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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - January 10, 1809, London, Middlesex tuesday, January lo, 1809. Prict B\ i!ev. J. Liptrtit, � oSrge Bm.Ui^F.Tnd^,.Kiq... & WoiiiJiy tUc ISil. of Jaiuury, that t<.p.J,(^vv�rJ<* "''y R. J- UOJ^JUNS btgp.^eave tu bt./rn iVl racwt sr^lle&i thanks t J- tlie tiijitiijf^mblie?, oil a|))iliralioM at liis rcsi-IcnC''^ [ Ci>:icliiii.iicfr^''H:iTlV t'��ler-laii(;, Clit-apsidc-Tiie Kuunh I may h'-��h �� '� � i ' I'rt'Vio*; einnetJi-Jiwlili liidia-' ' STOCKDALH,Juiu iV,u'4i,..PaH-Mall, t,Qri crfuIlV aorjjes tiMj pubijc.Jliat iiis tMtitii'o of The PKO'li!.l>lN,(iS i'lT-the i; KiKo,t is readyfiir<leHv(V7,'priCi"Js.' As a IWi'l is on the point �if �nHi,iiK for. ludia, where this puhlica t excite the greatial iiiferi-sl, he. |inrlicolariy TlieFhtus, Reports, &C. may be had hy those who hkvc prcliasi-d HthurNEditions, pi ice Is. tlie Plans alqiie, 'Js. tjd.  HA aVEr's"'SAUClCfo~f">slirGame7&c.- 1;. LAZICN BY respectfully iAfonns the Nobility and Ceiitrv the above admired Article is liri-parid only at hir W.-.rchoust:. No. ij, |i^d\Tard-slrcet, Ptirtitian-sqimre ; and h^ U|i|iuiiil:iiciitv may bd had of T. Baxter, l^dinliur^li ; tell. yc.-iih:)roii.:jh; (Treason, Livcrpoid ; C-'tiy,' Maiiclics-tcr; Terry, Ilrightonv Lomcri, Soulhamptuii} Elliot and Lci'dli.-iiii, _l5:itU ;.JcUVr,\s, Salisbury ^ Lis4cr, S.v;uh-u, itc j\ni\ to prevent spuriou.= imitaiionj, fac'.i b'lU'.e h;!S Mr. Hitr'. ^ev'i sigii.Uiii-: oii the lahtil.-i,. t.'at tbt Jan)6 time beRi til reci'iiiinoiu! her ^emtiiie Ksience tit' ,Viicllovl�; wlili ., Willi ii variety of riwi-Sauces and Pickle.-, maybe h.id, p.irkeil ill c-aafs of all sizes, for faiuiiy Use and cipoiliititiii. -- c!iar;j's ia nl! raij!�s Yroin .Abroad to llmm', and, vii-e Vi-JSJi, iiicliidiii:; lIoV Menical ii"'!-1 ivil �lfrriiiilie> oi i!n,\ Army ; and vacancii s n�;iy be Jii'ur;| ()f, ii;^ liLiinj; those of_ t!)-* >!iJitia, by aditr:-!.riiig,'p''ibt-paid, to .\. 15., :-.o. S,. i'lckct-Jtri-e(, i"finpre Uar. ' . .  .1 ^'^.K. A Ca-pliita of Kflsie Ualtalion to Cavalry ; nUo Cajitain, binjjie tinU:ilii a Reginieiit ih'tiVe .'-.iisf /ntiie.-, or with ao liispectiHc 1 frlii-OSijccr, Noiili Amurica... V;icancirS for rt,�j:itaut-Su:,r i-i(a.st Linen Couipa'nv's Warchmj.=o. No. .'i;!, Gre.-u iChx^cil-ttreet. ejiaill^ opposite the Britiih Si;i-eij:ii.-Mr. J-." BURCH, their *o|e Agent iiitji is City.re.-pfrlfuily aiii;ounccb \o his nuiiJerovii Friends r.n.l the-Public at Lir;;^, "that on ;ic-fouutof th&gre,nt;jfiiicity.of l''lax, iiijli l..iii.'ijaare .iiiv/i.-^c-eill'roui'iO to per Cent, but ovvii:-; to t:iL-imaii'n.v.'sti'-k' pffviously iiiaiiufacturfd'liy-the (;onipa;iy, Ihev are liapiiy 1(1 Mate,Bu iucrciU'e of I'rtce shall take pl.:ie 011,'tlleir G<.''iio 'fdrilftsgtheUmi'.-emeiiti of Fi.-iiinx. &c. wouMiie preferred. Appli by lett M. , ; JL Gentleman iif'iMiiiiietiCtt, and considerable practice as a Master of Langiiajres. Oetij^mphy, the Usi; of the Globes, ' &c. wishes to awd^lo his hnj^a-ieniPiils, the occiision.il at- i teiidiyice on a resppclable Seminary, and �""'d have no objection til a niori.