Saturday, February 18, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Courier on Saturday, February 18, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - February 18, 1809, London, Middlesex ^0,4,306. .S4TURDAY^ FEBRUARY IS, 1809. !_LUJ-----W ... 'mw-h-'.^:--LiU------------- , .Price 6jb� ' SIX GilAND <W ItfMNBS, hoaottf to M. it �r liler Six Tbursday Kv�lJi�, him � )SIGNCY in a' A,'favourite North Britijh Regiment, lately reJUrned from ! which he alluded was not tu come forward sdid what was untruly ^^^^-ihiftk it wertsiry to �n^..nn the tc�!l� Jiud �iciiiityj, mi ,�6.,�.,%:^|l|tf'T'^afre,iiit Pt*1iM;uth: i^k j ^.'uiHihiCIM fotr-ItonnnQJUR royidii^ 500 flannel wiUi dowers,and 'wmsied 5lockii�(s, tor the sick, uiubaDd Bscmcks ia.the$e towiaandneiichbiibrhood, which |iC.CimH iidrtii._ riim': feteiTAMKS ADAIR, Esf|, Serjoani at JL Law.-^If thciiext of kin iif lUiznIicih Adair, late of Uppcl-JSorton-sti-eet, in the parish of St. Mary-le-Bohe, in the county of Middlesex, deceased, the widow and relict of the abore-named Jamet Adair, l^q. deceased, will apply Id Merisrs. Tohierand I'ike, No. 5, Bloomshury-square, London, Solicitors, they w.iUbcar of somerhinglo theiradvan-ta^f,  The person Who lately prepared a testamentary paper for tbe deceased Afrs. Adair, is requested tu sead his address to tbe said Mcssn. Turner and Pike. GIlAND LOTTliUY. REE GIFT of One thflusand VVlioIe Tickets ' ilu.�rVjiiiu^j;,-,ThuiWav, aWd^SattiWav Afternoons, ^rinteijn.^uaM.Or^oji^iiilo^ tweiityifonr oilumns, ami on ,(itp�r�'ftbe;la^eft �Heevi;r nvmufacturpd. Some mider-v^lniriiisioafCibeeuKlslie^,'ed ut supply ilie de-*ticnd�:ofiwhait^r(5 kno*va as i'hrce-Djy Aewtpnpers. il!kpiii6idef9>iimji>�>i(.M'accuiupli5tied r nitli iimrc ropions. .antfif OrtaiUlbaaJis'io be found in the Daily Prints, and a . , feiiaufP-ulitkalaJMl ('Iterarv Diiquisiiions, interspersed, todijiriUxfiiunerous Kstt;.icls anJAnecdotrs, exrr.-diiic the oSblrBtsofPapeiyprofirswrdly..devoted to Original Ariirhs .1 Tlw Prire Current of irvery Article ihiportcd into Itoiid'Hi! �with 4 Weekjv StatetRent of fmuortiiUons-I'iire>i of thu ! . IHAlicFoods,4nd Couise of iixcnaiigp-IJailr liitt'Iii^'i'iicc BftbePacket Boats,cAutaltiinK an Acco�nt of ilicir .'^i.ition-, * j^tttimlijans, tJi^Uaw irjieii the mails are made iij) in f,oii- . .;,iJon,wl�a.dHe,ar.d Notices of their arriv.ils, .tr. Sc. iSrr__ ilataoiInsutaiKti-TAK the London and Provincial Alarkels -Mceljngs of t^reifitnrs in Town and Country-anil evory oHer �j�?c>e� of ^llfo^^l.ltion that can inlire.-t Londim nuil bmnlrETetldciits, as tvell.-if; tUf Mcrchnntiwil trailer: with itW aliwinlesw TIIE.INQVISITOR holdly asserts its diiaiiolic coiisidereil^ Orijfinal anil Cl;isiic;il AOvspa-pcr. Bfing published,every other day. iis appearance is piiij)osel>vaef*rred till four o.Vlock i.h the afu-iiiihin of the . day cE-paMinMion^lt therefore contains the hut News that ..jpayiarejeacM London^urJii^ the day,aiid ijiereby f�mi. Literary (*!ibal. l.oval ^iihutti beitig:�eolie,,and religious w iihodt I�ciiig supcriii- F the I'irst Day,�ina�ers as follow :- . -10,600 11,100 5,001 to 3,100 to 7.101 lO.'iOl 4,5ai to 4,r>00 P.Ml to 8,(iOO 11,1)01 ftfXlI to 5.100 9,001 to 9,100 l'.'