l.Mummstun. M:ittiic� AlJriils'", i'lin.i'p. (!. Aldridge, ( In i-irliureli. T. f.'alreil, l,viinii'..'''on. .\aihriise O.iw, \Vi rl^;k'>uih. John Sho"yeller, I' .rt-in.iiith A]px. Citfl-r, iriiicr, S.imuel HluWe, l{ar:i fy. Robert Mon;l>, Vt iarlu-stpr. Richard Mil'?, lU-a'Tih. James Baverjinrit. Alton. F. II. Grey, Alt.'ii. l)!cdon. J. Bbirkiit, T. Cattwright, R. Dixon, 1*. Fetitnn.'pm. l)cpuly (irtodbehere, John Gran', R. Hall, Thoma> Holmes, John lloppc, Jo.'epli Jloucll, Itlcli.trd llmecll, JaiHfs flurtcoinbe, John Pearson, John Phillips^ Samuel Poller, Edward (Juiii, T. Reeve, W. J. Reeves, (:harles Savage, Nathaniel .Saunders, Jnnies 'J'urner, Ja:i!Ps Weleli, Oeorge Winter, John Wright, Samuel Wright, i^J^lWyi andasaliqtttanito the People a?aiiisi that tide of ' f-H'*^''T'' wbich hns laid so many Malions of liuropc pros-^'. feet ofttie Ruler of France. '"^S.*''"^*�*ol"'�"W w.ii carried bv ai.nrge majoritv. . <Sigqe4) HERBERT. ROGERS, Chaiirmun, and ^' .r.^WH, That tfe Thanks .of ihis Meeting be given to the �i' i n "^^'P^ Wjivor, for the alacrity with .^hich lJ^^^^lsnte�ting,at:d lor hisablcand impartial conduct ( Km,', George Lee, IIENRV MAURI (IT, Secrei.irv. Dinner on the Table at Four o'flnck.-Tiekets la.-^. to he had of (he Sipnard?, .'^errelarv, and at the - .---.----�-'-.-------.- T a ininicr.ius Mec-tirif; of IluilioitJtrs and Publican-, resident in (he County of .SoD'-lii, convened by Public Ailvevti!.emeiit at (he lwn;;'s IJi-ad Jan, StUw-m'arket, on Friday the 7t!i day of ,\pi'l, IS )9, ftlivCOm-.ItT (.Kf).SS in ilu- Cl.air. Resolved Hisanioiou-ly, ')'f;<ii thi- prcreiit m inner of billet-r.ig Soldiers uptoi liiii�.o!ilei-, (lariirolavly fron-ih-re being W't limited qu'inlily 'if provirioi;? jperilied by the Laws r.ow in f.irce, which the inoholiliTa i.U:ill iiroyide for each Soldier, :il:hoo!;l'll'e price is limiteiU'is liij;hly opprejisiv und inju-r('"i= ill t.'ie lnnholiior*.iiid Pub lean- in tliis Cmiiity, and has Klia.-aily proved ruinous to many of them. /U-^olvrd, That a Comaiiliee be npptinted to prepare a Petition to Parliament, st-itiii!; the giietnifres they sustain, and piriyip"; ^^uell relief .ns iheir (.'use may require and that the fiilb'-.viog persons shall for'U such Coniinillee, any live of w loon shall have ptiwer to act. RobiTt ("r'i?s and Ueorge Ar- S. Waters and .1. Lock- chtr, Suilhuiy. wood,jnii. Slowmarket. James Fenner, Ivve. Thmnas Skitter and Edward J.UiiIderoiind T. ifridgenian, Uoorli, Ipswich. liurv St. KdinuMil.s. JkIio Kiiighi, Necdham. John i:ninpi"n and Matthias Charles Claydun, ISottesdale .'<ii;ilh, IJadlfigh. Ueaeh, Ixworth fiohcrt Iliipei .-iiiil John Ea- J.and W. Woodward, Wick- ron, \\ nndbridse. ham Market. James IJarlo'v, Bercles. - Resolved, That I he I'elitinn, when prepared, shall be left at snrh plac--5 tor .Signatures as the Cuiomittee shall, by Public .VdK'rii'ement, stppoiiW. ReTolv-d, I'hal the Committee shall jvalt upon the Mcip-bprs f el 10 Parli;imeat,sh;iU it be foii> loIcn fnun the Stable of ,Mr. JOHN NKALR, at Bignor, nenr Petworth, in .Sn.