Tuesday, December 2, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - December 2, 1806, London, Middlesex 0- ririltEfNobilUjr. itia l^en to the JL�' d**l?re^,. are' AlJst respectfully'iiifotmed, that' 'thiH Madame CATALA^'l, ^ Signor.NALDt, 8?(ftlor UtOIlTi ^jgnor^ BfftAt!lIET*li Sigiior ROVI J)INa, $i�nof GUjVAWNI^ -Signora n-PlIAYliS, - MadenvHseJk! -i^ARISOT'/, - Miss CRAN- IO ELDv and A!adaai(yi3elteI�R!iSLE/frriin Paris. Banet-alaster,fjl6i3^ctir RQSSI.i-Pootv^pirtr PANiVN-TJ;-^Sfeneryi Jffif; MAIi'fNARt>^DressP3, -Ltr. BRETT. -H;irp'8i?hbrd� CI':KtJT.rj,^Aclin!f^^ Maiiagcr rf tiie jfKWELL.-Secre-' tarsj-Mr-.^liiSjiW-.^.; � � , , � -, �, l\ 8: lln-NOWrty atfd6entP5-^;Sflbi5�rflt^^ the dpera, livef'their Tickefsatthc D,�ore, pnefpM^f^E^^pjjiljgof their ^dipiftifltt, wh'cli WiJ.ffedreto ._______prdei" t� beeAiatruJiicedi .�iiiOE ithaB;bifceadl*'piJi�*4vvithi^ ^ . - Aiteudaiice wiU;l>t?,gi*fflit eveiw-Ofty at .the Office of the 'the Opf^iia, is.5!|aM>Ha0o4dably- resort j>r{?vtnt iiiilioV^ i*i�raVrtrities whlfch 'Ita beenf-introdu . -Ito.the ifilHEHOIJDERS f niohHnit bcTgire Pjrice 6.O. a inaiiiier mo.st uiiboc'oiniL, r.tctc'r, iiiscrfrd in the pii S:igt,Bij,'ned withk'tanairtiiuddrpsied'itidaiid^toif^ dissembled respect^t(f me; imt ioteudhd �8;�:ii ttttattY>Elec-tM)iictrihs xMaiicRHvre against yi)u. iL';r;V,-i''-'.�'j''i' RURYrbAISE. f ^ ;1S ih-^SeiiiE livening Itig Majesty's Servia:its ill peitbttiva Comedy, calM , ' ? 'liHE VViAY-TO KEEP HIM. To'innrrow, TA(; Cahiiwf^ �(vitti Tclicli, THJiATRi; ROYAI,, COVEiNT-UARDKN. rffili-IS .PllKSEN-T. Ertuing. will Ijc perfoniied, 3- a new Play, in five acts, iuterJiicrSM with Music, calli-d �' � � ' ' . ^ � ,; ._ � ,.� , ADUFAN ANJ) ORRlF,.\: or, AMolhcr's Vengeance;. �i'hel*rindp:il Cliiiracters bv iMr. (.'ooke, Air. Mundtn, Mr. C. Kcmble; Mi-i.tt;. Kcmlde, i\riS6 Sini�h,.iUi^ liruii-tan.-'I'lfe Prblogjie to bc-'spiikeii hy Mi', liruiitoii.-'ihe Kpi)oi;irt; bv,Arij3 lirimti)!! anl ALcSv Mattoi'^ ' / X which' 'ivill be added, in. Two Acts, New Grand j lOperaticalSptcfacUS called. '�� -� , ThelSESliRlti of ARAlilA. To-morrow, CtiriidaDiis, ^yith A Tale hf .Mystei^. - TO CALICO PRINTERS. V ' WANTEy> an expciit.iux>d CAIJCO PRIX-TEII, capable of taki.lg the Management of a. coiisidprableFrintiiig Ground ill the Country.--;) pply LcathwaiK", Krt. 3, under the Royal lOxclian;;'', tnr . tpRlr. �ornhill,- �A .....------------ -----^...W.IOf^ " airdeacriptions of person^ j j^tho have the powev.ot.the will " toi'teisbii upon ijts coiisctiuences. . The people, by the Ac-Cepteflce:oJydrir,drtctrijiCr�Vflutd reduce theiii9t;li?eS to tlie. " hardneosSSity of-beingffovijr.iu'jlbvthe Hjoratiof mankind."' These, Alr^ Whitbreuas sentimviils,;ha;velikfcw'ifee beca recentfy paraded by Windham^ Secrstiti^y of State; -by ISJr. Tidriiey.CHatrmaii 6ftnc Bo^ird , f the wljoie p;irty. � .