.5Ul 15,001 to ' 15.,100 11,501 to H,(i"OU ItJjJOl to  lb-,600 17.001 t> 17,10.1 The above Tickets may gain the whole of the following Capital Prizes :- 4.of......=^.20,000 DowasagailL-tThoniai, .  t n im �if.......Ot......i ��.............. 10,000 ................ 5,000 licsins A PHI R......of.......^.i.onO 10................. 500 He. Sic. tlie 12th, 1809. In coiiftquciue of the ahOTc Gifts of 1,500 Tickets, there are onVj-18,5iHi for .Sale. i'icUirls and jiliares arc selling at ;iU the Licenced Oflices. SECOND STAT 1-: LOTTERV J808, cunii sisting of oiilv ^0,000 Tickets l)eRiii.i Drawijig the 13th of April, ira9. TiCKKlS and SllAillCS arc selling by JIAZAUU, KlTK.VIv, and (JO. Stork Brokers, at their State Lottery Oflire. No. 93, mider tlie Ko.val Kxchang--, and no where else in London on their account. The Schme contains Four I'rixi-s of L'O.OJt)/. each, with the usual >.uml>er of other Capital*, &�:. in addition to which, the First-drawn Prize above 13/. on the First Day, will be enlilled to One ThimsatMl U'liole Tickets ; and the Fir>t-dniwn Prize above 15/. on tne Second l)a\, will be entitled to Five JIunilred Whole Tickets.^Shares in Proportion. These Tickets will lie depofited nt the IJank prcvinna to the Dniuiii:;. and delivered to the fortunate Proprietors at the ^l(>^�e thereof. (j::!" I.elli-ri, poit-^nid, duly aaswrred, and Scheme s gratis. B.-BJk, lodin, and Soutli �ea Sioeks, willi their je-veral .Annuities, India llends, Kxcheiiu-fr IJilN, and all kinds o'f (i'overument Securities, bougiii and sold by Com- niisaion.____ V lCT"0/M.UiVti-Oh ! ICh, ieli. 9, IboV. fTMlE CominissioneH ft)]' Kictualliitg JJWMa- .JL jestu's Nany do.hereby give tfolir^e, \lh(U nn Tuesday, ///� r � �........ ' -"-- ..... ht 1X^1 instant, they tcill be reaili) l� receive 'I'enilers lu rrUins (scaled tip) mid I real for 'Tl Hi UVSUllUli - r . , .. ^ . .w____, j'llOUSA.M) GALLONS of WEST INDIA HUM;/ote I^KRJ Ali\ U^rds, lierCihtalnrnt?, nn.Cl I rcm^jPs, <f delicn-td duly fnc, from irarehuuse^ m which the same hai vVco:nnri ?ccK\NA(;u ;�ud,l',i.6.i,vH, | i,nlmiulid. iolo llis.M"j"liy^ kiclunllittg ^tores at Ply-: wthecVi�yWl>'''H-g�iJ i" fheK1i..i;d..m of lrciand,:part j ,,,,1, " -..........�� /."..-- .>-..-.-/...... .w.,. and confaip- ^jccl t<i,the � in'ftic weral Iiiytsf, in tlie.^ijltrd � piriiculars, of thuarae lisuaeson tlTe V�miJ'Mrlvjptt-to.the Condiliont Muled iculars, wliirh were i-sued f '..; i' . �:.  J. , ,' . . ' .*.: ' � �' J__' _ * aUU '..1.1 nfnclAV^a . tot Si'A* maCTt^t'ftaiJ-valuable LeajN-hold MaiiMon-h<tee'm�*gait*!|fs|timi�iJS"-oi^^^ f Porf- ifeiproacb hy.a p�>itico ontriihce, coniptising fi'i ciiirtinceUiall, twol'lSr^-'' (1tiiiii<; iiarlmir.-, and d^lf^ill.!-"lurn, three lafly wcU-proporlioned dhiwihs-''""""'! *=lh .............Portsmouth, in the folluwing p'ro^ortiom Under'- mtnUnntd, one littlflUereofin amonth^ -undtUt remainder in a :tuiHth ttj'leno-irdi, viz.~ . ' ; i'l.'kjnoutb..... 200,000 Gallons. Porkmoutb..............., li)0,000 , . , . .. 300J300 . r , . To bc.patt'.fur by, Oills, payable tcith Jnlsrest ninety days after dale. : ........ ; . , T/ie Conditions of tht Contract may be seen at the Secretary.! Office. � � . ;  No regard tcill behntl to'any Tender in ithieh the price shall not be insrrled in teords nl length, or t/Uit sliall not be dplii<ere4 to the Sunri .before One 'o'clock on the said Tuesday, tht iut instanti nor. unless the Person who makes tlie Tender, or some I'ersau on his behalf, attends, to ansteer then �caHed for'. ..... - � iMPElilAL PAliLUJlEyT. . ildcSK'i)F COMMO.NS, FniD.�v, Fnn. 1/. .OntheJMoti<in,�f LprdFOLKSTONi;, it whs ordered tbatCaptaia Huvley Sanden should lie hnmght'up from. \e\Vgnie, to attend the. Co^ninitlee on the conduct of the Duke of VKrk.and liuitAlrs. A. Clarke sum-mnfied toiiitend the same. � A' nei�iil iiRh<p^-.nirtHJtii�'Tn''t<� *lew�ld and partifulars' ^^J:.ti'i'^e5;'W^^TVfelh�rk-^ CavettttUh-squaye. i""rSjmt-*!oden^ l^irBitun^^ Vahiablc Magniflce^ I'late ' .'Picr!ind;iUliiyiw^^ (9iism,';Sttpe neHc?ai^ 24 in., eh''�_h;{ 48?'8.S ini^ji iwches li> 4*liOi.incbcs by 51^ � �*��n�<*s--aiitJl Coiiwiode*;.Haini^'W,S^djlio-nrd, iiihStet'CarifetiuC.targ.e ajz^.r hai.p:.- . concurrence of the House...... iMr. A'dennan COM Uik presented a Bill, for the Improvd-rneiitof 'J'enipI.e' liai. Sic. Ue;id;i (ir^i tinie, and ordered to b'e.ffadaserond time on Moni.l^-. .. Mr,, FOSll-.ll gaye notice, that on Monday noxi he should move iKaf the llou-e do re-olve itM-lf iitio a tonimiftee to cim.-idei- the Aetot Ih'e IJthtieo. III. which related to the Uaiik of Ireland. The Irish MiMia Bill went ihrpueh a Clonnnitter. the re-irt of u'hicb iva^ iirdereil Ki hei i!ay. ^'ck. street, towdisb^uare, rtioreelfeeiually ijrcveniii^ i..- ........_______. .Money liy any Ciishier, Clerk, or other (Jllicer under Go. veniuient. SKLKCT COMMITTEE. Illf. LEAGlt brought up the reiibrt nf the Sc. lecl Commiftee amjointed last night hy thfe Com'I mitlec of the whole Upiise, to exaininu tlx; k-U�rs and papt'rs that had been brought ffoin Captain Saiidcn's loflgiiigs, and to report their opinion thercf >. The repdrt stated, that Ihe Commjilee thought the papers ail felcvcnt to thit intjuiry be. fore the kousei . . . " ' , ^ TilF, Ol/KE OF. YOltK. X'ord FOXiKSTGN.E hayiKg m.ivcd that, the pr. dt'.r of the tiayhe redd for., the' House 'to' resolve ii|ej(Pihto�'a Cotrimittee, to Coijlinuu (!ic ifvcstiga- .------------- - ?!Jr,'Jhe;cdit^uct/orhw li^�l'Cfii^eovet�d>wah.lrftther^li.r|tBl ' �. ni bicli it l^^^ ^bserF�.. ment of this inquirjr; lie c nsideri:d it unhandsome and une^entletnanly-(Cn/er, Ordcr.y lie appealed to the HoiiDe whether lie had used any such terms. They nenr had liecn u.sfd bjr d- fifr?5ffanitf fbat tfie 'rinter of The Morning Post be -br�u�;ht to^tlie ; Bar of the House, ia the custody of the Serjeant at \ Arms. , The SPEAIvBR iaforraed tht? Hon. Gentlcinan, (hat the first step to be taken, to deliver in the paper of Mhich he cemplaineti. The course would then be, to mote that the Printer do attend at the Bar of the Uouse on anj'future day that wight be determined upon. ' . � Mr. BisiiEsFORD accordtngl)' delivered in a copy of 'Ihe Morning Post, and the objectionable pis-sage was read by the Clerk.  