-S.ex, in (lie night of Tuesday. Uie llth of April inffant, a handsome grey or man coloured .^IA R Iv. upward." of io bands higii, with'liliiek tail :nid black mane (the mam: Imngmgnn tli'eolV side), ruthrj-a largish Head, long picked handsome ears, line .arched neck, and has two whitish siiddlc marks. She carries her tail in going.'i little towardsthe ofl" hip, trots and ^nllnp.<; well, shies at waggons, ami stage ciHicKrs; and i� ris ng four ye.-trs old. Is worth sixty guineas aod.up: wnrd on a ticket thereon 1 with while Girths,aiidagond Briole, by the same niaker, with tiing'c bii. W hosoeyer will di�cover the �Offender w Offenders, so lh.nt hrorthev mav he pnifiecuied t-* couvicliou, sliall ho conviction rfcefve FlFTKEN (.UI.M.AS Ilir.VAKIK fnmi the FaidJohn Ncule. of from Mr.- Dai aire v, AUoruey atLa�j Pctworth.-i2tli of April, ISiW. W. 'Cobbclf,-no(lev. J. HopkiuMm. Ivli/ig. T. Coinley, Huins;-y, S. Leach, Itnoiscv. T. King. Eling. J. Comlev, llnin=ev. C, il; Loiigcrofi, llamblc. B. Cuodeve, (losport. J. Sharp, Rnnisev. C.^BClci Broughton. ^^on^^^ti^^fEB^feSf^ J. Jackson, Ruoisev. J. Blatk. Rnnisey." E. Tooroer, Soofhanyifun. C. Godfrey, Rmnse^. T. Bern.irtI, Alitrli-'inarsh. T. Nichols, Soullianipton. W.Green, Kiinlrridge. P. Jewell, Timsbury. Rev. J. Webster, Bursidon. S. Sharp, Rumsev. .M. Wilkim, Bra^^hf^eld. Aaron Barking, Rmnsey. J. George, Runisey. J. Col.-iin, ^iraishlield. J. Short, BrockeiiliHrst. J. W ilt, Ellnc. J.D.iyter, I-,lii;g. T. SutloR, .'�ouii'famptnn. J. Gnldsniitii, Jiain W. Bile.^, lOliiig. E. llonght<'n, Dnrley. W. Metclmrd, l-.ling. G. Barnes, Ticlibonie. In compliance with the above Requp=t, I lurebv appoint a JVleelinij of the in'tabitants of the said Counts to be i.olJi-n at the Caslle of Winchester, on Tuesriay, i.ic -.'ilh <lay of April inst. at twelve o'clock at noun. (Signed) , Jori.s- Bt.AciCDi'KN, Sheriff. Pre=ton Cauduver, llth April, 18^9. TO TflK PEOPLE OF IMMPSDMIE. The above Requisition is, as y�u will see, signed bv no'ie of those Noblemi-n or Karonets, who have bi-eo ia (he h.:ivt ofpiiUing their n.imes to papers of that sor(; ai.d t.^iis circumstance, so far from bein^ u:ipleasin;r, is, 'o me, ar,;i. 1 trust, il will beta yon,a very p!ea-ing ooe. Not l'.i:il any of us can wish to �^ee thogp pi'rsons hang back up n an nrca-iun in which all the best pn ilic feelings urged ever\ snul to si-'p forward ; hut, because the Reipilsition.'a� it i-nw sl.imls, will convince tl-ni, {iiid also Ihelvoij^'s Mini-I;.'!?, w'.iol.ave so Ion;; dictated to lliis country, tht-r- is \ ��t r iiiainiii.{ in Hampshire u spirit of indejicnileiiee not ?o �C.-ry easilv (o be subdued, Ilnillshow to our countrynn n in t:'nerii.l, thrit Ih'ipgh the Ministry of the day do ciurc (o be cl.cud n (n!-evercountv members they "-Ijaje, tlieri- i- -;!l- a-pirit in lliel pefiple lo feel indignant at t'.u- v.-roogs and iti r?o many years, divided the roiinty heturcn liieiii, .'in.