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Courier (Newspaper) - February 11, 1809, London, Middlesex r SATl7RDJYf J^MMUJMY ii^ 1809. Price TVisGiU' VlCtO'Al.LtilG-dmCE, Feb. 9,1809. WoBKs j ri^HE; ComniS^^ for VialuaUing His Mor wUl hROei^yr4Uiou\c PahVic \ 'A jUiiy's Ntiotido Icertby gilu JV��ce, |{An tiAU.ONS of WKSI' I.SDIA JiUAI; /e Ae ^^^mO^^^^'^^^-T''^ Gentleman Situaiidn, as ^ctabll^^S!^---- . ., n?dgdn fcefidf; an iiodeniublc reftsciicc ' '^^^^i^mmei^\iV^^^^*^f: oaumty, but f^^Y yo> Stjjyniiop^-street. OitreMarkvf. delioei'tddtai/fcee, fromUfurikuusasin .tchicit the name liai been iiondiAfiHiii..Hii.Uajcitys Victualling, Stores at Ply-riioiitli anrf PorUWHitK. in ifie 'foUdwihg proportions under-meiUiohtiT, Snehalft'lie'rSifind'monlh, orAlhe remainflcriti 20d,000 Gallons. 100,000 \aA VLvET,\et^sitag\eiilaiuuiy\\!Ma of thir-rfirc; Be'�m�r ih"tbriieifapacitiejthree ye.irs ^iffcifiltfie hM jtfel left, and five.ycaw in a former oi.c, ^Tl^hwefroPk*^-*^ n�wx�^e*>ty''�*'''= .charuct.T : lie B 7;<un:/t afterwards, Clr.- J?ly�^ytU ^;  ' �' ' - . 300,000 To heipaiA far .by, Bitb, payable irith JiUerest ninety days fler dale. ' �� .'" ' ' The ContHliohs of the Contract may be seen at l/ie Stcre-tary's //!>:<�. , ' Jilt ^cgurii trill beJtid tu any Tetuler in ichich the price sltiill not be imvrlul tntcorlls at lengthy vr thut sliall nut delivered '� the 'Uourd .-teftte One iSCiodi o�} thr. said Tticsjay; �W<r^<^Wlrfi'g�gR-ja dBI8fi-tWt�i>rf fbeiMg'bom without lejs .-ind anus.-)gjfrtml'�^fI^im^d>iA:^Adml ?"*�.! and FIFTY- BAGS of KKNTISII HOPS, of ihegrsAth of ilie war one ttiou^aiid eight liunilr^d tliid ei*lit; to be n/i-na-crablelo SnntpUsta b'eprudttenl tonh-tke Temlers; toBede-livertd iri the syacie-ofune -itiunlh iAto the Starts at l'�rLiniuuit\ and Fl^niMUth, tn-tlmfoUatcin^proportions, viz.- . ForifmiHilb .. 1 k.... i... 150 UnSii Fhiuouth.i::.:.':......... 100 . Ji . -250" And i� bepnfnfor tp Siils, payabh^'mth Ihterest,ninety days after dnte. '.......- The Conditions of tht Contract may be seen at the Secre-tarj/^sOJfice. Pio reg.trd trill be hhd to any Tender in which thi price shall nit be inserted in <ords at length, or that shall not bi.ittlirer-ed to the lioara (�efuie One o'Ctack on the said FM-(lay.'/is I7lh instant, nor unless the Person uku makes �the Tender, or some fcrton on his behalf, attend*, to an-Hirer tzhcn called for. VICTUALLING OFFICE, Feb. ?, 1809. TBTE Conimissioners for Victuailing His J\fa-jesty's N / gii'e Notice; thai on Friday, the 'iAlh inslani, tlwy icHl'jje ready, to receive Tenders  the Viihr ��i�lCM0OtHOU3E dclriched, with oiicovtu 1 (ifWttired,) !i*ery short distaucc from 1 own, .Mnd .^ilmitated;; A-ju^anium will be cxpifted, .iniSt^r T^S^mi>ii�tt}ie.ho\fse)ui\i{umliiTe way l>e taken at a teMiluatiiiii. The Lca?fe.v.f the i.rcmisMuiay be purrhai.;dj tftllie jirnnlic* held bii ao undt-r ' ' fooE-HKel, Cheayoide. - IMPERIAL PARLmdENT. rtODSL OF COMMONS, Friday. Frn. 10. . Oh the motion of Mr. VVardte, Captain Sanden was gatdmoned to i.c presented several Lettrra from Sir ChaHes Cotton respecting the Russian Fleet in the Tasils.