Tuesday, December 16, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - December 16, 1806, London, Middlesex Price 6* 'Xj'wlHuPrf rnv a Comedy .caHed MiUUrtbut^Ml:; filliston^V l-aay Belli .Mis^Daocln. O^Ilp ipfcapnt, EVKSING will be performed /rilK,SCHOOL FOR REFORM. . toi^l Svbiidaifr,'Mr.-Pope : Julia, ftlisS Biiintoii, � > Afti* Which will beperfoKmoduiUewFaijcc, callod . , .iAftBITR^TlOJNf; or, FrecaMEnsy. � " The ProlegKc'to be spoUcu -by Mr. titrlcy. yt'ii-mfarrowyTheTempest; wi.th Aitiiiti-.ition. ~-~r-~: 'laTiN pla.tk wouki.rs! 'ffTtrA-NTEl> immediately TWO TIN PLATE. - W,y ---waftKEIlS in the common line; couitaut employ a-idijood u nges.-ljctte�-i, (ppst.pa.dj to My. Ge >om'Him, wirlt be duly atfenned to. - " " r^IlNCj. ot yVALLSs COFFLL-HOUSEahrtllOTLL, k?-*''^' tvireSti^'l'lHc^'^NWttvSide -of Leiceshns^are, the i9i'ft iAsianli thoif'ieiU be^^retidu to receive k'fwiers in treat for TWO HUNJORliD BAGS of ,K�^T1^� fiOPS, ofthe growth of the yedr ^804, and foe ONE liUNliREU BAGS of KBNTWfl HOPS of the grihnli 'of tut jiresfent yeary-to ieanimnraitle l� HampUs to bi' produced wm t/ia Tendee$} to 4� delivered, in h fortnight, rliamy into Uh H^ajesty'.^ f^ictualling St ores tBitli ' -� _a.  J.'DEGi.X.hAvHS been di solwd'by inuluj) con--..j i&cnt, .T. DLGJSX embraces this opjjortujiitvr to retnrn his -.^iviicful tTiaiiks to th*i\o6iUty, Gentry,iii)dttoxPuhli(}4 for.. .'^ p. , ^^ � ^^i^, , , . '.'"-J. a� if}p'?tiuH>.t)e^ feavetcHnformtherilWic, tjRitlie" ' � cailitn^es t*Tcarry on the Business on his oft^n recount, ^Iitre. it will behis pniicii>al study to merit their future patron tge. PRIVATE TlflTlON. ~~'. -riTANTED a CLERGYMAN who resides, V V 10 the Gonntry, to superintend the fiducation of a yyuiij, Gentleman where not more than nnotiier Pupil is Kep?.-Reference will be required iis to lilerarv sjs well ;>-s ^rivAte character.-Letters (post paid) addressed'to A. Z. ^rosc-(^Hica, rLytniiigtun, Ilauts, /will be iiunicdiatcly ut-� ttnled U). : . �  ' � ��. ^�^�-�r ^  ^E^V and Klerjaiil Keyed PIANO FOR Fif, with a Pedal and every other requisite, made l^y a, liist rate Maker tn Loudoii, only a fewd;i.\s Siut-e, tor a Honiig luadyTtoinmg from Uoarding School:-It ooBl llnr^y-l'"our Giuneniii-rTTA rchttion of tl�e vouiig Ladv having given Jicra^'aud Pianu Forte, she has now no Use tur the abovi?,' wnu'li'iuiist be isold..-I he very lowest price IVenty-Fiye' liuiiieas,. to- be seen at ^ o. 8,, lacicester-strcet.^ Leicester-. �b(^uare.:. , : ; . � ; .  _ . "ANT,S a Situation, us GOV!':K,NESS, a 'youji;�- Lady of respectable eonnectioiii-, who lias Iiv^;d sdver,iT^cars in that eauacitv. Letters, post-paid, di-j-wtU'd tu AfU. Po5t-OiUco, Norwich, Nortolk, will bcat-i:;i!(j<'d to. .. . � - ; . . � / � ^'OTICE' is hereby given, that the Pai'tnersbip __between SAMiJKL GUNDRY, JiAMi;JX IIOOJ), and SAMTJliL SYaIEH, of Bridpoit, inthe county of I)6V--feti Ssnlclolh and lJa(< Manufacturers, will bV DiMolvedflh ihc^lstMa:v. f*J>eeeml�er; inst.int, by mutnal (^onsriit, .'Vjid; �afl^^l^ersoiia HidiittcdtOithe jvuit Conrern, are ivqucsfcd to �ayrtl)lc\r l3.ebts i�to the hands of. Mr. Dally, Attorney xit ,Xiaw Br'apflrt^ who fs hi� -bv authorised to ireoive Itnd ui.g%w Dttdiargcs^ tor tlie same.