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Publication: Courier November 1, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - November 1, 1806, London, Middlesex erJnfc.Qneehdf EnjJIdhrt,' Mrs. Siddnns. tftfh fMafiifey Mm he revived Shakspeare's Iragtdv, called ThfS) Roman M^Oti; Acitb rnOrely hew DrcoraUony. .,��.i'i*i^�wSl*lJort�i�lPnfc4V.-{s a^nsS, li jRl ven (/(. lock, on V -------_ ... . ._ i>f'TflT^�r. "buDg :��$tfeiMtlM^ �  '. : l*m;rr�f^;4A Gfen^JeinaiV >Vin grant'an Ati-i ; Jimt* 0!E;O?*fe HUNDRED.arid SIXUTY! l^KUiS !>S Anptiihi m ?ijV Three L/ be niuncd, ftir ^,00:)?.; )i.m ^JEri^i�ilJ'�nodrf ih the ConhtV of Middlesex,: Jower to redMnijin 'fy'�,^-iii�pctea to A. � ^^o. 1W�cfihamifoutt ltdad, l\ o Jioor from  "To thelNDEPlJ^J)l;x'^^^i^^ of the, PA V'ING iVafl' ihd honpiir 6TTcp^rcsenting ypu -votes lo.replaije ine inthat disliji.s;uigiied,sMtt*tidii, feeling;-fifliw sciottf! tliiit it Miave iidtj innnVtiiic single i.iistaiic;"i deviated . fri>n>,tht)3e.pri|icigles whiHi fir^�t m bmniefidi-rf ine to your fii- . voiirj I hopp to cbiitirtiie lliroiigh life a frieiuf to freedom, jiii ejH^inyto f.�rrupf�>it, .amta detrniiimd sui�poiter M tiiostt privilgrsi uhicli of rrght bi-loag to tUe people 111 the scale of tiie Constitution. ' I Iiavc the hoii.iin-to bcj . J , * '. � (icntlemejr, � '. . Yoat fjiitbliil and obliged Servant, V.-roihaTn l'ark,Oct.2:i,iU:i).>. - \G.T.�Xf^. i To the (lENTf.fc.MKN, CLtUU\ , mid r1;..KaO A:''i-.v of tiie aOUi\Ti/pr sUIHil y lj.ivtni5 nppj)tnJsiV tSie, Ww>tft)nTf^- be Tirlrt at ((v. li;i;�DAV t)it4tli of November,*I-.brs't�! rensw.flvy vespectful S4�lleif;itm'jitoibo once r>iOTe pUiced In lUii lj�tiow~ ablesrtitatiwnot your'Reprcseflt-itive. - ; �, .(lie pr^icipkB wlncn bavc eovafired mv pn^t rondudt nl-e' bef(>rv-;^oui V \iHV>ii>ei\ tlc.-in earlv-mVile, every dfiy'se.xiXijKiri ;ence h� stren^tlii'i/eiierfii^cin inmt',.and i trtiSt I Siiatl Aifry; them with inc to thepnive. . r..  1 have tiic honoQV to l>c, A , Ontlenien, .  Your 6blis?d and-obeSieiit Scrvatyf, AfltniriUv. Ort.ab>^)r �^MPO-.r -r,. ' . - by the support o* AW ( llUfjt lUii Sir U vUM)MA'^ , tlnttbiii i> a ne/l-fomidcttu-iur of bietc-., re�8� WouW.ltfttract one or norc loutig. tu-iitU-nu-n m Uie , 0 7. iO,Jv i . i,noo "'P which, .bdy .T/cUetsand rihares S|tW>Pr8%^W^UtnojUcewt)OVEjiBEit i, Miill b& the ^'c.\t Dav of �Pr.Wl.��v, .(...,:., ... ... . ^ � , V � lJ��ttl'rs(p&st|UJiii,S, iiR'l C�. Stockbtolicrs: No. 2, fJoijiliiltl, jli:j^>a;)xftn'-l..�tr.. t, and l', -^f dins' street, ii|fe-Xir^.?ts:^�d,.Sh;insj(>n SrJe.ontlie best Jcrnis. �� . ' .'^/'^'J'TI^'^J!'' ,".y �^|'^'^^^XlVl'.o"..dcin..� d....... alH Jfrqvaint tlie PobljCj tnenext Dayot'^' A \ Ip'JD) i^iZFs rth; A-tMr-OX)- 2 >. iVizcs of... .L. 10.000 S Witltt ...1.000.  