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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - January 11, 1809, London, Middlesex W>^i;�l^���l>lyApothecary's bJ.oi. bt. bM' T tinlrhlt. ' OccTg^ Brtt.tli Fynilnle, Esq.. '��I^S f-fn^rc rcqnesKa tV. Wf-.r ll.cir Tiekets on or �e't C-""!'^"-' ',uc llUh x.f January, tlwt the Stewards may I_ " ,' '--'.-'�- ppporJuniiy to reliirn Sc nmnenactoniiiigjy. Ss^ls..^^r' fakes m i***^^ im^ht.rthemiiute'if thwb wlio may be m want of flf�f^^r^&, S�crab\y cheaper thUn KEIWED VIGTUALLKRS' SCHOOL, Sdiigtrwi-lane,La.nbcth.->ya.>ted a MASTKU�.d JIISlR�SS^*kl'OM'�,''ci�'nbrapce,.bi'tw�!en IhirLy-tive aiid' fortr-Eve vijiirs of ape ; they lAust be aiemhi-rs ofUie Church of]iiJ:lw4,aii(l produceunexceptionaBlcrcferi-nccsforcha-pfirraiid ahility. The Master must l�e compcteut to -teach Jfeailin?, \yriting, and Arithni^lic.; the Iklistrcss a good jfflBslicilouse-kecper.Sndable to teatfh the Girls.Readinfr, Phin-wort Ami markiu;;. SaHi ^ersniig a* intend to become Ciindidatw, are desired 19 send |iroper te6tiin m, toutainin^ciiquirics rel.'ilivc li) the publicttiiui of '; Ihii liilfle, fei'b it nocessarv to restate that the- Pwrt 1 was uublishtd oa the Jl. f DecemhiT, and on that day : 'was tWIivered to alt UookseJIefS who applied for it. - Bijdge-iitn-ft, Jan; !),.lt<09.. � . � .__ S~"KCOND BIlOMPrUN-ROW, No, 4.-Aliss I Al. and �. HODGES have the honour nrac()uaintiiig Pa- ' fbts ajid UuardiaiiSi.lhat their Preparatory heiHinary. for i young Gciitleineii fibra the 'Arc ot Three to liighl, v.ill j opeiiouthe^d of January iaslant. Tlie House and Pre- I niisi^'S arejittcd up iiiasuperinrstyje, and enihiently adapted for the purpose. A Hoiited ninnU'pr arc admiiled, to ivuttm t he greatest allentioH will be paid, mit only to ttCeir Ithprove-mini, but to tlieir Ifralth amt Morals.-Furllier particulars niayhekiiownati\o. IJg. i' � � . ,A IfOlJSli and 5iH0P Wauted.-^Wanted im- l/m. mediiitclv, in the central part of a :ood Market Tuiivn within fifty miles of London, a convenient House and SlUp, calculated"tor the Uru;j and.tjiroceTv IJu5iness.r^etti!ri, post pmd". direclcd for S. Mr. BiillainyV, No.ff, Wnod.-strect, Spa-fklds, l li. .n. 6. Ige?.-. ri^U.E PrindpalAdicers m'lMnjestfsOnl. nance do herebugji-e \ut-iee, -t/iiit- Prpp���Iileill fie.rr-.....�  " �� " - ri-^- 'Vednesdav; ANTED to Purchase, an ESlAlh of IVUEtUTANCE ill POSSESSTON, of tti.; value of from Thirty to Thirty-five/Hiousajid I'ouads, .n one ot tleMSl:UrCounties.-AiiY Per.on5 baviiissuch an i?,tnt.; todSeof.iirc requestei lathinmit l/articulars ot the Sme t� Mr..Roberl Greaves. Solicitor, Liverpool. ONEX'.---\Vait(ed to invest several Sums of ,xijC eonsidernWe amount In the purchase of well-sp�ired .4iinaific5 or Reversions. Persons of Vank and property de-sifo^jflf imnitdijvtc and cxtwfiive advances will be treated Hpiili OB terms of i�c strtct*st honor, and .^reataiivanluse.- No ohjettionto Irish Security.