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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - December 24, 1806, London, Middlesex - �  THEATRE ROYAL, DRTJRy-LANE. i^llt ^ilI�AYEyeaiMgiIi8i\lajesly'� Servants Price 6* %Ei&RGE WitN Well. G^on^BarnweUrMr-Ul Siildoiis ; Millwood, Mrs. Po.wcU. vciiifl} yiWi be jproduced (never acted), a new . ' � Gomic Pariti>miinc, called l^fi ENCHANTERS; lor, Hilrldquin SiiUrturt. � IfiHlinew Scends; Aluchinery, jircssesy and Decorations. Tlje,6^v/�rtMteand lyinpic composed h'j JVir. Shaw. Witli Si;-l^etlunsfromeiliiiiipnt C'oinp<*Bers. � On Saturday, Sti^.'St<i r vjdc lorj\ Son, iivamucbsc�M!;htafter and vry lucrative sitUiUKm abroad, may h.ive thft oppordimtv 1 doniif. it iisi>tion h'Miijr s^ivcn. None but pnii-cip'iU Will be trea.toii'iivi^b, aod only bv letter, nuMitiuniii^ Tlieir real iiajm'sa-.Kl pt;ice .nt' abode, >vliich w ill l)e iinme-tliitelVattenriedto,if.approv^'d nt by the .-nlveriistfr, wh> is a perioiiof imd�)ul�t D..R. Glu> t<-T Collee-haiiie, Piccadtilv._ � To NOMLI^mTn a-, \ iii n Ll.L vlLN ot i'ropj rTv7,! k CLfilllGYMAN resideilt on his Living, aI)out jt\: 60 RJile^froin London, who has had roniidcrable Vj\-peiieiire and Success in Pnv:il.e Tuition, will be at liberty at t'hristnta?, tonrceivq mto his family the hon of a Nobleman VTtii aCentlwnan of l?ropcrty, and-to Instruct htm in the i:lit.-':�ics and (ic:K'r;il" Knowledge, till he is qnalified to be : a.iruilled attReUmver�ptv. As the atctntion ot tlM'r 4dv\Tti-isi'oriEiiedtrfONE Pupii., aad peculiar Advantage will, upon EnqutrVrb^ found to attend this fcituatiou,a coiisidtfra-blpSiaarywiUbfte.?pectfd. - , :I�iLetl��r'�s'ad<U-essed to l^'C^Rcv. A. Ti; at Messrs. Sc.iife a*d,VVm�;V'l90, Fleeff-8t�'et, every niimile parliealar will be rfplaiiied, nn4Uef t$t),t>otl�fi>rRa)kitnd Literature. _^ rW?iiK Siil^sctibQCS to TREATI^I� on WVAT-M: GIOUS and bCRlPTLR\r, bUBIEClS, bv the fetfcHOBEllT HOLMES, 1>. I>. Dean of \Vin.clio3(er,arc te?fKcUfu)lvinfijrjjvrtl tliai' (. opies ol the >V oi'k are now ready ttidJi''dehvered at J. Ctioke^Sr and.I. Parker s,-iiookspllfrs, t>'i&�nU and T^ Pajtne>, nt the Mews Gate; J. Whiles, Mael^rticet.i asKj-Messrih Pajne andfMackiaUi's, Strand, .JLotidodr. -> � . -  Aulit fe humbly r-qaested that those Subscribers, whose feiik-icriptions have not -s'Ct been received, w�ll be ph-aiMMl to ^'ive directions for the Puiincntof the same ateitucr ol the ^loviP-ineiition -d Pl.icea.. ' . t>ec{>niber'gl, lSO-:>.. ' f XQ iiA>'KJ^Ri>, ^e. ^TOLKN from the Cotinting-ltouse oT Messrs, ^ DVHON and ?o. White Lead Manufacturers, York, oitllmiv-dajriiigUt the iStli or 1 rijjiy inoiiuag the lyth Uc-c�;inborT.lft)/V '  five BILLS of EXCHANGE, three of which are drawn bv I'.ofarbv, llnUvaJid Co, iVewravUe, on John EIlill, Esq.. Ijv|u(imi, Ei^lit IMoiitlis attcc date, >u)d indorsed by the said i-sfcrliTY, nail'and C�. only,  One diited July 16lh, for.,,,..;. L. 292 H 0 t):u;rt4tto, - 3i)tl....._______... 