Saturday, December 27, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - December 27, 1806, London, Middlesex J^' r V " 11' ' i i '. ,i .....' 1 f -.'./�Ml SATCTRDM^ DECEMBER m, ?Hcc 6� iiiinnrfiifri' Scr. ' fflEAl'ilE RoyAL, CHIl^-LANE. ''nni)[B'pr a msw Comic Pantomime, called THE I'XCIIANTERS; or, Hajrfeqtttrt 'gnUami.  "Wuh new Scenes� AiacUmery, l)rcsses,-and DccoraJtons, TlifeOwrHircand�tu8ic')Compo|cdby Wr. Shaw. AVitliSe-,,<!FP,t'Pnsffijineminent C/omposcrs.; " '/On Monday 'ftliss Ray will mpke her second appearance i^AipebayJuXovar&*.von-�f 4i*'' "^^^ Pant<Hiiiiiio. tHEA'ERE ROYAL, G<)VfcNT-GAHUl N. ?�HIS ufesQnt EVEiflNG ^\ ill bo porfoimGtl the. Coroedvof " <� 'fifE- TEMPEST. Prosp�r .becu lon^ , in pi<eparatioti^ Called Ilarlfqutnaud Mother Goose; or, file Xioiden, iijfgi The hcem?s� Music, Machiijci-j', UrctiaCis i�ndj :De*omtiort9, arc entirely d-Hc'Oyei^ and Alujic . LE(H;UIVP-S on SflllGJLIiy, and on Vilh S10L0(t\ , ^/fll A.CAR.LlSLltVF,il.S. F.h.S. and Siii. 'J^jLgcmx^tttiw. AVcst'.uiiister Hospital, wjIL be^in his leOlJRSsE of LLOTURJLS o � tlic Altr and I'RAC I ICE ".BrsDJtGEHi'^uraU its Urfinchea, oa Tuesday January :SOi�tt H�!w >niy ot the P.ins explained. On the same J-:�enib;;s, a COnUSli of LhC'Vb RlvS will  be dcUvfci'etli on. tlie-KA-iJU K A L iJ 1 S'lOR \, PI I V S lO-3l.O(5VVabdPATIl6lX)(�y of the HUMAN HOI) V, cal- ;.�i�latedtff,illustrule.thc8cv(?ral procfssesvof Jlealuis, an�I to atliintncoinpcndvuus Vn-w of tne Animal Ecoiioiuy. Thfe iA<*wUrctoi*y 1)i8cou^�e will be open to all siudinls, Tiekets for the l-cotiiros on Sitrjjery-^)r On~i ('oui-se J/. 3s. PcifKjtUUV .fjf. i V!s.C'Ptrpc{Oal 4/. 4s. > ,  ; ~ CAFrAl^' of DUAGOON GL'ARDJ in ..j^ ^hijgbuilfinjflieji-to JjXi-.haiiijc to Infantry, cither a itegimeirt At rjjc laneor^ Oanison Jiattalion.--bor particu-litri apprv Iv Mt'-ssi-s. ilawkes^' jMoseley, and Co. Army ilat- �'^i^�*^rKS.~-^^hc KobiFity artd Gentry wo, .r?ti/^4es^f�'^u)?^'fe1formed that from one to two hundred' C.:trtUg�% (ff diffMeiit *tAlth's (l.Uif MA?\'A) RepnsitoTj', t.ieat 1 o^Und- Jtrtrt, VJavemUa)i-Scfu<tri',lHMng^tlie largest Pi(jniiscs ot the  kjndin LoHiloii.-AnvCjcntlfman haviiijj CiirriajTrs to dispose ? ajy�09,ybo-lMisqiiaia qttirk^ and a<lviMitugtous: Sale from ihe � jwiuefwus applffatioiis ,VLW BON n-^JTRltT. MfUGHS offers to the NoFjiiity and Gentry a 3LSL fash�(jn�blo ^Korti^aent of PliRUQUtt;, manufac* JUiCd on 6uch a pnnciple, ns not tp obstruct m^rspjiation, vel an.'hciwilly covered with, liair, fo tbot tne^ m4v be coinfK-d in any direction, ATithoiit the liability then* be-: JtIi;: diScovercilfrojn a nrit^ral bead at.XmtJUtevtiA mt\� AnX otyte, and with a farther advjmliige of never fhvink.