Friday, January 27, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - January 27, 1809, London, Middlesex � � p i^. 4,287' FMIDJZr JANUARY 27^ \m. Price tm .FU14� r SubscribTi' PKllSQNAL SECUlirnf.-A �ety C9B�id�. rable turn wjtl J^udvnnce(14a nmof- raofciuid ctVsii-tleraUojj/'and to such u y.rno�at Kptlfity.-Leilcti from pritici|ialf ta B. (J. at Ltxrn. OM Boad-Mritrl, j p^VLfivMALL^ALLKN, f)�?<imi�r and M�. ! X iiufacturcr of Printed Caticucf. hWtlir Miourtn nc- iHiui thc>'�iiulity, M�:iclisuU, aiu) I'ttbtic, ,Ui�t be bwi Vroducd aati iiuw r<ii0(ilricd ia fsreat yariMy, an entire ii )f i*riiited Fiiniitttref, wkich itreu'tnr;ready tur tbdr iosiirAiaa, and which he tratu villincr(ttliei'rpa^O([jaHE aud. Hijipyij.-Hare^Rouoiai, 61, 1 �"'�-'Jir -  v-ar'.- AniiuliyJiie aC.Chn$to>�� last,by apulviu'i; tii'Mr. Wilis "the &TlS^^^c}er.../1MiJit�ry 3^^^^^ .ud.� KSfamTswoi* w�dS*�>n� Kiwis, Lpaulpb. IJdt ilato. tulKMjt. TfeWwic �b�are mostre�nc�^ijJivuifurmed, it>k, may fc* Jud i� abuVe, of the same.uuajitv, aod �t ofcw>e. that tictuu purchased'-Mr. J*jimevV �hare of tbe tk nuBW �f Mwst?. Hinney and West, ujid which will be ytbluliedia numbers, the first wbtrrof huoir ready/ 5, I'alt-MaH, ointainihg lour beunti&ilty coloured t� �nfnuF^^'xah'i vpU vid tnat fiu-FIFTY tOKS ot CHKSHlftji, D^fUh'SHIRK. tVARWlCK^RE,�r GLOnCKdTiiUSUlR'L- UJiEESK, of Clieese >rf eqteri -aSsFTMU for lioRsi-a, " ^Bond-btreft. RICIURi) P<SW|ii, Vclerinary Surgeon, . �rv tewecfeJIv i^turius the Nohkmcm Omftemi-n, B*ji!�^Mit sa��^^ into the luh,pa-y oicctprinc^iM. --------- |p,^{rtoi�Viii) npia^n io atl cases roncerniivr -tound-rilitfpMckaK% U> � "'  ci>tclwi�w�y1w �>KK �f MuiMl(,llanmin:l,&C:.t�a�l>ttuiliu�o wtitfwisb the lir�r Witttert. / . . The PiauofSrteiakigitattHrb guineas per qbarter, and the Harp (irelre/Jr^^ fbr. fn-n guinea*. Fencing tau;;lit t.i tiruilemen in Uelir>ti>t>)e.-Board iind L"dj{in{; for Geuilc-at wie/uinwranda boif lier Week. iihjoodWdiT^o!......- _ 'pHK Board af Mgnag.-rs of- the.POIITSKA X ISLAKB.mTKJl-WORKS COMPANY haviiir retoirei), i  � l�i�WbJedi, wrtbat pwiweViil'bfriHfViVedruthe GiiiHpany's OiRees, ?t�.B, BoeUersburj-^Iiohdod.aiiii Si. vW-oisjirVsquarc,PoVl-*ja; at'Slesir�VM*okey aud Cb.'s J-Vucburcb-street, _ . JIOHKTAVLOa, Sccrelarv. >>rtKalH(rBa \Tafer.Xofk� OJSec . Toe. abarMrarir; lfl|Mi �t �)iie Month be-*w r]>d;it 9fr) per Cent, '"^J*!* Ifni pHyment i^tO bcr C-ait-oovriich Share, xb* SrcA>iArx wiif;)Uea4 Ibe Office from eleven till three ���doj, TiTitre th>-'R^iiatU�nsau4e� required litfur-  VrOIIMiKO COtr.UvRS. IWrOTiGK if hrr�!Jby;'g;!l*ii,1�>at Iht're is nnw full J-y and BwfitdbJeewBjoyrflMit fjjr'rwo Ifondred'Korkiii": Mwn,^a\tke,i;�aiery-^.J}Oq>iA.NK, ythetwise enlled WeGianl CoAa) CompoDy^in Ireland; in liiiditiiin to thnie wwdj �a�li^j�td'lfi^Rr'#(>Jic1i Co;iier> is in a cmnjilj^ie w�f wjBrtinft �J^<iRVVca �n m(Ht j*p*T�W�'prto�Iple� tjaiio/iMihi larely er.