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Publication: Courier January 7, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - January 7, 1809, London, Middlesex u -if. SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, ?8C9. Price T[\V. IVoprioJors of ihis InsfituMon arc re-JOHN-H'N I.M'll coniAiCiiCfa OOttJlSKiif LKCTURKS |.(U:i>1.IU(:K ACCltM will fo-nmcpc--.i C'uir;'"'"'Jill ll.ibiibc� �i tlic Lccturt-s may t>c liud at ilie Jiisti- � (iifireii� Qiir,rf,^M5 �*.(-i5^4.IVmv Charli-s H-ig-if. V. P, llHU. :iu:l Rnr.. A. 0�>-� J^rcr^ Jfr. yaiiRli:iii4 , fcciidarj of DurJiLiu, . 't(yn'"y f- �nade.Brt, f-tthulDgv. nnd Snr-j: J'SJitui'i'y IDtii, at two o'CVfriii�Hi. . Pnirtiral Vimtonjv, nnd Anntomicnl Dinsuill bi- ronti'i'i-diii th� F'>rcimiiri ;ui usual, under the (lirucliun of XVANCOcirff^ i\.ivA\I, ami lU KON K JL ;tii ea^ynpii'H-tuiiitv ofaJvisin^ tlie N'ohilitv and 0:-n-trv, that tUty h:ivc toulV-r to tlifir iioiic:' PATlv/." I' 1/AMI'Soiiao iniprovrd coiiitructiim. aiid ."Uftrfior to any Vrior invfHti.j>U', a\id i>^nirulariy calni-|:ili'd to ranrdy thf ijiroweiiit-iices, to ivliich the gem-rality of thh eqiial t-Tiiw-",eitrr> (post' paid) aiilressed to C:ipiiti fi'i, l)i-:tii-.>tict't, iiohu-s()Uurc\ Lundoii, tVitI b-/imivic, !> tvcn-jtrcel, I ' CtlKliSJiA llOSl'llAL, ;)ia Jiiimar>, rriUKSK are, by order of the Right Honotira. JL able the Lords :uid mher>, Cenimiisioncrs for mannging the Affain �fthe Royal Hospital at Chelfca, to s'*"? Notice, that all Out-Heniioners heloii{;iHg to the haii! llu-p tal, rc-tid'ns in London, or Vvifliin twenty- tive niiirs thereof, are retjuired to appear piTsonallv, an:l rej;inieMially, at "the Se-cri'iury's Oflice, in i lie .".lid Uosiiital. on the resjiective ys, and in their resiieclive elafses.acrori'nsto thrjr severiitmtes of Peir^ioti, as uiidi-nnfiilinned ; whefl attrn^lanre will he piven from NMne o'clock in the moniin;; until Tlifee in the aftenionn, fir (lie payment of half a year's Penii.oi in ad-viinei". to .Mids-:uifi*.>T next, with the aiismetiiation in pro-poiliirn til their dis ihilitv and leii'ih of service, according tQ Jiis Alajeaty's new rrpilaiioos in theirfa^�ou^:-4-Oi\ M()M> VV. the ijth .laiMiary. The Pensioiu-rj al tt\. pir day, fr.-on liic dilfiTi-n't nietits of ("avalry, fo'ii Guard�, isl Re^iiuenl ot I'ool to the iiiii Itegiiueut iiicUi'ive. - On TU LSD AY, the 101 h Jammry, Those at TJ. 4irr ilay. from llie li.'d Rfgiment of Font, with tiie rrirjiiivioit'Kei:ioiiMits or ("or|ii:; us ;il:>o l!ie Pfii- lifj, Persvieitiivf, and Cireogni|kl�v. 0;is' Honrs, l^itinfrom Sfveiitill'ijR'ji-CJrtjfkfrom l,ij�littilrMne, Miuidav, Wfil-nrsdr.y. ami e'tidav l-Veniiu^.-Mathetnalics from One till 'jVo.-.Per^eiive' from Two till Three.