Friday, October 17, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - October 17, 1806, London, Middlesex mO-iVlOUllOW'Fvrriing -His Majostj'i Sefi 1 vaiifs "ill, ju't the C'onifstv of Oh JfomViiy nill hi' j)m1iic<.'(1 a !iew t'omwty (newr rt-d,, ciiUcilTue r<iri) iViliIi:; ^vit!l two St'i'iif'^ tu yodr rTir^w'lS PHKS'A^iT EvenlnciwiU be pcrformc3^ t,p Maa?'Ki�S,W^'?Ttl'�^ tlth Valentine Tdthe WOtlTllY r.nd INDF.',-! NDENi L'tVEllY CJ*"f fTlUR^cnorut rumouf Y the day, I hope, avuI JL siuiction. this iiddi-ei^; nnd, as I ifiist Uiajl my pyblitican- i J . i   "/.';� ' .7 '-NAV* dCpiCl!*Xirt/i 1803. rriHlS Pi-l^eiiklt Ojkcrs and CodmitMptlfft of distlneuishftd honour of bulni? RK-JiL'KCTKI) ona of your RKPkESKN'i'ATrVliS.Ju PAKI.fAMlvNT. ;, 1 aiiij GfntKiincn,>our faithful aiid obed'n-iit Sffryant, flei|ford-� ;. CIIAH. PRKJK. LADV'S the attention milH, to bifSOr.!), well wortr I <-ithiT of ii bold of ii timid Rider, being. be 4ccn niUJiiOmtii, f   :,^ , ... I\o'J\ndertetiit)iieceiiied after Tvttlet o'Clack on Ihs dat^ �fTieatyi nar mi) noliceii, unlsss the Parly, or an /igtnt . This day i<l puWis'"', nrirr 2�. 6d. ifMERicAN Arguments* ?o;t ;0ftmsrt . J^LJlIGfiTS.;rbFinga .  publi ndon. ,. Mas. JlOmsSOS.  This Diy it published, in three cHsantly printed volameii, on 5Mpernney^l!ow wove post paper, and hotprwBcd, embellished with firit Impressious of Bijrke's. Jingravijig, from Iinpr the Portrait of Sir Joshua "boards" Btjrke's. JiDgravijig, Reynolds, price 1 /. 7s.' in estrcmdy quiet,and cxedleiU in all her paeos; htis earrlcd a l.ady (Constantly for the last four ye.irs; pi-ii'oclly.sO',iiul, .ami parted with for n� fruilts the only r-aiun ii tUe l.aly lias left oft'riding; the oWnorrtiav be ri'ttMivd; prire 10 tii'iniMs. Tdl>est-euatColliiw'sStabl'*a. Ki'.^-t^--K VV. hy, l*SllVA'l' i:; tX)NTftA, U1*, { U\h AD\':0>yS{)N Willi the iie'xt; e^^^WWkia�;Ul,i*Gkthcdran buiW,.^ tut? which hipiiqu one Kiindml.and]?gf!l^;^^^ _j!iil'itfe8. . J', jUKl tf��Se��ed 0 be itAT:i I'.mmtv o Kssex.. ^'orPaVticiilir:-, .i'ii|iiiWi iif Ale!�ra. i^-.ll a:ul UVod ritk. SolreHor^-By-v4a:ie^, t>i;;n;;ii|[^^ ' ; ^ � FURWjsfUa) iiousiftrt/f ai^ 'rt)uiS. . i^WifJ�KHSivti��ainti'..V-  jV:';?:'i';�!iiKi3,';a'.tnif.-lea i:i froVit  aiftil liviiliidv with Stable.;' nwi: L;ui;r.lrv de-. tacH�v!; The lioilse is situ;at-dije.!v'i:."!!lM)sitv' Keiwingtoa .JRartt^ii CiaV, on the Vkbrii�.;;c Roud.