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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - December 6, 1806, London, Middlesex I I ��V. .J. /: _ � THEATRJE RDYAL; DRtJItY-tANE. V � 1^ Senranls ., _A: Vflll acta epWrfy^ Valentine, MSi �}ii.sto!i; Angelica. MissDuncdn; Aftcrwhlrhwillbciierformpd a hew flielb Drama, culled' TliKJiLlrbr, The SIEGE ot'MONT(iATZ. With ijitiriSy neW Music, Scw'jcryi-Macbincryi; Drestcs, � . and Decorations. . � On .flfanday, Thc'Puqina f ' i THEATRE ROYAL, C{)VliNT-tiARpEN. UilS i5ro8ent EVEillNG will be performed the Canaedy of^ j 4^fire(;nri�', 'Mr. Pope ; LaUy Garoliiic BraymDre, Mrs. tloveV. . - ... To will \>e added, in Two- Ads, , . The UESERTS of ARABIA. !- Oki I\l a1tefncarc's ofvXheTeroRcsti.Ariel by p.; Young iiOdy (who ha� Dfvcr appeared on any Stoge). Withrj^^jjil<! df/fltygtcrf. AMeetiug ot the frlcBds of the Hqn, WAL ilt IIEHlJeR'^ and THOMAS TftJST(ii:THWAYTE, I'.s xate tfi� Rctarn of tltoscCtcntleinen to Parliament. DSjiner un tlie Table at Tlrrec o'clock. ;  Sir a. MlLLtR, Bart. M. P. in the Chair.  .;� STEWaRJJS,.,-� Esuri Temple,lM. P., John f)clmej Esq*  8itejiftri*ai.JWillj;.Bart. John Oslmn},-Esq. =�T JPWirfti*Bjitfea, Burt. W. PowlcttPowIrtt, Esq. Sir.'olip Carter, Knt. . .AVilUam Porlalc, Esq. 'J*lvpis Clarke JctVow, Egq.'v Tbomas Fitzherbvrt, Esq. J�l. F. SAiMUSL DEVJCR^LL, Secretary.  �VViftpbcjfCSi J^'**"" 25, 1�DS. . Tifkffe^lW. ed. to be httd at tire Dar'of the Gfqrec Tnn. rptHE Coirtmissianens'for Fictmtiin^ Jlis Mh� J|. jeHgVNavs do berei^glue Naticti t/iat. i>>f'Wcdiiesr-day, the lOlh imttmt, theu will Be readif to receiue. Ttii-ditu Ottcritihg (Sf-Mled itv)i'anir leeit'M. VOUti IWH-i)RED QUARTERS of pALR, atid E ItlJxVlMlED QUARTERS of ChOSlv DRIED AMBER MALT, Ac delivered ill a ForttneliU6uief.ektapfoynttiom, inio J Us'Ma- tinne Oratoria bibri Daodeccw, Juxia TAitianem Gottinjjnpterm .lOHANXIS JttATTill,U OEStiEttl^ ..^regard ieill be had to aiuf.'fendiir in tiihic/i l/tc pi shaU not be Inserted in toordu di tingthi �r thatuliall'mit be cfe-;fiB<;/' the Hoard, before One o'Clock on tfte suW Wctl-nesd.-iY, t/ie Imt iiistaHt,Hor ufilens the l'r,iVon,�Ko nutkts the 'fender^ or some J^ehoii on his lufhalK at(a)idt, to: im-svcnr when cfiUed fpr. GLOBE rNSVRANCE, _ - ^^.r,- , . Pali-M)Wl,.'lth December, 18Qi, )\ OTICE is hercbjf gn^etif that a Generaf. Mnei- Ji^ mg of the .Proprietory o/ ihe'aioh& liumranrt. Company r- � r'J *Mbpnbor to inform Ladles and Geotlemrn-who ir-ay h<;deQcl�it in \beJasi)ionaHc Sfotfif aiid Irish Stvps, tli .t he RIVES' PRlVAtE LESSONii every Morning, tVonl T< n twtil 0fle,4ir^ trom iswn until Ten in the Evening. M rdftofthe.Siardy ^(K cutuidtsr WILKINSON, Si'e. w CARPENTER'S PREMLSES. ANTlvD a yAllD i.itl WORKSHOPS, near the AVest End of the City; Uencb.R�iotn fu^r about 15 >Vorkinen{ Yard-Room for-S.iwpil, and to pile .dboutA-thousund.Dc!il;v nitb or without Accnnnnodation for fi'amoig Timbers. Any jicTsifn having such Pr�;nHst's todis-pfSi? of, Mpi�> statins; tcTms 1�y lettt'r, dirrcted t� Mr. Joseph iniiit, Crown'Ollice Row,.Temple, shall have iniinediLito atteiitioii. A Cpllder with a Jobbing -Connoxion wishing to dix'Iine Biuincss iu favour of the Adverdser, would lie prttiTntd. WOdDiVIA N,!