-(Jeography from Three liK Fouri-Tuesday, TUuiSdiiy, uud Saturday Aloru- N. B. Mr. .t. gives prirate Lefidas at hoirtp or Abroad. � l'"oir further particulars apply a^ above. BOARD in � GliNTKEL FA!VHr,V -Ai.y Lady of rurtime .-md reif;>eefability, wishing; lo l)rc.>me ail hiniale jn a dn-erfol genteel Family, resident in a ple.-i-faiitliealtbv. pirliif tiie Country, lOniilcj AVrsfof ihe Atp-irnpiitis, upieiK'filb'of Frivaty and Piililip Konra-liiin.u. FKW I'OrtLS arc admiited, a oi-rnr, o:j nii>dt.-rateti'r^i^,and with tileMiigularadvantage of JUiuhi-tiins. &f. to both Uiltwtsities. The' 4�niejiic arraiiitein^nti' ariir aceommndatio'iis *r all Virtdsare ou t'i'e nios! libeml^nnd linprnVed plan; ami viMii-eles arrm- aiul r.-ltirn la linni^Mi on the Ninn' lliiv. U-iters !idIr.SfPd (o(he Rev,S.'r. I', i.i h'.- \e(t nt \\\$ BiK'ksrIler's, Mr. James.Vunn^-firoalayin? the prinri|):il :il the i option'if the KorBouiT by (living 7 days .loiicp.- Pi'r^on.-il ; aiiplicatious atieiidi'd to iVoiu 111 (ill \i o'l-liicK.-L'-lterj, \ post-paid, to Me.v.-n. Ila'ikev and Co. No. J, JJioud-ttreel, (jolden-square, aiiswrrpd wilhiMit delay. A'-YUrriES.-Ten years I'lirchwe will t.e J"iL ima'pd!niflysi�enf�frAtl'|uitiessee'ircd uipon Ficehoid, ri),�hvid, or IniriLntsplj.dd win-re the parlies hav jiiuhsolme iiiterivt, iiiia o!i uhiirh (byrpa*'""f (he pn-s-liff ril the tiaif:!) lien, y ViimiTt bp oUlained "pop monsacp ;. a-'d cieht veuT? (KiichafC AviUViWwi'e l�p given for Ainiii'Vip� cii )ouiij'LJvps�-( ured WA.Y CANAL,-CON. JL TR\'(;TS.-It beiniriutendi-xlft/rthwith to comiiiete Ihe Canal for iwivij^ jticin Irma (iravrsend to the Checkers, at }l!giiani..rireel, Connnitlpearp re;uW to receive Tenders friiniMir'i l>Ji aiiclt^ip Checkers at Jii^Iiani-stiecl. Tlie-ppi-ifienti iis of ilieAVorky, ;iii-I the Conditiftns of Ihe Co!i:r;ii-fiire.i>ntih�d.'iy Che '21>t or.lanuaix u.-xt, and tlio pirsiiii.snialiiiij;'thejleiu.'prs..or, soiup person on (heir bc-balt, mii?�at(l'nd to answer.when oiil.-d lor, .it a llei-.iliiij.'if the Conm>)i|ttr,at llic (Jeorgc .-iiid Vulture Tav^r i .tf;Te>aid, an WedHi^saay, (,'ie iith^jf Jnuuary next, precisely at twelve Bplock. ' Jiy-tJrdcfof iJhj'Coniniitee, � ''� ; Wl'SCUJJAMORK, Clerk. Decol, >itm ' : � IiyU[A%PATI{OX.UVlv-A Gouil.-mai. is tlfJi irons of jjrocuriii;: for his ']�o Sons either ("ADl^T-Sill I'S to tiwia.: on ('.iiiniiii:^i� .\. Mr. j>.>w.-kill's. Grif er,-JJish- ^^^S^Si^p^^JT'"''^ "�^"^ ' "'^'"'^''>";;t?d:K.'Vdav,Tr:m,the*tfp^-lle,dm^^^ '*^raBr>a;..aii>^^v^>-^ � � v:i:"ia:ifi:;-^tL:i-_^-:_-L Foi.t Guards, Hip l>t. IJesimellt of Foiil to the (iytu iurlaii^e. TTTO . MILITARY MKN--Nmnerous Kx- i OnWKONj-sDAV.thellih 'J'hnsp at Vid. ji.'r day, from the 7(Un lie.uiuieiit of Foot, xvilh the reniainin^r K.-;;ime:its or l>ir�>s: as al.