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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - February 27, 1809, London, Middlesex (.-  MONDAY, FEBRU4RY 27, I8C9. ADA ME C ATA LA N I's SIX SUB- V/^il'TlOX COXCJiKTS, >e.v Rooms, Wantsd a variety of HANDKEIICHIKFS, and 'KhTid^?�S^labMVw Thur..�n>5 following, '*ffl^pi^K>U��e pCTlfonnid Selectioui from the * . nf ifflland M�j3u,in wLich Madam? Calalani KfwS?*'^^ IJSte*S^ife.>'^''0�''�*. T�'>�'*f from the most, ce- ; |j�'*s'^irj.Vi,^.i,..l.ik�rlgei�mbe inlriMlucedsome | EAST INDIA GOODS. SH.\WI.S and SHAWL H nnv "ilor curiuus i^riicli� uf India produce.-.\4)}�Iy to JOHN DAViKS, of lioiid-itreet, Limin-draper, djrectly facia;? BlenUci-i-streei. EOINBLiTGII RKVJKW.-T/ie hdiubuish lieview, No. iti, is jyM arrived, ^ll^lli^b^d by AriVi-lliild C<ili�(jl)lc:.D.i To. J.iiiliiil)ur;,'li; ;iml Jon^Lihlc, iiunlcr, Pnrli,niid lliiiKir,N�. 10.1.udt^tCe-slrci-l, London. Price'6b.  iSf.'MdSiSW'rMJAilTKNI. � The I , gtle and Coi-cerio P�'rlunae�--V}oIin. Mr- Yanii-wice, {kle. ilr. Aitc. Oil*?, JUr. JJarrrngiuo. Trench Jlorns, *n?'orcietlfa frill be mtiitt lUe diraciion of Mr. Ya- i�lngteSwh*riiilmii. r-ve Huincas. T�� Uilto in llictwiic FaiHii'y..., A iiie O'uiwa!-. nreeD.tto, Uiittf......Titel.cCuinuae. AW liOOKS.-W. UKKD, Law Bobksdier and PubliMiLT, 39, at-ll-yard. Temple-bar, London, ncquaiHlst.enileiufii i)f ilie (irorcsion, thatthe^i may he sup- at Iiis liim5�, with New and Scconil-liand"' Law liooU^' �Mtn Jlie must rfasoimbli- terms. riie full value giv..-ii for Libraries or Tarccls of Law fiTickft tiaiwfeiatile iu Jti� s.-ime i'anitly only. luaiyj Il,�4tie SulHCIriber. Tbe Coutcrt will commence l?5^2:SSI^^^^ai M�. Yani.,vica-s Mn�c." " aB4J|tW^ i�H I,WSICAL CLASSi-:s, n. I'riiice-sir pri^^�^r of tlio iloyuj , Hooms. Sprin^-gardi'iis; when- may li� bmi, uVUailbrdrt'sWondiTlul tdrchnnicHl Ivxlitbitinn: iilso lllf 'Il^^t;lif ibc- luvliiilile GiH e�]it:iii)bd bv llie tx-.iitliful jtikExhibiUng, at the house of Mr..FOL. LKVi' No- 17,. New i(.oud.rfn;i't> one �if t!i..- lIlo^t ^cffnfProriuctloni af STalUrb ovkI" i'*!iibited-^.Mi.>ir uW'iif^youi^ Lady wli(i-,'iias.burtl lifticicut itf Anns udl/gH-jheis of a tamely hjipfarjince, 'li jcam of agi-, rfimlv37inches bigli........... -=......- = naJiiiKifof'heFi'ie J juflfc jwblic Dolice SHikeliaa ^invented- �irtyadpiit; slie iiihjwy vi|ne'i!�nderfuT tbiii^,' alfW Whichi slu^^ierfiifiu* itfipally tfitli ner mouib.-Tbe Jteaaer luaycuily tbiuk it iDoJiblBstieslioiddbc capable ilfiUfing what h iiattifA Uiii A'dvi-rtiseaii^, bat If sHe CSinnot, and even nincii St, thcCnoduclor wilt forfeh Orte Thouiiand Guiii^llf. Adiuiaiimftoafwclyetill ansk-^Two.yliniingj edtHl ' ' B^nd.strcct, Corner of Brooke Ureet. IINB 'ARTS-^Mr KDVVARD ORME hai great plnwre iu Itfing able to iiunouncc to the Putilic, tthc FifjiJittuiuet of Eugniviiigs fniiatbe kiiinaird Cdl-juioiiofPiowtSiisoow ready for delivery :�.rhe object fihis W�Hi is t(igiw,.in a Srlection of 'I'uelvt of iIip finest Pirtiira,,twwrl ri^jrixnial oits,J)utti Plain apd in Colours, KtbechanictmMicPxrVUeneieswbcbiihtinguisI^^ nvkstafTitiau, Cr<iqra be nii!)Ii.