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Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Courier on Wednesday, April 12, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - April 12, 1809, London, Middlesex frEDiXEsDJK -^PRIL 12, i809. Price .(5dI t-ES OF ErWESCE, . CO��ltTKE �F TlIK IIOCSE OF THE Ot' tAST vn,,� any thing of LaJv 1^ No, con. 1 du :? Mv father **'i.''?I'tl, what t���er c�me in�� the hands 0'- Vll-c �i�h �he He�. Mr.!. 5o^J^;..2^;"Sr. Woodford has had .he whole ttid he th<* po^cfj wilh fairness <owar(|s L -rd Jr. Woodford h�T"ingprolio��d to himself to go |^iiredo�n at' liaflry, which isi (he iistate ad. igiwn^ to my hroJh prupcny, he sent game. and pw^ons rii, and took it from jny f^vos', It!"' laiU'iMW coittendini; in (he C.iurt rfCfcsncery, and Iiope ,t� 5uccml in procuring Iton lJ'*r ir thu inmiioatioii of the Wiwrtbipwa birhftlf of tny iiiiphcws, with Air. iiniiin* and Air. Hcyvood, who, ui'hmyself^ jiJiJciccutofs and trustees under my brother's ^ti I �N)ulJ not wish to appear i-idividnaily tUk* that for roy>cff. Mr. Woodford certainly assisted.Jiic wifh TPgard to purchasing rouiid � ellAte in ilrrtfurdshirc*, and has made tne re. Metoljpett part of ihc properly round nif. rih*mnyo( the Wrifersh^ps wt-re given him Ijfte he- has accomoiodati'd. you in the iray yuu kttiioD l-^Tbey wrrcalmosl all gitrn since cliai, f. .= - .K,, ,,, i, igo5. Xhe Trustees irHiinl upon liiii Li>ril;bip, hy a iwiefrom twrJ Ciuilercagii, by npp-Miitiimit. Arc ynu sure lliat voli ever irrci^i-il aij imte from Lord C-ullrreaKli apjmiiilii'S n mfflinj I an�. Itave \ou auy nith iiufr iu >�ur p�^�5�^.ion J-I li.tve. M'hiiiurreyuu.'-A t.^iUlniiaii; I never wai iu nuj busi-OCi-'S ; 1 nUVa\k li:id i nitugli to li�c iipfiri. Wlieu l^iird Claiiciiriy s:iiJ, if \ou rnU d'� one ttn'm rnn \c\i do amithiT, did lir nunin tlic s>':il and llie \Vrili*r!-lii|� ?- .I'iilisr uurd." are to Hk explrtiiicd ; ii i. T7^>'>i>d tiii'-e (liin;:sarc not to be publicly i^ui'd io duwiiriglil 1;.ii);li3li lau-gwijie. Have you any diiubi, thtit in ppraking of iliis lo be dniip, and ilint to be recfivfd, lie uiidmtood as tvetl n-^ jouraclf, that o!M-ulliiijed to :i Writrrsliip and the uilicr to a siat ia Parliameiil ?-Not asbHdow. j Wbec'was theseat?-'i'lieseat was in Irrlaml. ; For rthat Uopiucb or County<-li �<isoi ino reroinnien- ' daiioii of r.ord tliat it vcui to be duae, 1 du uut kimir jeiacily the iiajne of I lie plarn. A seat that Lord Uliiio could iiifluonre ?-I do n:it know : that it was downright his uwn, but he cuuld get sacU a thhig | cUVcted. l*�oduce any p-iprrs you have brought, in coa�r-quence of . the orders of the Ciiminittee yesterday, reluling iu any de- , f^ee to the trau-aclions ?ejpei-ting uhich yo'i were qu"?- ] liutled ?- \i far nf, retaies lo tliis �uhje U il�ir u> lo know fto:ii me u-here lie uas tube reiunieil for, uudliy � i('in<; I told l.iiii nt all liiin-s, hre.'iu-'e I ua^ coiilidi'nt of ni\ frifud, Hiat it woul.i out ti�.�t bini a S'lifii-nihi-a, if he vmild fet theappiMiUmenl f rllii� youuf; Kenllrniuti, lily fciciid biumld return linn; :in>l ihr.