-l wh'i ( hv turns, profited frmn its credulity, thi- ouniy i- n;' lonjt'r to be held in lending s(ni;�s; (li,-it oc ha'e =ense lo think, iind eourase to act '"C ni--t Ivs.-Wliat, let me ask, c-'Uld he more degr.idi.-iff lo n.i, l!i.;ii to see e.xisiin;; a pr.-triice of calling coil'ily int'eli::;;s by ten nr tiM-lve perso:;?, ,t' each of the p:trlies rey[)fct!v.-lv, a"lwnys iienrly tin- same per-oii-, ju>t as if il \;as an oGice tliev held for lh:it iiurpi):e, und jusl nf if all Ihe oiher l.andliolilei-, all the farmers, all the Trade.-ineii, and, indeed, the whole of tlie iiopulaiion of Ihenunty, were st) manv nipre puppets, or looj-, in ili ir hands, tohe railed tngeilier for llie purp-ise of voting ju-i what those seliled and eslnblisln-d l.-ail.-i. r!io-e to h nle.lon n upon ;ipiece of paper, and r-Md tn iheni What, let me again put it to\oii, could pus^ilily be more drjjradjjig iliiui liiii? 1 have heard, andyi'u. I am .-uie, will i'l wiih pleasure, that some of ihe .Noblemen ;ia I olher peisou. i\( grial property in l.'ie county, wlioiiavp not si;;ii aMO I evi-ry iliin>; � hicb should give to the origin of tlic proreeding p.iriy complexion. If .such wa'.-their inotivr, it is oae of w i\ e!i we cannoUind fault, jT.xii'ed tliey now 'Uitw ns, thai l!i<*y are dispiis?^ lo lend their lian^l in pulling down for ever ili;il sx.s-tein of Coiruption, which has been proved i .f Ihoselwo things will happen; the-complete sl.ivery of us all, or the overthrow of thecoviromeiit : .nnd, il inusi be equally, that this .ilfvm.ntiic is to be avoided by no other means than the legal and nonstiiulional ititerrereiice of the people (hrin.selves, ai,  fsperially the people wlio are in Ihe miildlin;; walks of life, who have property lo i-rescfvc, and who bavejndgnent to direct thfir ai.tion3. It is a rom-mon c\ruse,," one m.-.n can do nothing." N e notliin;: don havin;; his d;ie sliarei>f Ihat benctil Besidu-^, tliere is, in the present case, a motive far superior to all sellish eons der.ntions. We ,ire ntiw eaded upon to thank Ihe man, who U:is risked every tiling for us ; we are called upon to rto-an art of justice, and if we do not answer Ihe c.-.ll, wo hare nothing of i;nt;lis)im''n left in m but the naniP.-We should .nlwavs near in mind, the Kuig's Mini-teisdeclared, that, if a Vole of Thanks to Mr. Wardle was niovid, in the House nf Commons, they would Oi�pose it, and there is no dunbt but they would h.nve bad a majority on Iheir.'ide, Well,-if thelJ ,-t would argue, in them, a want of . common sense a- well as of grniitude ; for. we may' be .tS-.s^oreil, uiile�- iMr. Watdlebe supimrtrd by theiinequivo-Ciil voSre of the pmj.lp, no man will be mneh lorlrm-d 10 imitate-binn and, it Ij.nnity necessary to .�ay, th.jt unbi, more, and much more lieiloiie, thai which ha'^been done will bewfodi iiothiiutatall, in the spare of ,n few ni-mths. For 1i e reasimsvi. p e the iiironvriiirai|� wbat it may, osthii^ facti:gagoflde*�i--ejlioriotdciBitli?