-hi'd, if iio's-ible, every Bird JMiiliiiilW&iVun't'idr will contain twi� IJi^riiviiij;, ar. WDjaeifJ m'lli ariimiie Uiitory of each Picture, aiidu kridi of lit PaintiTj ii-fe.: 'Tbe firvtNuiiihfr will prrsrnt to tlic Public th� celebra-Portrait nff[einbraot� from Ilic Cor iui l'aliU'e,-Biid a -tifii}LBsdsea6e by Clause le. Lorraine, from the Col-iiiofthela<ebucdeChoi.5cuL ' , |a�oreeBlatyd Prospcctas i� ready fbr circilation. BpttOUGU OF PLYMOLTH. . tiiiildhad,' J^inoulli. Feb, IS, ISO!', m Uiiilrd Committee of Plymouth, Ply-moilliiil)ock, and Sioncbouiic, has great ulea-ure in iillwtaiire Public, in continusition, the Fuhjnln. d Li.-t Soliscriwiiins, iu beh.ilfof tiie diftre.^sed S.ildicr.--, Pt Widow*. Vfives, and Children, lauded ai thi� Port cQMaitteepnsumettohnpc that so Ion; as the mis-wofany of tbose brave Truops'rcniain unrelieved, iu wtaenoitnrominent meaiBol'rc^toriiie thfm eBeciive yrSSf*"^l'^'" 5 to their Widows. Wives, ruUAni, the common necistaries of life j so Ioiir will ifljwlofthe Conimittee,,tolbe.Palriotie.and IJ.nivo-|<Malti!ndrd with a hatmy saccesv. vet niaav hundreds of the sick and wounded M with Flaiinel Shirts, Drawers, and !}tockiiig 'rm IiIj tr:en:Ua.u\llie pn^ilic. that he has brought to Londoaiill e.xt.-i^ivc and beautiful u^ioirtrnciii uf Gnutls in the above line, c noHing of every article manutarturpd at 'i'ujihridg onable terjnsasany bo.l^eill London, or 'runhndge-Well^, a variitv of tVoods iiia.le of the whiti-stWooil for L.1dies to ornament; old Tun-brK=ge Ware repaired uud yaiiiLihed, or taken inexchuage for uety. '__ _ ___  ,,- .. .fll^'AMUJIW anil SCHOOLS.-FRENCH JL t-ittgbt by a N'ntive of France, of a liberal Kducation, ni.d properly ^ualitied fi'r teaching il-at ui.ful .iiid liisliion-able Laiipiiiige. The .Alverii-er teaches thi; Ite:idii'g,Puil i by such ;ui e.vci-lletit Alctliod. pi-culiar to hinl^elf,'lflat lie Will not hcailale to'engage to enable any of his Pupibio re.-id Frrm'K ttuenlly with propriety, iiml to pronounce it /i� Wfll, npANNiNG.-Any Persot, able to command _.-�-T applyuig by I.elter fpon paid), to \. V at ' fn \\i.idser,u,d ShMry;sNju3i.C.,iuicery-!anev � ^ ail Persons tie. SJination, or-ii; .SrHij(f;.G.*RnE.v�, a E.imll. but comSi |.Uia..d-.Ncnt.Famil;t House, ready furmshed,-Utrn m^^^^^^ Hit l^lnnd- Breeun. Bucks,'"Oaipb"Hrtsc, Cardi^n; Carm/irtb ,d, Isle of M~c^t, JeWexV Kent; Umeaster! receive.! every day from eleven till, hv iVlksr^. \Ve..UielJ p"i.,^";,. ^"^ ^' et, Our- n^S^^ ! Z:^^^' ^'.ro in Vnii.e ill the c,ur.e of .,i...six VWlwifcai priIlTOll^a^il by oiilica! aid,.is to pn-s.-nt ! '' "np"^=iihle to obtain in so short a time by the Usual way. A vcn'iis pro;iounciatii'ii is soon reetiti.'d bv iheraoie Method, wliicli along experience has proved to b� always :ilteuded with success. The tirammat'cal Part carcfblly fnught through all its brarchfri, with proper Directions to traii:lute J^^iiglish into French, niid vice vcr.-a.. Latin, (ieogra,'>h.v, aiitl (he Use of the Globes taught in a clear and expcdilin'iy ni;iiiiu:r. leniw Imo (ioiii.-:ui (ler Mnnlh, Three L-ssons .-i Week. If scycrat Pupils in the sa-xe Family, no e.xtra charges w iil be made.. tu '�esi-( vailed iuresp.ctability. Tlie IVemiis arc roomy, euave-,.!....^. '""'1 '".^'^apabilify.ind e.i;pect.i;iev ..f an-, in- FORAGi;, viz.