^.^pp1y per�onaUy, from de-rei) i/ll ronr,or by letter,.tQ Mr. Bertou, I>io� 10, Leicester, place; Leicester'tqunre PFmuxTT-SHOTKl/FOIt.'F.iMILlES, ASH GKS- iiTRS. PROBA'n'(late "f the Roebuck liin, j.fJLotfora)begs Uave- to rrtura her -raieful thanks to fcirXnms,FTier�h for the�i-y liben.1 ei.c^^urasemcnt shite e^crta�d since enterin|�lhe.r�HMV.tndertakinjf, and ?^ i>.� nV.ktTt. � irpnpnil. that she has patroiiige aud support she experiented so many year, in Oxford.; Jt�. JBt,lN-Otie or iin.3wo�Hiuww�eH-ea�ed with by the rtfiedWestestaSIfiihedPortdr Breweries d�a�iiaaes,wj!lcl�l|ie Brpwfry alluded td WnSs^^tBtlieing free of waV'�?f,' f/ie�esselsftfln5(:ompletdy'tfw,a1.argcsUm of money ha"\'-Ifl^AefoistrJy expendedOATtecwiGenisia'nd tire ^reat irapa-fcility of He raoft eitensiye b^ade, ar^ uscuiiar to rtself when. eoffljinVifd with any dt/ier'bnaselnOubliii. � A new ai'raDee- circuinstances under -______,.....^________ _ arc partioulairly de- smingof attention. Anr '-"-*� altlie^ Kudedln. DedZI, 1808. Bient being about (o take place, the circumstances under whith-.a Partiitwhip may be formed, arc partioularly dc--�Tfdfattention. *, . .. .i' 1 - , r.' ilgplirolionio II. C. sigi�|4J&sJM:iir'Wl�alii_onlv, left :^rof tlojtfs C<^e^]i5^^rtl. bcjniiaedi.itelj at. . NEXT of KiK df ELi^ABEtii S.MlTll. - l.�jdon, Jan. 5, iS09. jf^OTICEis hecd�y:giTen,:th�t'ap()Iication bav Doftnts CoBunoiix, afterwards ofGarllcU-hi'H^ [^dndorw widow, deceased, to tnufrCet- W ^b^irtoiduary Lefpitee*, ^lnder ibe will of the said Elizabeth ^^Vrsattt, a coqsitlerahle sum flow in the Public Funds,'b^^t^tt^tited tiy th-.�saia EliKiheth 'W�5cqttil'0 tjie a:iid .ElizabetbiSmilli; but..which sai(| Elizabeth Smith is said lo have died in the life timeof ihc said. TfslaHJx.-AVesliall therefore transfer the samcacfcordiiigly, BdessiHthln (wbWe nlonths fmm the daic hereof," tlie said Eliza^t|^;<Siiiitlw:nr-her pcrsonnl repjesculajiiic shall ap--^ir, and make title to dte.said StocK. . � The'said Elizabeth Smith w.-is tli^daoghte'roF Richard Smith l(wh� ib .'Uliposed to hn�e^b�en .a' Clerk.In^tTie liaitk of Bnflandl; she was the eiaixlrdaaebter uf the-^aid Elitobetb Vescoli: � Any further inforniattonthatniayhe retjuir^d, will Messrs Kaye aaiit f rcshfield; Solicitors, Tokcu* Thij-day Ss.l)'uWi�!ied, fn Is.iio. pricji; Is. bound, Etiition; coit'/cied^aJil impr v��(; of HISTORICAL and MISCELLANEOUS (iUESTlON'S forlhu U^e of Voting People; willi a Selection of Uritish and General IJiograiiliy, &c. 15y RICHAIAL MACt.NAL. Printed for I^onifinan, Hur l-, Wakefield. Thi* day arc pulllishcd, in tine volunu-, price js. in boards, PRACTICAL and FAMILIAR SERMONS} 'designed for parochial and domi'slic instriiCtion. � . By the Rev. EDWARD COOPER, Rector of H.iinslaU Ridaare, in Ihe county of Stafford, I'haplaitt to the Karl of Courtown, and late'l'ellow of All Souls'College. Oxfol-d. rrintert for T. Cadcll and W. Oavics, Strand. Of whom