-rate distance frnin rowii. -The most saiis-fvctoiy reference will'beciven;'-Address to A. IJ. at Mr.  Snimluiidsjs,' ilooksellcr, Ao. J, Brid;;e-ci>tirt. Westminster. ly... � P-i"i'l'.''S attended ilnriii:; ttie Recess. ^jnO Ue.LEX^ Tva^iy l t Streets b.?tucen Charins-ciois and Temple-bHr, a >i.mplete FAMILY HOU.'Sb", lately bnilt, ivitli every do-ihestic conVenieiiee, fitted tip handsomely, iii the niiidern (itvle, ai.d suifublx furoisheil, ready fiir thi-'imuieiliate reccp-tina of a (Jenteel Faniily'.^Kor particulars enquire at Bell's Weekly Messpiiuer Office, Snnthaniptim-strret, Strand. � ANCOCK^ SllmiEllD, andTlTFON take an early oppoitunitvof advisiii.^ the .Nobility and Geti-th"t iljey have to sirer to. their notice "PATiiXT try LA.M PS on an-improved contruction, and superior to any prinr iiiveulioii.-The plan li simple, and particularly calcu-lateil to ri'in,-dv the inCMiveniences, to which the generality 1 of the*e arlicl.-sare.so rubjecl. OrilpJVAI, WORK OV SPAIN. This day is published, a nmv Jldilion, in tnoelcw: sniaU'oclavo, prio- h:ilf-a-j;uinea in boards, iliu.-a Map and m-vit.-iI Views. r|^RAVELS TIUIOIJGII SPAIN, frotn Bar-JB. celona, hy Madrid to l.i>hnn, with an anntjnt of the ! Author's visit to Mountsi-rrat, and particulars of the Life of the Prince of the Peac.-. Bythelate Rtv. fl. T). WiirrTlXOTON, Of Thebertoii Hail, in Suli'olk, and St. John > Coil?ge, Can)hridi;e. " Half a word fixrrf upon or near the spot, is worth a carl-Uiad uf ictuUeclious.'"-GiiAV's Li-.TTEUS. 'J'his elegant and enlertainii:g Work is presented to the pulilicas the last account of a couuiry l.'ifclv become >o in-terestiiij; to all I'.urope; and to nn^lcr it more u-efnl as a work of genera! infiiiination and refen-iicc, the l.ditor h.is interpolated certain itat:siic:il pariiiti'ars collectid from the m g shall l/f ^uen on tiiJi.-r side for the tenninatiuil theseof; thf'mod( oj ijcunu'iC lo l/e bi) liitis, payable, leittt Interest, nintty da;js after dutt. The Condiliov. s of th'. Contract uiuu fje s-.ifn at Ihe Sfrre^ Inru's OJ/icf, lit tiiJs Ojp.ce, ar bj appt J, wiilmut chemical acid, and if uut approved the raoaey reluruid. Cash for Ifisaflultls. . . E. jJURGII, ARcnt to Jhe Pompanv, 50, Gre.it . � Rn?>fJ->i^;t. exactly oppoaite the rrifsii Muscym. ' 'viUAVf and ELEGANCE COMULNliu. Vmkr the PatroaCMffc aod Sanction of bcr Royal lligjthess yip Prii)ce5S of Wales. MACA�;SAtl Olli, fur tho Grown. t,f HAIR; I'lie Virtue* of thfs Oil, extracted trim a tree in the I�hiid of M/tcasiar, are proudly pre-eminent to any tiling tivr produc^l in this o'raoy other country, for imptovingand � McelerUiiig the C4fo�trtli uf Hair, prevcntins it tilling ojlj, T turuuiff grey,gi�"ni(t tl an ineompanible glusr!, und pro-daciiig wonderful elTecU on Children'. Hair, lis Virtues teed-uuiy the-leiit of experience tu aviucj its extraordinary tllecls. Sold at3f. Cd.per hot^la, by theLProprietnrs Rowland and Sou. IVTby-strret, IJ;ijLi�i-gardcii; and (Ivy appointment) at Jt. RowjMfy's, Perfuiu^, 103, Hatton-i;iirden; Bour^uis and .Ainiak, IVrfuiners. S2. llaynjarket : Owrroii. 