-SifT, a"fault alT others hive. <.) to be had at Hnghs's fiiahianahlf Ifaw ManHfj,cl�ry, with the greatest Assortment of liair Ornaments.-il;m- C uttir.^ at tlichonscr 2n. 6d. , -- :  m(5nEv7~  . '.. ,-:- �R^/j.l�SllS; tUCAS and C^^^ bog leave to inform J.fjfi. those thnt rnavbc in Want, and desnwiistit Borpow-lujr terap()rai-y or pmnaiient Sums of Money, tb^t they are eiwUU'A to advance any sum to those thnt'arc possessed of aniy assigwihl'e property in eonsidcration of a^airandt'quitr . aj)le AiwitUy Intert'St'bflng paid for the gaiire. As alto to tliosftof kfloniy property on thnr own personal security^ AmlRirHuT, Mei-srs. Lucas and Co. bea^ leav<* to saj-that . thev^ciU eortrfnct every Jfegotratlon thh t iwia' he comntitted ' to fiieirconfidenee with the grt-ntest #Ap;;dilIouaiHLe y t.-iose that apftly to Wesirs. Lucas and-,?0. tit No., 3*'James-strecti, Aiir mAht in pefsmi or by letter piwt paid ptiri Strand, ,yo .UOBEEM EN a-id GE.XTLEM EN of PROPERTY.  � AmEIlGYmX resident on his Living, about i '�4mki>'iM\kifimn I�flin�foHvwf�o hns- had considemhle E.v- perieijcB and Success in Private Tuition, will Ik- at liberty at . .ClUlft�*.i's,: nnd't9 altijnd this Situation, Ji coiisidera-. , ^lfrSaIary:\Till be expoctrd,- . . , , � - - .tfaLeUevtsaddressed to theRcv. A. V.. atMe�*rs, Sc.iyfe pii|iViWs, jeOi-Jfleet-streiJt, evecy iHiimte particular will be - esplambrtr and Retcrenct* glyen to Pcrsujis of the first Dis-'t <tu�trt�t�thT rifanliantlLiitcriiturr: KWPARLmtEN'f;-Thel*robri^toFsafthc  i^^tAt'lP*!^^^ J'Or-KET ATLAS, '�|tte^^WW.It>r aOUVi;i\I.R, and HOYAL fi�.iiOt>|.XaRVv wiHTmhtish, a'.foona po> ihle after thf IlVl.Pimf AL PARLr VMl.NT, inclndiiigtheMtin-**�;f�t�X.�ed &rr- SrOTl^ IVaand IRELA VO^ � /"c'ii iio fiit>licati,on l>rior to.this, purtod c;�i jioiisilily vontiiin j siv - Bj/eit-a* W lay itt thi- pOcltet ot' the nftovc, or any other ��: f�M\^9y>i-W^ d iU5 ^p, niltEdijeii, (priceaifi) To -,6c lia'd.qt.alt Uoo.4>l-fle(s, Stationers, &c. in Toivn and .  ^-�. r;hi\iil�pve.Appendix will.^itUtheorfeiiial tj'orkg, . fWfiiiilKan^cswiiit.otHhe (Jhangesi which liave taken place Mthc Rej^reacnfitioii. > .  