^*^! '25,, J KIIM \'JV-S'J'Jl KET St; Jiimes's, hivvins;, *'>r up'waids of te4i yctirs p*t, made It his eut:re Studyj Utren kr tlie Cultiag, Uressius;, aud various Alodesat Dispojin^the MAt K, l<u< Aiost ornauiental and becoming to every K-i-son, flatter.? himsclt lie has, at L^ugrti,- c<iinpletcly s;seci'edcd. He thercfprc jiio-it resjiect-tiiliy solicits the Patroiiiige of t ic iy.ol�ility and Gentry : de-peudiiig on the vcnv su pkrioIi E^ciUeucc ot hi.s Method, whether itregardstl;.? lluirnatuftiUjfiposac^-wd, or arruiciully npjilied.  " .. - He is )�r(irul (lv enrefulto sclcct^ucU A^tauts pnlv^ as are perfectly cp;i4;e[t'iit k> their i3u!iitinis; and haying pra-parcd the Apartments, with wi-y Mirtablc Ac- , 1x53 te+HpOTiary orpchnancnt Sums ot Woney� that they arc ' - t^rtaMUfl-*tt atfvaoce .M�y sum to those that are poftc^ed of iuty.asfl^i'AbJc properly in consideration of ftlaif.iiid efluit-  aWij'Annuity liit^rest beiii^ paid for the sinne. As also tik , jtJitisw of ktm^i property da .their own personal sceuvtty.. A(!(l fMrt^fTiMcbrsi Lucas and Co. beg leave to s.tythq;t lKgy\vijflftOni!wt clT^ryJNcgotiationthat may be contijiitted to lOj^iyiSRuadewj^ .witli the greatest cspBditionand econo* - -jjiyi^Qilttu^e,'enormous tharses and cxpcnccs that arc ih-^riaWyUrln��ed .and d�ntanded in mo>'t pceuntarytraiisac-ttoOJwtlJ Bfi wholly avoided, by those, that apply to Meskrs. ^uead atid' Co. at ^ifoi 2, J.tines-strcfft, Aae>phi, Strand, . tithtfiff^^wtinprliyletiCTpo^^ ENNiNGTpN,^To ba SOLD the LEA^K jnk. (witli iminediatepossession) of ayery.neat FAMILY IlESIUEN.C�,'iil�6iU)^1i;te repsiir, CdnSistitfg of�-ce bed-�hawhet4^4i*%�t��iiiH'rtw�,i>iMtotir!H tilfhe% tod house, with a garden in front and rear, anA ollici' domesf lo coavcBJelnces for the unexpired term ot ten years Irom Mi-'cftaelmas lajt, at a very low tent.-For ttirthcr p:irtieiibi's apply to iWf. Young, Auctioneer and House Apent, Newhig-ten Butts; or to Mr. EdwarJ Nctlletold, Sul'ieilor, Ltieiie-2er-pl;ice, Keiuilngton-laiic, Surrey. r�>mi!: cAsi'i or a DisTRi-i^sED family is JL hnmlily sabmiUed to those ttho linvc, (t iulihL�ir]jow?r; find take a-pjeusnre in alleviating the SuJlVrTligj of. their fel-ow-ereatures. .A t;wftily of rciip-etivUility, now coiisisli j../,Kvniriivu.v to conthhpte to-tllcir reliefj the huibunil, will) 16 III a.^^v^j' j.ifiiHi .state of heajfb, will be obli;^e4 to -. end his diiys'in .n prirpn.