-cle.l ^^Virtlrhan^ft^'nfcoal. of ahouVthri�c feet four ?��e�iB tWckilWSi.Jwl'�of riijinAJ {cr orcupy an ex tehr of *V;**iil^wlii0imi/^jil^;^y pcrtVctly nnwittered; . ^*Me jfjpd^nj'^ltew fr�m Hrty ii"'"' "'^ ^i^' . *�liH� lUnntjr?:n*�"*�iety. *U� rer*i�e immeiiiate iwttectiffputf tbeMxM(er �rtheB<iiitCoUi�cY \ ��M�^.ik*iTf�iirr�HiiM?f Bpira�l�ofim<b i;oUw, SertPrtj-^ liell M .f�i*b,forwhum, iw well'as ''�'weMnfrtM^ tablc uccoMijb^ have heen -]|>Midid,.iik �liB^ tb^r P^rpo^ri adjuiwog the Akkaicb tb6 <:�u �:Ives ^^^wee'wfe' pii^owli �r *�tin| said^t^^ 9iid ^i^L____^T r *^'l|e.TO*hr<^^atofaBWc�45W�it^ thM may be nmde wijh ��*3r:i�WJjrt*8ertr�fa�a<er0*the.t;��Iliery; ami no . ^ttrb�b9^ put iMitqrewpiifkwent, orre-SttnJ'**-'^^'^***'**^ i�� wwajueocc uf such N.:Q.-.Tb�M4iw!dliM|r i'rbiire Oqllicn than th* above ^ned mmber sbaald apply'fi�r eiAploymeni, that/hey �li �e dkaupolnted, ](iiber lO .-fespret ta employment or �f �MMdwfi&U�ill�^ tor the eoal, 'Mthr^t*rmkathv��MoiHn^iMd: Mdfke aaid Cnuipany-4 ^rc|Hmna^VMhiBrs�MM)nk^C^^ nearly ready fw wgrknit-^iwl fajie orwrttsd other Mtewite markrts, for �f J*^tte.*�i���Mshn�eijt conriderable W,LWoThi.totheiei*i�3f of KtWare, beiaB-the p-i.n ..t J5*f%�"b�ww Canal lieii .*2!l^e�y**^te�|^iaSiCl!ili^ j^�LWater- : f�4i;.18�./ ^ iuilSu EgOT. Sec. as above fvT^eJbtUnt benefit and n-aulationof each Chiat. y- ur Gvntlcui&n^ hiivUiic fjfrtm piOt to iOXU. HsbDif ;a�le pash; sod wbAAre not {far.-uit, of bUie'rwise' �.ubject to ' ~J^eiEMaeorr^>rcitiind�Mrrn.' Lettrrsfruniprincipiihonly,. witk-frat name tt�JpL-ice of a&iWIe, addressed, post \taid, tur John Uestlicot, ]uu\. (o i>e left a�4he liar uf ilu: Uank CuUte-^nuse, UombilU wiiljie duly allended la._ M"" ONEY!-A Geutlcman has Thirty Tliousiunl .' Poundt to lay out in 1 he Purchase of AmiuitieE, from ijOL to lu,t)00{. uu real or approved peraoual Securi^, redeemable at the t)piio;i of ihc Borrower, and n. Hull aud Co. So: Ularges-Btreel, PiceaiilUy, will meet due attention; or pei-soiHirapplicution betvreeu the bwin.�rtwo and four.-\ pl>'- MON�l' directly advanced by iniy uf Annui. ly.-50�0Jf. in sums of IQM. to 5,000f.on approted real 4tr penooal i>rcurtty, fur which liberal ^ricc* will be given, and an apportuuity of repaying the praicipal at the ui.ilionuf the Borrower by i;lvinj 7 days noiire.-Personal upplicatiani attended to trum 111 till 3 uVlock.-Letlert, poA-paid, to MeM*. llnnkey and Co. No. 3, Broad-nreet, Goldc>-�)tMifet.an8werrd wilhoiir delay.'