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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - April 3, 1809, London, Middlesex - ... * 4 Frice oE, Alderman, SP* |4. ' CiJr. OTSHiwrfj'.Vi fteWdajr of April, 1S09, jjEiOLVKt), That Jtha* Jdiij?- IJten.nMffer f�f .fclliiy crfitouht, �h.!� aku^ of a mint rurru}")! n^rure \ni hJBBUt :i(�J��rT ''-"'f *x��t��. iiri Sfill p.m:=j rn various . I^la^irflh^ ailmiiiWiaf inn of Public .Afl*;i;": II. R^sow-'- 'M'-'t � ni\.'h'lTUTtOX.--Thf>X()bilftyand j I.VtWUATIOxNS n>lrySt!t�cribrritnlhcnh�vplBsiitution. nr.-rr^ppcN | are rraAjfiirdi-Uvcryandmv )icjin^ M the o.1ic�- nh in cKiisi't ' ftrnsebuftacrMkniif Isrt yeardmmiu III hnvp/heir ii.imr.i ! ----...... �=-  . u .t...... .",^<;"" ';y plact^ �m the are requited ti� tlif Jr n.iincs lu i lie Dir^r, la ofder <a l�i%e ticia l;iid bi-fore liie i'a- wiTHi^ Tilt; nacAT level of T a Meetirig of the iirincipal Propriotors and urciiiiiers of L:in }9i in pursiiitire of a 'i^a^o-imiiiii ofafiiriner in.-eliiie hu!d.-o:it th� Siiire ILillafoitbaiJ, 1 tnntcM-s. t���K'^.5^,Srfl;.rte.�hicri have alnv.dv produced �jgfS2,^r irill hi..ard.�i,r. or .mj.rde li.s |.r -'tM-vcTpress lbeirc j^^^,*'!i^^hoiin�aI>'toto tiimaelf. ami i�4 tMxnnijtl to a�w>J��l�'fl�" op��inhe�ame |>rinei!>Ifs. aiidfortJ-e I'^^bn^U F^fl!l�M^ and the ret iif the Hi buue�t mI iafciieiHJent Wnnbcr*. wfcow|�|torted Mr. WardleV pro. fTiih^Li ilie IJIh oTMwNrti, lttU9..aiid lru rrniiM�Kf:<� 4eaBart9err�m the lite iuve-ii;;,itiun, la �,rrv drpuiiw** "ftKc state. riiO A.MErtlCAj lill\Z\h%  KASr or A WkST I.VOIfr;S.:^A: Young Man, fwejitv vearA of a;;p. ni^frs to rli^^4i*aB,v of ttie tihitve |>l!ir�'iii .-oinc itiiuiioii henav He lt|u�<lit r ip:ihle af uiid . KCiliTICC rUllK.-'A jotrng Man abcmt 20 . years of aare, of respeciahV cumi'Ttlom haviuf-beeu practically cnjjuped ab-'ct live jeari with a lluilder, wj|!ies ' now til iTS'ije Willi an Architrrt wBd Sutvriir: be liaf been accusiomed to plain Plan Dfaiving*. &c. ami \i ae-qiinnlea wilbfieonnrtry, Coiiir Section, Tri;:�nomiirv. AJ-Ki-Uni, Jcc. b.'iviii^l<eeflu(i�.'i--i<nul!y engis d in ill� fitliy of (he ^laiitem)ilic..i <luri)i( . tended t�>. . H'ill ht; r-"p;'ctfully'at- adaici 9W. per an-. >i|t>,�4tDf tlie pabUcmonrVy wh�, uiih tlieic relaliuus, and Jllf Naraliinil Military Oilifeis ill that llousie, mu>t ^ive a ]uM irrpiHulerating aad danjccruuii iiiliui:iice to ilit: illiuis- IX. RfPilyed. That if any doubt could remain a uBicieiitlv ex-tepliMbythen>)ec>i�nof Mr. Wardle's \ate proposition IttHirlinDentaeniiist the mnslconcbisive evidence, aid uii-Miitpwl seme of the country; and n hero it appeared, I4ir 1 tf|n>***i'*', '....." �-------------- wenflte Minifterr-notoiie I'Jaceinan Mwdwilyone Naval and one Military Commander was tobcfsund. ^, , 3L Rwilvfd, That other Govemmerts have crumbled