3/8 3 6 tJne�1it(o,Sept.'27th, ............. 172 '26 1 h" fourtA datfd tiiiMiinf^haiiir 18'3o, bept. 25, iFive Months ijierdate; dpstwiJ-by John Uooth, upon-Sir James Esdaile, JbSiu-f. and Co.; payable to Joha Belphni, for Wil. Is. spe-waHy ind�rse�l by Geo.^ Alder, Hull, to John Dyson and to. . for .W. iinlorsedbv John Eeatbei-atone. iittd^ild ajiyj.ofthc above be payinejit, or for dis-roui)V,.itisrequested,thal the party otleriuit the same niay> be stepped tmd^iioiicc thereof pivoii to Messrs. Dyson and Co. nek, wliu writ pay u" handsome, reward tor appivhending SriKf&Hugitii;jlo [iji^icestll. persons concerned in tins robbery. IfofltTM fur'i^gj>c(ation in Lojtdon,. apply to Mr. George AX WIOOKK�S LOiTiiRV Ol'FlCi'., 2j7, -n^.t|^ utlljj-, established iiearhOyeai-s, is a great variety tft Tjt^K-KES jSuid SiIARE.S^or (he cu-uing Loftci v, that heffl�s'drawn^It)th.Ijiiiuary.- nid Scheme is umxctsallv appBospfl-xjf,, It cobt.-�tiis two Vri/.Q% of 3D,0Jl)^ two of i2i),0i)0/,'two 10,lXjOfctbree .r!,aavU--&c..&c.-17|SSU,a Pr^ze^tFeUmary, and 17,739, u I'rize of 1000^ the List:I,^tt^*ry,'were both sold, in Sshares al the above Othcc,. a-ittthe Moneyspaidon demand. _ """^ ' JaaiTarV Lo'in.Ri. RIGTfARl)�0\, G001>LUCK, and CO.  �Corii1riH,nnir Charingrtroas, London, nESI^KCTFULLV acquaint tlte Public the iSTATE LOTTERY commences DrawhvT on the lJt!i .af next month ; the Scheme contains (;apital Prizes of xre^lter in!tj;iiitii(le ihau any tocaier Lottery with so small a ^ub:>r of-Tlckets, viz. 1^ Prizes of... L 10,000 9 Prizes"of......V.L.2(J,OiOQ 3 v.v,-...:.5,ooo- . ^ &.c.&c. '^rickiPtssind Shares arc On Sale -by RICIIAROSON, ^OOJfM.UCK and CO. the only ever sold two Pii/isof 30,0Jt)t In Shares, viz.-No, 2b^83, a Prize ot SUvQIfttyrijiaHalt", aOUiirter, and two Eighths ; No. 1^,807, a iHizp-oF SO.P'Ji.d'. iu Sixteen Sivt�untbs,.and N�.14,78J, the hist Pr;%e\iif 20,00If.-in a Quarteit, two Eighths*, and .righf Slxt^t'htlrs;' And a greafnumbeii oC nther Capitals too It'hnrrous'to parficulai'i''^'.' '  � .. : ;:'^i^ftA;>fL sCiit.MJi: � ''' ^ ' ' 2 20,000 S.I'.i..... 10,000 S SPvifcesbf e.5,000 ' 5 1,000 � &c..&c, kt. WIFT and Co. Nb. 11, PouUiy, and No. 12, Gliaiung^t;ro9Sih!tVe on Sale: rthe.TK-Ket? and Shares of of' . >J4), 2,lt^^ n Prize i�f l.CjK)/.; and Nfr. 7,17'), ftegl^gy^^'^: �ot4.W.d^gcg.ter>^, at 'I^^P^M^B :�;iAl^Ws$t;jg.