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Courier (Newspaper) - March 2, 1809, London, Middlesex THURSDAY, MARCH\m. Price 6i3c ^.1 U^vmii^'ket -- Ti^INE AltTS.-fUe tiablJc dre Inf'ormed that mr irt.7f The dlliAXlON, wilhlUe two Miscellaneous , open ou or about the Tliirdof Api} ntxt. . .",f,.niifa-oii tbcfiftt iiight^lii^lik-li wtU be in- . Tlie Ciimmlttee beg len�e �rt announce to AMMts and Am<t-.T.u...t_..vv,,rfc�# M,,. , teur�,thatatteiid:ince will be given at the ExhibUionitooin III Albion-ttfpel, froiD the First lilt the I-ifieenih of March, �Tif.f Siuinuaius........ _ for the uufiiote of receWlig yiClJiicciinens ftiteuded for t|ie �flTbr Mrs. VMphwi,. and Ma.ter Buggii�; Ke� � ft.. Aothera �:ilear �iy pmyer.' by rs. Hlai f tSTwfiik.'*y W"' l>iekoiis.-Se�eraT Grand '  cuuilttde -iTttJi the Coroimlion Autheut � Gud euiuiiig Exhibition. ^ ,. ComiiiUtee ItooiHi \JteAt, Feb. 23.1609. "^5^ �.ibdd- Vifw^Gr�nd Cairo, u��i Bearfy ^"�*ir;Ka�iii.;� -l *lio bad no fuflUer otcasion tor tt, u very gHHid and cbedpSetond-baiid CURRICLE, inquire >o.ll, Uuker-stteet, Portmah-squafe.__^_ - ^0 COACHMAKEllS, paflicularly titose in ' I ^IJE Creditors who ha�e proved Di-b(s .A glider a Cbniini-$!on "f U.iiikriipt, mvarded and i'fUc-d forth ii.i;!:iust UILLIAM Sl'EAt), hertior.ire of l-iuie TSwcr^hiJ!, in the Cimnly of Alidilk-ex, biil lite �f M'lrti-iiicT-street, io the CVunly of Mirtillo?ex, Mortliaiit and IJealer, may .-'I'eii Years l^urchitSL- will he immediately given for AnniivtiejSecured upnn Freehold, Cbpvbaid, or lon� Leaseliold Estates, where the parties have I an absolute interest, and on which (by rewn ri the pres- I'liis ;liiv is publifiied, price 4;^. c�tra uuarUi, E>n'glis[i bauds ahd scotch ItEvlliVV. i ERS: a Satire, wiih Notes. I liad rather be a kitten, and cry Mew ! Thau oue of lho^e sauie'tuctre-bullnd fDonge-=.' SniKESrEARE. Such shamclHri. Bards we have; and yet'tis tpie, ThiTe are .ni. mad, abumlon'd Critics" too.  PoPE.-' Printi'd for J.amei Cautbi>rn. ti. Cotkspur-street, L�C� don, and sold by aU other liookscllcr?._ . - ^tr �_, ",f ,r,nil rhi. I sure of the times) nirtiiey cannot be oljtained upon inorlgasc; [ ,theStdgeLine.-.Aa active Young M^^^^ ,u,d eight years purchJe wUl lil�wi.e be given for Animirie. Sf who. can advance lOaaOJorbisShare of te^ vmnj; Lives secured-h the Kke prnperiv. the I.vtere.i of j Sted witli.-For ! Money in the lUnd^ Cb.ifcU Prefermenl, ..f Mar. iage Settle- ; the tacteif ..----- . , t may be admitted managing Partner in a . i ntunev cbncdm.-Principals only will be treated particulars apply to Mr. Bush, Q.iality-court, CliaiKU'ry-fane. London.______ SECRETAliY and LIBRA III AN to a Noblc-mao or tienUeman of Disiinction.-^A Oentlemaii of liberal education, and unexceptionable connections wishes tor l�t March, 18.4>. �l[I,:C�#(�HHif fiiWnriln tKe-?rehch Sertice, effected KaaiiefroiD tbeBMiAntimiu pt^sousfaip'dt Portsraoutb, jt'''3''ce. &C' do hereby ri^ttoioeqi to ai�y Pertoa or Pertons who wsm-M tM'-^Btiumt obd delirer him nt (his mri�^a�B"*��� *o be weiirely lodged iuany _ . 