NOnCE TO A.IARINE-R's ANO OniCHSi -iL IjL I'^ci^ons coins abroad arc rer/uesrcd to tftkenotWtliattlic YELLOW FL^�1 R RLMEPY, �wifit?! dettro.j� Iplcctiouu Kevcrs*. imd eiisurc*rIitSilth iiihof �jf nnWfttrtt-girte Uimutf , is tolie-olit.imed at the Wate-tottseof tBi*ilnstTtiHwt;-iMtt;.lO, *CM'ir^-tio85, near the Admiiaity, London T-1*'itrjiil4!,cdfJidre(.oninie�de. bj rtg-.mlajCirtittemiavnf-PUY�i1;laj�si ' - ' Wfm^�iVm^;^rth^^^ extrao. dinary Uflicacy, - . jLv I�.te5�ji#ijlfi*i$''l�t Rel)at.iti<ift U, has so long ac  mtiMd;*qye�W�l^<M]ljBtJVP�i'"t'�"0^ %'** *|^!IW,1wi�^t�ffi?iR^ niunitiis, il is found to an^ FatsWs-i also m jV^n'PSy 11 Viai'UALLlWGifllFPICE, tkC^ 17,180()-. i JL tu\s Nauj) i}o herebij give jVoticsf that ck/an'the md Ucm<ia.y the 'i'ilh instant, nurunless Ike PeYsuii-ichoi-maktslhe Tender, or- some Ver.tnn '^ tafJeA fAr, ARMY ^ONTftACTS. CoiLtaubjarj ttwieral's pffiiSi Great GoiW^-sWeAj Pet;. S-ti \m, viz. OAT3� IJAVALUV in Uarwclvs in tin? Connticsot MIDJJLISEX, KLM', and CORNWAI.l, ni SOUTH BRITAIN; tihd i|i the County of EDlNliURGH in JNORTH IJRlTAtN. The dehvene.s- urn Jo cviwmwe � on -and for the 25iA day of J'annani next; Iha! PrpposuU in vfnUng /sealed up) ^aitd marked " lender tor Arijiy 4�ipplieif,".niW/fo mwu^rf at l)''ii OJtcCy OH o%- hfjorc l/w VM/i dai/ ot said moidh of Jamary, but n^iio ti-ill be received irjter Rlectno^Clock on that day, and If sent hi) posti, the postage must be yntd, PropanaU must bv vtiuk separately Jor eachLuunt>t, and the names oJ two sufficti:ut !>ufeUc-i,- u.lh tneir jjiac>;s uj[ Refulenee, wnst be iuScrle.dut the Joultliereot,. and no Pro* posid uill be noticed unless niadr, vn ur aMiexf.d.lH a pnnled len-icr, und thf. prices shall fc ejprcsicd in Kordi at tcngthi Pailm.lxrs oj Hie Contrail >i mi he had on iippliculton nt linn O/firc helKcen llie hoursoI Kii and pour; vnil tU the iXj'~ Jic.e of }{r. Oeyulif Commnsaiy li^iieral Asiiotti, btlinbnn;-. AliMIRALTY-Ol'PlCE, DOC. IS, IftOf). 1^0TICK is hatebii givan, thai a besiwti oj Q^er JL^ and Jciutiinerand Uaol Duliviry, for the Trial of Oh fences coiituntlcd uu (.HeHigh i^eait, iciintn the jumdiMon of the Admiralty of Kngl/ind, Kill be held at Justicfe 41all, in the Old iJaiU-y, London, on rnuiiSDAY, tlic'JiJd of January rte.xt, at Eight o'clock in tlie Morning. . WM. MARSDEN. roilsflf {�oiUractiif^iu'stipptif FORAGE. iiA\,aaU MRA^^,t�l Jl�* Viajp ty\ ' - , .igd No. 12, ot Chariii'r-Cr�)SSr have on Snlc the TicUels and Share the ah(> o, 7,i79, a Prize of MO/., .were all Sllari-d, Sold, and Rcgister� KSJ?KGTFt;iiLY acquaint the.Public the jB.vL'STATE LOTTERY cotjuneflcosCifavviii^ on tiic litii ot n liapital Prizes of grr^tter iiuMtuitiuje t.un ^ly fOMier Lolittt^ witUao atnaU a wq( . - e^iWwswif... i�.'