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Publication: Courier April 7, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - April 7, 1809, London, Middlesex li X ttMjJldnei)edpcated awli-r Hip TIir opi-n, will (->.ifiiiiiec1rpri day fn�m Jii�te "'cliirk in tli'' Jiionunf u.HiJ Uu�U. ANY' pcrsini (Je�iruii:>' uf lii^rro^t^iiii; 3G,C�0(J.'� praui'^iri, on Animity, way ticv.fuirnitkc.l with ihe ni�nr;, �ii u.' had of all ihc Uooks.l- ..... - "�:.�� nurU J^Tri tonlaius su^.triur Litgravings Jt:^ l!ie Price t rr,-q. MR �K*tl.Trow�fcei>4. ] JV Hou. \v.a. Maule. .NLK Uifforr oh ��'a, Hbiii'sdraMig:^*' tuiw, ioiiiictt a taomfiii. iliat anv j,Jou,iioiililbeiUiid�, ltu�\tf�er, a Ared its conviction ^ba^ ibe Jftbuso of my J'alr.ioa&e kus itfswiJh c��iijci�a���fac''0" I aMiir(Mn>!:i-lfiliat ihe pc-�alof'ka���'''"^"f^� naci ascnuiay iii(iifv�fr* titcuiiuiiancc ZetcU-i w'"" i?r!'d', hut a^piliisl t it- ii'pin.iin' :f�|ta>iricli 1 ture jet t>fvo ubic tu submit (lie e*ainii:a-iiof�y:iluct in u�urservice, � J lijve>'":hmi��rt�bo, Ladii'sanil GcntlL'a'en, y�iuroblig�l aiuHaitltful Servant, GEOftGli VVilaoiOltOTiUXLUSSON. Circsdifii-M)u�re, A^rild; iSO'J. Mr, TJwUussuus Omiinittfe meet daily at the Citv of MaoTavtffl, where ttuy frieiidl/ Cuuioiuoicaiiuiis will Ue - ' Uondiin, April 1809.' j iTtnmnerous andruEpc'ctabiu Mcetiitjc of JVc- Vom)FOKU THKl.i.USbON, liisq. held at the City of WwXjterhtMiriay,  JOHN mm ANGEflSTlUN, Iwq. in the Chair, Ib.ficoigcSinith cniti=im''e of CAminnni when ^ir. Uuii�vnn WMrtKKKdmiKelit^tlie lale of Untl luU I'atroiiagy, irMir>ichuct�ap>tilr, Sraiib iiuived for the atteadaxc- of iaiia *lta/Mr. Woodford,befori-lbe f^fjtimittee o: th.- . JwwBflM,^dflld mri-jmedly d- pariictlloriif l�lra|�rt)o?inliifh were m.alier of injuir;-, TWMr.Hibbrrt made this cwnmunicition ffccordiiiply, [�le was in the moA ia\>ma and contideniial manner .i- WgMr.�!> iMlMed4jptafepq himself and Mr; Jhelluwon, �We boitaliiHi in knn tti clear Mr. Tliel'u->?on frnTii WAN'tl"!!), aii AvJ'ivtN-jjCK i town, nliout 30 a>Uia L^HHioti, 1� bf irriiteil asnne of the I'aiii ly. rl-'iiv iiurtijruiars anuly to s^jjiriug un.l Marsdcu, Uruggisti, , Ipj H-rHaj.!i._ ' \UiVilLii'>.- lo be Li;r, a �U'J'CJIER'.S SHOP, i:i one of the priiicipiil Markets in the C jty, wliirii l�aS been iir^er.-�D apjily-f.13 to (Mr. Field, >�. tii, Oiford-^lreet, will muel with j liO\ AL MM.MAIiy ACA I) I .MYTWOOI.W 1 CU. rf^HE. Public arc resiiecifully infdrmed 'hat jBL.