iala tiiiiv-olher States have been subverted, aud ih-ir aiieieiil wdTcfltrable Institiitiofti overthrown, by I'.u- f'lly, prodi-]Kt,ai4^(f{!pt'(heir Riders; ana in tin'opinion ol this CommMHnll, unless this overwhclininp tide of coiruptiou brrJiffrt by (fmperate and timely reformation, it iiiuii ine-titaUjf Irkd ifl Ihe niin and subjugntitta of (hi>couiury. . XI. Ri-pilvcd, That it will be hiflily expedieiil tor the .Li�rrof1.OTiai.n, s^nic time durinjjtlic preaiil Session, to ml for tV purpose of laying a faithful ftatement of their pimnco bflore I'arliauieut, and pray for redress uf the Siinc., lit. 8rsrlrf(}.Th,it the Thanks of this Common Hall he jri'M(� Aldimiaii Combe, one of the Hepreseiilativcj for t/ii! Cilr in.Parliament, for (he *upport he g.ive to:Mr. Wwdle's Mntiuo. and for his unifoim iudepenUeiicc and in-'ci)mi|iiibiltyt in I'iirlianicnt I TbealtntelJcsnhiiioia �c�-e carried Unaimimkly.] XllL.Jlewilvrd, That .Sir AVilllain Curtis, hari. Sir rurlfs Price, lljiri. and Jaaics Shaw, i;sq. three of the 'Keprrwotaititesfiir tills �.. ify in Parliantriil, have bv their Ttcmt cwrfuft therein,-shewn a coiitnnpt and dt^^epl^d for tke*piaioni �od inlerest-i of tlicir.cnn.>-titaeiita, a base iub-MTii-iicy to the will of Minislerf, anil arc therefore uii-Horthy tbe eiinliileoc* of their fellow cilizeiis. . Xl*. lUfoltrd, Tlial the Lord ftjnjor has. by refusing .tocunwnea Common Hall on (hree diitVrcnt llcquifitioiis. �y prfSjiminR to dirtate theteriuSand object of (he present ttqutiiliun, by the reinctance he even afterwards oineed, Mil Ibetwuble and deLiy heJias created, shewn r contempt iM dilrrpod for the rij^ts oiWI privileges of the Livery, �fl hunrortby the.cuD&dence T�l hit fellow citizens. L*"!*Thanks of (hi� Common Hall lie jjiven to ?Tr't "''tbtnaij, for bM manly conduct, in the pre-jWnwiDoe; and hit tian-nfiltinK upon all occasions *^ flic ImereSTS of his fellow-cilizeiKi arc In qoeiti -n. J Unanimnoslv, That the forcpjinjf ltr�oliitioiiP be .JjW^by the Town Clerfc, nod inserted in all the Morning �B f Sir Biimahy Skelchwcirs interesting RorigiM Work, entitfed the LONDON CHAItAC-iiS' "�P'�<f"Wy tnfiimi the Ladies and Gent'emen, SLTi.**-'^^'''^*'*^"*'�*'�'�f *�*T ome Bold Strokes "SWB.s Sketches, relatii� to�eferalFashionaWe juPd re-Irii. /!.''*'lha carious iuid bum-r�us Report �Mtx ClarkesTrial before the Duchess ,'ns .laJae, Moajurjr ufiwelvr Uilisf in llich Life. Tljc tew Copies ""already ordered of the -irst Edition, will be s�ld to ...... ~^t-niii, �iBar before the au or i\ pril. rpo ARMY CLO nil K11-, KorSALK, Ml 2I aiita-loon<; 172 Pairsiif llnlf-Gaiter^; .ml IbO l.^-.ither Stocks, lined and bound, with cla?p3. They yre vcrv iitlle the w.ri'' for Wear, and may be hud separ.-ttely, ur the whule t ui. ty.-50,00Jf. in sums of lOOi. t.� j,tKX).'