_ To OFFlCiiKS OF THb ARMV. POCOCK'5 Patent Jjnperlal SOFA BEDS are iVrcommended aS;^ Artide indbprniibleto their corn-fort and cixivcnience.' I'hey arc convenient, us>>fnl, and or-naaienta], iu forming a bandsonie easy !h^, a snug and comfortable Bed, and iu folding into a very sniall aumpaiM for the convenience �f cirri age. The simplicity of their coB* SMicIion renders them the mast cumplcte Sola and lirdfor. an 0!iic�r� .Tktu in camp, or aparununt* in barrack, n\ui cnnuut lieput out of wrder.-^.May be bud, with every ulber Article of Ariny and,>avy4iquiii:igo, at Mcitrs. Pocock's, So. Vtl, Sguihampton-tireet, t.Hvent-cnrden. yilTON V. RAVbOiNWursuant to a Do. are I'laintilfj, and John ilayion and'atbeis are l)<frni)unfs; the Creditors uflllizabeibilueisnn, Lite of tbe Parish �f Walrot, inthe (lity of Knth,wridiiw, detcea'tedt ati fonbwitb lu couie iii and prove their <^bls, bcture Satiuiel ComptoD Gox, L�q. one of the Matttrs 'ifthesaid Court, at Ins Chanilierf,' io Southampton Building*, Cbaocery-lane, Lainkd riu deiwrit-thereot^ they will beexduded froui tbe iMmrtHnftlieHiIrt Uecree,. ;3ih January lgJ9. _S-l.MUIXC. COX. CRTON �,J*Ay.SO&'.-Piir�flauito9.UMrte of tbe High tiiurt of CbSuicrr.v lie,iring date the ftlh dav of Marchvli)t16. mn'deina r'anie wherein lliomas Burtun and other!-, arc pt.iintiirs. and John ita\siman< , the credilnrs uf William Huelsuo, late of KeU iU)�, iu the County of Snmertct, ({enlleman, drvensed, are furthnithio come in and prove their - debts before Sumuel Coiuiii'i'i Cox, F>q. oneof the MaMers uf the said Court :tt hii (^Ui^iiers, iu .South.-iniptuu-BuiUlings, Cbauoery-laue, Loudon, or iu default itirreuf, they will bp^x^iuded the be cnc of the iligh Court of Chaucery, bearing date tlie 2.>th day of June, I'gp'/, ni.ide ill a Cau'o wherein "viconcE Ws^eatlxv-, Ext. itwi others are Piuiutiav, and KoBirtsox SiiurtiaiweRTii, ]:sq. }tiu{ others ure Defendauts, and of an Urdemftbe tiiul Court, dated tne l�tJ� day of July, IWM ; the Credibinof ^VILLIAM TAT,HAM, Ute of Aikham If^ill,. in the" Coant> of Westmorlaud, Ksq. who diedln ttte.^ftuith, of Fehru'ary, 1775,. arc forlhuith to came in and psove ttit'ir.-Uriits beforeSaraael Compton Cox, Ks^". one of tic Masters of the .s'tid Court, at his Chaniben iuSouih.inipion-bniUlings,. ChiiuciTv-laiiP, LoudiiM, or iu default therfeuf they will bi; I e:(rludcd the benefit of the Enid Decree. ' , ' Jan. 19, liOJ. DLN.NCTT.S .in^ CRKAVK;!, N INVITATION to LAIHKS of di^Jtinclion. ^_ Mr. TOWN, original Velvet Painter and Artist to her Royal Highness the Princew of W.