it. &e.,&c. Jmffcrti>ftt'ft{ee^,-c1S^:l^V^)if'lJa^^^^ BuilninSs, CornhiU, anc^Oo. 237, Piccadilly, estublishctl ~JaTSjiA��elUvi^ TICKETS -and SnAlll^S, -war->aHt^d TJnaraw;n.-1 he yl hoel U  iiiicitfmnionly lUph ; con-tainp,!; two J'nziS'or.20,000?: ;� two of 10,000/.5 three of ?. liVtvof Hf30/i.&^^^^ oidv ciglit dnjs todr.^w (T/ie N.obility and I.'ifblic who intend to pniTi)ii.�.c, aye r.--Itupstcd �>ott.o. Jlatc of tbe VV.beeJ, .ntu�e!y- ,000 10,i.0.J[ .%0 IJ l>i;izeS o'f .BC9ideM0.)l L 1,0^0 Ac a ;V#,,,furchaie is r>.enmmcnd*o St^^'SiX^l^^-,.^^- H-^iymarket, Piceaililly j. l'o",ooa -'SOjOOO *20,020 duly �^ i:.?,,.. PtiieiJ .....'..,1, ......._ tllinr,M brtheCOLi-NTV 01 .l:5Lft;K.d. tr!i;>-|Tr.i:,Mr;.\, �... . ' ''  �^llh Assurances of S\ii)pr>iM,"^\l))'..'i I have re-eeive(f from Vririniis nio.-t i-e.-p:.'ctiible tjn-irters, i.nd the (.o,)ni\onet', Vbivi I brtve mit mius^'il tne'trust,\vivirh the Viir^ lalitv otihose wh(� iir.^l r.'edmnn-'iiricd nif to jtmr notice .has .Viiliivi-d V(-'ii rn I iir?e i.-um's-�i ve i'arlimu'iits to rvpnHe ri nic,. iihnl.leii Kie ai;:ini to oilev.yon uij cicrvicea upon life present : oceri^ioii. iVi. tile pnnei;)l;-p nr>onw!jieh I hive rr'presented vonr^iji-tinu? fhe ^'inie, I li!)pi- I niav ii ntor iii>.s('U,tliat I s.'i.ill . le hnuoiir of your Lomilenance andnii!jin>rt on tne iluv of. i.lci,-tinii. � I haVr n-.-'M Mil humble Servant, StUli'l' TlTCHl'tt;!.!). 11:^ Ot I (aico the of the COUM'Y .f*KXTt.�M);.\, . "OAfLLiAME'S-F:^HMtig r^ssolvtjd, J&. earliest oppoi-tunity in my piiner ol somniuniMtiHf; to VHU my intentt;)i; ftf Hi;;nii oilenni;'a Candidutc lay ,tiitt Ivviuourftt Jiopr.^sentmK von in .Puriinraenl. - �  A'pi-rvod oft*-!! year.s imying el.ipseil smee T was firs placfd mxiie ti)}!;h-And honourable Snuution ot your Itepri--it�nlst(ve, I tvnst 1 m.iv �withonl pi-etniTiptmii rest my hope ot tutnre 8uppi�rt,i raiher upon yoai- juilgiiieiit oi my pub:ic condnrt, tii.'.n niH))-, ," protrtrions. 1 am ailtrtius lio\v. vi-r, 10 avad nivsilf of this opporlnnitv of espri'ffMsi:;S:ii!S-sinfpiI -hare been cnsa^.en in theexrcntion of W6.1g1itv arin-inipftftafir duties ; tortwehap^c: which, with f Idelityv Ifi'.bMK'eiithV eOntnmed object ot my riiileaviUiiv. ^hnllI;^ I -t^am hevd'-eined wortliy ot the. hta:li lionour of beinsj Oiie of the Kcprcselitatives of this great Comitj, I snail be moot thankUilliir your support, I Ii;�vc the Honour to be, �\V ith tile res]>;>ct, . OeiitlenuMi, Your obliged and nii'.si obe-'fir-nt huniblr- Servant, � . � ... . �M-1:;N-RS" ��liASOKLI.iiS. � >P.^.reivopd lIon=e, Oct. 91, 1P0-. lot .liDuUKitS priticjples of tlic by nn iil4{k%rUiie ct.l Mi I Ml n, � . 1 , ii d 1 U' . nfthe COlnNTY of-DCVUSli'l'. Cii:NrMni v.\'ck ni:nv er,(i(\v.ihb', fo o-.i'.