Thursday, November 6, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - November 6, 1806, London, Middlesex ff^S iKfi^'ift Erenlng His'Majesty^s sJervftnte X waivaiCt* GomcdV called ^.iaiH|;JB15CLt:'S STRATAGEM. DOrtcqurt,MrKcJ%ti>d.; Dunc^fl. Tfl^ihoirtw,,Castle Spectre. J ^w^^ l,iar. in- ieHli\ 'J^vCf^'*'* .TWO HUNDRED. SMamyiaNS of <^gsf INDIA iimr. or 'V* To-inor^,.'Gonul(uw8 ; :Wi'(%t!lie^ Quaker. . SON, GOOD LU<;i f Drawing THE Wlieet is richer than ever it was� is it and 5-of 1,<�W.- -wiHt l?riz^ ftf SOOI^'^&ci WfttoGES,-.PAlNE^Mi� Cir; Stodkhrokcrs, No. ha.vciTi5k,etah, iof one Montk, and thi. T6m<mmler in one Monlli nfteritflrj/s, iinfa His M Oyford-strfch " ^> > - . . i. ' _ rri(l?NLY�afS P(trfcha.sowill bc'iflttuCdiatcly fiiven; 14)18 Diiy is published, priffe 3.^.6U.l)ouiidf, ' HIE MlSCb:LIA5fmuS_W0llKS �f TIM' the STwtc.t-Apply pci\!oua,lly,.or:t>y ,l?Usir,. to rMr,..Kit�, fHw l1iundr*a.aodT'ffieTrtS-Si!V�ft'J1iOusana Pousds ready ti� IkfTESSRSi LUGAS ami Co. hegilcave to inforin J:*Ai those thalinav be i� Want, and dcfi^oijs.of B��rrow-BiK tijmpi^riiry.or uermanoiit Sums oFMoiiev., and-jposscibed o^any riopi'rtv tlfat cati bt; assi^ietli tfcat'any Part of the above ^^om*^\vaVbt.lcHLln Swiu^lrom Qoc.BiMv4rodto,'Tfn ThoitsjBid.Ponnds, on pay�}ga,fti>r apdeqMitable Annuity InitwcsJ f*"" tbe saijiej asiilso tcffhose ol known Property, iiny'ParioT tbc abov& advanced on theirPeraoual hfeunfv'. , . , , , .JV^oual applicatiojis to.3ress(f.. Lucfvsand Co. daily ri-ceiy^iiHt N<i 'i; Janii^S-siiVPt.'AiiMlJlii; Stiand, and UttcVi* ao.n]Wt{<l,anthycfedlyithButrffln\t, � -. , . Kr ^f)AYniri MARPIM.-TliisiiWAliuibleCrfi witli, halt tlte..u.sjiai labour, pfoidui'es^Hip mostbr �li?r,'-wilfnot foirlhe\tn^-t\ti� iJi<*n, IS perfcttlly trew fiw^-afiy by .jDay iiiid^a^^ str&t-j W'\ Day, 63, *<w.dJew'-�treet; jVxtell,NO J.r Finch-laie;:ftij 1.*mcw yiind DUmen-tn . the, Metif9J)�4iSr wwy .tqwp. tjjrougho.ut *^ie Umtcd tHiTdtnt-fs, t�*j(ti|rSf Spirils; TbmojfSj Anxtetles, Spasms, ' |t]ai.oi^^G)Oi>pT.. ^.ffyi fitv^l-Aalu^l^pi:c]^aX%1,ion bjis Tpceived ihe sjiHction and ri'-conjmcnqatljbi m some of the hrst medical pnu;litioniiiil^Ta ihf ;Ftited KnigdoMvirJJoihaVe wit-�ei'�-*?llSiiSU|ijenflr'!e8i ilrty iind'^fetitry ,"�iY'tftwn kn:i ii.f.t>6ttet>aA\xnmoh itsiwfcrttS and . jx�Mi$e nti.i(u;.\ inuesanA r " scnce^ojE' uecspns'^ Btreeg^St'gMWentVtart*alao by. liudson ^a/id Oo. No; i!7, CIB, tyt^Getittemaiihm desired i td infonn ^youv'tifoayJacquaifteafiyiLttdy-a^^ their *^.VMaJ�WV� Sfarcciy a nair on,lbc imstdftot his head; ^h�:dilU!raentlm��li�?rtt%'arn}y'.�5V*Jl�rt Uijte:�noe ho ...J._.