(;AN ��1I�AT r.S^ for the abin-e I nstitutioil are expedt � tiouaKjrep-ireafjrfteTl'^Tn^tfhiallon; nt HAlJ^HLAi;*^^ SCtftrwL,. Ucstej-, Kentf.wlmre CJasiw are fcrracd for tbaf purpose.' iiall 'ITtCe being in the Vicinity of Wool-vieh, on- of fhp Priuptpjil? Hiltntieiid tlie tieutleim-n on tljrir exaiiuimii'Xi {\( fr�;�i diaanci' "r .iny "titer eaiise) it may be iiiconveiileiit tiir their friends to neiroiiip.iny the n. Jle-p-ctable refeiviice (;f requirrd) to G^nltemeaof the Coi^iirathers win* luve Suns m lit  AKlei'gi-tl .Siip-iiurii> over llie eiiilaved and degruded Natiniis of riiiii|ii-. ' 11: liilASIUMfXJ K rospcctfiilly info.rms those wh", si'ii-iilile iif.-iiehhlessiii':�, I iment the of him m hove ('uiiiisils'prarur'd tliem, that In- kiu happily suceeeded in olitniwiii^ a e't Likeness of the lion. Wm, I'iii, , iNo. no, J Je.,rii,c ,Ncag,... ^ me m s {itm.,j,ci.,.n.. f. Uerretim da Corlnna. Aeaslei Alap of l�!ilcsli.;e. * 'J lit* Hible will tie completed ui twenty similar uart=. russia AM) SWEFTknT This day (spoWisheJ, in two sp|e,d,d roluiaes. royal 4to. illirtrated by forty-one Kc?r.ivi,^, roI,,ur.d .-.ftrr o-i't- Pi-mted.forlUchifd Phillips ^o,d, Hria-i- ,>.�,. i.on-nn^'B.foks.ak^?'""*''^ "'^'^ '^'^ a�d of ,''**'^'^^^''mntioneii Work claims a S'rong interest w thllie Pan^nimUie circumilance oHI.e Au.hwaarcre-r,I^�%'iCl !;?''J'* �'� Voorli-Pf tfee r.8,.ef4�e Countries, aod .n the h�l rircTej of Xiink an.i w.-alth. .,ul by h� ktrmiHg liiepencil iheol.jtrcls w.Mchclaiated 013 altcotiou. ]^Oil-Y ASl) l�APAL aUPUI.AIAcYT f>ERSONS m&mt In^uruate Fa^menlt fait dM JL al Lady-Uoyi are- nqiMut tu lake A�(tr>^ thitt '� yrinltd lirceijilt are nine remU/ of I lit Ojjicrs in LombfN^ street, fl/Tii t;bariu^-l.;nj#, ; wij niili t/tc icctral^gentt ofth* i I'aUcics �j('lMg iluiiditigi ia i�ukr Jd.iition U tl.e Amount � of tjdf prenent jBsumaccii and AWirt is Strelnf gU'rn, Hat j f/rti'T for 0:w foUrxeS: Pormiuj; Stotvii is injured at 9�. per fetit. per Anmim. JiKuraiiCes tu .America, Ihe Wot iiufirt, awJ �n Cn^J-tiiieiit of iCuFope, are eflected apoo tvrmi correipuiident witU' ibeirieivcral risks 1 N. n. No cbtlr^e will be ma 1 of i'brte liuiriJred J'Ounds orup-1 wardj.__ ROVAI* li.XCUAXGJ-: ASStllANCK, Marrti i8op. F.slabli5bed by HoyaJ Charter in the fltlgn of Kti% oiio. , the i ir-t. PEltSOXS, xshose aanattl Premiums fall dud un the instant, arc becahs ini'mrnrM, HttUpt*' surtdere rtgvrstcr! to ap,,li/ fur ir.f. ren -sul ui their i'ul.\'j'iV tlireftly adva!tt-e'1 hy way of Annuity.-Ill suir.s of lt�/. t,. 5,00a/. on npjjroved real or personal fi-r which lili-r.O prices �ill h-given, aii'l III �� " ..... 