- are the leOers mi tluit Mibject, th"inh thry may bi- �nlten iu word* w hicU the world are iiol t" umlpr.-itard.' No person ran iiiidi-R'fnnd aii> thing iVoni liio-e b-lli-rs, bat tl^ you wi'ri* appointed at dill'ereut iwiwr in si-r Lord t. lan-caiiy, eitherut his ow� bou e or llie India BoarJ : what p!i5Sed in lb&cohver�ntioiH you bad in roiisequentv-W i-cume tu an andeDtaiuliugi tiiat if Lord" Ulnnciiriyw cmlJ lend thisfrieadnf mine, a younj; ei-nllemnii. to Initia, be m a. remunenitiiin, should have a teat in thi^ Hon. House. Did lj�rd t^alienrty rIo�- wiili ili it harxain ?-T.ord J[ow cnuld jolt jnppose he would be nhlige.l H/ mak'n^ >urharelunito I'arliann'nt ?-lie bad ^iveti mc� dire^. Citii--, aiid I 'ci>iii|ili>*il wiihthi-m, , '�*. hal (lirt-ciioiu di.l he givf to you?-Tooego'.i.ite with Lord Cl.incaHy. Was LiKd intpriMed in the appointment of Mr. Ogf to India?-Uii:\ far that was, I c-inmit aoswer. Did you evrr h<-ar Lord Mig.) mentinii iHe mmt of .Vfr. Os? ''^d .<ligiir.iid 1 al various tiinrs (alkrdor Mr. CJ^S* name w ilhuui r .M-rve, �l;eu X h.ive bad t.*ie hoauur uf being with him in lilJ muni. Did yon tir^l oicniion the namfe Uf Mr. to Lord SVgOi or Lnrrt"Sli^o to )ou )-l eaDin4 answer, it ii out of my [inner. jl\ wluim wa." the na'�eof Str. Ogjfimt nieutiuned to you ? -Kv .Mn. (trove, 1 think. _ ~ Have you unv reasiw to believe that Mr. 0�g Was ar- |j�rd t^alienrty rIo�- wiili ili it ClaiicJirtv wassaliitied, and il wmild have been"eBVcteri, ii it -----j , .  . w;iSnor,'l believe, for Ihi^ v.-ry fell-iv ofthfiiameof );a- q�aii.t.d with l.onlMigo?-1 do not luiow ; I cannot Sdy i� a,]. ' thai Mr. Oss wa* aeqnainted wilh Lord bligo, nor i cannot vies; I have a ii'ilioii he was Ihe orc.isi'm of ray being furtiinatety hauled about; 1 can cliarj;e unliody else in iny mind. Did Lord Clnncarty agree wilh yon lo appoint your friend lo a VVritcrship in India, If ynu in n turn, liy raean^ of snme friend of your.-, engaged tu rMuru his Lurtlihip to Parliament?-lie did. Do yi'U reeiitlect iu which of your conver?alinTt<! it, thai this agretaneut iv.ns fully cii^liuh'd:-h ihree- be called here for I am w illing lo explain^ iiaviiig been un- | neral subjeil of our merdnx. but I c:K4!iiit tell r f our 4neeiii\;s. rnnunHtet.v takeu away. ^ _ mmiyniemoRindnms, t'lut f find that b�th \in. lieding aud my �ervaiit' w tist>t->iiiMMi ikh mAjMt^ and have brought ibeni here. . [A Letter Irom "Lord Caitlerengli, dated Nov. 21, lS05i was read.J ta iliai iiie nnli note ymi had frmii Lord Casilcrengh ?-I have lieeuexamiiiirig, and ran lind n� nthcr; if I ean lind it junung other bundles of papers, 1 will bring it tviUi pleasure. Do you remember receiving any other note or I Iter from Did you comroutiicate to Ia^vA Cluucirly 'rt Ili) your friend wasbv wfioui hcshoitid !�e rilimird to forllameiit:-1 re-fiisni^teUiit-^ Lurd ClaficacLy tbat. . take upon m^5elf li sav be was not. I Did you ever see bim in c�m;i:iny with LordSligo?- A'fver.' Did you erer hear Lord Sligo talk of him as an arqnainu ance?