>A]vin.Y u ifwmWy sabinitteA *0 0tose.wbo:)(av4>,it in their povyer, snflfertpgs o^^h*eir fel. ........d Tfae4^veFainl S&?i?5'^ �heyw(�^b��|�5mppiMi8jt98iiaefeA ii well-.' .ii-~..,i..a given, atWenws. ^ $uqdfe|^�iii; ]^e(i>ll, 180S. AT a Meeting of the M^istratcsv &(V Sea-' held this day at Jowsey's, the Georjse.Innj by.public Advertisement, . . i ^ ^' � ' GEORGE ROBINSON, Esq. in the Chair,= The.followinp Resolutions wefe uiiani^bvisly passed. Resolved, the ibllowing Addrt'K be presented to ROW LAN 1) litJRDON, Esifl, bytlieChaimiau, lit, Pcm-berton, and the Rev. George Stephenson. " To ROW LAN DUD R DON, Esq. Late One of the Knights of the b'hira tor the County of I> admire.aU'l commend moetv yimr rc.illiniis^ to listen to tue applicaVionil of iiidividaals, or your carne.+lrtess in lubournig to advance the; pqiblicS"od�'Cnw�irio erity of this port. , W e are dadv and liouilv cxpcriencini>: the Inppy efiects ot the e.\;er.ti(>jis ot vmir ei'lnr^cod iiund, and your tniiv patriotic spirit, eitfcts never ito be formotioii. Yes, Nir, ttu; t.olo.isus ot the ^\eilr* speaks thiNiinjiortaiiceofyour services, bet-trr tlian auv Viiiguage we ra.i use; It stand* a Inore noble inonuinciit of vuui- worth than any we can raise. . It will tr.iiisniil the name of Eurdoii to generations vet imborii, pcr-pt^tuutiiig i)i~, -tame to the most distant period, as it has conveyed il. lo ih? most distant lenioiis. N\ e bejf, Sir, you will ?cr-pt onr assurances, that voii c.irrvwtill you into rrtiiTinriit onr atlectioniUe reincin-braiiee, our gratetul Hearts, our smcere jiravers thattlie Al-nii^litv inav tike you and yours under his peculiar prolec-tiiiti, and Mill.idd to that pence of moid, which atteudj upon cojiscioiij rcclituile, the Idessinjf of health, and the ciijoy-iiieiit ot every socuil and domestic cointort: Kosolvcd, That the tjianks ot the. m;."('ting be given to Cieorge Uobniiion, Lsq; for his conduct lathe rhaw; and to tne ICev. (jco. Mepheiijon, tor drawii� ) per< :l''eot Spany and H>:} I'ftvt high, erected hv Mr. Hurdofi. VlCTUALLINt^OFFlGE, Dee. 17,18o:5. r|^lIENIi\VLOiTl-:ilV,which Logins Draiving JL _ _.Taiiuary Ijth, lHf)7, containing arc iiuiiry 2 Prizes of 2.... 2.................  3..... fi.......... � 8...v.. 2vK............... 41)................ .'�j.lO.).----------....... L )0,0>lO 20,^)l)v).....,...... 10,0 J>)......., iJiOlM)..... l,0.-)il..._____ OiK)....... IWi)......,, .Oil________ 20. L,(;o,ooo 10,00 j 20,0)0 1j,0 h) .'1,000 4,000 %K)M W2,0()0 2S,t}ua 1**>0.0>W Capitals V)etprmina1)le. rirst-drawn licket, 1 at day L. 20,0.'K) . > Ditto , DiUo ....... Ditto ....... Ticket, i..... Half,............. 10 (Juaiter...... 3d day .. IO,i)i)0 ----.'ith day .. 