-,,. , ,.p,JV .hcsigc ^^^^^^^ lUf aa�6r*ont'Oils;nfiM�hiirhair i( qiute '^i�ftei^^^le�la<�W�tn*ld,tNd^o;h4ll'o^� a Wtle. 'rvou'Oib:'^**''^"'*^'^*^*"^^'^''^^^''^ �______ ........_.....,----------,p**flivjOJ[t ,kSJ?T|^^lW*flble'!td -'(^ teift-rfc'tlic^MemiAiiwas i'"S�Airf'nt| ff'doftii pots'oPyour'OjI^, os''t always, N!MPIi�rt^lildi�i5arifr ftenfltAett.wbo'puirchase. ' :b]^ )p^ttttWi�iit. Hi G�!d- cw, Cock-j(juare�nHd .___________.__;(tvt(rj8y topW, rtrf���.'d4s. � AUow^uM to i(ttv-d|'ciuvi'iii tlie .�a>-e> 'BQRHljylisq, �,ogta\n\n -|�tiitted for Dv Symondsjj', No. 20, Patcr- in a!to\v (liiya will be'l.publkhed, iiiu^^ to ....., oiu,v ctaW,.*., ...... ^RTGlft^AL Mfi�lOIUS. WriCten dirrrnri^ft AlF-peat C'ltil Wiir, BeirfjcthcWfeof SH-H�irv.-.S.Iio8*^^^ ,UodiS )i}Si Iiis Coninct ib t:)i,". Civil 4\ Mrs, nndhi^ troubles jjfterthe l'{�.<of jtJ3U,"iitt:l.Mling several remarkable passsagesj fatuf Ul>tary ,ActJ0iV**f�9(;(*qEf jflKfce.tKiB l^RhV.d, thap bus, Uitherto TJeen. Pdc,-PVjliUc,, Written by .biniitrt. CaretuHy trantcnbcd mT>?i;;fHfillVmsr Trtv^b'kb'n added, copies of various ^irii>o}td1Eif'ipap('�$ retatiVft to the operations Oliver Cromwe U, and bis army, i)h�^c tbi^y weri* m Scotland. i�riuU'(i4or Atcli. eoqstahle and Co. LdUiburjib, and Jolm Murray, He�l�*trt>ct, Lmulon.; . In a few ilScys be piililis'lied^ la tvro voluineti, foolscap  ' � ortdvo, price l(Js; m bOardii� rriPIE MINlATUilli. .JJySC>1.0>M0N GRIL. r JL; iv�,,DRlfi, Cohcgc of i.t�n, . la'icribed, by pcrmisssoii, to tlic Itev. Dr. Goodall., Prmted for .T. Murray, Fleet-street i an* .f. Hai-din;;, vSt. Jan-ipsfs-st/reft'; O. Kw Pfuited b>"c rii t tbe (/abiiiet of St.. Cloud IS laid .op.;n V, itltautheutic an,l e.ij'Cl^mstajHuil nunuir--nesas,�e secri-tpolicy ot the crifry vLsnrBV", ably and sarcasUcaUy detected. The auUi'iru ,v Nnblemaii, wbose^j! name stands high 011 the list ot Cwntioentitl- DipUriBatiKfi. ile Iws reccutly.completrd,hispI.uii hy toe publtcatioii of a J2i^|l;irt, wit,h the XtUe of Bonaparte ivnil tlm it rencb \*^.n i;!; 1 '^v- Pleti�aer hi* umpire, which ba sn^^ili^d the irr.tabie fedi k^*L"'=�f Sl^omy andEUsp.c.Oos despot, .hut he has b��l re- pot, 1 . . courjiv as hisonly reply to-tbe irresistible, but uncoiivniciug J^rgUrttent.of ttnlttaryesccutioH.. . . ,i 1 '' j'Tltiif Dav is published^ nnce Is. -. � : fllllE KNGLlsfiLl'milGy, or, 'I A FORM 5 JL efSOUOfD WORDS.": ASKRMON.doUvcred jn the Patish'Churciics of St, Uene't, Gracechurch; St.Mary, Stoke, NewiiiKton; and St. MarKiiliiii<toii, � . ., T rr. � By Gt^ntGUi'tJASKIN, D.D. Jlecter of St JJpiie't Gracechutcb, and of .b^oke, Newington,  