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Publication: Courier November 11, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - November 11, 1806, London, Middlesex TIlEATRfe,ROYAL, DRUftY-LANK. Tin!^, pi^ietit 'Evening I{js Siajcsty's.Se|'Tan(s will pcvfbrm the Comic Opera of  Lord "SVlttiatn, Xh-. Brahatn ; Acii-la, Sieii*ra Ktorace. WithTHHEfe f.'EEKS AFTEH MAIUUAGE. Tg-wtotroSvylt'litv'TVon Ctiesf, witli lV1y'r,raiiclmb'R X)FFJ(1�f|oct. 27;'18^^^^^ THE Commisdoners for P'ictuiHl/iig 11 f\' Ma. jcsiif's Niii'y 'tlo 'hereliji gii!c Niitio:, tliuL m Momlil.y' the nth November iiext,J/ii')/ iclUlif. nrm'r.e Teml.-m in Kiiting^ (Hcilrrl up} imd treat /or TWO HUiYDRKIJ raOUSAND GALLONS ol' WKST INDIA HUM, or of F OR KIGN U R V N I) \,to be dJirm-ed, �nf ludjln f/w yjiino of line Monl/i, and the. nmuitukr in um- Muulk nftenutr.dSy -tntrrilis iflajiiihi x I'ulurrHin^SforfS tit I'urisitiOttW-ftmt-Hly- iiioutli, in the foUumng intiiiuiHiom, ThisflayisiiablishciJ, itrtwn vl(�iti�� 8vii. uricn lAi. hoards, i^AMILlAlt IJilTERS from ITALY to a FRIKM) i)i KNOIiANI). By. JMvrr.ll BKCkrOlU), Esq. Printed foiT. CJdi-Uaiid W.Uavics,; .1. H;itf!i--'ijrd, Pkiv�di1ly ; N'�riMvUlft and I'Vil, Rit!iil-stri>tt, J. Joiinsmi, St.l'iiura Chuich-yard; and Pavnftiiisd M'Kinlay, Sir.iiid. Of whom may l)l-bad, by tin; slunc Atillwr, _XliuiigliLsan Hitiitiiig, priri? Hlly >"P(,nii'sffd to i�ift ttip :\gi-nli oC'fcft rronnrablc COLON \\ Ol) .lifOUMi;, at tl;c (il/'be Tavern ioJ-l'-ei-S)trf(it, (I'l >]((!,i!.-iv. Tm',-or>� llii') V. ill !ig-utt"ii(l'ni; fftn� Si.^vrti n'-Clir^k till Ten- Tins pre^it - EVKNIN(; will be pcrftJFS^ TJiE BEGGAR'S OPERA. Captaifi Madie�th, Sir. lnc!or\.i; Polly Miss Bolton. With RAISING nifi Wl.\r). v-j-^p- TiiP Public are wspei-trtilly iiif.n-med, tlint Ihc now J"! Vy is unavoidahlv dofej'rtKl till Sa(�r'.ay^ on 'Qceoiirit of ilM*tn(ltsposiUaiu>r;i principal Pcrformr-r. AN imcoftiraon fine additional keyed PIANO ' FOJlTEv withl'edal and every otJierTequisiie, pfr-fefflv ncw,l��'?"ip'^PW> made only Kil�;in�ni health �)bIigo51iitot(>. regrip m Bat* WHswiotelr, he wiUtuX^ diiiwsff; M )t,it.�weflty-fivepaiinpsisi I'ackujjf Ca9ew\cla#edi.� v J[Jf''itinck-stre("t, Soho, price, Thrre ruDcas each, o^^ execute^ tii iMarbh- or Bronze, .Si, a Partner �ivho c-iiT btihs: iD'UsODO^."- For further parlicular.'; enquire of JleFfrs. T?atrUini-'ou !�nil-l'''"mctt, Solicitors^ lii-ewtTs Hall, Ad^ll--s'(n^rt, Ald.;rmanbur\ j bi'twceii tlu' hours of ten aivi tim-cdclock.__ - . IHK. ST ATI-: LOTTERY, confairrinp Im- ___ inenf'e CaniliiJ Pn/o?, isnoiv Drav/mjr, and w-iilfimsh an, SATURDAY ne\tj- Xoveiilher I6th.-Tiro very f.