'olf^onedli SSyear* of are, five fee� seven wennmileikfitirnnd'visage.treiih complexion, itrki basiii^ef.'dud has a cut on the right eye-^^s-fqglivb^ueatly. ,U[nm� , .^.u j..,a(r j,gtant,'at ^a'tiilns imt Icm pUt^ti-' ^^^{pUtiftibn to Mr. of and Matiufacfurcr ^#h;S�^*I?UKht tfc'^reat perfectirin, by iSStflf a pwsijliinyof their ciatl.iig�� theeye. iNei^)�tvtt8Wi>t|tess, and superior ex<:e\l<-iicc,, ftfM^M.ctcMev of (bekiud evt WteWlU FLOOR CLOTHS, TABLE COVERS, Sec- G. ADAMSON begs leave to inform his Iricnds and the Public in general, that he has opened a Wnrehmise ut , No. 170, Toiteuhnin'COMrt-road, for the Sale of the tihove . Articles, where they may depend on being supplied with dry and well'seasoned Flour Cloths, of ithe newest Patterns. Afso Musical Instrument and Table Coders, on a new Principle, with green Baize Back in great variety and patlrnis. ASHIONABLE ORNAMENTS, at his esla-blished GOLD and {SILVER LACE SHOP, No. 80, Southampton-street, Cnveiit-Garden.--GEORGE GRIE- FiMlOOFK respectfully informs the Ladies and the Public in general, he b.-ts a very great Assoruju-nt of the mo^t' fashionable OR.X.VMENTS for Ladies* Hend Dresses, with all other kind of Gold and Silver Trimmings for Evening Dresses; also verv baudsomc Gold Laces, plain and mi.Yed, trith Chenille for Cloth and Velvet Pelisses, Mantle Shawls, &c. wfth Tanels for the same. The Advertiser flatters Itim-sclf by the very great encouragement he meets witli from 'the.firit Families in U^ndan, no one can surpass him in the Goldand Silver Artificial Flowers for elrg.iiice, and of the greatest variety.__ BEAVERand WATER-PROOFMLK HATS. Messrs. TKEMAI.N and Co. respectfully inform the Public, they having disposed of their Premises in Ludgatei street, now carry on their l>U!>inesKjBiilely at their Manufac-tbrv, Alfred place, opposite Cliritt (Jhurch, Surry.-siiie of Blackfriantbridge. when-they sell, for ready money, dea-tlemens'iiesl beaver, "Hi. and patent silk liats. !2 f fakhioui duty uud paper box included, * -�-----------1 V-.V_ ar.. ., on. :, nients, where the parlies have only a LTfe Ime'rert. Hi eit-!ier case Ihegrautor '>i'.l have tli.- jinwei- of n.-tieeiniii'; the same. Apply prnonally, by loiu-j- jiald) to Mr. Ueard. N... 98, " ......... Nrihnmbcrland .'^fcrecl. -Stun:!. 1 IVE THOUSAM) POliNUS. ENTLEAllON, kc. pussc'sed of fficoinfe: aiiaiii'g from I'Y^chnld, Copyhold, or [>asehold Es tates,-Marrui;;e .Selllemeiiis, or luiy othej- Propeitji and tho^e of rerpectability bavtog persanat security tinly<o olfcrj may be Kiiptiiied with tae whote,' or any (nirt of the nt erty to return the principal, at the plc.TSure of the borrower, and the business completed without the delay, usually attending ' these tran-- tr>"ft, London, will be duly an-swereil. hut n� personal at>j)lira' �ill be received. "^FewI n VIontTon.