- i>alcd this -Uh dily of De7 � Ticket Ifalf....... Quarter......... CapitHls Deternirtmble, rir,t-di This fact is mdlspiitabhv. But the VAtaries wf�Fo>4ttne," fA�j[Vjriic^>ate of sUclt unprecedented opulence^ nitfst tw^fijA^MJ^lf^t,. aji. the Dtattvnig cbinmeiic>;s %i\ eari,v ;t.s Xhg:i:lt^ of .J&nuary next ti^AM> SCriLML. Pruesof Jj.3C(,000 030 &t. &c -Prizes of k5,000 8 ........... 600 *�tl____^______________,......_________^........ Af January, lji!)T.v.j;iuUlclastLottery,JVo. 7,l.i7, a Prize 6f AO,W/,,; >�. a PriJie of lyt'Vil t and ho. 7,179, a * ffiizb^orWli Wihrfe .tH'Sh .is rOflica^YX vn .wij? Shafcd, and *here'twenty nthcr,Capital Prjss^s'n ttJe �'itesent \ car have be�fl.Wiurea, Softl,-'�nrfI*'girt�r6d.i. ihle to $eq\vb(>r(V tfte''blelii1�h->Hft*l Mil^, MlVnl�ibniffllBW�f Wapp ^~ --- mid Jo�g,. Vt si:gty., ^ailgliTOfr liCilectj-Haaan oil fmnd of mnie^the'wrmi fliougWIiVwOurdtfy^t: U ha�ans\<ercil hji 'a�lg<iW6'e'*^�&'tit�H8^ tWfthft^* hasgo^ ix go fo. lis, Oxfi^S^f ttefl, Iiab'h'ttflfi�-thtft rub �fattrjS'a ,, after uslflg your 'of its natiirai ca- ___, .li'^' a; ,t>v.�^< ' . <' cAU'rtoN. -^^�{ ' 'I Those Ladies end u<' Uiey itill bf^reatlij tii receive Tenders in ianUirig (sealed uu) and (re^Kifh such P-erstinsrttf mill undf,r-tiki to-supi,(^^iebal'TAff.hOViclli^^ bti de-, mattdefljvr ttia M�rto/f//a fitt<tiatUng JJepaHment at the f*ilrt, '6JLon(lot\,,for'aneyMar^ front the Ut ^fiiiiUary, to M� 3l.i feftmn5i-sW,ii(*tfp�di(IHiwt| iiid Biew.r'CWPMWMi'sireiiiti Hu ' tv. Grecb-Bllreets THeuOTii*�Titcb OveYton, >Je\^ Bt(�d4 iew Edition ol thePiC'lURE of LONDO.V, for 180,", corrected to the prtsenttiiiK'; will'boVua.ly tor deiiveiy with thfrAliivuiaeks tor the new year�-  . Uridfje-^treet, Nov. 17. 1803. . - vj, ,PATRiOTtcriJ?JD; -y'y^ ' / ; l.l0vu'8� DcciS; 1805. GONtmBUTIONS after DiVijicfJcrviW on the DAY of Til.'VNKSGIVIN.G; for the KEUIEl' of the SE.VMEN, SOLDIERS, MARINES, atiif^ VOLUW-TEJittS Wounded-, and tlie W'lVOWS, ORPftAN'�, and RELATIVES bftliose Killed, in Uis.Majcsty^ Service. Aihountadvertised. . ; ,�.122,330 la'.1- The Parish of Urr, County of Kircudbright, , N. B,............______i3 i9 6 From, tlie Monthly Meeting of Calvaiiiitic Mellio- dists in the Counties of Flint and Denbigh, N.W. 15 0- Parhb of St. Helen's, Isle of Wi.i^ht. i............. 8 /T � ' � ofDouUiiig, Rev. -:- Edgdl.............. 2 12 -r-^ of Nortiv Uradley......................... 3 1 J .rFairfax, lisq.................5 5 Parish of. Adlaslon,Sta(lordshire................ It- 1 iMPEiUAL PAKUAMEisT. -.- of Fryerniiig, Essex, Rev, Dr. Stiibbs...... 6 11 11 Dissenting Chapel, Kesvvidc, Cumberland, Rev. T.Gritton...\...........'............J....... l 12. 8 Parish of Turn woods iu Dorsetshire.;.,....,...,. 