-Oafs, Ilav, and .Straw, to His Maiestv's Cavalrv in liarraiks in the iiiider.mKtioned Counties in come in and prove iheir debts before liwiiert .Steele Fsci onf of Ihi Masters .if the said Couif, at his Cliamh'ers iii S.nilhanniton-Huii.liii^'s, Chatirrrj-lanr, [.i)!i,lon, i>r i vriU U rcrdccd after EUt:,n o'Clod on U..d (;,,/ if "cM I, i/I'ust, l/,e postage must f/e paid. pcrgnlii _ '�10 Ij'v.bOLD.-The CiJARGlOl^ M. Ccpi* IcnviiiR Fn^l.-Hid. ^oiind and free fi f aSiiuf-Ot ,.....------ ----from virt-, h;is i|i JSoitliamptoiishireaoil Ocrhyshirc, is a famous hunted ........................^, leaper, iiS perfocily quiet among ir-ops, and from the gpn-llenesauf its disposition is � ell suited to an elderly Gi.-nile-ttian ; to be ween at .-Mdiidfte's ri'pository, St. Marli.i'a-lanc; price 50 Guineas, Ciwt 70 IweUx-iuonlhsago; a reference may fic to the ownrr. ASHINGLliV.HALL, JJiintinu el�nd therewith, asai^i a lar^e (pinniily of cTicelleut h!iy', well ;;ol in, made on the preiniiej.-For p:iriicular , eni|nirc, (if by lellei", postpaid), ofGeOige Kllis, I'^q. Solicitor, Abiiigdori-sireet. AVe-tminster, of whom tickets for reMtsMits mT fcndaholn siiii ;isa pattejc, or be infprmci! iw'W to traii-iiiil .i proper iiu-asiire per - ~Tliis dav -s nnbii-Iiod, in crown ^i\.>. jiric - (is. in ho;:!-).'*, Tiii'/KX5'o;rrr.; or, i\.\mi.s:oN BONA. PAliTV. L'.Nril.AS' Mp:iiiieJ with Note?, &c.  I'woulo :ioi hi-liic Vill liii " Fort: �"^^h"l^�!",1.�'.r.� that' In the Tynmt'i prnj^i, Aiui till-rii-ii E:ui to fi":':.'"-Sii AKs;'i;.\a i.. Printei! i^ir vVi'liam .vUU'.r. AlbciUotie-liert. A viry ( it.vcnfion is caiicly new, anil -S. p:iriKultirty�ell foroilieris in the Arm and and Malting, toirethrr with an insight of the mode of mans-giiigan e�fensivc Country Trade in lllat line, in hich and gr-oeral repute.^Address Letters, fncist paid) to A Mensrs. Bockrttaml Co. |)istiller�T Londom ; tf�d. nil ^.wHan 2 0 |- I��es, at P�ead 5 'wMDockj  i�  ,,g. iPubUn 5 xiliLondoh^ " 7th>Lt. 3.3 G.'Hodse,Aewra!itlu 1 Flvmoutb Cbroaide . Mewnianer 2 |2 The Parish of OIT- ratnH>, by Dr. Maaley 26 17 Win.|,ane 1 1 -Rawle 1 1 ".Tohn Uixmore 11 i o 0 2 0 0 0 0 �. n. Clarke, IJcqr of Bridewell  �> , Airs. Clarke � 8 Alisg Clarke l 0 .lohn W.Clarke 2 ^'n.R.byTrewman  Kxeter 1 O mbs <;�In)e �J 0, Rej^H. Jlenaah l 0 J. Wilkcy , 2 �0- J.Moiilinefr .  i 0 Joseph Souet 2 _ Mr. CrawNiy .n ' Mir. K* sm 1 9 IAND AG KNCY.-M UiiRAY ami FRKL^S j beg leave to inform their Friends and the Piihlli-, that by the rerommcndatinh of several Gentleim-ii iif the tirst rei i-jieclabUity, they have been induced !> nsi.ieriake rfsiilarly tlir buying and selling of Land on CommitMon, the.valii.amn of Soils, plaimingof Farms, and arran;;init Agricultural Affairs, according to the br>t m'des in practice thrnii^hoiit fhe moiit improved Counties in I'nglatid, .-ind ih the l.othiiins,. ami Berwickshire, &c. in Scuilaud; together with Land Surveying in general. Frimi their extetnive connexion, joined to pmrlic:i1 know ledteand experience, XoUlemen �r Geiitlenirn wlio may eii-ti-a-t them with fhe-s.-ile or purchase of t':state<, or In .iscer-taiiiiiig the real value of Lauded Fr L P- and Alderman,. Sir CliarUs M, Pole, Carl. M.P. Sir Tlinmas Tvrwhiti, Fsti. . MP. L.r.l Warden of the Staiin-irii-f, fee. �S:c. Samuel Thornton, l-;sq. M. P. .M.