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Courier (Newspaper) - February 2, 1809, London, Middlesex THURSDAY^ FEBRUARY 2, 1809. V = TAfiTSof llie llok-oufih of JST. ALBA-N. ij IBee J'oii'wiU most sinjorcand hcarfy \ ;tb��>ik� for Ihf honour you h.iv4> ronfirrrd n{� pt)rt joVr origmaliy jpvf mp. and'thi* tinn nnd j gratehiUyrwtic'n'i'"'"- Xlielic^tretiiru Jl ran inaKefurvour \ jitndixM >s to'follow (be nlIiMiM>n�  w � It uur cdic�i and faitlifut Servant, . / DAMKL ctLES. MISS i<KFFLV's Kx�ubi(i<�r!' at Atr. l�ilin and (ireelc flas^irs, with F.letneiits of N'atut:il I'hiio-o-pliv, (irn,i;r i pn�ipi>qe lit- million tor rescinding the Orders �n l/'ouncil, I troni Monday next (o .Monday se'iiiii);hi. i "I'lie llarl of Livniircroi. laid m, ihe fable \\\e Papers relative lu the .\eg(.riali(iii iviili i|,e Aiiieriran !Vliiii�tei--. Tlie itf tii;'Ki.n jJp-'^^ .awv. fi�>7i�f�i eil^hom-Wttbi>ut L4>g< ; nnd Hand:, she \i \ obliged to do the wlnde <if hepperronnnnce prinripally with | � *er MouMuiibe Sews extrepielym-at, and in !Hno^t womler- : � :fillliiaiini;r| Writes will; bofdingtheuen between the stump ' -Jj�ffc�r"Arin-�iid; lit'rGh'eek;-j"iintsMinialtires; and inaiiy i moretntmkrftit thiiijas./�Admission fnmi Twelve till lour, Olid from Six till Higtjt. Five Shillings e.ieh. MxiTni. \V A Y, JANCINC; - MxVSTEIl,  No. ft. Lower .L-imes-stree't, Golden-iquare, re�pert-' fillip iitformsLadiei'.iml Gentlemen, that iheygite IVivate ' jLettiNBXVery mivning' three., and from wveu to ten iu th* evenhig.'iii the fa ii(|eiiieH in the S't� � and Figilrrtof . a>iintry UfiiiM-K antMicelK. CountryIJainesand Rceisevery :M i>day.e;�ciiiiig', froni..e>&ht to eleven o'clock. Figure "DaliciBjg, JValt^, Got1nort�, AMiiiiets, >toriipip(><; �"kc. ^^^^augVtiiiTiie I'lrtioftiftetaughtat two guiaea.s per quarter, ,\ and tbeHarp-twelve le�son:i'for two' guinen.*.-Bnard and '; liWgHig for Geullrineii, at one guuiea aniK.'i half per week. 'LIpE ofothe late Ufglit Hon, WILUAM iuTT, by JOILV (JIFFOKD. F-sq. ' ' _JP""*'<'"f'"'T. G.MJtCLLiutjV \V. DAVlKS.Strand. npHKAiithtir finding himself incapable of i'f�. JL tailing the events of io intrresting and iniporlnot a pe-rimf.wilhiii the limit which he originally preciibed to liiin. . lelf; and the. publishers having been, hiiiioured with iiitioia-. Tiiins from many of Mr. Put's most ili5tingiii!:hed frienilj,ilia; � a more elegant, iMititin than tiiat niinorto aiui' er, in three elegant Quarto Yolumcf, on JROTaVPaper. '. - - 3. ilamls'Hnely printed in Six Volninr.s.Oct.nvo.  liacKof these" Fditions will he illustrated with two finely . ;�|igmyed; Pnrtnjiis of Air. Pitt : �ne Imm the bii*t exeriited. by Mr. Fhuxman ; the olher from thc^ nio?tapproved nri;:iiml J rictare.;^and of jne.;ie, one hiuidml Proofs will he taken oil* � �.ftwrtiii'wiperUJtiCo'pies, Hiid the" next impressiuns for the ttovji\ Paper Kditien. .. JLi f^ws.havc-Phewn thcitnperrectnt-s of file. Slate, and .fr�if.eadeD Koofs.-The snptrioritv, then, of PA1'I-,.\T * TKSiHilfA moA he evident from tbe'Uoof ami Gutters t>eiiig all withont �eam or crevice:*it withstands heat. lived aKhoMsekeejier in �i Xohleinan's Family, {from which she will he well recommended, wishes to engase l>er-elf in the almve capacity ; sli* would have no ohjeciion t� act a slloii'fki-eper'aifd IJidv's Maid: she unilerslaiids coiitVctioiiiiry. �!c. but would prefer lloiisekeepiin; oulk.