3 13 Cf.llection at Aston Church, near Birmingham.. �.U 11 Additional Subscriptions at ;�assaH, ?icw Prpvi- _^ - .Subscriptions received ft^oin AbeVdeeu; ., > Chaoelo'f Eiise orGilcomstou, Itev; M�\ Kidd.. 11- 0-0 Pairi?hirfSt. FSrgns, Rev. Mr. Andiirsijn...;------v^.. �-0 � .jDitlouf UMinse Her. W*.StwcUai......------....... 1 U ( Eblscopiil qhapel, MciRlesolU^ Rev. air. Tiiit&�.... 2 12 b Aiitihurgb* CoBgrbgatiairPctcfliMid, Reverend  Mr Miltot el, St. Fergus, Rev. Mr.Gibson I 12 10 Pariih of C<m11,i<ir. Btowa....................2 i'f fa Dittoof Monquhittar, IItfv. Mr. Johnston........12 5. 0 Parish of Stratbdou................. 21 10 U John Forbc.'!, Esq. of New, in addition to f��riiiersul�scription3............. 10 10 0 Wm.Forbes,Esq.ofSkenater.........2 0 0 Purisli of Glenbucket, Rev. Mr; Snence..... ---of Forbes, riev. Air. Meixt-i'.. � � of Straclian, Rev. Mr. Thomson...... --of Towie, Itev. Mr. Leith.......... ot AUord, Rev. Mr. Birnie.. 31 1 3 11 1� 0 A P.arishioner ot Pitsiigo Parishes of Lochel and Cushnie, Rev. Mr.Andeison 4 0 --ofCrathieand lJlachira,l{ev.iMr.McIhirdy 35 0 F.pitieopaUComjregationof Oldmel.-lrumaud Ldney 3 I Pari.HhofiMetblic, Rev.Mr. Grant'.............. 3 1 -- of KiUlruniv, Rev. Mr. Harper ...--------- 6 P --ot Upper l^ai.c'.iorv. Rev.--Gregory.. 5 5 _- of Cahrach, Rev. .John Cordon ....... <.. 5 17 ... . of Clatt, Rev. W. Gordon............... 2-10 --of Mariioch, Rev.-r Stronach......... 8 11 EW PARLLVaiEAT.-ThoPiopriqtors of the ROYAL JENtSAGEWENT POCKET ATLAS, POLITE . REPOSITORY, SOUVKNIRV'and ROYAL R IvPOSI TORY, t\ill.piililiHh, as sOona"! possible after the \A^i remins are made, A COMPLLTI/ LIST OF THE N\,\\ IMt'LKIAI P \RL1 \M1AT, imludingthe M criod can possibly contain : so sized as to lay tn the pocset-.ot tlie alio.ye, or any other l*nciit>t Book, iiivitty doiu' up, (Jilt Edges. (price3d.) To be had o� all Booksi'llers, Stationuivi &c. in Town and t oulitrv. .', a\. L. 1 he above Ap()enriix will. With the original works, furnish an Account ot uie Changes, which, have taken place m tlie RepresciUiition. - ' _� � � � . 1 his day is published, price Ss. nilE WHOLE ol tlie CORREisPONDENGE and.OFFlClAL NOTl-yS rt'l(iting to the lute N E-GOClATiON with'FitANCE, as they appeared in the AlOMTElJR^ot Nj)y�mber,�'>.- .v.". ; v, " . Soto �vv liiJfcK ara I'lirry, Lo!idpnl�rll-slreet; J. Ridgway, Piccadilly ; nd J. 'Iripliook. St. Jaines's-atreet; also by � all the ivspectable NevTs-veMdeni. . Xbor Pul)li<^ arc cautioni,'d a 'aiDst any spurious I'.dition that may be attempted tjJ be iim))osed upon them, as the � above na.s undei-i;(ine a Subsequent coinparisou with tlie Ori-.g)uals,.an udvaiitage in point ot accuruev. which no ittaer publicatwu can possess.. . This day is patdisheJ, price is. lue Second Ldaioii, ot . JJlSOOUltS!': QociiiiioiR'il by the death of the Right ilo.i. CHARLES JAMIOS lOX, delivered at tiie Uiiitarian Cu.ipil, in i'.Pse\-stree.t, Oct% 12, lbv)b. � Bv 1I10MA.S liLLSHAiM. Printed for .f...'oliiis()ii,iii>t.f'aHli;(hurch-vard. Thi.-i duv is'puJuiiBiiecl, 4>j two .