-r !!)v.s;'lt 1,0 youi-ii'H.ic,!\v to a>!>urc you, tliat you nny rrU ott uii- nio-t zo^tloin aiteiitinii, Jind exertion to pro.-.iote vour li>, ;h \v �!! as support: our de;ne�l rights nnd liberli^'S, on the nioii . . I have the honor to be, with the ivtmosl respect, ' � (iciitlenieii, - Yonr-most obedient and devoted hiintble .Servant, Brvar,strtn,Oct;'ii), JtO.i. . K. IJ. .IH.)R I'lM.AN. ToitbeGENTLHMliN, CLEItOY, ml I'llKlull0LDKllS Of tlie COUAT-Y of FLINT. . . . np.NTi.T-.Mr.N, ADissolution of .Parliament bcinjr now considered as ii measure dfciiled upon, � t;ike the Ciirlve.^t opportnnitv of again olti rin^- my svrviecsto \on, I snail leel an jioncst pride in mreim;-; mv (onEtitueui.'' ou'the day of LlcctioAijhPinsconj'eions i.F biu-iiij: in no uri-tance beir.-iv-d the honnural)letnlst which t;!ev have inice been pli^^med to repose 111 nie-. .1 hnve tnc liiniour to be, fientlcmen, .Hfostynj.Oct. i our obliged.aud iaithful .Sifrvsint, >i.i,lWV'. , TjiUMAS iMf)STV..N. Ili \, (. LI tUi \ , .1 id \ 1 0.\1 V .ItT", ISDEPEMrEST i'KliEHOtDKUS of the Comity ot Gi,oi;c)-:sTlR. 'WN fhe abicnctJ of my UncJe, Vice-AdrtVii!.i?, JL Bl';(iK.Ll.t,Y, who;bY a^i employment inth?.H^rvie.c of his K.ingand (.ountrvi is preventeff tronj paying his por^ional rcsprcts to yu, I take^ the liberty of solicUmg your Votes and to pl;>c.c hlnj agnunn the high and rcspeptablc Situation of your fti'presenfative ; a tntuatioii which he has tilled mbre thin TwcMty YCavs. � . fchouldthts, his inos( earnest wish be crowned witH succefsj by.youT kind Supporli you may beass^jred that his unr(fmif. ting epdcavoiVii.t'a promote th .:*^')f�.'rhe:l!.I)ectioiv beihg fixed for Tlinwdny ih^ tith of Kpvember,>yoi!r earlyt;aHendBHCff.:gn,'that day JR cariiciitlv E bog lea^^, most earnostly to sbUclfybuV ^1 IKJI dUiics' account....... . .. . Dhat itfiploexil Gommtltec in eacft DiPtrltt, frnm whose c.vertlons iDlv(;d. uuiiniinonslv, lluj :lii; Jtianbiot'tho Meeting be given tuilii; Oiiairnian. ti.r his inipiirluil coiiihiet tnercm. (rl JdUl 1 SltUl^rj 5othcGi NTi I vi/N, trn .tij't'i.. : V :�. n. r. hi. JOli.N iVlU.hMAY. VVinrheRtPt-, Oclober l.'iO:). , ; - ihe Mii-nll nas ajipointcil Monday the 10tli;of-Aovoinbcr; ne^:t, toV the d,iy ot I'.leetumii at ten 0 eiiork in t�e lore- 10 l..e.noili ii 1 iiiii! ...Vu.-.i'irN t)J_.\ ( l;L.i,L.lUKJ of the llOROUtiii ot iiKli;i.SfL-,U, IKK renewed mark, of confidence wUh which vou tmvi.^ hoiioni-ed~uS, by ait.nn ivturnmg us a-; vmp-KcprcvenlBii.T.s 111 Parliament, calistor our biiu-eresl thallk^, anil warnie>t u:ratilnde. . We Caiiiiol'liut consider it as the clearest te.s.tiiTionv. of your appi-obatioii ot .our. CoiiUni't diiiiny the but i'arliament ; nnthwf beg leave to a.s^^ure vtjn that we ,wiR einK'sw'our'tw icrve .YmKi(i, by a straijy iitlei.tjoii to the ot tlie liigh and kMportiint trust von luivir r;'DOSed 111 us. We iire, t.