- Th'csmatles^t donation will be most V . - The abofii^ J.'amiJ.v. r nihcfeiit ito,:pl.i�e Dicnvijjjii'ituatjoo toproourc .-i ItvelihrtHd, the.y fi<f|; . un-Jcr/thc necessity 0f entrcaxuig'tlieiurther benevoleace of "gT^rV^^K'IltiLVIJRHD (rU'lNBAS is 6ft�rwl by i JP  Ar6C:WftIK'lJl'\SKY and PRINCE, original Pro-' p/ret5rti^f Uiri,H,UStsl A 'OIL, "if it can he proved there ever Ajtas^aiiy attijS^' foi growth of hair of- ihit name, or with the fniprfcsston.of the.Russian EagWi < f Russia Oi(, Baless eounterteits, ll is necessary to itttorin country shop-. keepers, jnia venders, that the P,ropriclors of this yalaahlc - discovery < never tr.-n'el, imt .cauttorw. agiiinstptrsons ^tho. . ttaers:into.wiJiuid;caiiintry. c'ouatry Ven� pare.. ......-........, ..^..................... _. COinmodation, Juid.provided an elejiint anllastetnl assortment ot Articles, he van,, with Contulenec, oiler them to the Inspection of liudies and Gentlemen.' 2 rot tain ttriAes or magnitude, parttcnhirlv 2 of iO,lXH�., ,jf htf�U liftis* riot l�e�i introduced for many-Lbttfties.^ flonisbj loit was th� firjt OHiceth'UsolftJw�i>tthii!ie grand Pti^es. ; ._i GftAKU SCiniUK. 2 Prtiecsof. L/J0,0JO 2 ........ 10,00'3 &c. &e. &e. S Prizes (if L.5,C10a .......... I/)-X) Tf X .lHIM WVI* i-.^V* J *j A-vr�A*i..j9 Obnrii'e-CroBS, have on Sale the I'tcketsand iUiares ot above State Lottery, which begins dr.Twiiig on the J.'Jth gWIFT atld Co. No. 11, Potilfry, and ?fo. 13, the above Stiitc Lottery s .. , - of .1iimnry,i607; la the last Lottery, No. 7,lor, a Pn/e ot 10 W- ; ^o. 2,101-, a Prize of 1,000/.; and i\o. 7, W!?,' a !vV/e of 50i).'., were,all Shared, Soldi and Registered, at Swift :rnd Co.'s Otiicos. �� . � - ^Illi NKVV LOTryHY, wliich bcgitis Drawing . .Laimary l:itbi ISOi, cciiitaiijmjc; a. � Priaips.ot 2......^....;. 2.............  ,8...... 20;....... �10...... 5,100...... '25,900 L.-iOi'lJl are LiS^.OOO .  ano-5o.;..;...,.i.:..-iOiOfi.i . io,ooj.........'..;;20i�03 ; a,'J!i�'....;..;..;.lo,')00 J-,p.M/.,;.-..B,OJ,) bM...........v.- A;Km- .10J............ 2,o;w : a().5,000-a;........ ;...V102,W0, L,250,00q Half;...... Qtrjirttr rnpjt.'tU nctermtn iible. -Fit t-(liaww licli�>tj. I't i! ly L. �I,<VX) Ditto .....;3d day ..10,000 ' DiUfl .othdiy .i sovooo Bitto ......w...... .hiililay.. PRICE. , Ticket....;.......,...... L.19 15 0 Jltl'; tiivAf Or wAl<.' Thisd;ty w.'is puhli.shed, price i �yo fjuiueas, in-bonrdi,* il-lUstr,aed wttU IMiirteeu beautiful l.iia;r,iviuj;-i, rriaAVMLS RQUlVf) the BALTIC, fhrough JL DENMAIIK, .SVVK0J;\, KCSSIA, POI.A.M), PRUSSIA,and the Countries which iire at present tlie Seat f .-^Var, .in the .'suiiimei- and Autumn m the iUOi; con-tauiiijg Anecdotes ot the several Courts and various purtt-fularscalculated to ulucidalff the pres.'ut state ol the Aor^ lliecii Nations, and of their l*olitie:il ReliiliiHi?. By JOHN CAiiU, lisq. Author ot the Stranger m In lami, &c. Ar. Printed lor Riehard I'liillips, |5riilge-iircet, Hlju-kfiiars j and to be had ot nil Bookseller.'