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Courier (Newspaper) - January 23, 1809, London, Middlesex MOKDAY^ JANUJRY23, ig^f. Pfice 6*. ALA DY-who has been several years accustomed .. 4- NEW. DUBLIN NEWSPAPKR.-The tiuhe C.ireand KducatiiMi of Young Lftdics, wishes for i XlL NATIONAL REGISTKR-rlV - VheTUAtLINO-OFFtCf., Jan. K,- 1809. p'os*" paid,'t StaliiiRcr, .Np.SOU S(ni.uJ,"will IitfatlVi^od to. or as itlier in tionable. leinent's, ' '^tti^ndefToTlhe Bnn-I and the CU.>- S^fSr'lbSes t� be taken of Mr at the per Thra- Those suld in tliu street:! are spurious and uvAlTCOiVCEftT. N cri|>> tftaorewill be issued than the Rnoin^^in uerrecilv^tccoin-, zIIfSUAit: Billiugtoft aria TMadiaaie; BiaiM-riiare'enR.nffed rrS-ji,oienmiber�f the GonciTt?. The �;indiii'<�nihe Season ? Leatlcr, Mr. Weichytl; Con- STSe Whole nijniber WAN rED� Aviiliinsix miles f thcRnyal'Ex. ch'in^e. a lHn?<' FAMILY HOUSi:; \vith from .i to 50 Acrm of Uiiid ; the. Norlli Road will he Mrefern-d - Lftier;, iflikrly In s-ail, addri-sspil to AJr.' CreiMiliiiid, Bnok-si-llcr, l-'inshurv-Place, Tiibbury-Square, will be iinraedi-ately .attended to, WAN rs a SrnfATION, as LadVs Ml^n, . or CosirAMOX, toa.Lady re�idiiig in the Country, .or who may br �n the habit of travelling. The AdverijsiT ha*a Knintl'.'dije of tlie iMiltinfry Ku^iliesw,iimi ran givethi; nioiit respectable Keferrncei!.-l/etlei"* (piMt |Niid) addresri'd to K. L. nt No. 8. Cr pplej;n�e-buildings, Cripp)egale,..witt be duly attended to. _ Mli. WaTLION, Conij)ii.ser. aiui j,faciiiM;, uf Kngli'h. Scots, and Uajian Sinsinsr, the Hlano Forte, &c. is cvireniifly Mirry that he cannotntt^nl at his I'upils . h<�u!^ea, but will lie happy to );ive thoV.i in-lruclioHS ih ibe ab<iveni liis.^��n bouse LeicesliT-plaf.-, Li-jt-vsler-s^ujii*.- He rontinueii to leach Rrown up Ladrty and'(�euUeuim] wiih facility, and secresy if required. iJis iww Oamnt fofsingin^ is very niuclL.ipproved of. The oUl (imiut' he has laid aiide as being 'o. 5, \Var^ick-t^uare, New- � gutc-street,' Lo~ndon. \ AllTIFICI A L TRETU, mnile from a Suhscmce ! with r.N.Ml KL, which di>e3 n"t ch;in�� e.'buir, aiid i appears equal to Nature, skilfully jilaVcrl, from oi.e. to a ; whole Set.-Natural Teeth platcdfrmu a single lo a coai- i plete'.Set, with d'ulil or Artiticial (lunis, on rea.-on ilde terms. 1 rtlr. PRINCK, Dentist, attends iL-iilv fnini I'en till Four, at } his llouie, >o. 9, JohuH^trect, .Oxfojrd-jtieet, w hT-- he per-  forms all Operations on the Teeth and Cunis v. :th e;ijr and ! safety.-Mr. P. fixes the abovcj Tettb so e.<att, that Ihty : can be worn without tyinp. I VALUABLE CTIURCII PJIKFKU.MKNT.