may he had, by the same Author, SERM0\S, chiefly designed toplucitlale bubie of t!in K'a;lin.S Doctrines of the Gospel. Third Editionjiu one volume, octavoj price Pa. io bdard?._ _ This day is published, in one larjic iloluiiic Svu. with two Portraits, price I'is. in boards, a second ICdltioa of" LETTERS from the latu W. WAR BURTON, D. D. Bishop of Gloucester, to the lat6 R. liCJRD, U. U. Bishop of Worcester, from the year 1749 to ITTK, left for publication by the iat<j Biihop HURD, with tlic title of LuTTiiHS from a late Clni^enl Pkei.atk to one of Ins FniD.vns ;" :ind with the follo\^lag entry a page of one of the live puri-folios containing the urigiiiaU :- " Thi-se letti-rs give so triie a picture uf the writer's fcha-racler, and are-, besidej^ so worthy of him ia all resppiits (I mean, if the r<rader can fofgive tlie_ playfulness of h 1.5 wit in some instHiioes, and the pariLility uf his friendship in many more), tliiil, in honour of his nieinory-, 1 would Jiavc them published Jifter inyd.-ath, ntid the pruGlt arising from the sale of them applied to the benefit of the Worcester Infirmary. " St. WORCESTER." " January IS, 1793." � Printed for T. Cntlolland W. Pavies.. Straiid. ., il5h._..^............ kouse-ya^d, LondbO.. WilfieJS � JiW.ifRESHFlELD. WILLIAM SAVILL; THOS. S.AVILL. ^^^^Jfifn^rW^^ lias T DEUhURST (laf^.of.the ,Wheat Shekf Ta. V jferny'Sfr.ind), return^ bij � !'e�ccorainJKlatioh:af the Public, will be found parlies on business i to any size. ii-v,. To INV-ALlDSaid^he INFIRM. 'TIHOSE who Kavetliiff misfortune, by Sickness :A or Infirmity, totieVcoiifined'fo' their beds, and from .Jfunotweaknesai are npahlt^dmove themx-lves, either for "Ptible to tlic.person in bed;- BV this Hh Invalid ^nupMitioaaltrfedsanii^iried at pleasnr-. whicFi is a �*Malle>wtionofh^.�nffeiji^,,ni�dcan.l.iy wiib bis heti* �,5"*^'dey.-ite'd;,a cirtnmsiances, In-.tnaiiy cases higlily "'?f"'<!'�e lo his recovery.- cm?-"^ i"**' ^''5 �nany otter inventions in Chair, SoftiS, wr^L'-^"fjck's Cabinet and Upholstery AV,ire. ^i^culare *^'j?J^�*'^^Telr''-^l'�t�'<^�"'��'-*5^'^'""- Printed T^JE real JAP.\N. JJtACKlNG,;iriadc t.y Jffc fcJ^-^T MARTINli^ThisItiwluaWe C(/mnosition, M�7i,  *u^,''?^'?*''��ri.�ptodurcs the irosf Brillraot jet tt�r i^i7 "'''^'�'' aflprd*. pr^liar nburisl^ment !lof the lea- the Study of Landscape Painting. illBstriitM hv i:n-' � Hillercnt St:igi-5 nJ-'thJ .Vcoir;-.! HINTS to"yOL^VGPRXCTm ia the Study of Landscape i gravings, intentfed to shew flie j lint. Towhtch are added, iiisttuciioiiaiiitho Ariof Painl-ioson Vclvek.-By J. W. ALSTO.^, 1^ P. Printed for Eongroan, HUrst, Reea, Oriiie, IV.cWos-ter-roiT. . " Thw work cdntalu* pl:un and-clear in.ttroriions for drawing', landscapes j--nisti rrspectii^ the mixing and mii-nagcment uf colours, &c."