-^i or particulars ap-^tfly;it Hi^hfloittorri:  ' '; ; - ; ; ft > NAVV.OFFlCh, Oct, ItJi.1800. . T11^ PraictimrUjicers and ConimtssVoiiehoJ �}h'f'A1ajiM.:)h:Stiugtlnlieribiigiuc nottceithat oti Tucs-'dayv Ihc Wih iii'titul, at Ten o'Clocli in, the I'orenoony Commissioner I'amli.Uve icill piU up to Siile, 7(/*;i>d ri.ji�ouith, severfit Lots �/ OLD STORES, iiE I'OETICAJ; WORKS of the late Uis, ARY ROlUNSON,, noiv lirst collected hv h?t dAU);)tter, Miss li|,OBl>'SON', and iocludiDg many Pieces �never before puhli?hcdi .-v. Printed tor Richard Philips, 3?o.,(5, Bridge^treet* Black-friars; an4 to be had of all Boolfsellers: Ofwhdm nuiv4)eha*, T,heAlE>10IR8 of the JLlFEof Mrs. ROBIXSOS,'written byiler�elf; irfctwo vrjl.s price ; Hatf-aHtiiMHcifiJnhoards. IMPRbVEU ijOOKS, To TliACH THE ARTS OF HEADING AND ELOCUTlOiV.  a;iy ScriiiJtv. Ven' "v-!,! applications tft Messrs. Lhcm and Cd. daJiy re-; *�ved at No:-9,^:)ameMi'^et, AdeljAii, b pnst pnidJivnsWred witlv>tt;'tc^ay- 1 ~ ' ANNUITIES 5U::DiiK Wb!-tU',;-.D,ON, �1/1HIEY.-be LET from Old Jlichuelmas- l^ay last, for Oije Yearceftuin,ail that Farm called COWDRKY fXiIM, iitaate iiS the Pari, h Of'VVi1nl>ledim,vin tho^CouiSv of Surrey, Intcly held by Mr. Piitecsoji, cOnsUtii.g ef a po^id 1'ar.rt HoW, with air ocess;.ry'Outbuilding:-, and above On*: il(i'idred.TmdNim.'ty-nine of exc.'llent AKible Meadow ind ''.ibturc! f,;.:ul. \conihtiii!; i))' . Void ll'up^-,: .Shaking, Junk, Hammocks,; and CanVasB ; .llinnpKubbi.-'h, \N bite Oakum, and Flyings j TariJarri'ls,Oil{,'asks,"  ' / �]yiah>�g.i�j,.t'umi>s, flic. &c. , . . ' , jiU'lifiitg In t/ifs xiiid Yard;, teherc aiti/'PemDiit kinitng to l^Komertturchaxtifi-mai} huve thrlitieety of XHT FiasT BOOK; ''incmtni^ieMiipoudUia^^ X confainiiis th^ .iwiihabet,, the Simple Sou .it, .and a the , � ' - , ' : '' . '� ' '' � � �� NAVY 0FF!Cr.,.Oct.l6, ml Sll?j,J*rtHdpul.,Ojjkcrsartd Commissoners of Jsl. .lli^^MiijtiliN S'in'y do henl/u' give Notice, that vn \Vej:ib3dify, 2/'c' 'ibV/i-VHn/. ul One o'clock, Ihiy icillbe reailif to hrMicith audi l^^rsons as mag be ii^iHing to contract for SifupUjini^'His Mujhty's Yards,^iittord, fVooliiiclii CUa-/7i.7H5,fl�f/S.Af!f�Ms?B>WA-CASi:iRON BALLAST. �yIJ''urmoft/)e"'cndtrmai/6esu'nailhisOJlici\ [ Nil Tentier Kill be i-cceivcd iifler Twnlft o^CioLli qri the day i^f ir^aljj,- iior any noticid ttiiles-i the Party,, or an l^^eUtfor /i'ln^allentlH. . : ' . ' ' viCTUAL,l,lN(4 uF.Fli;!!:, Oct. 11, liOi. -T^H^ltE Comtnisiioitbrs for I'^fcliiuUin^ His Ma. '' \M.