-. . " (f;bntieTOeij^-ln that Act of Paylianiejit (12kua laftVai.^-whicii gave tba throne. ms.ti> hi* lirt-sent^ Ma-}i;.'ty, aiid Ws fanJHy, intiUed-r^"' An'Act Iwthe ttlrthei-1i " (atioiM)ftte Crown, jind better securing-tUti RisUtsand " l,ib lyand honcflly thuji enacted---" That no pirsoni who has itn Office or Place of "Protit Under the King, or. rt'ceiyes a Pension .ffom the � V Cron.n, shall be cup;ibli;�)f, serving as a Member of the . " House of CUnnniKUS.'^ ' . -^; ' Eut l\^r.^^Vhitbreadi it seems, never hi'ard of this provision for bettrr securing th:' Rights and Liberties.of the ^iib- hold.v thiSopii''Oi|i is inJec V . ii^r^. liui. iiiu the mil to reason up-)u ,its coiiseqiieiices."-I have I bclicye, thafiiV, Wii it bread hinuclf .p'>5s 'sses both the a-W and.thii putDsv tti -obtahi speedily a luiTaiivi.'; Ofiice umicrthe Crojvn, without much i aibarrabsiiig hi nisei f with its co:i3cqucucet> to the i'ul>lic. , Cientleaien, \V hen the last fitltlitional Taxes for the present > i>o.regut �^J"-teft i, wartb (ttJeufit/i, or Ihat^lMW n,t ie delivcntl 40 IM Ititml 'In-Jore' One �o'Hoik ion ihf .TF '^tpo/lJeceinbsrneJttf.nor uriJ^i /A.c pf.rjon t Jentler, arsim person bm Id* bcliatf, adenilii.-i - GR.INO SC/IE.US. 'rj�s.of U'J-'l.tfX) '3 I'rii'.oof Ii..5',(Wi) �l,yO:) 5 .......... 1,003 � . .. ](),0!)0 8.......... � m - � Die. &v, ftc, Wirr a�d CbV'^V, n;.P6u|tryr.avid No. 1% Ciiarii!i;r drawi;ij;- oii thi- J5l>� of .;ana;;rv, iK..!/.- Jn the la-.t l.ottcrv,. N ". 7, i.'j'T,. a I'lize ; .i.iot, II Prize- i,f : i Si>. 7,Ci., Prize ot 5(1)'., were all -Sbaryd, Sold, :. d Ue;;is!erc<i, hursdtrfr, ly/ib' mnkek'y(he �to amteerwhcn riot hei'iiiicfif.A in ''u:i}rd&athn^t^or tMtiknU'n^tlM'j'lKt'oeri:* 'to Lhe. Jioai-d,before One o'Ulorli. on . j% Z.';?:, lilh instunt; nor'' unless t/ie jl'cr.idn liko tkakoH^-tltey'Vin^^ ier^ or ioiiie. ^eiypn''''9'h liis behalf, iittt>uh,lo' aninixr when taUfdfpt;. � : ' ' :l ,� ,'  , ^ . . :�� ^ r�lH E 'Principal: OfflvetsJ-anfl 6o//rt�Msw�c/;.y iif- K.  JIU Muje^to-.i Naiiif (in luirehy give polirr., that oh WednrsdHy, tfic'lOtkof.mi w,d�(/t, �< 'iW o'Vlock in llie --SLOOP SOl'li'lHA.NfTK, Jyingat ditto. - SCHOONER FAVORITE, lyiiiff' at Portsmotith. � v.. ftMY.-iArt ENSIGNCY in an oldilegiiuent , of the Line atiHorae to be sold considerably under the rtguUtcd price. A L'^'ntenant of-Light IJragopus at lioine Tvislies to e.vcliaiige lo half pay withoat a (liilereiice. .'\ Ijini-tenant'of asbigleJiatt,ilianat"horne,'ivishcs-;t(� exchange to a i^^^UtieiiLiii'tfie W Ui'iies, or looiic going tliere.