. Of whom mav be had, the Si'RANGER in iRCLAND, by the same Author, price '15s.______ THE AL;>IANACKS FOR 18077' ""~ rpJIK BOOKSKLLHKS Ihrnusltout Grrat JL. Britain are hereby lulorine:!, thiita New Edition ot thePICTURi; of LOVDO.V, ISO/', correeted to th;; present time, w ill be rt-aly tor delivery h iih the .Mmaiiiicli. tor thenew year.. - BridK'e-4tre(t, .Nov. 17. ISOfi.  .: ;,v'Thig day was DUbtished; .t^rtce 'A. (id, :. ' . t&i)srof iU<Pt�9hres, and Ciauseiof its tcrmiiuition.iti ; the recall of tfieEBrlWEAUDEKDALE. .,_______..............._ ' IHs Majesi^'^avirtg.gihntponcd ai Aew Parliament, and the A'ccrifuut t'rasfutio et Indices Copifosi'mlijii j 2 vols; gtp; t^incfe Pabllcbeiiigyci'igiioraittof the,preteiisionsof thepcraoiiAt v'lliH^^^ titeheiid. ot.tht! Uovermneut of i''nince;,arid the cflusrKof tile necessnrv reKtU of the Earl of Lauderdale, the present deta.iU ar j given, ttr the cud.tltat, before the Meeting of the new PiirUnnientt thecoiidiict of his Majesty's Ministers luay be duly estimated. . � ^  Printed for John Stiickdale, Piccaililly. The PROPRl K'i'ORS of the N E W Ul AGAZINIentitled, IE BKAU MONDE; ors Literary atid Fa-J.shionalrte Magazine, have, the sanction of the most disii y!�t' Iighiiess the Prince of Waleg^ tro;u a iWinia'tnie hy i>Iri; tthll, ill the possessittn of General (3riii.-iby ; two lieantifuH v coliHircU Fashions tor (leiitleiticn; and "also a bc-iuHtuUy coloured single Crane Barouche Cliariott wliu'.li are do-signed, engraved, 'luid coloured, by Artists of the fir=t abilities. Early impressions will be a'valuablc acquisition. Printed and published tor J. B.BHVand CiO .\o.'^l.'jl, H*h ilolboru; and may be had of; every IJoykseller and ivews-inuii (lirauglioutthe lJnited3K.iiigdom. Manu^cripiis Kiana apUd Oa- _____________, _____priee Ks.r in-quirr-s; Priiitod at the Clateiido'u Press ; sold by Payne, and Mac-kiiilay.. StraHd; and Cotikev Otfuril.^, . . ' TME MOST ELE�A.!Vr SMALL EOLTIOJf OF . SilARSPEAltls. EVER>PUBLlSHED, TTANDSOMI5LV printed in foiirfecn Volume?!, JI.JLi foolscap octavo-, 4nn supArff.ic pitp^T and 6'Ji-pr<'sse�), emtieUislied with �eventy-fourdi%igns Fromttw PisttitiS luid Urawuif(s�f Loutberbnurg, Stotliai'd, '1Utfflbibcbv A'^i% A4{�A. bk^tt %4r tM^^I:Mef, t�M*�ttW�it;-'*'' tbe te]^'4bM%Mtti<^� ��T^ibv^t%eJM'^t < ;rvandcustam3qftheage in wuich tiue poet lived.- � , \ � . By MANLEY >VOOD, TV. 2VT. of Rxetcr Crftege, Oxi�n. l^iittedfeirG^ Kwr�tev�>nect--streeti.^ Dr. SHAWS .N.-iTGHAL HIsrfOttY; Thisd;iY aTepabMshsd,ole.gaftny;prmt�U' ;PRDS, br .SiJ-iW, M.r�. l',R>.S. &c. ivilh:bt?t-.vce:a 2i.)0 and IJOO plntcs, from the* lust "(iiil&uril^iej, tir. fhe mo.