*),�G(� 9 Ptteerof,L.�i\W�D. 2 ...10,000 ;i............. 5,000 Tickets and Shares arc on Sale by RlCflAHDSON, GOODLiJCK andCO.tlicojdy Ofhce that ever sold two Prizes of 30,000'. in shares, vlz;--So. Prijii' ot 30,0l82i, in4 UaUVa Quarter, and two Eighths; ^o. l'i,S07, a Prl�e of .'iOjW;/. wi Siictcvn. Si.vtecntns^and Xo.U,7:sjy the last Prixc ai ^0,00)/^ in a. Quarter, two Li)$hths, aiil ei{;|it.SjNte�nths. And agreat number 4>f ether X'Upttais too numerous to partic �0/i wwe l)oxh �oWby ilORX�UY-and Cb. besides Twoi Pourtet-n Capita) Prljes, from .500/. to. J<0,i)t);)fc ^v-COHNHliX-J ana 9, CITARl'NG-CROSS. . nrl BISli entreats tJtc P�blic to peruse the JLvSCttEME of the present LOTTERY; it will be found to ciintailf the usual N umber of Cnpittil � PriaeSj ^viih the-addition of two Pri�e� of ;jO,diXtf- Thft last Prize of 30,000/., ever drdw;n w.'is sold at h^s OSices, in Shares,' where �due Prizcof'.JOiQOO/. 2 Prizos of 5,-)00/. and tw . 5 2 Q SLtteenth,.......... X ti 0 /^LUtiSfySociiities, and IndividnUl Purchasers, in \j the present- S'l'^TE LOTTER'\, ere requcsttd to : peruse the, SCHEME, wl>tcli#�ntains...-. TIHRTY THOtrSANOS, TWEKTV TlJQUSANDy,  TEN TflOUSANpS, FIVE TJIOtrSANDS, Ami many other Prizes ot not*?, sulhcient to induce evefv one. w'bowi.^!�os tofbaVc'srf promising aChanee. The Ilrawing /conimenci'sOQ .tlie.l3th of next month, in a peculiar jlkuid style, with 20,tV>iJ/. far the hrst drawa Ticket, m addition to what else jti tvfll bientitled .to.U*>{{NSB V and Co.ues-pecttullv ac lamt their Prti-'odd, that thev-have a vanety Vf TIGKETS and iUlARES oU Sale, and at the'lowest  prices.  . . ,.. N. B. Orders by Letter or Carrier executed exactly on thtv : same libirral terras as if prescnt,.at;th�! Old Lstalitished'Sfate Lottery Ogees': 25, Corahill, ."Ji'y Chj.nng^Cros3, aud, St.. JVIaryarefslihlf, Bnjtoiigli.; � ~~ TJli^LUClvY LOTTERV OJl'l-'ICEH!!! BJ{;A]N'i�COiMBc and Co. .Proprietors of v  >fo. 11, lIOf.nOR.N, -JT, CORNIIILL,'arid 38, UA YM ARKET, whejrt> Tickt�t�&iul ShiirfS are now filing, rt-conmiend an immediate uu/cbujic in the <iJtAND STATJi l , which were divided m '2u7 diilel-efil S)iarcs of ( auital J'rizes, ntunely, Kos. ' ' J; L. l'2,71Ba Prizcof Ua5,000 1 7,757........... .20j.)22 9v 83......'WUQ ll,|>ij.,.'...... 