-^-^piirH �atiun tiL be made to .Captain liolmcs, b', Caddick-r,T\r, AVhltebiill.' V . Vo W1)WlLEN URAPPRS, TAlljQRS, &c; ; Ypimg Man ;acptistMtned-to <;tit-Geivtiitnon's ; Appavd of every descripUa;i, i'l the most/ fashio.nable ' and elega.it m-inhei"", feishes to' leave Litiidon f<nr a more, airy; aud heuUlvy situation, iii-any p.itt, of .England. As he caii."; "sivc rv'frreuceS to (ieiitjemen of, the first respectability, and the., iitcel ,s curityforan. tiust refused in hliij, he pre's�mes tosolicit :a!e.itioupf those � ho mivy Jv'ish such an assistant in a gfen ��.!niec<ibn. � �'� ::~'y, ^ .. \ .. ' ' WooHen Drapers desirous of ciiltinc their own cloth, or Tailors wanting a f.ishiouablc cutter, will hutl the Advt.rtiscr worthv attention. Letters addressed to V) M. to be.left at 3f, Charing-cross, apposite the King 3 j.Vicws, Loudon, will be immediately at-i'uded to. � � 1 ' OSIER PLAN'TATIONS. S tlur CiiltivatHm.ot tkosii valuable greiinds is wTjutliUle undirstood but bv tew who profess it, Gimtle-iiicnwbo are desirous of makin^-new Plantation^, are iu� formed that thev" may hare them laid down in such fi com-phKe^nuiuai-r that cannulf.iil otproducnig the mostbvneficiit <:lu'cb,liy\a person Mho Inis byciriii tiic coii^itant habit ot cultivutiivf. them for mnny yeani with the greaiest.sa^cess. Every ubtructiou will begiVeiifor keeping .theoi in -tjic^' iuo.it complete'repair so as to render every advantage .to -'i'��� .- '---r-:-- yA'' '�< ---, � l\rEW^O^VB^^TE& rixVr^.-In cq^scqot^ice 1^ of tileV^fyjgKeiiia'Pmpluintstrf late t�f the-ba*quali(y o..^ liati,"lfnSi ,MiaVced-'J\fri;. 11ot^N q. ,7SKgind, rv. ho ha4restded ^y vcarfi.'tirtrythe e.\per>ment�f mlTnngf*ul^s;fMrwith Vsa^rt."�nd >tht'fe�45*?!*�>' *�un(i to -an3w�t 44!B.niok*ir{lef(t 0JJpp �-auchtiuts^.^^'Uitlds .ui the usual.way^ the mole tun mak-'" iiig theiB ^oJnAiri) fiucr and of a eloseoA�^tWc5 oar5e dtetv'thut iare Hwallv^YWidc^tk?; of ti^T<i.Hli^nQ^ tacture of .l}ats,.':iKtdL.with other -g,oad flBMijsi�S;;Whcr %f "jvi^ ntttipmsifoll'; \vlilc.lj ba^lK irtaking urtwstl>eartttfnl btftrTUi�iftiflf4ill rC^' �.ui ihetrcolpift^'^hd Jwaiig: tti^' B$it�tt*a?t3rer jf lij(.o\i^ round the^oiHftidt? of th^^'t-rfW jnp Tifjdtt diHl.rM <'e'fW >>deptt�,PilU art; " ft�uWMtUjrfM�|ii/'�*I�-�#*eddUor- hyv<iif slckiHiv.riO haft u.sid these Mcl , ^.^^.^ Jiiest BUcress, in nit cttili^ holdPwJyby m^v^eFy hM fioitff NttfJ-t^i'lt. Rail's Peo;',(,�', that the lit^ccss.irv ellcctof those taxi's woulil !je, to drive the iiihabitaiitti of a hnus'! into lo i�ii�gs,'nini tiie lo.l.i,(ri-j' of tile first Uijor inta tiie second; iiere. indeed they stopix^d ; leavii'g us to complete tljc misenihle picture of natioiiiil cal i-, mity : viz. that toe lodgers.of the sccund floor must mount^Up into the garrt't, tbegarrettecrdescehd into the cellar ; m hose formtr wretched inhabitant ii'.u>t be thurst out upon tiio paveineilt, aiJJ from thence traosft rred to the workhimsi-. en' the grave. And this process is to be repeated toi'ius yud.