-.\o ; t do not s-.ippose Lord Sligo wmld be acquaint-cd with a man, nnlesi it was his own particular friend. W'h It beoelil ninl.l Siig'> derive from Mr. Og^''s ap-pttinlnieitt I� India -Thai I e.inmil an>weT. ' Wa-sbeto r^-ceive any part of tlie 3.X)0f. or guineas?-I do not IkHOW that he wa^^ Di you know that he was not?-I do not know he ni.s not, in your answer relating ts the trlbu(iofi of this monPT� � � ^ ,,},ion r iilivays reft^li^r T had 8 to reecive, i.oyi�art^.rthein�pey i-l do not know now that liim^-No; itwmyopiuionI iilways great deal of del:caey to tell my friei.d's iiaoie. Do you mean In s'av that he promised the Indian appoint-i m-iit to your friend, without knowing ihe name of Ihe prr-1 sun, or the seat for whicli he was to be reHirm-d to Parliament?-He asked me, on the conclusion of il.iiig�, who was I't return'him; 1-told him that I would lake oponme the business should be concluded, beiluie 1 was not at all alarm- liru> ey I WDulil not tellhimUiy business, and 1 uentauav : be was oileiided i would not tell him, and 1 was oireuded lie asked me; and Lord Cnsiicreagb wrote to me ngiiin. J>id you see Lord t.'nnlerea;;h in coii^equence of this >in(e or a ffcoiiJ note ?-I did ser him, hut I cannot e�arllj'say wbrtkerit wJis in coiis. quence of this note or auollirr. , ill what nioiiih did j-ii ki'e liim r-1 believe it w'iis .ibout that time ; J Hmuld inui^ine it w.;i-> in roii-rqueuce of that letter, or anolber, wilhina week or ten days. About the ei.d of November, IKDa ?-Yo�, I should come bark a);nin in a little time. My buries were in iNrw-slreet. Spring ( i;t; .i!>�iif ^imic pnrticxlar business ; be aski-d me this, are \on satisfied about thi^ being done; I said, I wili give your Lordship a bond to ooy ainomit wluievcr, lhal ihe thing will be dona williout delay ; his I.ordship said, thai bond would not be wortli a he ivasfirreceiVe any paft of the money. )>id he know what sum was to be paid by Mr. Ogg for the Wriiership?-I told hira. i was with Lord SliiO .tlin'Ht every morning, three and four limes in the day, and there was uol a thing kept unkiu>wo from bisLnrdship'by myself. Did vou tell him into what shares th.i,l money was intended to be divided?-1 di> not know at this moment whether I have or have not; 1 would with pleasure tell if ( could; p'rbups I may lied some meroonuid'im by and by, that would throw tightu{>on it. Here are Lord Sliito's notes to me. Did you at any time commnn-cate to Lord Slig"i that h  w;u to derive any pecuniary advantage in cnavquenre of relnrHing Lord Clancarty to Parliament?-I alwnjs tolj Lord .Slipiwhat was doing: I do not I havee.x-aclly told him in what way the moiiev was to be divided, or iu wli:>t khares ; 1 do nut remember that 1 have. Did you ever see Ijo'rd Sligoin compaoy wilh Mrs.Orove ? -1 do not know that 1 have; but 1 was very inliinaic wifli the laic l. flOM YESTtHpAY'S I'APEll. Whatcuiivffiajiimpassed lietween you aiid Lonl flqnrar-tr?-He liiveliailHi manv"C'mver�aJioiu, that. Miihoqi rr-friwreto my diifuflieiilj, 1 cannot say; 1 have many �l his WlM. -  - HaTrynanolrtrrlaiin^to this tranwction now in yonrpos-Hsii'D?