20,J00 o,�iq..........2�now 4ptn..........20,'WO 1%7�7..........10.00* LrkcH is." U Priires Of Mdl. Kos, i;. '4,a77.T,Prlzc of L. 5,000 : 1J,H71 ......_____... .^'JiW. 17,^*15........... '/,00d ISKOI ......... 2,^ n:m i;,-l77............ i,M � 3,)'fi>............ 1,000 Sic. &.C a.�t! AX here th:e hrst 30,00nf. iPrtge.evetshared wUs.sttldi __ fjrsn E\V f^OmmX^ w'liicli begins praH-Jng-.JL Jdimary lattb lS47, contaiiiing , ; - - 2.. Prizes af L^IO.lVjft are '^-'t.BflbtKW (j;:^'l*ei;suHS in the e supplied by sending up Post-'OlBce Orddirs, Cash, or Dank >otes,oitticr by Poet or Cmch;.'- : � �;> ' STATE tiOTrKRY. 3............PfMCSOf.......,.v� :* ..*!.''. '.'..'.VS. !.,"!.*.*."!.".! 3...............^,,..4....,:.... 0,0.10 HAZARD, BtrRi\K,anri Go. No, Royal E�chiwtKe.,l.ondi�n,t^ sellingTicketsaiW Shares forilw Stato l;iitti>ry, which begiiiH Drawiiig the 13lh. JA-NIJARY yext, the Scheme otMvhich c^nt.iinj tlieabove Cifpit:ils, be.sides..the usual PFOpbrtion of other l^ri/.e. Avcrcbot]i sDl.l in Shares by JflAZAltO, Og'RNEtMid CO; . �C�nT.'-p�iidciits accompanying their Onlfru nitli Remittances, will betceated on the same Tenns as it present. Letters (po.�t pard). (!!, -and (.anses of its termii;utiuii mi thcrecallofUift 1-irl of liAUDERDALE-- . With this Edition iii^iveny JiiC'oiiious SUPPLEMEN-T\RV REVIEW, aiid .EX.Pt)Sll ION .of the direct FALSEHOODS, iitnl dtSiiigenuous Supprosaioni of .the FRENCH OFFICIAL PAPERS, as puOlished in tlieMo-nitcur ot Xov/ibth. Printed tor .Tohft Stockdale, Pjtfartilly. T Z.,..iV........ a.............. 5......... 20 ............. 40.. mi � r ..... Lo, 4W, owl Ane�, >V� uxturd-stieet;. UttOtSt BayIejJaJtd��3*�' (pookDpnr-Hieet; 20A>Qb.-..;*w...v;;4eiiO0O �lo'i^fl. VI ;'��iswoo , so! 25,000 . i^-^aojooa' First dr+w" t^ktt, 1st d*y U 'jSKOW. ^ �JJlttw..,.........3(1 day., rwwo l>ttto v... 5thday ..^3t>,lKW Bl�..,....,...^j,.^lg.^,...ll.(X� _ :Slx�eflnth;Jt-5ii,.S'ft'''t;';ri ,,-.v.iw'r> 3^ �> rickets 9iKt fihurex ore oai Sjile atjil| th* ^Icencred L�ii�ry. itt ^tne iiiuiiiw. of |.oUiyy Ai�v iUiJw^tJjeiaii\pf JJ^B4�)5^^w>fr . - HK PIFTY-FIFTII NUMUKll of thoRK. PERTORY of � ARTS, �c. published mi the l.-^t inst. priced*: bd.'iSfthe. c'linhuviceinent at a new Voluineot the second terirsof that rtoik. It is iljustiated with Copper Rates, iftid con(."�in!Hiie spicihcntiim of Mn Flis^. nt!i on � �Waggons, &c.�|Mr. Wykes, tiw Machinery for \\:ork'"ff Pumper; Mr. Uirt"s,;fdr a BJack'Paifit.