^lcs, with due submit-biiui, iuforuu the Nobility and (ieulry his Kihihitioa this year, he flatters hitniclf,. will be found worthy of ihelrat> lentiuu, Tliey are to adorn several suits of rooms, consisting of window curtains, panopies, sofas, cT^ailv, foot-sioult, Bre-fctifn�,- j�laiteni.laliles,.ruj;�,and jj.irious oruamcnial groupes Ui'Sifned in (inures, flu wens, landscapes, &c. &c. iM n. Tutvn u itl -rtakes t.i pi-rfeet l-atl.ies in fimr Lessons, that hre totally uuncqtiaiuf^I with drawing or painting. N, B. The only Warehou-i- furprrpnreii Yelvetand. Co-Imira'which cannot be purchuved any where but at his reii* di-'iiie, So:"id. New Boiid-streui^_ ; 4N>njmi�7^'eir^'ears I'urchise will be iinnii-ili:ilcly given for An;uiitiessecured l^)aa Frceboii^, Coji\li�:il, orlous Leas^bnld Ivs. >o|..le inleres.1, I4iid on which (by re�oi.m of the prei^ sui e �>r�he tnni-�) ni niu-y cauir'lhe obtained upon mortgage j Iini* wiiriik aenr|)^ ti and f ithi vcurs- poreha .m ,�uu? Lives <e.ttr�d on the like pn.periy. Nnnev iulhv tund*, Oburcb I'rete.meul,.* Mar.Mge Sell ...enis, uhcrell.c parties l�ive. only a LTt lr'-et, Stonrt. ,. , TheCiiiuatiotu of tlui VonltwUiniu'be tceniiU theSeeH' Urjft Qffct. Ao reg.trdwiU be had to ann Tt-nier in KhicbMt priee shall ^' MOt be Ui-terUd injeords at h n i:jp�iiEu or �it is constructii'd on a plan to execute work eaucilv on the fame principfe as the well-i,.....,;.#'..^..i;_ p^y;,. ^v-nti'tj,;it great ex- thc above iMa'nnlacitirv are ------ --------^....j t but here tlijs InveiitiiV has ri^McedTito that simplicity a. i f ^Vi.rk exe-cuted by any penon, with very litttu mure than a furuiight^' i-jm^iuo^. ..i'- .--iu.'-.i--".' , " inks n wduld be a=gr ' o. 194, Pirciidilly. NNUITlfcIS JlKJJiiKAlA^^Lv..--.ho.nx at 8 per Cent, will be advanced for A.'iauitie* secured on real Prcpcrty, where the (intnlor has a per-nanpnt inie-Mst, and iiruportiuuably miidcr.ile where the Panief have only a Life Interest. Thi)"e who hsive heretofnre granted ABUuitieiion exorbitant TerniJ, mavlje immeiliatelv accommodated with any snin from 100'. Io iO0,OOU erurily without exposure or delay, for a conurassion uf univ tea Shillings per cent.-Address (postage free) to Mr. Join, Ber-v. Bakers Coflee-house. Change-alley; or No. 14, Bearfct;idcr-)ane, Alansion-honie. _'-^_ ICAUTIFUL WO.Vli us JIairson the Face, Neck, Arms. HUBliRT'a ROSl'ATK POWDKR imme-diaiely removes- ihem, is .-in elegant article, perfectly innocent and Ulea.-aDt to use, price-is. andTs-Sold b}- the Proprietorv >o. 23, Russell sreet, Covent-(larden; Overton, 47, Boi.d-street; 13uooett,3, Cheapsiife; Baxter, Edinbuigh, and Glasgow ; Spilshury, Dublin; Fros-ser, Bri^tat; (ircgMns, Liverpool; L.incaster, FortsaiMUth i Brodie, Salisbury ; LangJ'W. Shrrborne ; Wood, ."