- Direct, post-piiH, to A. H. t)olin.iirs. Carver und (iuilder, broiiiptun lioad, Ivniglilstiridge. "io'nTT.VTrCsS and t'l�.M-llOL?K. Sheiluld. ' JOHN liATrV, lO.spectlulTy infcuins the Nobi. litv, GenirN, ConmiereinI (ienilrinen, and Public in general, having taken the above Inn, lie ho|M's by ajsiilui-ty ami altention, lo merit thcirpatronage and support. Sheffield, .tan. '.V._____ bVOSVSON-VVanial to purciidsc in any uf the inidJaud rminties, a4) Advow-on of the annual value of from .'KKU. i� 1000'., wim an imm^'diaif r early to be expected prcfenCition ; descriptive pailicutar sr e, they occupy vtry little room, and possess as a power to gloss gooils its tiie iiio''t cuni-hcrstime Al;liigle now in n to Thirteen Guineas, and iway be placed in any rnom. - ci^>.wiml, amlrain, andmay iruly be.'^id to he jierfeci.- Injioliitttf liglitnesi!, cheiipneSj, and durability, it enceeds � aHiifhercoverings. The Patentee invites the 'Public to ns-VxiatiijjsnirriiK, by iii.�peclion at the Tivs4>ra Mamifaclory, � ISrentfnrd, (ivhicli lis roofed and floored with it) or at.Messrs. . CIraveR New Soa.p Mannfnciorv, near the' Kridsjc ul 15al-terst'a, \f hitli cjinfains nearly KKVKIi) sqtiarefeet.-Further p�rticul�ts mnyhehad of Mr. wniiani HulU'ttt ti'J, (^ueen-tlrret.Cbenpsiile; oralihcMcnufnctory, Wreiitford. NE^V A.N I) SUPKRIOn STAT K CO IT lift Y, 'I'o liegiii'Drawing l'.2tii of Apriliicxt. j HODOKS, I'ilNK, and C�. .s;toclc IJro?{cr. -and the Fir-t ;' Mniwir Prize .Second Diiy will he eiittli'd to the rOO \> hol )l depo-it-'d at the Bank ui � lihsland, aiHl remain th.Te tilllhe Dra'viing is liuisli'id. i Sliares win tut rntitted to-ail the almve It'enefii-. : /J^Nlv-'Phoir-saird Five Huiidmi 1 K-lvF.!".-? 'nJ ! bejyvcnoathe F'ipiand Second Darsof Oniw^nc the ! �;H.A\�.STATF LO*"n':fl\ . nbirH iK-gn-s on the l\HU of / Ai"it*t siiXT, besiiles the under-mriitinncd Prizes:  .  SCMllMt;. V Prtm rtt'rfao,aRlare .^SCmXH) -i ......-.. JO.,OtHI-.....iMl'W DAYS *V....;.... SClHlO TieMf*. DRAW IN f;. ! \Vedi)CSday, April 12 1 5,'Cu>......liulO" I i 500.....- .^OtHH .. Hh).....-. i.OiU)  ,. 511......2.21X1 I . ;. '^.S...... 2..W i Frida%.____April 21 ,. 15.... T2.3.'/0 1 ', � _ -i Thnr-:dav.;. April 27  '� , -^.1 S�iurd:iV.;. April 2i) The eSontnicfnr* Tiave Permi>sii'n ofithi- L�id:> of the Tre:b.Hry tfimiike a FRF.K t .T t^l'of I .SOO Whole Ticket-, in.iddiiion lo the Pri'/i� i" the Seli'rme i -> ' -  FtU.ST . ... A Free Gift iif UW \M>.>}v Tirlset'. for.ihe Qrsl-diiavrn Priye above 15/,. the .Numbers of whith �� :ts Rittow ^- . . . , -SvOiU to. a.l0'l.7,a^l to T.Ift.1 i lO,.";:!!.- to UV'0:1 4.5(51 ,l'� ijfigO I N.TVII �o h.titW ' ll,i''ll l- 11.lilt 5ilHn; to 5.100 i l>,Ot)l w� D.IOCI I t2..Vlt- to WjaL-S 5,501 10  .! � SlU ONO DAY, - / ' .IhntHer'Fre'eXiift of .I'll) \\ hole Tlrkrts. for the firi|*tfr.awn Pri^c above l,"i;., the .Nimiliers of which areastoHnw!- '  ' . .ASM. to, U,1!>S! ,l.'^n;n <o l.wnn Ui-lftl  td.  IT.WKJ! 1^501 to lt,,w)0 17.001 to 17,10.) TlCKPTS�nd SH.VRES.are.srUing at evfry Licensed � .' . Lottery ()(lif by Al't:-TlO!?,. by Mr. DA,\ir.L S.MlTil, on the t'rcnrues, on l|n?�>i�).*\'", I'hetth of'Fehniar\ iiift. ALL the ni-at^ and v.ifii.iMc . JIOU.Sf:rrOLD ' ^ yORNTrURF., Two KigMdriT Cluck., aiiddther KffectStiKe.