-Tl Ej -io that ttie best provided iiniong'it ijs c.'.niiot tell_\', hi re hiuwi'lf and his faniHy inay b-^ foun:! at l-ist. Tills is ;i'bar,l leiiuju for. Liiglishmi.n to heny., It is liar atiUlycs of the People, they,�iinUl h i-ve f .It somet ling for the People; and instead of incossai.ily calling lor fresti sacrillres, and lfllhi.:j lis daily that we niuit " -I'trerich even p,;iri of our iiec4S5aries,"they w" ould surely now-at last have lielu out to us some pr�b\v'ct of consolation and r'jIrcsB; they -h-ouI-I no longer continue to gorje upon the vit.tl* of tlHsir ��tt"*ryi but � oui^l think tljenwelyoii too itdl, otr, if they Wfie n t justly compelled to di.=gorge their past jiifamous swajlowinge.- Geiitlomen, in bccoining a Candulatc at the LUc Election for your (>ou!ity, jl,d(; ackiiowli'd^e, that 1 rather sought a p-jliiic, than a seat in ParllameiLt. I .sought fiw". and have found, amongst yon, F-; -eholdeis who would vot� tor tlieni'-selves, aild not' for any Candi'latc,-who wo'.ild ii<*f give their votes as a favour conferred, but as a sacred trust reposed in an honrst man, to enable him to stein the torrent agaii:st these veoul Coalition \V iigs, who are, by their own avowal, buntrng tiie People-ot this Country from the second lloorni the garret. , . Ihat this Kvstcm of corruption and oppression may cease, IS the only ar.lent wish, and, in spite ot every calumny, shall ever be the constant and uinvmittmg endeavour, at Gentlemi'n, Your most Obedient artd respe'(:tful humbli? servant, .. ; fRAiVCLS liUROETT. TVhere. any Periitn-i Kii7iing to beconiet purchasers :mai) bat'e the Uburli/ o/'LUcivih;; l rie$ and Conditions of Sv'le may be. had ftere and at -the y.mix. � �� tE�10.V OP ilOyoUJi.: . ' � " Vi^ir', jiii-inetl ^atui^di'scribed af foot bpnvjfv'^ riol.rti.'in of tlieir'parole Of'horioiiVVabsconJeA troiiJJthE tiiyVH To the I RLLHOLDf R6 of t!fc ColJA 1 i ot PlJatl : HEN 1 vcntuTcd-to eivgAgc in a confestl"yr your LivDuc,' Idid' itwith .sanguine hopes of suc-rtss, constjions. Of ir)eytr,ihavuig-inteiitiotiullV actetbso at to ftirfeityourgOud.opinion. But iKcarcely hoped to.nxeive siK'h'ge^pral support as to r .,/-.� � - � ;- . Vi I'o prf>vp. myseirtiot unworihy of. tbissdi�tinguishcd jnal'-k. ot yoiir regard.must-eftr be tiie. first :0bjt'�t of. ray-. ^MfirttAii. .  . V - . '^cBokif/il entreati .the .issurances of the grateftil. altach-mcitt'wnthwhich-I Itave thelionourto be,-� ' � �� ; ', Gentlemen,.' --. .V ' r v YoUrobligcll&THf d-voted McrvaiU, Perth, 25th Kov. 180i.