Tuesday, April 11, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - April 11, 1809, London, Middlesex ill ii"^ ^~ iiiutiuco, t'l-.y "f L.onoMii I/in.lo;i, Aprils, 1S(W. Pi-jce 6d'. Ciialr.-nm, s'afing that 1 Mas ihore �aitiii!> iiis c�iniujiii|s ; Im *cat tlu* S.crclary imt to mu, .�o'd .... luu Sir. George ;<miih and t! f ! were giiiu up (o tlie Tnasiiry to (ix a CoiiiniiJlce, ^: ."'Z .....rh !:.iLM..Hi'�n-� l��CM';^'''^^"^/.T!'*' i ""iJ (/lae Jic iiopwl f �r here, anj the House was at a h:ilf Ja bt-nhic to go to Coll.ge, ami inconsc. ii^ �liat livi.is t.� be as-...o. disposal for the pcrpose of salr^' CutMlccotAlr, noiHlforJ\i)r <;ii..� 1..^ e,.^;.rV,,...fl^ --  . . . . � t ! so sfrict ivith rt-ar.i Ui ti.� uu Iti K-�rseIf alone, in iiOTesppf4 0. .1 iiecoqiarj i ,. ^mr* JiVniWt '""J �aii(l� iii the {liipersof iiie i(U�ilfa� U'ntcrtlitp r AbtaiflM in con'fqurncu nf ob-* i-rieiiil .if :\!r. H. T. within Mtuaduii in Ccyluii^ t.wai reigofd by the ik-rsiu wljo lidd il.alin) re- iitntlatr, that in nil and errry in�tAnrc. Mr. G. ThoJ-��V�part'''>''"'''>' '"'l"'''""' "'�qualiiit^ of the ^Hummmdeil: auU <hi*y haw alt tiiiitotml.v jiruvrd to fc(tlfwnijiilflli hU superiors to tlie particular atieuiioii of ^KaHDi-nt, Sir, Inm vriirine, if ncc�'ii=ary, tuvrrify �Mllii if mil (1 <nn a(il Jsoletow'ty �<� (Itc snkain asruninco �(toa;aiid I trust, iiir, that ia wbateverii^htinv cun-raat be vicHi'd, 1 way rank withDnifc'wht), (nfV may nol hwi' thf viriuc In ab'tain fi'mn liail ac-tiitytX ton muc^ pri I(^ to patliati" (hfiii l)y a fal-i--ToiranUottnTs, Sir, ftlr. ii-uiiiiizid iiinrc liieirmolivi's; tuwnrds nni*, tvh� klcmd in the iirar aVsA 1 did, the ruinpiuiion frtMil bis ycinth, tlii: friend D�>lcanlidi>ali!il moment', tbc adopted son of his fa-y�r:oa wlitisosituaiioa iii iifr. 'Mbnsi: fririidshipand ,JoB, plated him aliiWe'suspirioii, tacli exmuinution iU r, if in whatl Ii��e written. 1 have addptfd lilsryexprcrsions-solicitrd no, pity; i huveUeiMi flB) own roi!duauii).> as it relates tu hint; I have ,jriiuringJo.fus(if}apc�s��ij T conceive .-iiid know t� ly injured-what are my feelinfjii, uiy uuhappine.-.v, .;remone,iUtieeii% this cffj'cl tlie diseliisurenT thrse transactiuus. v� nisuch OTCttiBSiwim cuuW easily have Uuakd, and \�hich ,_�itjwtlili�l) Ki.coiiciltat*. tb�S.Sif,lKaiiuifcclini;iovrardEn�e ranv induce yiiu to thii U�er; shame uiay be my p-iiiion, but \ ^ W,io>e;t.> battle Writership to wliich Mr. 1^^ 1 v:nt. rmimm's commiti'i;i-.-itot)M, - City of Loadao, Tavern, April lu, 1809. )nB Efidcaccrcspecihiit those Abuses of Mr. 1 llflloison's PnlroiBjgevwbicbjirc at pre.-eiit the occa-TfWOilclnBaaeritedpni'judice aj?i\iuft that Geiitlriuiin, todav he printed and sobniilied to the I'ruprieiiirs of WiaSiocli-,inil it istery material tliat tho�e I'r.iprte-ikoareautnus tudo jii.