4i, S'-w Uoud-streel ; aud UardiHg.Bl), PiUI-J:aU;-Ijicey and Sut-ttJD, Ni)rthiiinj)ti.'uV lipUiiis, Salisbury ; CrutVvel!, Ba^h ; Muiiifonds, Portsmouth ; Tliomuson, Aewc;istle ; Uavisotj, X>u!)liu; fliid most P;'r(unii'r!.,i�/i�'\Uniiji--l ..'i'li-.'om. �fSATl'^N'l' SJLK IlAf^; i\o. 3y3j Mra'nd.- 'lUe re;il P;iteiit Watpr Proof Silk Hats having given >;ei!er.il satisTartiun, and being cousequenily io great" repute, has induced sever d persons to iinpos*.- on the i'-'ablic .a spu* riuu-and niiser^tbie imitalimi, in which a principal, part of the cuinposilion IS left out, in order to present pr"SeiulJon, aiidiire in every respect much inferior. The Patent bilk Il.'ittihavp a great advaniaKe oyer Bearer, as they are far wore dnrabli-, .-ihvays retain their colour and shape, are equally light, and are not injured by-fain.- An rle.:;ant as-soitmciitof the jiuist fashionable .Sbapi-s are nitvays ready linis.'ied, at E. Ilichard^'s. (from Oimna^e and i^arkins, Pa-tentreB), y93, Strind. opposite Cccil-.-ti.et.^.\. U. .Naval, iMilitary, and IJress Hats.-Merdiaiilsaud Country UeaKrs lupplied on advantiu'eMns'tenn'j. . � � lOLTON'S TLNCTiytA ASTIhVlATlLA, __ for C�Migh?, Colds, Asthiiuis, Consumptto;!', .nnd all Disorder of the Breastand Lungs. This Tiixlure \^ ill. upon tri.il, be found immediately to alUiy ihoKe ticklini; obsiruc-tioiii,\vhich occasion tVquent Couching; it speedily cures *11 those disorders of the Lini^ whiph c.inse a dilficuliy of hrratliins-, as it opens. thp4)rca-t, and ininiediah-ly give'sli-^eriy of rcspiratinn withwut dangcror jretliiiK cold ; it is also panicalarly ellicacious in the llbnping Cough. It is ple.tsant ^"t-vke, a teaspoon fall beingiudicient for a prown prison ; aod is free from ttuisc ii�iVy sweet loathing fubstaiicesgrne- T.JE'NEW CO.MKDY. This day ispnhli-hod, price Half .-i Crown, "%/3'AN-:uul WIFii; or MOllK SKCRETS 0.7jB. I'M A.\ o.n'E ; a Comedv in Five Acu', as it is pcr-fiirnii.ig at the Theatre Royal, ijritry-lane. , Kv J. AR.nolo; Kmi-Printed for Ricliird Pliiilips, ."'-0. SOLDIER'S D\UGnTEK, 12th Edition, by A. Chenv, l-'.-'j. price'Js. lid. 'JhsCCHFEW, Seventh Edition, by J. Tobio, Esq. price 2s. t.d.________________ TO CAPTAI.VS OF SIIL^'S, cSjc. Tr.!-.'.iiig to the East or We.-t Indie-, the fidlowin^ article is rec;>nim'-;idfil at . :rs::nt presents to Ladies in every part o the l;ri'.i-h Empire, i^ic. SA BKLI.;-: a;?SH:.\!BLF-F, Forty Nnmbers. -A of n h'(!i ;:rc now co'njileled -ind pn'oli-hed, at 2s. fill, r.ii-'.i. :i;ak::i^ live V idi;m. s viry hnndifniely. printed, corijist-i.I f lieiM I nml inli'iV;iin; 'iiii r.iture.- ihe I'.ii'beMish-ineiit- r -u( til!'; pn:>.i!lii:^ ia-lii"ii-in i.ad'iS Dresses, r.s i-ft-iy .\l.Mitl; I'lr !!!e last 'liite years, in wlii-le lenj;tii I'or-icait I'i^^Jrc, !-.;':MHif-.d!