*dnv^raiiij. Ishafi Id a fen oords a> to the p�Tt wliieh 1 have aeitd in this 'I'liere ate not wHnling persons to Irnt, that i. am actuated by umbiliocs motives, and to dra* couilusiuos of thi-sort from mv ii.nme staudiug at ih^ hea/l i|f the Re-quisiiien. Now, ihe facts arethesc.-I, io tte fi.'st place, i'ltuured, wl:etri..-r tlie Lords and the Baronets intruded to send a RequisiliHii, and � found tliey did not. It w.ns then liropesed 10 me. by several per-.xis, to join in a rrquTsilion. v\ hen il was ili'awnop, 1 did not si^o it, till mnny others hal been askrd to sign Urst j and, even then a .^p ice was left .nbove my name, inorderihat ihe names of any fteotlemen, or Y eoinen might he placed before mine upon th--list. .S.-viTril tJentleine^, anion;.?! wiioni were .Mr. l'ov�kM Powlrfland Mi\ Mav, 1 belierc, were parlienhulj a<ked lo (.liret .eir names at the top ofl!ie li-t, whicji ihey.declined, and i 1 winch they disr�vi-red molds snp-r or to't'iat false pride, which was never jet characteristic of a real Gentle-ma '. 1 do, I nniol confess, fe t shake a knive by the hand if his vote would make me not only a member liir, h�' liie owner of, the coni'.ly : nor would 1," if I cmbl. even w ithoulasking for, lo be a Memtii-r uf Parli.inipnt, or fill any p -iOftav auU appliii Gonvinrrd me, that happiin-ss isseldon th- ri>mpan:on of a pursuit after power; and my la.-te a- well as my reason IpuJ jne to avoid all sucli pursuits. Indeed, I coo'd be well con-teiii never lo go out of the valley, in whieli 1 live; hut, the .duty of a failier and an F.iiglishman, calls imperion-ly upon me not to s-iand with my arms folded and -ee my ciiildrcn ami my country robbed, iii�-.;raced. ami I'n-lave.'i. Our forefathers wrote and strove, und fiiU;;lit a d ble.l us ; and, if we can tamely see those rigiits, wijieii t^ieir lal'-nts, tiieir courage, and their perseverance entar'ed on m, taken aivav, little by liltle, utilil liiere is n<-t'iin even for our persons, i �nrit lu .see nw irinnvatio.i in'iiiifl ind. A\\ I wish and all i -Irive lor,- i* the Constitution of tjiglnnd, undetiled by coi ruioion. i am very willing to make even great ailowarcrfi for tac neglects and faults of men i:i power; becaust; 1 see, tlini, even in our own pnv.iie coiiceriis, we arc, the very hi-t of u-', fn quenlly goiby of both. 15nt when I see a sy-tftn of p'lhlir cn.-ructio.i, nf barefaced public robbery, brought to Jiglif, and hear iDnse, who have had the virtue lo in:ike the exposure, termed enemies of the country ; wh.-n I see mv rountry Tims pill-ije.l and thus in-ultcd, I shoul 1 Ii2te the very soimkI "f mv name, if J were not ready lo atfix it to a protr-t against such pr.T cecdings. W II.HAM COBBETT. Botley, Thursdny. April 1:1. ISmu. Si'. A.NLiKEW'S V l.MiC\-i due not'c-, for theptirpi^seof 'akii:;: ii:to roTi-ideiationa Bill now pending in (he iin I'aili imerl, ti:til!ed, � A Bill to explain, nmend, and erlar:;c iV powers of an Act passed in the 47th lear of his present .Majesty's Ucign, lor tlu- mere improvi.ment of the City of Dublin and ilie environs the.