30,0ai> ... last day ., 5,00* HICK. ...........L.19 1,-j 0 Ki>;lith..... i....,.2 11 wrilUig (nealtilup) mid treat fifr thu suj^uti) oj'uihat FRESM llEEt' shall be demaiideil for the use Of J/it MiijtUifn Ship'!' iind i'csTiih. itt ifiu'inottthy JLjiin, and WaUi'., iu IneVuiiniif Qj'^urfoikf and at iV'em iininnetf; in Jimter Jiuadi, and at-iiliirgalc, ( oh separate, Caulrntls), for TkcIm iifiinlni^, from /Ac.l.<< January,./a <rtB31.</ December, iH.U/, ini./K�/oe.; find fo bo-paid fur bj) Hills payaOie, tail/i interejl, ninety dajs afterdate,. . ' ^ \  Theconditiuns of the Ci/iUracts-maif he seen at the Srcre-� tary's Ojfivii,'nt thiii Ol/iCtior iy. applying to the Cullcdor itf the Cuaioms nt Yarmouth; jor to Air. Russell, ./igciU for the (�'ictuullin^ Department lit Hover, ' i\o regard will be had loani) Fender tt\ which t/ic Prir.r. shall ml bfi iiuierteii in word.* at tengUi, or that shall wit be delivered to the Hoard bejore One o'Cloclc un.lhe.said Monday the 'iiilh tnsiimtynor tintrss the I^ersontdlho mnkeslke. lender, nr some -I'erson on hi.i behalf, atlendni tu tin-:u!er:icJien tailed for. '. ' TRANSPORT^dn^rCE,. Dec. 17, 180.. T A'^lWi Commsiionenjop eonducfrnjr Jltf Mnjcs- Jfc. ttfs Transport Servtee, fiirtttHius! MUre ofHirkaml' Wsi'^HUfdikamva,..!^^ tiffyar, (To Aeret)i/^iue ^ftlfre, tKattttfs'i'n'U bereadn otthi.t Vjjice, 00Thursday, tfti:8iAo/.,raiiuary, iWhi'Orireeive s(altd. -'Jeadcr", andlrriU wUh.iacH jPersoas ds maif be mllitigU) cjin, tnictjorsujipli/ing the undermentionid jirlivlcs far the Si-r-vtceofthe. Kojrai ilnspital at llasliir, from the \st of Vc-bruiirv, 1807, /o<4c 31st 0/December/(/Wdi^fw^f.-^ , Leet, Mutton, iJread, IJeer, Uavins, Oatmeal, Rice, Salt, Cheshire Cheese, Candles, Soap, Aeotcil I4arl(!-Vi Vinegar,' Lump Sugiir, Muscovado Susjar, Spermaceti Oil, Rcdned' Seal Oil, lied Port Wu.c, and Mountain W-iae. Ao 'J.cndur mU be rerciiiid ujter One u'LUcI: on the dtfif of 'Jreal)/, nor ami noticed, unties the I'ltrll, �� yig'eni for htm, pcrsonulli/itUeHlis. haeh tender wuil be nrvompar niedbt) a Letter front t �/ forlhe. Care and.Cuiiludii\uJ, ojl-yarf da heie.bii i;we lyioUve, t/iatt(iey iiiH be raid:/ ul this Ol/rct, on 1 uesjav, 'lender will be re.ei.ioed ttfler One o (.loi'.k on l/u' driy of 'iVeiiti/, nor any nulieed, llijf parti/., or ait tiginl'J'or hint, pursuiuUlyattends. Lava 'jl'fnder jnii-tt be ueCinnpai\ied by a Letter from lit!orespe.eta'jle i*er.fOni eiii(at;iui; to fteftiMe  hnund-Kith the I'er.ton ieitdrnni^ytu the sk.tu u/ :500^ Jur the due performance of the Coiilraet. . . farlker farliadarsuCaijbe kiioicn bit implying alfhis Office', ortojiie. Ste,>rarriiind/tgi',ntofthcsi!iilHtt:jtitn1.  