-t Selectsperiinens imhirUritiah. I.) VJriaf/,-amt othel^Musl onft, priiicipallv engraved bv ;Mr. ile:,ib, _ c � 2. Dr. Mli.iws llisaof-y of AmiihlUions Qa.idrtipads; including Krogs, Tortoises, i.iirfrds, and Serpents. In t^-^ci ParU, With 140 Plate*, jfric* '*<i'l'iii tid. r Gi KeaT.=Vev. ItVel-street. . p:�pCT, 7/. 12s. b npiii-: ms'i A GEORGE: TO COUNTRY ViOOltSELLEltS AND 'i;OVMfc,i\. N the appr,)afh of the CHIUsT.VlAS IIOLF. D\\S, TAli-^RT and CO.. of the Juvenile and 10 5 Eightlr..,....;...;? U Si.\.teeiith.......... I () axsv&iimmondedi {Those whh.WiT* liot tri^dthe ettects WliSrOmii^iSe, wiU �nd a,mgleb ncei must be on tUtvalcftj as the- Drawing^nces soearlv as the 13tli of JAnuary nyart; '^ TSY-Difjiie Pfori^unce, tht! a.\LiVi. of (JUITO JCw is the best llemcdy ju the universe for Nervqn^ C'om->i pi�1lit9,tfiemosi powerful Restoratiyeuntl re-nTiimuiiirgBnlm of Lit^ and Ilenithv^nrf Th)e:^irfcU and lu^st Medicine iu tl)c wofld. It; Is .not jpretended that this Mc<}icifl& e-iii arrest the progress wf nature, but it is aWrted iuid prov^dthat it Will vcstote he.tlth even where the coiisttlution'appears to have been irreparably injuredj .: PoriwiiU .cases, and ni an ingcs wli?.re the splids.are relaxed; where the con stitiition h'u* receiywi a! sKock, �r Is by tfoy im�<ns debilif tated, this'reBtorot?ve tihd re-animatiug Balm �f Life and! ijealth will pruduee :tke. hgiBpiest.s8ectfij ,the cold i^id (remotous nerves will be.v?armed at*" steadied j the rclq.xj� d; dig^stlbn witl'-be'proitio'tcdl ii> i^i^m the trtne oT the nerve* will-be ftetowsl, ijitid BV' these mett^ thfeHhole constitut|on^'ill heyrfndvaifcd:Pephtc^ess^ rwenty-pcutnd______.......... books lor ChiUrch and Young Persons that ever ucie uub- All the articles of such nssortments which .ar;! d?cm�d un-ssleablc on the 1st of March ne.xl, may be then exchanged for othet), t the Nvle of which there oah lie ns quf Stion, As .l>ib!iTt-;uidjQ�,.^)pissi"�,4ii thuw eopvright, the .^eatejitvarlej^'of mveml'; hooks iri the trade; .ind us thev arcenablfd by theit rytenS'ive de.iliPgs la'thesea.'-sicles, to supply the books of Vrio^t other publishers on tti>i lowest terms, thi'v prosiimn thiit r^spectublc Country Dealers in genenil wtilluid.theit advaiit-agt;moperilBg Ihcaccamit iibovo pronosjcd. New^Boad-streoii, KOT. 10, ]t>QJ�. - - , T^iisday i-ipiil>li.-.h'.-!J,prjc'i Is. ()d;(Si'COii'.l Edition.) MKMAHIvS or the fu'st Mcthoii BAIUJ lvp DOWEK. To wiitcii is add.?d, Ke.-narks on t!ie AJethoJof preverthi^aO'lirtsbatul Iniin hflvi.-iiraii Estate -liv ffie Cnrtesj 4v^iud an Appenduv of select Precodeul.i of Luni-t^liOiis ro.'preycnt l^j:ier, settlcil by ll>e mosl emiiimt ton-.veyanccr*; With ijn aqiproved Porin by the Authcir; an.l a Concise Draught of It C'onvevai^t; fjoin .-1 \e41dor and his Triisttfeto-a Purch�si\nand I'histee, tor the purpose of pre-vcKtrng the M itu'iS Drtiver from attaching. Mrmv yehrsrMar.ugr* . 