^operty �if a tJentli-nmo, leavir-iif bi> (lesideure  atti�e.SoB1h'�s^�l:ntraDl�e of the ot Maidi-iiAead : , comprhin]^iyir-pan ami tirrt Ued-u-ads. �ilh cotton, uwin*-, amiwtherfbrui.lure ; prime j;�nse teal her beds and bedding; Bfiosels, nnd other curpetirg-'; mahogftuy jlouhle and single Chens oFdraweni.; miinogaiiy drining.'card, penibroke, and , claw J^Ietf chiiirs; chimney, pier, and dres�ii�-glussefV ;  kifetieir,%Te>iiig,'^a<lddairy requisites; tt . . i  Tohevicwedon Siitiirdav the 4ih,3nd Mnmirg�f'Sale, " -wWV,onarcijitint of the .Sumln-rofLots, will tu^iu at il �ClwW. - � .� , _Ca;tal��gu�mav he had on the premises; of Mr'. D.iiji��l ^ith. Aitrtinneer. Wiadmr; nnd at tiiti OHice,l.No. �, Acw 8roa9;treei,Uiiy,'London. 1 Sk To be seen nt {ioilld and Co.'s, Manufaclnrers,' No. 12, tiiinor-strci t, three door* froiii the CoiuniercMl-lJ.-ill.^ .N. I>. VVa-hiiig'Hlaehiiiesaiwi Presyjy ut every desfri^iftUn. VICTU.\LLlNG-OrriCKJan.2i,Tsi�. ''jpIlE Conmisxioners for tUctiialUng Uis A/n. JL jetty's i\tivy ito hei-eby i;ive-Mvlicc, I'lat u>i Thursday, //.c 9i/i w/'Febiu.iry i.e.r/, at Eleven ./>'t luck pt'scisiltf, in ihe I'liriiwuu, theij Kill ie ready h) ScUilo lltt hige*l /liilder, at Ilh Miiji-slya t iclualtiug F'temiiu nt- Deplford, tuiuiry Luis nf Ihc j'liUoKing I'rurhiiins rtfirf yii-litoiliu^ Stores, viz. Bread, ilread Dust, Floitr, Flour Sweepings, lluisins. Currants, ituv. Pease, Pea�e Screenings, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Sweepings, Bakehouse Sweepings, Didl, Calavances, Siwek-fisli, U.'iLS and Itag-, Jtieir Btig-, Corn Sacks, Cum Bu^s, Beef, Smt, Pork, Packing and oilier Scraps, Sw mt" Coopers Tools, a qn.intiiy of fire W ood, Iticel .nnd .N;iil Btigs, Old Butter, Butter (irease, Slu.-h :uid Scrapings, Chee�e, damaged Sugar, ^Vhite Itopi- worn-out, and I'arred liopc: lyinjiil his Majesty's \ irlualling Premises nt Deplfoid. ,i DrpmU of'Sbl. /if-r Cent, U lit Iik miiiie upon Iht nmitiint ofen>/i I.iil at Ihelimc �J'S(i\ci nnd if the. rtmniiiiler of the mtiuci) lie nut pnill, unil tlie farlii-uliiri Itikrn airai) rcilhin In-riilij working; ilirjx iifiertciirds, the DLyn^il Kill be ftirft.itid, iiiiif llie (I'umls rc�ii/(ii the priiprrly nfthe ('r�ii'J(. Thr iillir.r Cvmliiiiim mai/be strn\ and pniiud Cnlnlngties miiy lir hiid ill the Snrelnrii's (/(lice. OFFICIi OFOKDN'AJSCF;, .Ian. 2"), lS(-9. ra^IlE Principal Ofjicers of His Mnjentifs Ord. JL name ill) lierehygiue notice, l/utt I'ropusnU will he rt' ctifed :, mine day; neither teiU any Tnulf.r be nutired utitess the i'arl'y inaKiar "r an jf�^t in his behalf, shall ntlend. By Older of the Board, R. H CllliW, Sec. ARMY CONTIt ACTS. C�iDinii.sarv-(;eiier;ir� OIlMe, Great Genrge-stre"et, London,,Lin, 2{1. JStW. 'y^OTlCK is fteredji givetito all Persom de.-, jL.^. siriHis-iiffiiHlrucling to supply the foHotcing Articles, I'lir Ihe ij<t of Ike ylriny, vi'.- BRi;AD-4ro His.Majesty's l^nd I'orces in Cantonments, . , Mt> in .Noriii hrilaiu :-l^inark. 'I'liiit the dtliierirs are 10 cammrjice onnndfor Ihe "iatk day the I'arl of BUCK I VtJH.A MSIM I.' Y. said, that the motion he intended to nuke ili.l ,i,i rel.ue t. Papei> n.irihe C..nvenlion of Ciiilra, but t.. tne situaiioii of Portugal in general. ftie h^irl of LI VKF: POOL could have wished that the isatiire ot the been more partieiilarlv described ; but lu the mean time he llio.ighl it proper to ohsiervi-, that Willi rerpeei to the conduct of the war in Portufial and .Sp.niii, Miiii-ieri had no �l)jecliiin to aiTord lo the Jloure tiic must ample ini'iinuatinii. Lord, F, .ifter <o:ne iireliniinary observations, snbiuiltcd to the ilousea -er!.