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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - January 21, 1809, London, Middlesex � ivr^'.4,282. SATURDAY, fka::t,', ill St. Ann s Chur^il, Hitiw. ;jflMii>t.~-t*r.iyc.tsttr6if^ at I-,U'�cri o'clock. . " 1..T a CJcD^-ral Mceliny of thu lll'X"I'Il''Vi V(; 74at all (-fiski-siiall btf4miHeardj;ttl;irchante of when Fpnt ,^t,a"d 'W !ill-'��iU�Ci>be luaJif f>�r IfM- wum' till tli.-v are re-j^lj r lHnii;il awl nro;ivc4 bact iril e deW�d ju-lheirac-?8SUi�tecof.ll� .UK.t;KRY,' 1)11 .Moiid^iv, JaiiHiirv .'JO- Mli. JKSSK FOOT will foinnu'ncir a Course, oi' Twcniy UXTUmCS, oti tin-'nu-orvaiiJ Cnr-of tiiii t iiiiprrtil Disf.i-i'.aiii on OijCifi-s of t*!  Ur<;thr:i, Kl iH-rtfraiiil Kitliiir ik, tl nuglioiit llnr Yi;nr, at Hiium-, JO, Otfaii-jircct, S .Ho, wlicrea S_\l-liil�ii-i liiiiv In:- lind. WHIG CLUIi.-Tlio nf'.Kt Meeting of the Wilis C!ul> will h<i <ia 'I'lU'silyy, IlicJlh ctf I'ebr.ary, atllm Cjlt*.of 1.,hk1.iii Tav.Ti, lJisli |rsgatt!->trfct. . Hii Gnicc tiie Ouki- ..f NOilFOI.K, in the Cbair. STliWAUDS. The Earl-of Albeniarle, | H. C. Combe, E�q. M.P. Lord Kiii|{, Lord Aliltuu, M. P. \V.A.Mad...-ks, hsq. Al.P. W. J. Ot-iii>oii, Esq. Uinnfr on table Kive o'rlock. It. W. (JLAItKSO.V, Src. ^.id.-v.u.'Vlocll,�iid those AK'iiib.-rs camiot: t at- '!^i^t^^'wul.=u�l-K-ri�i.K. .All .S^iemilic M^.i of r.r�,);t*l 'UWi S-b-cribcis as bav.- aoi yrt ^e^uthe l-x,.e-Sa^iU m.-.J card. ..f admission h-r another .lay ot ten, oj=^ o ^'ijisoK, li.voiitor and Palciitee. j'U IvPA R .\ rOU Y I .\ ST I rt' 4" lO .V FORTHi: ROYAI. MIUTARV COLMvOE. THl'M.'arrnis of G tilritii>ii for the prr-vious Edu-c�iiimiir.'i�ch(>eiulemcii lias been formed in �!ic vieinlly <.f Coiniiuinder iu Chief auJ of the Govcruor aa:! Olliteij ofihe 'nieiikJMt of this .Institntinn is aal only to prevent llic /irijiiiiit ill!Uiiicrs.iif llifi rejcetioii of IVididates ubieli froroihiinleficicnry in the required qcalitii-.-iiioiii, occur on etmailtiiiftioiidav; iKit also l!�.qualil"v liieui, bv a Couft:.-of,SiiidiM.iilaii'edfothat:nM*at M:Tl rijifii)li>.s of a l"l:i,7suvil WoCTfi'm, llif Sluily of the Modern Uiii;;ii;i^^ef, and the Kle-�enl�"fj>iich hranclifsof Sfieijrf iis Jire seiii'rally considered � tibc nm.'t if-ciitial in the Mfli'lary Thf Mtablishniciit is c�> t iinjiMved: i�rt#r'ijle<...j);^vi!ig been lately er.xte.l thfre; whereby a seain Jif C".nl,' ufiittehiiitdreda(7cs,,iitay be jierfrctly nnwatered; aMS-venil pits liarinsbern ulivai 1y>'4 >>i"' iis, acd brii^ii^ with tiieni cood ebararleri f'flkill, huiie�iv nnd.jubiiety,. wilt reeci'e i liiiiedi.ite eni-ftaynirut fnim'tbe MaiEi^er A the tliid' Colliery ; who luns al-wrtv, under hisdirectious npwanU of one hun ':red Collier', iil^haud Scotch, as weR iu Irish, for whom, as well as forlieiiewcomer^. coui^wtableaccminodatioiis have been pmrided, in a village built/or that puriiose, adjoining the Colliery. : AUhV^gh -the Court of Directors o.f the said Company .tave, by a former advertisemtint, declared themselves . re.M}y to receive profosils for jeiliiis >aid "C-dliery, and are�(iltdi>p4ed (o enter into wgociuiioii with co.upelent persniis for that purpose^ the Workjng Colliers nii�y be a�-Mredllial, io allsuch nej-ociatiops, due car.