-Gen. Itex. _ DIBDLN'il (JRKEK and L.VrLV'CI.AsStCS, Thi� day is publijiUcd, .i.n Two Vois. criiwn ortavu) llie Third Editidn, with nddilional Authors, and Riogmpbi-cal Notices, (chiefly ��f English Auihors), price Iti:. io boards, - ' AN INTRODUCTION �d iHe K?7p\VLEDGE bf rare and valuable iMitions of the filir.KK and LATIN CLASSICS, including an arcouni of I'oUgtot Bibles; (he best Greek, iiad Greek jHid l.alin Kditioiis of the Soptnaginl and New Testament; the ticriptorcs <Ie lie Rustica ; Greek Romrtnccs, and Lexicons,-and Gramnnird; luiCribed, by berinission, to hi-r Itiival lligUntfcs the I'riiivejs Charlotte ot Wales. " CoUccliog CJUi be coinpl which are, independent of the solid information they ci n-equenlly eidivencd by Literary Anvcdote*, and rei feeuenilly iiilei^estiiig bv great Variety of oh.-'eHaliu _____y. ________I.'" 'Dt..i;.ili. �rraphi< : complete without Mi*. Uihdin's Volumes, contitin, rendeied ........J ______ ^ _ allon and acutcucss of remark."-Bl-uish^Critit:; March ISOS. . MR. PITT'S PARl.lAAlbiSTARi SPfc;i-:OilliS. This Day is publiiJlicd, Second E !/tt) beUifci: viusl-lir il'th-cntl, staled up, nii�i..c;!'/or�a(/,r''. j'j"op(^aU tor I'aiii'^^f'r.-i.W ork .�" bitl uu /'niji'nal cm: M cithnltltdafter C/if. >aid ^2'>t.'i ifai) of Jaiuiary, eil I'lcdrc c'C'tudc at 'AoiJ.-i o/'Wc .v.-mtt/i/;). utit.'icr tvili anif Tender he. unliccd n!(!riet{he Ifartg  m.i!:iii'r k, or �n^i_t;c>itiOuMi hflinltt^haUattend, � . By Ohlerof lUcHoard. ... R. li. CREAV, ^li-rretary, OFFICE OF ORU.N A!VCE, 'iJecJl, l,s,ih. " '"IIHE Prindpai Ojjicers of His M/ijeity\i Oicl-. JL nance do hereby giBn notice, that Propoialt Kill he rt'-eeivcd at tkeir Office, in Pall Mail, oirvr Oefon Fridav,. ttic 'JLV/i Lli-ten tin, iir.iir., '/'en' and J^oitr o'clock, tvhere alio l/it I'ropusiih urti ;o :ir. �'..�.Ih'cri:,',, seahd up, and indorsi.d, " l'i-opiir;i!s lor Tack! '= ilo.^k-; fti". ;"' btil no fropasal can be admit'ed of'.'.,- f.'ic sail '.'i)lh da;] of JainK'.fy ue.i-l,'>at Ticeirv o'Ciurk I noon of the. same day t neiilier will any Tender be unliced un.cs t/iz-. i'arlg tnakiiis it, or an jigenl in Ids behalf, s/iall ntlend. By Order of the IJyrird. __ H U. CirEW; Sec. To RoPi; M.'\KK|{.S IHiAl'-lU iLl)>.;iml U! To be SOi.l) by AUCTION, a verv valuable INipe V,".-fl^;^ Boat HiMiib, .Sic. at l.oivt-r Df!ft,"lveiii, l!y Mes-.W. 1>R 1 Vl-'.R, ;i4 (.;airaway"s CulTec Hoi:ie,-on l-'P.i>?.\v the VJUi of.rj'.njiary, ISUf), .-it 12o"G)iirk,. Vl^llY Vatuablo dnt! dc.irabic LEA-iKHOMJ TJiis day is published, piice'.Ts. boafils, t!>e Settind Dilliitni, AN INTP^tJDbCTlON to the PHY of THE SEW TKSrAME.N'r. GEOGRA- Coiiiptisiiig a This day was piililishitli price'}s. fid; boitndt PETI-t TABLEAU, ou ELEMENti tie la C0>^STlTUT10y,dcs Loi.s du Government ^e Rny-aume'Uni'de- IA Grand Bjfelngne ct d'lrlaude: inis ala jior-' lee dL'8,J �rtly great, httn iiiesenled the jy.ith of the'' ribinggeiiefatib.n:Witl�.,.uii acci;ptiit>le Manuel of the Ejiglish'-i Constilulioii, explained in a manner the ino<t simple .'uid intelligible of nny that we have hitherto scen."