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Courier (Newspaper) - March 15, 1809, London, Middlesex WEDNESDAY^ MARCH 15, 1809. Price 6d  All Ptr*W�*�''w� ��f uiulcrstaudiiig the Kvideoce YOHK, sh�Qld the Account of '*'Ci2d WMtJTioW.N--J'J. HIsh H�U�.rn. that heing *�*L^^�f ihc kiimtev prhited by Order rf the House o(OwMMK.M^ fit� wnwiiiriit iixe, uaking an Ocbivo . ValMc; ib>t p<ilOMita�e beco oMrrrd for a House of ^^i�SJte^�4aa�ycorrect oMl much inorecowr from rte lONDd^ GAZEITE^'-March 14. � Kotiey, March 1809. uencp ef }Ub observMioni, aide in nfMy re?peettBg the distresieU TAVtOR. I this day recelwl l.uera, ~ Mie<o cn Iev l>ole a liHii^ iriHM C�ftabi Hole, of hU Majesty's sloop the Kee-ria, gtvinc au ac�o�at of khhavtnc capliired oA lbe2d'ii>-ttant, otf the Sca�r, tbe Uanish X:iUiuua Cotter Aulbxi!;, of fix gam and tweuiy-five men, bouiid to Norway wilb anny clolhiuc. ail^^l^iS^lfffilSlrSiUt >heUk b�r .|vter(ndt VTnrrrh, Bart, and K. B. Comidandrr iii Cbief df hiJ M.-i. jesiy's ships m>d ves�el� nl HiUifat, to the Ho'ii. W. W. jPoIp, dated Bemiada. .faaanry ^7, I�Oa. Sia, His .\laje>ty'�loi�p Ferret, Oct. Sr, 180S. . , , I have Ml- himour to uCqu'.iint yoM, that y^-slerday hU Ala-1 jesly's !>loo{i uadel' my cnnimsind', atlcr a chare of fiiu'r h�mrs. conduct ua^ under tliscu^siun, wa'^hour ing in the public estimation until ihciisu nfd bo determined; and he shoufd nut^ tliereforo, con. sent to a�y adjournincQt, exdpt from day to day, until the bunness was di.sjjoscd of, except upon more important grounds than he had beard tafed. The SPELVKER eTpressed his thanks for the consideration the Noble Lurd and the Jlight Hor. Gentleman was plLas.d to express un big acount. Fatigue and ind'sposifioa he crrtainly felt in common, he believed, vtblth many Hon. Mcm� bers; but certainly if no decree ti7a( coiilil pre- aUeMTNiBiMrt tbeii) �tl ahom, ami, aft'.-r i came �p with and captured I-i ItecUnc, trench privateer JM|.iaf�i'*d^ ia c>tnbti�hii )e to '-viiipori iWin-^ M dcckirctdMm the IIumm; of ..... �Bj^ |R�H1irr tlnV be m** iRave ber eviaeiicv, J-jSTlW .;if*e told �bf> injih, sb-e Waow it \v�uld t.rihentterniii���f hawelf ami her d.-Ar,-Vt�, and iij^ iMped he wmM mil finre ber forward*Ih.-tt. since MeanunivdiitiWllarof (he thmk*-, where >o>pi.-bins were rhni ��ih t(spr o4� hate bees i^ttd for i�ut fas'* t^A* I* aciuall v iu ^wKTof a *t&*a� ber ithta amoanlinK to ahoat a bun 4fed aol tf^y patuab beyaud tMle hUomi extent of her ""KMr. thMCh It tnK� that the feat and tales and ^cbts J^pii^iaaittttlKlMiuii^, to give evidence in which JT-B tuKt^i ihoaxb it t� evideni, tliat the must have be�-u tn^VK fnMt dHScuUies before : sliU it is nutlc^s M,iSt!|flMt It is that eitruinstanre which has, at luire, di.<a-M�|hwfr��nl<a�ern8ittiainin(;tkeMru;gtc; for, ui taking Am ber berKhaiars, it took from ber the itouibilitv of pay ta�7i"* "**'*' '"'r*"" c*iitK-x(da'<, it was no weak edbrt l�.tbe assi'-tauce of miy^oible. S!itM^b'by lMviu teut, andwsiluikm) ^kat, aCMtrcM tSitrt had been made to iiod waicroaiidi of taptiaiioa agai|wt ber character, unt the �nile*t grouncs vm^v^ed ; and, that the oidv fault �f kcrlifc imput<-d ttth�t hy tboia even ivhott object it wa' cumpuuy she � J�ttitltkaPtiuccof the BloaJ^aUd with which Mr*. Clarke mlad�Baruuess,aGflieRil,iUMl a U<h-tt,r of Divinity in fludsiKt habit* of totcrc d fririutthip, and ittvWtk Hts. Clattetbe was a rtlatinn: if this be the , ] iahtatoof tti^BabliCt lam pertundrd tiieie will lie penion^ Arradvtnlciid ahiwd.ia liftiiig U^r from that ruin, btUh^t such ainlJMMb iueviiabte. ynrilflsbottldMWMttl iu thisAppr.