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Courier (Newspaper) - January 26, 1809, London, Middlesex THURSDAY, J4NUARY 26, 1809. OLYJfPIC PAVILION. ^c^rrnstlM^ree^. Strand, fb" fourth appeanuice of h muit Mtraoriliuary ROPli ^)A>'CIiR, from Lisbco, wlinMS uuparalleleil Ulev.itiuiis aud JuroiW, render him ibe fir.t Performer on tiie Tiglit Rope ftrrrw^n in En^lMd. ' flllK KVKNLVG 25t^� Triday '27th, and Sa. tun}ay. 2Slb atJaumry, at half past Su preci�ely. with Comic EccentricUies EXERCISES, by Smith's nyipfact �,ime, called THKHKOPHECY; or IlHrJequii 3IarJequio.%MT. Orosi-maoj CMhii. M-. Npnaan ; and Co. Jombine, Alts. 11arliet-*Seco�4 urice li!iir-pn�t i-icht. VA�ci. W^�dilgirtion?a�g�t,by Mt� Qjivis and alile A�si.-tital5. SECOND W�jeV4 Appearantre of fJm Yonnr PnUSSlAX, Lyc$C^, STRAM).-Hr.INGLKBY ^^hj-N"'"''*?' G /Wt parrouaffc an* wjiujrt? he . s to .kindly eaperieneed j tkes tUii�pj�rtrtptv�fjo6rmiijc^ thut liTiddition to TO eOMP0SIT0IlS.--EiKht or Ten steady Handi, wh& will have constant F.itiplovmfiil, are w.mted by JAMES BALLANTYN and C.^ Printers, ]:diuburgh.->.-Tbree Guiiieas will be allowed for Travellins ExiM'itces. Ediiil'orgli. Jao 22. im. _J_ ' BHrnSHCIRCULATLVG LIBRARY, 24, Cockspiir-rtreet, Charin�-cr 3 of ppxuUar ad-vaiitiise.-Apply by Letter only^ �<Kt-uaid, to Mr. D. U. at. Mr. Bell s, 319, Sti^ind.-5ln Broker or Agent need" apply.*-. _ ____ /i0UNT�Y PATRON AG E.---ADy GeutJeinao VV- enabled by Rriil|;natioD or otherwise, to present the Advertiser with a permanent SitotMion, in the Country only� may be treated with, bv adtfrcssinj; a Letter, poit-paid, to L. t*. O. Mr. Ijinman.'J'atliH-. Sr. .lames't-Mrpi-t. i^ndwi. M|{^. VVEST iaki-s this upportuuliy tu retura tlumks to ihe nucirrous Ladies who have-sopplietl -themselves with PELtSStS. MANTLES, MiLLEN bllY, &c.'frinn' be*House, N<�. 125, Jrnnyn-siiref, St. James's, aiia-�:sh^ tii;impress the. mjnds of those who maj he in t}cl�, thf �d�anta.^eh of piir- VICrOALLlNG-OFFICE. .fan. 24, ISS. THE Commissioners for Vicimlling His Mo". feAtv'x Snop do hereby givt Notice, thi/t on Tp<i4aj, the "itk February next, Iheu ailf be reiply to j-eceivt Trndcn, in vritfns (*eaM uy K and trpat for FIl'Ty TONS of CHESHIRE, KKRHTSHIRE, AVAR V.'jrKSU^KE, er GLOUCBSTEltSH.IIi'E CHlltSE, or Lbeesc of e.qiial goodness, tu be delivered in one month intojiis iVujtsly's Fic-ttiallingSlarf! at Pnrtminuth ; and to be paid fur by Bilis, fauabk, "ilk liUffrtst, 'tineti/ dayt after date. "^^eVondHions of ttii Contract may be teen at the Secretary's Offia. JNo fegttrd trill be had to any Tender in which the price thall not beinaerttd in anrds at length, or Ih.nt slniU not is 'the Heard (eface Olie o'CiurM on Ike said Tuesday t pul-.liilied, THREE QJJARTETTS for Two Violins.Tenor find Vinbmtvllo-Composed by Lorii v.i� Bti.-rnoVE.v, Openi 3.1, price 7i. tid. PfiMt.-dhv Astor nnJ Co. iS^t:'*Vjch;^^�a a^'MOSlOAL^^ ) yetfre ami a' hJiITpId,  vf ho-pTajfr sevtral i��oorrtc. Airton tow AHlWri vetfrsaml a' hilf flld,'vfhon.