Lecturer of Islingtoiv - Printed for F.e. and J. Rivingtoni No. 62, St. Paul's Church-yard. Sold alsfc by J. Pa,rkcr, Ojcford.; J. Deigh- ton^ eaiuhndgc.r �qd,.;t,,.f owel)< IsU ' ''-"^ 'This Day Is p A SBftM^N' prtJWhSd before- the Unwersity frJ\ ritt. CwubndEe^ <rvn?, 89, 1803, being Coraraencement. �MiAy. EDWAftD'ilALTBY, ll.D. Cambridget Prtiited nt^e UAiversity pms forCftdell ntid DavieSi htrwid^ *i*iiigl��"8,*St.t Paurs, Cburch-yard; and ,lwce\, ^abo-MU�et Irfittdbnitodlbj: Dpigbton and Barrett, Xam^#idge.-0T<rt'htfmWBy*4ihd 8l^e^g.(i^^^ ^ , . Tbig4j}y.ispi A LITERARIA, No. XU pfiejfe, �d^'o, Jtl, (>eW t^^ _wr of >v�I. itt,) vf' -' �' - CtpNSURft. MTERARf A. (To be continued y evcrydbc^Sitonlli); 'Cbntiinviic Tifl�� �udv*.lKtnicts of scarce Books; Artr<4�9_ vfi.J�.iOBrai)%,..^di)tb�'r Literary Anttgttjtte^ri�nrrtjL�il(i}jlAt�Pj|i.^fIjfjeof OiA^i^^ flif.: Printed For toilgraart,' Ifurst, Rees, apdOrme,Paternw�ef. rowand J. Whiti, fr'I^jktnstceetj, ^ - . 1 I ll}Ql;Lp^Sf'-M^^^i?-?W^^ itJiodiiot been acroinpanicd witlftt'PrAuo^L , j,.,, , what they arft pleused to term, njy iiiterMtwith :*ir, I'rancit .I'roin t|iecnmmenc(Bment of my Ganvasa (October 20), I Have uOifonnty rfecfared-to every iVt liicbafteh;y&Tdsapuearrd from:SirFrancis Burdett, to the I wchuVdcta of AtiMleseK; ce^rtainly gave me no rea^bn to r.'prcttlieiinc of Conduct 1 had pur.ned-but llIK co\xAAnv, ' - \ our obedient, hninble servant, G. BYNG. To EDtyAltft L-vnguey, Esq. Chairman at a Aieetinjj ot.lrcehoWm assembled at the Crown and Anchor, Oct. aO. . � COUNTY Of SOUTHAMl'T'OiS. A T a Hli5ETINa_0f the �ifnth qf Mr. Chute iVftadSirttbi^RY MlLJDJMA^.V;5uvt. ani of Ujc jLu-de^endeaco �f the: County, bobfcii ut.fbe >Vhife.jHstrr*iq, in WiiKihcster,' on Wedaesday lbaAi9th:Oiw of Oct. JlcH)j. . ^ Sir JOilN POLLJiNj B�rt. Cbairm4\i* Resolved: UBanimo�isl.y,^ThutJtappear>;>g,t4>ibis iMectiug, frorti4rt Wcurate mvestigatiou oftbe cctuniifrdm the .\get>ts ,�fthc-dU�:rcot Distnctsi.of .tbeAJon.kityi and; tb�,zpttl inani-tcjtud by tbe Freeholders 10 maintain their Inaeoendeuce, by the support ot iVir, CHUI'Ji atiif-Sir ll. MIlDAIAV, tiiat there** a well-founded as3ur;iiiC4; ucc�3Sj it i.vrecJni-nieiided to porievcrc in. li(e conte>=t, until it sbull bo decided by a.I'oll, assured as they are.ot the most �:o�dial supi)ort�f.tlieir iriends. - . i liat aJl the e.fpcnces of coMvcjingthe Freeholders to and from the pliicc ot i'oll, and other m.xesj.iry charges attendant thereoii, "Ught-ti) be paid outof the siibiicriptiui) of the I*rt'ehoUertforciirrymgon the contest, and thai the Candidates be most eavui-btW entreated not to