-^Aceount of various. Improvements iljWcaViuSj h.y. .Mr. Ausfcjij E.vperiiTi�!uf�on an artthcial subswnce pa,isesstH!j the: chat'.Tctci'WiC pfoper-tTcA.of Taionin, \y4tIiSomc rcinarl�i?ort t.'rtal, bv O. Ilatchctti Esq. On theciiUurcQf Spr%Whr^^ bv*r Joieph Baidc-s-Bart.; aPlijrt for iniptoving'*lfe;grov>th ot Tarcs^ bv .Mr. Herod } AowUirt of the. produce of iVlilkiind Umter tlvni otieCov* J Slemoiron Gou'eBibV:C.i�.Cadet|comparisoi) of Roman Alnnnvlth that i!famitaclui�(^titFr!iUcr, by IVt.,M. TUenardandRoard} atria l^tofthe iicw^'atents passed in iVovenilwr. �FutiHshed at the Krpectory Office, lt32, Hait themselves, and receive Jitsi.^lanccwn dr.wiiig up rue Spedilcations, -  %VLSl iUxN.VJ iAl VSD MlDDLl SI \ i.i Lf U(J\S. This (Ia.v IS piibli'jhcd in Oiie volunu.- fcvo. pruni ::s; i.i-b-.>.!.ri!s, emiiellisijeri ivitli a lar^e cidoared skcfcii oi the iliiiiiings at(;iivpt)t-'Tardou, (by tjilray ), . �. I'-'tOJlY of (lie VVKSI'AHNSTKR and MiOl)LLSE\ ELECTIONS, in the month of No-vemi� a�;-' snaw, ;Xo. 10, Bryd.vs-sti'eet, Covent-tiurdciij'} and Ji.^ liiilnlihrv, No. 2/, Jit. Jainess-!^tr;'et." ' , . a r>i..:'Volume consLSts of a coUectto:! of the .\ddrfsf;vs0f the r^>sp Ju:itii)UHaiid at'Pulil;c ^\!eetiiigsv of the Resolutions passed at in:; a.>^)ve. AieoUasja ; and �liaoTOttheunniurous Adveriismems, Lijtier.-, Htuid-'bill.s Songs, &e.' tte. w hich made their appearance atiri-ng s.-u J �Jilcctions. - . . . H pablisbad, a new Ivditioii, eU' , linrst. Revs, and �Ornif. � � ' � /. . .-� � ^ _ -^ . Ihis day iSuolisir.ul, >lnpto:nb,'Progllos-ti(S, on 1 sovernl Cure^s of it. lij three J'artitiuiis. M iin their Jevcral Srctioiiii, iVlembers, and ijnbseetlons^.plttlosaphiciilly, jijedtciu.illy.and histviieallv ojjcuedan.l cut.up, lly>Dhl^rO- t^HlTliS JUNIOR. 'WflU a s-ityrical IWfiice coiidatHip to ihctollnwing Oiscouriif.. The Eleventli coriected, To whiph w i>r�iixi"d, ait Accourl ot t!ic Aathor. .. - P*iiltctl for Vcnmr, Ho^d, antl ^liaipeCutliejl and flfeir-' iUi J. VV.illwr; L.|rTtuigtoi�, Allen, uhd Oo.; Oglhy ,�nd Son 1 Qtrii|a;eand S->,ju R. Lea; J.rJS.Hun.; Luiigmaiif tlur!>t,' Rces,'and.Orine J; llardiiig;> WrAtiUer;- and J. Asperne. Tlii'� lte�i&published, i Vol,. W.'jMee It-h. Ro.wikI npilE ORATIOWS OF^lAJlCf'si'lJLUO'S JL CfCfiRO, *Fpii^tj*d ini(i Fiiglwfr; xV^thTSfotvsZhkt*.' r.calTuia critical, ai>d.^Ar^n}(Nits taegch. By VVVELl^^M 'QBTHJIIP;' Esq. 'mytfth niami lawftieh^heText has bee* carp^M^fy rtV&cdt itm qmeWiiL'd.