-il to tlir cmn-... a,indl mtt^tsay.tfta JUBtice, of the |iu(ilir, liot to UUttKrcteiitais tftgelher, and iruchar;;c htrdt^btsi then, I JWja>itf|i|>twiwl�U tapurrbate heriometbbt!;4tiiit naybaittC tii tnjav for her life, jniutl^, I iliink, with her Sittrtt btcMWlttS the mined firnutle. ai^ nut ilic \vi(i.ii�. two cHrrooade$,(nfal( anus, ikc. a nxnDlenHHitaf t^irly-eight men. She Is eoppcnMi, and ' " days from Mart�n� ule,daied Her- mttda, the 2d of rebniary last. . ^ ilis A]nll�tv'sYhip Melampo*; at Sea� 29th January, 1809. Sir.-Having spen the transports ia safety to Barbadon agret-iilily lo your orders, and hi-ing on my return to the northward on the Ititli instant, in latitnde id deg. 30 min. tang. 59 dig. S9 luin., the Melampas eaptnred tbe French Naiimnl brig Culibri, Mons. OeslandM, Lieutenant de V;uM��ttl Commander, of sixteen twenty-four-ptwiiirlerciirronndtfjj.and B5nety-tv�o men, three of wbich wen: killed., a.'lMfi^tmtA with eleven woumled, through thejtrtftpiiasendcavours of her Comiaander to eM^pe, who had Ifw teiaerity to return ourtire i'nraibort tinieHhrn fairly alongside; She is quite new ; from CherbourfLb boutU with n cargo of ttimr and gunpowder for the rrlief of 9t. Oomingo; had taken and �unk two t^ngliib brip from Newfmmdland tu Li>bun (tbe Uauoibal uid friicilla of Dartmouth.> 1 have the honour to be, &c. (Signed) E. HAWKER. lFke*.\dairal Sir J. B. Warren, Bart. &c. Ct^mifsions signed by the Lnrdj Lieutenant. Berwiekifairc Kegiment of Veomatiry Cavalry, John Fria- Vvho had obtained Iheir original commissions prior 1 to the cothmena-'merit of the Ameriban War, which | shewed that tn�r prcmdtion tlras nlore lardy than ; in the Bine; There was no system of education i vent.him from paying every atteniioo to the [iro- for that service, aiid he coitld not see why Wool- j cecding.s of Ihe Hsnae. wJbh should not be opened te them as well as tu j Mr. H. SMITH wished, before the II( pro- tSe artillm. The Pay Captains; with an cxiraor- : ceeded to imiubc the debite, to call its attt-niion to ilIianMnniemeMortbirly- ! ----�>--^ -- , _ - , i. ui vail-' *er) fa�tj obt ten ; tliitary share of dufy', had no additional pay ; and � a matter concrning its own privilcices. It was a iiiTrio''hr^Sr**' i Mantt'-'S Were landedj their OlTicfrs had ; nii-i^presenfation in a Morning I'ajier of this iioiirio r. r. rank, nof 'did the)' know, as they ought j of what he had said last nijht, by slafing tha� Ic td do, where they were to be placetl. All these suggestions he threiV out, not as finding fault, biib mairty as hints to the ilonsc, to have this irinpor-(anl sabject consiilcrcd and discussed; Mr. R. WARDsaid he could not be supposed 'to be so well acquainted with this subject the Hon. Batunet, but there were some points on hich ercn a Civilian might point out an answer spoke in favour of the motion of the Chancellor of the Kxchcqner, whereas what he said was the very reverse. He had said that from the wfcight of evidence, it appeared to hitn the DuKe of York ought t )�oel IMeydcll, who has tmn*ferrcd his servicoi mt i tba Local MiUtin. 1st KeginicM of Jlerrford, Local Mititta, John Maiihens, Esq. to be i.ii'niennnt CnlnnrJ.Comm.ind.-inf. Thunia* to the suggestions. Of the Marine Corps lb gene-*' punished. He was sure that while he was speaking, ral he vroiild promi.<:e no man can have a higher tlie 'House CTtbced considerable impatience, ant! inigfK have thus rendered what he did say not dis. tinctly audible : on this account he was ready to hiake allowance fur the erroneous reporl. He did nof, therefore, wish to urge the matter farther on his own account, than merely to set ihtf matter right by this explaaation. Mr. WYNNE, after a short con7er<,^tion with t!ie Chancellor of the Excheq^uer, postponed hi.s motion for the fiiriher cosstdct-atioh of the evidence of General Claveriag till Monday next. THE COM-MAADBR l.