1^)11110 ilf tuf applications (!iuinnu9 Life of St. Nrot. Oldrst l-.r�lhrr to Kirix AUVfd. I'nis (lay is puiilisn.'il. (a J voi. bv,i. price Ins. UnanW, " ATIN SVNOJnTMS, �i:h their diiTen-nt J iTizQificnlioii!:, uiidexaropleij taki-n from the best 1,'ilin Anrho.-s, Ijv ft/..?. il. G\KiiIN ULT VI 1-.SM;L, 1/i.- I'ro-Ifi"ht ' fe?sorofKheli>rir"'. in the College Ilf llarcourc, and t'linripil " i ofllicCoHeife o: Lewisth.'(ir>-at,in the UnivrrMlY of l�.iri-, ' tra:i5l-ited into Kn/jlish, ivith Additiim> and Corrieiioii', oy the Hev.;T. Solilbv T. i'avne, PalJ-Mall; .T. Fan.Mer, \V� ?,nnA-slreet: J. While," Fleet-slreet: Ciifhellanil Alar in. Mid il.-fow, lio'bom ; nnd W. II. Lnnn, Suhn-qoiir . � Thisday is publi.-hcd, price as. in lio.irdi, ^pirOL'GJir.S ON lUHLKJ TllUSTS.- fl. Sold hy Vcnior, Jlond, and hliarpe, L;i>w reduced 10 'in. per t.eni.: existinu liinurnnciS ci'Verin^ !^urh iVoperty will be reduced a- they hecunie e >oii iif a (len- tlem.iii offniui;y and fonuiie. has never before granted tiny Ajinuity, and mran:i to bi punctual in hivpajmeuts-TOO/. - will be" c.ypecleU. M. H. 'ill re mnsi l>e a Clause of Redemiilion. Apply by Leijeroidy t'l X. V". Ao. Ji), Vine->(reet, Piectidilly. ISS COTXl NSTMJlliner, l)77ss, autl PeJissfi Maker to flieir Itnval }Jit'lineS''es the l'riiic-s= of ^"alesand Duciic-s nf York, N�. j/, Ihilf-.Mion-slreel, Pie-cadL;i*,re!-peGtfully iiiforins theNoliiVilv.m.i the Pub ic, that hi-tSPRlSti FAMl IDNS, made eniirVl. fro-.ii new drslgns, jirp now re.idy fur iiwpeelloii.and coiisKt'' of nearly evL-ry article of Ladi'^s' atiire. As 'Mis>-C. iiilrnducrss.iinelhingiiew every Month, t.he fashions of'.lie preevdinR one will be oller-ed al price* considtTahly w\ ler thcr arii^inal value. L.;idie** or (iVntlemeD hayj.ig X'urei^u orders, nill be mo.-1 liberally irealid. >r', 15. Wanted Apprenlirrs nnd Improvers. ^jTSiNUrTlKS.-'reH~Vears^ will he X"*. immedinlelv given !i>r Anmiiliessernreil njnn Kfcehold. .Cojiyho'd^ or lont lA>asehold Olaies, where the pa�ties have an alt'cilate interest, and on which /hy rea.n of the pressure iif the tmit^s) nirhed with a most slrikii � likeness of Wrs. t lirke}, ''B^flK Authpiific anfl J/iicar>iaI I.If-'K of Mr*. A m A R V AX> F. (. I.A!{K E, cnnt.iinios i.miiiTOiis f.i-ri'ou? oriirin.ll Iters of tlii> c-h"hr:iled Lidvand ih.- Duke tf York (never before pidili>!ii'd) fumi a'iih�:tiic S"iirces and 1 Diicuoii'iita of IVrsoiis dei-piv ronrenn d,&r. fii.-rli'siiij: iiiaoy I iiitiigii i and i:nport;im f.icts highly illlere^tilli (� every I'.rUi.-h sub;eel, n'lil which have iiuvoryet appr^r.-d io any public.ititin \\ liafevcr. Hy \V. CLARK)., Ym\. These wh^ wish t'l p'i?'