----------- Tnoo tit Violte? antftlie IfliraJtabfe WrformaoceofAIiss CotJNfi Wilt, present an L^ening'tAamje., i^Bot to be^udlfd. Wefy care .�taken fo,h�re ^iatre perfeetfy wami^obd fires being�oiattiiOy kepi. LV2Eirtafl4'GeiW��tt,i*ff:�iv�g llmelif tiotiee, may.naTc PjliteperfMmaflcaaatJfiw^^ ; , . *bo�/obenat Six ojdock.commence �t.S�wen,^coiidude * ' BitttNiSe^- �� � - ^_" -A Yonni _ The espriiers aitoge> ____^Letter^ dircctird lo Ut D. Iay- real name'an FrSBHtiVG p^^^ fleB|}enuui,af ttndiaus and tmelabte dispOtitiMi, nay.. he weeivei Xl��lcf Vie tafre of an experienced Teacher, near tivion, ylitk iHeaiMaMace'of learqingthe Classief, Modern TLaaSflHtflt �(h^. Bn^idies of elegant Eddcktioo; vtketf Jk (rill fii�l a plraslwfelltfwvsttfdeiit. ^therHrnfbetSvlionfcei at Jtri. kfjr and CO.'t FcitcJiareb-�ircet, a. Badtknhat;,^ 10. 180)^ , ' But Sifhrfs are-;10;){.<riieb; to be paid bv-.tnsta1mmft of. lK]^-S1i|i!^,.s(itVaa'itrteivalof^t least Cue Month bc-%fm ft'i fanned At egth Instalncnt. per .^bare to be ' liatCttae'time o(sii.l��ibibi;,heii^a Drposil of 5 per Genu fet jayiieWoflO per Cent! on wab-Sliate. ^U'^hlemAy �iU-�tteod theO^ce firajneleven till turee �a^-d4ir','wkei� the.Rf-gidationsaod every.reqi)ir*d Jnfor-- ' <osB nvMm ?(itiJiDi keivard. niEJlpSiVlr.UKNRY LAMIJERT, late j� r �'of Por^^ol-lane; near Gni^ the County ipir inrniii|ol^aqdabflui four shillings in silver, he w.islctt iBBrfflt torture, and unable ti� m'^ve foraubut eleven hours- the eorJ which himnd his hands being fastened.ove^bis bead tba�opboara,.-ujdlhc cord which bound his ferttbeius; fas--^cnedtaaibuttftr, qo whilrJtJie.u'as placed, in which >t�te he "(rasdifcovered bv his'grbw,'the next muroin^abuut eight ^ck,Slid jrele^ed,'(|dite'in an ea hausted slate. .ifSoever will give soich iufuruuUi�it to M'r. James Han- Cashtofioishany penrUaildiiigs.voder easy (iroiuuf Rents [ and long Le.-ise�, where part is let-and the Reiiti are and wilt be adequate tu pay the interest of a moderate Annuity for futy part of the above; not lessthan SOO/.^vUt be trr:lted with OBliWal terms,-or imy other real security accruing from landorFuqdcd Pro erty,or Charch LVvings unincumbered. .Honourand secrecy may be deitriidedoo. ApplieatioiiS persona) or by letters, poi^t puid, to Mr. Kfaybank, No. Li, Sbrrbarpe-inoe, wiB be Mieoded to, from "principals wnly. ' . A Genlkmini.iritii the highest OnlV'-rsUy degree, ynL-wrho 'rouj^long residence abroad, in.part diplomatically, from bis knowledge of the languages, and from hav-iiigedncatcd w>ih credit, some uf the Prime Noblr->se, trusts tbathemisbttieof m.'irc ihaii ordinary utility ; would instruct "lie or two Yfiiiig Gciitleroen, a few huirs a day. Ue is a Clergyman of the E't'itilished Church, induced" bv a d>-tin; of being useful, not jv his circumstai^o-s and of a -cortaiu station; liberal cnnuilions will be e.VHi-cieJ.-Apply to Mr. Payne, Bo"ksrllcr, Pnll-Mall. "\/|ONEVto LliNU.-Several Tbuu'.anU Founds Xv IL to he advanced by way of Aomiity on a Single Life or on Lives, on every species of Sccatif.y, rt-defmable at llie i'le.Tsure of the Borrower, and for vmich a liberal Price wilt be givco, And to Nohlenien, L&dles, nnd Men of F.