- � " THOMAS GRAHAM. .  '--'- * '. 2C, rORNirfLL, 52, LHARlNfG-CROSS, and f>'n. 4nPvt.AKfil'af�ILL, IJOROUGIL 'cJEIN^Y- iMi\ Co. rcspcfelfuiry-acqaaint tli�f -i^'uMic, th4t;!C�i:l�e)rs:j�iidiShj�re&&r flic State L'ottcry: 'araAfUJDjIaiiaaM iiext�.atc now on S^ale. Ou nerural Tftlffictrife'Jie \v^l be-tWfid, iib cPntain rniieis of grwit K.lfr, pir^ttia^rfy'^fl^f MO,0�C)i', whtsh havt tnVt bien v�ifr(�dM�al^^iri,Miy Ik^tc'riij*. JJouLsby - ^lytf Offic ' sizecrpsrsoii; ovaj vis;igb;.saIlow' loriiplexion; dark brown hair; and'hazle eyes. Speaks goo.l, Eiiclis- feet ^ inches |ii:;h, fait" comple.vion,'.long dark-I'-iir, hcaUhvappearmice,'boni^itOo-ipiwit., AVi.LLirAM itOyVSELL, ordinary' Seain.iii, a?:.ed 2c> yearsv 3 feet fi.j inches high, fairVt^dmple.v ion, aickly.-ip-peai-ance, laagilark hair," stiuill S;atnr(;,s, bjirnio London. ' SA-MUE^i O.U'YVQ,uaiti-r Guhnei^^ aged 28 years,-pule complexion, liglit s-ihdv hair,, freckled in the ffce, born at UrratoL. isa inarvit d'inmN his-VVife live> 11 iMyimmtn.  Whoever Will secure and deliverthe above named Meinif--to.the.chargfif ot aliv CoHiMissioiied Naval Oditer,'.within the next s X inoiiths from the date hereof,.-So that they niav :he scci)re.datKl I'etnriiexl to his'MrtfcstyisrJMup.fc?Aiglc,-:sh-ill lecuve rillRlY GUM VStoreacli Man, prMNKiV GCI^iEA>)'for the Tlirce, troin-,G:y)to:in \Volffv e.Ttclusive ot the iMoneV aliortdd by Govei'niaent.forithir^upprche'.isioii of Desifrfci^' frc^fti hW fthitesty'i- .Nttvy.-:  Thev are supposed tri;b'c�MtUeHntVVcvnjouth;:.t*ovtluad, Dorcteteri -Pool^ or Lvino, atthepn'sciitdnte. . , , �� . : ..i . Ouetti uilder'jiiy-hatnd osr board his Majeaty^s hiprLJ^Viglc, Portltii�d'Roads,'tJfvV''^'5riii3J. .�-,  -ijaruary l3thj'J8a7i-cpuUfiHing' ; ?v,/W��<?f t l >f)�Q*to' #re ^ St.. .� '' -. SO--�..��..Vi>.;. .. lojsijo ____ ' 5,i3UO.'.,. ..... ii,m l,OdO..,,i...*... - >m ...... .i.ood -ftO.....2,01111 ' 51)............\ 2^" " X^tH^ifals Petnrmwable. > i:Cirst-�lrawfiTlcK*t, fat d.iv L. 20,090 Pufo iK j..\<'JA^^\.<i 10,000 Ditto........r. 5(1) d�y ..,30,000 DUtto..,-,....,..v.v~. last day ..5,000,. FJiKE. � �lcl�t.'.7......\.".ri....\*..t.ld 15 0 . A New A.-vO ELIXSA.NT ."LiMirotC V{0,iK. Yeaterrtay -wiis. piildi .hid; prici' Xi-K iu .ivWHiH' Os-ctvo, � exdelleatlv �p;flK<rd'and liot-pn.-i-ed, P-irt 1,-of a iu.'�v ftiidii?rtlft1i"4i�.3l;iiedfroiMbcCraM''r^s of other Lrti'fc^^ TtisinTended.to.tembodS'in oiie'Work every Tabl tftJth.ia apijeaKd, distiiigui.shed either for the brilliiioV of-ifc- -Vftt^ ibc riiattMSss .of umoi^r, or.lhe d^Ticacc^ o iiitjic LiiJ , :iirita5�^aMpiidiiifi'tWs^J5i!