>ticeun thi.. efore ��^ limgeV'oodf'irdTbellusSoii, lisq. a ftleiuberof N hi Khicb his patTiina^e and confidence appear cbeeogruttlvabusM." Hut it is wnX esicniial that "irtun iboiild know (and Tliellusson's Coni-_f the autliurity of Mr. Ba�W^>, tbc t-haiwnun of �Hteenf the tl.mseof CoinmoiHfor the fact) th;it 'oiiiigpassnftfs uf Uie Keport were.ader a full ef Ibrevidence, passed uuauitnoHMy. It is a salisfuclioii toyuur ('iiniii)itlee, thnnighout efidfiice, to renuirli iii>(liriie which traces any �torfupl or impfnper b:tr^Ta* to any pireclor, reasunablcsu^piftonthaiii nasdonc with the iJWrjmiivBncir 6f aiiy Meriibrr of that tlouil." XVOath taken hj the Din rtors stems a* eb'ret'a.nl �"'ngMlilch can be de\j pd for the jiurpose ..f RUard-tcomipiii,n,s"f�r .is ilif Direcii>r5 iliemsclves dliik'Ij concerned, atid your Cmnmitfce have aJ-r WBWkm, That no uu&nue uf corrupt t> iii' ^"Wic and the Pmpiietors of I jut India wjOfinnation of Mr. Thelltiaoo, whirli, ulien '�il�pnothe niindsdfnn impartial and iiilelligeiit 'Wcencc'*"'^ of Commons an uuainoious couvicr J. J. ANGEIISTKIN, Chairman. undone man, or sotneihiitp to that effecty a|td*Jt told iiim that certainly lie must k1iow that he was, in my opinibn, ior we could never speak more ; he then toltl mc he was going to Mr. George Hibbert, Avho Is my hroiher-irt law, to cotnmnui-cute sonicthiiig to liiiii C'liiceniin^ mi-; he said, I must see you ; do you iliiie at home ? I told fiiin I did not know, iliat I -Sid not wniif to see him ; hesaid, " I know you do dine at home, for I have Caljed at your house, an I I must see you to-uigUt alS o'fJock, we luu"!! uoi be seeit to�;(;lher now." I wassuryrisi'd ; and lu- thin said, you rrmcnibcr the Writetship. I told him yes, I remember three xh^t I have given to yti, and I have setu the return tliat I have met ^\ilh for it. lie then menlioned Mr. Donovan's name j at that moment I thouj^ht I should have fallen down, I pushed him away from me, and tuld him not to speak to me any more, that I must go directly to the India House, and I ran to the India House, and asked for the Chairman and Deputy Chairman; the Chairman was not there, but I was informed he was gone down to visit the India Stud, that the Dejiuiy Chairman had not been there ; I asked if any other Director was there, and was informed Mr. Mills was there; this was about aquarterjiasf one o'clock. I Informed Mr. Mills of what had passed, and aslied him what advice he could give tne; he rec6mtnended me by all means to see the Ciiair.s, but he was afraid that the J^eputy might j be out of town, and I told him that the Chairman was also gonej; I to'd him that I certainly would make a))oi�t of seeing the Chairs if I went into the fountry cr elsewhere; I then went to Mr. Smith, and communlca w Mr. Woodford's direction in town, butMrs.G.Thellus.eonioldme of it; J then wrote this letter (.Mr.ThcIlusson delivered in a leiter,and it was read*.) I returnetl ui eight o'clock to Mr. Grant's, and had about an hour's coinc^Ralion wilh hint.; Fearing thai .Mr. Woodford might s'ill call upon mc in tlie evening, 1 went and siaid till half )�ast twelve at n>i;ht at Mr. Serjeant Hey-wood'i. I ordered a chaise to be ready fur me i rarly in the morninp, and went to Cla^iham, but j five niiuutcs before I got into my chaise I received j Ihisletter. (Mr. Thiliusson delivered in a