> i:^^iaveii, an.I niosily coloured, with riccur.Me de-ciiplioiiS so ai lo en:.l)!e 1/idies lo in.ike In>'iro'-Vll I'V' .-;.a- ill- :l.l':n. Also-ji) rorl: lit-of liie most di-tiiiiii-Iiod I'oniale livin^j Char^iirliT-. it.rl'.uilii:; .-ll the Fcinaie Biaii;hrs of the iUitin Royal i.-.iniiy; also Portraits of all tile cigning l^iixes-ses'iii i-.iiriipi.-. � Al-o-1.) iM iein.'l Son::=, set to n-.u.sic evprp--!y a:id solely for t:ii- \V>;rl;,bv thi' ii-.iisteiiiii eat ( lonposers." AI>'i SO iirit,i;i;:l Patterns f.'r .Necdie-work. Such are the rlrii (rr.-.--..ii's of �.U-jant I.iurature, and mo?t berinliful inseresiii;: i'riiiis, winch i.n- coni;uncd in this NVork. �itij render it iiioit wm tliy of tlu" aicoplancc of the Briiiah i^'emule. !.Mii.!on: Printed fiT .Tohn I'dl, Prop rict jr uf the Vr'celi-ly iM( sseeK'r, Southrtinv!on-.-Irect, Slr.ind. This day is puhliaiied, in 3 very liii\s<; vols. i.;iiio. price 1?. Ts. (Jd. iabi-avds, ^ALCONBRUXiF AnCKr; A D.Tonshire THOUGliTS on^Iio Dangers to-be apprehended from the Increase of Sectaries' in this Kingdom, and tlic Evils arising from the Want of i'laees of Worship for the Lower Orders of the Cpmmc-^ nity. By a cordial Approver of the Doctrines, and Well-wisher to the Prosperity of ihe Church of England. In this production the late venerable Southitate is tr.en-tiuned. Dr. Andrewes and Mr. White of M.ary-le-TjonHe, areal.-t&Rlluded to in terms which �uch distinguished Charac-Iv tersjditt merit. ' For the -character of this Work, see the Satiri-it f'sr June, llic lairopean Maiiazine for July, the Eiteniry. P.onoraina for Ans'isl, and tiie Geutlein<iii's Magazine foV December ISOS. Printed for T.tylor and lle.-^sev, rieet-stfeet; and J.. Ilalchard, 190, Piccadilly. This Month, uill be publislieil, handsomely printed in ro\al quarto, and the t'ublic.itiou to be continued Quarterly, till cmnpl.'ted, V 's 'i'racts, in sivleon volumes, will be n"'w crinprei'.eniteii in twelve, arid two Sup-pl-�ienlary Volumes; with a Bio;rapiiic,il .Meninirof Lord �Mi-.iCrs. I'rinted forT. Cadell.ind W. Dr.yies, Str.ind; V/, Miller, Alhemarie-slrect: R. li. Eva;?, Pall .\lai: ; J. White, i.nd J. .\larr;i.,'Flec4-sireel ; an;i J. /lardio:;: St. Jaiiio- i-ve.-l. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Dec. JI, Is;3b. MiE Prindpal Ojjicers of Hh M-'j-ftifs OnL JL. nwxc l'o hereby glut notice, that Proposals aill be ri-cciued at Ihcir Ofnce, in Pull Mi'.il, on or Ufore F'riday, tke ^th day of Jwu-Xry next, from sur/t Persons as maj l/c. \ciUir.g la undertake ihe supp'n of TAi;KEE ilOOhlS, and various other r\r!icles of iron, for the Service of this De-1-partraeivt-fwr-a-period of'i'lirce Year^. Pallcrns of the Artclcs may be seen upon applicaiior. nl the aforesaid, , ____ Olid Four0'Clccic, Khere also the Pij'p-j.->u!s ar'. to f^e d,licnni staled up, and indorsed, " I'ropos.ils lor Trie!;.'J Jwols, &c. ;" �iiit no Psoposai cnn oe nr.-.^iiilid ifi-r Ihe i�.a 2l)tfl day of January riexj, /it T::elce o'Cx-c^- r.; nmin �f the sonie d.iy; neither kiU any 7'ii'.'fite n:< >rld' as it :s, and Andrew Stu.