>rah.iin (.Hldjinid, E?q, .�!ay Shall iHy innovating hand invade, Tli'iit I oy:,! i'ree lieoeaih � hose saried shiide-'J'hi-lib'r-ii arts and scifnre-liav>-f(iii:id BeiiisiiiHit shelirr o.'i Ihis fjMoiiiM !;r('l; Where commfrcc flourishes, anil freedom stands, A Beacon to the hopes of struggling lands. Vide the Poem. Printed for.C. Cha(5pl^il^ln-^!.lll; ,1. I'.laeklock, lto>al F.xctiaoge; anil Slu-r-vo.d and ,f.Mies, Pi>iein>-lir rww, . jsrif0 2*. lid. Of wliiiin may be had, an I'Ue^int; Tiioui�-to j the .Memory of our much lanicted Hero Sir Jolio Moore, j By Mar\ C octle. price ft.___� Jn-t published. In tifleen Parts, price imiig ; five very elegant volume?, printed in siiiali dvo. oir a ��ove | p.Tprr, andlirtt-prrssed, . . ' | Crowmat which time the Steam Engine and other^Mtch.v \ r^L.'^SSlC TALKS, S-rions at,.! lively cari-fn!!y j j7jcallivV..tionsnow�^ed in MiningweR-un1oo,n. In t!.c ! selected from , the works of Lronke. Maekenz.e , ... tr . .... . )i,.i,iip,,vorthi Johnson, (ioUUmith, bterne, Marino iti 1. :'.ii(l Voltaire. Each part u<ombiIlisJieH with a Narrative i'liiii. I designed and engraved for IliC woj-k by the tir t Artist,- aniong which will be fomidt two tVom the'Peiaril of l\ il!,i.', the only i'rintsever �<et niaile frmn this celebrated At-tists- All the Platen are print.;d un French paper-- i his work may be had of all Booksellers, . . -----'"g eai).ii)i� or br^wivg o.),a�) l.arre.s and at a rmall expnce c-uM he in.ule dmihlethal trad.!; the pivinises �lt!iir! these few years h.ivc ''JHHK particulars atff'ntliii.Ef tire history, niaiiiii. Jh. tnde, and riches of fhc?c Mines are without par.-tllel : nnlhcmic.Kecordsttatc, that during the Reign of tjui-cu i:ii-zaheth, they were worked with the greatest success by the latter part'of lhat ilcign the Mine* i^cre ahindnnedsolely oii account of the then impofsihility ofjdrawlng off the Wiiler, and since tvhich period the bottoms bf the ancient Workings h.ive not been seen,. It is therefore the decided opinion of penunsuf the first respectability nfid knowledge, that were an eflecfoal attempt how made lo work tliese Rlines, a liishly prdfilable retnni must ciievifable be derived. A Company 14now forminjr .tnd nearly completed lor that purpose, to which the above named gentlemen h.ave become Trustees. The advantages peculiar tu the undertaking, willbcsnrhas are seldom ottered to the public, .nnd the plan upon wihich it �is conducted, is intended to be free from those ohjcctioiis to vrhich 'iHihing speculations in genera) are subject; here als^ the shafts arp sunk,,the depth to the veins known, and the , vtchness uf the ore already ascertained ; hut as a detail would ; he too Idng fur na Advertisement, the following-fetate<nent : cart onlv be given. � 'llie Priiprietors, have divided the mines into SOOO Shares ! ofltlOf. each, a portion of which they are now selling to itic ; pu'blicatthe price of 6f. per share ; each purchaser to ad- , vance the further sum of 5/. per share to be employed in | wofrking tbe inin^, and the price of shares .