T^tA^siHmT-(>^J^^CE, T^ec.^�,�\f.Q'^. WIERR being a watU of AS.SISTA.XT SUll-(iF-ON S to serve in the Royal Navy, the CominissioH-ers tor cuiKlucting his iM<iiestv)s Iransport Service for the ^areot'aukand Houiided.Seaiuirn,&c. do hereby giveNotice, that such ^tedlcal (ieiitlemcn us may be- desirous ot cnteriiig into the Naval Service, will, on applicatioir at this Odi(e, , receiv* Letters for Examination tietor.; the lioval College of Surgeons on the tirst or third I'nday in etichMonth, and that if qualihed, they will lie immediately appointed lo .Ships, and be all��wcji,.At,i(mJu t Mouey.lrom.the-ir-abode to andfiiiMn ifaence" to (he Poet* tu whtciniil^lUUy be ordrPciTt.V pT*ct*d re^i^tctiicly. The following are the .Allowances gr-.uited bv His Maiesty' Order in'(;jmiici1, of:2.{d Jiuiudry, ibOJ, tb the Medicu.! Officers of tue Royal N avy; Suteeiith. 1 (i 1 icUetsiMid Shares are on Sale at all the Licenced Lottery OLl:cca, and bv tucir Agents in the L.��unun-v. *�* The above immense Crtpitiil Prize* are the greatest, ma Scheme ot so ts-w I'lckets, ever presented in thenmiitls nt Lottery .-^dveiituriv '1 his fi^t is indisputable. Hut tlie v�)t;iries of J-'ortune, to participate of aiieli unprecedented opulence, mUst be o.i the alert, as the Drawing cnmuicuces CO early as the 13th ot January imxt. ------'�-'-'�-:-.....---- 't, if) aildition to 'what else it will bceafitled to. HORNSB V andCo.lrcs-'pcctlully acquaiut their irieiids, that they have a v.-iriety of TiCKbrS ;^d SHARES oa Sale, and at tnc luucst p.rici's. :-. . . N. 15. Orders by Letter or Carrier executed exactly.on the same liberal terms .is if present, Oit tjie Old Established State Lottery OHices 2d, Cornhill, jyi, Ajhannf-Croiis, and St. Margaret's Hill, liorough. THE LUCKY LOTTERY OfElCES.!}! CRANSCOMB and Co. Proprietors of No. 11, HOLTIOim, 37, CORNHILL, and 38, II -VV M AtlKET, whcre-1 ickets and Shares are now selling, recommi-nAau immediate purchase m the GRAND SIATE LOTTIvR V, ^hat begins Wjrawing the l.lth of ncxlMonth, aud ivliirh contains more Capit.fl Ptrzes for 2i),000 lickets than were ever known. The above Proprietors beg Ivavc to ofl>/-to Ihe-pvtblic sittentiou tlw followini? great success (hat has attended t)^ose iiumbtrrs sold byvtheni lU'tho Lotlt'ri^s for 180.?, arid 180 ijWhich were divided ip;2lj7 diffct'cnt liliiurcs of Casual i'^m's, uamclv. J. 12,719a Prize otL.'25,000 7.7.5;......... 20,02$ i,Km.......... 'lajm. ii.tiia-.,;.;...... 20,000 ' 9,219..........20,000 4.16.......,. SOiOOO 1.1,747 .......... 10,060  Likewise 12Prizcs of aOO/. SQtQOi)/, Pri^e ever stvirml wiu sold, .'iai�v.,^;''.rH'..'>'! 4,977 aFrrze of L. 5,000" 11,871 ------....... 