-He d�e� not say "any Ihingfuitber in the uol- s, but WdKiringJ xvill.raU al such a tiiue. Tjifn how will loul^ignt those mvle� rti.-ilile you lo coin-i noiralram cirrumsiaiToto lb- Cuinniiuee which you canal saw ?~.ber,iuse Icrnerally made s �me remark* and pri- iWe mrfflorsudnmMu see where I had to answer, wh re I M to wait. Perhn|>s I-had adozifn leitirsor more, from iiifrtnitp(i)|ilr,�hen icame boine. "'4jl'ouni<ikemeniiiriuidMns<-Tt ihe time of the conversa-lutpassed between you nnd l.�rd I'lancariy ?-,\oiiie-'idunKhavel resiierl'ingivbiUbad passed, but 1 bore Ig . whcofver I looked at Jiis utiles, what the nature of the iittrap werf.. If did you say you had documents at home (hat would Cjputopve a mure distinct ucCounI lothe Comiuillee? tunlyieasoa'l sail! that was, us to the d.tys of the L^aitis. 0 WtotustfSfd in .your Cr iever; Loid Migo called iti my bouse. iaokr5eT�LnrdClana���ca�"l; 1 ihiok he l.fl his , Jii ">'fedthen"ne!t�Grus>.eiior square.  NH�w didyoo intrndnre.yiiorselr tu Lord ClaiicaMy, Uiu fir.-t I i?^-'��"��ilii�ieeof'hi,�l.-lter. i Iwldtrr' '"""^ *' ""^ *'�t�""^"t uf that kiud itiiironsequeneenf an applicnlionfrom Lord Sligo, lesired to see you t1ic Ur.-I time |-I do ! ihould ima- 1 rreiinyVuntbeinpK lawyer, I fell m>s. If hnrt, aird I rode j the subject of the r-iuri'i of Lord Cla"<|artv I- Parliament ; eine that was about Ihe time : it must have beeii thi:<. or a ; awav and left his L-'rdsnip : and bv ihis sort of conduct he i al that period ^  . - . .. .-........ I was oUViided with nu-.aiHl I was highly offended with lo i himself, but relti-r that, passed a few days befuie or after this, have produeeil. . . , . What passed in that conversaiion?-My Lord Castlfreagh, when I was imnxlured to him, avked nie t;ie name of the l|OHli;itinrarty d. WW. lucodseqnreeeof mv'iellerfr'Jin L�rd Clanrar-i-waltrd rtpim Lord Sligo ai.d t<dd hiin; he said jeSj it -I �u wiib that nich .1 ibii.g should take place. �What W Urd Clatirnrtv'to writes kttrr-tA v�u;-I donutknowirhether'il w:is throo^b Lord Mig�, or . % my Isird l^sistlrteafh t it must have been through -^f Ihi*. Noblemen. Jtiiat acquaintance have ynu wilh l.o'd Ca'tlcreugh r- �Uie aequnintuiee 1 have with faint'�u�thro wu write IU hini without any prevjoMs introduction, or was your letl.T inclosed or for\�ai(i.-d Lord Sligo, or any other fr end ?-No, i wrote lo hini myself, as near as ' 1 c.ill recollect, without making use of llie name of .tny persiili. Did you see Lord fa-tL-reagh more than i nee upon this SObjeel ?-1 do imi r miu ei laui I did. J'iave you seen liim tinee n|io>inny other rubjert, so a ise iiis fnendshiji ruiner than divulge tdes rr-t. Did you see bim before that iiiler.view,upiui any slhcr subject r-.Not on any subj'el ol Imsinrss. � � Uad,'iOH ever any cunver-atuni w iih him, before that conversaiion you Uaveju t mentioned ;-I do not know whether I had beeiial an> card table where he was ; I believe I was; I resorted tu friends liuuses to which he did ; noiliing o:i aiiy business. Had yon any aequainla'ice wilh him before you saw him in Downiiy-siVeit ?