^,(ns. price n. in lioards, SEHIKS o(. iJsSAYb,, .introduolorjy to the study ofNAXfJRAL His rOIlV. Isy KEN WICK S'kR))\l8HlRE,M. D. . lialely President of the Naiuriil iii,si\>ry SociL'fy of Edin-Ixirxh, Author of" A.hcries ot Popular Chemical iiiis.i,ys." Printed tor J. Johnson, in .-jt. Pnuls Churchyard. Vv here may be li.id, by tlies:une Author, the .second edition ot A Series or I'Djiular Cbi-niical Ivfciiav.''". PnCe'lii. boards. This day is publislied, urbvd. price 10s. on royal paper, or i7s. (id.,011 ilcmvj rpUE SATIRES of AULU^' PERSItJS FLAC^ JL CUS; traaslated into English Verse, with the Latin Text, and'Notes. ' ... Printed t rch-yard. T.ii^day is published tii two Volumes svo. price Its. boar.ls, <r*|I^i^lNAL ANi:CDOrLS of FllEDERiC the SECON O, the Kin^rot PrOssia, and ot his Familv, hix Coiirt, his Ministers, his Academies, and ins Literarv Fiieodsreollected during a familiar intercoqise ot twenty. Years withthal Prince. . Translated trom tiic French of . . ..... mEUDONNE'THlEBAULT,^  - : I'rofessor of Belles Lettrcs in the- Royal Aeaaemy-ftf Berlin. . ' Printed for J. Johiiom tnSt. Pat^'aitiJiufCh-yard. . � This day IS Audlished infoulscap<8�o^price;^Sk: in boardti. , ' A N ACCOUNT of the STATE o� PRANCE, -xm.- qiid. its.GO.V J5RNMENT, fiuriiig. the last three years, particularly as-ft hasTelntiiorf to-tlte Belgic Provinces, and the trjealftient of the Enghsh; .with* Narrative �f the Au, ' t4o*'8 escape frotii.'Verdun, I By ISRAFL VlORSl^EY, Detained as a Hostage. Printed for J.J ohiismi, in S^. PaW'ti-Chhrch-yardt ' BROWNQNIAN SYSTEM Of MEOJCINB. l�atplv were.puhlishcd in 3 vols. Bvo; price-^U* in boafilsj npHE WORKS of Dr. JOHN BROWN, to JL which are" prefixed a Biographical acctfnut uf (he Author, t By AVILLIAM CULLENpftOWNj'^.P. L.'itelj one of the Presidents of t-hcRcyal Medical Sotiety of of Edinburgh, Printed for .J. Johnson, .S(t.. Paul's Chijrch-Y'Brd, ai^d.II. .p.Symynds, inPatcriiostef-ro^.-i - NEW TjmjJONS.^Tnis Day are published, in Two V HiinWay-stiwt,i(appo6ite,8oT�o-^ua^R)i;Q*f6rd-Etrect: arid., to bP had of all ilaokseUers, , ^ ^ ' ^ 7 " �� These Fables ari�bett^r'c%nlatedtdV�elte-thc altentibr or Children to'amn^fr and THbtfact'themi'than any we havi^ everpern^eil* We riH;ommend tljfeip\v|tlla^t reserve."-Bij-tijh.GiJitic-f��;N or]805. ,' ^, . ' Secilso Crttli-ai Revitjw', Geyfera^ltevicw, A !euni]iemi,'&o.'� -por 7 inford Cliurcli, ijomersetshire ..............>,. 5 I'arrsliesof Wapleyanil GodringtoiijGlmicwtershirc s From a,tlergymftii ttf the Church of England----- i\ Parish ofYiirrow, in ttie Comity ol Durhiiin.... 28 The following .SaUscribtions have been ccceivetl - ... � ti'ttm Liaierick :- . Brii;aaipr-6encrarjriltchell ........ 5 0 0 J. P-Siiiyth .....v.......;........ 22 L) 0 ' I'liniell.and Co. iJ Hon;,Brigndier-Oemr.il Leslie . .ji ^1.:*^ !^ (leorgc iMaunsel ...............ji. J S 3 JohnHuttJcv...................... 3 � 3 Areh.Miiuaselt.................... 5 1.1 9 TJiouias Rache ......-----.......... 5139 ANiUiirm RacHe,............513 9 Williiim Henry BoMiiie.