-iri, or the Northern Wanderer. Printed for Lai-.e, .Newnian.a'id (,'0. Min:'rv.i Ol/ice, I.ead-cniialWtiecJ ; and >o'.d bv C. Ciia,iple, Pall-.\lall, W. Earle. Alheni.-irle-street in iJuh'iii, by \\ ogan and Cuniniing, and .alloliicr. EooK-, pt-ia. M'iiere the follow ii;g, ju?t puidisheil. may he had, Francis and Ji'sepha, from the (jeruian of liubcr, price lis. tid. in boards. rally cortipkiined of in Pectopal Lozenges, so commonly np- I plied lo in the abo�e disorders, aud tend only to clog the sfo-^ --_J :_______... ..I,^t_.._j!..i.f TKle �Hi.... ?iwch, and promote obstrurtj.iiis. This Tincmreds the only iiiftdlihJe remedy^ver kn->rt-n to jsure the :it�ive dtMirders, and therefore de^i.ses all, counterfeits.or imitators for the ailments above raeny�U(;d.-7-.SoM ny the Proprietor, at Bol-.ton's Medicine WarelloOsc, front of the Kovut IUc:)ani'e,.iii .Bottles UK 6 above caution, and agdio to' infnk-iri ; the public, that no one bufifc of Dr. WA LK VACs J E.SU ITS' i . DROPS, win be sent out oftheit house, withnot a blaek : Btamph'Tixed. In hisSfajejtvVNa.vy these Drops hav,r for ; near. 100 years pnsthwhitaineil, their chafaeterjis a specific i ,,l�rthc Scurvy, (Jravcl, lin-psv, Stfaligpa'rv, .Weakii^ss and i Qhstru'ctl.tinsiirtlrr CriiwfyPiCs!ige,:idiVgeneral debiii of Plutarch.-By JOHN LAN{;H0RNE,D.D. and WILLIAM LANGIIOR.NE,A. M. A ne.iv Idilion, In six A'olu.nicsi with Corrcclinns and Additions, bf the Ucv. FRaNCIS WR.^N{u1.\.M, ALA. F.R.S. l'riiir lU.CllANAN, M.D. F.R.S. and F.S.-V. Fellow of t.'ie Asiaiic Society of Calc-.ilia, and in the Medical Service of the Uonourable Company, on liic Beag.al l-tabli>hineiit. Printed for T. C:id-. ll and W. Davies, Booksellers to the .(LSiatic Society, in the Str.ind; and Black, P;iTry, and Jfingsbary, Book^ellers to the Ea-t India Co:iiptt!iy, in LcaUi nh;il! street.________ _ _ . VALUABL1-: SCHOOL Thisd.iyis puidished. (<ni!)elli-:i-d rti:  .1 l'.irira:t, lic.) iu cigliteen Volume', d.niy-oclav:, price nine (iuineas, and on royal paini', pricj lutiv.- ::.ii:;i.is, e:ttr.-i bo.irds, ri^Hi-: \VURKS..f JOILV DUVDKX, with a SL Lil'e of Cie Author, ."ind Notes, Ilislorical, Critical, .ind K.^planatory, by WALTER SCOT'i', E te, nar to our national feel iii, t!:at rn Iniiidrcd years hnve elapsed since the death of Dryd-ii. O'lie of Ihe cre.itest u.initsiii Jing-liah Poetry), witini'^t having fiirnislied ;i compli tf Ivdilion of his NVor'tf*. la tlu; e.-iiiier p;!rt oflhela-1 I'.itiiry, itis possible thi'.t the genera! anM tinbi.-uiided admiration of I'ope, and Ihe School otl'oeliy w.'iirii Ire fna/ided, diverted t'.ic public attention from a writer iiiferinr in taste, though cvcelling hiniin genius; dcticimt ineorreclne.-s, though lar siipirior in energy of thought and diction. J>ut.asiti:< long since liie public have looked back w ilh .-i favourable eye on Ihe works of the ancient a:'d powerful poets <if the seveoteeth cenlnry, itis presumed tli.u a conipleie 1 dition of Jiryden's Writings, comprehrndin^ his orig!n;d \\ orks of every descripii..n, ninsl now he consid<reii''::s lilla;gnp the disgraceful bl.Tuk in the liter.ilnrc or England. TheTe.vt in this jinljlicitio'i is :;ivcn accurately from the be^t edition?. Il'he Noics .