* will be lakrn, futile fulliloieul of all eu;agenien!s, mav be ni-ide w iiii linn by the present .Maa.uer of the OdlierV: and that no wi-Jibelwved Collier shall be put out of enr[*lo)nie!it. or rented fr.iialiij ul;ice of residence, in comei;uence of such Kttll^. There is nndanjCfr if moV^ Collicrsjhaii thejthovc 'P.'J'5"d number should apply f'>r eiindoxnieni, that they �m be di>appointed. either *in r. sprci to .coiployment or Tk?"'-''''"""'*' ^*h>reisx to:isiant for the coal, "wpiisnioiiih.a-soonasjrai-ed: aid fhv ?aid Conipaiiy afejKwrtsrd of other adjoii.liij; Cidlierier, no* nearly ready �"'"^Tkliis-and have created iither exteiijive markets, for uesaleof ti.c the rstiiblisiininil of two ci>niider,able J^fW., furfaciliialingthe e.\ieii�ioa of ihe Coal-Tr.ide- "" Ihetcr.iiinalirtirof fbe Canal at .^thvs and another at Uwlpwt), iiiihe County ��f Kildarc. bein>; the point of pa"i|iD.ibcLrvrti the �cvenil brsiiiflieto/ i^ad Canal from uietily .ifDiiiiii,, i,ufie"Ri�.isSh;uinnjianil Harrow, iwnv Wm|ili'tHv ijavi-abJc m the <i(iej of Li itttwd '"^A'thloiic, sitiui T OST, a BILLofK.XCJIA.VGE, dakd Pai<- JLi ley, 1 Nov. LSas, fiir ioj'. V<. drawn by Thomas Zuill aiidC". D!i and aeCepleU. by iLit.'iew Garland, payable al Mes-n-. Presc.ilt, G-.t.te and ,Co. Uankers, London, i�arke<l w't! ifl^ U.. lti^73-r-uks the pavinent crson but Iho drtwer, 'It i* hoped, �vUiWvl�i'-4t:L<i: fi�0nd-H, will fcod the i.i�iu� lo-Mess^!* Prest'iirt ami CoTas abovif, where they wiU re'c�Wc Oiie'tiuiuea Reward. � ' C.VVAUIY.-l<or Sale, a CORNETCY in a fa\'ourite Regiment of l.i^ht Dr.ajjoons.-The p irtien-larsniav be known, byapplyni:j (po-ipiid) to A. .il iVtr. Goddard's, Militiry Uookseller,'corner of Pall Mail, L�n-d'ln. '_  _ A\V'.-Wanted in a SoUcilor's OiUri", wlu're A coiiveyaiieiii;; .i:!v is trmsarled, a CLI'.RK, fuljy C.mipetenf to la'lie tlierl:c(r tnch of ilie ppife's-si.m.-i{espeel:i!>!e ivfeienecs as to .-haiailor awd aliililies will lie required.-\i)j)lv to .Mr. Tunier, Station-r. Chancery-lane, wlii-re may be a Ciiaipieie Slieci Li^^ of the n.-'w Stamp Duties.__ _ WANTS a SiUia-iun n.s" STiCWARO and BMLIKK, to .Su;i ll-bnilt IJriek IIOU.S?;, situate at .N'u\vin.Ltim (irecn. It has 1-itely undergone a tiioro^ish lep-iir, and li.i.> been for many ye.irs in till! occairili'.ia of a fieiitleuiau in tlie above li.e.-Apply: .N'o. .S'liiiiiampt'in-.-lrei-i, .Strain!. No. If). ilKiH-sriiKET, .M.\n yi.i;ii<)m:. MR. jAMiKSON lia.s o|i.