^'i CHIEF. The Order of the Day being moved f�r the re- opinion than be had, or be more l:onvinced of the serrices they had rendered, and their gallantry they uni.'ormly displayed. With respect to the increase of the marine artillery, he eonceivid i that could not take place without increasing ; the force altogether, atij converting the ma- t rines i|^o a land army on shore. The Hon I3a- j Vohet had not only not censured, but had com- j mended the present Adm nistration foi- adding to i the number of their Field Officers, but coi^iplained � that they wore not As yet ndraerous in proportion as in the Royal Artillery. It onght to be remem:^ bcred, Iwwevet, tha\ Marines on board of ships ! sumption of the adjouriied debate on the conduct were not commanded by .Field Ofiiccr?j and as j ^f the Duke of York, most of them are employed in many Field Odicers.  AS for the age of some of the Captains, he could only say, that as It was a service in which Lnoke, Esq. tube Lieateijant-Colonel. 1 honins bo wars, ^ OlliCcrs rose by seiliority, that could only depend l>q. to be Charle* Holloway, l.sq. l.� he Caplam. . ,___.i. ,� iir^ _r .u JohnJoMfs. Esq. William Kavenliill, John Gwillini, l�jiac on the length of life of fh J Lee, Ksq TlHinin? Baylis, William Milton, Edirin (�'onde yjirtiitlftrtie purpose^'and wit" will,,to any tit u'lleu. u in ncClwitrritHat'niaychoose to subsiTdie, sond te ikestmstWy receive, bach Suliscribrr will be to g.mjl jis tprmreil>i(uldnKKS,it being my intention to trausmii inrat-ti, (MiiWiMof iViav, Wben I purpose to cto�e the ^iiltsiription, nartnatof w&af has be�-n ix-ceivcd, and aUo of tlie luaii-*w jg which it has been expended. ^ . . , MM. COR BEIT. AFRICAN hVSlTl'U I lUN.-A G IhNKIIAL MEKTlNGof the SLBSCItlBERS to this I.NSri-rLTiaS Kill be held at the Erec Mason's Tavrni. (ire.nt WerM-iireet, Uucoln\ Inn Field*, on Salarday the Sjtli tt March One o'clock, to receive the Report of the |;Ommiltw|^naluelert Dirrctotvi forlheeoiuing jear. The ^kair xdl^ likc� bv his Royal Highness tbe Duke of Gltnictstef,;^QBefkee5sely. ' _OMerpf the Comoiiilee, gAcllARY'^MACAUl7\ y. Sec, pro tempore. iSN DK lANCAS riill.- riie Public are V re*ottf�Uy informed that the Copies of Mr. CU.W-UERUND's NOVEL of OK LANCASl UR bavnJgbwri off wifSi� the short space of one weok, anew lidUio" l>s�brcnsenito the Press, and will be pmduced with all |i*iljlefpv�d. __ ___________ TO' Iw SOLD by Aijc i' 10.\, it M�. 70, -I." Tower-ttrcet, on TjiiUfn* v, Miirrh 16,18>*. JO PiMS RRD I'ORT W l.N �:, \!> IIhdv d�, 2S I'ip* U A-DKllt,v;ia Bmt�SIlERRi\ aboni 10 O-zm CLARET, 151^ MAOriRA, 4Hhtl>. BJIANI>V, and'i t ases jjtHCR. IVilruLirsintiine of U. W. IU)W-VLNt^ Atetion Mart, Kmi Lundiai ^Suier Hork;. lioldrn iiaie l^ Tine iviuii.�naun Trnii-r vvorKs, j.igin .* h.cona Day. WucHiiuT '�'"�y K"'"......./e.ioi.oao A Half.........nay gain...........IW.(KX) A Qoarter......niay piin.........."JS.OOH An l.igMh.:. ..may gain...........l-iJjOO A5irfen,th...mav riin............ (i,2J3 'TMi.k. . P"'* '^'SOJ Tivkets Sale. 0�f�s Sale at all the Licensed Lottery B.-irroIl, Thonaiis .Manll, and John Jou<v-, (K-itt;. to be. - Lii'ulrii,'iiii<:. Willlaai 'i'buDm.", Win. Wfhb, jVtiin Fur� nn-r, .hilin Allen. IMillip Uayli:'. Tlioin:is Badham, and Jumt-s Jolinson, (ients. tabe Eii*i:;p. y, shojikeeper, di-aler ami chapman, .M.ircli 2.>, .A|ir.