- 'jcst;h\i Miey^do. /icrtib.y ^h<e Notice, that oiiTueSLlay,, thu ilxl instant, tlieq'mil hartudy to retuiri: Ufiiii^rs tu � i.vv7.''0f��'/'). (ni4'treitt for TIIOUSAXi) 1!A',;.S of lilSt'Xj IT, e dc- . i JL  containiBg - -------- - ______, , Gradation of easy artilintelligii)le Phrases and tessoiis, orna-menfed with sixty pleasing (Juts. By M. Pelliain. The TwentieUi Editio'ii, price fid. . ' .: . , TUn SECOXn BOOK. v DR. M AVOR'& S,PELLIN(J BOOK, being an improvement of all.othtfr Spelliii;? Books, ant universally ackoow^j ledgedto be the most useful, chaste^ and prafiicable bpok of this kind ever publiihed. The 3jth edition, price Is. Gd. bound. , " THE THIRD BOOK.  BLAIR'S RBADING EXEROISKS, consisting of easy. MABI.E. rTTPVN Years Purcliast will bti Whicdiit%-givett^ J. for Anmiiiics undeniably secnrfd upon �^�ld, or lone.Leasehold Estate^ where U>e parties liavf^, IVok elntero!^, rtndVW winch (by r�^oo e presM.rc M'ON.EY FOR LIFE AN-NW'TIES. ; � i.K...-..,m - ......�����'"� informs the INo-' Mil. kO)?EaTS rcspecfiilly^.informs the Nov biUtv and :ir-.^tTV thai reqiiii-eany iannedi.Tte temporary or pernmn'.nt Supply of Money, .lie h a.ilfwrised by Pewous of v.u;,nrsl.resi"ctabllUj tor the pu of Ufc Anmiiiitbv from ^iiC. to5,000/. pcraanuai, for liiimernuj'Sums of M0:1-y. are ready. 1 lioie e-,.n l)li,�he "�.5'B-'" i an .^INR-lifirYK^b I>RAW, and IVtOlllC^AZ J-^. PliAL PlJIZFS than in former Lotteries of i3U,0J0 'iicjccfs, which will aj r n ^ 1 un-Ii'Tsvn. iu a v.irirty otviitimif'ers. � noiixed Capitals in. lUis Lottery, and that Ai.M l,(^ .m�.i^"dv^.n).oa each day, which gives every pcr.oa an ctnbjruy to treat for the purchiise tl>-d l(, >.L;n'ied jistatrs, Housco, Vunrted'Property under trust by Will qr Stttleincnf, CL-rgynien^b.Living.s, '&c. may be instantly accoiv.modatod. � Mr. R, from several years practice, can givea'i immediate aiiswerto sccuritirs oil'er;?d ht\n, v.hicii prev.'siis many dis' .'tgreeable c.\jio.-iiiiys of perM>i;3 aiVairs, tiiat.too fi-'^viuijntly att^-nd irKMiegiirl:ili()iis pr r.iiiiiy. PcrsOhiil .':pi)Iiciifioiis at iiis hotisc, Ko.�,2'^, (s^i"c'!-s(r 3,000 io.aoo of . ,L.1,000 &C.&C, &�. be next Thufsda.i � Tlclcets ociiJn.u uu> a ...j, ..... ------- ttTid hiiaues. warr.intcd ufldlra^Vn^ are JcRiii^ byii;>vilT. K, Siock Broker, 8, Chayii^^cniiw.. Prizes^paid 011 d�niaud. ^^PdP�'S~FORTmATE OF^^ . - ' -BXGHAKGE-. TH E PttbJic 5�m rce^ctfnfiyj Mumetl the Sfcimil Day/ff Drawiiij; wiil be on Thursday, tlict. 'ij. Two I'lousainCinckv^'ito be dr.artttt'.