-.iod a CLA.sS fjr Ihe Study of the Givek aial Latin Lanjcuajji's; Maliienia-t c. . Mo-.dav, Wednesd.iy, and l'"ri>lav I'^veniiic? ; JVlatlit-matic.- iVmu 1 til 2, Perspective fro.ii 'J lill 3, {ieo;rai>hv froni H till 1, Tnesd.ay, Thnrsilay, and .Saturday .Vlbrniiigs.-Mr. J. gives Private Lessuns athonitor abroad. �.V. !J. For further parlirul-irs apply .'is ab-ivr: AilOUCIfLANDAU.-To be SOLD, an exceeding K.iod BARUUCIIE LA.N.OAU, lliat has been aseil lint a'vejy short time, built by one -if ilii: most eminent Makers in Town, is in cvirellerit ertfi-lidon, andfor I'.'iinrdiati! U5i;.-Enquire al Mr. Windus's, Baker, in Swallow-sireet. . VICTOALLlNGiOFFICE, .Tan:-16^ 1809. ''JIJIE Cummissioncrs fur Fidiialling Uis- Ma. v. i>Kon.L-. lu.tucxM.ui II iioic iiicai, om naij mtTtuf lit b: dclii'trf-tl in a fortnight:, ami the remainder in e fvrtirij/U Afie.-aflrih, ia'o liis M:ijeil/s yiciua'Mn^ itlurts nt Ueptfmd ; itHil to be paid J'iir hi) liiLi,itatjab\,KiUi Jnlereit, ninc!^ ditys u/ltr ttatc Ti.-v CundUiotts of t/ti Contract may be seen nt theStcre-taru's 0;lirt. � 'N. B.'No Tender will he admitted fjr a less quantity th.ln Oiii! Thousand lia^s. So re , ',VorlliumlM'.'-laiid-.-treet, Chiirin^-cioss; or personal application between the Hours of One and I'jBir- >i. IJ. No IJroker need ipjiply. . imcrick and Water-ite in the centre of liy Ofiler, � . DANtKL BAGOT, SiC. A'Nn-;Thousand Fivh tlundrod . ^, , I* fi'ven on the First artl Secoid of .J'RA.NUSrATK LOTTERY, which begins i *faiJ..\cxi, besides the under-iueniioued Pri . , , SCIIEMK. I.........;.ltUH�____,.�(UW . I.....�.....5,aU..-.-.MO0f^ ....... 2.01)0 "..... alK...... 3.^00 i ICKKTS will of Hniwiog the on the lith uf 'rizes: DAYS op : -^.......S^'Kin I 15.... ;2.;Ui =�2ft)itXW DRAWING. Wcidnesdayj .^pril 12 Frid.ny..... -April'il Thnrfday-..' .'Vprll '_'7 1 .'^ajurda.r.... April 29 Tickets. ^-,'I1'e.Crint#aWnir^ kite Pernn-iion'bf'tlie V.rtrds of the "l.'?^"?-"'' ��''"'�� PREKtRin: cif l.'iOO WholeTickel�n ."�AfliiUuolaiUe Prj/i-sbi the Scheuie :; , . . . FIRST n,\\', . .8,^ ^ AFrec<;(ftori,;H)'.l jVhbleTicVrts, . j?"'',^-dRi�TKPi-iEeabo*e Hili the ^tlnllIers of' whUh ^'-a^WliUv t-. NNUITIKS KKDKK.MAliLH.-MONKY at S pec Cent, will be advancetl for Aiinuitics secitriMl on real Pn^perty, .vhere tlie (Jiantor has a pfrm.ineiit interest, and prooortioiiahly moderate where the l*;irties h.-ive only .i Life fnterost. Tho?c who have herelofore gnirt.-il Anuiiitfes cn exorbitant Terms, maylje im.ii.-diiilelv aecini-nimlatcd with aOy Ktnii from llh)'. to ll)0,IK)y/. to relkeni the .suae; and the Nobility, Clerjjy, :.;id-others, desirous of � raisin.* .Money thronsh a rerpect.iide channel, may he sup pti'd 'oncll the Hlu.iI modes o.'-leitirity without expnsnre or ilelayi, for a eotnuiitsion of only ten Shilliiigs per cent.-.Ad-<lce-.s (pw-tase free) t.