-jTlT brated MAGNETIC TABLET, for sharpeaiii- Ita-zorsap , Cheap-ide. The above invention is a phenomenon in the arts of I lie utmost public utility,'and will he found even on a cursory in-jpect'on, thegrcati-t ^tri'tch of itivention ever produced by a single improvement : it i ve is partiriiiarly recommended to tho-e who cannot use a bone with ell'ect.or who h.ive not op|ioriuiiiiies of applying to (.�ntlen!. j;ach Tablet will be .-old signed J. T. Rigge. in lied Ink and number, price "j^. PiI._ N JO. 9, Panloti-stntarc, Corcttry-streof, J.,on. LeVcry article of the Itma ever yet w^'irtheyijrpd oply be.trled to beapfirovrd. .oria,fiB^Lc�!>e�, cuntaiDingtiutisiortmcnt lijllod *f Sctssflrs-pod .Buskin; tii,ese y'tnldiihMial-citiatge for this ma- i&B4^*a,nil S.jn'V r ria�.ie ,|Vii.-.. �j�tStf.'TO SK^ JAings's-tireet.. London. ikit^^^vifiKm st.iii;,. tOKSDAY �''d FJII irmiitlijtwjie^foblisli^.W Scoiiaua. ^ 'wpiibliri^oDofRe^prt^of.Cnsrf decided fn the Cpiirt J|fStyroii< it (UiinipQrttint and inlercsting advantafte which 'W^^imii^Sittm Scolii�h JSewspnper i and W^iliU^coiiwIefjhejSJivlves entitled to state, lh;it exfeuf-mi^fur_l�oiiili)ncrs.aIliherepnrts of this dcHrijuion �pR^^ap^ied io otber iiewspap'crs, Iiave becu co- n.jPfctnwtljolEtrJalsb'efiirethe ni*h Cnflri of ^o^'ficiafy. K?!*.W^^'yi!''*"'a'rtier, ttndiit greater length, than toyo^bf^tbofelnporaTJjo�mal. .... lidinbBtgh � Newspapers, oidv.nniiCeil the in.\Y. .eiioiiVBiJRGirsrAR; iopiiliit oiji .loine of the petuli:ir Ifetftbadlhe iuer:t of intrgducing, \M\^ >f CTtdfturs ia the oYder directed by the �Wtfift'tal Rf^rtsfiiniisbed exejusively for the .Star, by �Itacn of {practical Mperifnc?, linil poSj-e-Vnig the means **B'rt�fittltuitip3,'ar|s.als�frtqifrntlygiven. ,. luiahfvx-tniitatlis.bAve not elapsed since the commence-eftheSlar, its iifcultitlqa oyer the wliole country is ^P&idefably mure .extensive than some uepcr* which, have ^wlBHthhuigtrin. Edinbiifglfc Thi^e who atre in the �WtifeOf.adTrrtisip", wflf,-.therefore, find it there iiilerest �M.mjhtStar, in Whicfi adverlf?einents are insefted, up-^, at leart p, r cent, below the common rate in other new.<ipaper�,. , pyit�fl!^t� uj^** which thispavicr is cnndncled, and "Wtrior manner in wbich it is arramred.will" be sulficient^ lion, ai;d newest fashion, ou the same reduced piau. A variety kepi finished ready for inspection. Letters, post paid, (reel in the i^nbourhood of >lanover-*<iunre s it initkes l;i luos,- it Habit and Peli^^e Makers, (from .Mr. T. Allen's-, in Bond-street,) bfg leave most respectfully lo return their .sincere 1 lianks to the Nobility and tJentry " lia have already liononr-e.l them with their Cominaiids, and Haltered by the sailsfac-tioii � hich they have ^rven, tiiey sulicit the future suppnrt of their present Frif ndsand ihe Public ai lar�p. R, and C. in coiu'eipu-iKu; of the very rapid and extraordi- nary ri.-e in Spanish cloths, have, hy'the n'tvi-.f of the first and rcsticitabld'family. ANTED, in P.