- To he fiOU) by PRIVATr. CONTRACT, the NIVXTPRIiSKNTATlON (oa RKGTORV, in t1.e Cen-thil part of Dewnishirc, the (I'lebe .Uindi and Compxjitii'ii? of wbicH now prnducc 76U. per Annum, but arc c.ip-lile "f verjRre.'U Increjst'. The present Jiieumbeiit Iw nut resi It-d f'lr msuiy years, will be 73 years nt A^enext Ftbri-ary. 1 he ffint; Proprietors and JHtitiscnbers ak-e informed, r that Iftr. POND'S Fifth LIXTURIv on ASTRO-mMY. will be on Thiiral.ivtbc 2otliy aiid .Mr. D \ VY's SrStECtURli ott GlUiM'ISTtt Y-, on Saturday the 'iSth xSe '<ckturcii on Meduuiic-tl Philosophy w ill be delivered Willisgi Allen, Esq. P. R- S. enNalaralPhUMnphy, eight o'clock iu the evenings, by J�iB fUtcher, VJq. ' ' " / '  ^0 Botany; by James Edward Smith, M. D. F. R. S. Pies, Liia. Sot  . V ' Oatjrecian History, aJad Jliiiforinns, by the.Rer, William Cro*c, Wblic Orator In tfie Universi^v of Oxford, "ROyAV eVSTlTUT I O.N, J.\K.Qi, 1809. xK^ {italtd vpUani fr ai/aiU, wHu itttertfit^n,iiiieCgiimi� TIf CintPiians of the Coniracl may be seen af ihe Sicrt-iai'i'i Office. � ...... >. B..>o Tenter will be admitted for a leia qnantitytbaa One 1 iiiiuiund Hags,, ^ ^ . , : . j-.. jVo rc'.inl K-;.'.-   .'lad to an^ Tender in tshich :ht price thalT not ic iiiserttd in tc-rds nt li.ngth, c-- that shall rkot i� t^>i.-�r-td to thf li.'uril fefvre Ov.i u'Clvr-l: on, _4fi_ j/j^i Tuesday ll:c ii'h iniliiiit. nor vnUst ilie Person tchtj ,imtke� titt TtruUr, or in'/if Ptrion on his beJia'/, iiitentin, to an. SKer itiitn cnllitlfar. ,.. "~RO'i ALlIVCl'lANoi, ASSURANCE OPPlCt, , Jan. if, 1803. "^illv Court of Directors of the Royal Kx- cii*.\ for,iU Bj-c/ianga, on Wednesday, the 25/A i ef January, lusinnl, fujn r.lcCKn vCloe'i in lAf-fojcenooit, ! tin Ttzi' u'Ciack in l/te Jfiirnooii, fur ihfBltctiim efa Sub'  Gui'fmar, irrtHerb'mi of \V tlliat:�i Kobtnsony4[^ i:;VlY, at WeilinK, in X'Keut, lea mV� from'l�"n'l�n. m the liigb-road to ihilforil and Rpehcfter, wi!I,�p�i onJhe aoih iojt, . a�ll6liGriirtmar,rtatih and Greek" Uinjcuases, Writing, Jliifflhetle, �oRi*0byj-USeof theGl.-hes. History, �ook-kiepUiSi MnlbcmaticS4Trlgqonmctry� Navigation .-untftlen-nrdliou^ with lioard aoft Washing, Thirty-hve Guineas per  IJie morttpprQvedJtojitrts in Dapcing, Drawing, Music, Md ftimch. dna,qntiUyititl Terms. . . BUJ��ClUk'ttON'5m*�wi>V Tliii srAMbil PA . � TAiOtS; \ tlTr Og LC^ttQX TAVfeRy; n-e 13, 1.S08. ^�1Tf^nfVCo(]ntttiri'ec:Sjp!^^ the Mi of IXi- ^Jb ��n�pK'1ij^tl��Mrrrb il�MRof Londnn; . ttrttUtUd tt> tiie'A^pIitaTnin iif a (n.'neral Subsrripdon in i aid of Vie brave SPANISJI P,4TRIOTS, now �tru?�liiig in . IW Field, (0 dclfcW tto�<r Coinifry ffmh a fnreipn Mnd cruel lofader, canmit d^ftiiixe that duty Vvilhont makim: ai /tar!<fftap|ical IO;rfi�^alt��nlinMlr�f Ihrfir'eenerous Co^ntrvlmli, ofnUra'iki, in behalf W a Nation and a Cmsc so interest-llrftiiatJ ihf. syinp.illiri^of Brifiiiij. \jieojrtecoulPBrtiii|fiiriheiTindppendence,libcrtie5,aniUe-fflrityfrom foreignlynuuiyand opprcssion-i-ra tntiim.frien.Uv , fcIiS(li�jmsitinnK-r^:�t�iinifable in all itsnalionil conduct aiid itowrcrifiileilbj pnliiieaVahdicnmhiercial jntercst-iahd he dosi-Jy co^ncted in alliance and friciid.^liip nith Citat U];iiain,'aiulo<inrMnig|i;liilg,*nith heroic fnrtiludr, Ui ia ioiitmnn cau.�e, against a cnmmon and mrist formidat^le foe: Offering In the arJuons conflict- t hi' greatest hardship', and niiiuriijp the severest privati�n�, has Surely strong clainiH of 5erj kiiidoii^rery-iuhaVilant of these islands; and though ttegrehtrft eitertioiis have, with the general appriibati n of Ibis nation, bcea made by Government tn attbrd the mojt �xtcmi�f, speed?, ami elfectual aids of treasure, arms, ' �''"�J"''!'