>ertleir.en, . t - , itiurmi>stobli;;-e(i.,;:n.l i�Mhful-l�iirddr JVwu^it, -� HAiViCLL S.Hltil. . Leicrst't, Oct. r>, ISO''. 'i'ttOiVt .''.S IJA I'i .N.G ION.. _ ii> the NAoiiiiy 1 U i. :n i>r t.-ie i.iU;:oL(iii ct . f r.NTi.rMr.\', , K avMil onrs(?!.vps ofi this oppor(nnifv nf rc tiiiiiiiig you our. most sincf?re .ii!.l-s;r;ifr;iii .1 hii.nk.s for the honour you have-.-^o oit^it rcpeuted, in c!ui?ij.'..-_ u^ vour Kepi-isfiilatives ior tin:; lmif>pr;)dviit limouaih : niid tue vn-e.;!tr.igeiiieiit we have inei wiffi upon oni't iuiva;:.., icd-aves ijs to oiler our s."ryn'.c3 at theejir-uung llot sio;), t.o r.^vvi-reiit viiU !!V,ain in l*arli.ihii"il. iliitienngonrsrlvi;.iiiat our co.M.iUct so- lucntcil vonr appi-ob;:�ioe, .1S t;ivt/ur Uo v. itli a coilllnminel^ Of your contidence. Mioiilil \VL- iiiivt! the honour of b.-m^ aicui;rri-turncd ns vonr Kepi-i-sfiit.iiivfs, youm^iv rrlv e.po:-. our brst ei.rti.-.:'-voiir-i tor tHe piiolic v,-cl.Mre, and ii.t ,'i-v,sls of this 1 oivn _ in particulav. M e liavf (he honour to be, A\ lib the prfJitesl r.-vpi'rtand Ki'.-.dtii'.te,'.lemlenipi'., �'i our most,ooligCil and tait'iull Scvvaiit.s \S .VLVOi.i:. I,vnn,J2Stli Ovt. ISOi. . _.y.'>. i Oi.lvl-.S._ lo thL WOKIin 111 1Niin-n-cd u;>on Oii- by this tresh proijt ol vouv e>iili:!emx' ;in- li ^i' of conduct w^iich las tlnia recommeiiHci! me to vtml'Jf^^lii'ated favmii.-, 1 iiifie to b" able jtca-ul v. ui, stimnl.Uen bv ill) liivioliiiile ;jltac/imeiit to ( on.-ititiuisiii of my t uunirv, and :in acu'ui 1 tor the tiis-.-ial llitcn.�^ts iiml Mcliiil-e Ol iijy native t ilv i>t Cii'-nevburv. 1 hava'tne honour lob'. ".vith the greatest rciipict, {�ei.iU'meii, � >. \ onr most devoted audobecilent humble Sc-.-vaut, St. Stephens, Oct.'i!'^ ISilii. �^Oil^ � my late, dviUn^iiishediSilualion. - �> ' . 'in the bs^fiif my ^^HlOvvlCtitje lliavftjmtiB^d MVinilcpeiiij-1. cut iviil yonouribic Imft ot I'.itliameutary duly, x>i never I m.iiile the canbdeacc rejvwtdm uie tbe footstool pP vag ' amiiilion. �  . �cri snrh to leaim nn ri>em fiM- ceiiMire, and tnat 1 rctura the imp!ir( trust c�):vtit" NovemtiiT i! 1^ -.iirve this (.ount^' iii i-ailiaftieat,-1. re (juc-t tiit' hoiioiir oi y tmr ai.teiida�i-.;f. -lu luy ;i>uiiali, ai i..i!;ci)li), on tM.-it j)av, at.'iVjjo'clocK. . . ,J aa!,-(iei-.Jt.-mei!4 . . �  \ A-.frvtrv �irattd'Ul;:obWsea.Mlject. -ii). IMI ;  . my To iheliKNTJ.liMI'.N, C that nv� exertion oi: irtinc shall be %v.antrng to merit a contmuairce of jour truly honourable support!