-o ihr Peii-sioni-is at Is. jierday, from all the i{esi"i''i:t-> i'f lavalry, the 1st and Coldstream Itrj^itinniis i>f Foi-t toiiiiri.-.  On TliURSDAV, the I'Jth .li.inary. Those at Is. per day, l"r'>-ii the jM lU-iiiueiit of Foot Guard-, the Isl. Regiment of Foot, with all the remaiiiii)g lU-jj 11110111.1 or Coru.i. - On FItlDAY, theLlih .January, Those PeiisioiitTS ifoni any Rrgimeiitoi Corps, at Is. O^d. Is. id. Ls. lAI. .and Is.Cd. per div. Oa.SA TURD.V V,ilie I Ith January, Those at Is. 2A '. and I�. .'id. per day. Oii'vlO.VU \ Y, .'aiiuarv. Those at Is. .'ij.-l. per ilay, with tho,e of the ililferent rate?, to 2s. per d.iv iiielii-ive. � On TL' 1 .S1) A Y, the nth Jannarv, Tho>e at '2>. 0* I. per da>, an I upward.-; those fro:ii the Miilia,at jd. per dsy, with t'.ic I'rivaie (ienlle, -ii who receive .Vniaiities froiii tfte late 1st and the tid 'Iruwpi ol llnrsp (Juanls. Andtl-atall Out-Pensioners helimging to the said Hospital, who live at agreater dist.inee liian t� enly-live luilis from London, and those in .Scntiaiid and Irel.i'id, are lierel.y re-v a most SHperior A-sorlmeiit of j. i|uired jujd conini.mded, .-it'ier the 'ijlli of June iie\t, and ;if-ING Sll.ixS, wliich for ele-  ter ever> succ.eilieg'^.ilh of D.-ennher.nnd y.r;ll) of .1 n. e nn-eijiialled. i lil f iillier .irder;, to apply to one of his Aia jisly's .lu-i iees ofl!ie Peijce in tlie nt-iiihliourlinoii wli\ the G.-neral I'oi, (diieeted thus, " To the itisht Hojioiir ih;.-llie P.-iMiia-^ter General of his Alajeslv'5 l.anl Fone5, I,i);iiI.mi,"); i>n the cover, " (;iiel-eji i'ea.-ioin r"� ,\i!i;l;.vil .-iii'l � .-rparls nr ilupllcal''!. of the said A(!idavil> are to lie re>ei>e.i lis tlie Cliil-Pen ioners re- . . , . AnMiR-UTY-OFFICK, n.-e Ix 'cio.t ' NOTICE fa hereby ^Jien^ that a Session ojfOjfer and Tir'.hlne:^nd (Ju'ol Dttuern, for the Trial stf Oj -fences eommitUti pn ine iiiffh St as', leit/url. tj'ir juTiiiUlUiyn vf llir. Jdiiiirall^ vj EngUtult tcUl Uz held I'U Justice ilall, � tile Old Railey; London, on F'kh>a V, ttte iUth of January next, at Light o'CMock in the ^lorniiu:., W. POLK. ^ VICTUALLING oei'iCf., Jai. i; 1808. TIIE Commisiiotitirs fur /tclaautu^, u.i ...t.-Jesij/'t ffavi/ do htrthy give So^Ue, t/iHl un I'aeS' d;vyj t/ie lO/A imiant, Ihey tiill b^-reaiif tu Vie>i.v t/ic ro'f A o/"Januarx-np.r?,/Aey nH! is rf''' 'o --------� ''-''�. " v n Tt>.\S of IRO.V V\TT HOOP.', TWO IIV.VDREU TONS of IR(J.\ nU'i'T HOOPS, .ind O.\ E hiTiVDRJic and K4G11TV fO.NS ol lllU.N Pt.A i 1. liv/i.. o , . f dilivcred in Tm ie.';>, bil > . i-'u p.i'f/uri'u'i'., mlo llu Jin--jci'ti's yirliiall'iHi: sitiresut Uepiford; and to lie fiaid for bjl Hills payabL-, ixitli ialenst, nincly .iitijs iijicr dalr. The C.iii(Ji(ioti.s' oflh' Contract, ini.i .S.irrfy^c'ts uf the {loop* ntau Ac lecnal the Secretnn/s O.'