----....... ;i 13 9 Thomas Mauiisell .............-----., .i i.t 9 r. Mnniwel! .........v............. 5 iJ 9 -luhn Kennedv................... 0 11 9 John.Merdo Xbocaiis . 4 -^ i> 3 Sundry .Subscrvptwus,.....,... ^ 10 1 8 0 10 3 lt> K 9 The (orporation and- Inhabitants of the Tosvii and Porlof ISaiidWieii .... Ill 4 9 The IiihabitanU ot?-th(VPari�li of Ash, near Sandwrciiv-'bj'MToTbflmas Tau-Ln .(----,..>.�;...,,.......i......... 4713 6 183 18 (3 1 lie As.ot^]|fe(Gbngregation of Ij rr,\n firdlowav, no,ir IMS^fcSiN.-dJj^byithv Rev. Janirs Wxiz^.v Eln(l,.itpe^Utr';3c.x,D).Sfnbl)b . . .. . P.irixh^mjr�;y,Oilf>Wsbiie........ 161 18 3 f-f^f^g?. ditttj � fffeytsusro-.r Irfiv A.fe9Jun piiMwIwd, by �ip,Vme,Author, r , Von'W Pfwps- Iu Otitf VoL lWn�>."J�l�th 82 tteiidsedf IH i.'Ji'-.f!. ojN^^v.'OI,..County ot Nnrfulk . Parish Ohui'ch: o.t Knoekaiido, near 1.1, . 'Rev. John MunrwciA.i..... .Sub-ieriptionscontimie.-tulp: received ;ii l.ii) ,'d the l>aoker.i in TowiiEitid Coantrv. �� - � ' � - �'_-'-f^r- *i, ^ A^^NUTT^ES REbEEMAlii.i;. rff^ENYeiirs Ptirjchasav'ili.bo niiiucdiately given JL: ft>r.Annpiliesundcidi*^bLy secured upon I'rcc/iol.i, Co-. pyUold, or long Leasoliold |;states, where the parties have an 'ib-ollite interest, and on which (by re:i30� of t'.rc prcffure ot the tiinesV Money eanin)! be obtiiiniid upon AltMtg.ine. Aud ei^Ut years puroha.se wilMikwvvise bt: given tiff Annuities tor young Uves-, secured on the like proncrtv, or on !\ioiiey in the I; unds,. where, the paittes have OiAy a Ule interest. In jiittier case, the granJiTS will h:ive the powei' of ieiiceninig |bif. smrte.-Apply personally, (M- by letter, to Mr. King, at bis hmise,^, Joha-strecty Adelphi. "^.NSTANT MONBy LOANS,-Some Gentle. iHciTof the first rcspeetnbiltty and independent firftniie.-!, having forificda private tstabl.is.iment ofnntioual advanta^je, the Nobilt|iy, Clergy* tadtps t>f distinct ion, and other I'or- ?!�n6 posseitecd of Intrwues for I^fe, �;r other^vise, ansms i-OJn Laiidi HoiW?s, Dividends of SUick, Marriage Settle-nients, Cti^etl'P.rcferment, wr other-elficient Pri>pi'rty, may now without bwigsubjec}, as in tji^ ordinary cjises, of exposure and <felay�UeaCf<)liAiMada*ed with Money to auv flttipujit, oh teciiw-Rearly etiual t�mortgage. LeftVr.s post paid, addresse'd-tb Meaaw. C-ox an4 Co. Army Agents, 8, WaTwick-t(reet,Chai'mg,^croii�! orpersoiialapplieatlpnlrom I2trll 2o elucik, wjll be duly utteudicd t�.r-Commissions in the Army bought and said; �--:..<��� BM'BGvWeBfQlfidemje; tlitJ BALM of- QUITO IS thebe.!{t Ii(;)ii<;dy Ji),the universe for Nervous Com-nJaiiibs, the-t'UVt ptXWA'rful Retjtprativc and rp-nnimating B.ilni of Life' alid lIcQltli, avd tlie safest-asd best^ Medicine in the^ tvorld. -It is iittt i|�rpl<!nded that tUls Mcdiciim e-tn arrest, tha ppqgr�ss f iiauir�� j>Mt M is^vssQrtedaad proved.lbat it I WiJI restore health �vieu-where the �ur.�ti(iitiuu appears to baVe been irrcjmrjililyiiijuriids ''For m all'eases,-and lu aUiages!whei>r tl-i� solids .are r'Wteifcedr where the con stitn;tiOH ;has r?cciyc4 a..