Mr. OERESFOIID then rcpcatctF, that helook-cd on the publication of such a inis-stntcnient as a gross breach of the privileges tif the Houses At-tkc .'iame time, as he did nut believe that it hail been an iiileniiunal misreprosenfiUion. he did nut wish that .iny pnuishmcnt should bt^ vi.sitcd npiui the person ollending. His object in ri>iji>; had bi'en to mention the circumstance to (he iluu^e, and to avail himself of the opporfuntty of distinct-ly slating that he had neviS- used ihy Ijngua:;*! iin-putcd to him. If it were the opinion of the tliathc ought to do so, lie would in that this was a gross breach of the privileges of the ll<nise, and follow that motion by anmlier, that liie Printer of the Paper be brought tu thi; Hir-(A general cry of No, no,) But if not ht- woul:! adiipt anyother mode of proceeding liiaf misht he su^-gestfd to him as proper, uniier. the csisiiug cir-ciiiiistanccf;. The SPEAKER observed, that there wa� a course sonu-linurs pursued by the Iloiis-, which it would be in their discretion to follow or not, as they might think fit in the present instance. It wa.s where a comjdaint was made, such as that jn.^t preferred by the Hon. Gentleman, to bold IIk; transiclion in view, aird Io adjourn any further proceeditig upon it to a ft^ture day, in order to �give the House an opportunity of seeing wheth. . . The CHAx\CEr;LqR of th.p KXCHEQUER said a few words, in consequence of what had fiilien from (lie Hop. Gentleman iinder the gallery (Mr. Ciilverl). He ailowed.with that Hon- Gpntlcman, lliat ' privilege reports' (Jonn tinued) any Ho before they refused or delayed to take the proper steps to assert their privileges, and punish the of-fender. At the same time it milst be evitlcnt to the Ijy whoni these ri-ports their accuracy, be though uniiiieiiiional a more complete mis,-representation iievei-existed than that brought forward liy thfrilon. GcnUemail; and he had himsilf obscrvc<J to-day,, in the description published in th'e newsjiapersj of the narrative which he (Mr. Perceval) hatl Wst night given to jihe House, several very gross errors. Biit he was| Satisfied in his own liiHid, that however gross, they must all be nniritdnll'on^l j and he should therefore Flip-port ihe motibii for aii adjournment of any further proceedings. , ' Mr. Xfj- SMITH alsd^ suppoitod the motion for; connivance of the iii the pQ[J]tiGaiioo -xA- �" what tsJok place wjibin iis walls, could not'^th " atlvanfage hctlisconfinucd, Ijut it was certaijoly. (o.^* be expected that tliatpubhciUioo sholtid ^ r.MCf'aVpii-iSjbl'r'T '  ' . , -  -f'"" Mr: i'OllKE was not In ihe H jnseiitthe-coBi. nicncemi'ut of this discus �i iufornicd of ifs tiiidi-ncy. \\i had no phjeciion to (he Mofion for deferring any further proceeJ-iuiT to a future day ; butalthough be had been bnd up in principles which cnd-ared to him Ihclilwr-y of the press as one of tlie great ptt/ladia of tlw freedom an;l hapj)iness of (he country, ha.could , not but feel that it was subject to such abuse, and in parlicuiar. that the proceedings of -Parlianieat were subject to v^li misrepresen ration, as, without IntiM-fcrencn, lead to the. most sifioais. cviLs. lie did not that any adtliiional laiv.s..sV?/)u! �.^crc ill projXT time 'tl.c ptjwor with whic'i the ,oxi. lig!it mhlakcs should be pas.