-I could nni cia;ni any nrqnaintance wilh his Lordship before, oiil> ii'.eeiing at oiiier persons huilSPK. Did you mention any thing |o him in that cnnversnlinn, re-laOnst" a VVrilership or Liisl India :>p|)oiiiinu'ot -1 was iiitioduced in coiiseijiieixe either of bis note ursome other i 1 sent up my card, and he sciii f-T me, and .'i-.- a-ked nic wlierc the place was, and.who theprni>ri 'tnr was. That relates to Ihe heal iii /'.iniameni ?-^Yes ; I declined answering the question, aisd he wasbighly ulteiided, and linok myself away. Did any Ibiiig piws in that c niversatiou rel.iting to any ap-. pointaient under t:ie hast India Compjiuy ;-I do niil rc�' member that tlieredid. Have you given li the Cnir.miltf^ the whole substance of atC-iiver.=alion?-.-As I recollect I li;ive. liow lime did it eoniiiiue .>-I ^l^ not su;>p isc it cnuiiimed above ten minutes or n qn.irtcr o an hour. Did il continue so long su that j-It niight, I rannot be pn-sitivr tu so long a time a;;o ; it iiiif;lit h.tve lieei. less. Wrre you not disratss-'d from ihe ronversation wiili seeming displeasure lui th-ipiirt of Lo.d Castlerea^li >-It ajipcar-�d so; 1 WJU >ffe�id.eU myself. HaveyoH any letliTfriiin Lnrd Clancarty ?-I have. fLetter read "from Lord Clancarty, dated iheiffilh of Octo-be.. 1803.] DM v�iu sec Lord Clancarty iu cnnscq'icuce of this letter ? What jwseedbctftecn y-m in that conver^ntion ?-I told t.ortri lioiearty, (I am nm eo.ilirleiit whirther it uhs in that first conversaiion or �mt> if he \  dd a-si-( (>� get a yuuuggeii-lleiiieulo India, we would feib..i him to ilameni. Jlim, Lord Clhniarty r-es, bim, l.ord i;i:mcarty. What did he say in answer to ihni -Ij�rd Clancarty, as nearly ns I ran recollect. I"ld iiuj it would l>e an object of great" moment to Mini-lrr-. ami to reagh. I UeiVrve h- was then out of Parliament; 1 ihl was before Lord ( n�llere�gb^^>l iii.for Boroushbridjfe. 'wid it in a great object to Lonl Ciiitbreaiih, or any other of the Admi.iisLati >�. t> get in � Pailiaiueut; will I s;iid i must be clreumsjiecl. Be- dispute this, because 1 had mil a lioii'iit my friend would du what was proper,"or i would not olfer a bond. Did the ininsactiou brciik oQ'upou this conversation ?-it did. I.'ad you any snbs'^quent conver�a,tion on the same sulijert with l.'oni t.'lancarty ?-I do not ihiuk 1 had, fir I und r-stond this man of the iianie of Davies made a piece of ivork ab )ut it,and I never'poke to Daviesj 1 would not �penk in Ihe street, and I desired my servants, if lie cuiue. never lo Itrt bim come iniothe house. When 1 mt-.t Lord l.'lanc:iity since, he has said, how do \on do. Mr. Reding ? nnihin^ more. Is tliisa (rue arcounl of ine termination of (hat (raii-actiuu? Il is, as far as J c.iii recollee Did jou meidiUii Oi Lord Cbnrarly the name of -he person j ,ji ,f ,,p ,.f ^ord i^Iigo's seals iu I'ai li wient ?-I di f.u-whom you wished this apjjointuieiit tube oh.-anied in In- i ,ot make use of nnj sueh liin-'UMgi-, list |I>.m I ilmught I ha dia ?