-s of inmioii-, the subject of whicli to obtain an .Arc.nnu of the l.o-s ot our Aiiiiv io Ihe late l.'aiii|iaigii in .' ioii a-, the ratiiicatinus were etchanged. He observed, that no event had liaiipened Miice the J'reaty was neg.ici.".ted, which, in U- opiiuon, ought to make anv dillVreiice in its ;ti|iiii.iii..n-; and al-�, thai no event had occurred, which oughi to eau.e a ili.Tereiice ill Ihe exerlioiii which it woulo have t'ceii proper for tins country to makein:t-^istiii(;' >l iiiec�iiiiunneiieiii\. -^^In answer to a qiiesiinn acri'ss ilie t.ihle, ilie .Noble l-.arl staled,^thal the TreJity had been tigiied about a fortnight ."igo, .iiid lhat the niliHcalion might besooii exjoected ; but that he could not pretend to specif \ anv precise liuie fi>r il- ptubable arrival. The Duke of NORFOLK oh^ervrH, that he would take an oppiirtunity of staling his seiiiiinent., uiih respect to the warin>�pain, when the motion on the M.iieof the Nation, of whicli a .Noble Fiarl had Just given nutire, should come under the con-ideration of their Lordships. Ihe Lout) t;�n\ci;i.i.oii reail a leiterfrom Lieutenant-General Sir.Arthur Wellesley, in reply to the cominuiiication made by his Lordship of the Thanks of the House voted to Sir Arthur and the Olhcers and Soldiers who served under hi!; command in the Battle of A'imiera.-The Leircr was ordered tu be entered on the Jourtruls.-.Adjourned. nousK oFcoMMoxs. Mr. H' 'V\'i:n,i:si:f;v presented an Account of the Money '"issne'd by tlie Cotuuhil .Agent of Cey loa, and the mode of its ' apfilication. .ilr. ilusKlssoN moved, that there be laid before the House an Account of the ten million and a half F.xciiequer Bills iSdUrAfor Ihe service of the year 1�08 ; also of the one niillinn and a, half.Fxchequcr Bills voted for the same year \ w h'lc h were ordered. IRISH MILITIA. Sir A. Welltsley moved for leave to bring in .i Bill to allow volunteering tu a cerlaiii extent, from the Irish .Mili-thi into the Regulars. H.e stited ihat this was men-ly the extension of the plan proposed by Lord Casllereagh for this country to Ireland.-L,eave giveii. Mr. B.l.nkus moved, lhat the Order for issuing a New Writ in the room of Mr. Lynn, who ha Ili .Inne, iWW, and its iii-clotnres, shoulil he laid before liie House.-Orilered. THANKS TO KRIGADIliR (iKNKRAL fanf,. The SPKAlvKll-(ailtlre.s.�ing GtBera! Fane, wJjo attended in his placc^ in full iinifiirin)- " Brigadier.Gencral Fane, upon Ihe late Expt-di-tion to Portugal, it was your good fortune to hold a distinguishfd commanil in the liriti-'^h Army, and to perform eminont services lo your country, in tlie battles which were fought with the French armies to which yon were opposed. Tho issue of sntJh battles could not bo doubtful when British courage and discipline were engaged. When ihc battles of Roleia and Vimiera arc mentioned, and "often will they be mentioned with enthusiasm and admiration, your heart may glow, that on these glorious occasions your sword was not drawn in Together with him who fought by your side, your name will be recorded in Ihe annals of military renown. ' Tis true lhat General Ansfriither has been taken away, in the conrse of .human eTents, atid is now far beyond our thanic*-(//crtr, hear!)-bat his name'- will lire in the *ad and grateful remembrance of his postage must be paid. � .  | y'�".i;jii.sii/.v niHst be mnde stpnrnlely fat each Connty, md ; far thi- Island, and each Proposal must have the letter Khich j 'is �in/i�ji4/u Ihe'lender properly JiUtji up I'll ttvo Sureties, 1  fcA" mitil'ie . I'crsons of knoten Properln, eugnging to be j ekpliiiiS you performed in (hese battles, when the honour of jour country was so proudly sus-tatned.*' . hi.nnd t^iih the' Person undering, in tue ai^.nt 1 General FXcxprcss�Mn a few words, the deep nitiih nwy he required, for the due pcrfirmancc of Ihe i SCttSfr^e entertainetl of the honour whiCh had been Coniraif; and noPropowiKillbenu'ictiluulf^niodeiin,or j done nim, which he felt as a British soldier ought " lofcil. Th? vote of-Thanks was tirdcrcd to be entered on thi^'Jonrnals. Lli:UT..GK.V. M'KENZIF. FRAZF.R, and BRTGA-IMKR-GtNFiRAL FAN^. Mr. SPEAK Ell again atjilre^sed General Kane, and General Frazcr who sat by the side cf hi-* brother in .arms, also in full uniform.-" The dee^ ericf felt by the British nalinn for the loss of tliat^great and gallant Otliccr, *<ir John Moore, wlno |(^l'j(ioriotisly fiijhiing the Mtles of his (Joutu try st^ornuna, it in some dc^rpti mi'ig4icd by aitrnxid ,lo a pnntui Tender, and ihe Prices exprrssiH tn | iciii-ds III hngth, twr �unless the Patty, or an t-4gitU far him, l jieis'ina'ty lUiend oti the follnKing- tiny lu kuuu the decisiun j rifirc/n.-'nii'l ihonlil it so Kxpptn that during tJie cuHlinn- j ojirc of tie Contract, no Troips shmiltHe stutiimcd or sup- j rf in thr Coiiniy, thecxpt lies of Ihe Coutrdcl tUtd Hand, paidin the first i.a�limit.iy Ih � Contractor, to be refunded to * kini'hy the Commissary A'articnlnrx of th^Cuntracts mnyie had uptnoppUcafioii nt M� Ol/ire, h^ticeen the hpurs of. Tim. and /�'��-.< at the : Oijlre of Mr. Vepuly Commistarii-litneral Voung, .�dui. j A.i/e.-Such Per;nns .is ftaiy hededrotts of trnderinj^, 4re � hereby diri-cted 10 lake notice, ihat�Hte� the Lrlirr, vrbicii ] is ann'ejfftd to the Tender, is property'filled up tiy thcir'^kte- j tics, Uietr propufats will not be ikiM{�4. 1 the relieclion that she posscs^cs many great ard gallant olljccr^ who have trod in his steps, ai d are iinpaiicnl to emulate his glory.-(Hsar, kearjZ ^In that list yo\l hold a most distinguished pb f a disheartened and defeated foe, witt durst not, with treble the amount of force, a^aia venture to attack thcmj" General Fiiazkr expre. . TheSPKAKKil (addressing Sir Samuel Ilood^ who also appeared in his place).-^" The various brilliants.Tvicos which have long marked the sjjleri. dill career of your naval glory, h.'.vc alrtAdy made you known in the annal.s tif .your c'diiulry. Your late great and skilful eTerlions at CHruiinii^ havft cal cd forth ano'.^' fur applause and gratitude ; ard 1 am rouimaudi d, &(:. to c(*mmuni''ate to jrou tbe Thanks of Ihi' Jiouse for your services on tha^ occa.siun, wlt!<;h< contributed so miitdi to the safi embailiation oXflte British Force*, and their rctjtrn to their native land." Sir S.\.MUEL HOOD returneti fcis most sincere and gralefiil Thanks to the iloiisc for the honour I hey had conferred iijim iiim, and io the Speaker ((;r the very hanilsome mattner in which he ha I omiTiiniicated it to him. He being stationed at Cdrauiia hatl only alFofded him an opportunity of (loiit!( his duty, and tliough on this arcottnt thn hyuiittr was more than he nierifed, he yel hnpe d of the Letter addressed b / him !�> Mi. Pinrkr.ey, wh:cii were ordered to lie on the I'able, and ti> be printe'J. On the Motion of Mr. A DAM, .1 new Writ wa� ordered to he i^�lled for the liomugh of Aylesbury, in ibe room of the Hon. (Jeorire faveiidrsn', dccea^d. SirS.KO,ill,i,V bioiighiina Bill to extend the Act, 35 Ci'eo. II. to IVrs.asiii.