. on approved or personal security, fir which !iher:il price. niUbe );iveiv,nud an opportuiiitv of repayio;; llic principal at the opiiooof the IJorrower by civins 1 notice. .-iVrsanal applications attended to from JO till '.I o'clock.-Letlccs, poet-paid, io Mejirs. Ilankey and Co. No. 3, Uroad-street, (SuMen-Piniare. answered withont delay. If on t-i'lYTiCKKTSjand SilAllio. ii^ Rcoat JLi variety at WM. liODtiL.s .'J, f *i 3 0 I A Quarter... .�5 13 6 AnHnlf.......11 6 OlAoKishih......'2 17 0 W, Hodges hopes lie shall n^il be deemed unworthy Ihe favours'of the Public, ^y being content with lets profit~tb<in cither Offices.___ ,10 Uu.STi.EMEV liiiEF.DUus and Gft.tziKiis;,- _ A? early maturity is a very principal �nu.ilificitii.iu.ln Cattle, an otlVr is hereby made to piodoCe within v :\uiKth from the date Uereof, .iiid at iurli place a'inav belixedon, a HElFi-R olllie .Sorih of Deviin .-wt, aboal'J9 mniitli.�r)!d, asaiiist any other .Animal bred io Ivigland, and not Of'the Devon 'Art"f tlic ramejpccieE and aRC .(or older^ providetl.-i proper C'i:v<ideration be mai'.<- for a^ej a? lo syninieiry, driving the mott fiifo:! Ihe Iraft b.'o', .Ti;d peaeral coinplent-nes. h.-isnnw mi Sal.- ihc pr.atesna.-ieiy in London of Table, Ueseri, and Tea .-iiTvicej, at eilreme low for ready money only, viz.-Venism Dii'Hes, with thoH; court. t^e usual lliickness of >ilver, .ind v. it'i :a,\n silver edge*, brti--ders, &c.; at^o, Soup Ladles and ti�ii>'r diito ; Skewer? all lengths, and Table and Desert Sihkius and Forks of every description, plated enually slron^ ii]i 'urtJi the e� pei:c;-, and. u ill do nmre real, service,'and no p?r;oii can tell them from cilver. � SILK STOCKINGS.-Sd'ingoff;' i.oci.ititnoMly cheap, at No. ."JS, Clieapside. ao immense Stock of all klBd�of>l(isiervj Gloves, I'lannels, Drawiip, Ladies' invisible Dressi-salLin one, Src. ShopUerperr^ find those wanting to buy largely will find a great ad�ii#i�*e by art early iiirpection .of the articles. A quoRlity qC. While .or BlncK Silk. 6s. 6d. to the best tpinlities, eqna'llyibrap ; stonrCot ton Stock logs, at Is. a pair; verv fine," Sn, 6d. j s-itpprfine, ^8. (id.; Rrnwn ColiMi, for biiots, ti'. 6d. ;'1Bne Ribbed Cot-lun, 2s.'3d.; a variety of (ilove 5ldc.-No abatement from price lirs* asked.- �VTEW. INVENTION.-J. T. RIGGI^sTt-le- brated MAGNKTICTAHLKT, for sharpening Razors up�ii principles of noyrlty. ea�e, indcpejidinice, and assured . ( U cnnvcnieutly portable, and not linbleto waul repair, in the most intemjierate climate, being a dense level. The ali^ve is particularly recnmmended to tho-e who c.-inunf ite a hone with ellert.or wh(> b.->vc not �|>porto'fiie.� of applying tn Cutlers. Isach 1'ablet will be sold signed J. T. Rigge, iu Red Ink and number, pri^e 7$. fid. FOR SALE byAUCTioT^, at No. 70, Tower, street, on Tliifsday next, April 6, at Twelve o'clock, the fullowin;: f-^nds, viz.