-Oidered t�-be printed. On- ihcmotlijnof Mr. IlrsKissox, an account was ordered to be laid before thellou�eof the KmcUequtr BilW o>i the didt of 180$, out^ta^dillg and unprovided fur; aiaaUo uuac-couut of tue exceeds of the \VarTaxe>. APPOINTMENTS IN INDIA. .Mr.,G. SMITH, in pursuance of tke. notice which be gave last nighi, grouniletl on the circain-staiices of wh�ttheu Irausiiircd, movctlfor the up. poiutnipiiit of a Select Cotrimlttei", t > ii.qiirrc into the ^ystcbce of auy'dorriipt practices with rcjard �no th�*:*ppohUi�ej�t or uominatipa of wHtersKips and cadetships to the Kast iii^ifs, '6r to'k'ay'agnxi. mcntxncgoci^tionf or bargain, ilirccily or indirect, ly, for,,t}ie salv of sucT> appoiutnoeitts. Jle statet) tlidt ihis.niotion met with the ilnanimous ^pproba-liop oif the Court of Diretitors, who wore anx. iuus thdt.thc matter should be thoroughly probed. Mr. GRANT seconded the motiofl; he re. grcttcil cxti^emfiy not haiiring Jbeen jircsent last nightj jwhep the subject was agittlfjjd. Nothing cottld ue more satisfactory to the Court of Direc-tors,than the iuvestigatlon now ptoposi-d. As pii')-lie mi'n,they had frequently experienced the band, ful effects (rf the ifnpiitalions which (hey had often suffered on this subject. Thi-y had, in conse> (jucncc, endeavoured at various times, taking the advertisemeitts in the papers for their, clue, t-i dis. cover the individuals who, in those advertisements, lie JjJUjTffiir-Teu Ifears Parchasc villi . AlointiiiaWygiTeiyforAiinuitlessecurediifirintTeehold, &�ltM, subje5t on which he wished to say a few words, was Miss Taylor.' He thought it a duty which he owed to that l^dy,. to state what he knew coflceroing her. Uehad been giveti to undiTsfand that she was respectably connected, ; and that she had t\Vo brothers, one in the araiy^ the other in the iiavy. When he sp jke to her yes. i Icrday of the necessity of appearing at the House, j she replied, if necessary I certainly must ap- ! pear ; but I know that it will be the rtun of the dearest connectinQs that I have in the world." Under these circumstances he was ifeslrous- , ; Mr. LOCKHART spoke to order. The Hon. ; Getiileniau a',>pi;areil to him to be entirely out of : order, iti making any comments at fireseat 6a the i witnesses. Mr. WAIiDIJi.AU4,aatlhink.ji�was^diso*iiar^ ia - rescue Miss TaylLf from. ,thfe odium with which the questions of the Right Hoa. Gentlcinau opposite were calculated to liiad'her. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEC^UEIl. = deprecated any remarks, such as those made by the Hon. Geutleman, until the-conclusion of the whole examination, lest there should be a debate' after the testimony of every individual witness had bceu given. , Mr. SHtlRIDAN allowed that his Hoii. Friend was irregular in the latter part of his speech, but h;; did nut conceive that he had been ao in the to-pic \vi(h which he had commenced it. With respect to that topic he could only assure his Hon. Friend, that suspecting he unknowingly derived his information from a foul and improper source^ were declared to possess the po\*er of procuring j