>w fiiUtjF. iin.d.:&harf-s tiiat ivni.iin unsold, may be had at the I.irriipcd fi.o.ttf rv Oificrs III Londois. BATFr n"VT WPRT of E_V(^T,,\Vn SOCTF.TY for tl R'estolntiiin at tljelast .A-mnal MeetiOfr, (nlferiaj; th^'d^tv frnra'th'* sncoN-D to the VmSr Ttiesdav m Decem^ tier),' tft oi;d6r that tiusAfecitmg jniglit not mteifere with one . ^ ."/'T' '  HOB. RICARUS, Secrctarj'. ^fTiiVIitfeD a -Cd-rf AO K,' i-ent ahont go;. iivesir, nearTfi^nlv Jipnn Thanh's, m Oxfordshire, wWRh W.voomh-,VViinlaj5e, or Uallinsfiird, in Buries. , - feet Kj-s^rtdivssed lo M r, Dauicl^ Upholster.,, Princes-street, ;|^0K]^ ^VAKE, late of the l^odronl CbflTcp. 9W. I'oiiBe, CoyeiJi hc�;s leave to inform his F^^e^d(!, ,the Nob Ii, f amili:'s', :jnd.GMitlpmen,whonra.Y depend 1* wdi be Iv to inent their patronage by every f.ssi- duitv nifj .�ii!Pr�toTi in In.'; power. - " Ifi' also w ii ii (u--.- fsWet bees ieave fo inform his Fri'^iids and the Peijiic, (ii;i "tliem thnt the utmost attention �I'nli be pr,iirt(4 iii"ivt IhiMrfn.nire favour!;. �^rrr^r �trrc' ^^'\f^nor�^l, t nr \p�;Tni �Ol'TGSrrQRY'of'FasiTiionable and Curious JtU/ FORKJ�\ nrtOTfS, |('aillt' I 1 UV~3 � ............ . -----; .... eil. .Tie ]So!)iJitvare. n-'spertfull^-inroi'Died the New Oti.o-man Hobe is'c(nnp'lsira?)le, nnl frnni irf alnei iieVjeV^cainjccttrae eohimon, Vn.t wHich, with respectful di'J^ri*jjK^,.r4 snDimttcrfto their in�pecti.on. rf^XO^XFtCTiti 6np of -the most favorite. P.e^i-^v'Ttieiififfif T,>?!it Drnsrooii!?; for SALT^, under (lie pjjce �.'t,liV;h^^?tu-stvv4iKMifci} of Cavdlry ; hiisisncK m � vaT.fri.'i Reaiinen^s .7ncl '?tfltiflni: Militanv .A.5>pointmcntahoHt � t.'jq t^WCj-for-SjpiiOiisiilncaB^ �!n(>the*r foF' POO?.; Adiutancy. :.^CjlUitiJvV ti>iv9P'.> iOJinf'as; CadetcvIn the fcasf-India Company sSWv ice.? r(Vnii�ission�^.1ii the Cavvvlrv and Xnf.inirv, '� ht5,5l3U',st\,s 3erv-ic,e in thtt. East Indies, iVc. -A. JSiaior fijdWeitl: i* in thfr Rant 1 rtdic*, e.\r'ianse to ome^i^igWf.^tJjuHf'Sj^ ApiJ^ at tic Ann v - A�eiit's OSice, o. lO,''WtfrthumberliTKl-stn^et, iStr.ini, LoKiloK, between Et;mi.,a44..Tij;aeBclock. Na letters answered iinkss ~r''^-='''rWARTlt OFMONT Y. ' ~' ' jTl8W.�flIvcr'rpjPTij�ioi�tl.pTactic^)'.cnal)le.him,^ *Rm-ATtt:?h�:1^^ more, br��frtlK"�rfijw�^arirt the liitwest alone j-e-1� J{e'srB tlvutiwm-rr Pf MTior9,,>Aiwe�cs, jSpOsmti, "JT; ItitfJ�y��*nBl af |U*Jf�*ititymidreentryy it�toW�ndl, ^lilSlt^^^t^''^'*^"^^^" �*/�P feajtc Hvt toriB�tt|4 >8*fi^^Sateand rttiVt, by ^�e.In^rflpW jPM^rlolor,' . avj.oao . ... pnd io he paid for by flttls payable, ivUh Jnttrest, runetij dai^ aft-cr da'fe.. N. J}.