-iCtit. Review,' Sept. 1808. A'Loiidfes: Sc'vendent chczT. Bowcy, Broa^lrect, R.oyal Exchange; ft Vtriior, Hnodj ft SJiaVpe, PojlHry.. _________. aps, ceiitell HhIcx prindjpally dekigned fur the use of Young ..i'ersons, anilrtir thf ."^nndav eniploVment of Sthool,.- IJy LANT OARPKNTKR, J,.'L.DV - -  . Printed fur Loogiiiuii, HurSt, iters, and Orme, Paternoster Rdu-;- ' : � ��" We recortimenrfihis. hoolc to THE TRIAL of R'."liENS0N5 Esq. for Crim. COn. with ilrs. Parr, Wife of'I'l Parr, Ivsq, J^Ierchanl - I'rictl before L�rd EllcnL'orough, Dct. '-'0, at Guildhall, Loiultni.. ..... . Sold by J. D.-iy, Noi 22,. Fetter-lane, Eleet-street,- W here may. be had, ^the.'Jrial of Lady Cloncui'ry and Sir J. Piers, Is.'t'id.; Countess qf Elgtu aod R.,l'\'rgusnn, li��|. Is. I..ady Cainjiiutl and air. Sheridim, Is.; Mrs. Gregson suid Theaker her Cii/icliman, Is.f Lady Brvgravc ahd'Captain Ehiin, is.; Dr. \Volcot aiid his Laadlay, Is. : J. Hackct, Esq.. aiid AlrSi'Maasergh, Is.'.; Col. Passinghiim for a horttrt -Confpifiicy, Is. 5 David Robertson for an aboniin.iMb Criiuei Is.; and the remarkable Lanc.islcrTrials, price :s . � ' � "nVIW GE.VERAirATL.\S. This day is pubjislied, containing I3 plat>'S (size fifteen inches by lwclve),'pricc iieiiily oiilliiifd in boards, l'2s. (id. or half-tihdiid H. His.; handsoiuely stained in boards, 31. 33. or h.ulf'bound, J/. S?. SMITU'S NEW G ENERA L ATLAS, contain. ing;disiiiit:t Mntfs of. all the prinqip;il Empires} Kii i-e -ijli-a Still proceed, thoiigh by tile faiiiio* �li-; ftpeinspired," hi iiiiio thejyre "\U\: lov Sni:NsToNt:s"s .ViWrcss to Sli(P��ig-and of Schools; Pricv'is. bound; am ives," to Poets. Misccstnllltiam consilliis bn'vem,  ' Dulce est desipere fii l.-co.-Hon. Od.'l, IJ. York :� Print<-�J by G: Peai-ock , ai;d so-'J by. C.'and ft. Baldwin; Longiri in, Ifur.U, Ret's, and Onnc, Paler.uo�ie�7 row 5 Cadell and Davies, Siraiid; aiul W. Miller, Aihe--iiiHrle'Slreet, . Lnlidon ; Mahners .nnd Miller, F'<liii1iurgb"t J. Todd and Soil?, \ork; aud tb� principal Booksellers in iltc Uiiiti-d Kinedoiii.'_ "_ A LIVI.Vg'J'EEKAGE. ' ; This day .is published, in a thick vnluiia', roy;i] 18mo, cor-rrspqmli'ng w illi the Inde.t to the House of Coinnitaw, price 1� -honlj, and is intended not to fijpcf�>'dc the' useof our common Grammar^, but to supply their "ecls.. Its primary oliject is lo furnish Ihe senior Scholar with'a complete digest of the f ujes and princ'i)ilr8 of the I*'itin Language, and toaJlord the Te.'ither a useftil"tc.vioijalreft-j-encv.^  This day is pu]il!Shi;d, in Ihii Volumes .|( . illusinliti1 ;>> -Jj Engravings froiJi tJrigiual Drawings, price iit.'Ij's. O'd. in' ihoardj, ADESCRIPTION o7 CEYLO.V, contaiuin-aii'Abtouiit of the Conhti-y, liih.-ihitaiiK and Naliiral -Productions; witfi narmtives of ii Tonr riuind the Hand in ISOO, ihc Ca.