| I, 15, at twe;ve, at (tnildhaJI, London, Ail'inie\, ^ir. Il;ill, .Salti-rs'-liall, LondiMi. Ilc-iiry MaVl'.s, Ilijjli-straet, Si. Giles in the Eield-s, snlesmnn, dealer mill tliiipniaii, Marcn ll'i, and April 25, at iin^, at (iiiilUliiill. Aii"iiiey, JMr. If'Hars, Mitre-cuiirt, yMdgnte. John BiUtiT, Siietii.lil, Edge-tonl-manufncturer, dealer aiWT chapman, iM.iich 'it, "ii, and Aprji A'vnt three, at the UeoriTo Inn, Sliclhrld. Attornie.' ndnn. W. Wjniie, flJotlier I'ydvill, (ilamorpmsliire, vintner, dealer viid cliupin.iu, i\Iarc!i 21, 2i, and April 2.5, at eleven, attlie Mitn-Inn, Uri'lRewatcr, Somersetshire. Altornies, Mr. i;vaii-,.Ne\vpojI,aiid Mr. Williams, Red-Lion-square, London. John HnS'bv, Nrw Mills, Ucib^shire,cottnn-spinner, April t>, 7, nmi'ij,<�lt-li'veii,at the Jloyul (Jak luii, .Manchctt-r. Alt"^li ANlSn rAPF.RS. Lord TKMP'.r.,nniictin!c ti> n i:ii.- h C"�im:�ndfr in Simin, had vi-r uppm l.iid on '. '"' . "" IU. ihcfahlriHtthcH.inM-(to rthicn the.-iii-ucr �!.�" >-.) lie ('enllcnien nii:(!' ] HiJfhed RXnv to ask the Biilit lion. Secn-tarv, ^vhoihrr that ; \7,is a siofJe iri.'sr lellpr niaXe l^art of any publ:c ri!s. ' A Bill vr�� prcsei.lcJ, ;init n-.-td tb? !\r=t f imr, for rcnd.'rinsj-free, for a time ti� tu- linittfd, the i>'irt nf Falmnuih, in Jani.iica.-^Ordcred for the srcond rcadin);. CALL OF Tin; HOUSE. Lord FOLKS'! ONB moved, that this Order be read fur the purpose of jiostponing it till (o-inoi-row. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHRQUER sugg �'ed to the Noble Lord, that as it might he possible this night for the House to conclude whether it was proi>er to adopt the mode of AJdress or Resolutions, perhaps it would be better not to propose his motion at so early an hour before the decision, upon that part of the question which pointed out the most convenient mode of proceeding, He could wi<h it to be held over their heads till Ihe end of their sitting this evening, that in 0RANi]rsurn5srE, wiiif;,iy is^sootickds , . j for Sale, c'Aiitainiiir Irixmor de. I'rikes of ^.1.000 II) 4 1 4 i0.tX)0 5.300 3i.'a ItWItthote Tickets for the F i^t Uuj, and a~'� ^hnlel wket*., for tbe Secmid Ua>. , Scheme of . SW �T and Co.. beg leave to "...irthuv of vlus f the present UHtery as aft 'TP'"''tT5."\S..  tafilMlm, wWcfigave nrnv*,"--^' K e than i� a"? ScWlhcTkkttstwi^reml.reilmore ��l";'7V"o jilJiOO, Wrtr \mm> their nuotbev l.emg rrdnced to ^.^^ �<i^ rettabily of their (jbtaining the fame amount. Itatkas been aUrtted to *),000 Tickets Co.'sOffi- .t�n.\l. IWtrtt Jio.12. Chariiv;-Cro*-t lut abd .M4fi�o. High-vtu-rtV�Vre Capital 'h,;!.i ^d ^"rUnetics to awr^f rTOiV amrt�n� 11(11 sr. OV LOUnS, Tur.snw. Mahch 11, Lord I.I V Lit TOOL Laid on the table some additional Paper? rel.ilivc tn (lie Init Ciinpaigii in .*�pain and Portugal. In aiiMnrt.i a qiicsiinn tr.ini Lord OAnNLCV.bis Lord-sliip said that the U-lter trnni Mr. Frere lit ({eiieral Moore wa-. iKit ninmi;; the (inpers on the tahtf, and hethumM'mist anv miiticii fur its j)riid!icii>'n-, fir the reasons already given on'a foinur day, luui wliicn he should stale more at large ulirnsuch a inoiion ..jinuld r-Miie nndrr discnssioii. Ill :;<n-"er to a qiiciliiin from the Duke of .Norfolk, Lord LlverpooUaid, that theTrentj; with Spain hud airivedihat that thi- e.\rliaiii:c of the rntilinitiomi had not yet taken place; the nii'iiient U did, he should, no daiilit, rt-ccive his iViajcil^ 'b cumiiiands tu lay a. copy of the treaty oo the- table. fJOL'SE OF CO.VLMONS. .MARl.NK MUTl.N Y BILL. Mr. n. WARO iiioved for teave to bring in the Marine Mni'iiy liill.  ^ . Mr. CALCRAFT wished to know from the Hon. Secretary if it H-a* me:tni to bring in a Bill, coanected wilb the Cfi'nipas.'ioiuite Li...t, for the Relief to the Widows of Naval Olhicri. .Mr. WA no replied,that as far as the Office was concerned every thing has ready for that purpose. I^avtt was then given,and Mr. Waro brought in tbe Bill. On tile million for ii� beinit rend a tint time. Sir CHARLES POOLE begged leave to call the alfeniion of the House forafew minutes lo the situation of the Marine Corp.v. No person but must be convinced of what consequence they were to our national defence, amonnting in number to onc-fourth of the r mbcr adverted to the case of the Duke of Iviuderilal'.-, in which the House thought it suflicieot to address his Majesty tliat the Duke might be remored ix-.m. his Majesty's Councils ; and-to t!)C old course of Pdrliameni, in which the simple niisikindiirt of Ministvrs was a CMgnixiblc mnttcr. In the present Instance, if corruption was iii.>t, disnnctly proved, yet there was evidently a depree of inalteiiiinn which Called for redre^^. In thr present praciiee of Parliaiueut, every d.sfmri ctior^c been con-sidcretl as Haljie to a ver.lict ^e which pressed the heavi(!sto;i (he Duke of Yoork, was one which roulii not fierDadft the object of a charge, that of Ivennet. If that case were admitted tu its fullest eAtunl^ it would undoubtedly prove thech.irgeof corruption in the DuUe of York ; fwr nobody could believe that the Duke would haveii�tcreslcd himself merely^hecause a letter was produced fi"om one individual, stating that he should be happy lo serve another* Mr. Greenwood himself did not understand it In this light ; and if this evidence was to remain linno-ticed on the Minutes, it would imjily, that anyone , who Manted preferment had nothing to do but to come ill the shape of a loan to the Diike of ^'ork. Without trusting to Ihe evidence of Mrs. Clarke, al'hough the Hon. Member had not that sweeping opinion of it which some Gebtlemen had expressed, there remained to prove the charge of corruption in the Duke of York, the evidi-ncc of Miss Taylor, whose thiracter had been admitted to be perfectly credible, in one of the able&t speeches that had been delivered on that side of (he House (the sp rtJh of Sir S. Iloniilly :) for it did not alfeel her credibility ihnt her father was confined for debt, or that he wn� in fli.-.f rt..�jed citcamstancc?-But independently of the rvi.lence of Mrs. Clarke and Mi-s Taylor, and putting cut of question the case of Colonel Shaw, and the exchange of Colonels Knight and Bro'ike, because they only rested upon Mrs. Clarke's fcsttmony, it was proved that the Commander in Chief had in six instances allowed Mrs. C'arke to interfere in the dispeniation of his office-had allowed a woman to make appli.* cation te him upon subjects of such high moment. The Duke had not said to Mrs. Clarke, " you had better tell yonr applicant that you arc an im, proper channel but, there is no oppnrtumty of apply for what you as-k." Upon the evidence of ifcc Dake's hand-writiii^-, the Hon. Member referred lo the practice of the llight Honourable Gentleman (the Chancellor of the Exchequer) i when Att�rney-Getieral,in the (rial of Judge Jolin-' stone, where the evidence depended solely upon comparison of hand-writing, and where so manv ; persons did not believe the imputed hand-writing genuine. So many |persons having been unable ' to say that this was not the hand-writing of the j Duke of York, the Hon. Vlcmber thought that putting MfS. Clarke's evidence out of the qncs! fion, in this instance she was allowed to interfere. the House that the eye of ptibltc expectation was ] The Honourable Member next adverted to the case directed anxiously to the result of their proceedings; . of Satruel Carter. Of such promotion as hishcbad he charartef of the illustrious Parsonage, whose heard in a romance, but then it was generally

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