^brews-bury ; Trewnlan, Kxelcr; Whiiick, tfloi^ter'aud Chelten. ham ; Congdon,'lljmbuth Dock; GouM, Bath ; Swinney, Jlirrainghmn ; Searle, Leedi; llnnVim.Ilull; Ir^mbs, Wur-cestrr; ttnd in every town.->-(iood allowance to dealers. FIH wooo FOR SALi:. r|10 be SOLD by PRIVATE BARGAIN, Ele- JK. ven Tbottsands Sis Huadred and Seventy-fire FIR TR�E$�aver.i{ittg about 10 cubic firet each, .ill of great fielght and straight, being (be Wa�4 uf Culmoney near Forres, an the aainks of tlie river Findbom, diitnnt only eight wiles from the harbour, to which there i* easy rommu-iiicatinn by ifatcr,and,where they cau be ibippcd'at allsea-kiMK in tit^year. Also, a large quantity of F(R TRUF.S ready for shipping at Findbom and Nairn, which, with Fuurlluniet employed in dtawicig the Wood to the river, will be sold on mud^rate Terms. For farther particulars apply to the Proprietor, John Ben-sierMercbaitt, Aberdeen }wr j&lexander Fetch, at Culwuny by Forrrt^  _^__ FUlOiSUliU aoUSI-;, farm, and Capital SUUOT- ING tiUARTKR, to LET. fXXO Jjc LOT for such number of years as may Jk. be agreed on, from Whitsunday 1809, the MauMoii-hiiu^e. Offices, and Farm of AUCIILKIIKS. in the Parish of Blair AthirlV and County of Perth, with the sole privilege uf 8hi>olii>g over the I-;�late. The House ij modern and �veU furnished, .ind coasi-^ts of^ two public Rnunis, six Bed-chamberb, with Kitchen, Ser-* Vunts accommodatWn,&c. Tbe Lstate contains about 5.500 Knglish acre?, and has al-wayiibeeii considered aniouglhe hcsl ijnnnitig gr.iunds io tlic County. There is likewise excellent t'ishiui-spori of pike, aorf tratitf upon the premises. The fii�r(ni�exteosive,and will be let in whole or in part vllb the hajsean^ sole liberty of Sporting as the Tenant " may iiioihie. Aitplrto Robert Ro.bcrlwn, F.sq. of AuchWks by Dun-keld ; William liallas. Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh ; or RiihcK Rei'U Snrvoyor^ Perth..____ O^ViTUousaiid Fiwe Hundred TICKV.'i'S will be given on the Fiiit and Second Days of J^nnving the riRAM>!iTATFl.CJTTl':it^ , which lieginson tne of AfaiL HEXT, liesidtsthe uudcrHueuiluueU i'rizes: . SCIIPuMK. DAVS 4 Prizes of ^3J,00eare ^fSOuOpO a .-..........10,000......W.OO1) TiJjfe NEW OQUBDY* tttis day itpabUtfaed, price �attaC�:u�a-:Slttlv.Fi�5�l�^ MAN And WIFE; or MORE SBCRfi?fr THAN OMi-t a.?on� ^Act*,**|l Wp^-fiwuingallijt Theotre Roval, Dnirv.laSei-..