(rt|)aigri in Candy iii'lSOJ, and ii Jouruey lo RaiuisK"/Rm in ISlH. . . ... By the Rev. JAMES CORDl>i:R, A. M: l;ate QtfKplain dflheOarfi�3h l�: I'irti'f,' price Oiie G'Jinea, Tn . board!), the ^d-Edition, of - , (g I MV% E t a: L.E S; by .Mrs. 0 Pi K. .tjB., consisting of a capiliil ROPE \V\I,K; ir. lem;lh above 430 yards, :iml in bie.-id'.h bciwcci< .'(o.-ind .id fi'ct, n\lh a Dwelling llonset \\ :ireh�u?fs, iliia(t' ill llic Parish (if \i .�timer, ;!iid 'i'on 11 lif Deali "> t/i'; County.rtt Ken';.held for an uucxpirkd letm of veai^i from Alichaelnia^ las!. .�\lso a desirable r. tenr tJiefeuii; sHua tlie Town.of" Deal; adioini.'ig the Se;i, aiu! held liiiiici' I Hotel, .\Jarg;Ue; l.'indoii Hotel, , moitth;-King's Head, t',"ntei!,'ery ; at Garraivays ; of Mfc^ Welr.'i, .No. J, Printing llouse-.^iinare, Ulavkfriars; artd 1'? Mc>�fs. Driver, Surveyors;. L.nnU .^gent?, fttl'ltcid Rdad; LniiiloH. LKAS'i:, i"URS'lTt ilil.PL.Vl'E, Li.N (:N,TiOOKS,CTlI> N.VaudJ:EFECi'.S.V-�y Ml-. HATK.s, �n the l>ni>!jce';  .No. uM. P.-irk-sireet,'GriJsreiior-square,. I'o-.MORlio.n', tin: I'JUi of .January, ni!d.T\yo iWIoH-inj^ fderoflhe Fxecutnf^. uliliout n-Si-rT'cj ''" - rrMll-} eleijant HOUSKIIOLl) FURNITUllE^ 'JL ..tabic clock, a wardrotie of liiwii in,l>�;:>:yifu| ^{(iHJi.iii table cloths'.ind uaiikjin,^HojIai;d ; , wntier*^ urn i t vols: fine p>rtVails, ISihli;! SarrU, ;> viils. l{.U�i>i�y Bloinii.s llijtory of thp Bible, '2 vol;, with cut*; (.Niam'lier.^ Diction:irvi ! vols. foH'l, Paifti-.^'-s TnivcJ.-, (Jrose's Aiil'*jiii-ties, S vols. tto. Ilollinis .^nli.-nt llislocv, 7 vols. Itume ami Smollrtl's England, 1j Vol?. I'ope's Works, <i vols, .Shak'ei spe.'ire's Works byJohiison and Sieven.-;, 10 vols, '{litanical .Vla.2;;i/,ihe, 20 viils. &b. &c! the pfiiperty lif 11?!; hilc tiis. Drunimoiid, deceased. �J'o he viewed .the Mornin? of Sale.-C.ll.ildgiies rit 1;;. each, had oil the pjfliiuiieij and of Air. IJutes, Wclbaik-oireet, (C.veiidish-siptare. ^ . . < i e B.-ll,.heiceJler. Attorneys, .Mr. I.awfon, l.eici's'tef; arid Mr. Taylor; Sdtlth-nniutoii BailJings.Cliamery-fane. ' William Barlow, .rtdckp'oiT, Cheshire, timber merchant. Jar?: iihrd, Heuti.'d In lf?e-titlesmnf h'cforc u?.. We ffn^ liiuch iliesatne sarit^.-is in her hcnotftil ilory of Adoliae Mowbray; the saine truth and delicacy orsentimetii, the same sritcetid sim-pl.iCity in ^he diabJguc p.-iris of the ��rk, liod the same happy art of pirestiiliux nplinary feelings aiitl �icrurreiice.-^ in .ituaiMirrtHatirrislsh'bJv.cummaiKis^ur sympathy and ail'ci--tibw."-Fdinburgh Revleif,.Xo. Ifi. . Printed ftJi-lioiftman. Hurst,'Rei^s, and Oriiie, Phtcrnos-ter-row ; of whom lya^ b thes-'ime .:yc!hoi', 1. .Adeline Rli'nvhMv,' '.'d edit, y vols. !:J�. fad. hds; 2. Thd Father and Daualifer,^thedii. is. tid. bds. a. Poems. 'The jt|i edit, (is lids. 4. V^nrftor's Return, and tflher lM�-ins. fe, hdj. CRl/TTW El.l.i UA.iili-f I'l'-l'R. -"^ew J-dil.on.. This day bpuWished, iu f.