-isIiioh, on ijheir persomil Security only-Address (pfiFt Baid") to Messrs. Grant and Co. t';!, NorihmnbiTland-street, Chariflgcross; or personal application between tht Hour* of OijuiUid Fjmr. N. R. No Rrokernpodaiifily. K i N FLASS EIS ojf -a fieculia^ seftftfUs �f By AUTHORITY.-In the pre., -    '- puhlisl'iec-', rjpiIE Whole of the" and speedily will be ProcCL.ltng* of t!i.r BOARD iif-INQUfRY upon the suojcct ot the late Cunveo-tion in Portugal. Prrated for X- Egerton, at the Military Library near ti^XYL(M*"^imd .litssiiY rc.^pecVrull) duijvered Grati? a PORTRAIT ef- his MAJESTY, from a Painting by Sir W. Beecliey, .'iml pijiifed on the finest Coppor-plate Paper, ^nd intended as a Frontispiece to the First Volume of the Popular Sunday and Monday Lop.ilnn Newspaper. And on, a Chronological Tahle of ih-- l-.\riits of the past Year, and an Inde.x, to complete thr Fir.�f Volum c of Ihe Paper, will be ready for Uelivery.-Price Ligbt-pence. OrdeR for The N.*Tio>Ar. Registcr should he immedi ately seiit to the Office, 11, Cathcriw-^treit, Strand, or to the 'Newsmen, Booksellers, and Clerks lif the Roads, to pre vent Ihe chance of dir.ippoiotment. � Thisday arc published, price REFF-f'CTfO.N'S upon the SI'.VTE and CON". DUCTo! PUBLIC AFFAIR.S, at (he Com:iiencc ment of the Year 1^9.-iJy an E.N'GLISU.MA.N of th OLB SCHOOi-. Printed tor T. Cadell and W. Davics, Straad. ^"^jPuir^ce^ted^qbbciry, sAall mcive a Reward of ON E HONDftEU to be nA'id on Coiivicfion AT any dfeodfersi hfHaitl Leigh s�ad Mason, 0^ to; Rent tor One Y�af; or .^-'ttme'as tiay Sc itr^ on. and ealc'red .~-k^-fcomrortaMe, yrell (Vimished, detached Si^iil^CO'J^AOE, ia aptcsaut&iVua^toD.'on the sea Ira pw^'iialk'd-ih garden, and ten or-i�el�elnci*� i'oiil, .-uid finenL-s5 of texture", that create no irrilaiion if worn on the skin, or inconvenience by eiiiier weight or hulk, Ihe bestproierlion forhe.-illh.^-ijraintt the .itn-.o.-pheric. chuiigcs ot" our climate, nnd prevent the liability to catch cold after v.iertion, or on going from a hot to a cold air, rrenminendcd by thetiicuUv lobe ivoni.usa preventative against the evilj, occisiomTd by a suddeii check givi-n to pec^piration.' Valett�linarians will lind tUem a great cnmforf. SoHlfrom ISd.lo �s. per vatd, by HENRY FRANCIS, No. 10a,-��lbon>-hill,t>ppos'iteSf. Andrew'.- Church, wbei� also 4uay be seen, an exleu^vc and cheap assirtmfent of every article in the Linen llraptfry and Blankets. ANNUIllES.-'lNnrifcars Purchase '^iVte immediately given for AnnuitiessecuPed ttpon Freehold, Copyhald, �r long LeasehoU Estates, where the parlies have an absolute interest, and pn.which (by'rcason uf ihe pressure of the times) money cannot be obtained upon mortgage; and eighj yetin purchase t�ill litocw'ne be given for Anniu'lies on voang^Livfi secured on the lik? properly, the Interest of same. Apply petjonally., wr by letter (post paid) tb"Mr. Beard. No. as, Nortlmmherliind-stfret, Stnnd. OSTON mills;-"o be let, andcntet*d onat.L.idy.Dayne AA style, 