-J>iv P^idcr icillbe' accepted unIeK ffiR.qmntlit'i af Rum and oj liit^ndi/, to};ellfer ivu.'i the prm-i liiereuj, n.'ialt be sepnnttvUj md dtsttiutiijvluled; Horivill' miL Tcntltir be ad-mtticil/tii-a Issistqitmiiti) IhaA XeiiTAmsmd (ntllum of cither atttih. ' ~ ' ��TM^CMdUfans dififu "tmh-Met-mtiif ie -seen at Ihe'Stcfe-^' iarfs Office . Nn regard'Kill be had in aw). Tender in which the j)rlce ahiitl not be inierlf.d in leorih at ti,ti!;tli, or thilt shall aul be de-twcred to the Jiaard before One u (loci: uiv t lie. U:iid .Mi.>n-day, the i'lth oJ JSurembcr next, nnr unless the jjcr.wn icfio Vfai:e,i the It.iiflcr, or some rcisuti on his behalj, ailendi iu answer lahen riiHtd for. ' ' .. ";V ICTUA'I.MiN'ft OITICE, Xov.j;, I8J i. . f H iHE Commissio>ici\f -fot- Ftctunliin^ lbs Met. JBl jesti/'s Saoii do hercbi) gwc ^mlice, that on I'ridav, Ihe lUh instunti thv\) KiU he reiid'j tw receive rciuici.s in �tcritinff (^ciiUd im), and trmt � for one . Ilt'-N DREl) TO.NS of Bi^ACK. SAIV^R.VA RAlSliNS, anil for O.N E HUXDREU r.:)\S of lUo bcjt CAROIJ.VA or EAST INDI.V (lltT/; ta be ansiveru.ile to Hainplci lu.beyro-dnctd itUh the. tenders; In ba delivered one iiiili Ihsrtof in a lortnight, andth& remumdcj-m (f mmUh, into Ihs MiijeUy's t^ictuiiiUn^ 'blares in jUeulford; and tO' be paid jor by liilfs paya:tU\ laih m/ere^t, ninety auys iijler dale. l.-ie CundUtaiu oJ the Ci/iUriicis may be seen at iheSacrclitry -i.: Ojltce. : � . � ,, -.  ' � .i'-. A0 rugardnUl lie had In am) Tenlleri,nxt:'iich the Price shall not be i.i^ale.iin laurds lU Im^ih, w that shall not be d-.-lircnd to the liiiiird brjorc One oi.tuek.oii .o. 3, Cannon-Row, Wc^tiuinster, Nov. 10,180 i-I' B ^IIK Coinmissioiiars-(rive 7Wttce^ ihtU ihe names JL J o/the Parties referred to in the ?^oU lo imr Ado'-r-tisemeift oJ ihe^^d of AuiKU^llast, who �hnne .sent in claims, �but toho haeanol by thciii.-clves or Altornies sit^ned the deed of Ai;rcement, are published in the Guietlc of iuediiiiy, i/ie 4lO^E^. � . One IUmdrc RSSIIS. LUC Ah ami Co. bog leave to inform those that may be in \\aiif,and.dosirOHSi� lliirrmv-iiiij temporary or permiiiieiit.^iinisot Aioney, and-posscisftd ol any I'ropcrtv.thal Ciin be a.-;>iftiiea, that any P.iit ot.the above jVloiifY will lu" lent in.hums f^roni Oin-. Hutidivd to Ton 1 lioui-aiiit PinimlSvst tortile, same ; as nlso to ilio^e of Ijnown-PliDpT^ry;" juiy Part ol the above will be advanced on their i'ersuiui hecuiltv. Per.voiial applications lo Blessrs. l.ncas .and Co. dallv received at is o.'i!, James-street, .\de!phi, Strand, and Lctfcri pi).