!^j milHary stores, equipmenis, and clirthing, wr W mamtcffiiafe aiid fuppoVt of the Swinish in>op>, J!^ I *'"> the sfliecour or large bodife �if British sol. hl'll felt, that the genermis manifestatiqn of w'P^Hir sentiment, iind such furlhei- aids, of. vari-�rt fcliifflf, as a Reueralnnd liberal subsrription may supply, ttniiot but have an effert nnJmalmjf juid coiKolingto the aginubvMilu-i-, and copiincine to t\�e Spanish Govc>nmept " V'"!'''''"^"f*' perfect nmon in op/iiion and sentiment Ti *'^Je"��hsu4*thi�(i which presenlf it-and fit to beae-Wffcd hy the cuIlaat,(Ksiii(erested, and high-spii ited nation, t rri|)tions. i"JJ"^sIWl,eaa,.n,d J. Parry................ fir'i'.^'^hotpe, pcrJInedwickc .......52 ^Thomas R. Dyer.......^.................KW , nry"'�Ji��i ,W/.r.ich, upr-Mr. Tunnu........100 "J'tUOmerot. Vifcirof-Kfiisington .,'...... 1 ^ M. Grant, Rector; of-'Jiorion, Perabrokcsh. 1 Bedfordshire : wn.ild be glad to engage ;is Bailiff or, Super-iiitemlant ofa Farm,after Lady-day neyf. The Wife of ilie Advertiser wimid umiertake the Management ofa Dairy. Letteis, pist paid, .idriressed to A. 1$. at Ihe Posl-oilicc, St. I^rols.-lhnitinKdmishire, will be innnediately attended to, ami reference fur characlerandahilitiesgiven to the present Kmploycr of ihe .Advertiser. ONKV.-rW^iiicd to invest several Sums of considerable amount in the pnre'hiu'c of well-sewired Annuities or Reversions, Persims of rank mid property desirous of immediate and e\teJisivc advances will be treated with on terms uf the .ue, whatever the amount required. Apply personally fnmi 11 till 1, or by letter to'Mr. Berlon; No. lO* Leicefter-plaee,' is reqnestecl r.n trtHiiigapp!ie!;tions may bemad.'' Years Purchase will be i�i>'y Solicitor, Caidill', or ilessi-s. Price lim. New-square,'London. and BroHue, Lincoln's A N.XUITIKS.-Ten X%: immediately g'lv-en for AnniiMicssrCtireU uynB Freehold, Copyl-.-�'d, or Imic i.^'iisebobl I'lslales, where the parties have an ^bsulote fhfcrest, and on which (by reason <;f the pressure of the times) mnnry cann - t tic obtained upon morlgaKe; and *}^Iit veiirs porc!ia-e nill litceivise be given for AuimilieR on tuuns Liv'� secnr-^tl Ml ('i-like priiprrly, .the Interest of Money inllie Fmids, I'hr.r.-.lVl'retV'-nicnt,or^Mnf inge'Seltle-ineiils, vvliere the parlies have only a Lif;^ Intere-i. hi eit^icr case the grSmtor � HI :i:ivc the p<iner orrrdeeniing thfe s;imc.' Applv per.oniiHy, fr hy lelter (pnst.paiJ) tu Mr. Beard, t^o- N""rihnaiherlaiid-streel, Stnn:l. rr^O PA1l5<5rfs aiHi guardians]-AjCTn^ .1. tlenmn. who ha resided iiuthe Tcinnlr.arid liiiig established iu a pr-t-.-sional lini; of l|�Hs^us�, wtJch liv a recent -Art itf I'nrlinmeiit' cannot be^mitti.-n-d ffltliBuiservbig nn Apprenticeship of sercii. yenrs. is disinius ot taking a Yonili .-IS an ARTlCLi-.l) C'LKRK, if h'-cannieet with ime well educated, anil of re.s|iectahle connexicii.5. As tiie .