/u". � A11 ruyard icill tie hint fit onj) n'c. in Kh'Chlhr Prire shi (1 nut l-r, inserted iturdi at length, or th.ililinU notdiUyrr d to the ll"(!rif liel'iire Ont. .."cfiict (oi ^'te snoi Toca.lav, ///c 10//i o/'January nrj/, Kor nnhss thr pTSnr^cho mnket the Tender, it vume person on his behaif, un* steer tchen called for. iV D A L U SI A SI !^ KS.-II All V K V and S.^1^|�H, bee leavi* to reinhi their most eralefiil ac-kiio\vledt;ein.'nls to the Nobilitv and I'nbtic in i,, for the liberal encwiragpinent they have already n-eeived-; and to inform tliein the'TliHVP no.v a must Ihe AiNDAl.U-SlA ^YAS111^e t-, will (ind .ii extensive A�sortinent of (ioods, much und.-rtlie r.-gualar I'riecs. .No. 8, l.udirats-strpet. neji.i Si. Pnil'>. La I'L 0\ KItrUltl.S.-1 lii.-(l,iyi>|.ublivi.-ud not be beiielieial M the State: with I'eniarks �in R.'iiiniviiial Finarice, ih-- .Mili-' liaand N'oTuiitei-r Services, tlip Impurtai'ee of .'.nr .Milil;ir> Strength, and the. Impo-sib'litv 'of coiitin-iii't; our lAeril.ois froiii the iiiadi-ipiaey of the pr.-.-ent Ki-riu^i.^g .Means OFFIC1-: OFORb:VA>Cl-;,. Uec.JI. J,S rW^HE Prificiiml Ojkcrs of Hi-t Majeuy's Orii. jL nance do herelii//;irr. notice, that Propu-i'ils iciil br d of'{'hree Yciii:.. Palhrns of the ..let cits, may b.' seen npan applicnliim at Iht Piiiicipal Siorrk-irprr's Ui/ice in Ihe I'.neer: icli^re furtlter pari:cnhirs, In^eUier icith the Terms nl\d CinHli:ia's ,f- the CCnlrcct w.rty be kiUiicti ; �; frop.viab lor Tackl � 11 iok4, A:e. ;" hot nn Proposal can be adinitteil iifler t-i'r tttH 'Jdl.i day of January rieei, nt Tirciee o'CUick nl noun .'" tlf- yameday; neit.Uer ic-lt any Tender fre nniiced unless the parly Making it, or A sent in Ids I'tUnlf, s.'inU ulleni. By OrJerof the lioard, _ R. If. CREW. Sec. CONTll.ACT FOR ARMY CLOTHING. Coinmissary-Genpi-rti's OCmcp, Great (ieor^e-Ftrecf, Uebliiiin-l.-r, .Jan. ISC". SUCH Persons us uuiij bv. dc.'^/roti.t of C-mlrnd/u^ Kllh the r.>.'/;;?,-y-y:c lSy,S\5U'KI. lilflOfH-;, Ksq. 1 y.icliveh , t.. Ije e^ hil-Mted to siuh Pcr-ons.i.^^hall be direct- I.o'ul�n4 printed l)v Mercirr aiid Co., Kiii^ s Head Onirf, ; Td t.. pay them, ihai they mav he b.ltl^di:d th..-. all such as ilaidstonp. 0 adva�ni:e on itisfi Linens at the Belfast LWi) ConipaiVxs'WiiVcbouse. >'ti. a-. Great RosseJI- .ijipo.Hite' th* �ritislj .Museum.^-.Mr. isuKCU, jiivij; j,,i^^,^jr^.,,liu ?J�i�,t .tv,rpspeeifully aiuirtniices Mliiiiminrmu^ irieiidsai;fthe Pubijcaf large, thatimiie^ '""'''"t "aici)icn( ever made, asllie lowest ^i>�l�alepria'�s.ii�^(iriiHIvasfcetI. Their Li.ieiis tire war-! raMrdperfecl.fclj|^hetl'.on the grass, w'rthout chenii-Iris^i^l^"* ^^""^ iipf roved the nii�iiey letunied. Cash for - 11URGH� ApeiA to tlie Company, 50, 0real ___ Rtfsspl-sti-eft^eyacittopposite the llritish ftlnseiim, J^CH cgitjcns, J?OA nsiN Rss KS, &c.