<7o.itineoient for Money, not |t)iid pnr-siHuit to orders ot Courtsof l.qu'f\, which'uasrcailatirs', and ordered lo be re ad la:ned lo the Hoiiac l.itt Session, and which he shoald not lOtt repeat. Mr. C.A.N'Nl.VG moved thtit an hutnhle Address he presented to his Majesty, |ira\iiig iiiat a Letter addressed by him lo Mr. .lelffey (the ileinher for Poole) containing his app.iint-nienl to Ihe Office of Cunsul-Cieneral for Poriugil.should be l;iid before the Hoiire. The Hon. Secrctiry .si.ited lhat this Letter woulil shew tlie groiimU on whicn the allovrauces f^r fees had been sranled.-.\ereed lo. THh DL'Kt; OF YORK. Mr. W.YRDLE moved the order of the day for the House resolving itself into a Committee, tu investigate the charges brought against his Royat Highnes.s, which order being read, Ihe House went into the Committee; Mr. Wuarton iti the Chair. Mr. WARDLE begged leave to call the attention of the Committee to some observations which hati been made on the leailing points in this ciiarge. He trnsUd that the jjart he hal taken had been open and candid, such as ought nut t�i have exposed him to censure and insinuation.. H� had never wished to keep back any thing, and God knew he had never wished to bring a charge nsjainst the Duke of York, or any .nan, unjustly. The remarks that had been made oir what had fallen from him in preferring bis charge were therefore uncalled for. AH he did was tp stand forward in his place as the accuser of the Com-' mander in Chief, and in dojng this he did not think himself fairly liable to thi-s'c attacks. He had nothing to do with the lirentioHsntss of _ the press, or with jacobinisni; ami no man could less tlcscrve the latter retort than htm. If a conspiracy against the House of Brunswick, it became those who made that asicrtion to follow it up by inquiry and proof, not to throw it out for the purpose of casting an o.lium upon him who had stootJ. forward the enetny of corruplion. If they had been .)atu)bins their principles would have been very tiiilerent from what they were. They would have sii Hired corruption to goon enereasing till it ended in ruin, and not, as he had done, come forward to sioj), check, and if possihle destroy it. lie then noiced what had fallen from an Hon, and Learned Gentleman (Mr. Adam) on a former occasion. That Gentleman had said, that during an intimacy of the most unreserved dc-.icriitlion for 20 y.-ars, with ilie-Ditke of York, he coutd venture to take upon himself that somt^ of the tran.';actioiiA alluded to by him (Mr! W.) couJd not have taken place, without his knowledge, and lhat they ivere thercfcre false. He could tell that Hon. Gentleman, and could prove tu tt.e House, lhat pecuniary transactions to a much greater extent than any he had mentioned were on foot wiihout his knowledge, and had led to the bre��h which took place between His Royal Higl-ness and .Mrs. Clarke. He was aware of the dilficillies he had to rncoiinter, and that it was the direct inferrsts of m^ti^- MembdC in that Ilou.'e to lean to ihc Commander in Chief (nriler! order.') Yet ho was sure ihcy wornld do their dutyiand-that the public ha�l every reason lo rely oti their honour and int ll wimcsses In Hiihsiantiatc thaixiiarfe, Mr- YORK.E as-sureil the f Ion. Gpotlemauthif, he had not by any means alluded jH^t^uMiUy Ip

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