-For l-.\portaiion or ilome Con-suHiption. and not -ulijectio the duty ofb'l. per tun, JUS iiog-sheads Claiet, 85 ditto While Pireignac-Prire ; 35 ditto White Pfodeisac. 16 ditto t; kilri.llv T''�'.:;i[;ra wh-.k^t wjllj Ar^^ ��� un5;�ed t.. ...Uer ..V,nd.-by which S.''"P^*"'7 ; ^^lura^ '^^'"^ l''"*"''** ^'"^'.t im de ten�s.-Mr. PR IN\U �itf4,atHi0pini..niimptt^rd.-is..ftl.entmo�f>u.poriance jj,,,|i;,m,, on ^-'r^ " ,, f,ur,nthisllo�e, No. 9. ^a�.a�..rnV.�rf...J.i~� , S.t. ntieiWI. .l..>�y f^""* lent.H.tour,^ _...........------- ARTIFICIAL TEKTII, made from a Substance with lireimel, wiiirh doesi-ot changeenlour,andappe.irs the poor occupiers i.nd inhabila-m williin (he .-laid Livil. in their caltle, corn, cru| pi:i; and furniiure, fr. in iheinutldu-tion na^etncnt and applicition of the monies subscribed. 'Jballhc folloiving (ientlemeo, viz. the Rijtht Hon. the I'.-wI of flarifwieke, Ihe Right Rev. the Lird Uishop of lil>, tbe Rev. (he Dean and Prebendaries of Kly, thcAlere-bcis of the different Counties and Rorn.uhs within the Bedford Level; the Member* of the Board of the Boo. Corp'ir.ii tion of Bedford Level, (be Iltids of the C'dh-Res wittn'n the Univeritv of Cambridge, the MaRinraies �iih n the Isleof ;:lv,ihe Cleccyiueirof ihesevend Pari.l.e* with n the Itedford f.e�cl. and nH Subseiiber-i of l-"ive Gnin.-as anJ upwards lie of (he saiil-. Coiumittee.; and thut.-.ov siv, h.-ivr-\iuiwer to act ; uod that the ti�eetin�t uf (lie sai.ri.nyDi He. behiildiH at (be Wbiiir Hart liiu.lj,, or .it such other pi lee ^s^n.'Vt he thought pr-p.-r, 'That the Central Coanoiitee b' reqiifstcd to in-.lli.- Ilic Cli-rgynieno lhisevrr;il i);;r -hr- mtii.ii ihe J'.ii^f ud Lct^I taiice, to form iheniielvi-s into loeal eunimiltees fur the purpose of collcting c-nn illations nit lin their respective parishes, and ol .. puling and recommen I'D; u the Ccntial Cuii'niiiee, 'he nniitci add circumsiuuces of such perrons us thev may think worthy of reliei'. 'Uhat the Central C�>mniiitee be requested, a* soon a' they shall have received an the reponsof ihe Local Commttees, of the iiatitfr criptt>D�. Tliaf lb object of thi-- .Meeting it to rdreve poor cot-l.-i^eis, -and sro.ill occupiers, �ho by (lie late fl-'ods have loht Ihe.r aU. or have been reduced t> poverty from the deilrortion. of their corn, or er>i|ip:n^,'.ur from being com-peMed 10 part with their ^tock much below the value, Ri cuiatcqu.-pce'of want of food for them, small <wnpiei<, who iKiiuithstaD.iiug Ihe flooding of (heir lai.di, and (he lo.<s of the pre�ent .and following seasons, are liable to the |)Ovmenl of Parochi.-il Rates and Taxes, whirh they are unable to discharge. Sober and iiiduslrioui Labour fert'-d theinsrtves in helping lo Mop the liKeacbes in (he b.