5,00Q 17,aij...........2,000 lfs�Ol 2,000' ai.ufw............1,000 UM77 ..........1,1)00 S,'j)0............1,000 &c. ao4 wheire itte lirit sold. � ! 4,^CORNy^LL, p�AIUJi(5.ClU>SS, 1 BKH cntneaai the Public to peruse , peruse the It &ClrE^fE-of th<f pifesbtjtLOlTirRY ; U will be. found to Mn(aw4ii;fe-iiUm|uSiumberipf-C<ft^ themdditi^i of, t)yi|l^�ijin of.3j}^0Q(.. '.I'he lastPtjSusoP! 30,00J'., wus sold at bis Offices, Jn ghar^, �fte*e' :0.1c Prize if'20,m'^ ViiM^ H*�s'of hmUinteKiHadla^�)buesii�iimi hist-L^toicyi eek, lOs. (id. .. DiSPENSEkS OF HOSPITALS, lo h;ivc......,.................. Lodging Muiwy per W cek, 12s,...... ASSISTAN TS TO SURGEONS OF SHIPS. Besides the Ships Provisions........ SURGEONS OF SHIPS. Js'ot having served SfX years- .. HavtiUi,' served t> yej\rs..... Hnving-scrved 10 years .. Having served 20 veal's,...-. All Harbour Duty Ship3 exce^it Hospital ShiJ)S .. run Paif. per Diem. Half Pay \per Diein. L. Q, 0 0 10 0 0 C 6 ill 0 10 0 0 0 (111 t) 0 0 > 0 � 0 0 6 0 0 18 0 0 b Oj 0 10 0, 0 0 0 Hospital-^ 1st Appointment Ships Retire-incut tter'AJ vrsservice tter20 yrs service after 20 yeiirs, it, frmn ill healtli ) roritrai'ted iii the  service .. Attui'. thirty years- 0 If) U 18 d, 0 0 0 5 0 2 or 3 0 10 0 13 0 15 1 0, 0 10 0 13 \ I Uftm:iH eire office.- JL Sh'pl'iilg, t^'alit Ciiift, Ooodt; Mervlihrnlltc, Inarming Stuck, and other Propr.rliiifioml.Aiss ur Jiamage hy Fire. Agricultiiral f-toi'k Ihsurnd iit ^ssj (;(l, pe The'Oll'ce'.ld-iir'niicci short oi* a year, and ini'tns good lix^ by J'ife from Ligbt.iivg. i^'^'JusnramrsdaeutCirlilMUtinU-.tbe paid �tr\uf' before the Tlh day of .hiiimtry ncjclt ' " � ' i'roposaU and It.-iti s-Gmli', by abplicMtioii at thJ' prini+ .pil Oilices in the Strand and CoriJiilJ, Loiifli^, i tncir .\genis in tlie Coanlry or lo any of K^JIIERT SKJELTON, Sec. Is Medicines and-Utensils for Ships to Irr- provided by (lovernmeut, SUItGI.ONS OF ilOSl'lTALS, On thi;ir-hrst Appointment..... After ten years Serv ice............ laodging Money when not allowed .i Residence withju the Hospital, pvr week L'.s, . PHYSICIANS TO FLEETS AND HOSPir\L.S. On their first Appointment,,, i...... 1 1 After threevears Service.. .y-^--.. ID After ten ye.;rs Service.. 2 S Lodging Money when not allowed a Residence iii (he ilospitalr per . week IMs, - � , , ' Itnslonfe to Widows of Physioiaiis and .Surgeons, as shall., .'-be directed'by tha-iRight- Honourable the fiords Com'mis-slnuers of (he AditiiraltVr FurtherInfunnatiiHi niay> bi; ott- , tabled iit this Othce {vat the sevcml Navul ilospitalgi in this Gouiitry ; at the: Royal' iJnhcmury,atuEdinburghs.:of Mr, Glorke; at Uutilin {: and Doctor Mead^ �t- CprK."