^ oung'' 'Genileinan yt ill be hoarje-ljnnd in.everv respi cl .i it;e;>, the youth. ' at Ihe cXpir.iii'i! uf liis Articlesmay lu'takeii iiito Piirtiier'i'' jhip, ot pr.'liabl.v .-ureeed t" the wh'olejConc^i, proviiled the ^ yuBog niaii diirifg hi� Clerkship cnnduet-, iiimse f with vro-prioty. which from the proipeclive" bedefit t" bederivrd, mid the ;itlenlioH meanHo lie paid to his' miirals^ the nilvi;rti.>ier fl.-�{fei> liiniself he will iim fail/doing. Letters, piisl paid, ndilrcssed to A.B. at Mr. llennett's, .NoiJirv and Cnlivev-ancer. No. 4. Peiison's-phice, Commercial Itoad, near tlie \\>st India Docks, will litr attended t^�. LKGACY DUTY, TO EXF.CUTOllS JVND: AUMINISTR.ATORS. WH.KRKAS it appears by the Abstracts of Ti ills anil Letiens of Administration, returned to the ^O^VS MILLS,-To be LfVl", a�.l c.iteretl _' on at Lady-Day next, old style, ]8'j:-), all tiial caj>ital W.ATKR Cdli.N MILL,-carrying fonr pair of inill-stnnes and~ttll suitable machinery fixed for the dressing of Uoiir. AI.-o,i mlNlern built Wind .Slill, ne.irly ailjainiii:;, rarryin* two pair of mill slimes, mid the like iuacliin r seri'ants employed on ihe premises. Tog-ther yvith" ahout Fifty-two Acres of rich Anble Meadow and Pasture L.-tnd, all mnv n-nted by .Mes.T-, Tyveedyand Parkin, who, for several years past "have carried on, aiid do now carry on at the said mills a must extensive and locraiive trade in the several articles of Corn, Flour, Coals, Lime, Bricks, Tiles, Timber, Flass, and Stone.?, us'cd for Buiblings :In liieh several tirlieli-s (|iiirliriilarly that of CoaU,) fan be allorded for. and have been sold at a much lower price than at Driliield, where the b'ck due. and frights exceed those up to the said Mills; the occupiers thereof having a free ami cvclusive riKht of navigation, opto, and duiu-n from the said'.Mills tirti> Drillield Cajkil, leading down to the town of ^llull uiid the lllrmhir. N. B. The sitnnlion of thi.-; property is must eli;:ihle, bring 6 miles from Dritiield, from liridliiigtunj i �arls . oftiU feel, the .Ash i>f 4b feet meetinjt-j i;>iu ;;nn\ ing nn Ctoptou-hall Farm, near Dumnoxv, in Ivs.^nx. IJ mil:-.- IV.ini the Navignlioii at Cl(el>ii?f"rd, and 10 miles from tli.- �liaif at BUh.oftSlorii'ordj-arr^io beS'ild. as j;ri>winj �it:i Inns, h>l>s, liiui barkj in >\vu lots, the Oak in one lot, the .'\sii in the o.ihcr.. . Any persons desirous:of purchasing bo!h or either of-the above lilts may send tlieir pr�iM�sal- in wriiin,', S"a!ed up, Cnhtaining ail olf'T of one sum eenain fi>r e;ieh lot to iiie ClerksDlliee, at Drapers Hall, lUr^-mortni-.-.treet. I.on-doii^ oiior before Thursday, the liith 'lav of February next, �t eleven o'ctiif.k in the forenoon, whet; a Co-irt iviM be held for Tifceiviiig such pniposals and treaty tor the sale of llie TimtuT with inch iiermma as may theiVattend by iliemselvei oranautborhied .Agent. Catalogues m;iy be had at the Clerk's Office, Drapers Hall 5'of .Mf. Wade, at Dunmowi ami at the principal Inn? tliereT;:and at llic'princijial l-iwiis in .i;-si.'x; and of Mr. Smith, on the Preinises, who will shew the trees M be Soldj which are all iiumfcereil. ' The PROPRlliTORS of jhe CAMiiRl.VN .f6 the PUHLIC. WAtHiON -v: lyecmr, oi'Monon, reranroiu^n �Jlr of a Protestant, uci|t} r. tVlberforce, M. P......................... jj �  '  At LIflyil's. Jnhu Stirling.............1................. �K. Mary Proby....................... JJ��A. l>mhT,,.............................. ^ol. G. Uiivcion, per' Oark and Si-smi ...,......110 ^rs. Willi.