- It isftiy wisli-to pay my personal respects to tilG I'.reeholders in gener;il, previously to the Jvlcetion, which is fixed for Thmsday nest, theothof Jso-temher; but the shortness of"the time wUlneeessiinly prevent my luakidg a complete* t-anvass, and I earnestly ifutreat thiit-'�ucii indivuUi-.ils as 1 mivy not be able t>)wait upon, ivill do me Ute justice ol attribM^mgthe omission tofts pni-per ciiMse. : ... . �. . '.n > . TIk^ Notiimationlsnpp^.nted ftir Moiidayne.xt, and E (Var-ticiiliirly hopc.lprtJie nttendfiiice-of u^v '^.-riciitls uutfc-, casionv ns veil as on thedaV ot I'.lcctioiu I liuvc the hpDour to be.dVitli the utmost resptct,!.  {leivtlemea, ... , ; YrtdrmOStoJiliKedvimd fulthful-bumJil'e Sifrvwit,  (.l.arU'l ANUWOMi HiUiH ^lLP'IC-8toiii5;iitnii.'Rriiiige, Oct. :10, ISO:)'. y . ^ . 'iTthe Ol.JS'1 LMVil \,\ t l.rttii , 1 Itl l.UOtwnJS of the? UAfEoi; UKA.HIliJb)H,;,niid the WORTjUV y-llog lebiifo to retiifliyoii my warmest Thanks i J t e (i' �� J 1 1 N, ( FT'lt'i \ , \ l Uvl aiid I 111.} HOMyT Kn .1 il.o t>aceas a-t.iii!iiidii.feiif-the P)i~ni!i!C iJectii)!*. " : .�. : 1 h(j�e'prij>ciple.i that =o much attached mv wrirtuv rilitti^ie to ynu, .-lie inherej,t in me; ve li.iveev;-v fliouiiiii.ii'l acted li\i;.*nii'r u: ,maiiii'^ii-:i-:grtliefj;irii of -j;'.'..\e.';!iicitce i)y tii|Au;utjt ais.i, -jui it v^li^ always bejaa obfect nfvtmy hL'5.i-t. . i have nu't with'Siiiisurii siic-.c-ss on Ky c.-fivass, aud Isefc torward �i, iv'db r.iic^i r.=ep;e', _ aur Oiycnieiit a;.a-.ii.-v ioitiMiil Servant* liibton, Oct. 2.-, IbOJ. \Vi.\!. ;ji>.N i >U*iJUi Ti- t'j" OEN11 Ml" \7c LLR^?T~ -lT~a'~iI'J,.i} iil'tVie CO".-.NT\, |-,.\i..-\.il.N � ut i A.\CA.STi-Iil. ( (I.-*;, ted sitimliim ol \ Vu-ii;-e.~.':iliil'Vii in ^Bl.-ce^-3^sc j-iifji.l'i:e/:r,.enC(Jur,ii.'i>.-! !!!.!� :;�-;!ii: to.;t:i),:c!'.'.-iiL Mei'UJi!. ; iXiriiig tifiM'.ir;; [. iiiii.ii. iiii.-. in-'ii ilie s.>rii'.e ol mv life, bv ii zi-aleti ami c.>i.;Cioi the lru, tij Vin'r.t ihe t.ivuur ible;! ul vi tVinuuv, wlv'ie i.i;i.l.--vi t:;teH':iis. e\iie hfi^jiir-.'. .Anibit-o^ij ot ^our appluUse, 1 have boea ever itn.viiius t^�-Vv-i vvr ii. ~ ..' . C:oiwitii.ri.\5 iill Uu" cncninstancci f>f the t.>mes, I feel fVilIv-si;i.?.-iile ot the uiii:;iiitUHe nt diitcnltics with ivhteh-w^^ imve lO'lTn-ri^le: and si>:)ulil 1 nicani bo so tortu;*ate as t� li:'ce:iie tile o:)|�ct ol rour choice, al!o\v me to as-jtire vou of niv unwearied e.v.iTiiuns upJn every oiciiion which Inay (ciid to jji'oiiiiite th.ilio.iour, the 5>i-c!intv, anJ the li;ipprjes� (It inv t'ouiilfv.  - Ai iin h lie-iit demoted to vonr Service; and with-the v.iimiiistseiitimcmi ol jfi'atitii.-le. and aJlectiou for y�ur rc* pi;at.-?il Uin;iness iind p.-irtialiiv, � 1 have the iHiiiour to be, with the greatest I'cspccti (�en-.lemen, "^ourevcr faithful and ooc.iieni Servant, Cr.