1809, all tbafciplial' WATER.CORN MILL'i' fnrryiii fooirpiiir of mijl-sfonei� and all iiiiloble. m^hiner) iJxed lor the dressing of flour. Also a modern $ailt Wind.Mill, nearly adjoininc, carrying trto pair of mill stonei, jM/l the like mlchinrrv, sit'oate at Fostun, itt the centre of �p exccllenl com cnaiitry, in the-East Kidinjtbf Vork-sjiirei , Also a capital Dwelling House,, suitable forlbe fiupily ofthe tenant of the mills, and iinnther Dwelling ifitOse, tts^d at.ftil Imr, 'wVth sevetiil Cottages for setvsnts employed in the p'iremisei. Tofctber with about f ifty-iwA Acre's df .Hch Arable .!M16Bdbw and Piasfdre Laiid, all now rented by M�inrr. TAreedyaad Pnr&in, who, for several years post have cilrrici] oni Bn'd do now 'iatry im at. the idid hiiljii'a mo^t rstei^iVe and Incrative Ihide Id the several ai-tirlcs uf Corn-, FWf,.CoaIs,^Litne, Bricks, Titet, Timber, Flaes, and Stones, tiaed Fdr Biftildii^t wbkb wveral articles (piiniculnrty that ' ld :at u mach lower pHce than al DWSel^, where the lock dues aud .frightHextclfd those n^ To thesaid Mills; the oVrettpiers tbefeof barinc a ftre ami e riitieid, 13 from Bridii�|$tua, l^rom Bererley land 20 from Hull.  ' For further partirnlanr, apply l" Robert Biiwer,. Es^. nf^ Welhaur, or t6 Mr. Snowball.of Birdsail, both near Maltuu, orAu' ftlr. Lanrlteri, SoliclluryHaUonGarden, I.nndotn To MERCHANTS, COAt;HMAJCl^S, .nnd others. ALUABLE TIMUER, upon the Premises of THE NEW COM ED V. This day iii published, price lia'.f a Cro MAN and WIFE; or' MORE �EtRETS THAN ONE ;*a Comedy in Five Acts, as it is per-' fumiinzatthe Theatre Royal, Urury-Iane. By J. ARNOLO; E.q. Printed fiir Richard Philliiji, NIV 6, Urirtge-Ftreet; and sold by Godklard-and Chappie, ^'all MVl; hooker, Boiid-t^reet'; and by all BuoitSfHeri in town and Country^ of whom m.LV be bad. The SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER, 12th Edition, by A. Cheri^ Esq. prioe '2i. 6d. TheXUIUf'EW, Seventh Edition,by J.Tobin, Esq. price 35. 6d. . . This day is publ'ishcd, in oAe volume octavo, -irice Is. 6d bonrds, DELECTUS GRAECA�,UM SENTENTiA-RUM, cum nntis tuin Gra-aiuatici?, tuin Philologicis, in lisum i'ironum Arcommodatis-^By ST. JOHN PRIEST, Editio Altera .Auctior. Printed for Longmau, Hurit, Rce.', and Ormc, Patcrnos-ter-row._. _,_ This day is published, in One Vol. Qunttii. pricK 65. b cards THE MINSTREL, BOOK TUJRD, b. ing a Continuation of Or.-Beattie's Poem. Printed for Longman, Hurat, Rees, and Onne, Patcrnos-ter-row. ^ .-�o�V�h&�,-_________^_____ _ k,r^pai^:l�i|,^Kiir < � Market Town, and in,a smid >eigb6bMiok(k:iU^ f(^^ are kept. Stabling for *"�^�iFibar BMKS .irin be peqtjircdj a coach-hdijsc and -^Nr^tiwlk�ffict9." tlieaUiauce (Void London nff^^lcss ^tt Ad*ierti�r�*f� H w��lr�hy of atlcntfoft, ns tfe'^pSAliy �i Premises a^'ji^1led7oir are flif tiic highest respci�aBitliy. If't'^ atist iMdfVMHaiaiiw^ ftiU accodijt.of ridetiieutartr, i?fife;i%OTsand Five Ha^arlea tIcICETS^wJII � fjWiiwft'AotSBJFiiijt and Sfconil Days Drawing the Olii^IIfSTAl* LOt-TEHY, which be�ns on tfiii 12th of 49l|HjiBZ;,jtiiidM^lhe'nnder^ucnlniiA:d Prizes: J---; :,--SCB�MR,' -'.