-iras, ol' Wiibpole-Dai-cet, p 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 6 � 0 : S^amp Onic.e from the several Kccleiiiaslical Courts,'tlnlt (he Duties granted by the Acts of the 3.ilh (tco. 111. c.oii 4Uh Geo. III. c I^K, .and l.'jth (ieo. III. c. i!S, have not betfii paid in respect of divers [.egacies aifd .\nimitiw beqiicated^ by Will out of Per-iinal pr Real Ksiafe, and in reS|wct of (livers Residues of Pcfronal instate given by Will, or devillved'tu Jfext of Kin ujmhi i�tpsta�4e?^ {larticnlarly in eases wjjrro -Ihe Lxecolorii were themselves Legatees, or Residuary, Legatees, and witereilie Adminisfrator. were the wle Next jtf Kin of the deceased-J This is to give Notice, that the Commissioners of Slampi are empowered, by iiii Act of (he la.-'t Session of Parliament,^ to remit tlie Penalties iiicnrrcd by Fxecntors and others in ronsequence of the Noh-Paymmii of the nJmve-ineMfis<ipd Duties within the Time presiribed by Law, provided ih^ same be paid ou or before tbe3J�t of January ISUH; hndth.-it, after that Day the Conimisiioners of Stamps rtill prii��e<lto institute Proj-ecutimis in the Iv.xchequer .i.;.ii*;sl surli Hiurea tors ami Administrativrs as shiill not avail tltemsrlves of the* JndcnHiily otlVre.L T�r recoveriiii; (he Arrearji of the saiij Unties: Jiy.Order of the Cojnmissroncni, . C. 1. BFiJKSFORD, Secretory. St.-imp-Omce, 21 Ih December, 1H08. ONh; TltoHsand Five llutulred TICKKIS will be given on the First and Spcmid Da..r� of Dcawu]|;thc 'ri(.i:ANDSTATr.I.OTTKRY. which lieginsonUie Pith of APRit Ki;."ST, besides the uiider-mentixmca Prizes: ____............i....................... * ^ n Kvening P.nrtyof'lAdies in Wal^ot-place, _ � S''^^-:::::::::!:::::::::::::::r:::""^'oo o, .Siibscriptroiisarervceiyi-dat the.r.Mansion-Mouse. Llovd s M8ee-housc, mid byall tne B.nnkers in ^LonJon and nesl- Lists nfsubsrriptions are-rra-ly'for srfb5Cribci*j and Dlliers *pHU COMMVmiK.for managine the SUB--l SCRlPTJOK-fbrthe SPA^'ISIl PATRIOTS, have woMved uumer.- ncr�Fitii.nt, to exeri then' powerful in-wience in' aid of this g^�t object, on tUe apimmcliiog Fast j �av. Thfc Committee doflttfe�l x^mpetriU to such � g'ne- [ 'al.rrcnramcpd.-itiou-as the wishes of their nuB�crou-> cutres- .i , pwdeAtspoliii to, wJiVch'thevthe less regm,co�edem Ihcy ; Motiia lisive tftc^e �f ihebntve'Sptuilards to the spnnia- -i ^^lepas impulsesof.Britmis,-ona dnv when they arc called ) �"I*consider tWj'awfnicriiits, a'lid'to offer up tbe;r j;rayers . the ftvvmirtm�iBls�Jtiff�iif'MeaVen in tiib just can�e of j Pf-defence f*fmithe�rts;icnidties, and oppnastoii ot u per- .| �Diots tyrant and iuytufeTv- v' .  ' i 4 2 � 6 . 