\*.f,.M,vr.r,, or St James's . T. ^ S KNS, a imall. but coininodi-�ti�-^d-Neat Family House, reaily furnished.-I.fller.-. mnj benddresised proposing lernn, to A. B. uniler c-wor, t.i Mr. Ev.-ijris, I^iokseller No. 26, PalUMall, which will h'c imriie-diaielynitendetl to.__ (HoUiNTRV RESIDENCE in Ilampsriirc.^ ,>to bfe LETT for Three Years, a completely I"UK- l.,i'iijK or inofe itTeqbired....... on at the .enst^ing Lady-day.-For further particulars, en-quireatthe Bar of Stephens's Coffee-house, Bdnd-si'rcect; orat Mr. Robbiiis's, Bookseller, Wfnthester. SQU'^'H. wXfes7^Eeo.notntcair~clcg2ni, a'StI chearfuT Retiremeiif in Gfamorgansliire__Tii be SO LD, t;te LKASEaud FURXlTUREofagetjtcel RESJ1>I;NCE, two injlejfrom the sea,and twclTefr �lyrfse;wf�1i?ratiludc,the support n?T^?T*�jlf� 'r?nae/,fhe' EdiiilbufA Star^sfilt moYc inieresti'ii!: '^"�1 rraderand.ihe^San of bushjiss. the , all ________jttfptK^.maiters iii'^cnfl^id; and Ta5leriM*'B,rt���5i&ilers' ageuts, No. 5, War- rS.,�Ji>iilon;.v�  >; . .^.........,. ___ conlauis ^ SPdRliNG 'twBf.:;ui/i*�.U;....%..V 5,000 I ifcC* ^ICC�' M Ub> : . � - ^S'^'ti^ im^TtiUii m Fret Drt>Va6^^ a EE-GTPT �SWridftHthe Second Day. A Halt. gUtf... .V :. 7. JSo.O'W., . r. ? .... ^\^m WenbSaleat all fheUceftsed Lottery A,!* vjiK � it'.x" .............____ arttl JF South Wales.-To be LET for a term oif years, situate iii. ihehci^t pnrtof South Wales for all. kind&of game and cheapness oV living:; iomisting ilf asmall h'nife, inthecot-t.nge j-tyle/stone built, .with 200' acres of anible meadotv and pailurc land, in a ring fence, with sniit'able om-bui|'din^�; the ;i(aatinn remarkably dry and he;il(hy, nnd abottuds trill) all kind of ^aiiie.. Rent lp,( gnineas per annum. , f/rtters.nadr!."f;cd,' po.t|-pahl, to'Mr.-Box, J20, Mancnes-trr,w ill l>c immediately attended to; or personal .enquiries will Ii-.; .-^lisweri-'d, if ma'deat No.. 11. Flepi-slr-el._ ,eV0-NSIIIrL.-G*KOSS TfAUihR fit fo~r thf NAV Y.-To brSOLD by AUCTrO.V, at the Rooms, 1 # Barnstaplr, on Friday the lUlh d-ty of March nextV piec'.=i�U at four o'cloc1i"io the .afternoon, in lotj, 500 capital OAK TREES, wifli their Tupi and Barks, now standing and groHmij in Yi.ulstnn Wooil, in the parish !Tveyor,at I'iltun :ynd t'oithcr particulars to Mr. Hurwoud, at Brightly Cof/tiearBarnetabVe aforesaid. ; Th'e Pufcbasef wilfli|\:.fequired ti) ptfy down a deposit of � 20J. j^'cr.r atmAy be io wail and deiirouiof hnrroirlnjt'leisporary or permimetit sutns of tUONEY, thnl ,thiiy ciHi ^ all Hiacs advjjnce s^ai swn from I 6W. toJIO.OOO/. bly leJS in price, llettimentals. Naval Unirorms*,' Fancy Dresses, Leather BtccMicoj Livcrlti. �^r. in the inmt itppnived s t brilliant jet black ever beheld, atl'ords peculiar nnuri>hnient to the leather, will not soil the (ine.>( lini-n, is perfectlj free fnun any unplea�Sit ^mcM, .ind wflf ivlitiu ft.