^cd over, and that, at tHe present period, no one could wish 10 s'je the Orders of the House enforced wiih rc. spcct to (lie p'lldicalion of their proceedings. .Mr. WHiriJlil'^AD observed, that an/mi-r--prescntatious which might ftccasionally, or tiniu-tentionally, creep into the reporls of iheir de-bs^ s, were wholly unimportant, compared wi'h the great gi)od which resulted from having thesnb-s'ance of what |.]asscd in that flonsc made known to the Country. The Hoiu Gentleman, wh-> had I just sat down, had declared, that Ihc U!il>r:dlcd li-centious'icss of the press mtlst be curtailed. Sofsr was he from agreeing wifh that Hon. Genllemau, that from what had passed latclj, he ihoiigUl it was evident (hat to the licentiousness of ihe pre^ the Couiiiry very much iisdcbted. He trusteil ' iliat no acidiHonat .shackles or fellers would ever be imposed npan lJ:e liberty of the pr?ss. They would only bind tlie Country in ignorance and liliudne.s.s till some drcailful explosion should take place,, the tialiiral result of,that state which hc had dt.scribe;!; The llououiahle Geiiileinan lalUeJ of exciiiplary punishment fpr any gross misrcpre-senCa'.ion of their proceeding^ The House hul already (he power to intlict whalerer puiiish. meiit they thouijlit proper in such a case, butsince he had sat in Paflianient, he had never wltncSscrd iiriy cxerci.'-e of that power that was productive of il<iod consecpiences. With respect to. the general licenlioiisuess of the press, there might be indiviiJual instances of laxity, it could not be said that l.'ie Crown Officers bad bcen.crlsnjit.'llly lax in (he pro.secution, or ihe Courts of Justice Cri-niin.illy lenieri( in the punishnient of libellers. I?iit it seemed that autong the misrepresentations vrldcti had f^ono abroad of what had took place last niijh't, were Some relating to tbe narrative of the Iligllt* iloHi CJenlleman opposife (the Chancellor of the Excheipier)! Thai narrative was in. his opinioii the Hon. Gcniteman wh6 had imiiiedi^tcly pre-C ded him, and to Contend^ that lio adiiiifi^nal re-s(riciioi� was liccessary to be imposed upon that most iuvalni1)lc right of Britoos-the libetiy of the press; Mr. YORRE'explainedj arid deni-d that he had uttered 4 �ord which vvas ilabie to the later-pretation of (hefldri. Ger.ileman. Hi! had positively stated, that tn his nplnitin no-o^'w sanction wis necesiary jiiher In the mu�l(:^ -roade by the lion. Gentlertia'a,,lio had espre.ssed his opinion that no. hew law was ner^'ssary, biit ini the course of his speech, he hadiii^cd vtords, iiuplying, that the gtovvttig licenjuJiisness of the press wouid^oon require' the ;,ot^fi?ere'nce of the L-gtslatnte. postponi^iiienf; -brt^^nse it could not b. f Opposed . Mr; yQRKK "^^^"f^^^gff that the' error waslolhetwise tbaii unintentional, mail had c.mplete.y misaprrehended., Tb,t hfchai done so was evident, from hfe-<jVir;3rorke's) having Uetlarcd his concurrence itt'tbfc-moljoa adJou^iin3Pt}t of the subject b^re the . . " .. . - - Honse. . ' : " th^ ofictidclfHinmedJately to the Bar, .to heat his 1 Mr, WHITBRBAD saM, that he hH eerfainlr apioun^ of the circnirfslanavand , apold^jlf^r ! caticeired fh^t..the �otlv<3eiitfeman, in Ih con-if, aiid Iti border inai he might. reeeivcfrom^U^^^ ; clusjdri of his.^ecch, had departed frota (he jSI or that jhe perioij who had committed it was at all coinscitt^s ofthe bad conaeqnrnces to which his in-adrerteiice might.have .iend�d. At the .�ame time .lie cbnfH�ai thithad theHotis&ainughl fit to call

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