-witK additional RichiirflsoiT; t^^jTj;'NMawv �LoogimanJ JIUr�ti 'RtO!?,- hitd70i�ii6 i Oadell and Davie*5'p8r|�B.!M>d.Ji;arvey� J, Jlofiker} �mdif^As- tijustjty celebrated fSCbe'WtiihWefless'iOf^iur 111 nAer^lTC llrcat^, influnti Wiikii, i�!rth'ikWns�#>*^ ^ .^.jdiMMfSvrttbWrtrt stanttiiieOusJlMiWd A CAvvn m ^orAii|tk<�<^AIkm % G ta -t This DavianuWishedv price 2s-. 6d. bound in Und lA'athfr^ JOII'XSONS POCKET-BOCrK : r GliNTl.i'.. MAK'SJanl Tr.ADKSMAN'H.DAIJ.Y JOURNAL, ibrlSO? ; coiitaiiirofr a plain and coiicij'-' .Method forke.^ping Ari!aor-t of all.Monies Kceeivcd, Paid, Ix-nt, ttr Eipeiid�^d �every Dav in ttv.' Yoxr; w�th Ua-.:tnl Meinopnidunis and En-gageants for'I ai)li,-, Ac. . - Printed for .1 � .lohnson, S|� Paal'.^ ChOireh-jard. TrUis day are published, in two'Volnmes 12mto, ^ith Plates , '. bv Limrjir, price Ife. hMrds, eONVl'Ul-SATlOi^W on CHKAilSTRY, In whieh't4ie ty1e 15 peivpi-Cnaas; a�d l^^ibdeof^a i:i'n.itui^l ^qiiewfan.iebed.'~> Almithly Revsm*, July, 1801^ ^ - , ' WVjiOijair rti�t�i(ynl>ftrto cnilnithe thatiJiS or OBt- readers ' tnr thus pomtiiif^out' to them the Vt'ry bc�tinironiictioa to the StieiiCi^ or Cheinistry thxt the Enj^iiaih! tangunge u.t-fwl-ds,'-*A�i;:Ui�lltev. Iboj. ' Sce-^Uo tue Literary Journal,-Feb. abdCeaeral Re-! v.ew,- Januacv, IWj.^ ; - - ' .' ;� Tlii*D.-iy 'are pUJjLslied, ill One Volume, Deiny OcUvo, � pyire vvi lJ�:>rifcv,-the .Si-�>nd iidjuoui ot emUVriV^ POLlfiCS, in Poar Parts - -Part I. rontaiipny a A'lew of Civil tiovcrinncnt lu its InHitKneeWn V iniie JinJ lluppine.-;s, c&ieBy_froin the Relation it1�eiii-s to Liberty i^idl.'roi'Mfy.- -> � Part 2. Oii lliclmporluiici; ot Jieiigiofl b<4h to Society and the fndividnal; wUh RertetuoDs ��Tieiigi�u.i Eatablijh-nwuUand'loleration. ' -  ParfjV On the f nnduct of a; igwft C-itisseHv panicularJ j-un'-lei'.-iny.moJerate (lOWcniBtnt. : .-. t. . . ongmanj linrst, Recs, liin/Orine, Patetwj^-tferrrow'. ...... - " 111 tlie^coiJr* of this volume", many irt'rcstiog scbjccts are treatc-4 of, and jrent-caily with postnns ot jfo:"lseinr, u-ctal leaTr.iaj,;, and bt;llL'^olvlI r^Iiteution v, hicn ^ we a(readv'describi>d.'-^(;ritif.ll Kev, Nov. itiilt)...  iliis U.-fvis pniilishc'i, in Tiiree Volumes I'Ztu:). Pnca 1-Jr. in. Boards. 4 iit; fcef-ciilh LditfoB, ot > llin ROMAXOr, of the rOl^E'^T; mlcr-�.pcrssd.wub siji5:e. Pieces of l-oetrv. *1JV AN N I. .oCLlll'l-Printed for Longinas, ihus{, Rees, and Orine,;* ter-row. .- ,�. � Ot whom, inav be had, by the sajV.e Author, J - The jVlj'^terte.'i of L 'he cafileo .