he had only been anxious to guard him against the the situatiobs alluded to, hut iti vain. Sometime . . ago they found, that a clerk, at t!i 'oobjKtlon(n Irish Security -Apply ucrjAiinUj, f'<"i' ele-Tea till foiir, or by letter, to ittr. Berioii, JP^o, lOj Leiccsler-ylttfe, LeicMttr-mmre. CASK OFMILCUARLES GUIGNIOS, ENGlt.W Ell. jLFTER seventy years of intense appliraiiuti, iliD which tithe he has tomributed more than almost any �lk�r indiriiliial to the stock of public amusement, sind to tliegBKtij) diffusion of correct bute in the An of l-jisravjii?, Jl'h^rlts Grigntuu is, in his tiiiicticth year, reduced-io  litlnjla mielirtrtf jiJJrtilur fbr.thc last twenty or thirty }C2R, it has been gpauraflj sOjitJos<Ml f Hat he was eitliL-r dr.-id .flrsupcMiinualecl; far his modesty .fr.-is fticb that he cunld ii"tsolicftemployment; jihd fbw iudted of hiicoHiicxiotis are mhnsiaes?. i . .. . Iniheeoorseof this period the futiu Jie had r/iised for the Support gf old age, has beeu grjiduiillv diiuinisliiiig, fiii it is JoffMiRpktely exhausted, and the fcw-trieudb be h.".5 left ^ ititumtieBton tbeih t� appeal to a gem-rims I'ulilic, """"^om tk^Vdotib^iiot rcceinii^ such as--i.'tai!ce as will | ;�,// iuJi aj\jr<:iiiid,'any dtii, <;n�iic them to siirpiittjii comfort, tlie Father of his Proffs- i und luur o'f'.hu-k, v:''tcre dlio Ihr. ^n,-durii�.fhe close of life. Mr. Grignion ha^ a Wife and ; j^o.'c.i uu, an,l � intlurMl, "P .Ospihter^ the latter yearly blind, deiicndeut upon him for � - "  � tbcirsupport, - . . ,. , .Subicnjjtions are received by J(fcfsn. Ilnare. Flecf-strcel j *<*�r^adilCtt.-.tbrubiU; JHamrovTilcv and Co. PnU-mall; Milker?. Mr. Warreu, St. Chad's.-roiv. Giav's lim-laue; 2i?r�cr. AndMr. John!!un, Sjt. Paul's Church-yard, WBSCJllPriONS ilECElVliU. , � s. . . ... �. s. d. aO 0 0 Mr. Bell, printer of 0 0. � �� folk, during thn space of Ttatlot MonthsJrom the iUh i)f April ncjr/; and tv (c paid fur by Hills payable ttilh In-/ercit. ninety diiyi after dale. The CoiidHii.-^is of the Contract may he seen at the Secre. t/try's pjllce ; at this Office; or by applying to Mh John Walter, at Yarmouth. No regard Kill be'hiid to any Tetuler in lehich the I'riet shall hi)( btifiseriid in leords at length, or that shatl not be delivtred �to Mie Jior.rd before One o'CjfcI: on lite said VH-day, the '2Uh ins'tdnl, nor unless the Ptriun tclin niiik-es the Tender, or some Person 'on his behalf, atleiuLi, lo aiisaer ichrti calls'' t'i,r, . _ . " - . ^ NAVY OFFiCK.Feb. 4, 18(.9. THE Prinapttt Officers and Commissioners of Ills Majesty's Kacy do hereby give Nuliee, that nn � Wednesday, the tld instant, at tine o'Clorl:, Ihey teUl he ready lo Irqit tcith such t'ersona vtdij 6c t^i'.hug ln',Ciintract for supplying Jlls Jfajestij's i'ard eptlonl, Wmilwicb. "Chatham, Siieernesr, Portsmouth, and Plyinoulh, tcitk LINiJEKD OIL. A Form of the Tender may he seen at this (Iffice, and no Jinder icill be receivf.d afUr One v'Clocl: on the dti>i of Treaty, nor any noticed, unlets the'I'arly, or an Agfiil for him, psrsiiually alleiul. I'rery Tender mlltt be arnmipa-nif-dbya Letter addressed to Ihe Sacy Hoard, and signi.d by ttso re-pansihlc persons fngaging /o ijrumr bound.trilh ihk peruiti Undtting in the sum i^^''2000.'