�i p.uid, answered wilhout delay. rpiIJ.: CASE of a JJLSTIliEiKD-FAiMILY U �JL hnmbly submitted tu thgie Who uave it int"i?;irpower, ai^ t'lke a plea-^urc in ijlevi.'itiiii; the su(lerinf;s ot tiicir ii'l-low-cr!iatun-s. fi.mily of re.-pcctabilitv, ni)-,v consisting or 11 liusoanti ;;i.-(l w te, with siv diildrirn siirviv lived jn rjpntalmn upwards ol thirty years,- is, thio'.iirh ini'.voidable mi:-lortiuiei., whicli U'> human pruitence eoiiM loresie r.or prevent, reduced to tlie utmost distres.; iundv should they H'iti>e,.sohap}>',-tis lo intii-esl a-fciv well-disposed persons to,contribute ti> tiieir ivJi.'l, the Julsband, Who IS 111 a vcrv inhrni state to the GE0R10li:S VICTORY of TRAIAEGAR, llltcr^prrsed with Aiiec-dc-tes and N'oticca af the successive 1 mprovemeiits in .Navigation, Tship-Buildins:, and.Naval I agtie?. ^ By ll.l.iAM iiURNEV, A.M. . Master of me .Naval Acjidemy aiOityiort, &c, The JS'ationaUnutort.iuee offuch a crtmplete and compendious Work as tile above-mentioiicdiwiir, at the pivspiil .mpmenti be geritrally feU. ^'1 he Editor has only to observi-, that he bas eiid?avoui�l throughout tq inculcate a spirit ot cmqlatmn, by means of .^vhicli, ��aijli.fiUfceediHg race of .Naval HeiOe?mHy beild lo imitattsthe^Fishtest�x3niplesrej;oi, Voiks of Authoiity itf all Lttn|nage9, txs Wori:*a3Ji*^l�tt�tfoft�wa*by ^ompqtpnt jadges,both eiitire-Laiigua^i nf^fii Of,the W oniR whjc Thisdayis pabli^hed, EAIAlUiABLE TiUALS at (be late Lr.n. o;>kin'>; and (.ttliiiarv adiiiis ever printed, 'be�:ii5 one ye.Trs work at the i\1;irqurs ot Buci-'asrlMius, tronithe 1st ot.famiaiv to the aist ot December 1S)J. . ' By JOHN SIMPSOX, Prei"^it Coak to the ^ro.-t .^o^)le tac I\r;iriiui� of - BHcki:).'.;:ia;!i. TO 1 \'\'I! 11 ^ T This day IS pulilnht^l, in qiiiirto, price '/.s.  HE OUKaXAL IIOISK-lii-lTEas ACCOMPT BOOK, for the Year rSil7; (improved by Red'ljinos ruled arrow tlicPace.s), l)CMiifr a" easy, coiirise, and complete Method y kcepini: an exact, .Vceomit of i;v:itainin� tne stnidry Articles ot f);ou'';"keeping, and S.-veii (. (iluilins tur tne ("speiici-s ot every day III the week"; v,itn>:is tor occ.-i.'ional M'.-iuor in-dums at till-bottom ; al*o a variety o; nseliil Re- ceipts in Cookery. , a.ilil Or:;^f. P^.tor.ios-ter-row 1 and'R. (. raif.veii, bnii ; .-uM ni^n ii. k. hii\-:-win, Pateri.o.-i'T-rvT.v; .1. ii.'.rr s. ( .ivu*r oi S,;. I'iiiii ; t .'lurcii-yarn ; .'ird (.nami);! i,' ri;id ,\V .i:ir.rr.. rv-firiot,;ate; and by ali, ouior t{j.i:iS;'il.'r.-i and w.itTDiicrs i;i l';lli>;la:ld. ,, iiU)l at R1,V \l> Ml. \I. I)I( 1 i( a>f AIi.WCVL DxC. TIO.VAltY: To be contitmed cvi-r / sl.t ;n:�ntli.?, and cimulvteil in lour � Parts, t.Uniingtr.o i:iri:Ve fluartovoiunie*. l)r: JlotJierliys ^fedlc:ll l)ictti>i mi-proveniefif''IB ailli'�'"lit branches ol ili"- hii-.