engage, by them- selves oc Agents, to incur any expence whaievtir on. that account. ". . . ,. . > ' . That tbe local Conjmittec m each District, from hose exertrons sonuicb advantage, J�a�;bev'H already derived, do continue tijOsc e.vertioiis in siicb.Way .ns ina.y lie most conducive to suctess, and particularly Araisinft tartter suliscrip-,tii>iis m uid ofilhe (ojiieral fund ; amd tbiit the Same may in-. applied, in the hrst place, in detnijuig the cxpeiicfs of conveying V oters to and fronuhe :Py^, and 10 such oUier nqressary eipcficcs as ibey sjiull deem expedient, jinJ tliat tbe entwe dlroctfmi of the mode! q) conveying tbe Ficeiiolders to and troiq tlie<t;'�tl be left tv theirdwcietiOn. tjigned,ou behalf of Urc .\icetiiig, y ^ �iJOH^J'OLLli.N, Chuirman. The Chairman having, left the Oba'ir, ^ Kesoivcd un.iniinoasly, Tbat the 'thanksof the Meeting be givou totbe CUtvirman.-ttir htsnquartial conduct inercm. ^ / GiiOR0L:hOLl^l.S, Secretaiy. TotbcGDN TLI MLN, CLbRGY.and i iihi UOLDlRS : of tb lPiO>f. Gr?�^x, ., npHE warm assurances of support whic^i we �� Jl. � have contlimed to receivi', ani the ^je.-il wbirh hns manifested itselt in every puctot.tho,County in our tiivour, induce us most cann sily to sulicit your attendance at the. day oH'.lel-lion, audto procccdto a .poU, to wiiicb we iire dctez--iniped to appi'al. .  M'e have lbs Honour to be, Geniiemen, . Your much obliged anil niO!:t devoted bjrvants, ' � - WiLLi.'VM CiiUTK; .  ;H: P, ST. JOH> M/ILDMAY. Winchestcri October 29, IbU;). ThivSUerilfhas auflointed Monday the lOtb of November nc>t, tor the day of .Ivfcction^ at te* 0 ecl<Kk en.the Furo-noon. - � . � . ' _ �� nAMPsTl Ikt; i;li.xtio.v. r"5niL"; (3omniittce- for conduelins the Election JL of th  ilo-t. DV 1, Jb"). io the Gh; VTLl^M fy-N, CMCItCi V, uiid FRIilillOLDii/tS of�l�,C.OUi^iTY.QfDOH6l:,T. GENTLIMIsK, ^llK attendance of so immurons anil respect, . � able u body hf mv I' rwflds on tic da-y ot iiomic.-ition, demands my warmcstufivnowledgmonls ; and 1 cannot lora iWomeut doubt that -tUcir pCr-^cvernnce iuid (^.xerrions in my hehi^f, will sendiiiti to.P.^rliavwiii as the Reprei-eiuauve �f this great County.v My Opponent declares to yon, that in ^rosecutiiig this contest* he. is mllueiUH-d by w Init he coii-jSlderstfche sense of the Meeting on thodav Driumvination.- The same reasoui (lentleiHm, oiignt to acii<ite;a(id.cven animate me. s for though  the Fnii|oray ot Ircebolders present vras.i�sert�!^ tt�be in favour of Mr. BanUes, yet my Friends -mamtailietf*iiMfi?