>r iPiiiitiriii'.isj thatf�tch i,V.otoij".cV contiift.'ig of thrt'e P-ari*, will fiu-ui ,a-(;ati!pk't(i- VV.ofk, so t^iiit it wav be diimf^ied � � ^''^ ' io>:6rydi.'e^ street. i�i*a�d. aD ment4nl7fi'r, to thc\Clo.seol".J,hi; Session in 1S')5-^^^^^ '� Priiitcd-.f.r LoiVgma'rti Ifitrsi, Rcei, and Ornie. Paternos-.tci--rnxv-;; Ji ilatcliard cribers iTiny. bave thei^ Copies by applying to  Ales>r.- /d-Ck)l- . / ,> . ' , On- Xbursiiay iicvt, Dec. 1th, w'lll be {iiiblishcdj-pricea>. odr nrinted for John Stockdale,.Piceadi'lVi � : - TA:rE of flic NEGGTlATSO;)?; .jvitK -D^-'tails of its JVogressi imd Ctvii-es.of Us teriiiinatioH ia 'ihe rccJlof.Loid I:AD1>KUU"i-l'^- ^ -. ' , ' ill-i Majesty Ira^ing summoiitfd a iierr. Padiamenf, and thot Piiblic-'heiiig vet ighOrantpt" the pcetenslonspf pci-sBnat the head of the tjpverpnieitt of Prance, and tiie cjuisi-s of tlie necessary recali. ofthfe Earl f Lauder Aale, the presoot, defaiU .-ivp given, to the c�i-.l that, befuiie ,|i()e lleetiiig of.a. new Pavliaraent, the conduct of his fUajuStjis.'Vtioi^tcwarilay be duly estimated- " ^'- ,, \ . �". . . ; > > ' . Jir.*P(J [6derh Mn-thiids ofTreatirg Disi'.-.scsin t;ie tfri-thraV with Ci.*"* : and fuveuliim of the Applica- boards. . . . 5, The I.jf.* of John Umifcr; .^s. Cd. boards. also an.AppV-ndi.v oh the Anther's fuveul boards. � � -. - 5, The I.jf.* of John Umifcr; .^s. Cd. bi � lu- Es.?.iy oil the BitP of a ?dad.Oag, wi* Ca-es ; 2S. S 6..Dialfi2aVs,-:!s.; Kv..) KrtS.E- JpOUTK, SurgMft. ' Printed foi-'IV lierlcv-t. P.JWMiiM.. . �;- 2s.fSd.. .- �. * i'h;s<lav it pui)H!jaeii,,price jj. in bouias, "�.Vni^CHlix^-. .DISCO [JUSU for the infor- iiiuti<ui Ofthe'Coiimion'Poinile, upon the Adver.t Christ, u*id other eVeiU-i relative to'his iVtiVslon and Char.-;c-ti'r. To �..hicb are.nrided. Two w\. -m.^v.be^ad,bj tiie samp Au,thoj-, ' 'j^rA Manual tor 1)1*; use of anl.eariiiid Persons in rcadio? the V.-ahns, us pruiti'J in tiu; Common Prarer- Book, explaim-.^g the obsnire p..ssas tijheid nibi>r,-,l-8i).iV fonhe '. : i)nrpo*i,-pf talM.ig ititp c>>niiidPr.itfoa Hit bf.^it inoole oV publicly cfpdarjfig the hi&U opinion t.h^t iS eti^rtaiinid of tlie plibliL c*)iidlUtof'th6 R�* Cll VRl.r? PRMCOT, Ti.'i> lloceor of S>totkport,it(�d one of Hi', ftl(y. ty'c Juilicc^.of tho Peace la.tiievCoMrfties of GlijSster iind Lancaster, thi tollpw-in^'H(�bIutu*ns:w*h!HH,'^niinoii!rfy passed. -; ^ , ,.,!Fj.rat.tb.is'-mfcting.is connerofd tofind*hrtt atv.apptiea- ; tiPnliaB'fteWmaVli' the' ICbigls Bench fof.an infmiuatioa ., ,M..bc,e�ejtrtJ?L:i�j,jMtvPr'sc�t,.! - s - - , ThatuplwaijmvestigntioiioEth?factsth.it IsK-to sucH> an appltcat<<inViMttni)i Iff I vvti-jitify i[ts HiiquaUlied iipjjrobatipii pt that Gf ntk- ~R(>n!il(i'3 tJoniwh -. the� i-.vo of hi .tpiin ; Cauvow Bhrtls-'r, i>ojii. ? C^e 8,JiynieF. P-'Tts L jil Si; !TheF:#.J iLiag4 ^tt^dcriwte au llfi^i*s'*<�l^�,l�J^n'^Vf^o=has; fof senvs'iif vears pertonmed! the, verVJirJije duties of hil situatipn-wltti itBCca�iiig. asaiddity, awftfie most perfectttitegnty, ' , .  