^bpek, t>r is by an Y means dcbili? tatpd,.tl�ib cestovativc, anu TesimiartHuk'^ Bj^ih ,of Life and ' HeilUh'-wiB' itro(hic0 happitftt .'eiraOM �-.tbe cold andi tremulous nerves \v til liiewarfiicd-un^^tea^tt!^^ the :rcla,\-cd -litres ,\v$iU toe bra'ci?l> Wirt lender^d firujl (he im^wclcs wJll be ittvigOtitlEfd; tlifi slttewb ^IH'be strengthciifcd: the enia-dtateillTjtjb*,wll be'cowi'ed.iivi^h tjrinvflesh^ |he w.tbattsttd ;-*e�pclS'i will; be. ireKj�;u^he4 ;:,the Impuverished  wsUerys .blood -iKrcome .rich acJi .halsaimc, add Us languid-^ . j7lrcotnttotl4i^itt>l'ed'tH'thii^atiatiVe' nitpettt!*/'^^^ - true crtteiipn.�f-hiei^Ubt4lHv1ttH)(u�d diuolptiijFlipirib^ cqyiived i a�d cjthilaratcd^t^AtSt'Sll"" >vd}, |ie ,urom\>tc(l \ \\\ slwit, tbonbne oT theiifeivwwill be restbted, and Ijv thee' -wt'iihs tliife *ri)�ae ��Dst>iaUbj�iWlH i)eiTi*�ov�t^(L'' Fcehluwss, . lassitude, � uu�-..; t�m&uf.tlti�as.e,,\vH,l J�p,�!*n< !�l4,.s*re!iRtj,:ivrdttU7, sareni<j',< ' hfijl eviJi'V eyidcnct wivMofahid- heallh l&<d[iulnr;t,ii..dua (time ^ Oiccorttiug CHAXcEW,oii, thca took tlieif scats also oti the woolsack. The LORD CHANCELLOR acquainted tlie H6u.se, that his Majesty not thinki.rg fit to bfl personally prc<4pnt mat day, had bf-'cn iJieaiiMi to Ciltisc a ConnitisRion-lo be issued Milder ti.s Gre.!t Seal, in.order to the-opcning and UoMjUij ol the Parliamenti Then four of (heLol-dsCominissionuf.s, viz, tin; Archbishopof Ga.nti:hbi;;1i-y-, the Lojio Chancellor, the Eai'lof Avlksfoud, and-LorjS M'Ar.si.ng-UAM, being seated oa.a form'plac{!jSJ.5^gtw<?e� the throne and th& woolsack. The Lo^Gii^.vqEL-i.ott cointrtfttided the Gentleman IJslhJr of the Black Hod to liit the ComrtotiS'know^tlJkttlr& Lordt; Commissioners dcsiml their nnniediate attendance in thAt H&usc, to btoar* le.-iscd, in order, to the opeuing and holding of this l�arliamcnt, to cittise l;efters Patent to bi* passed under hi.-; Great Si'iJ, coiHli;utiiig luid^everal other Lords, tlierein.nameJ, hi.i Comniissiuiiers, to ilo alLtbing^ in. his Majesty s nanic, on his part in-cesiarv. to be performed \)\ thiir Pailinment: this will nw lullv ap;icar bv the Letters Patent themselves which a\a't tiowt be i-f.Hi.' TJion the Letters Patent were read by the Clerk J after which, the Loud Cn.vscELLQii said, " My Lords, and Gentlemen ot the H'.wsc otCommoiK. " WeliavRit incomiuand iri>in his M.\.jr:sTV.to lei yon know, th5it, ris soon as ih-.i Memm-T-iof botiiHo-jsos shall be sworn, the eaustis oi his Majeityscalniig. tins Pariiainent will be declared-.to vim; and, it bCKij; necessary tliat a Speaker of t!ie House ol Oomir.ous should l>i-hr-l chosrn, it is his Majeslv's pleasure that vou, Genlieinenot the linu.sp^of Cojiiuons,do repair to. the. pl.ice-\vhere you an? tosit, and thei-o proceed to tiie choice ot some proper;>�rsini to be vour Spe; la-jt-sty's Royal Approbation. ' , The Commons then retired, aml^'Iie HonSo ad-journed for a few minutes, to allow time for the Gomtuissioners to nniobc. Alter Prayer.'