-sl fio ihp .-^nilmr, and piihli-hc-d hy T. Ke'jv, ,\o. 5'i, RiierTii-n>i-r >rt, l.on'on.- Friinf inipn'Siion-oC Ihf Portrait, heautilullv cofojred, may I e had Si'par.itI'lifi- ;�. 0 l)c Ll'Vr, (in a rcimiriuj^ l,i'as , f.jr fwciiiy-onf Yiorv, a H()U."iK, No. y, in ScM'-i-y-ird, i.H-h� ^paiiisli .Service. I'rint'd for I. Igerinn, Military Library. Whlfihull. Tiiii uuy Is publihiied, (dediciiied t.i Sir Gemgc ISiiiumont, !!-irt.) 111. of ACOLLRCTIO.V of P;.>HT;IAITS, sk.fchoil fiom the Life,siuC'- the Year 17.:J, liv (;eor;e D^nce. n, A. .ind enjrived in imilatioii if |!ie OrisianI Drawings by William Daniell, A. R. A.-�i'l.i.'.N'mober couta'iii Arelihifhiip of Dublin, 1 Sir Willi.-im .ScoU, Lord Gardner, ) .Sir i.iles Rooke, Lor.l Luc.m, I Genenil Paoli. Ti>lie had of Mr. Wra. Pfuii-II, >ta1i;dby Mr. Smith ami WWfrt, are in itransMiifimiation of the ipihioii d�!-Jlkj tlieCn^mtltee of ibe Hotwe of Common-, remotr-^rJHr. Xh(tiyi�an ite �malle�t impuiaUmi of c�nni�-,^Ht abut which has beeo mode of his I'litronager; WOreoi it:irapas�ibt^that SKlect C�mmitlee, impnf-iM^loredbYilie tinu^tif CAminomi, far the express '��''iiUBlfiKjf into iheabuse��teiyii�t yeiiiriated) did noi fully bear a>t>cii>rte�sioB. ; . rtWBwrtotisly.TijjttMr. G. W. fw-H'is^"" appears pt* the Proprietnn pretent, to liierit a riiniiim^inre ptMMflttewlifd) baSbr many, ve'irs been placed in Jw-JlKtt?tor of.^e lyu-t India t,nnipai->; aoi* "�>^^r ^J^Mw, n�wirlias from their rohgnnd inlimate ar-B**�'|tli the inVtgrity'nf Mir. Tbcll��-o)>, thev.sdicil ^Prpprinor�at lan^ that inpport which they will ^Wjjifeiohini ootbeilaT of^^lf.elion. J. J, ASGlilRST hi N. Chairman. HIGKGKTti'lttiLL AK.V H^Ai : ~ 'MlitipiiBvemenl in both the Htdloway.ind Kcnt-o��-~ Town Roads, " iGgflERAL MKKTINU of, tlio SnJ^^cribprs ^IMtCoBceni, will be held .at Ibe O'orge nnd Vnl-J'J'">i tomhill, onTotsday, the iltli'diy of April rlork precisely, for'the pnrpose of r-'ceiving "ft of Ibe Proceedinj^s, and elerting l)irert�rs, "'Hill beiutnKillCstrjoh. valuabte, nwl elepinf selec-..HU^ fine tilfck. white, and coloured SMk, X"^*'**' "����''*�B"�oiiat>lr crocks, 85^ bd. Cen-, 'J^*'�totKi>�r^lMJide.-Su abatement from price tirst aski-d. i-vJL to lafrtrm tb-ikc that may be In warn and dcrir^jtot borrow tag temporary or prrmancnl 6um^ of MONIvY, l>'nt hey can rti all lim�� ndrunce ^nv sum I iJl to 10 0001. � Mid uowaidn, nn persona! (.erurily, or any otm-r ariK sij;froni Marriaie .HeltleiSenI-, M rty ia tu- F:.iid3, f'levfyratm Lirmp. or i'leehi^M, Copyhold, nnj Lra-chold t-sinl��, on the ni-'stfnirnnd h> n.i irnhi'e lerro*. .And Me-si�. t^iicas eu'l 1.0. pi'd};e thjc:se!v�r to Iran act every ne^ocfalj'(] v '(0 Lie 're.itrrt punr{-:!itlitv Bn�! dii-j aico, andn^l 1 n > tt>r,�e 03;u>-liRiVve Imt.ei lm*-:i)tant and e ilor tionate de^ rnn.