-iiec : find, on a . careful rfv��t�fthe-i)!CUon.-i.i>, so niuufi Hi lie added or . on-.itted;, so lainy chaiv-'i's aii'S iTi^fdilic;:ii nk or t(ir.ii�ropi-nini'.s !ia.l oeenrredj tiiil itha'. u c:. v).\l ( a .Mv\v WORiQ. wltjiu-ritPd,trteretO!S,-, A n>;w 'mi.r..-U i'; i;:kUi} liTi H.A Ot vliOiRN OPIMON^ AN) \OI>i;vN P(;\rTlC} m tven-branch ot tlie pr;ifi'Sslo;i. Its e.vt.^iit i'l i:Kre,iS"d by oiie-h.ilf beyoiid t.irit or tiisvtormcr r.iiit:oi;s; v'hile tiittiilK-.TV aHdu.rri'.ctea,;ii!d avoidrd. This \V�r:c wdl bo ilUv.itriitj',l witn at ffixt; l'bt.>-,  wholly now, s:^lootr,d w11h i)eci;liar carej and r.-pre:entin^ t -le motit impt>rt:>ntand insttuctiveobjects ii: the d;iiireiit brancius ot the bciei.'ce. . - London: pnpted for J.; V. .-.T. and J.lticliardron; .r. Walker; (i. W ilkie and J. Rooin^nn.: G. Ri>bins0.i; ijratcherd and L'-tti-rniniij ijtutxdaU-: Cutiu-i! and Mai tin; V eruur, Hood, aiid bliitrjis ;; P. \v vciie ami h'.iiv, (i Kear.;lev ; B. ( j-nsby and Co.; Lciifinian, jrur.-t, Rerr.  ami Orme; Cadrlldad D.ivies ;� Euekmjco'.i, Allen,;.r;d ue.; K, I'hdhjis; R. Sehdey ; and .J. iMawnian. ' \\ ticre ei.iv be had, the hirst i'art,.pnee J/, is. m ^ .' ' �  '  N\U11C\L iVIH.iJCI\J. AM) U'Gt^h\, Tins Day IS pnaiishi^d, in Oiuv A'oJuuie hvo.-illu^tr.iled bv sevtfiMlCiipp.T plate::' price Ss.ijd. ui l-ioards ; or Idi. ud. :L sheep, letfered, rinili: \\V V^LSUftGr^OV or '^LP..GIGAL JL and I'lEUlGAL MARl^ilO (i"ujn)E: compristna: a full and complete Accannt ot tlie .Duties ol JMen at Seax with ample InsnMctum; tjr the Preservation and Restor.itioiiol ttie ilealth otSeiincii, in every iitaution and Climate. To Which :ire cubjor.ied, a Pr.ictical hvstrm of iNavnl Surgery, and a Coinpe.iaiiuis Jr'hartii.icopa'ia, ac-co:ni)auK:d by Plates. t , Bv WILUAM TURNBULL. A..V. aieinber of tiie Rovi^/Ciiiip-:{e ot tmr^ vms. LooJoa; Fellii-.v � of the Medical .Society nt l,ondon; sur:;eo'i ^i tne. .Saciety - fair the jieliet ot t:ie Rujitnrei Poor; and torm.-ilv a Sur- g.Nin II! bis iVVa!e;,tv s .Nii.Wi Printed lor Riciiard Pnilijis, No. fi, Bndire-stre^t, Black-friars; and to be had �t - Practical Observations onlhc Diseases of London, By R^WillaUifll,D.'F.A,S. Price ts. (id. ' A Trt^tise on the Oaase, I'roKiess, aiU Treatment of Cuusumptlati. By Jona Rejd, iM; D. Senior Physician to the Fiiwbuty, Dispeastirv. is. boards^ pr^rcOcal r-reatise on Diet. By Uilltam >isbet. Mi lT.''.;li�..��eYi)UinBi 12mo. priceuf"; . "- - - 5.