� Mr. Jolia Bei-y. Raker's C"oiiee-hioH', Changc-aile^'; or Ao. H, Bearbiader-lane, iVlaibiiin-Iwnisi", ONKY nady to advance-Wliercas many ---l-idies and (;-nlIeir:en experience very great pecn- iii.iry iiiconveiiience for want of knowii^ vorae respertable rhartnel thniugliwlio�c- medium ihey inay bo .-icomihodated with teiiiprary or pcnnaneiit sum? ..f Money-.Mersrs. IIAR-RLSniidamrCo. .No. ;Ki, Stillolk street. Cliarin;f-C4o-!, re-spielfiiUy iiifiM"ni thir Nobility .and Grutr� in possession of litcome�"ari?ing from I'reeliold, Copyliold, or Leasehold Esf.ites, in Land or Houses, Money in the Pond�, Rent .Char,;cs, .Ma�ri:u;e Settlemenls. Widows' Jointures, An-imities. Patent Places, Church Livings, or anv certain income for Lite, fhalthey ni.iy be supplied with'iinnis iif Money to iiny amouni, by p.iying an adeqinite anmiily intere.-t for the same, r.-deeni ilile at any time, at their own option. Peis will be rec.-ivi d every day till three o'eiork, :i:i !>t'pnjd) iinmetiiately answered. WANTED t.. Ilrnt f(.r~C<!e VearT^pr^for such longer tiaie as may'be asrerd on. and entered ill' Ajiril ensninn.a vomfort;iblV, well furnished, det.iched HOUSI-; or COTIVvGi;, ill a p'c.-antsituation, on the sea CO..I.I, with a Ko.ul wall-d-in iranl-n, and ten or twelve acres�'tnre lar-d, near Jo ,-i Market Toon, and in a giiiid in'iKlib,mrhood,-where fo�-hoiiti(li are kept. Siabling fiif. t'lree � r four bor-es will be required ; a citaeli-house and olhersiiilable oitiepj. The disl.-iiice frihn London not less than UK) mile.s,- The Couuty of iiariipshire will lie preferred. This .Adverlisemeiit is-wjihy of attention, as the Family the Pri'inises are w:'ir:led for .aieof liie highest respert.Tbilily. Lftter.'. post paid, ert'.itaintaja fHiLaCei.uiil of pariieulnrs, flir.Ti.-d �o ,/. ;M. P (.'PKRF.LUOtn HAIRS from Iht; Face, .Neck, Arms, .iiid for improving- the (^omplexinij.- .Amiilst that'dreaofnleaiifiisioiiiii Iheiilnram, niiil anhrngthe U'oincn. occasioned by ihe ni.a.^>ici3: .(�f the iiufortunsite Se-. OFFICE OF ORD.VANCi;, Jan. G. 1809. ^IlIIE Pnncrpnl Ojjkcrs oj /w> iliyesly's Onl. JL nance do hcrclij ^iVi- '.\oli:c, that I'ruposaU kIU be iv-ceioedjU their Oj,'ice\ m P.ill .\iall, on ar Injure \Ve Work fniliiii I'rjjfisal can tie udmitltd :ifl,T Ifie said "^ith daij of Jiiwuivi, al J'lC-lve c'Clork iit Mun'n vi'the .same dai), ueilher trill umj Tender be mitirei!' the i'aily making it, or an j1;^cn> mi his hchalf, shall uiieiul. By Older of the Board, __R. H. CREW, Serrrlary. O.N'EY.-^Wanted lo invest several Sums of eoiisidenible itmomit in the purchase of well-segured .Annuities or Reversions, i'ersons of r.ank and pmpertv desirous of immediate and exle.:isi�c .advances will be treated with on terms "V iTie stricle.^t honor, and great advalilaije.