-inks. anil to remove the property out uf the Feos, at imminent risk to themselves. - Ite^lved, Tiiat Honks be receive Subsrriprons (iir the lOiovc purni^ct, .it Ihe Rank of Messrs. Hrachen-bnrj's, Jlly.; tbedlQercnt Brinks .it Lynn, Cambridge, VVis-peach, ilutilingdon, St; Iv -tosses sustaineu. R-sjlvcd, Mes^ro. ijrachenburys be appointed Trea-*Mier� to thie central l^oinmiltee, aiitl that Mr Hugh itobert i-Xaitf, of Wy, be nppoiuii-d^ Secretary, to whom it is requested that all comniniiicntiniis be addressed. Resolved, that tl:.,-�C Retoluuoiis be puhlished in tlie Morn-Inic Post, the fime�, th'e CofrtiEn, the Cainbrirg- and Bury New.-.papers, and the Norfolk Chronicle. CiiORUi: JIuNYNS. Charman. Resolved. That the Thanks of thi? fleeting be given lo the Cliairoiao, for hi.'^ great attention lo (heobjerls of Ibis Meeting, and for his conduct in the Chair. "N ir\V~M EDICAU R�V^i EW\ This day is published, price 2s. 6d.-To be continued quarterly. No. V1. of ''flllE LONDO.V MEDICAL llEVIEW; Con. A t.iining: li Jackson on Fever. 2. Hi-'hniore. ,\liirr.iy and Musely on Vnceiiialiun, 3^ Dunne's Chirurgicnl Candidate. 4. Alebert fur le.-; Miilailiesdela Peau. 5. Davison Carditis, 6. Bich.ils Auatomie Oenenile. V. Wudd on Strictures ill (he Urethra. 8. Rusi-U oo Strofula.^ 9. W.-Ut on Diabetes, Consumption, &c- vied:cal and Surjlc if Inlclli-geiicc, J, Case of Inguinal Aneui�iu. 2. t^se �>f a Knife Jtater, 3. Case of Uydroplwbia, &e. List of Publications. Printedfnr Ijingnian, Ilarst, Rees, and Ormc, Paternoster Row ; sind Cadell and Davies, Strand. Of whoromiiy be had, Nns. I to fi, i;s. M. each._ This IJay ii pulilished. in one vol. post Svo. price (is, in boards, .TIJIi TWELFTH CblTlU.N OF >OiCAIS and ESSAVS.-by the late Miss BOW Dl:nR.-Including an lisjiiy on the advantages of Sickness. , Rath, printed by R. CrultweU; and sold by Wilkie and R<ibiiisnB, Paternoster-row, and J. ijatchard, Piccadilly, Lomlon.-Of whom ^^^y be had, the same work, in royal llo, on fine wove^^aper, with an elegant engraving of the Author, price It Is. ._____ ^ � This Day is published, price ys. TOUR throiieh CORNWALL, in the AUTUMN of U'OS.-By the Rev.RlCUARD WAR-NkB.ofB.itli.  Bath, pi-inted by R. Cinttwell; sold by Wilkte and Ro-bilBiui, PaierTnosier-row, London.-rOf whom may be had, Mr. WARNER'* WALKS thcmsh WALES, iHustrated with Three Plates, by Aiken, and Kiigravingr of each Day's Rn�te.-�vol5. lis.6(J--Also, by tliesame Author, the fol-lowing Works: A WALK through SOMERSET, DEVON, .-urd Part of CORNWALL; w:ih two Aquatint Views by Aiken. 7s. Cd. A TOUR through the Northern Counties �f KNGLri.V D and Borders of SCOTLAND ;, with two Views. 2 v..h. 18s. �(IXCURSIONS from BATH, comprehending Topogfa-phical Accciunis of the Principal Se.its in the Couniies of Wilt.