- . V. � . By J; ARNgU), Jfeq. , . : PHnlftf Tor Rit:bnt:(),Pbillips,2Siv bv jJrt4teC'iti?Ml ran ' sold IJv GonWartl and Chappie, pall Mutf^-J?i�Mri Bondi, ^reet; a�d ''Jj'ajl- liuoluelfcrs ia . Thi ri^'-luil Drawings by the Author, prire^vegttliien't iQ.bdatd�. rftH.A V KLUXG SKI:tC5*S ill KCTSSiA a 2 JL SW l':U�N, made during a llesiJcnee ';u those Qatii.m tries in tke;���JfJS03, imi, iri^M, nod tfiy?. . By ROWJitt Km PQRTLU, K.JJ. J. &c fltc. . Piinied Oinlfefcird PbilHps, So. 6, Bridge-street, k��i-don; and \i> b� bud uf Bt^ce and Co. JjdiDbMifh; a�ll ttC all B'MikitflJets; . .  , Ihe Kbovemcationed Work cfiums a stroagim�r�t - with the PoWic from tlie circnmslaBce of the AottK�P\afCfe-dited reception at the Courts of the respective Cusuittint twd 2..... 6......... 10......... 20......... U......... .100.......... 4,S�1..... 20,110J-TicJwti. 5,000......1U,000 y,0Dt)......o.ottj . toa......j,oiw ,. 100......a.00i) . 50......2a'u0 .. 25......'i,500 , J5.... 72,300 ,�200,000 of DRAWING. ART OF KLEGANT COMPOSITIO.V. ~ This diiv is published, in royal X^mo. a Nei^- Kditioi^ pfice 7s. fad- boand and lettered, �'itk ^he full aBommce t* Schools, \. rr^llE ELEMENTS OF ENGLI'^ COMPO- B SITIOJf, designed in .1 Course of i-:ditcaliontusucceed to the Study of the i:,nglisli (>rammar and the h'amed Lan|[u-:iges, and adapted to the Cse wf Persons in general wh* lu acquire a good Stjle. B> DAVJD IRVING, LL. D. Printed fnr Richard Phillips, No. fi. Bridge-street, anl to behad of Bryce and Co, Fdinburgh; of Keene, Out and LET all other Uooks'.'llers.-Of whom may at tie had,; ETTJ;itS to HIS SON on taste, LITKRATURA-, .ind COMi'O.SlTJON, by llie late Rev. George Gregc^v, D. D. &c. Price 13j. IB bo.ird�.__- ' On the Firit of February will be published, price $s. 6d. the 16th Numberj>f" THE RETROSPECT of PHILOSOPHICAL, AIKCHANICAL, CHEMICAL,and AGRICCtTU-. RAL discoveries. Thedcsign of this workii U�lay before the public every thfce mouths, correct"nc f�� l-'acts and Discoveries rel.iting to Arts and ScieA tc-bnr. This dav is published, price 2s. ((d. . rpiIOUHTS on LlBKf^, and An Imparll^. JL Inquiry into the present Slate of the British Army.'^r With a few Words in Answer to Cobuctt's Critiqiie, oiithe" Book before it was published II Inscribed without iiermiisimi to bis RuyaMlighuess Frederick, Duke of v nt.iiiis considerations o^ the diHlmlty of coiivictinK Biiiorious defamatory t^ ritt�, and on the enects which arise froindeiay in making Ihentibcsahjecti of aprv secation. AUo a cniivincing ExplanatioB of the fltHrtishiiit and improved Stutc f the Army of England, under the present Comra.indir in Chief, and Refleciiuii^^im the danger with whicii the tJunsiiluiitm iy.tlireuteiicd.',Bj.>ys\^^ ' attacks upim tiMt,puhlic iwhI private etuMMrtMr^M^^nacei^'. and ihc High OIBcer* of the Execulivt GoverawMt; 1*. I Printed for T. Egerton, Military Library, tVhitt'haU. r A FORSYTU on TREES.