-iira * 6re.itdeinanrf{ttriyjR. taiUENbUOIFS l.O^K.N(U.S I* lOLU, after fifty yeai� (|i-il�'�'� their-saperioritv as "�njiist iilciUactawlefectual remedy f.irnll conghs, hoarsens, sure throats, iiBd defiuxjoii&.oii (be Jungs, healing the ��nefsai.d�f�negs ��f Ihe" M�is:t, aiid nffordiug reli-f in TL^"*^**^ tjireath, astnutUt;, .-ind ctu�umpUi-e ." "ejdoDPtIclof thestoniacb,-'t>�t.ct|ai(e.unatipetite.--The Wuine, f>nlj,,�iave R. fiai>wurA, printed on the stamp, all S. ^'eyMU'erfei�s.--'lteyare iM'ep.lreAtnid, .sold bv ff. "�y*ard, ^ueceasur to f.-Owpirngfi, the'inventor); re-*�Wf ; eiarkClBlironglij Bacon, �.x-7T-iircct ;'au>41ht iendoi^of gewuineinedicine-. (hramhrnit Shfj 'fi.and three Oudfjiejice Si. I'aiil':, Chaie-i Yard, for Kerliy, 15owder\, and I5;irl)i-r, No IIHJ, Oxford Street, .if whom may be hud the uiiginal i Sii"s:" Price 9s. Gd. I'., morrow, S'ln lay, will be puhliahed, .-it No. .|0I. Sirand, opi>o-ite Salisburv-vtreet, price "inly Six-pence, \o. 1, of 'B^illi; \VI':KK.f.YRl'](;iSTKll, Pr.nted with a JL beautiful new- Type, cast o!i nurpose, on Ihe l.irge.t si/ed Pajier, in (juarto, so as lo be boil iH up at ih'^ i'lifl of .-i >ear.ami form a h.mdsonie Litirary Volume. To eo.nplete wJiich,a Fr.'utirpiece :ind an.lndejt will be delivered gratis to the Subscribers. N. 15. Tiie News from the con):nencemei)l of the year will be incbiiledin ih.- Firrt Number. At a time when the Metropolis ii so innndatpil withiiew jonrnals, that ilie greater numi.T of iheui cannot pisitr.ict (iieirtraiifrit'iry eici-tence beMinil iheperiiul i>f a few months, ir m;i> e.vcite surprise thatanothi-r Weekly Paper should be .ittenipted, particularly at a price that seems lo render rcinu-iieratiuii li.ipeless. Hut, discourrging as these cir.aimslances iiiav appear to the observer, th.-v have little wei;;nt with the Gentlemi;ii who have .-�s.^ncaled for tiie e.-tahlish-meiit of "Tjii: Wnr-.Ki.y RHf;lSTi:it."-I'liey are inllnenc-ed bv higlier objecis than eino'nment. Tli.-y are s-easilile (iiat the I'reiS is n pnwerfnl engin>- in decidins tlie feelinjs ami actions of mank'nan 1 l on its j-i-t or p.-rveried a-.', the lnipi>ine�is of iwiiliinis greaily depend'. Newspajier-aie loijfpb-edly tiip nm-t active eminnlions of this in-!r.inie!it, a. d .-loi'.Jiglhese the \\eelvly PuUlicalious are nolllie least iiiip'iilaiit; thej are netirreil f-> by (he great cl.iss ofsixicty, d been wiliip ii;i di-covereJ, lliat the fire.iUT numb  .lie busied in t:!.�si-iniiiari!ig principles siiiiver.-ive of the iMppine.