- �ir(urs iii' any climate. Sold. \ by Day and Martin, ai the Miihufartorv, No. 97, HiKh liolhurn, f". Dav, No. 7,Tavisiufk-rfreet: W. Day, SO,Sw.Mlo� sire.-i; Ait.ll, n>. 1, Finch-lane; the principal Bootmakers, Perfumers, and Oilmen in the .Viriropolis, and in every town ihronehout t!ic UnUed Km-drfjn, in stone boitle.s, prJce is. (id. each. LOlt!) 1II:NRY FETTY.-Thif dayispiiblished, (irieel-. ALETTEfilo the Risltt Hon. Lord HKNRY J'ETfy.-Bya MEMBER of the UNlVERSITi' of CAMBRIDGE. " Ttf CJvitntem qifis iTcocat.status '* Citfas; ci urbi solicilos lime" Landon : Printed for J. M. Rieh^mUon, No. 23, Comhill, opposite the Itoyal Exch.';nge.__ This day is published, in flo^ al Svn. prioc :3s. Cd. bound, NOVELLE MORA LI DE i'RAiNCESCO SOAVE, �. C. S. wn'ova Ed J.ione, diligenterrier.fe eorretia, c in Mnnieri* P.irticnlarc Adtfttutaper Facilitare A'Fo^esiieri la Guista P^innnria della Lingua Da Enrico Mario Twfrner, Romano^ P. hiie;-Preachcr at the Fomidlii'g, a d ;it Hetk.'U-v aad Fitzroy Ch.ipels. j'riiitcd lor T. Cadell and. V�. bavjcs, .Strand. <V.*<'f these Sermons alxiiit i "e rilti'i'.itiiui-, from ihr In^t i.,ditiou of Mr. Smith's > i>ernii>n-. t!.e olh'.^r forlv .-vr T riiuKCir; m ^ _ .Series of l.etfersto the UT-riil H-n. Sl-i.VCER PERCEVAL, <;i.aiKelior of the E�<lM- . in bo.irds, .\ second Kdition of (he t-^t pg;rt of ; ;  n es>a Y, of a new- Til eorv of colours, illustrat.d by Coloured Blots; sliewing its .ipplicafinn to Fliiwers, Landscapes. Figures, and Composition in general, in 3 jwirls-By M. GARTS ID ly.  P.irt applicable to Landscapes, will he |uil;lished'in April nett; illnslrated by Blotsalso ; flie*suhj-ct� of wbish are taken from, the best M'a�ters.  �  Published by T. Gardiner, PfinreJ-street, Cavi-ndifh-sqware: W. Miilerj Albemalie-itreei; and J. and A. ArcH, Cornhill. ANNUA;. KK.Y.IRW, J8oH.-This day. is i.uhlii9ied, in Ri'ynl Octavo, the Scveuta Volume, price Oue Guino;� io extra b;)rird�, of, , ' rWMW. annual review and history J- of l,rn:RATURE. f..rt'ieyearl8;)8.. Prinie'd f'-r Longman,' Jlnrst. Rees; nnd Ofitfe, Iitferno=-t-r Row.-Of wlioin may beliad.the Isf. 2d, 3d, 4th, jth ati;l 6ih Vulmnvs, either togcfhe* or separately. I'rico one GHiin*aeac!i, in extra boards. This lievii'w comprises in one Volume; Accounts of all the M'orks published dnrii^the Year, (including ai Variety of tnliKilile I'uhlicatiotfi, which never find a place inanyothcr fti-viewXarr.ingcdiato Chapter.-, agreesibly to their Vesiiec-live Suhjecls, and preceded liy an Historical tn^rodutt'ioa. It is particu arhr adapted for thfe Libr.i<-y, and for Exportiv- tinn. . , � .__. _ NICHOLSON'S ENCYCLOPliDlA tompl. te ia six larg.- vols Svo.-f his day is (published, jirice b/. 6s. in boanU, tie.itly printed Ay WhlrtmsKam, with ujjwardsof 150 lin- gr.'iv:nss. by Lo'wry .ind Scott, rpHE british encyclopedia; or X DICTIONARY of ARTS .and SCIENCES; com; llieinalicjil Works. r. . Printed for Longman, Ilurst, Ree�, and Omie, Pater-no-trr-iow; J..loh. '1i�b..-rv. 