^ttliliii and Donbayix, a lii^ldand .Story, tire tiiird Editiea, m 2 V i;!s. iznio. Price ji. ud. lu liWtrdS. � '�' J htii di'.y is p;iOlib.ieif, ai two V ol^ilnis, v>tt.ivu, price   '1/.'is. in ^i�OI^^ls.- AUIa'ORVuf filKLAND, fiotn (ho parlirst .iC/oouts to tee Acc'jr.ij'Iishuje;!' ot tijc Uiiiou vtitii GFeal'HrltBiuiiribW. "- tiv tieit.^ 1 "i-V S CORDON, UCfitW o� >illpg;n-, lii inc. l^ioiVit: ot' terns, and of Can- * njL'VAyv 111 i;ie i>k>etse ot C ,> Willi oaji; and tpint,'and the �'itvieot the ro!\iji>.ii.ion inav !>;; li-niii-.d ronn'.y and correct-'I lie'ait'.-;ition siieaa Id :k,i:i. ;: v 1�v freip'.-iu ; iii.irsinal ret.'leiieeb, (U'?orv� pt.iisx.-.- -iLclcctic lU'vicw, ;)-t'.l8):i. � � _ - ' '___ ^� ' iit)( . lU tie publisiud, i-o:;ti:iiiiiii^ flar- Lit s l*iO;:ri'S.^, i'l.-.tes i ai.xl ^ ; i>lo;lei:ii .Midiiij,lit i onvtr- sitioii; iMoiTii:..^ am: Nona; ualcs ot i.aUi=T IJrctioi.^; Caiva!�inj; tor. i ct-v ; >isnon,. Lord, l.ovai, -PiVce. H:(ir;iG4i.iea.'>.vUeinv Pap:-r, or piico One {iuinisi oiiRo_.'.il i aner, uuii I'r/jof iiiiprcsaiO.;s, the fcctoi.d .� hu.iilJOi- o� ' . . r|imv CiSiJihr WORKS of WiLLIAM _S.. UOtiAiiilis to be comprised in .fei.vtejeu *,uiubti,^, enib NttmbW' coi tiin-r Jo^u:,il. tiatalogue, and Coaiiuuatary. P. JOHNMsllvM^, I.� A i d ib.Aid l\rih. And the late (iLoRvii'; Si-KKA t^.'V i-Sq. � ,� . .nti.l. Si-A.- � � - Printed tor Longman, tlniht, Roes,2.nd Onus^Patr^noster The-Work* ufthft iiiimitabic Hogurth not only beca souj^iit.foi- H lib av4.1iiy la htJ n-itivti Country, *iU have been ^duiirtfd by e^ciy eivijlzed, .^a tis of his aVar^aftave, from Tunc ta ' Tiiuci b�eHi vriVin\-d-*o the.: P�it)Ji4CK ^ IJ%^lth�at.. atlMnpUiig  to depri^ate.i��\' of the f��.ii^-r Ed�w*�^ ; '.the pv�*�* Wotit rw,ill, froi^ii its Ja^g�8tof�#�; t l^tapiiesflt oUtikiittrivalR-d. , \ ^r'^'^, ' j Tlie'wMc'wortc niflbfl ion^r^i {A^xtnti N'ombcit, liiaklngi �hen'coMp}cte� t\yo,h;i>-4ioa)ei��ji��i)(:�iD quart�� By !�*opJi�JBtbjM si-ie.�n prfit^rfiDifeetitt tfle dliunniiifc oetavt� ' or ^be uonderAVS tuliOiund prmliDg Utii luifXi^t-tprtss in quarto to bjad up with the j>lates. the pla that lw.vt.|>r��^;djt. and ob*i�te mainr ^ afeil�.:jlri�?fe: ctut Shflllcgracli, A4i^jdfia�.or�-tprto Shil. oisv-fe. 1^ *ElVv(lo%e cop. It .Wj>rk, towfed^e" . '|^Bj4^m-e 5 orV a CoUec. fitari; abt<i . CJobJ^x Gid.t-ll. Dra-f Sih�^Stob{ Tfts Hey L^?4�.>~39.. Ewify Man in fiis Hamoiii'.

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