-in:! Illiisirations are such ,-is have been dirt.ited by the 'Editi-r's deep sense of the importance of the las.;. This day is publislieil, prici-i-. in b.iards, the Ith Eiriiion of ME.\ aiiti M Ax\NF,".lS; or, Conctilratcd Wisdom. By A. MUX lER. V. D. F. R. S. York : Printed by riiomas Wilsoa a: cd by A. Hiinter. M.I) F.R.S. L.and i-:. This {"av are published, in 1 Vid. Gvo. price fjs. b".ard?, ^ EPORT.S on ihe KliVcts.of a PECULIAR REGIMEN on SCfRRIlOCS TCMOURS and CANCEROUS ULCERS.-By WAL LAM BE, M.D. Fellow the Royal College of l'hyaiclaii=;. Printed for J. Mawinan, in tiie Poultry. Of wlii had, latel-; odillshed, by tlies.in; - .-Xnthor, Researches into the Prop'rue.-.of Spring Wnti-r, with JTe-dic.il Cautions (illu-lrali'd bv Cjisc.-.) against the Cses of Le;ul in the Con.Mi nction of Pumps, Water-pipes, Ciiterni, &c. Prire Is. boards. A .Medical an.l J-;xurrinientnl Incuiry into the Origin, b-icilliuglu undtrl:d;'^ Ihe p-'r/y, .:;-': !i:!t~ Hons of t.h.:'<:untrail, nia\i be kr.juii upon fij'pUcniion rl Iha S.cre.'ary's OJjice, in P.iH-'.T:.;! ajorcsaid, an./ u-s must be d'-livrr-.i, fCitei! no. and. c;i..''j.-i(t', J'rojmsals fee Painters Work ;" out rin 'prvpisul cm .t, r.d.r.lird tifier t.'ie said S'Uh dd/i of ,1;ina:iC\, .il i �� e';'.'lhV al .Vcy'j ufl.'ir. same duy, rt'Uher Kill aiii; 'i'cu.Uy iiuHlvi: !.)!.'� .v> the Parly jnulcLng li, vr an .Igcnt un hii .�..��'.,'./(", s', L\?�:'.S STOMACH FiJJ.sZ-^h^l cincof rejiulai prescription, and e�tab!u'i \! credit, n;icr-h.aps one of Ihe mo=t .s.-ttV a:;d eliieacious. lliat c:.o iie i.i'.en .-it this se.-win of liie year, and at a:! ,:.nes for -^n.i-ius, '.vir.d iu tlie Sto nach. Nervous C"oiii;)l,iini.-, to prciinxie r.-tidar i'ers-piralion, in Ueficienc- or Jiile, and m (^i.strucii.Mi of the Bowel.-, in n.-art Burns, C o-tivene.-s. Cfudtt-. (iot.t. Voniii-iiigs, and in Head Arhs. On trial, their in'.rij-.sic worth will prove their best reconnne.-.d.ition ; tiiry are |)arlir..l.irlv r.- co-.-.iiv.cnded during the course of Sea-i'.:itiiii:-j. driidiing tl. Sea nnd Mineral Waters ; also for th.-jau in ing in t.'ie vi CJlimate?. IVepared by THOMAS S!l I fj,!TOE. juri. Dr.i^iist, Tottenham High Cross, r eedie.ien ; a':d zil- - ; \ by Siiaw !ind Edwards, No. titi. St. Paul's Chnrrii \ .iri:; and'i;,ic->u and vjo. No. I.")0. O.xford-strcet, in Box.--,;:! J,.., '.M.. i<js. fid.,and One Guinea: and may be i.ail of tia- j i!.!c;:ial \ c;!-dcrs of .Meilirin,�s in Town and t;oui,ti-y. llILBLAiNH are prevented frnm breaki:i .-*ai!tifiil Engr.nincson Wood,price i--. b'd. bound, � with a lull allowance 10 School-, : l-ADiNG iXKRCISES for the JUNIOR j CLASSES ill S('IU;OLS, lieins .-i Sequel to Mavor's� : t and other Spel! in; Books; and an Inlroduclion to the Cla.-s- ; i Book and .speaker.-By the Rci. DAVID BLAIR, An- ; ; thor of the Li.iss-Book, Grammar of Pnilusophy, I'iist t.'a-' techisip, itc. &c. ! 