- !N'o objection to Irish Sectiriiy -.Apply personally, fiom eleven 1:11 four, or by letter, toAir. Bertoi'i, Ko, 10, Loicestcr-place, L-iccstrr-s'qnare. SALi-.S 15V AUCTION. PICTURES, MlNlA'iURES, BOOKS, CABINETS, PLATE. CHINA, WINES, CARRIAGE^, LEASE, &c. Uussell--quare.-By Mr. WHlllX on the Premises, on iMond.ay next, the'ijd inst. and following days, by at-derof Ihe'l'.vecutors, ra^UlK valHuble El'Fl'CT.-; and LEASE of fhc J. elegant HOUSE, No. il. South Siile of Russell-square, late the liesidence of Sir George Panncefole, dece.ised ; comprisiag the moilern nnd execellenl furniture, hook cases, a state bed, &c. in hue necille-work, fashionable plate, golil watch, diamond br'iach, capital clocks. Coins, a oiano-forle, with additional koss, :i patent b"-liar.el drion and Uas^eolel organ, by Clementi .Tiid (; .; a w.anlrobe of tableand bfti-linen, iacltnliiig 17 pierrs of homespun linen; nines; a fashionable land.iiiletand liai":ess; ornamental tifure's .and Jars of the line old Jap.iti porcelain; scarce prints, fr.'inied bronzes. &c.: a collection of pictures by \';uv.lyek.Riib.'i;s, Murillio. Parmegiano, L.Carrarci, Bar-r.iceio, t5cr;:lie;j,05lade, Vernef, V:indervelile, Saldillevcii, i;i-hcinier, &c.: bc.a-ilirul rare minaturcs by Cooper, Sir Peter Lely, and P.-titot: matchless cabinets of the rare old Japan, t'.rloise-^!lell, and ebony, ailamed with massive silver; the valntible library, C:inipjefie:idiiig a select collection of about lil)',) vuluuies, amongst whica are many scare-' bonks, the original .MSS. of Royal Letters of Clinrll-s I. and II. I'rmie llopi-rl, ite. and other curious and nnie.ue articii-r.. which were the projitMty of Pii'jce Rupi-rt, the ancestor ot' Ihe late'p:!ssi*ss>�r. iS:e. 'The Houssand Ellerts lo be viewed 3d:iys'jirPueriiFgihc lale, wheoca!alof:uei(at is. c.-i�!i, to be returac.i to (iiirrliasers, anil with .ut which ii.i per.-oii can be .admitted) be had on the premises; al c;rrrav\ay's; and of Air. h.tC-, Siorey's Ga'e, Great Georg-j-j:rect', Westminster. Elegant LI'.AriEHOLI) RESIIJENCE with sp;ici.>us OF-l-'li;i-.S, Cii-irter-htuis-.-squiire.-l;. xies^-rs. WIN.STA.N-Li.Yan.l SO.S, al (iaria�a\'s CuUce-hoiise, Cornhiil, b-.I Tut:-�!).\V, Jan. 'il, at twelve, Vl-'.RY compact and eKCi-edingly well-fitfcJ Leasehold Re,-id'-nee, w-ith jiardeii an.l oll-ces (opening into Long-lane), mosi d-sir;ibly siiu ite, .No. 3."), on lin-soiiih side of Charlcr-h.!ii3r-.(|ii.ire. The preiais-.'s have reeently nndergi'm- a most sniislantial and uriianieiilal repair, are tit for tin- iiiiiii.-diateri-cepiion of a genteelifamily, particularly calculaieil for.;. Prof, ssioii.-jl or (Medical The Ilnu-e Contains haiidsoaic diiiiii;; and ilraviing-rooin, live bed chaniheni, i'.ressing rooms, excellent kitcben, wa^h-house, builcr's-vo J.ii, ^lo^e-roo!ll, larder, and vooniy cellariige, held tor:)i vearf ."it a low rem. Tobeviewe.l ftrtiveen the honrsof twelve ami three, by tickets nnlv, which, wHn p.irticulars, in.iy be bid o'f Mes>^rs. Wi'nsjinley au.l Son, P.iteriiosti'j--rJW ; particulars also at Garraw.iys.; '___� NAVAL OAlvatid OTHER Tlvl HER T;ii;i.S, Fla<l.