^? and charges thai a'e uftmliy innde nnd (lacted in mmicv iie;;> Kill t>* jiviidfd hv iho el'.at aiiply t9 MclB.^. lL.iiis t.iVc tlonsr h'o-l a'd-eil. In order to ;ce the llmiH-, enqviin- at tne LrHdlc"� llotise, ,t( Drapcrs'-h.-ilL_______ Wi Tl.MUKR, iN.r h.rrpion.'ljire.-T.i hn SOLI) l.Hl OAK TRi.l.S, �iih the l.,r\m'', bv the purd'a-c of' a sinpl*? l-Jliely was published inlwo voN. om". pre 1 >. in l.oir,!-, rjpilK lllSTOltV of ilic TllllirV VIAHS .a. WAR in GKRM AN V ; Ir.nnsl.itid from the OrisuiAl German of FREPEnic Scnii-'-K". lly Caiitain lil.At^UIFRIJ. Printed for ^^ illian Millar, �Mh'-mnrle sfree*. This daj is P'.hli.ilied, 111 luo vnl .,svo. prir- IHs. iukhus, j' on lUv GA.MK of CIII'^^ ; cui-tainini a SySK-m of Atm. U and !)� ti-nrr ; alio Piitiierous Rules and Exi;ni.,iU-s, t^'nchinc the mo t -.ipiiioMtl Method of ptayin:; Pawn" at Kie end -f Hie tCaoi.-: l> which is added, a Seltciion of critical and remarkable Situulioiis won or drawn by .-eieiitific ftloves. By j. H. Sll Fit R \Y f, IVofe'sor of Chp^s. Printed for William .\iil|.T, Aid niarie-^ln-et Lately was published, price J0-. 6d. hoar is, a I'raclirnl Treatise im the (iame of llilli.irtls, wilii l alcn'alionit f"r lie�lin;t. Tables of Odds, &c. illB-iral.'d �i:h jcvcutr-rn Ln-g'avings.-Hy F. WiiiTn, l..�q. 'i ni.- day is pnblisheiU price thr-ejiuin.'.Ts, liainNi'ineiy prmt-e>! in rojal quarto, and the i^niilicatioii i" lie ci'iiiji u-d. (Ja.ineily, till cnni}; � lldilton. with valuable Additions, and tHo Siipjilcincutiry YoUimeii, of stOTT. Lsn. I of......j.ilDO lii--tde'.,-s of aP.l.nOO 2 ............ jy,ii.)0 ! l.'l............ 2 ........... .i,'!.)) 1-ii) ............ 1.1) And oth.-rr, as u itnl, of b I. i)'. � ln-iil- a i.r.n'd I'r-ze \^t /UJi) w h"le i icNfis for ilie I'uvi Ui.�, ai4l aii'it.iir of So** whole (.^pkcf, for Ihe Sec.-r.d Day. .SA^ III" and (-11.. IV.-S l.-avc I  r.-commepd Ihe ,Si-liemc of the procnl l.ollery ari: �;iinihle Kian in any tornieier l,otterv. iheir nnnilier lienip r (Iiicrd I" lf',.")U;!. with certaini> "r lhi-iro'> air.ins the >:tiiie aiuonnl in J'i(;'c* f.ial htksbeenallotti-d tn-Ji),!!,).! i irket^. Tickets and Shares are on .Vile atSWlI'T Co.'sOC-res, Jio. 11, I'ouliry J >n I.!, t harii^s-i ior�; aisl ,\o. .(I, Ai'li^ate High rUvcl'; w hi-rr ( np' rir/,.>.- ot' ilie last ar-d I'lff Lotteries 10 a ver; great */!�ou"t hnvtr luen >iiiirrrt aiid .