^=s V,M, October-2.'), is'o:^ .. , T. STAMiKV. _ 'io'l,N i- i lii.iiUOJ.J)t.Ka of tin; COl'.NTV of-SOM litisliT. Indepcildencc of the ?d bv ten Gentlfmeny ami Kubfcnbed by Jir.. tliclienson. b:ivi;i* appeared in tiiesrher-: btinie i'iiper, it is ni.'cessiir>f tu ascertain what violence was O' to the t.'nimv on a toruu-r oei*a5i�n> and byTOAcm;J.hat viulence was oilVred. Mr. DicheiiMin who has-sulwcribcd tins p;.pcr. e.uiiiot surely lue&u to attach Jilame to Air. lietlibrjil^rCjOii the ocen.sion allu-jerf to. iji Iiu:a;!drefs.t� t'ne 1-itenviVu-rs ol tbe l.:ount>' of. Somerset,'dateu l.omlon, .)iiMe.-iO, iiv.jhis laiifiuasdijtills ; " I now i;>kc.tiie ojepiir- , Uinitv iiitunii!:);;- them Fnis Iriend*], lanreatiarge, that m the ctfiirxe ot. mv canv-.-i-ssy it caiue...t.o my knuwlinige th;:t a-.i;iv:iter pro!rre?s hadheen mnde ins(d:ci.trnj: \ oles, " (luiiiv^ 1117 lata tatlu-.v.i Wp bv one "oElac-Caudidatw, " th:i!: lv.-"i>;i''.var.''Ot: nii.l thut the other had; with,in ac-' tiviiv ana p'.-i-ssveranee 'vbicii I cnulduot commajid imme-' diatciv iitier theliiss I had ^u.^iaM^cd, obt.i.uieii an advan-tage, .linrtiamj iidvantnij.e ot the fairest kind, bv personal '^a!^I unieniitled appl)c:U"Mi�^'-,.iV;reasc tWo p(ir|OnSox-n^e^^lv RlluAed to-it adifiiVof n� question who they are. Th� turmer part of.this cst^ct n^crs not to ti;^- conduct of Mr. ijethbriilge; the latter, unqucstiouul^lv does, an^l he i* bMfcfTBcdfroTO every mipntetloh ofblame.-bv-Mr. JJiekcn-' fJSi,s candidavnwui, that tiia&dvanti^e he bftd )$�ir)c^ w-is; oUheimr^st kind. Jty whnm then was this violence o2ered to ihe Couritv, which tUc necemviri are caretal to repair Not.byMr. Lethlinrtge, according to Air. Dickcrsou's owa oiitivc ack nowletlgement. 1 he conclusion u obvious. Hut surely it i.^ uiiiieci;$s;iry ior^ttlPfc^Cicntlotueu to request Mr. Dickenson nott^avail himsflf otanv �r.ytvj.7:3/ageDcy, prr.aoiislji to the iiotulnatton, t the active. cM^UJ�ll*^ aii4 persoiml appUcatiohs ot k MJjgiitfate. ;PerhapsIt may be ,nna(rincil(uiid jt nasapahie, 6q to iH^agini!) � thu tte Li-' fltrttntfeot aMagUtrate, distingiui^hcd hotn tor talent? acd a^aiTeinciit�. Mgctiian jir�if:�!iunK\l s >� cv^ Ilfewp-veryon the respeet^bvUtv oj sui;!} a jaode. of cuivossios, �)�i i�iaj�rk ihjdl be madr. iNOKfr, Midee* is ivquinVd. " - - - ' K'iatai?by trfomr , hod vcogniicdbv l*ft.'to%�;i^nmtrof � A .-Paraijraph eufitii;d fhc :Xa. Ciiuntv ot Niiuei-scti #i>�neil ^Vm\tfm9iiffiff*9''^t*^ aeMlnio>'l Im a or Wy�Hhftil;iwd gbcdieirt^U^ Scrrant,, HwflfM war W�t ariwtcatJ, 0�t JO, UUj. .Jittt howthe iTf^dtiia igf.bki'Upn.isj tn>'W{ii5is uT the Conaty, \jy the oujy mfthod vestfuizcd bv tui his nine Sn .V. i Friends . their logic mav oxplsitu why every K: _ iott. they nteau t�* wAiorvtf and maintain tto latf^spcirfcac* ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: November 1, 1806