-v Abbey, Gbicestei-shire.-By CiilLELSO.M, at ihe Bear Inn, in .N'c'.vnhiim, i.i this County, 6u Tim�i).iv, January at.lBjD, 1 iWO J-nOaSAND JURE!-: ILU-VOilEDa-ul kio.Vj-7,p �i" .to ixrs. Mil- tO; ti^t.0" 9,001 ild .-^,lng jo^ni 11, in-iSJhR to lOidOO to. n,i(K) to 1S,!)'J9 .AflortirrTtt* Gifted-,so* Whole tickef'i ��^.���'5J5m�im�taifid�: abosc iSiiftht Kiunbers of. which.. .J3,tini- i3im 13;bot- to L5,iiW Mf)Ol 'to IJ.aW IC.Sill io ln,'.ll)'J . 17.001  to 17,101 Rickets S aad silARFJ? are, ?eHmg at cirery LicensccJ lottery Oificc* J It mamu'r in wBickithe fapi-.'aiiii�le.^t^rtru 'e.\p<tsed, l< held ir tshe iii_:r(irit cstlnKilioii. ..\il' rl�t,v of imprtulj�Kvi l>adlei-are ri-ijnr-ted to oh^rvPi that enci>.bMti.b in(ett Wilh.llie Englislt Un psag.', h:i,s ap.point.-il'.\reisr;,8.haw and Edwards, St. Paori t hr.rcU-y.'ird ; bv wb.-m Ladies may i'eji'''id "p'-n being st^j-pl.ed with the depilatory gcniiini!. 'Orders (post paid) io-i-ln'ifi* t!ie .afiiinuit f.T a single b.^lllej or larger ijuaiUily, mU be puiRliialSv �(Xec:itcil. Ac AlMiteqieut of iJi iii Si-t IJ'�Iile f Sir Tho ;;ai! Crawley IJoevey, Bart, in the loilowiiig Lots. The Oak and Beech Trees ar-mnsily of very large (linteibioiis, tit for .Nav.i'l piiip-Jscs, and within about three miies of tiie River Sevein. Lot 1. Three Hundred 0;ik frees, now -tarding in a certain pairt of the Abbotts V.'oods, adjoining lUe of i>e:ui,called Sneed's SVood, iiuinl>ere.> wiili ml paint t'niin one t , Three Huiidt-ed nnd l-ifty Qak TK-es, now standing ibcertain parts Hf ihc Andiots Woodsi c.-itled Loug-gr.ea Coppice,'ll/ifti, Liniiig.-trs, .-uiJ Brinei.c<"nh U oo.i; ii�m-bered w ilh reil p.'iiiit, trom One to 330 iitelii-ive ; and ako fmir Beech Trees, iu the itutie wood^ nuuiblfred with red paint. Lot �, Four Hnndred and Thit-ty Oak Tiecf, standing in a certain p^rl of ibe Ahholfs Woods, cati<d. Si'udley Coppice, uuiuBijr; d with red paint from oijc lo \M Inclusivir; nnd.'i'so iii He*eh Tr -j^ l-'arms, iiuni-bcrcd with reli jiait.t, from one t-i liy inclusive; also 15 Elm '1 rees, tliree Ash Tr.-es, and nvo Beech Irees, on the Stime, numbered �<tli re.t p.-iint. fit 'I'lirec I iiii'dred .-ind X-.veiity Oik Trees, nrnv standing in a Cf riain p;:Tt of Ma.vley U.tod, on t:ie .-oiifli-e.-ut rideirfthe fiMii-paili'leading r.nri Ihe .Vliildle Forge low.-inU t^-LU'lel Farm, iiui^birfr-d.witil white pai�it fruniuueto 3-'0 inciisive. , ' Lot7. Twd llunjircdand Thirty Oak Tree.^. now standing In i. Hnthtu ^att <�f: Flaxley \\ "Hid-. ..11 tlie iioitb-we.-t side til .rCof, huHiii-.i d by Hbjiiy and Sh!(periil};e IJiJ!, imm-I e.eo witji while piiiiii liotii one to -jJO Micliirivc. ' Lot Hi^'nii aiiif T�'nly Oak I rets, now sl.