-l really do not know whcihcr i j,j !, a,v p,wer to do him a s. r>ioc i.. lliri'.waN. Lord Uawarden wished to S" P'irliaraent he had not it in his pumr to lio that that be wanted to do ns a return. Did you mention ihti circunist;ince to Lord Ilawarder. in the presence of L.ird Sli?o ?-i \v:is very iniimate with Lord Uawarden at pr-riori, and had the honour of vi-iting him and he visit'ri lue, niul I to!d him one mori.iii;; when ).-culled upon tu.-, fiat I thnugUt it �a eriod,an(l 1 aske.l him whether he would influence his re-laiio'i^, the Arililiishop his father-in-law, or .-iny other rela-lion.toget a simil;ir thing ; I bad meelrr^s two or three tim-M upon it, and he told me lie coutd nut iu il, uud i tuld I.orrt Slijjo tin- vii:iei Did v.'u romroui.Mcale to Lard ILiwprilen,!: tI vou h'.id fhe ... .. - ^ had Hec'illect yourself.-I h^ivc not thepunei to.s.ilisfy mj-self, whether 1 did or did not. i � Who wns (he person fnr whnm you wished to procure the j n))poinInieiit ?-A Mr. Ogp. 1 Who is Mr. Ogg?-Me is a yoiiii; gentteraan who lived iu flloiic^ster-slrcrt, or Devou�!iire-aireel, (Jji-en-square, ; i>l . '� How was he knnun to you ?-Me ii known to me through ? th" 'ilorferenfe of ftlr. IJ.'ivi.-', of .Norih.imbi-rl.nMl-sireel. Wiatsuin of ni.niev was Mr. ().gM;;ive yu ("�r (irofiir- I ing this appointment:--I undi.-,: ....I irom Mr. V^^i ;il lir.-i it i was to be JoDJ'. al l.-.isl. frmi Mr. D ivie-; then on snii!;; in . Lloyd's (oll'i-t'-hnuse, I found il w .-is in lie :^,iO;)�.'. I lolil '� them they wer.'all a set of sliiifil. is, f >r there .-i l;irt[>-r ; sura of money than 1 kueo any Ihiii;: aboiif.and I v.oni.l have , nothing innre to do witii it; whether il was pouiuls or gui- \ ns-as, i do not r."e.i[U.Tl. | Did your iiausaetiun with ^'r.Opg tirer.k olTin mnsi-quence � iff this cireumstanre-No, it dni j my Iransaclion wilh j Mr. 0?g liioke olf in ron-equenre of Lonl Clarcnty being j iifi'-nded, and I being olTeed.-d; and b.-sidrs th.-it, i'under- ' stood thai this man i>i the name ol l)avi.-s seiit pupersto j Lord Clanraitv. on which I concluded, and all iinit.escon- \ cUnlcd, il was ir.o t prudent to drop further uegoti.Liinn upon the subject. Was'any n-onev deposit, d by Mr. O^g ?-.Never ;-not to me or any body, tU:it 1 knoiv of^  Mere you to" rec�:ive ihe whole sum of SO:X)/. or gninens fr'im Mr. Oxs'.'-l-"ron his friends I was to leceivc il; bul it that Lord CiOtle-1 think it He [Note brnuch I hi  � t you tell me where I his is; 1 s;^----- .  . . wilM you tti�l bermneaequaiBted with Lord Cast e- ; f^re I euib.trked in Ihislhing. I was imt aw;ue 1 was dmng '-I never b^ but uiie iuterricw with Uir.l Caxie- ! ,,y^i,p �i,ich-'woud incnri en- b^ but uite ioterriew .^.Jroylifr. - . _At*fcattinjr iv.ns (b.-i|Thai I cannot downrieht B.-iy: TRwasthelatlereol of iheNear lA)h, or the W-grnnii.g �f 1 can refer lo d�cuniei aK)i< tieioe iii Ih'e same oSlre ! Lurd Clancarty wut I uewTiaw L one of the returned Member-; i .said 11 a.l no wish I  iiir^r thpdispleasure of , - t*e House of CtHDinoiis, if I enuld do any Ihiiig t.i obli| �as,h�tltw��iibeab�'i>melv pMS'five. *^ .yJlJ^nnvetsalianlwAyuo wtih Lord't o ilrrertgh at that . i .