��'I " DATS PtWi^M^a�j666.{�0' ^ iUW. 'ai..-.:�v50ij 15;-. ---- 6,QM� 78J300 Wednesd.ayi Ap"ril 12 Friday..... ApHl 21 Thursday. ;','April 27 - . . . Salurday... April 29 ^-tie Owtimijoi* Petoalssion tbr Lwds nf tte fl*w*4c*i���S�te �f REE GII-T of.l.oOD WhdlpTickets, - Sa AddiWtik'the J^to lb tlie SchtNbe:  .^"v^ "-:.":tIltS"* DAY^ ^ �� - A-FrefsCitt �f 1,000 Whole Ttekets, ^tte tiA^n.-sJ^ijM iLbbvB iU-, tbe Mimbet* of ij�bic& iJiiAwiNG. * ML iiool w 7,100 8,501 In S-,60e 9,001. td ^.iw io,!5ni: lliOOl 18-,50l to 10, 00 f" li,ia) to \ym' ��aii^ ,600 'XICSEI^'>fl^^8tt^y^ar^^ at^evcl-y. Litxnsci- JVlr. Joshua,Tew*no,al Baston, "near .Market Deepiog, intbe ConHtj of Linculn, td be DlSr^sed of by PalVAtE Contract, 3iX� Feel of ASh Timber. 30J0 Feet of Elm ditto. 200 Feel of dry A?h (Split fti halves.) 300 Feetuf Ash Plank, lr6m2to4 in'i!bfs. lOOO Feet of Elm Plank, ftpm-2 lo Siifche*. 7v) Capstan Ba'r;, from U to 16 feet longi 5 IValnut Trees, from 14 to 20 feet loD^, and frdm 18 to 24 inches girt. 5 Marden WilloWs. 2 Y'cw-Tceei. A-Ulrge qimnUty of dry FeiHtes, frma 3 to 9 inches. : TbetUW of the Asfi Timb�..j[i. in fractal fromafinnS iocbMlo S fi!�t girt, and firafa l^Ho J�6ft*t;teng.-�t.tbfe. greater panrfrom 14- to lBiackcs>g)i-t.- TheEliwanefrost about litott-tiKfincrsurt �MlKU�e^sh and Elm aire pfid.-tipallyt Hoiiaar .cMiin, ttndfieaiaaed in f Ae round, were fxtlea inthe vetin 1866and 1807..aiid the Trees fhita 14 to 18 inchtf ^Irt; have beeiilplaated.�itbininemory. A Parcna.�er will not be rcquirrtt to t^ke the cdarse void; and as Air. Tewsoo it about dadisla|; tfaebuiincte, the^n've will be sold at redticed prices,'^ampptovcd s-ctirities, oi- a discount wtli beallbwed for ready duin^. -'X'be Thnbermay bie seen ^n. tke P>rmise*i and Lrtfm, pfNt-add, itddreMcd to .lit.. TcwsoB, Ba. 5. in boards ; or on royal p^per with proof impresiiuns of the plates, JOf. i&i. ripiiE PL-AYS of. WILLIAM SFLVKES- Jl peare, primv^ frora.the Teit of s;* tothaid,. Thoihson, Westiil, fitc. Printedfur Longbftn, liunt, Reti, sindOrme. W. Miller, andJ.Muitay. Luiidun; and A. Console and Co. Edin-,�Bfgh__ . This Day 1$ Piiblished, Price 3$. trtnnd, AVOCABULARY ENGLISH and GREEK, arranged syst�matically,.to advance the learner in sciea-tific a* well ai�?rbal knowledge. Di-s'igiiedfor the Use of Sdhooti.-Bv NATHANIEL MOWA R�. Tke 6r�!k language iisocopiouj, that few prnonsever master the vocabulary; the present work is well ralulated to expedite the kaowledge" of those terms of natural hictory, of lilt and science, which arc Commonlj- the last Ic-infed, .-ind the first forgot Wn."_ Critical Review, Sept. 1803- Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rres. and Orme, Paternoster Row J and Rees and C�rti. j shews the object of the Rifle in pairlicular; treaU ofthe theory of spiriil motion, e'onfirmed-by experiment', and of the minor qualities of the Rifle; examines the hfsiory of the Rifle and iis progressive improvemeMU; the Various shaues ofthe ftall; and proceeds todescx'ibe the rooitperfiect mode of constmctine the various pMtksCthe Rifle, and of pi^pariog its several appendages. Tte-t�esl^�d��of .wing it in its v.