-Kid- a'-ccifiin parlnf- Jt'Javley'W.....!, on ine enst s:-ile thereof, adjoitisng ,Afonl<-hi(l Farm, nmiihered willi white jiWini, on.- loS'i'j hif-fijsive. i-*..i-av.ii�whriW above; trees, to Mr. John Soale, Of ;;Ja.'<l-y, Sleaard hi .Sir'J'hnmub i rawley b.iexey, liart. Condif'oil.- iif ."^ale.- j'Vie 1" lee- tn l.e IVllc.-t by ai.d at me cxpeocc of the purchaser'; ai:d a d. posit lHA.Sij -fO biXIil HOUSES OF PAR-LIAJIE-N'T. Xo. 1.-Letter from Cdant Nicn6i..tS db RoM.VKiorF t<t Mr. Secretary, dated Erfqtth^ Sept: 30 (Oo*. 12j, 18-03; Received October yl. - tnANSLATioN; , . Siii-i scni^your ExcelJcticy aicitei- wJiioh the Eiviperors of Russia and Fraiice vviriife to his'Ma-jesty the Kiilg of Eoila^td, ThelSiJjHifor of Russia flatters bimsc-lf that th^ King of England will feel the grandenr artd sincerity of thiS step. She will there find tlie liiosl natural and tho moSl Simple answer to the Civcrturc which has been mada by -lilmiral SanlHrez. The union of the txvo Em-jifros is beyonti tlie reach of ?,!! change, ahd tj;e two Emperors have forined it for peac^ aS well aS for war.  Jlis Majesjty;^gis-commanded lilfjto make kiiowti poicnliar-ies wh6 Wilf repaiV''fe'1Rffib.; .'frhere-^e^ will await Ihc answer which your EiccellCTtcj' hiay may be pleased tom.ikcto me. I request you tu address it lo the Russian Ambasssador at Paris. The l:^ienipotcntiaiics named by the Emperor.of Russia will repair to tluit Cify o'n the Continent tii xvhich tlie Plenipotentiaries of his Britannic ftla. jesty and his Allies shall have been senti In respect to the bdscs of the iieg^iicianoii^ their Imperil! Majesties see ho diflifully id adopting all those formerly proposed by England^ iiamely, the ule posiileds, and cfery other iizsfs founded upoti the reciprocity andftjualiiy which ought to prevail betweeit all great iia'ionS. I have the hotloUr to be, with seiitiniotlts of th& lii^hi^st bonsideration, &c. (Signed) Cdii.\T Nicolas De RoSjANzotF. To his Exircllency Mr. Canniiig, &c. No. II.-Letter from his Majesty ..the Eiiipemr of the Rnssias, and BoNAPAKtB, to lii? Majesty, dateil Erfiirihi I'.'lB OcLiberlKOa.-Received OcloUcrilst. TRAxSL.i'iio:^; SiiiEj-The present circumstaritjes of Europe have brought us t-gelhcir at Erfarth. Our first thought i^ to yiet'.l to thd wish and the wants of every people, and to SckUj in a Speedy piciMca-iiOn \Vith your Majesty, tho must elTicicious remedy for fhe miseries whivll oppress all nations. Wo make known to yotir Majesty out- sincere do-Sire in (his respect by ihe present letter. The long aiid blooiiy war which hai tai-tJ the Coniinent is at an dnd, without t!'e possibility of being renewed. Many chantjes have fak<; plaoc iti i']iirdpc: many states beijn overthrown. The cause is lo hii found in tlie Slate of aijitaiiofi and'misery tn wbiclv. the sfa./naiiO;! ot luarifimw commerce has placeii (he irreatest liations. Slill greater ch;:nges may yt-t laiu'ti place, and all of them contrary to the policy of (he Euglis.i nation. Peace, theii,' is at ocde the interest of the ptjoplis of the Contitient, as it is the interest of the jMjople of Great Britain; We unite in cMfi-eating your Majesty to listen to (he iroice of humanity* siienc* ins that of (lie j)as<ioiis ; to se.