'This Work may eitlier in- had complete, or takcfli momiiiy, in 12 ('arts, price 1Q^. (id. each. ARMY, contracts; Commijsary-Generars Offiw, Great Geoige* stfecf, Londoi;, Feb. 2). Iii09. T^OTICK /.< hereby ^iveii t6' all Pcrsaiis ' for thr, Lsenflkr/trmii, viz.- . . BHIvAD-Toliis .Maj<'sty's Lartdi'orres in Cantopmeiiff,'-^ eks. ill "the end , and Ba> rtv-fcs.'iii the end<-:n!ient)6nf d Counties and Islami-.Alderney, Brecon narvon Denbigh iron, Buck-', C.iipiiricice,Cardigan, CarmarUicn, Car-, on, 'Jhpstcr, Cornwall, (,'.!ii!g Scitlj), Cumberland, -----high, Derby, Devon. Dorset, Durham, fcse.'s Flint, Glam iMan, Isle of WigJit, JerHey,:Kx;x)t,*Lancaster,' LeicesU-r, Lincoln, .M .�^,5^,^iftIj4^.y^....500" '>w�beeaaoldand,haired hv CARROLL anJCb. ptidaa de�a�jd^-�ebeai�� to be had grid*.- tt�a.l^ut�itnftag��t and ex.tortioua�i dAaand^anfl cfcarges thai are ymaUl oiaM and .wacttd to tooJrtT ncjptialin^ w dj be a��)d�^y thotetbat nnply ts.Maxn. .Locos and C(>. at anjwl.ylettwi pmtpa!*: N.B. Teoyeanporchaic will .t>af^C�rw 0!i:�>CtrcsiOileol,^' liy ^pped! *No"�^fcT�li �l�� ^' origin and feenealqgy of the .princi|Kil Families'within the distrKf. Bvtlhe Rev. JOl/N GRAVES. Hriuted for Veriior, Hotid;. and Sharpe,-London: and Christopber aiid Jcnneit, Stockton,, price ^Js. 6d. on ^cmy, and-two guincTS on royai paper, iii.boards. . Published IbOS, price 3�.l).d. BOOK-KEEPLNO METHODIZED^ or, S cbmpleje yreatiVe on .Merchants' Accounts; eoriiainin^ acqiiiriiig a kno.Wledg^e o� fW Ai live: The Work is principally compiled,, the rale? syMtyna-; .uS_____T �p Mnir. iiHwmrth.: &c. correct- aird for School" Practice. "ilyliLLANGJF'ORD,. ttaydon-^ square, Loadon. , ^ , Sold by Me?sB.'Longman, Hurst, ReesytihiJOrfflif, Paternoster-row'; Messrs'. Grusveopr, Ch^ter and^ Co. m-^^.'is'^'^'^'^-''''rjL^^^^^ Cavalry .in Barracks in. the undenneHfioned Couniesji* South Britain-Berk�, Cornw.tTI,- Disvoa, Doii<et, Eiisex'/ Hant l? Hums feept.for Jlis Majetty'i service; ia .'the isla^ of Guernsey^ ' Jersey, an'd AlderHey,. , -.  � 'fhut.ihi deiioeries'an l� commence oh ami for Ike 25M dnjf <r^ April ntxti. IKat �J'rapos'/lls iiih:fUi�g^ ^<�( 'plii3, jci/i be 'rcccivek at this Ojjke on or btfore the ^ihtlai/of March^'fiSt Boar �i7f te rectieed aJUr Bkven o'Clod: oit.f/iut day), iund jf umbyi'&sti thepinthgciiuufpepaid.- ,: . Prqpoiain vtpit kc muni 'UpiViieYj) mr each County una Jslaniti' ex(AffifBrMi:botinncs'coniihiiirigW>H!i i-MS "SJiiM tKales^all of.Mich iituH bt'iBcltidedtiiv,one,.t'erutsr-l aVd each Projioai^must'bf: accompani - > 2'eniler, Utilett I on;the^__________, ., , . . iiould^t:,sq happen thiA during.'the, ioniinuance of tKf &oi^rael,'f^ Troopi shbildbe tIbHhiUd tir nypKzdHn tikt' Countjf^<tAeexpeticis'of'the C&nlraclandffi'tfJ'^pjtfd itf thr Jirit iiifiCmceby^the CoiU^a had avonappUattiam' 9t.rtM^.Vffice^iet�eat: the-hours of Tan an^-^Fmutj tkt ' " ^ � Camnu^arij-G-wrai Lindesay, Eilia-

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