<te'n:e<rireetly the I'oU, with u perfect conbdi'nce tUu pr.iSGii'.tion-of your-generous .e-xertiou-^mmy beijfilf,, *v,ill. in thCj e.i)d. prevail i iv.ii I trustyouv.ownpoodjBcnsp will (teeide wfth wh-U ji^stice the ehaVgc^ dmusbing 'tbe Pca<e;of tU� CouiatV'bi'iungs tome. .,l�lartea as;i l-:aii l,i\�b n my: �i�j^A�����a�nestly tcquertcd. di^iierve'-tfll^ tinn, therefore, JishmarK<i 4 I'jikrams, JfopirteMTJeux ai�JjBm'i�ii, Silf. " � ' - ' V?tnte�l fit i, Mi m. U9thc9t t tu^tte'Mreei Itbthei^S^l^tSSMr]^}^, CtERt^Y. and FRISEHfllLDLRS "Disselaijfartt :of I'srlianient having taken place, fix^dfor tlifday �f Blettton I vHru I trust that your tfrirauti Badmijifr.n, N�Vi 1, 1 (irebt6-n�a% JL ID0IU) fcl$tif(v�i1li. llMcciDfiria � r Semntt. To thcOENTLKMEN. CJiieh rei>eiited in some part* of the County^ that a junetiondf futt^rests bad tiikeu place between>fr. i'ortman.ind nlysclf, and lO others that saebjpnctinn bai). been concluded between. Air. Jjankes and me, Ibei^leavc to n:isarcydu TniMt positively^ that tCbiUererimiy be nfy respect and t:^B.xA for oiiher ot those GendeiOen, 1 feaye tco^i il -.4y ot f rechotderit not to unite witttaay otber Candidate in lequet'ting-tbe honor of your snpporf.' 'J he time will not alloii" ine an i/j>p�Wanlt^,ai! on a former occasion, to wait oil ev��ry V-oter; ;nul ns neglect ibay he im-> puted tome in those parb which I mightfindit impmct'icable (o viiiit,'I trust my omiftiiig the alu-inpi will nut Dim-uu-iidi-red, as wnt of aiteatit>Uj^.rei^ct,;.or graUtudeto any * 1 have the honor t6 be, G�>&�l�li�f, Wiftb tlieifreateitiKspetr, \ our moit faithful, and moat 001 iirea numuie oiirvanfr -Dorrhrster, Oi:t.:M, 18U,i. W. MORTQ?( PITT** it. the INDKPEN'OKNT HUliGK>;S.KSofthp COUNTY of the BOROUGH of CAR.MAPwTflENv HAVING jjlcdgod myseJf at the last General >.lc<-.lii)ii 10 Ktaiid a (audi late tor the County ot Lar-mantien whenever anopporiiwiity should c^irer, Inmtn con-sequencs �iid(*r Ihc-ntce.-oitv ortlkinp a farewei of Viiuis Constituenls,to Irepresent whom 1 hiivCcoiisidiTOd as one of the honours ai;d* ' approbation m tiiai station it has been my tir,J(w;sh tO'obtain. � If sui'cesstul i!i my eiidfaviJiir tii rfpr^reiM Iho Countv, f feel happy ni ii-tl'Mtuxj i!i:a'I shuIi ttiil b � th.- Rt?pr ii;y sincere tlumks tor jtasf I-avoiirs, 1 Uoft-tunssureAou. that 'vbTc jjriiinoiioii ot yonr inlwb.ts Hill nlways rcwaia trTy-Tij tac chief objects of niv Ciii'siiliTation. ihuvf. 1 lie honour to be, W itn great rcsaecty Your much ooliged aira oevoted Scn'ant, Middleton Ifan.ynv. 1, iSOG. Io the i,l^Ll";i<JllS 01 me ClTi' of VViiLLS. <ii:.\Tt.L-.ui:!.\,  ^HV^ first of November, 180C, ^TiU ufver be _ "obliieriited from mv incmofy. The. CWv of-Weill hasnow n Ucpresentative ehowi by the irce nn'l unbta ; and unworthy as 1 am to pussess .