leiti-r ! from Mr. Woodiord, (fated lllh February 1809*.) ' On Saturday night when I returned, I wrote a let-ter to Mr. Itamsay, the Secretary of the India Compactly, desirini; hint to send me the li�t of my patronage, for these three years past, aod he sent me the fiillowitiQ list. (Mr. Tlielliisson delivered in a List, which was n-atJ*.) The Writersbip fi�r Edward Jaims Smith was given to Mr. �Woodford direct; with respect to that given to Sir Waltir James James, I haye -not the hun�ufofhis acquaintance, btit Mr. Wo'idford said it wtis a young man, with whom he was par-ficularly ar(]uainit>d; Ido.nxt know whether a \Mi:iti.� C.ed^rlin.ition of that livicg?-I intend it for a Coujiii of mine, .Mr. Sherrar. 'this g-mleniiiD doe� kuov*' aJiy thi:ip in ihf. w.Tid o! ihetran.'iirttiiB. � Wave \ (III.had any o(ii;r trrtiisacfi"i.s with-Sir. Tahourditt, from whiili you tierivcil ,iny pfcuiiiarv advant-isc ore-xjtec-t.itiiiu iif adv;!iil:i��, in cuasequci:ce i;f aiipoiiiiiDents ia tie liali.i iinuse .�->o;ie. 1 , . , ...... Did Ml. 'I�helitl^llll, ;it the rernr-nrndaiion of yourself, op-point sinv.l'.idelsjil auy time?-I lirl.evr si'ver.T.I.  Who were lliey r -I do not nvrnViecl .il li>is time.-J)t) yiKi rccolieci nonr tit ilieii;; -I liiiuk there is a-.Mr. Eudi! t;i.i� I �nfe.tec ubu Uiid applied'tor ihrni, iiilh'^ut |irop'-f r-'Nsideraii'iiT. ..... Have you at any time olitaiiicj any WritiTjJiip ot. Cadets ship, friuu '.liier Dir.Tiiir .-Nofie Ih.1t 1 know of. I .ipplied ttt Sir. Jh>!>tir� tvri .ifl-apjuMnWieet some little time ago. bur.it ncyvr ha- been.rarried into e�ecut!iHu  Had ytvtt uoliji^'iW'iideHitilt" imaiJur uf your? ago^Wriler-Eliip pivi n ya>�i.|>ii> itt. 'f lji>4ii*soii �-Yc>-, 1 had. * .'to honi WH;it eijcn?-l.reallv forget the GertVrnan's n.-;mi;; there wta, n"i pv�^\o iif:dcntl>i>n taken fi r ihiit, thai 1 know of v none ti.Hnv kiio-.* l.-i'.jtr'. . Hijen you n'/:oniincirdcd >Ur. MnartOmitli to -Mr. Thi-l-IrswU, whai reasons did jou give for JUe recommcndaliun  That 1 wished � tuiih;ts Iiaving upon yonr recuiuuKudaliun;-I do not recollect that i reptrsented .luy.. . .... i'.iiber of relationship or friendship ?-I said that be was a person Hhom 1 wished very much lu ubiiKf. mice I oa i.i (he mVTES OF BVim^OE, WOUE A. COUMITTTEE 0� THE nntlsE OF fOMoH TUr. PATRONAGE OF THE E.VSt iKOlA from Mr. TheHnsson jvas read. �8i� WoohFo.RD 'TuEfcLUS.'soN, Esq. rau,tosso�.-Il may be iti the tccoHec-jomeof the Mmbm wjio arc here, that I ''l.qncstions to Mr. lionovan; Ihert was ...... _______ ---- Mar question which I bclieTw is more ; j;.":'V-Lj^tion of Sir Walter James James, whom |poiatthan any olUr, �hrthcr h� M �Tid^ to obU-e : and that he was perf.c'ly Jib hatj given such !!,1t1ro�3gc Mr. ^r^*",^,-;^, ,^,,d Jo f.u: htm. I '^^V mu^a a m�f|on forcaflitui Mr. la- f '"j f^, �.� nominaliot^ and Lad partly pm- S H-1, Mr. Wrey, brother to S.r Dourchter wS-v Mr. \V�.y was in town tWlhatl.me and tod mc his son was not of age for a-year and l^poUh made , ... �^o.thfi Bar af the Jl^ttsi', and I seconded thatbetnichi he called. On the Fri- j mtotbe India House; iw�t heing a Dt- l ''^WCiiBirs vthatfurtber they ^rould trirt **,Oria this IjwmcS* there WJJS a Secret > I �wt iA  im to Mr. Parry the I -  iW AM�*wiix*�e� not j{l��* thi'.;r Pnpers, f.iyinif � ni>-} tiHii�rm.