10 20 44 100 4,SHJ sciiiiMi;. Prizes of .if SO.iKjO are ^fSiiOiJO ...........10.1X,'0......20.1HW ..........5,00!)1,000 ........... T,-OlV......, fi.OCii ............ 500.......O.tXIO ............ 100......S.Oft,! ............ 50......2.^00 -----....... 2.1......2,500 ............ 15---- 72.3i)U 20.00.1 Tick-elsi ^203.00;) The Contractors have Permi-sinn of the l.nrds iif TreaMirv tojnake a FRnK GlFri/UJUO Whole TiCkcU io'Addition to t'ac Pri2es in the Scheme : , � VIRST DAY, . A FrecGihiif 1,000 Whole Tickets, for the first-drawn Prize abovt.l5i., the Numbers of whiih are .ns follow :- 7,011 to, 7,101- I0,.t01 to 10,�10 S,5i)l to S,ti08 JI,>!01 to ll.lOtl 6,001 to S,l.WlT2A)l to 12,ot� IT is so tnilispu'able lhal Iht^ general Qirriajre of Goods shiMild not be; cngriisfi'd by no iiidivulual, that any. Uiing said to priiye it would hi� sn'pertlunus. Cpini tins principle the Cambrian Wasgiitr Proprietors ofl'i r tbcm-�elves to general nnliic ; and as tli.eir object is the puitlic good, tiley hiyie to receive the public Mtpjinrt they .ire de-teniiined in be regular, piii-c^iial, .and caretul; that all delay and damage nt g^ii>d> s<� p�'rrt"u!ly to inform the Public, that they liave o-talili-heO li cimxcyai^cc to and from Lmnloii, Otford, Chciieniiani, (ilonci-sJer, V\i>r-ce'steri Manchester; Liverpool,' Leeils, Halifax, Saifdle-wrrth, Hudilervliilil, Wakeiield, ShciBeld, Birmingham. Chrster, Shrewsbury, Ludlow, and-alj parts of the .N ioiith of Irefan.!. Also lo.iuid from Brisiol.-'B.ilh, and the West of l'.n::laiid, for Abergaveimy, Crukhowell; Urvcon^Tnlgartb, Hu^j Uuilth, 'J'ruaith, i.iindo�er), dc. itc. Their London W.'ii:gim.sci5 out .isnnder:- From the L^mbriah Witreli>iuse, Bel) Inn, .Smilhfieid, London, every .S,auird.i.y mnriiinx, anJ calls iu cuini:i!,'out and {oiikg ill at the Dolphin, Oxfonl-sircet. Packilorse tun......... Worcester, Tue.; e,~ � ;Brec'm,.^.. I Hay,....... Hereford,.. -' L Bi-omvard.. ArrivrKitthe .Park ITorseilnn, Wnree-ler, Tuesday Al.irn-, ing i :ind at the ft�-ll, Smilliliebl, London, Saluidav .M.irn-j-.S.'ilurd.^y,.. Ajfrll 29 -.: lug.-All Gond" intended for this cjmveyance fi-mi .M:inihe=-..... i (h,;^ terj Binningham,^Jvc. arc paitifularly reqiiesic(i hi; di- cU,"i reeled and" forwarded by i wiss, frfnu .Mai'c'iester. and, j UTo^KUAt.v. from Birmiiighniii, to the Pack Jlone, n..r-i ccbier; imdjalso ffom Gloucejti-r aiiU the Cl"tbin:,"t.4iunify, : by Pa^ie, to iht; t.'ambriau Warehouse, Hereford. Their BRISTOL W AtiGON sets out from liii- .Moderator-\Varehon|ie,.Mewp'>ri,eiery iVlMday .Nnuli; Cmnbriao W m,-. DtATS OP DRAWING. Wetfoesday, April )2 Friday.....April .21, Thursday,... April 27 Thursday Nona. ThnrsiUiy Night. Satiirdav Fv'eiii::g. Sunday Alorning. Mumlay N"i>:i. Mi>iida\ .Ni ;lu uiovcnicnt, and without any attempt to sue-coiir li.c Spanish-armies, to whom however., a di* vi.'ii'.tn of ibe English troops vrotild. have proved yf considerable assistance. In tlie beginning of D.