^o proud a sitnattnn, yon shall have 110 icnsontii iisuht niy per-sovering 111 ihat line of conduct wh;ch has wen m-;'yoar coo-bdence. Fiir vour k.iiidijes': and support, I request von to ar-rept mv unfeigned. th,iiiks ; and to beuuvij that. I sbaij ever remain, with every sentiment of respect, Gcutlcuien, � \ o�.ir Kratcful and obedient humble Servant, CH.UILES WILLIAM TAYLOR. AVells, yoy. Z^. IWi- . . : 'i'. e-irnesilv rqcomineml you to forego all further personal rtt'mtanrc npon the MustitiK from this day to the close of the Poll, rind liiat you Iqroe.jr to solicit the V otos-ol "y our respective t'lleftds, J(*:iviii^ .11 to rhs direction of Ssherirti to conipJv with the "Law tor kcepins open the Boakslto which the BWoTiled LlcCtora may spont-i'teouslv rivoTt. Will, {iou}ri,jun.| S iin, Hutchinson . Win, Clarice' F.dw. .Colebatch ' F. Payutrr Tlioiniis Avres . John Alingaii _ lio!iert \\ �'tb'H.?5___________ Sam, llavward William ll"*5 Felton MaUiew K. Cheesewnght f;. v.-ood :Jacob ^\ rencb Ale.v. Koss Joseph ^\ lid I'.dvv. Keiable John Wilt Thomas Liifveland , J.-jiites Stcrecron ehiistO'ierDuueao J; Philips J.titiiiiri John Itea T^ Harper Thomas Cireenawny Rich. jMatht w � T, Margary � .lohn �Sam. Th�i*>  .  'ov. 8, I80&. ^ ToCie WOllTHY INDEPENDENT; LIVERY of LONDON. 'V, -� - Mr. Aldernwn lI.\MvEY having a( the eommcncemeat of the Poll dtclined to be a Candida.te�a*d Air. ATKIXS havtnj^tliui 4ay published: detcfiunta^tiOirtci'.proeerd no .fiiriherin.tboiLlei-tion,.wa.baveno dbhcaltyiuviMdingft> the above Kecommcndation ot onr respective Friends, and ibexeforc wc trust yO� will e.\ai4ius if we^ aii. t;�sset Janicji Di.von A\. Delchuian Peter Pope R-ichai-d, Brewer John Lyktn ^am. Buc'i S. Wadd W, Wood M .Moore Mathie W.W'ethcteU CifARLES J1�11ICE. G;iildhaH^ Nov. 3, JS05. cPfJEDlMAN'ii Stoniari. Pn!s,l.aTCbee� pfoml, p for a grt-at number of-ycfatS, an expejltnt reiiiodx lor Wc advertlMttcnJs. but the kw)'w4edBe�f theh'yiniMi is now vcr�,.conftu^�di an^,tbe public prints lieiug tl^e only jmqlium tbfMMi 4^m �rui^s�, iBttWhaitt JtJifkJJriMSk AUd�Uc�fe.\H vlrtvc ot .juj assigumeat fhnji H, auilT.B�\vlckVsiiltl')fbi�rietrtrr�Jf**t� tto WlHof M, !it�i**h>ii�w. nmi^ �~> (hose baTUirivii Jignacurc , � w Sold whoTesnle and pe- iMwltn!�, No.-0d, St. P�ur�Churuj^-9anl4)aiuCBiK�m k\.A Cb. 150, OxfOti >tre�.'t, in bottes.atikk �'It. t>4.10u6d.-�i>dcvw '^hiex '�tfcb t and may ba4 at. |fa� jfriitttpal MoAets ia towo a�d<;OMotry. ; � v -� v .

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