./or the diu perfurmunce of the Conlract. _ OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Jan. 2.j, 1KK9 fTMlV. Principal Officers Of His Majesty's Oni-E tiat'ce do hereby give notice', thai I'ropoinU teill be rt' cei.-td at their Office, in Pall Mall, on or before Wediie.--day, f/ic mih d'nij vt' Febni.nry ne.rt,from suc/i Persons us may hr tcill-.iig undertake the .supplyof U.Mh BROOMS, lillUsIlES and MOPS, for the Service nf thi^i UejmrtmtMit f<jr a periiul of Tlifee .Years;,///ou.g'A Xe/idsrx/ur the eii,u-iitg six months only ivill beconsidored, I'atlznis iiflh' .Irl chsiltiiy //,;.seen upon npplicnlian at the Piinapal ninrelciriicr's OJJice in the 'Tmcer ; tch'ere furiher particulars, to^dher teith thi Terms and Condilivni if the ('oAlrnct may te kntnun ; and alio at (he Secrelury'i Oj/ice, day beltseen the hours of Vim '. Proposals mast be delivr.rtd 'roposals: for IJiilr ITrooins &r. ;" but no Pmpnsal. can be admitted after the said loth d.iy of i-\bfu'tr^ next, at Ticelvt o'Clock at noon of tn-i same drin ; withzr tcill any Ttndcr he toliceit unlet* the Party m-tkln^ U. or an yigent in his btRalf, shall attend. l�y Order of the Board, R. K CREW. Sec. S�i.TatAcilficn(�  an of Carlisle . . 20 Sir frauds iJatiiig; . J-rHopeiEstj, . .10 5i.AuScr�tein,rUq 5 iN.Uoatt.Esq.^ 5 y. toekf, Esq.- ti L^h - 5 JR.H. Brdwn.Esq;6 Dr. Disney . 2 -^rnme.Esq. , 2 Hr. W. Sbarpe, a- ' J'^'sharp's Yoiine i,frt*lidi . �^il�.i L^wry; 'iNDi.\ SHAWLS-Ladits or Geiitlemfen desii rcu? of purrhasiiiK curious India Shawls, hate how an of; He was in conscqubnce dismissed with rainy ffom the House. Within the last wteic the Directors had had a stirmise o.f a- similar triinsac-tiou) which they w6re now closely investisatii;^, and which they were endeavouring, if possiblcj to trace to its source. Jic trusted that the Hoii.'^e j would proceed to the fulhfst examination upon this j importatit silbjet^t; and in order that no undue | bias might be supposed to exist in the minds of the ! Committee about to be appointed, he trusted that it would be c-iniposed of Members unconnected with th� Kast Imlia Coinpaiiy. Mr. G. Smith's ipotion was then agreed to, and a select Commi:tee appointed of lifteeu Members, among v.iiom wcrft- Mr. Morton Pitt, Mr. Nirh.da? V.irrtilfnrf, Mr. W. K'.iotl, Mr. Bragge BuiUursl, Mr. Baiike.", Mr. \\ illirrfoi-ce, Mr. 'Ahitbread, .Mr. W". Bootli-. Mr. l\in. Mr. Vorke, &. tir..;.tfS, which were ordered tu be j.niin-ii. lie javo notice th.a i.c would move tlicm ill the Coia:::iiti-i- oi Supply on th;il day se'iui'ght. The Sec?.f,ta:\v at presenlrii retnrcs of the number of Recruits rai-ied l)y ordinarv rt-cruiiiiig dunr^ tu^t twelve-month.-Ordered (o be |;rivil.-d. Genrhil STLW.tar presi-moil .-m ntciiMiit of the t -.v.> troops of the IJrivei-!-Ijorps, willi the ;irii;y M-al to I'ortusal u:iJer Sir A. Wellesfey.-OrdcrcJ ui be printed. THE DUhK OF YORK, The Honsc having rcycihcd itsi-lf into a Committee, for the purpose of proceeding further with the invesMgation of the Charges against his Royal Highness the Duke of York, Mj.