-iiid this drpoeit, j lo b<* paidat tfa^limeofsubseribific into the hands of Messrs. [ RiibartF, Curtis,tiod Co. BaiikeK-, Lombard i-treet, London t ! ,, . w u  . ' . -----..... whowill placethes.iinc in tlK" nam'of the Trustees, A fur- I l^'an's with their properties and use; rendering his w.irk a ther psivment of SL ashare will necalled fnr, at the expi- i comprehensive system of tlieMaterm Medica. In lb- <on- ratioH^f Ute months after tht dose �f the Sabjcription*, i d�a of the work, he collects his materials from tiie best au- maklngaUog^ther an advance of 1a per cent, only on each  thotitics. JOd�..share,ana which it is cientfbrthe.-pnrp ^t3tfe,^ except wii shafVholdni to ire ikts/anda praspertas liadoiiapl^lwatfaNi, .liritiKa, iMtLaoe^ Geatiemcn whotbave _ are tvspectfiiiny'inrbnni triiortiv Be closedi<tbe;'....., 1 his day is published. No; irt" the 2d Edition, corrert.d and s\steiii;ilic.illy .ir.'art^ed, (to be consinucd ftlomhlj,) pr'ce Is.-(id plain." or Js. coloured, of "^OODVILI.i:'s MEIJICAL BOl'A.NY,- Thi- Work, which will be Coinplcti-d 'n .55 Numbers, contains, systrm.itic ;ind geiieral desrrijitimis, wiih plates of all tha'Al'e.licinnl Plants, indigenous and e.Kotir, comprebendud in the Catnlosnrs of the iM.-iteria .Mcdidi, of the lioyal CollcRi-s of Physicinns if London and l-.dliiliHr^'i, accompanied with .1 eircurastaal^i.Tl arcount iml elfi-cis, and of thediseascs in which fully employed. Character of the first Edition, It is with plcasnre we introduce a work, where nrn.n-ment and iostrdciion are so intimately united : l)r, \\ nodvilie combines the bol.TnicaL history .ind descriptions of medjci ui_...^ -:#u .1-I---------- - ' - - - .......-r. - ..... -ulars m;iy he kiii�.�n lit Mr, Thiimp-ou, No. ^2.5, .Neiinnn-sdc^ t, r.iarN-Ii--hoiine, any morning t'lom nine to.t-.n'.'ve o el'ir!;. f;il.\.\n I.OT.n.liV.' 17<RP,K GIFT 4.h>^l lo 4.1.0;) 1 S,.iJl tn K.mM i 5-.UiU to 5.100 ; D.OOl to U.i.O i (,V:l)l to f'.^V i � ,1 .Msoa I'Ti-e (Tiit of Five Illuulrei! Wimle'i'icUi-t? tn the Flrstdrawii above Ijl, the ^:ef ^md l)a\, .\a.i:li"m- r., f-.ildw ; I^.O*!! to JIJ,1;I.-! j l.'i.OvU � to l.i.lOi) l-i..501 to 1 l,tHM ! Iti.JUl to ili,tivJU 17.001 I" 17,l!J' The aliove Tiekcli may gain the whole of the following Caijilal Pii/.ks :- 11.'.Ml to ]o,rm !� II,111.) to i.......-of......=f.?n.ori) 2..............., 10,011.) Ci......of.......�.U':,m 10.'......;,,....... 500 Jleghis APRIL the 15th. JfiO'.l. In consequence of tiic a'.iove Gifts of l,.JOd Tickelsj there are "iil.v JS.jiU: fur Sale. Tirkets .-iiid ."^harcs are all the I.!cen?ed Offices.  N^l, CO.'iNUILL; and <), C(1.A l< ING CROSS, rrp Ij'iSIl soliciii.fhe atfeiitioti ntli an ithsy arc riio-t success- | j bi.jton.'I i, IJonLs ?iyoii hy the t:ii:'ir,iciiirs, vlifch :i.iy r i-uitie the forimiite Holders of asiogl.-Tirkel or .-liiiie tn ni immense mid iui-.-ilcnI.ible iienefil.- I'h.-il)>t-dra � .'r-e aboVc 1-5^ on tin- lirst IJ.'n,, will be en'illi-d. over and alixvr the Prize, t" l,l>.il Wh.J.- Tickets; an.I the Ju'jier if ihe lifil-dra�vii Priz,- ,-thove Uil. oij thes<-t' r--* eeive, okjt and aiiotc the Prize, L-.YO 'V^ h�le 'l'ic^^^t=�i whieii Tickets "re ^)ealed up and depi.tlled si-euri(\ in lU'' KmuW of i';r(gland. The Nmrilicrs ot'the ],.t0;) Tickets so lj.iu :ir-! t.> be inserted hi the Schemes n hich may he ha,l gratis at ihe. ______n,U--- .. 1----rt-l.t-------tt-i-

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