*, S�imcrse,t, and Glocester ; (iccurnle lists of the Painliogs, witji critical Rcmaiks and Biographical Anecdotes of distinguished P/irtraii.", Ss. The BOOK of COMMON PRAY ER:accomp.inied with a Hiitory'of the Liturgy, and copious .Notes. Dedicated (o (he Archbishop of CaiUerburv. 'id, ed. I3s. The JIISTtfRy ofofar LORD JESUSCHRIST; or(he KnoUsH Dl.tTGSSAao!).; from the compounded Text, of (he Four JJoly Evangelists. With Notes illustrative and kx-planatorv, 6s. The HISTORY of BATH. I^AVY OFFiei""., Mn'rili-Vl, JS-X�. ,. THE Principal OjTtcers cid (join'-mii.tiansrs cf His Mnjtstif\i ynt:.j rl, Aerrfy^ny^ i<t' aci) li.:a: d. ami i'^u^a hy tan rcipausible persons engaging lo bteooir bound ilUt li.e persoti tendering ilt Ihe iums here undknnrntionrd for tlttdue performana ul the ^aid Cuntrads r^>pecHvrilij,.rJi. J For Ihe Beds and B.d^iers, KXXl.'.-For tile Brass 500/. V llii L/ii.i.lNu Ot-Fii-�-., .M.-ircii 21, iSOiK THE (Jomnrnstotiers for FiaurdUu^ Ws Mtu jtsty't Savf do hertbg gioe I^otica, tlittt on Taes. day,'A< Uh of April �rzt, tbq/ tcill l-e rearlv lo recdos nnilers inferiling, (ttnUd iip) and trrat fur TWO HUN-DRF.DTONSof good, sound, nierf hanujile RICK; to be nixKTiitie Iu samples to bt prodtHtd teiHitlie 't'endtrsf to be lieitutreti ,r:e lull/ ihcreufin a furtnigbl, and lOe nlier half ir. 11 fvrtiuf^li'- nfUii.Hrds, into His .Ititjetty's t'icluafliitff, S'/./rcs orn wilhoat *y'n�f- '.. ______ . -Vwi,---� H OPE's HECTIC 1*1 LLS are v^v day rising in theestetto of ^l.ose.who have wiA^ theireflrcts in Con..nmptio�s. '�hev have rreently owed >biiicr ParneR. "of Canterbury, after beiuit given up by fwalJhyslrians, n? m (he lat stage of Consumption. J. M. W. of the ftoynl Col- ?Vie (\.riditiotu of Hit Contract mny be $etn at the Start' tarifs Ojfice, .Vu regard iriU be had to any Ten 'er in aklch Ihe price shall not be iiiterled U tcortls at Ungth, or that slmll not ie ri. Uvcred lo the Board on or Iffore One o'Clock an the said Tues-lay, the Ith of April next, nor unless] the J*trsnn kIio makes the Te.niler, or some Person on his behalf, allenis, to ansxer tehen calletl fur f^Oa COUGHS, CONSU.vimiON^i, &c.- STEERS's PAREGORIC LO/.KNGKS.-These Lozenges are nniveroally esteemeil in Coighs, Ho.irscnes", Consumptions, Asthraas,"&c. The slighter complaints are very speedily removed by Ihein, and ihey are of greit u?e in thosrt of more fatal tendeney ; but .as-tlie relief to heexpetjted froin ihenKwill depend on their beinggenuiiie, all purchasers-.trs requested to observe, that Mr. iNewl'ery's name is engraved on (lie stamps, without which, they niu^-t be cou "terleii-:. Sold by'J'. Newbery and Son�, St. i'auls: w here iii.iy be had, Steer.'s Camomile Dropj, priee Is. yd. perbiMtle. Stcers's Oil for Convulsions - - - 2s. hd. per bottle. NEXT Wl.l.K. " iTVN the Glorious 12tli of April, (he GRAND ^if STATE LOTfTERY connnejicesdrawing. The Scheme isHnprccedentfd, and besides Hie Free Gift of Tickets for the tirn Prire abo.e b/. the Fif-^i l> iv ; nn I 5 );J Whole Tickets for the llrsl Priae above lai. inc Second Day; there are 4 Prizes of � 20,000 2......