verv ,a ^* ilcputgd from tfijs meeting to,con\e'V5 t}�e thjitiks thertbf to Present for nis active dtsiBtteresttd ��colai?da)Hbln.'sci:Yif.t\ ,^ > ! .- -T*iat (ncsc resolutions be published in the I^ondbn and provincial K�\\kpnpcrs. ' � ^ ...i .Svgiiwl on bebulf jiftthe-Meotiiuc* �. ' ' \ViLLlAM,��^WAR-f),. Chaitsi.a'n. The Chairman liaviag left the Onalr, and the same Uciug njtak�'�.hvMaj vUtciri�(brtto4o'th%JCn\tliut>y f '1 ilia fscjafee of 15Mc*3r^ Edited liom Ihc^uchiiileckAlS. ,. , Pv WALTER^GOrr,'-Esq: �  ...PrtiiftedTor'Archibald Consittbjcaiid Co. 'fcdmburgh; and Loirgnmn,"]Iur3r^ fe.e.i>s, and Oftm-, Pateruostfrrrow-�  (Jt vvlipm maybe had, .wTitt^n bv Mr..bcottj ,. Tbe f, ,the Last MliJStiC'l." 'A -Poem.- The Fojirtli j;drti,'iD,"T3rice.lOs.-tdi ia-lifi>jirv1s: - - . � a. .,t;i'.lbids.aiid Lvr.e-jl P�>Ces ; co^sMtirc ot GleiitTidas or Lord' Rontilfi's torlv^ach -. the: jl.vo, of St .tphn ; Cadvow Ctbtl.v � � --2,: aix.1; /liuiitsina.,, , .........-----... . ing Bard; the -Mat^ .Ot Jorij; ilelU-eiryu; " iTi.l VW* avo. jSecOn.l'Edition; prict".Js;-.!<d-/4ti"bpiwds.- ^� "itb a frw o^auiode^^ JSate.,ttfanded tipOH lo^^al .'f raduion>5,ifh aa 1 ntTOductVii) ;iai(. N otes ti y the "Cditor. Ehe Third EdvtioM, in 3 vol-. s\ o. prictr"W. H>. U T I. E U "S- UE'iTOX? ATI VE -'J Om if .PO.VVUJiR, aicrl^.'�ittcred Mo tiieii^.v:oV tho Public a-lar^e, \Vas lo thexireles ot � Dmis.I^Uj's pwtjcular ae tlll.-iiilftiOce.Sndthot ivfobtlitv aiid-lii'iiti'V (Jhjs pjitieots), and mvrrtui^Jitstt5'"npuri?i-iaieiiv-1>ut avC^:t^ vciitwlhim froiij p.tibliclylyuipiin^inf^thisfrc^r.^tion : \lr. P.UTLEft has comti in pobscssipij'Of the Origipa! Recipe__ AiidltebegS.toas.�arii\lho�<v,,^tl)ctra;.w-ididecaved or oilen-^i�A;Tt�?h,ftnd (lums, tliht thejfTnhV^djf oi^ its feftJc'rcy ami restorativequaliiv-Ha.TruiMu (if, \rfM ue> iiiay be convinced-by-HJiair nii$l candjd-trial ofpij^oc " ^ 1^^ilfitorsivopVppert$ t&jiist ^lbi;i^'ttlTclcar awav tho-i^ dCTlr^tfti^�:p whi�ch.A'n(*^tly a Hi,. Gumaia�du��hf�*ai;i��tice8�f xhi? T�ertvi?h^th�J&t nxruneg ;lh^s�ilA sJr�ir^&ttliTC�rc��tr*3��<ti*feWv Jfl�l.li?vi 8acceed9d^nc.lsespTbi\,c^gh^ ten, ti\cnt\, aiid ^ndft of, evct rtii|de''|�ti^Hc.'^ho%i�(a � ^d, s^nsu^v �} 'Mt . '.r 4'. * s* "T^-t ' Ulichcsjieii mf YwClc, Bedfo ipi^fss qfpl^ussia,' liiid _.......... ......., ...^ . UcdS; ttniLfttd, .�i!d Vnost�*t^el'SffilJ^ii|nd.*>nrf!lP� Wlfditj, ludny ot wUnu thejiTlFoUet |, jamM tbe��Hiiis! ^veeti!iB^i.and oted con |ft.{i:�!th;"1irra aud ----- " /t'iijofii-nchc le.'^Jt*' lirilaii* <^ . W�ltlO��ifJ.-IOMt.fc

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