^Jr* eanuoral tiM moment recolirri. s � ^>'S^**^**"? I�pnjallo him with regard loa Writer- . r "wpfol dolwt kiMtw that I did v il b my uf iniun tluU 1 did ,i,^j'.''''*a*�aiiy pronosal io him with regartl to A �e:it  DSte* ?-l r-lher thinkJh^te. �iv^- ' �o^to aeeurale.-The pursuit 1 had in view tStliT^' ''�attWng� and I do think 1 have (if I have � ^^"|*Jaw Words. t-b.aTe io wimc degree} inti^iatcd it, per-.; "TJ'naiHlblnftilangiinKr. . , '^C!^?'^ helte�e uiat in. your Rfst interview with Lo>ir ^Sbj**^?"" tmiwaled either in blunt or in pidiielun-{SS*W''*"lt�ith regnrJto procoringr. seat la Pnrlia--M-w(wi irtkfc it ,w]u 00 win^thing of that kiud lhal I censure of the Uou-e of I omm.uis ; then his Lordship said, if 1 would ennie lo him again; the bu>ine.'< might perhaps fa on, "U which nceouni I leceivt-d some other notes from ni� JLurdsbip. 'I'be iwtes 1 liave n rltieu to bim I caiinot find,bat here are bis nu'wets. [L�'tlor fniiu Lord rinneartv. dated Terrace, Spring Gardens, ttVdoesla� rveniii,:, rr.-.J.] Mr. taa& since tlw nthrr; ihcnote that Lord Cnsitrrengti tiwl -eiii him was the nriginsl one, I bad - not the honour of kn^uinc li a-s m>ni-y|>.n. I At the rate ..f live percent.?-^"es; if my fiiend r' to j make a present a w ord asninsl.  Was u comini-sion at live per vent, upon JIK) /. ..r K"ine,is, ; all that ynu expected iu reltiMi for relarniHg a .Memb.-r t'l t Pattiameni }-That w.ts all lh:il I expected have event- i tually for hiuis'eif; ifmv friend w ished In do me any oilier i-service, I wa- very willing to obey hi�coir.m;iiK!s. ' AVas Mr. tVg. who nas to reee-ve Ihir appoioiinriil lo the j KasI indies, t.i pay .luy nnire Ilia i :ii'JO guinea* or.p 'Umls? i 1 uiider'tood, wh.'O I went to I.I.Md'.s < oll.-r-h.Mi-i-, t:i'ii l;e | he was ( ihine m >r.- j Iu do iiilh Ij  .ie�, because I fouud he meant t<) deceive nie j Rud the parties; What other partien wer.-. r.mrerned. bc^dcs Daiies ?-Mr. i Lht', the biolher-iii-law of i\lr. Oig. i Do you mean, in saving \ou turifd your h:;'-k r.ji.m nil ' the parties, that you turiM-d "jour back opon Air. Dav ii-s ;ind ; Mr. Livie?-Ves.' " i Was there any holy betiiles ?-Mr O^-gwas in the room with us. _ - Did voo not roiiliniie y-nnr neinliali.ui w ilh Mr. O;? upon ! thissulijecl:-Mr. O^z ratleil ai my houseat dilier.-m liin.-s, j and hit sister. Airs. Livie; I did unt ever after speaka word to Mr. Davies. ' ' further business^ Ir^m that period to the ; sent presftit ' '"'c Do you' know what pari .rf the three llioui'md pounds of guineas Lord .Sligo expected (n rer>-ive r.-luniir.g Lord ('laDc::rty t.i Parlianicni?-I ain at a l.tss butv In answer that qui -tion. What ten �r rd �''IiK" "nv conversalin- wilh Lord rianc.irly in' vour presence r-Lord Clanenrly rame iu, "neda., lo Lord .Slijjn's house, an<! -;.id when the -ervani a-Jiioi'nc.d h:-n;im.-, here is Mr. Keding ; an I Lord Llancnrty .-isWed in.-Imw- I uns, and .