�f.... ..ew.oooi 6 .... of.... ^^Lwa 2......of 5,ajiJ i 10 .... of .... 5_-0 iStc. &c. &c. All of which m.ty be gniued by One Ticket, if purcka^ed before the Draw ii'g commences. Ticketsi*^ill surely rise a* tiie Drawing npproafho^. NEXT WJl^ � LOTTERY WITHOUT JMIECEDENT, Begins Drawing I'ith April, 18u9. ,NE Thotisand Whole Tickets for the first Drawn Prize above 15?. nnd Five Hundred Whole Tirkels for the fir-t Drawn J'r!7c nhnve lo^. on the Second Day, in addition lo the following Rich IJst of C.-ipilals; 4 l'riz.-s of =�.20,000 2.......... 10,-03 9 ---------- 5,000 6 Prizes of 1,000 la.......... 500 &c. &C. or men ItSU"^ entering at the Universities -"-oiiK�Z!Il'2^~Noblemen and Gentl-...^.. Jf* laASSD^i?*^.".'''* Prnfes.i�n, are i.i- b^Jl^fea!..*^;. J proper e.ii- prop re^J:lvc manner. ,,_ . ^ comjwhjiion.andtutne !BK�ftbc�.ti:asii>j�. of Hemnptisij.or Sjiitiiigof Blood. Al� omis Udtes, in different families, lo whpttbhc rcflommeiideililliem, after th-v in vain tried tjmosi every tbiiMt.-?�"W �h,,ics.ile  and" retail by G. WalVer, VTi, GrenI Piftllaitd-Mn-el, at '"2s. 9d. the BoK, W�nt. S2I. HoUkiC" s V.ide, 4 ,.&t, . A. -Its Nature; Freedom of Ihe Pr�sa; Un;ver-al Principles; Cfvil Distinctions t Sovereignty; (Represeiit.-ttives ; Constimtion nod History of Ki^-iud: Lawo ; .lodges j'Sedi-lio.n and Treason; Secret Inforaiatiou i.Oaths; Tortures; JitaJiencet Bribery; Dignitv of the Pfebeian Charaeterj Foreigiers; Claims of Uhitdn-n; Slavery; Right; Properly ^ Kducatitw; Knowledge; Women and (heir i;duca. (ion ; Public Schools and Ckaritlrs ; Public Ileuses ; PosN; Minor Regulations in Cities and Town".; Food; Treat meiit of Aninals'; Nationsil lustituiifni'; Funerals; Fesljvali and G.imesj Dress;,Title.-:; War; T.r>..arKiii  Honours, Militarv and'.Navalj Di: ei>cer. �>IOB Printed for .<5loekd:ilr. junior, 41, Pall-Mall. l cvt. oldest br.jtVer ly^Kinft-Allred. TickeB and Shares in great variety are on Sale at .T, WARNER'S, No. Ifi, Com'iin, where No. Jti,9()9, yu,'^^^. and 7,2'i7, 10,t).H)(. Were recently sold in Shares. Letters from the Country, post paid, cootai.-iins Banknotes, Post Office Orders, or Bids ot short date, treated the same as if present. NEXT. W KI.K. One Thoiisind Five Hnndrc I State Lottery Tickets a?a free (iift in the pre.-ient Loitery, whicU begins drawing oo Wni)Ni;sD.*.Y, iSth of April. nnlCKE rS and SHARED are now selliniT in (he JL Second State Lottcrv. the S^heme consists of 2i),U0O Tickets only, �\ith the additional Free Gift of the present Coirtrartors of 1,0J0 Whole Tickets, for the fir�t dranu Pri2-, cither Wi-ol.i or in Shares, that is drawn on ihe Fiitt l).iy above 15/, in addition to (he.Prize that it will otherwise be entitled to-Hkewi-e.WO llckels, in like manner, fur Ihe Second Day of Drawing, wiiho'ut impoverisning the said Scheme-therefore an early purclia-e is recommended bySir JAMES BR A NSCO.M B and Co. Pr.iprietots ot tb )0 �,l lo ^20.