0 �t*5c5y W te*th;frak,dec�y�deea^e�ytoeth This day is publishcdj price !s. i>d. i,) cloth, and (i.) hue T'  .  . 1>'!>'T, 2.S. ill sheep, � IIR Ni:W WKKK's .PjlErAllATIO^^ for ; a worthy Reecividg of the LORD'S S_U PPER, as iippoiiiled; and U+omnvcuded by. the ('burcU �t England. ( oni^^tm!;ot Meifitationsaiid l'rav�rs for tiie Moniiiig aud cEveauilg of every Day in the ^\ eck; with lorins ot E�am1-Tintiun an.l .Confcssiuii iif Sins; luid a Conipaniou .it.the Altar, diri'etii^ the Coniuuinicnnt m his Behaviour aad Dcyotionsat the Lord's -TaWe : iiiso Iiistructionii hjw to live well, alter receivjiig the Holy SiiCMineiit. Be Careful 10 observej that-every genuine Cojiv has the Signature of V,'; Bent on the Back of the JTontispiece, Printed fotWi I|cnfi at the Khag's Arras, Patcr.TOStcr-row; sold also bv W; J. and J; JtichKMson, P. n*Tiinil J. liivjug-"t<�n5"^Sealcheril and Lettermah, IF. D. Symomls. C. Law, Lotiemaii, IIur$t, Rebs,^and OrmOj R. Phillips, and H. T. llq.igsopi .0 th. direa�'� fettS - .. ... . . "^-"IUhgre^Chemist* Sy;iTiitti^IttijalV i ,'Pr�oe Bto��'Vlole�t houtjc! ,'it-^ih<ijtt\^|M,:' irtsmo^ft:; .Mr,.., .jrtsei;,Mr. fti-�h�4r 8> ilnl^,th9n laf , r� the PRp^Pftift'UR^�>f,STlRACIA's ITALlASl iCJiIRv'ti'fO Gf^jiittefrtcn havo dfcsircd me to iti^ri !5 \u!i, I i�.Til Olcqa.itttt any L lO-\S,prhit�i:In imira. tipiiot .ManUserlptr, warraiitfedOinct*.v tsn^vrr prr.^chr ed, tn^y now be had at (�. Kewlsy's, Bo,T enfori';'"^ the practice of virtue, from motives ot the mosMiberal :)T!:i pcr?u:.sive^ a fight knowledge of the wovlrt, ai>d of tri' he.irt, tend to givejiist notu>fls o." Itfi;, atid to mider it happv. Ill this nartv Publication, tiiere .are Sermons lot CUriMm.15, Lent, tjootl-l-'riday, l-Ia.'iter, Whif-Jiundav^&t.ite. This day is publisiied,-either In one or two.volnmcs, prr:e i-ls. 10 boards, meJu'iing the Arms of the Peel's, a.'iii liis ot-.lers dr-knfghthdod, 'iZ EAR'^Lb.Y'S PKKR VGE QF ENGL VN:>, SCOTLAXD, MiA illELVND, coiHtiioirig a.i Ac-courii ot. the Origin, JlojiourSj Al:irri.agi;>-, rtiiO Issue of 1 ho Notiilitv; a'Lisr or aB their'Pa-nity .Varaei, iitlesof tViler Soi;s,!i!it rr.tiwUtiO'iottiieir .Vivrtto . lo. which arv ,ad<!c.!, an-'Xcciiuut ot tlie OrJersof Knigiithaod, luie.iact Vatui-tio:i ol iMch ot the Bishopricki, and a coiiiplete e.xliiict. Peer;i'-?of the I'hrecKin^i^mns. I'niUrd t�r ivfar^lev, Fleot-strret. This D.iy.H published, in Wmiv. Ss^hil. hoaut, anew tdition printed on nne copy, of Vi\?. NEW vkak'S GIFl': in Six Parts.- Coiitiiinuig Mcdit;ittoiis and Pr.ayers for every Day m the Wc-.k ; aii'l jJevotnits tor the Sacvdnient, Lent, c::i.i. Otiicr OccasioiK. Priiitud for.1'. G.and J. P.niiigton, J. AValkcr, ?ca!rhor.l .and Lcttermair, Bent, Wilkie and Uobiiison, f-. iltiiim-son, C. Law, and Longman, Hurst, Bees, .ind Onnc. . ()f whom uvdy be had, a ne%v l-.dition ot the a Coiupiinion til Ibv ! casts and ba-ts ot the Church of �n<!anci; cont;umng an Accohnt ot each Solemnity-; with- Qonsidera-tioiis, the CiJIIcct, and a Pra-.