-s and p.ilriotic xirliie of tlie people. To cimn-tenci (i�-se perniri'ius design- is t'le chief object of tlii- I'ro-piiet.irs otTiir. Wki'ikly Rt:'.i felegant Por-trait.s. and a View^of Somrr Hill, price Fort\-live SI:iJ.. lihss in hoards, am-w Kditioii, revised and corrected, of Mfl'ered, iiiiiilrd aiid embellished 1 in a Style of elegance suitable to their ineril, and in a fo/uj ; ' woreironvpuieni than any in which they have bitherto ap- ; peare,iiv the same penoiis who fi;ive p:i-sed their examiiialion, it is hereby ('irther directed, i hat >uih �if tliein who hav.-serv.-d in, mil h:ivcbeeii discliarServed last. Initti-o ke^imrnt. Troop, or Corps of Ihe Army, from �liicl. tlo-y were tirst di-chaig alter Christaias are regulated, as to the place of payment, by the .Mu-ters at C liilst^a, "r tlie sent lis above, alier the Midsummer preceding ; and ihat the .Midsummer pa)iiieiit is in liiie mannerregnl(iled bylhe Musters or Aflidaviis ;iflcr the Chrislnias preceding. It is also ordered and direct, d (bat n > I'ersoiiwho shall ehangethe p'afe uf his aliodi-gn-eii in ;it hi- .Muiler, nr -pe-cilird in hiiAllid.-ivit :itore-a'd, and w_lio m.-iy apply for his iVnsion, (exci'pting to tiie tJiticeis of l',\ iu'enearisl -iich place'of abot'.e,; >liall n-ceive the >;ime. >i!:'i->� ii yp,ie:ir-, by the ccrtilic.-ite of re-pecl.ib'e per-m.?, lliat sii.h ri-niov;il wa's tlirongU unasoidable iiece;Sil>, whien he .>r lliey coulJ not fore.-eejit prevent. .Aii.lthai if any Pen-inner shiill fran'itlentlv attempt to receive Ji double pigment "I the Peiuiaii, either at Chelsea,or at dill.-rent places.he >h:ill b.r struck off itie l.'st-. Lastly, II ik nolitied. Ihat niiiie will be entered upon the Pay-l.i"-is of the s lid Hosjiilal, or lie enlilled to receive ;iny benelit therefrom, who shall not act agreeably lo these orders .ind direriioiis. p iriirnLirly in senlui.''.'leir'hall \rarly .Affidavits to l-ie l';iMiia-ter-l.">-oerl ms above dirprt,-d, and lu no other Olhce ; wli cii several of Ihe IVn.-ioner- have ofl.iie either neglctled lo do, sent them irregularly to other l)e-partmi-iii-. G. AUST. Secretary and Registrar. rrnF.ri's iVATr\i of qui roTl^riceas. is the best lemedy in the universe f.-r .Vervnns (Vim-plaints, tiie n^.-rfui i-.-stnraliM-and re:inituating H.alm �f Life ai.d Health, .'ui.d the >.it.-si and bi-st medicine ii the world, li is not pr.teiiiled that t.'ii., iin-dicjnc e.iii arre-t the progress of n !ture,,biit it iit .-tn-l jiiilie.-ilthy; the 1 Nfiuiig of either sex, whose iilntion ; I and those more uilvaiired in years, whose luitei-iii.;, sapl>!-� j Irames appe.'ir wilinir.-d and alainsJ iti.wi out, are the more iminediaie t of tnis MxjihyK; lialai, the beniga of whicii iaa_>"i)e exu-ndrd lo lae wiiide class ..f V'";Ileiurtina riaiu. F'lr iii all c.t.-e�, and in all a;es, where the s.dids are relaxed, where th.