- A Scries of popular Essayson tiia. Means of Preicrvjitq and Restoring fiealthi By Thomas BedUoes, 1). ill turee �Volam^Vfivo, price 1/. ISi 111-boards, . A Trcuttfuon the l^ocfss'einplsvcd by Mature in sup-, pressing the Uismorrhagefrona t>lvide4ind:Punctured aVitu-iies BvJ J? D, Jones, M,J). f>ric"R>= fad 7- Aji Inquiry into the Nsfturc and Action of Cancer,with a viewtothe cstnhlishaient ofa regular Mode of (.uiir. By S.Young, Esq. of the Royal'College vi Surseons. Price l-SetiH, board?. v- ;^ . ^ � ; ;v. : � ^ URTJIER Vroah'&S the Eflicmy of the Dr. BARC LAi 'S AN riBJLLIoO^ PJl I S. Fioin TnojiAS Bii;KX,i?M), Esq, Upper Oixsrent.-'B ith, Jn^s 9', ISO.i. ..... �� iiie slx>iloiw _S PJ.LLS, raft for 50^ Hy^,Vic jiKT.'u SiRn-On refeipt;Olr;thi3,.troii�estyouwillsend.ii bl6boM otv�ur B%Rt/LAy*S ASIIBIHOU an({ 12 bottles ot SPtCIFlC, Inclosed is iiay yours�Jj[�foc*he Modiciiiet and aVplv the tho p^bllcat^*!!! of tlic.foll6xvii)g e.w^Fo)F thaJait toat-tpcn ypa�T liave been afflitted with (the (\wU pad for the last four y?af� tfiis IS the fits? lettkf I have be bceu able to write, my pcrfrqf. l>q. in the Chair, tt�Soll/ediJSi>at tbe>univcniil eitcaiinsrtn^it which has. alteiidwt itfift rii:.\. i LLilGL,4.-e cl" tJur^aiier, vvhitLi is .so niaijif.'jlly aiiproved ol' by viia. . J cannot cto-c tins Address nar.out alverfugto tTie c;ir:i! rcci.'piioii i e.yperieiiced rivmi (ii'!i;!tnTe:i ai>d i ooinaiirv, indeed irotn nij r,:iiks ihrwiduiiit (lie eoimtv onniy ca'i.\;v tneir i:u!iurr,ns ntti-ndance at ;\;aliH>ii on tiiis day, and iiiv coii.irat.ilUuva attlie^ery ho.irjraul.; Miavini'r in wliiia I a aeain rutUrn-.tu to Pariuiueat, ha,s m.v gr:it.:f.jl aoknovvled uieut, me assure -lie worthy I'cei: Bur.rerS.Ts .ind thow FmjihI':, that 1 sii.-ill disiMOiiAijrate my siMv;; ui their pnnialitv, bv doiiii: niy diitv :ii tne, si'iiation in ^hich i -iia r.'iil.iceri, �uhliuiib:uod zeal for tni inter ..;s ot mvCona:-tuemr;, and lor the .general pi.isperiiy ot car Ccunirj,', whtth arc insi'j)ar�.bL".'  . I k^iye^he honorto >;e,  � ' Y our very ohligedand niujisinccre fwuhfo! Scrvapt. TVrUr:;-placc, Oct. JJ, .i. H. b'fRUiT. r�theGi \;J.j.nh\,CI t R*.^,anl FR' PHOLDLF.S --.^ ^ lilt tli&COU.SrV of CUiBRIUGE. GnNti.tJTry, * - -  5LLiLVK nie, I feel the Iivclicsf sense of gr.i-tii.ude l(^r t.'i;' v. rv d,:tM^iii'.;icd honeuryoui ttiivc thi- i.!:iy s;i ri ittir;n;;iv eoii;;rr,>d upaa me, by airaja rcturn-iiir me to rcj^resi'iii vo'J 1 1 i'arn im-j;:t. , I'hc serine priiic pjci ot Iu\.-:ltv .-r^namdcprudence mon wiiicii 1 iirst oreHi njd to nd^-r i:iv-;:'lt to vmir notice, \i,l� ci'i-.tinue t!!rt>-Licli ti) i::riLieiiCw> iiiy xoniinct; and 1 trust I sJi.iH ev'.T be l.jii id l-.oih rj-adv .md ea:;er to attenJ te tiio wi^nis, iiiu! ijroi.iijii' t;n^ wi.l."rr,? oi luv Lonstuucat.