-M ri�l iRlheM. J�.iper�, etrrpi Kbai is pntitcd iu the  R�fii� Qfinthe tvidciicc." maoiraiicHi iibno^�itk.�>t fiMfiAir�\Vfxidt . � IJad thrtc tiicee appotutiiienis the Mvnihramhim (\'idr I'ltriii of iJerlafaliun in (t-port, p. 7,) staled ui this pap.r subscribed liv you, and were tlie coiilejiis of wliui vnusvih-seribed true f-t'Cfcisely m ; 1 believe no Wrii> r tan pm-peiiy be noiniu.'ited till ih.it lorni is ciini|ili.-d uiih. How lo:;g b.is llial I'.irm been required i-htrr ti have been in Ihe i)n'ecliim, from 179t). iVevious to Lord ______...... _ ...... habit of gre.'tt and I'lyqufnt cuniinunieuliiin and iuii- lllacy with fth". U'oodioid :-I lived wi'.h him .i* tn\ br.iluer; we were brought up as cli�Utr 'Cond.; W)^ never h:ul been teparaled fill that lime, but were in ilie l;aW}ts of Uie rliiscst iiiliiil'icy a< if we weiv hro'ihers, and never, till my broiher's dealt!, had I a word of li.spuie v\i(ii .\ir. \\ .nod-ford lutill iny life: 1 looked upH:i hnn as my hrotlier. You never s;i� iMr. IJoiiovan before he Vnuie to ihe liar of the llnn�e of Coninions:-Never in my life. Was Ihc ineniinn of l^onovau's inune liie unly .'illusion Mr. Woodford iiir.delo the sale of the Conniii-.iion, w lien i, ou askeil me � hat he ."^aid alierviards, 1 could iKit^ell. 1 itiei a near 1. liition of mine p:tssiu^ h\, my niielc, whu had cmne to t^wn, \>lio doe.-i)"t very oft. n cunie to I�wii( 1 ran on to the India House, iuid cojld nut speak lu him; f feared le-t he should tliiok I was irally craicy, Jind 1 wrote him a lelier of ap olog.. '( he cmilidenie we had iu Air. \loutii'ui'd, as cxecui r of uij fathers will, was uiibnuiiilcd. _L)id >ou state any cuuuertiuu witlL-jiis family ?-No.ir.: You mtiit take into \ our consideration tlie situation in. irhicii �.M1>F.I1011 JOILM ALEX VNDCR WOODFOUn, Ivq. State 10 the Couiniitrer (Jie cireunistaiireii lehuins '''e .i;ipiiininiei!t of the Writer, whieli \ou were ^nin^ 10 com-inuiiieate 10 Mr.'I'helIu?son V,hen yoii mei iiiin in l.'iie.bM'd-streel.-.Mr. Theilusjuii had at ni) recjucsi giveiiuica \S riler-sbip. At what time r-It is within the !.n-( eTjl't-en monlh.j, but 1 Ciinnolexaelly stale the t:!ue, wriicn Wriiersliiii I .illi.vie.l to be dir.posed of for asu.n of moiiey ; an-.i \�lien t ?a\v :l:.u by some circumstances tiiai Iransiciiiin iv.i^ likrly to l>e maJe known, I tiioiight it niy duty to iuform Air. Thelios^on tow far 1 W.1S culpuUIe. To h'lioin iiu� that appointment Ki�en, Hint wa? dispo.s-ed of.'-Tf/iiMr. J ry illaKi'iite ; liiii ginil nun lui;-siim-. I uiideistand, hern ree'omnrended la ttie \ ouit of Uiriclor- lor pnnnoti'in, in roiisequcnee of his superi-ir qu\|ilieali in did yon receive it .- -I ureived ;i rj.ioegh the baiiil.s uf Mr. Tabourdin. Did he ne(;orialc(his apji'iiiilnient with yon .'-I nent 10 bini, 1 think, to desire hiiu to pnauiv somebody lo purrh;i.