-cember, information was , received, that the ciibtmns of the British army" were retreating on Comnna, where they were to rc-enrbark. By later accounts, it afterwards appeared that they had halted, and that on the 16th December (hey set out from Salamanca in order to ' take the field, ' As early as Ihc 15th, (he light cavalry had march-cd from Valiadnlid. The whole of the English army passed the Uouro, and arrivfid un (he 2Sd iu presence uf the Duke of D.\tM.\Tt.\., atSahlanha. A.S stjon as tlie F-mpenir wa-t apprized atMadiid of thi a�,. which was" wiKisjii. with . aiiuw, Jhi iiices.:. sant rain, and the ovrrflowlng of the torrents^ layed their march full fwo days. On the 22d ihe Emperor left Madrid. His head.q'idrti-rs were oh Ihe 23il at V'ilia.Castin, im (he 'iS'h at Tomlcsellas, and oa Uiu 27th at Aleditio tie Rio-Secco. On the 2 4(h, at break of day, (he "Cncmy Tiatl b 'gun t > perated the cowwiTy against them, and (heir dif-ference of langtiagf, manners, and of reliuiun,^ ciintribuiid not a little to that di.'^positiun of men's minds. They reproached ihe Spaniards with bav-' ing no lunger an arm}' to uiiifc with their'sj and" with having deceived the English Government. The Spaniards reltirned for answer, that Spain bad had nitmerous armies, but (hat (he English ha I allowed them to he tiestroycd, without haviuij made any effort to assist theth. During the fifteen tiays (hat hnvo just ('lapsed, they did not fire a single musket. The lii',ht ca. valry only had given s'lihie blows witli their s wnrils. Gen. DiJJtiisxF.L ;il the bead of 400 lig.'-.t Ktiise ,ijr ihc guard fell itv at (he close of (lie evening wi'iia cohiiiin of EngJi.-,h infantry on (heir marrii,' sjbred a nuinberof ioldiers, and cwried disorJoi into the cohimn. General LicrEaviii:, Di>\ �netted. Colonel of the Chasseuis-of (lie Giiaitl. detached two tlays before, with tlirce sjjuardroiis of his re^imiiit, having taken str'agg'ers, ami linding down, imagit!�'d that the a (jiranlity oftja^jgagc, of woinl'n, add till linding tiiu Uxiilge of I'^ela cut tiiwo tif Bcnavenfe was to 3.10� 4.j;)l to i,(iiX)  5.WI t<i jijUW  6,J0l to 6,iiu.  � - >� ^.Uzi^r" j^. � house, Abergave'imy, T uiid.'iV Morning i arrives al lir Tuesday Nij^it; i'nim tt:c C.-tmlirL-in Warehouse, Brecon, i S:tttttnlay Rveimig; AbergaieiHiy, Suadoy "Nigat ; ao;! .ir-i rives at .^�e14port Alimday dooming; wheie .-nl (. nt Carrier.-. i N. Pri>prii-t/iri�will not be arcnunraMc fir, ! i Watches, Jeweln, Wriliogs.Glass China, &c. unless ni- i i t�red*-iaichiMia p�id:�.rarciwtUnsly. � ' i AH ie(4rr!i relative to this Coijcero, .a<l�tre. nbr4ati-Waggon Office, Breci^, will be duly ! evacuated. Carried away by. .tb� impefaosijy; with which (he iVeach soldiers havijbi'en ofihr reproached, he .swam across the river, tn order ih tnake for IJe'navenle, where he fill in'with tic H hole of (he rajalry of the rear.guard of the Englis.*! : a lonjT confess here, ensu.-d, of 400 mcr. aj^ainst '2000. There was n rt'sigfihg uuiiifccrs.-^ Tliii'iti bravo ftTows n-crosred the river. The hiirs.- of (icn.ihii Lkfebvkf. wajs killed by a bail. jI.: had himself foc^ved a wouad ffu-^l a..

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