-., wt-.i.i ti>mo r.pon liiis and all iicc.-:-.iv)as, i shall iit.ur ce.isc inoii fjrat^lnliv to isi;!.:iiiu; r. 'i r.'.iiMu;, Gentlemen, ^ our vcr.- ojiii'.cd .1.11 hiitnrul Servant, Caa;hri>lgr, .\uv. u._^' _ N'TLCMEX. CLiniGV.rsad FRKEHOLDER^j of the culm: i oi �!?:�) !-.\. CnXTI.K.ItilN, � ' xOil thedi^tiiiqi.iiylicd hotioar, yon lir.vctliis dav To the G done me, an honour and murk pf, onideiice obtained bv tew, i)v electms ine ,i attli time one jif yo*r Repfe.en.T*.-tives in Parliaineiit, accept my most sincere .and graletiii i hanks. lean with conhd.-^nre =av,thatthron5h lite Ihavc acted with Iiiil^pi'isdenc;', and v.itii an nndcviaiir'^attacnment to tne true principles of the Cuiistitutioa - a constaiit-attentiun to Ck" Interest ot fie Public in general, ami to the County ol lis.stx in piinieu) :T, hatli been, and will be the only return 1 can aiaue lor the nijj 1 iLonour cu-ilerren oiiine. 1 am, wiin the ntino!>t gratKUits; and respect, {ieiitleiiieii, . ; - : onrmoRtobodHeiit and t:iiinfulwnjiubl? SerViint. GhelaisiWd.- \ov. �;. tMli, � .lyjiVV UULCOO^. ToiheGEvSTRV, CLERGV, and' FEEEHOLDEKS of the COL.NTV.of BCCKiJ, GrNri.rMi:N, Mbtton, Nov. 1, IPO'. TBKG to return yon niv mos* teai-trc'lt fliauk.s .A tar the Honour you luive this Day co.ite:rr(;>on uie, bv asaiii unanimously elecii:i!; in;> to RepiCseiit. vou la Parl.a-i:4eiit. 1 trust that iiiy ^MibhcA^onduct will prftve that vour Coiilideiice has not baeu tiirowii awav, oi^your }'.iyouri'ii'.i>-placed. Alyinost zealous exertionssh^ respect, \ our devoted and uoudienthervaiit, CHAMHJvS TEMPLf. ...j.-'iiBacli.? . ._ Hid* vvrj>jicr Tourapprob.-itii>n, bv vourU-jVip^ agviij conferivdupon me the, hig.h (lOuoHr.ot being vjiie id liio Reiiresentativejoi ih.s t-ouii(v in Parliament ovcitos :>,> livciii'stgratitude, ^t ve>Hiue thp InnMN't^aMnist wlucii \ou have committed to me with a ftruf d^teriiuivittloii always 5 > prrsevere m altcudiiig aiuMldelity-^ the interes.s ot; iiiv Conafitufid.sand otnij Counlry.  .. I lutve the hon>iorto.lif, GwUlettien, ' \, Gloucester, Nov!( 6. ISO?. ; rol!�Q ot,?JTLUMi:S,'CULRGY, and FRIStHOLDLR^ "OTtVyiiiQ M^tho konoui; at a vOry numoroun JLJL and m�>stleslM^^:^�hleJUJ5�l^u.?^^tho Qviuntv hcldhcre this .^iviKit ^iniiilt iiii:(iiHii(�isl.v iiounuuceda^ iii'j>pcr pen-ni tv> repi'csenl vou.ia,ttw creul thcsawciflia^jkuvty.^*^ VlH^*i'*'^f^� UHfldus ot EUoi "ivwuiirtis-ft ateuiy5 the tnists ivpti^fd.m us, by I iitg A^hh^Kuuym'iaaes^'^lie^tHlictaiui^outUtutijcii:'- .of OHr Iving anft.C'owntBllvWni-tor^a 'Wbloasand � \� v( tlus t>�i|�ty, - <� ^ "Vteatv, rintlcnicn. ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: November 11, 1806