-irioos relations are next iJewribedi iheie^tftilf actual praciiee and experimrjif. .. Th�ii^i�Mcaadi>d(d by genml hiats tending to facilitate the co4i^lete^uiqiiireaei)tof the Rifle practice, and coaf-laioing hiu'i^h Ittformatiba ^ wn froifi various sources, Rifle ��rps, including the soWecjs of cnmliiive dis-iUKlions, dress, 8tc. and tending ti> ilie better formation of thosemotieAeS; which are so necesarv to elicit the spirit of iae-pesple for.tbe aUdimiiirct of skill in Rifle shooting: Tbe irhotle adapted to ttte commonest noderstaading, with due tnc;Eai0 fa every iforii which has tuuciied'apno the imbject. , \Oimie tvlit "puBCtnoi, qnt misfit utile dnlci. If wSs^li � ^* Miliury Jtibiaryj niPERHL fARHAmNT. HOUSE OF COMfluNS, WEbfJEsi).iY, Ji-i. 25. INSOLVENT DEBTORS. Sir THOMAS TUrtlO.N iiri>.>icd a i ciili"n, signed, by 267 prisoners iathe Kind's lU-nch. lie took orc;i u.'i to re-inarlc on th� very greainumlst-' .of p.T.oas roiitiu-.J for dfbt^ not only in this, but in every-othrr (jiwl in n.j-fc^h:-J''in. . which was at this period unpfecedcntoo., He tad lotended tu have taken a full viow �r iIt43.siibJL-c't, b.iit as tli.? biiRie matter had been bronghi i .to ilie iioiice of t.'ie biker Hou-� of Pariiameut, by a iVo!)le Lord (.Uoira) vw-.^e abilities would doitso uiucti ju'tci", h-" rto'iM Toirthe pr.*5eiit contcTit-liimself w'lth sinipU,. � I' Ihe I'ctiliim be received," reserving to li'im>eif.-. future npportu.-jity of calling the attention ofthe Hon�p to it, if neijessary. Tbe Petition was received rea^!, aiid ordered to lie on the table. Mr. LvcJDS gn'venotice, that Sr would io-morr.>wse'pight move for the :ipp"iiitDiciit of a foiiimiltee, to roiisiiler tlivs best mode of Prevejitii:g JJepredattoaa in I'iymijlith Dockyard, aiid the vicinity-Mr. Jon."�S(J>', fr-m ite office of the Chief Srcrefiry of Ir.-laiid, presented the Sitb Kep->rl of the Co(i*mi3Si"i:ers of Public .Arrount.-, aud the 7th ifcport of the ("orruiiiss miers appnint-^d t.> inquire into Ihe l-e U'- bene* fits likely to result from the r�iiew,il varp of the circumstances when theque.'Jiou nai.-.-ked. The aji-poiiitraent had certainly t:>ke.i place, .-md thpri-'cnyli'.l^.-: t�> wish to keep a m.atter secret, wliicli fruift \\\^ e.i'/ciic of ifce o.'licial duties by trie Geullenian ipppointf-il, was already notorious to every one. Lord Folksto.m: ga^e notice, that he would bring tfii; , subject befiife the House t.i-raorrow, as he doubted, .'t/t'r such aii.,'i^�. iiTiilerali.>n the l.orili Cors-raijsiom'r: Speech, and the Sucrtker having r M'I til'-si.iie. it WHS resolved that tti. HuDie slmuld resolve itself int'i i\ Cma-mittee of Sui>ply therenn t i-m-irrow. . gj^SS S-r S. KoMlt-LY j^.ivc iii'lT.-e of his inlenti'ni fo move, tiinl the Act3.'i. Geo. II. ^holllll be exiemle.t for the l�enelitof Prisoners in custody for roiitciiipi uf l'oiiri� of Eqnitv, iiy not p lying ni6acy I6r vVhicli oidcrs of tficse Courts v.cVo Mr. H. .MAR7IV, .ifter5omc conversation Tvith MC. Hus-Kisso":;, renewed .1 notice he h:id given la^t (iesbion of Parliament, relative l" dTtain Public Accon-rs. .