-k-ke.l ine if I knew a soin' 1 j,, not know the name now ; I told iiim 1 did not ; and .m in.- n-.xt dty, for iu.idav or two I received a-i an lu mi.jms |rtt.-r, which I su<pecled came frojii tl-is verv Mr. Dnvies, Lord .sli^o wns Ihenffone to Irelatid ; I v^r.te lo hini to Ireland, and here is Iiis.I.ordship's.iiiswer lii.-it. Had Lord Siigo any cotjversalioi w ilh L'.td rt'.:ii-;irty iri' vonr pwseiire ?-He had, so far as t!i.-it, coming in o.ic inoiu-ingloLoid Sliso's'boHse, Didanv ri^ pa's at Piat time on the �ul)j-xl of t!ii� Irai'isarlion ?--Ml thut 1 reeidUct, tliul U.rd l |.ine;iriy asked me. do you kno v a Mrs. v ; 1 ans . er.d that 1 did know sue i a name : anl 1 tnok f*r granted ihat somelhin? mip' bad occurred fr..m liiMueiitknling ,i n.tni.- thai I did kn.'w any thing ahmit. How could iiisnioKtionliign name that yn;i knew nolhini; nh.iiil, ^ive you lo understand Ihat sonielliip^ unpleasant had occurred -Ueraiisc 1 did not know the nameot this jieisoii, Ihc .ord ion do not Cone. iv  irtinilar i.iiju ri-.s a- In the lian.-l-wriiin:, a III 1 to..It it for );r.iiiie,l 'I w:ts tnin f,| nw of the name of Davies; I wrote in Lor.l .'5lii,H, .-ind here is his Lordship's ansvver. [The leder read, dated the IKh August !.S0;.] PoyouUnow Lor.l Sligo's hand �f'liiije ?-I ri.. ; ihat ii hi- Il ind-w rit O!:, and all those are lii� h .nd � riiinjj. ^ from Ihe Maripi s of SligOj daied (ir.illon-slreet, Wednesd;iy, r. a I j i'o does that allude?-! shoul.l imagiu.-, hut I will iiMtlie p.i-ili".-, the sent. yon not know what it nl!uJe?((t?-N'o, T have very few ili^ng^ eith m" ; ihis is all I eoii'.l get iil ; p.-r-iap- I m iv a' .siiiiie p.-tio.l lind some more, w liieli w :ll ex^lai.i il I'amiot %oii I ' be vai-.iied ne inwcine U means th:il. Who was lovarite lhal sent ?-I do not kt:n�-. >\asit a-caiof Lorl Sl;g-'s ?-1 do n.>i ki. <..v whether Lord .Si go had any �-.-!(-, it wa- lhro;icIi h.- i. lln-n.-.-. fNoie from I'le .\lartju;s of blig.;, ila:ed tiraflo!i-�triet, Sa'urdav, n-arf.] [N.iie fr-ni Hi? Marquis of Sli-o, i-nt.d CrafLni-strcei, Tl S'.-at iu Parliameul or liOi �-I shi-uld crto obtain for Lord Clancarty ?-I cannot tell wiere Ihe was. r never asked LofdSliga: it was through the interest of rav frieud Lord Sligo; I took his word, nn-l offer- wbenl Sv'IS^rcem i^mSb^nii. or did^nol even wi,h fhatf or! the time; 1 would d.. that uill.out. to objige my frieUd, wiihuui a shilling, and be at any expcnce toWvrhiin. , .,01:-.,. What friend are you sp�ikinj{ of ?-Lord Sligo. H.W could Lor/ Sliip. be benriilh.d by returning a Piriiam^nfwbo wns n sir!uj;er tohim?-Xh BertoPadianipnfwtio'wiw " wrsuiger wilhia kit own breast; 1 cannot necouut for that Mem-bat vras Were you iu habiti of great intimacy with Lord Sligo?- How long have you known him ?-Some yean. How before this (raifcactioo ?-It may be three or four yearn l caimot r itaelly sjty. Uuyou conceive v u were.nperson (iiacb trusted by bim? -I never asked Lord Sligo lo trust nie with any thing, hi, (lolitcDns to ine wiis great at aH liaiei, he pitted bij ouii-

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