-eof." GEO. FRED. CARl.ETO.V, .\. B. KIVG, and J.AMES BLACK1.K, Isqrs. Cluin U-w.irdi'iis, in the I hair. It was Resolved unanimmnly, I li.u the prim i;i;,l olij nei?, under thes.iid Act of the 47lh year of his present Alaje-ly's |{e'g 1, is much greater than, w ith |.r iper m.inigi m nt anil due ci o-nomj ,w iiu.d be sulhcieiit for ihp purpo-e of s.itil \ . f. Tli;;i bv ih-siui A it several, oppressive and njnco-i-titii'ional (lowers arealiendv vesleii in(ne.-ai r"iti-galit'y-and that taey have cxeicised ISie ve^i.d 11 ihem in a severe, haajjlily, an I op.,ri.---iM- o.a: iit, 1 tier-i,y nbusiii!; the conhJcr.ce repo;cJ iu thtiu hj his ,Vi;.j s Gy-xcrmnent. Resolved unanimously, Th.-t we src v. ith rerrpt dis-njip Mlilm'111., nolwilii-l.i .di Iti- ^re:l eorreaje of i'.nx, l)\ the said .Vc!, her.�tofore a;i(ir�j;r: iliii to |!ie Paving, Lii;h.lir.;;, aii." Clean in^' this Cn >. ihe .-^iil I'n.oini-sionen have not oniy dimini-hid llie nunjlu-r of Li.mos in the in-leritir, hut arc procee ling to make other iiiju io ions .-md inconvenient ciianges in t.'ie co;>slituttnn and form of the .sJ'reets and J'ubiic Seivers, by a wanton wa-le of Publi* Properly. Resolved unanimously, Thnt, exclusive nf the atlark the Bill nnike- on the Librrlie bear, or the ncrotiiplishment of the objprc it c-nidiar.--. Resolved unanimoiislv, Tha'. fofthe hefore-mer,tin,ied reasons, the Rit;lit Hon. H LN R i" llV.:\rTAS md bUHhRI' Sil.\W, I'.sq. the Rcpreseiilatives of t.iiii; Ciij in Parliament, be requested notouly to o|)po.-e the pa-sing of the i-aiil liill into a Law, bnl also to endeavour to procure the Repeal of the s.nid Act of P.trlinnieni of the -l/lh of the King, and the making"-f aa Act to .-issjmil.nte the Paving, Lighting,.nnd Cleansir^ the City, to those of the Cities oQ London und Westminster. Resolved unanimously. That a Committee of Seven P.n-r'tshioturs be appo nted lo prejiare a Peiilionfo tlu- Parliament,founded on ihe foreKOTg Kesoluiions-ai:d 10 lay the same before a Vesiry, to be callid for thul purpose, i.a TL'CSD.\y,lhe ilili iiib.iint. Resolved unanimously, That the sincere Thanks nf the Meeting be presented to our wnnhy 'V' .md Cloir.-li W.-it-dens for thiir promptness in calling the Pji ;shioi;e r- io;;ether on (his very Important orciisfon, and for their manly and spirited conduct iu the Chair. Signei bv Order, _ JAMl-.V BRUSH Secretary. _ COUNTRYRESIDKNCK, will, a M.\.\OH.r-W'anted for Kive or Seven Ye.irs, in a pl'-a'siol Ne.g'i-bourhood, n�t more than 80 miles from ihi! iileirojiol.-s.  x-clutliiig Essex .nnd Heitfordshire, a comf-r able llo i�e, with a fevy Acres of pasture and ."i .Vlanor or unijoiilrd |.erini-si3a of Shooting; the Counties of Hams, lieili-, i r-Vl)l IRA Wl.NE. 4 Hlidi. SHERKi. 1 .Buit DITTO. 2 Pips PORT. 1 Pipe nUCEULAS. -SOU Dozen PORT. 1 Piincbiu OK.-:.NGK JUTCR/ Particulars In time of P W, DU WNliUG.

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