-eouslitiiti-> has received a slinrk, or isbv any nie.ans d. inbtxied, this li i:S i't)fl.A I'l V I. and RL-A.M.v.A riNG UAL.M of Llllv and HFALTH w I. proiliice the !:appie-t effects: t!ie cold .ind Iremul.nis nerves will be wanned and steadied; '.he relaxed libtPS wijl be U.e.iced and n-nri.-r.'d lir.n ; luu cles will be .iivjuo ated ; thesiliev.swill be streiijilaeiiod ; I'lc em-iciated )ijyhs will Ije envered wilh lirni llesh: the e.niiamled \ct5i-U will be replenished; the impovpri�h�l watery lil-Jod will become rich and bal-an tc, aim its laoiuid circulation restored tothesa-uaiivp impel'.', uhicii u'ihe truecriurion of health; the Lnig'iid drooping.-pirits will be revived and ejthilarated; digestion will be pjomot'-d; in'fhorl, the tune of the nfervcs wiU be r.-stored, anil by ihrse me.-ias Ihe whole c.instiluton will he renovated. 1 eeblrrrss, lassitude, cn.vietyi nieJan-icholv, ami nil the deplorable.synijitoinb of difC.oe. will va-jii.-h"; and strength, arJ.iur, tfikniiy, aiid every cvidensc of reoovnfpd h.-altn w'rt. be (he happy result of (,-ikia;4 this in-estim.ible Ua'm ia 4je lime, nccrtiin^ ti> the xttreclions for use which ncC'impany eacii-Wile. The lialni of Quito is prepared arid sold by AV. Contract at this Vl/icc, brlteecn tr.e h'l'.r.' vf Ten and I'luir, u- prices i--i-ericd hi icnril' at I 'l^t'i, nir uiile.-s n I tier is snhjoin-d to such t'copoiiil ftoni t^o rcspcU-'ble Persons ci!^!is;ing to he-ooic Lunnd ivilh the iiocti) IcnJcritij^ in t'.w-eiicji l.'ia' tae lu�iee of Iheir charirts leses haif its inllticnce where the 'I'eeih .ire disC'doured, or shew .i r.itteo ,ihi( un'ieallhx iippearan. e; thi� is (he more inexcu-able, .'i- liie pres-nt prepariiiop aC.ords the infallibl-j i".:eans of lenu.viiig cvef% hie-misJi uf the enamel, and is sife in ils application, being r->mposi-d of veget.ihles. It is reQii.umeiided ti> the atl.niion f ail rai.lis, ascli-aringaway every ini|-crtecii'iii, eiilii-r in the c,.liinr".r the decil> of the enamel .if the Teeth; reiiderinx liie lir"a>hrii|gr, iCdinbiirgh.; Iroiis:4e, .-^Uerdeeu: Ross aiKl PeeK, liidl; Sha p, p.irtsmouth; Jnckfon, J'lymo.uih; Cnr^gd.m, Ply. inoirth Heck; H.irrm and Brvan, lirisiol ;,*Bd hii .r��pfjCf iMble Altfd ewe VciMlerf, price 8�. bd. jper Uo^tfe. For the Head, Sion.arh, and Ho'veM Dr. JAftltS's >iNALl.l'.rlC PILLS. [IK celebrity of" Wiese J'dis as a gerurai prc-. sev.valive of health, hy a��i?ting nature in the (hie liis-charge of the animal Innciioiis isber.mie uiiivi..-ril, ,-iiui li.ey ate now recnmmeiided by Medi.'al Gemleroe.-i ol_-**ie nnt eminence, who use them i:i their own fiuniliei.. T.'iey are admirably calculaleii for liisuftiers ilKrb.fled. ��� Observe that the words'^ F. JCcubcr*, 4s, St. ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: January 7, 1809