-."\VAIIDLE rose for the purpose cf making a fotv observations. The first ci-cninifancc that he wished to speak upon was the leticr read last night from Mrs. Clarke to Mr. Donovan, respect, ing Mr. Tucker, in which he was repre.sented ns having received iirformaiion from Mr. Fiunerty on the subjec�. When Mr. Finnerty's name was before introduced, he had expressly stated, that except when he wrote a letter addressed to Major,and his casual rencontre in the lobby of th�-lluuso, he had never any communication with that Gentleman, and that all that had passed ou the latter uccaSt'iii, was merely the relafiun of some 0 0 0 Q 5 0 h 0 5 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 1 6 4 6 f)ui ham I. C. . -Tho. Barnarjl, J-;^q. Lord de Diiustau- ville Mr. Trelawny T. Tomkins, Esq. ft. \\U Solly, Lsq.J Id 10 0 1 1 0 5 5 0 iledhujd} ,dittJ 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 Id a 0 1 0 1-0 0 0 2 0 1 0 .^J'^neli, ditto �f tSnSfcV 610 6 '{^. Blake, fitto... 1 i o �r.Go!den,*�� - Hiofi (sec(|ud sub. \ MfS. Hojismaii .- -Mr. Asliby, engraver Mrs. Uavls ;- - -A p.obrlsmdsc.ipeengraver . - - - !):�. - - - - - J. C, Ci-owk, Esq, T. W...... Edw. Uahnan, E$q. W; K; ^ ^ . . Sir Jlari-y Englefield, Bart. - - .- - 10 10 Thomson Bonner, (JRANW LOTTERY. FREE GIFT of One Thousand ^Tholc Ticket* the t-irst Day,niimbersas follow :- 'J,m to Sao.i i 7,lWl to 7,10J I J0,5Ql tfl 10,600 4--.'l I.I 4.R0O 8,^01 to S,t)00|ll;iW f'> ll,llW 8,^01 9,001 to 9,100 1^.301 to 12,ouO 7 fi ! 10 1 *-' 0 : 0 10 u i 5 5 0 1 .... 10 0 0 Miss A. L. Bayd ..OldO a Lady - jq q 6 fii�.SoUy,lSq. . liO M.-�ry Ho^c, Esq. lU uw . J.V. ----- 1 10 Anonymous liaK OboUm Beli- Sario - - -0 x.vr. - . . 1-A.L. Pouter, I&q. ^ the V.xamioer- -1 D.S.M. - 1 T.\Yi\iim, Esq. 1 -Mr. J. CarpcmM- * 1 J.fioppner,Esq: R.A. 1- .Jlenrj Salle, Esq. " Mr.flails" ' -^'Blwovia Charles Cowper, 2 t Esq. ' 1 0 Marquis of Stafford 10 VV.  - J. P. a Lady -10 IV.K. 0 9.Messrs. C. and R, 1 0 Baldwin . -10 Messrs. Lonpnan, 10 Utttst,Rees,5tCo. J 1 0 G. P. 0 10 t? W. Wi (i 7 tl John de Fttatbtea 5 0 0 0 0 D 0 B a 0 1 lU 5 0 1 0 i 0 so .>.i3ol to 5,fi!0 li'.jlii � .il Exchange, Snd ho whertf else in LondciD on their account. Tl^ Sthentf! contains Four Prizes of 20.0JO/. each, T�ith thejusiint Number of other Capiktli, &c. in addition to whTch,. thfe First-drawn Pi^ze above 15/. on the FiKt Day, will be etltitlrd to One Tfaowand >Fhole Tickets ; etnd the Firstflrartn Prize above 15/. on tiie Second Day, wiH be entitled to Five Handted Whole Tickets. Shares in Proportion. . These Tickets "if ill be deposited at the Bank previous to the Di^wing, and delivered to the furiuaate Fropriciors ^ttbc close thereof. . (f^- Letters, pmt-pald, duly aiiswered, and Schemes ^ti*. Bank, India, aod South Sea Stocki:, with their several A unuitiet, India Bonds, Excheqtt ecn induced tt>send that caution to liiiflj which it afterwards appeared he had not received. In a j art of what he had said, oa a recent evoning, he had bt!en prompted by the itroiig feeling