-This day is publiihed, inOoK Vol. Svo. the Fourth Edition, with 13 folding Platrs, price 12:". InKirds, ATREATISE on the CULTURE and MA. NAtJEWENTof FRUIT-TREES, luwhjcli a n .tMiserv;^ lions on thb Diseases, Delecls aud Injuries, in all kinib * fruit aiiH Forest Trees; wiih an Account of a piiriicnbtr Method of Cure."-Pnhlislied by tJrder.'f Uoverumirut,"-� By WILLIAM EOttaVTU, F. A. S. .ii;d F. S. A. Late tiardner to hl. burgh, \c, &e. Printed for Longman. Hurst, Rces, and Ormt;, Piiicruojt*.r-row ; and T. Cadcll and W. IJavies, Siraiid. This dav iip"'*''*''*''*' in two Voluincs tjuitrto, pric"e>Sl.&l . ill boards, dediiaied, by Pt-rmi>sioii, to ti>e Pre�id�pi, , Colincil, and Fd'owa of the Sociiiy of Amiqvtivries qf Li)ndont ATOPOGRAPUICAfi DliyriONARY of. ' EiNGL.AND; exhilutiag :!it; Various Subrfi'visinns of' e;icJi C'lUiity into llundr^j,''Lathes, Weju-ntakeJi, &c.- Tti,: ri-iiilciil Population of each Pari-li and Township, according to the Uelums made tu raiiiameiit, in I8QI; and ' tiie Amount of the nn-pfs, accordiiigjo the BetuT>i> nnule to Parliament, iu IkiO".-The Valuati<^in tbe King's BobJ^s; the Patrons of the Erclisi-i�tir�l BeiifeiBce|{ and the 1 utelary Saint of e.ich Church.-The Distancewid . Bearings every Parish, or lianilet, fnmi tl�c nearest Po 10,SOI B,f>aai 11,001 8,100 12,501 ]0,f300 ll,ltw i 4APbRESS tu thti ^�^'^!>.^'�"" ' A I served hircmurtry w.ilb tbe higi.�l rcimtatlon in 'i�''�"'>',r^U citv, is iiinv, through misfortiwes and a diingertfus fo reduced �i� cirruUislaiuc*, that friends con- went liv the emhiirrassed state �f bis affairs iunl the melao, c a her tilSicted and :itni iasaoe li��i^'toi|,'far. nupqtt.. T^ai t|-luated. they Irost it is u�t nerestary tqtay utorein >oafflict-iggacase to ioflweoce theroiod�of tbi^ ivbo fraljfrd for- and Mr. Egerton, ^^''^'*^*y :}^^^Zu^^V^ miti f>e Howell. Cw.i�ay'fCaffe'-^�*HJl;^^ most�*H.ed.| J .h�=.^r^�^ ) Whoje Tickets .. for thr firsh^lrawn Piiieabov? 15/;* the Niiinbers of wblcTl ara a< fidlnw  . ' . . ,Ja,*Wl to 19,108 15,001 to 15,100 If,501 . to 11,600 li;,301 to: .16,0�J � /i7;oor t... ir,ioj - TICKETS and SHARES arc selling at ever^ l;.iccnsc4 � Lotierv Oriice. w m �!� 0 I" I ��! � pi . � ' a 11. JlvliUlTti DtlOPSi^'Tlie only -Genulae, are those h.ivaig the oami!�!of M.Shaw and- Edwards, Successors to J l^csselU,66,lSt^Au}'*CI(urcb.yurd,*'engraved on a black i vSiafflp. . � i ^i>HK mftiij^epreda,tion9 made by tnalictotw Mc- ! ..J|. .^ciBe Vesid<i� on the |ir<iperty of the Proprietors, : -jwrnbel them tu give the above caution, and again To infirm '� fbe pttblis, liiat iia'one b�tUe of Ur, WALKE.R's JliSUlTi bH^S. ^afliii seiit oarofthiir bouse, .