~e the uppniniineiil. W'rtiit was your acqu'iinl.mce with Mr. Talioiirlin  -Mr. Tahuuidin oiigiiially vN role nie a great n!.ii:v I'-iti-rs relative to the price ot ettJies in dill'ere' i pans uf ihe i liinilry, w hieU he otfrred me as 'fiusti-e for the i;ii.- Mr. i hcU.;.*.-!!!, some estates iu ilanipiihire; k w.is very desireus Humpjiure estuli'S, and J found hini to he a ll;impshire man ; S\t. '1 a-Jiourdin's briilber was curate (u my unele, (lie latt .Irchdea-cnn of Wiiichesirr. When did jour aeqnaint.mcfl tvitli JMr. T.ilinurdin rnm-nience.--1 .'hi�;'lri think it in.ist be nearly three ^vcarsa^'o ; 1 cannot st.'ile parliciilarly. What is Mr. 'J'ahouraiu r-A Sidiritnr. l>u you hiinw Mr. IJonovnnI have heard and kn.nvii of Mr. IJonnvaii by reputation for manv yeiir-; Imi 1 never beard of or s:v>v him, or knew of bis beiiii; at all ci'imcrieil with (hivlninsaciiun (ill I ^aw ii in liie p:ipcis; if I liail litid ;tny idr.i t.'iat sucli .l m;in ns .Mr. Uoiiovati ci'ulil have been conn.-cled ivith the iraii.-.iclion, 1 ceriaioly silioii'.il u'>t. Was anj other per��n l^iiowuto jou in tins (rai.saetion, e2Cr|,t Air. 'l'ah wi�a jimper per>on l-r Hie rerom-uiendatton; 1 ainii->t qu:lc cerl.iiii wlitrther 1 did ><�� him or not, liulitis possible. 1 �.istolJ that he haillieen hied up fur (he appointment, anil that he iiiidrrstooil I'l-rsM". Did veil reteive n per-'>nal .ipjiliealiiHi from :Mr. try Magniac. or uny �f his relaiitjiis : - Mine .n nil, )Jid you recrivc.iny moin-v f.irtlie appoijiiment of Kdiv.ird James .Smith in iheseasou liJOj 7 .'-.A. I did. l-rom wbuin did jou receive that money I'rom Mr. Tuhounlin. II hjit H .IS the stun ?-.9,.n0.1/. Had v�unuy acquaintance with Mr.JEdnard James Smitli: -.\iiiie.. ,|)irt .\ou ever SCO hiri previims In lb>' appoiiiimeit ?-No. Wid you lre;il with any of his r.-lati<inv'r <i nh hi.n lor ih.it appoiiiinieni.'-Never. Was ,iiiy other per.on priw m I'r'r ;r..i!-..iclion, exrepliiis Mr. Tahourdin.\iit to mvLr^. .. liil; ps tliat be sliuuld bejaitur.illy jndtnedTlo do" tTo wbnf f withflm-^ijy vtsry-irtinuteiii^iry iatothosis thing*;' he could not suppose 1 made any improper use of it, bnw-erer I i!iif;ht have been culpable iusuduiiif;. J shuuidhavi; ;li.)D(;lil caution on his part viiiuld have sliewnA �u-pid�ii that he must have thought me u idcserving, and that i ib'oald h.ive th"U:;hi iH\^.-lf in s.Hne degree iiiiari-d. llfr. George. Tlielli.s on and I wen- the earliest friends, and he could bave i:o rea-on lilt now in sujiposiii^ 1 abused his coiitidence i-� any � of those lr.ins;iclinn5. What ririumstances led you tJ conclude lb.1l Uonovnn's examination pointed at this trinisaclion, ratherliiannnyolluff in v. hieh you might have Ueen concerned with 'I'ahiiurilin ? I okIv iiuessed ihut from teeing llie name in my uew-spaprr, 'i'aho'uidiii. 1 then thouglit. as the names were so ueurly alike, it must have been "Sir. lalmnrdin. \Vas any prruni-iry coiisitler.iti' -r-r^iven or promised for ai\y � of Ihe I'adfi-hips thai jou uiiiahi.ci iiuin Air. Thellu^oa Noiie.thal I know of. Tiiere wa.