excited in him after the very serious (rhaxges brongljt forward by his Hon. Frisnd, to find that the idea ^-as fjr a momeiit entertained of allowing one of tliciu to stand over until the arrival of the wi'ucbbfroni Jamaica. In iiis nbscrvatioos on that sulijijct, he had uut only declared how ia-dispcnsiMc u was that a question ofsiic^ moment should be deternsiai-d wiiiioul delay, but had also shL'wn that the pivs'-iic-.: cf Cclouc-l Fr: nc'', as a witness, was unnecessary, since he and Cuptaiti Sanden wero complet-jly identified in the same ttansa'.;tion. Wiiii reg.uJ to bis h.'.rttig insiuuated that tiieilu;!. Genlieiuaa received his iuf./Tmatioo from fcii! channels, it was notea-;y for him at that moment to answer the challenge of his Hjnourab'.c Friend. It was dillicuit for hi^- to pjint out tin; persons from whom ha was conviac<d his Ho-n�urabie Friend had received his iaformation, since he knew thai several of them would ruk^ their appearance at the bar as m'itnosscs. A witness was yesterday evening examined, not called to'the i3ar by his Honourable Friend, but he was sure, that whoever heard the examination of that viitiici.s, must be pretty well satisfied of the accurary of his (Mr, S.'i) statement. It wa.? very fair that Mr. Finnerty should be clearctlj a . He put it to the House whether it was strange that he should be surprised andalarmc<l for his Hon. Frind, when he knew that Mr. M^Cul-lum, the atithor of a Pamphlet directly against the Dake of Yot-kj was one source of his authority. If his Hon. Friend thought that he could rely on such men as Mr. M'Cullum, or M'. Cockayne, he acquitted him of any improper motive, but at the sauit! time he was sure he toald give him very weighty reasons why he should notdctjcnd on such authority. Firr his own part, he should proceed to the cotisideralion of this business without the slightest favoiir or p'.rtiality--wiihont the slightest regard to the ratik and power of the llliistrii'tts personage in question,-and influenctd S9[ely tiy a determination to contribute as muc�i as lay in tiis power to further the ends of public jus:ic��. Sir A. WELLESLEY in conssquence sf the introduction in this business f.f the name of a late worthy frientj of his (Coioiiel Tucker), thought it incumbent npon him to state that there was n<;t in the liiitish an Officer who was better ii:-titled to the gratitude of liis country than Colmiel Tucker. During bis life his services had been of the most brilliant description^ and his preroaurc deatli had deprived the airniy of one of its must valuable Officers. Mri WARDLE prodtieed tkc letters frt,m from Mr. Donovan to Mrs. Clarke, ab'ti^ed to yesterday evening, and wished to know xhcther they should be giveii in. A long and desultory con*Pt.�a!l.)ti en.t'ied nn the subject, in which Lord FolkStone, Mr. Yorke, the Attorney-General, the Cliah'cc;l<.r of tin- Exchequer, Mr. Rose,, Mr. Whftbread, Mr. Canning, Mr. Shcridiin,and Mr.Bathursi, p&riicipatetl.,. and which "errainated in the letters, to thf v of fi�e, l)tiDg givea to the Clerk bv J!. "

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