!, the Peers present proceeded to take the oaths. Among those who-M-(?re swora in, we observed the Lord CiLVNOELLoii, tho iJishop of London, his Ryyal Higirin-ss the Duke of K.i:nt, tiie l)ul4.e of NoiiForji, Marquts Aber- corn, HK.iDEORT, (StC. l'].iris Sl'ii.VCtll, GkOi^VE- NOR, Stanuoi'i:, Diaiav, (kc. (fcc. The House ,continued to swear in the Peers till four o'clock, aftcrvvliich they adjourned till tw'ch'e o'clock to-morrow monui'g.  ' HOUSE OiTcOMVtON;;.  The Imperial Parliament niet this day, pursuant to his AlAJiiSTY's Proclamation. At twelve o'clock the Lord Stevvauj) ot.lus JMajksty's Houseliold (Earl ol AYf.EaBfJRY) came down, and, .assiatcd by ftlr. Ley- and the other Clerks of the itouse of. Gijmrnoiis, proceoilod to ad-Tiiuister, in oneof the untieliambi-irs, tlie iisual oatiis to sucii Members of the Commons as wi'veattteiuling to be sworn. Alter taking the oaths, the sl-vcnil Moiub.ers i-l'pauiul to their seats 111 the IIou.se ot. Gomiiious^ to.wait the Sjunnr.oiis of. the Lords Comimssioner.'i, to attend at t.ie Oar of the Jloiise of Peers, to ]iear the Goniinissioii read. About two hundred ^Lembers to:jk their scats, amongst whom we noticed many new f.i(:es. Most of tiie Ministerial Coinmoiiers resiiiiu'd their pluces on the Treasury Bench, vi/.. , Lords Howicic and Henry Petty, Messrs. Wind--iiAM, T. Gre.nvir.i.e.1 GALCiiArr, General Firz-rATRicit, the .\ttor.\EYa"d :3or.ica-oR.GEN-E:ui., a lar.?e-tuunber of the.infsjnor characters. Very few of the Opposuiou ijiaje ilicir appearance uiy this lirst instance.  - About a quarter past |.\vo, a Message by the niaek Rod. announcetli- that the Lords Conuuis-sion^ts, by virtue of bis Ma-iesty's Comniission, desirinii the immediate attendance of that House mv the House of Peers, to hear the Coininisijion roiul. Ill con.-.e()uynce, a great number of MefrJiers ai-tencled Mr. Ley, "(h" Chief. Clork, at-Ci^rdlng (o the usual practice, to the Upper House, wlvere, after the Cimunission was-read in form, the l.ioiiD CuANOELL.^ii, as ;yne of the Counmssioners, ar-qnaittttjd both Houses that jIusiMjlJ EST Y would defer tlec.laring the cause of ca1kngtliii,sprc.seiUParhai^MiiV until thoiMembcrs of both Houses should be sworn, and the Menihois ot the-.HtjtUse Commons should have chosaiviaSptsikoTv His liords'up accordingly acquainted! the^Gksntlcmon of the Hot'sa of Commons, that it Aral, his MajeSiy's pleasure that theyshouUl retire.to tho.placor-where they usuaHy.sit,raiuI choosoa^prQper pctsan t� be their Speaker, and ithat thpy prtis^nt the VFurson so chosen, at twelve ;o'cloj^to*mSrrdw.(yA*s dmj). (^The Mombet's; thcu rctifrned io their awn ;House, Wherc^ as feoDMfts thtsy.Jiatl,taken their soats)v Mr. BRAGGE BATIlCRSr r-oso for the pur-p6se:s^f calling tttQ'attention tff' ihe House to the exercise orone.af5it3,a�os.tauGient,iuo8t.uudoubtcd, ana niost.'importafMhipci;Tn qtbeiS>�e^r8 jrf th�f 8l�tey aud tjj.w^lrtaii* '*fw�^^9s J 3 .^1 ^1

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