^ one application liial did not .succeed .-i'c=, that wa Mr. Uoharts. What vva.s your induCLment lor ina!.ing th.il appUcilioit.'-. To ohlain il tor a voun^ man, a n/iihcw ni' ;i i'riend of mini-. wiUioiit any pecuniary ronci-rn or relrinnlion ivliatsm vcr. Did you ni.iKe any .iiid � hat rrpre.'ei.lat'o.i' lo i/MUC- Mr. Tlicilusson to appoint Ml. I'fj Ma;;ni.ic �-That ii uouiii cn.ilile nie to ohiige a p;*rtn <..l;ir IViei.d of mine. Did yiu stall" v holijnt fiiend was: - 1 rii.l. Mlio'uai il:-It vtasa person uiio was ignorant of the iransaelioii. Sl.ite his mmc.-Sir Walter Jamrs. li.td Sir Wailer James m.ide unv application ti \ . none. Had he any kiiotilr.tge of tlie trariS.iclion ?-.N'en'of inv niikiii^'iise of li 5 n.-iine. Ui 1 mju leakeanv and �li;>l repr,'s.-iil,-.li.)n; to injure ,N!r. ThfllLibson to arcommiidaie mjo nil.i .iDfir" ui,'e I.eivr.-en Mr. (iardiner and .%1r. iJnv'.-lad.--.No miiiT than that it a ruatter ol );re.-.l aecun nn'i'alion to irc. AWti .� iad .^:r rt'.ill^r J.inii*s mw intero-t in t'lc furcess of ,Mi. i'rv ;M:;:;iiinr .--.Nn, no.i' .-st .'ill. What e'ui.irv)ii-ir. is Vr. Iry .Mas'iiac -! r -.'Iv di, not knuw ; ! Iiave ii" k;m� lei!;;.'ot him; .'le lio- t>een reeoni-(Uemled i<i 'lie i)ireetur� fur pnjteitiui! ;i. ro.iC:jue;:ee of his acqiiireii: ".'Hs. Did Mr, Tah'iurdin iir � do : hes.iidlh.M he liit!U..;lil lli.1t tliroii;:li-/ act India pa triinaje 1 nnuhl possibly arrneai it; 1 said, t'l.it u.1S a milter that 1 ihoiii^ht I colIu eir.n.u.-ind, nnd I tbrn ap.died to my cousin forthis \\'iilri5-hiii. iJiil .Mr. Tahiuirdin ie(iivr .'u iliat hf wa-frimilmr or t!'fver--nnl with fuc.'i ,iraDs.irtiw) .'~,\)r. j ahmiKlm said, tli.it cert.aiulv iniiie eoii>eot' les Imsiiif.-s he lery oiieo pep;..-. I iiite.i seal" in i-';irii.iiii^i.f, b.l'.ire. At u liat lime did Ihe lir>l coiivi rsuli'in i>a-j upon ih'.- .cij.'i-jerl -I shiHild tiiiiik ab.Jul t�o yean, Hijo ; I .mi not prr-l.,iriil 11 sl.ite evatily, l.iit a ItnU-time ticSon-.-.ir. Snnr.i', aiip-'iMliiirnt or i;iy appliejlion to i\ir. riu',Sn�si�ii lor hin: ; it'iriisl have been proLrahly the 1>. j^iimi.ig nf l>ivij, ah^i-t two \rars aj;o. \'. as any one of those three Inin-artions, ain! tlo- moiioy received ill C'liiseqiieiin-, coini.Ttid viii.i iin-vi.iv ,{ ,i[iUuiu:\j^ a seal in rarliaiiieot : - .\s ihev luriie,! ..in. none. W .is the oliji-ci of ilie:a din cled {otvarJs ohlaiiiiu^a ter.t in I'arlmineiii "risinnilj r-.N", Wt.iil Ihen led ) on, in the fir.-t instanre, to enter into this sort of'Ir.i'iVic with Mr. Tiih..uv,liu :-W hen I had i�l n v.'as rxeeed-iiigl) liio-c, nutliing ofaspeeific i:atwre vsas r..iininn, il. "W;n it the ailviiw'on, or the ne�i pr. Bem.iiion lo a living, yoii were 111 have :-The next pr. s--iii,iti.)ii. When "US it t'> be vacant:-i I was on..-|.i he ohi.iiiied, n>t in a fixed linn-; tli-re �as no ilireii iie^oii.iiiiMi fi.r tui-living, it was said, in t)'e roursi- of so mmy n:.�iilis you sh;.ll "lilain liir lue aliwn;;. TlielUi .