\ New Writ was nrJived t" he issued for the Rnrbugh hf Pem.'iroke, ii) th" rortni of Mr. Harlmv, dete.-ised. MONUMENT TO SIR J. MOORE, AND TH'\NKSTO THi; �.:O.N'QUEROfl . .'F tORU".';-V LordC-l."sTLElli?AGIf. b-for c is Ing npon a subject which so serisi*'ly touched im- fcleings, not only of the House but of th'' Coiin'ry, could not help congratalatinsj I'll m and those mor: tm-mediaieiy ctxmected with th jllus'riuu'sH'.ro wlio had lately fallen inrthe cause of his country, (�o the glorious circumstances altenilins; their heavy -circniiistatices which in some mcisure were calculated to console thcni for that melancholy event. It seldiim - happened that any grea^ or inip >r'ant advantjxe, ot any splendid victory was obtained, wilhout \ti being their lot to mix feelitii^s of the rtost poignant rei�ret '�r some individual loss,'ivtfh thiisc of gratitude fir service^, and exultations for triumphs. Such was the. case in the prcseotln-stance, where we had to lament the fall of an individual, whose d-a�h, from his" distinguUhod character, his military -xploits, l>is time of life, and his projiisc of future excllencei wa5 to be one of the gre^t-st national calamities-{Hear! Aety..')-In cxpressiiig the de'if^ est sentiments of regret ou this loss, iJ was pli-aflnir to him and toBri'ain to do justice to the mtiriis tjf the individual they deplored. It was iii so.iie.dt-gree satisfactory to know, tliai thoug.l.i w .iinded, and sensible of his approaching dissolution, ;ho late gallant Commander of ihe lirllisli, army irr Spain refaijieil his menf.-il p-ssessioa ami strcii^th to the last f that fie was, able 16 follow up the Iransaclion he batf so ably p/atined to 5t.? clb-e, and to learn tha^it had been attended with tioio-plole success. In this awful aad inter "fitin.g state he had b.ut one^ish remaining, a wKll. wrn'.cft BTeryindiyidual in the Biitlsh ^lilmplre wdu^il bie most eager aud anxious to fulfil; it was, tliaJ thij service he had performed might be acknewl'-tyetl, and marked witli the approbafion'of his coatitry. That such a signal mabk of.approbatian-wtiold be given by the vote of th?s night, he cQubJ eutc'rtaiit no doubt, ie^i't .fohn .VIgore, lisul not feefti^abte * to accomplish all ihsf was cifcpected'j if "h^ was not able to aclii-'ve the arda.-us tisk tt/ resc'^ogj SpaiR^^i^om Ihe Tyrjnt's grasp, the Blame was ,a6t -iiis {loud and incessant cry of hsar, hearyfr^p^ ihe. Upposition.) ItjfaiiHJd him (cotiiinueii^lie Noble, If Lord) to see party feeSngs manifested "sqlpttdly tljose-GenileiocJii .tvbd-j^tt.-" on this occasion, ir tl�o�e^en!lenicJt tvbd"..^^'^ w,iy to so Ul-tinjed a aispla7.^f.lheir pi>riti^aj oplii nitfns, did ttiok that the .biame :l4r fil^'b'ik Mi.: jestf'3 Ministers, tht^ymigla. find a mori liropec. opporttwily <rf aigini. tbeit teatimestti, thjUTtm '

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