>ur.largc \ oli:fivo. pricej/. l^^s. 6d. ill boa'ds, irfthout theifttas, ando/. .5s. willi ::ie halt bound; also the Atla^ separate, containing 1 wentv-eight wfiole-sheit .Maps, ueliilv c-doured, and half bdund, price ]Mis.fid. of h 1111(1111 II* �V. .iH.�Vr-(j". ------,.....- - - U),V n*:is Fiost. I.e;ulenhall street, sfatlonft:;; 20; 2t; au>j J-Vb. 21, at ilijven,at GuiMh.-ilJ; Aitoriiejfj Messrs. Eviit and Rium, liay dan-Fqn.iirei Vliiiories. Feb: 18. it^. (;owpcrlhwaite, Old Fitli-':irei-ti grocer, at l.n, atGuildhiill. -* ... Fet). I. H. II. Schnrey, Halifax, merchailt,jit eleven, at tHe ;; Whit', Halifnir.:. ... Jan. ai. i'- Smith, .Mahcfiesler, dealer, at elc.ven, at tHe Dog 'tavern Manchcitep... ' � .. Feb. 7. T.' Ad:in:>, l.ari�,vtcr, merchant, at twrlve; at ihe Kings"Arms, Laui-.-isier. JanJl. W'..M.iithcws, MaiJcnhEad,- Berkshire, carpenter, at ten, at Guildhall. - , Feb. i, j; ileppea, Cla^haro, Soi-i-ey, dealer, at icnj at (I'liil'ihalf. . " _ Feif. 2.1. R. Ldat, Long-acre, irontjiohgef, at iwelve," at - Guildli.-ill. , . . , �-. . , Feb. IS. J.JulI'idn, Blackm^n-UrcciiSouihwark, liuen-Jia- To>v/i-:.'collcct.:d lr..m the bei\ Autiior-; their Loagilad.-, 1 atitode, Hearings, and Distances, from the "besfiu.d most ,u.heuti|CI^..^^ CLEME^t CRrTTWKLf. Priiei for I..oiigman; Hu. st,. ftee*. ui.o Orrao, i'at.-moS-ler-row ; and Cadell :ui.l Davies, Slrand. �..* Thf Veryftivourabll- ftfipfibn � .'vve-^ ayn-ianc, u�a ^-^^ _____K, ,i,, mrcful and lUiBUte revi-ion he has cHi reeled noun vrr ajidpiJm*n in WfMeirojiUilj^ujd in �w!r* tpjhi 4hroiij:liohl ibe Viited ^'fliaimiiMn stpdp boidis, prift �i eS. cnch. . . also of aU Buokscllersi tame Editor, Of whom may be liad^by the . aiul the add lion pf mure.tUan t.^rty thdiiwind:fr��h artifchs,-�The''BV.rOTf*)ncal Index J�the Hoase of Commonsj^nrtcc : will evince bis dc.Orc of, rcudo/ing .jhe Jir-ci tdil-.on de-m^SXfSfti^t^^ Spring of 18^8. �� erviiitfofthepoblic-approbat^at/. � . jierj at eleven, at Giiijilhiill. '� Frt)."J.'i. W- (..e^ ka'ulV, Li^Ie-strceti LeiCcS'cr-squarej cjign-" vvn al ivvrive, at Guildliail.. .-^ ' Vel). S; T. Lawson, Lancaster, gfocfiry at ten, at the Coh-* men-i.-il inn, liiiicanjer. � .^eb. 3, .1. JVpjiIeuell, late of King-loayupqn-Huli.afirlia-n-vr, a.t clrvtm; at the Dug and Ouek tiivenij Hingsioa-iipiiii-Uutl. � ^-"'-. Ja:i. 31. P. I-fe N�nrand and .M. H. Dornafif, Kent Roa(�, Suiri,'soap-iri.-uiut':iciurer-', at twelvi-, at(iiJll.i,iiali. -Jan. .1- Horner, Franiwellg.-ite,- Durham, .J:ii|t;er, .-j'. eleven, �i the-honseof JobU Eskell, innkeeper, Diyham; Feb. �>. i>. Kidd, Berwick npoiC^'Hroed, liiieii-dr.t'jci', at elevvii, al H M..�ichestfr. . feERTIFiC.\TES-J.iN. 31. il. W.:;�, R. d.joocs. v.. oiiv-ppara,;tnd A. V. Tdpi^Dtikei 'rent vidiatc, painters. G. fiiU an I J. Huictiiiisun, Tdoley-street, Southwark,-brc*r' < rj. W. (Hir, Cpper E-i.f Smithfield, cllPeselnongc^. f. J. Croinher,liai'kihi.iiid, Haiif..!, lork. c.'m-uiaJtT; J <)-.U.a;hef; Bm'y-csuit, t. -Mary-Axe., pfovisioniwcf

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