(100 2l,3a5 20,010 lL2i3 20.0JO I2,U0.") Jtt.u.lO 7,757 20,022 577 �j,uO.> 18,7a3 KJ.uOO 1,058 20,000 With 20 Prizc=;of 5,00(V. and l,o:X)/. Be-i a.iiiete.l with Scrophnl.i, Leprosy. Seurvy, Seorhutic i>uptions and any of those melancholy Disejises arising'from loipuritv of the blood andjuice*: thor'e vho sulTcrfrom thedissip.itioiis and iodiscretioos of tlieir yoitlh, or ivlio�e co.nstituli.ins are t^roken down and debilitated by mercurial, aniimonia!, or arsenic medicines, should, in the S|iri;ig submit to a r-gular ci'Uise of the Vegetable Synip. The elVect olthi^ Medinne, prir.cip.illy on the insensihle persp'r.ilion, i..:s.iicii a? not n iiiti-riupt either business or pleafurc ; it operates (in the animal juices, and requires only the coinaioii reytraints of nio.le-ralionindiel, ll i.^ dis.'olred in the ch\te<if the slom;irh, is conveyed bv the cirsuhiling fluid', an.I rorrirls their t. nden-ciesto all tho5c diseases origjiiate in viii.ited blood. It is .i saf,t thoueh a powerful substitiit-'for nn-renrv, ...nd r.-uiovi-i 1 hose evils whM;4i .in unsucrefsfu! ilsp iif tiiat iniQi-ral occasions-The Genuine Syrup of De Velne.s U prep.ircd aod sold hv Mr. Swainson, No. 2i, Irith-sireel, .^oh..; at i-*-. iicrho'tile. Hi., also sold hy Mr. Atkinjo.:, Chemist, )9fi, Bi�hopsg:ite street whhnHt: aiid by Mr. S�aiMsnn's AgenU IB every considcr.ible Town iothe Un'it'-d Kingdom. JESC1T.S DKOl'S.-The ouly, are mo-c mivKi^ the n-imes of .Shaw and Edwjirds. Sucecssur^ to Joseph V,c-seils,6S, St. Paurit,Chyrch-)ard,"cngra�euon s biack S!aiT�p. jnany deprcjlalions made by maliciotii! Mc. JL d cine VejiHers on the prop.-rly of the Proprielcry, compel them togivc (he al��ve caution, and ajiin lo inf'^oi (he public, that no oi e b .ttlc �f l;r. W A LK 1,R'� Ji:Sl.l ITS DROPS, will be sei.t our of their hou.-e, �iiiout a black Si:inip a-^xed. in his M;ijes1%'-' .Navy tVi--.- Drops havr for near lyO years iraintained Iheir rhar.-ieier as aspecilie fiTthe Scurvv, Cravel, Drt.psy, Sirangwarv, Weaki;^-* and Obstnicfiom i'n Ihe Urinary J':~.:ige,.im? g.'nenil debility b\rt particularly for their alld^peedv Cure i�f iJie Venereal DJ^easc, Wessell's Jesu-ts Drops aud Specific Re-medyvarc tiie only safe, .ind evpeilit-ous Cure, and are "o in-noc.'-n! in i;icirnaloie,a-' to rcijuire little or ho re.-traint. SM\d wli^ilesaV and retail by Shaw ju�d Co. 66, St. P^iuP* ChurcJi-vacd. London ; b':t unless tbcir N.ittTcsaiuieii, oii il�t S�anip, it raaiwt be penoiie. Pri�*fc. td. j'ajiifilar be bad f all vcudirs'Jf-iicdicice.

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