^ ^ - �; * ALEX.M^LE v:V, Set;. WOODMAN, No, 1^5/ Jcniyn-Sjtrect^. . JIF  St. .fameti'i, having, fot- \)p�ttrds lif ten >^ars'(ia?ti.,. toWc it Ins cntlye 8tua> to rei|deT the dutting, Dt^sShlg;aiHr ' .....,. .'v&riitus Mode#'uf'T}i^!&08ingthe HAlft4i'the'mn>t urnonientaL. tV- >i�bccoralnilr^;rffevfery Periml, Hattefs hunhelfh�.jM|S;-af mpletWfy^���*eeded.'^ thrf^n^^iMs^^^c^U ^ W'esx.viins�i:r Fire OFFiCE. ( 1/1?,] 15edfoi'd-�trii-t, Lov.-: t'OarJen, For Insuring IIohm-, lJuiLiiugs, ilfmscfiold'l'Uijaiibirc, Goods and Sjovk in CiMd..', Within i.nglan.l, Scotlit(id,and Wale.h. XNITAL uifil Sej/le/muifl /iiyfinmcct, are tnudu xSL on Ih^ Priip-.rli) above, xperiped, from Lwufir Varpage by I'lret^ Jar teliicii purpose aifcndatuvt gf�'?n Jaifg it- inta Uffice.f from ^ine o.V'ork in lite Morning, ��t�t four oClifek tnt/te Aftcfnoaur tt�tuxiidy ej:apled, an iv/uai da^lhet/Jf^ N. B. ?yo ph?irgema�U-'iitthh'/>ftUgf'lr Itihr.e*. royAL'exchange'assurance prUCE. - Dfccembi-ria, IfctX?. FiR.SONS, zchose anniml .Preinitfms juil due on' i/ir !�.')//* instant, are hprei'i iiiformrd, thai lifcejpls. arenoic readjiu be dtlioered at the i oil panxfsOfjicts, veer the lioi/at h.rr/umiiti and nic Pa't-rMa't, a e Tfnrifj} of their Poh.nt.-^, on or belore tttr. i)th uf .i'lnurirv, 6^ the- odkal hijiteii days allovced fur Payment, beji/nd ihcdale i^f each, I'uUi-j, iBi^il-UicH expire. . . . - s SAMUlvL FrvNM.Wvjiin.Ker. -� Attendaiicf- is givcii daily at the said Olhces. tor the Ab.-..ui-aiicv; ot luiilduiss. Goods. .vierchaihJiZe, and a.iips, in Humour, lu Oock, or wnile liinlding, from 1.^)^ or i)'ri by I'lie; and ;il;io lu ON, Establislied 180.1, for liutir.nite trom i-'ire, IhrouirUout Gre.-it I'ritaiii and Ireland, and lu I-uivi-ii (..oitulrie.--lur tiie .Insurance ot Lives-lud for tne,t;iMntiiig Ataiuitics. �rai'iTAi.--om;>", Direciors bi-i^ (o remind P'er ftn e Ja. Poltcus expire al, that their Pai^itieiits should bo vsaac Kithm t' Uaiis Jrom thai pciiod, nt the Cumuanfs Huue, ru (./laiige-'illey, Cohnhtli;.'or lo some une of tlw Conipuni/^s tie^ide.iUs III the Country, - Amon:f otner advnnlages, it Kilt appear by the Curipmy's Proposal', thai no charge is made Jar Policicx, ur Iw.iorse-menls; that a ijrge and itiipfer.edenle,d Commi-<\Mt allotced on In Mirimce on J.ii;es; that luje Insurances are not L'tuml d ivilh AdmiS'ion l-u"<, nor u-ilh atiy re^ptiii^ibJ.Uti/, on the fffit oj the person mturing, to nia\\.guoa tite luises oj ottiei's t and thai eonsiderivile. rtiiiiiiltun i .to<i lit�W Coughs, Hoitrse^irsstf^ Soie J liroat:), and Di^HittXiuiis n(ti� Lwiie-^ b�i�g (Ik- ftaifpess and vSorene* of tJie Breast, and aiiorlmg great relief in SaMrtncss ot 'Breath, auit-iu Asthmittic and Consumptive Couipl.unt.