�oM. - -.....f\. This flebrated Cnlle. ti.>n of l^anipiil-is, which ori�ira'ly appe'ared in a Torn) alln^.-jin-r , lie TkicIs of each Rei, in .'.iiteea Volumes, will be now c .mprehenrteil in iwclve. and livo .'inp plementary Volumes; w ith a Jiiosrap.'lical Alemoir of Lii.i Vomers. Primed forT. fadel! .and W. Davies, Stra-id ; W, Millie. Albemnrle-strett.j.R. H. Fvans, Pall-.Mall ; J. U'hUr. j.nd J. kMurray, Fleet-street; and J. Uardinx. St. J.imos's itc-1. BURNinrs mstoRyirr'rn lTr kform ati o.v. -This day are p .Idi-fineatly printrd in (Me lmiid:^ome � -volume, t>rtlv", pric ^ft 111 she Is, a New Fdrtinn. of a Am LDGM KNT e� lidiiMm" of ihi- lli-^turv of the Rebellion and Ciril Wart lU. Kro'-amL-Ry l:u VV a H I), l,;vrl f�f Cl.ARENiiON, some lime Lord High C.halicrllor of Fiiuland.  N. B. A�i r.iKti�B of Lord Clarendon's Life may he had, with.Ihe above, in iwu voiuiijes, riiyal oc- ^i,>iKl.OBfrliiyit"ar,eiiuu�u- iJendrie aiiAiSim. No. i;* 5^i;hw>tifij?iilrect, Piccadilly,- ;' Oxlti.d : PrfaiM m tlie Chrentloii Pre*,- and i..ld hy ilk^Brt. ' ''v'mid-Mi�T^V'D.r�KH*rf,'Silltw'nJ-'6Ji(^ebiW :3s, ta. to their aittsiarb'io Mr: BfitlCT^7ir:iiid Five ilimdretl Si.iir l,ni-ry 'J ick. i- n�a fri-e (;ift in (he pri'jeiit l.oitpry, wlwih bejpns ilra-�ring on V\ i-;i)M:st>.\v , lith of April. r"FXlClviSlS and SllAtil'.^ a-p nmv sellint: in the. J_ Second Sta(.,- t.oiterv. llie Krhvme caii-isi^ of -iMKIO Tickets only, with the ad .ilinnal 4'rrc (iiil of theprt-dnl Contractor!, of l.tKM W lode 1 ickels, Im the fir-l .Irann I'lize, cither Wh"J- or m Snare-, thirt is ilra�n on ihe 1 !r�t l.'.iv above in nddiioi tlie I'li/.i- that 11 �iil oih>r-w i-c lie ei.lilli-d |.>--)iKcwi i-.""Oi) J'ickeis, in l;ke o aan r, f.:r th;" S-coiul Dny c.t" Dravii'g. �iilioiU inipovtri-i.ifi the ���lid Scheini--therciiirt- an i-.eriv |!Uiriia'. /,f)Sl, ihi-f'ri;Mi.i;'' I �:!i-r cmilli f DrAwiif; I';c Stall- l.utlerv," \, a- -niil ui un  I l.ilf, mi. i^(iih, and two .-"i*!.! 1 I'l- -. aa r� h. r  lil..->. i .:� : 1.- -oilo.v-iii; ( .iiuiat I'riz-s in Ihi; Tv%.> l.u-l \ e; r-.' L.ii. liis were 6i': 4.'.ui./. anl the mly Pri/.r of tiiat ,'\lll.iillil i-vcr .�liari-d. 2V>i;it ll.'iij iO..).il) ; i >,'t).) 7.7.37 dii i.vJ � j iN./fJ l�t>d Jt),l)>�0 I � \N nlv'W l*riz..?of r,,i3-W. .anil HVX)'. Hesiiles a prent pruiio li-'o oj jthl/. iKJ. i\c. Kr.; rin-i sundry other t^apjlaU immini-r Lntierii-s, am-iiii tii:g t.> ifji.-��ard�of One MillionSijilin^ i J'ld I'JH fonuiiaie .liireiija-. rt rspuiJ *ii demtuid. U).OM ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: April 7, 1809