-on crt.inily knew ii.i- l-ier ilirertlv tinr iniliierlly of tiio-i- (ran-ariiuiis; aiid,lroni iii> knowledge of him, I am perlVrlly c"ov need iliat, l;a,l he kn'iwii i.i: ther.i, he v. o-dd jiiiv. put a s("p to lUeni. I think it highly ineumheiil upon me t.) ^^�l(e ihrtt. Mr. G.M'.lii 1.1. T.\1U)V. 111)1 N. JJoj* long h.ive jou known Mr. I'.iiipernr Woodford.-- AliMi! ilnre years. IS h.il w.is (liei;cra'>ion of you"" (i arq::.ii(i(.ii;ee w ith Iii'ii  n\\ I... �., Inl-e, ' I i.iaile an applic.ilioi to t.iii! r.sp.-i I ly^; Hi,- -..lu- ,if jever-.il Did vou receive any moaev for l..eappnintmeiil of Hrnry - i.i:lKr..tiindiiif.'lljutex.. ui-u a :d,r \!r. rhcl.u.s...,'s G.iidiil'-rP-None. ^ �> ; , ,\|, i..- . ' coniderable Su-ns ot ni.me. .-.Uu-i;t-p�..a!. lat: I p vavviioi i \ a. not th.1t evch:uicn made at voir request by Mr. Tliel-ius.-o!i ;-CertabiJy it n;is. IJid >ou receive any benefit from it ? -None ; no, 1 rrrriv-ed no beiiefil from that of (i.-irdiner: I uas oalv coii.j i.� st.ile, that ihou.-h J m..:si stand culpiiMe for i!.,-m .ne\ received, that it IS in fact mine, tlus would he a ehar;;.' up'.m me, perhaps. I believe, 1 bad better leave il aS it is, Ih.a t received the money. Did you receive no henrlil of any k'nd whatever from Ihe i.aiid lit Indi.i Hnlri'.i.urt-Jn caixi ,;:.r-i r.-of this au-plie-..ir.Tii ive hriil fre.,-.i. 1,! ronmiinf ati.'ii ', .m:! in tin- J..-'-.e � ..f e.i>Vfrsatiiiii that-Uii-i ion any I'a: liaH.eulary i-.-.U-rcsl fv,r oS-i.-d, n hieh case ri-e lo qiiesiiiinsrela.-oM; lo V� riiership-; .1 i, 0 ),;,, j not at t:>at ni'iineiK, but such a tliius; uii;ht .-.rrur. and lie , pre s A a wish of coinifijr i.it.i t^iilianient hiMiSlf or s Iriird', 1 canni t ree'>ll.Tt vi h:rh. ex-or some liviu!;. Iconic imniths heoke, in the tVt-tcf llej^lan-. Who is to put you into possession of that living?-.Mr. T.ib';jiri!in. What livingi� th.il ?-I da nni kmiis-atall; it is one 1 hat he will pr'.tisiiily obt.liii for ifc. W hal IS Ihe vrdu^ of that livingstipiil.itrd to be beFrom soot, lo J.Vit. a jear. ilave v�m aiiy secor/v for th.nt ?-^o^r, I Ao vvTiHen tUicumeiit f-.None whatever. >\ii memoiandiimi-.None. Have JOU "ufBeient confidence in the iuejrrift of Mr. Ta-houfdintorestntRrosnftelionof thai kind enliiely upi,, i.ii reoillecti-m and honour f-l>rt�iiuly, 1 have n^ve'r r-eti any Ihiiie in him that (bould at ull make inr .iilf.'.r.i. ttpnn �h.it occision h.�d*ou lifsi ..nv transsrtinn iviih Vr. Wo.'dfoid with r.f.ard in tiie d:sp -.-.i .1 a W riteisJiip -m con-eqtiei.ce of tlii c.'tnrr.uiiiealion (he cnv. r�ali. .1 which p.i'Sed, which basjiist l,r.-ji ri;iir;!, i ta* Mr. vy...>i:-fordTi^in, aod lie.isked me if any ilm g iiad orcuneil rej.i-I.ve tit l^arlirtmeniary ijilcr.'Sf, r.terri..- to 1,'ie conv. rs.iij.).! w hicli h:iit tak."n place Ijefore ; i:iy .in<ive.r no ;i,i eons.-nri'nce ..f which Mr. Woodford de irs-d i wokU di-puse ot tne Writtn-tiip. At what tune was this ?-I think it i^a? ear!y-in the \c,.r IS T. Did he IcU voa that lichr.d a W'riSer'h'p at a d'spo-al at thai lime.'-fl<. 1. Id mi'lie conlil r"itim;iiiit o �. Wbii' n.rg'iiialtun itm^ place, 01. yu-ir pif., ft ith .Mr

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