'riiR M'ork recommeijds itself to general .id.iption in all Sc- ' i mlr-irie>", by the following pccubarfc-atures It i-prim- ' ' c4 t" ja large dfar Type, 2. It >- rendered interesting by : ;iero"s J.iv.hidlisiiineMls. S. TiiesnUtert matter is a.t.ipted '. (t:f  A.very few dn royal p ip-the'plates, prire I'. 7s. 1.1 Ir'.:' The :iiicier.t poem of Fioddonfield tHiniei noceiit ifi their riatule, as to reqttirc-lrtile or no restnMiil. SuW wholesnVe and retaU by tJhuvr and. Co. 615. St. liaors Church-yard. London; bu� unless their N.imes ajipcar-on the Stamp, it c.an'no'tTi�( genttiric. Prtte 'is.'Sd - 5 ar.d iitav be bad f all v.endVrs of Mcdzciue. to (Tic capiclty of Children, .-mil ts at once rnteltainini;, mo-r:il..-ii:d iiittriiclivc. 1. .Ml the didicuU and long words jire selected, divided, and .rir.ted.nt the head of fiicli Lea.-on, ia the'iwunicr of Brown's I'e.ktanient. Printed for Richanl Piiillip-s, No, 6, Bridgcstrccl; and to be.bad of all liookselleis and Stntioners in the Cnited Kingdom; of whom may he had, bylhe'ame .Anthijr, 1. The ClasS-Book,or Lesions for every Day ia the Year, price .Is. buuiid. ^ 2. The First Calrchism. or an Erpl.-inatifln f.f Common Things ncrciEary to be known at an Early Age. prire Id. J. The tifanirnar of Philosophy, or Easy liitr. :ctiun fn the useful Scieuces, on the plan of GoliNniith'^ -'Jrammar of Geography, price ^s. bound iiiblcie. i-.ttb.c press,'aoQ speedily will be poMishert, also bv the f;u�e Author, a tlrainmrif of Gh tnitliy, price ^s. fVI.; ,1 School Dicliynsr'.'. price J;. Gd. j au Liii,U;h Grammiir, .'iymptomsjnnd Cure of Co.-istinitiii.ial Dis-'ascs: panieul.irly Scrophula, Coiisuinplion, C.anrir,anu Gout, (lliu.-tiat.d hy Chsvc.) Price .-s. Ud._______ This Day w;is p.-.lili-in-d, Oclav.i, iie.-,utifidiy i-rinied by B.illaiityne and Co. emljtHi;s.'iL.-d y.ith three" Engravings, price l.^s. hoard--, rfSlIE BATTLE of FLQDDO^-FIELD: a! _B. I'cem of Ihe Si.xteen!:-! Centnrv ; with the �.-.rio-j3 ' Readings of the diil'i-renl Copies, lliv-t.iric i! Notes, n Ciios.-a- i ry,;'.nd an .Ap-,)endi �, roiitatniM;; .^ncifut l'oo!n-,and Hiatori* j cal .Matter ivTalive to l!i!> exiii. ^ | Bv IIENRV U EBBEIl, F=q. | p-r, with proof impr.-ssion? of : J-. I Imvine b-rnnic : extremely ^carct. is now, for !iie !ir-t time, p.ihlisiied in an i authentic form, the tcM b-iiii: i-i-al.-iished hy me cdlalion of .  dilferent manusiriptf .ind primed copies, Co|ii.iu- notes are subjoined, as Jilso ;ii! .�\ppe!!(,-x, conlaining nuni-roiis a::- � cii-nt poems relating lo ihe bai:! - and iis c.insequrnces, t..ge' flier with the minute ace .ii;iis i.f t!ie ino-t credii.ableEinf.i,h : liisfori.ans. The engravioits of the tvro >t.indards c.irrii n l.y � t?ie l":arl� of liunlle'v and .\iar=ha.*. and thesword and dagger , of KiJii: James ! V. areaiMed a.-appropriateendiellUmTenls. The wliole, it is hojii-d, w ill be t'ownd an intere.