-; r fur the l/.av, price Ss.bouud- This day are piiblisb<,'d, lu tour large vols. byu..with uinctv-stx qu-.irto plates, eleganiiy engraved, price three gunejs in boards, (OCltiiATlONS in MATHEMATICS and NATCilAL PlllI.OSOPIlV ; coiitimiDg amusinr di.-*seftati;iiisanrt enquiries conoenjing. a v.TTietV of subjecij, the most remarkable aud proper to e.v;eitc. curiosUy and ju-iention to the -whole range of the nwUiemaliral afld philoio-phu-al ijcieiiees; the whale treated-iirsu plca?(i�*and eai^v Hianper, aiid adapt*<l' to the coinprc)ieo�.ai^ Of aU who ure theleastmltKitetl in those sciences. ,*-^';.;-rv PiLst composed by M. Ozauam, of th��IW(jral Atsidemv i-f Sciences, &c. Paris ; latelyrceohiposed-aii^l^itfly enlarged, in a new e:liuviii, by the cele^f^Jvd<4lt{|^%icfo,; and iimv first translated into English, and iinprdvea with^n&q^y adtli- � tioiis and i-.ljservaliois, �.  ,..'-.. v- By CHARLES HUTraX. l,t;-�^^nd^FvI?. S. And Professor of Matbeitialt�s in^tbe^R^t�]LMiritury Ac.l-deiuv,^.ooUyich. ^ Mtithemati^alt^ufisiuJiisiaiid.unaJloni^dVllh^^Kes f h5T!v lect^v to alliuretitnttuy votarlt^, it must'bc decked ilut With 0)tb^lishtaeat8,-must iafl:iiue iiin-otity4>y half veiling aiiJ halt cxpijrsvoj �s mysilecies aiut ,6rm ...... t)ne ^wAU^^Wfi is imwards'ot. seventy yt'are; two Vyeuftba^ IwMtlicafC'ely rfhiuroq the leftside of.his head; 4 It IS niiw gilasrfe;< �hi�k that I .-tiKve cut it t^ri^e. 'Tlrcotliergi^itU'mtn ijp in'tlie army ; sijoft, time sintfe he bad ffiVeMCb4H'*ui.C|!^.d^ his ^en^^ the sue of-hair-si-crawit-; '\ rin.ade u�aptili,��t ifbiQg-haw,fiuehis liair grew after usiiig-a litffe of vwurjailSi ^ ; 1 lart.Sir, Y0�'"s, ^V,Ko�a7, \Vindtoill.strect,B^dfdra--sqi�arei : i�ii,.^.l:feelsv6liwVureJhstivto^,tlJ�t:^h^^ !w-' i;)idSOilt> th�: rf0 lew tima A': �iot,ita it wa-'f ihvpqifeBIsm; seB'itrhei*:�?UTjblinai�h wa<i: thouj^h 3cvt;ral'g0(iVlifKieti,|ttl4 jj; X�ai^|Mkji^v^^fgme'm hatura drii^with tnenti_^ itajict iitiof� fo'S*^*.*-!^ arnMigft-e*%'n-fh�Tn��stshupje4mtbsnBdej;tl|<mip9t ple.� u... l^rfntetl ftrG< K^ ��u Dr. CttHeu, and >rtU�T-M*f>'"�'^e>'� A'rir- *^rcun?�"sN'ojohijjy compJete, �h E,%^. hmiJa�� t)><ra:�e, agreeaWy S ihp aparvv C�tt**>^H Sh�mote,Mfim6r, Clark, �T*l'f>v�tc, &c, �. B��. llVftfe.- HoiBc, Earle, Abernttthy,^ * Keudsrdfe. Kentish, Rumsej, >\tlion, and Case* tllustrattye of the 11 eatraaut rcci�i aiwU raotHMiement. Is of Jfimalted a��bentic l-i public Hospifeuaad OispjNiBor of Medi'i��t Ch^rurlcn^.atld,^^.,^. prWatc U^trHAiUtaft �f distmg***: *Ud:�M prWatc U .^^ tsjd Eekn^rgh a4i�"iyiW[uil�i j;- ' ' iv \ hniujtadfttte, Eduibwgb � and Bi�dC^W*,��|^, QUi *

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