-:; they doi ssor to 1. '..veenou^ih, the \:rvcnlor,) No. 10, Lndgate I-till; and sold bv J-. Newbury and sans. No. +.1, St. I'aul s Church-yard: llavlev and Blue, Cockj-pji r-Kticofv'Bacmi and Co." No. Iji), Oxford-rtrect; aad Wiu, US,� not a certaiii and sate n-mcdv. I'liose Physicians .and ^urJjl�ol)S who realty wish to rto n.iiirt to iheirteiloH-creatures as well as to promote their own iiitetcst, mav lie, .ind some otiUi'in are suppVii'^d with the.N\riip, at a jiriee as �il^0Il;lb!ea.s 5llr. SwaiiiHm can possibly allina ; it lieiiig hishr-t wis-li.and his .i. Y'^*y*''*ftf P -vJBtUy solicits the.r?tSoniiuc of the N  �� OTh5rit<ej�wl*th�5H�ar - - .".-.�..Jv-'-.,-.#K, ' <.'<' ''.�';g ,. -iiAi. ::� .\/ -A.^ ny-: g^;catostpleasure,toivstori' theartlutedto pi'rmanenthealth, > the (lam''s,uiul Imve recourse to Mr. Swatuson; w ho will torfeU h.s lite. It het>iil in anvengascement of a cubp by llv.e V ege-t.ible .Svrup, without the sligntesl injury to the must leeble niid ddicate constitution. - The gemiine;iMedicine is prepared nnd :$old bv the Pni prietor, Mr. SnaiiAon, No. 'ii, I-rUh-n>trcet,'^Lun(lnn, at J js. per bottle; andbv all tlic respectable Aled^cwe \ enders in town and C'ountrv ; but Pjlis, ir. assuiuiHg_^toname or pri�  percuss, are fraudulent and ihuigeniibi-MiipusrEiuns. NeSv MEDICINE ACT>; NEWBKRY and SONS, No. 43, St. Ftel's Chijrch-.vard, Lnndnu, Prqprictore of Dr. J;iines'3 .Powder and other valujible PrepjitatiQns, lofVimi tht; Puhlic, thatio coiis'iiucace of the aew .Stamp Duties,. the Prices of that MeuiciQc ty^L be.iu fulj^pe �id. per Packet, or W. .'is.-tkUpt-r-dnzeu; but,Jthc;qi^itity ufa diinWi gacl};ets niabutlle (a� wadeupfurthe Armv>an4.Navv)n).iy eljad tor H. Is, And us the w'ords,-KJtvNowbcrv, No. 4), St. Pauls/.'.ar�vcngn�lWwllWi-Stainj>s,-whicljit'ispre. sumed will he a suHif iuiitse�uri(y .agaib&t .Ijt^itcrfctts, his SignaturtMui the Labels will ^e-dacoutimi^c Tlie totlowinjjrare^hfiMeaseftlieii^ other Nedlcines, S^anip* included ; tl)'ps� >irjiu^pQrcha!>e sgc or mor^^ at a Time, wHl be allowed the'StiMrtii?-,grJ^tiV^ ... v, Br. Jame^s Pov^fer ' 8 S"" palby's-Ctifnlnattv* IS DitfoniaBbtUd ^ '?1 a '&r. AusrinJiChttUbeate, Di|tpAn���*pticJ�ills 4fi. , ,i�U�f^*f^ , 4 0 Ditto tf. la�f Vqx M 6 * Fnakdilrl^t. of BsTk 4 0 Thii-At�ihHio�|sJ^OIs - S 9 IMHaHwOhUa'sditto S 0 .lir.Suteri-sOnotkiaoc -S 6 aP6u|e�VT " �> Ditto Coavalslonm-~>^lji 6' h}-^iglMiii�m� e a DHt* Nlttto" �r�]^ - ' � - vGaKjnit||�r> prOp F. '^l J*ydB,ttt^,�^l^,,t of Colt^fbot G�id)ticfibratt9 � �� f>.Tc4v ill}-\\teh�i^w ^1^1

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