-^ling c"inini 11-tarv to anevent, which ins l.!"ly become so nniveisally pj. pular, by the publieatioii ..f M r. Scot4'?i .M.innion. Printe'd for Arcldbald Conslahle ar.d Co. jt-dinburgh ; and JiUm Murray, :)2, Flect-'treet^ Loiwlon^______ This day ii published, price 9-. the Second Edititm, with a copiou- Aiper.div, APRACTICAL TRKATf.SE on fh,e crfain Freve.'itionand Cure of the VE.NEREAL DISEASE, iiaricularly its con-elaunrr^. :.s Glecis, Strictures, 'lubes Dorsals, Hvpoclwudrln-m, piuUs of St. Th*l8a^!""* Gu\ .-. Leiidoi': Printed for S. fiigMey, 21, Flcti-?tref t. _______n^d^Mji -� - The genuine l:a^ a black ink siaiop, �it.; t,'ie nameof R. Joii.NslON inserted Oil it. WmiER'S Balm of quito, price.o.-. y,'. is the lie?t re nedy ia the oniverse f.,r Nervous Ciiin-pl.ai.nts, the most ;ior,erf!il rritoralive .li.d re.iri.'.n.ilj.r,;,' fi.i!;ii of Life.i'id HcahJi, and rhe .-.af-'-t and best n.edaii;,- i ; the world. It is not prcteinled th.ii t.'iis inedirir.e e.in .-.rre.-t the progress of nature, but if is asserted, .and pr..vfd, !h vt 1! will restore health even where the conadtiit'on ;i;.pe:ir.- t.i have been irreparably injured. Those who h've'imp-.ired their health by a rcfsuleiice in hot and unm .il[:iv ri;ii::,t?s; the joung of cither se.v, wlicr.: inlirn'.ilijs lincaleti premature old age, a life of misery, a;!d an early di-; il ::,,)n ; and tiiose more advai.cd in yc-trs, wimse i.n'u'rin.^, -aiili :S fr.aines appear withered :.r.d .ilmoit-.v.irn oi t, e.rcii:-,- ..lure immediate cbjcct of this sooi'.i,-.^ Kaini. th-j henigi �v.'^-.rr.ca of which may b'" ex-iended to li;e w hole cJa-s uf v .ilet-.iina-riai'.s. For in all ca-es, and in a'.l a;es. wtiere i;ie sniJs :ire relaxed, where tiie constitnli-m lias ri-reiv:-d a <'.;o:-k, r;-s will ba braced and rendered fir.n ; the lcu^ele- w-tll b;- m-. atud ; the sinews will be streoithene.d ; the emaciated I-.-cl)-: iviJIbe covered with (irai Jlesti: the cxhan-ted ve.s.-li nill be tk-plenished ; the impoverished watery blooil v.iil become rich and li.aKamiC, anil its l.imjuid circul.atioo re'-lore.l to;hps.a. native imiietii-;, which is the true enlrrio:; of he.Ulli; the Emgnid drooping spirits wMI be revived a::d .i;iril,.r.itL-ii; ,|r� ge.nion V* ill l-e promoied; in short, ihe t.i.ie of tne nerves will he re^tored,^UId by i-rse means \\y.t whcv[-f coreitiinl on will be renov.-iied. Feehientss, l.u-iindc. ai'.tiety, mel.in-cho!y,andall the d?I)lorable symptoms of di=ea'^;-^ will vanish'; and strength, ardour, .=erenitv, and every eviilerce of renovated iK-alm will be tin- happy result of t-iknic this in-esliuiable Balm'^'i due time, ace.irdiug to tlie direeii!>ns for use which accompany each bottle. The lialm of ynilo is prepared and �old bv U' Withers, Chemist,'**?, Strand-Retail bv L;i hhurV. i.ivrr-poril: tlie London I'atent .Medirine Company. Suu-h-Iiri.U.-Edinbur-h; Ironside, Aberdeen; Ro$. and iVck, Hiin' Sha'p. Portsmouth; Jark^m, Flynmulh; i;ergdoo, p\,l mouth Dork; Harris and Brjan, tiriMul ; arid a ' tab'.e -Med cice Vcnci-rs, p.rlc'.-2s. id.p.r Buttle. resp-,-c-

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