-k, with tiie itteu-tiijn J)f arriving at that <)t)jcct, to conciliate all interests, and by that tiieans to preserve all tho jjowffs which exist, and to Insure the happiness of I l-'urope and of this generation, at the htiad of j wiiich providence has pUced us. (Signed) Ai.E.<A.N'i)Eit.-JVAfrutco^f. No. 111-^Letter from M. de Cn.vliPAGN* to Mr. Secretary C.iN.Ni.-<G,dal(id ErfUrth l:ilh Otrtaber ISOB; Received "October 21st; 'TilAKst.lTtoMi Sin,-I have the honoUr to ti-aHsroit to Vour E.'icellencv a letter which the Emperor of fhe French and the Eifiperor of ill the RdsSiag write to his Britantiic Majesty. The grandeur and the i sincerity of this step xvilt. Without dt)ubtj he felt. i Thit cahnot. be attributed to Weakness xvhidi is the result of the intimafe connection between tho I wo greatest Sovereigns 'L their Pienipoteil. tial-ies. Wjth respect to ihe bases of the iicgoci. ation, their Altth'Sties are disposed to adopt those formerly proposed ')y England herself; namely, the ttli possideti.1, and any oth-r basis founded upon justiccj and the reciprocity and equality which otight lo prevail between all great nations. I have the honour to bfj with the highest consi* deratiort. (Signed) CatjirAa.VY. Ilis ExciiUency Mr. Canning, &Ci No. IV.-The inclosure No. IV. is Tcrba'jm , fhe same as No. If. (he joint Leifcrof ALE.t.\x. and NAPOLEojf,cxceptihat this Letter, wh:ch is transniitied I)y the French Minister, is s!.{ned N.irof.Eo.-v-j\i.t:.xA.vnEii. -In the oa�i L>.-lti'r� Ar.E.^.^NDEii signedFirstj in ;:ie other N.tPol.E0.v, No. V.-Letter from .Mr. Secretary ("annisc fn the Rits-siaa .Ambajs.tdor, al Paris, dated'Foreigp Ol&ei;, octiniCr 2i, iSOS. TIUNELATtON. Sib-At tiis desire of C;ount .Mc^das de Ronwnie^ift 1 I^ave the linniinr t(� acknowledge to yoer !-.jice!lericy the- r. ceipt of the b-ler which Count RnmuNzofT li%.s.beeitpltaccd to write to me from l-rfiirih, dated tb.- si. I[li Septembi-i- (!5ih { Ociohijf), as xveil its of the Letter amu-xed to iffcjiddfessed to lhelCJ!ii;m\ iiiaster. I sHiiit lose notimc'loHlynig-^htse two i Letter, before Majesiy,3nd >� ir JDshitttogtipijpHjvcn be paiil irnoi.-.lia'1-lv '>n the piirrb.i c of each lot, -\ib;i'rt a'.s.j lo suA fthif.cbniitinn* :i� �ill be . f rfj'e. your i-.�c�lU-i:cy by aii J^iigiish courier. 1 have ibeTiononr'to lie, &C, , (Signcdl GEORGE CA^'NlAa produced att'i-p tia.e t To his Etcellejicv tJie'Riitiaa A�bass;j|iir, " ^ i .&c, &c &c. Parii. T-. .

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