� a black : itamfiM.'fiH^. la bis Majeny's Wavy these Driips have f<w SMcarUiX) yemrs past main9ui�d their character ks aspecilic �Wednesday, April 12 Friday.....April 21 _ _., School-.-^The Situation and Description ot Monaiiterirs, on4 Thunday... April 27- otiier Religious Houses-MeBibecs of lMiri.imepL-.^As42es and Petty Ses-sioiis.-Collected fmm the most authentic Dorumeols, and arranged in Alphabelichl Order, &c.'4c^ By NICHOLAS CARLISLE, Fellow and Secretary of the � Society of Aniiquafies of London. ' - . � Printed for Jfcoj^mac, lluist, Ree�, and Orme, Paternos-ter-roW. '^^-ThebrigWalretcrnsmadeto Parii.Tmentby the Overseers of the scvojil Parishes, in IS03, constitute tbsJJ;i?i.�f this Work. TtftUe valuable information derived fnsiojh|� source, other jiiitable farts have heeii ndded from all the ("tmnty Histoties, and Books of Tonography, ijow extant. Many dcSciencies have been supplied, and ionccuracies'cor-ret:tPd, by an extensive C'""rt-r.jnindence tustftuced by.the Author, �jjh the .Vobility, Clergy, and Gentry, tii vartoas parts of lbe"KiiiEdum. , AlNSWQRtH'S DICTIONAa-r,'4t�.-.TbfeDay'tepi�b'-� . lished in 4to. price 31- 38. calf, lettered, TIIESAURVS LINGUAE LATIN.r COM. PEN pi A RI OS I or, a Compendious mctlOITA RT of the LATIN TONGUK; di-signcd for the British .JVatioo. First published tiy Mf. RQBERT AlSSVTQRTfl. - A I^CW Editioir, with gfep.t A(Mtiiqal �M'A<beod�K�Vt particiilarly a large and cdjii-'us Inde<.�fi^rb wnrdsjtijife-4far Tn Slepherj fepd Ainswortb, of .in nbSnlete, ttotlaiiHl^^ � douhtfpl, or modern Ch^rac��^,-with ibe pnyefaijd'giahili* word frequently aiuiexeri : Als<� an�/thci" Ii|ae4 of tlpt S kind,frOTB Vo�lu#. Calepin, d qlh. Tfl which ar�-9ob>�iiedja'T*Jnt,of the morexominijniji Words in our Ancient La'�rr tht "Notes" V>f Abl>fj�y|4i|_ used in Lailn Author.-and Inecriptiim*? ^ta gn�^ fifciO, THOMAS MOAfcLL, D. O- Rector M UncQa^iZJ^Btn-fonisKre. and F. Si. R aad A. -ri-C"^-- - f-*�fie,JJc�fv^, �hl��1,B(r*i�sy,'iHraoguary, WeakiifcSi and Printed-f�r J. Johnson, J-Nkbo1tan3'S<nr,-1^. Aa^Wln <ibilrue.lioii�1n.tlieQHSacy PaiSBge�acd gener.-a deblTity F. C.;andJ. Rivjngt.m, W. OtrJJge atjd'� J.^Jij (jgx yiliilndarfy.for t^tr jibsoluie iindf-peedv pire of the Kichardsmi, R. Fautdfr and Sun, T� I'ftvrie,-Ay. tpirude*' Veocftolpbdiie; Wessi;irs J^esuiU .- - _ . WeAjvAretWVWyAfetuid expedit'ifloB Cure, aiiii are so in- ; Vemor, Hood; and Utakeir4Mfitte,�k to require little or jittrestcaiot. ' Wb(tI�iakJk�ri|Tctatl by .ShjiM^ and Co. C6, St. ijaul's Jf-pptlp^niiitfrntile* tbeuiJfnroef �(�ear on the tVHSifUIWiittmUui: IVke 81. S(U% aojfny fte liad F. Robins'.a, ScatCherJroidLettWatr, jrWaikiw*

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