-*eh D/�y, a'ldviiH the Capital PriMs iloating^ TicJc-ts 4nd Shares arc tio.von Sale ill a great Variety, at POP :;:'� Oflic, lio. Pi, Castle j^llcy, froniiiK the Bonk nf-I^ngland^ . PRESENT PRICE. n^ s di TjgBth.,...,, l.2 ii S t 01 SiJtlWenlh..... ..1 fi Iwjrc't ill t.irc:^ I'/iel::!, />j/ wtekty proportimis, info J/is Ala-jcsty. t^Y.iiiii4iing Stores at Dc^,l(itti,(iHd to tie iiaid for bi) :,Hi}!ilflte,wit!i innrcst, ninsty days aflsr ilale. N.'li. So Ti-'ider for u Issn qytinMytlidn Three Hundred Il'ii;s of Hi /Vu regard irill be had to any Tender (n vHuch the Price shiU! ndl be itiii.-tcrt iiiKO'i'ds allenphy or thiit shall not bedelincied to.IticlUiard.before. One o'clock on .ths aaid '[acsdiiy next Vie 'iiylinsiiiiit, norwiless the per:^07i ii;/io ,)>..'(,Ve.v the,. .ntie/', or ioii'c pcr^oii on Iiis li.ehiHl', aid 'ifla,^ <^^^ffH^�H;e,^' w/ir.n cMbdfoT' ViL'l-UAi.i.i^ii OFFlCr.v0.ct. 1), iSOa. � f^'^iliu L'omun^doner.'i for JJls- Ma- M. Jcslji's Snry di)'l:c-eiiy f^it't A'u iiid tin iil'tu::- h-dit'\ one j^lonilinfter, and lb be paid for liy JiilU: jmyable. Kiln Jitlere-i, ninety linys ajxcr dqtt, Ti'i t'l/ii/'iliiiiis oflUu Conlrticl niiiy i>e seen at i/ie i'icve- 'Ay regard v:i\lbi:. Itlid to tiny Ten;i-:r in ivliij-h the pi ice shall nut be l'u:.arl(:d in tcordi ni Imglli, or tUat shall Uifl be de- Brown's Tcstameht, witli numerous Guts, price jialf-a� crown. .  , THU FOtnTII BOO.'f. . BLAIR'S CLASS BOOK, or Lessons for cven^4>ay jp the Year; coiiibiniiig'cleg-iiit Compojitfon, with foitViittion - ohcver^' subject (ff humao-knowlf; '>;ev?in�5 caicMlatcd iucvcrv p-.iE;e to create govi I tast.�, and->atiie. same time, iiiake the Pu;)ri wiscrand're. s. iwand.  '" TUii tn Til nooii, CLASSICAL JilNCLlSh ;'OETf{Yi_, cou?i'(in- of til ri-tv:."f Tenders, in i)ar�T�i ............. .. _..... all oflicr lioi-.liciirllGr.^-'iwl'Statianirj, with the lai-^3it a.-id fui'-leit allowah."e to Schools, . N. B. Mr. Pliillips ha5 also published th?foi'.6winffvr.'u able elementary IxMlvi, as cxerciS,-s in misccli.ineous rJiiiu^ for the .use of school.? ainl you.ig personi: Mav; li5tpry, 6s. �3� sOUJectl par-; ;ti!'.: part!"� o felony. Applit.ition has pet.. 111 ide'tij sfvoriil rfspccfahlti who diswjso of tiie genaiiu"" Rit^snui Oil- u> it �ii iali-, whicto thev iiive wholly refnscd, koowih"; it to b.- a .-purioiii articic, who imnv liiitcly acquainted the Pruprietoii such i.iipoiitloa hci!.igu5,n:tis'." I;  had of ;fie Proprietor-, No. .W, Oxrord-sfreet, and, by ''ippjMutmcnf, at 5fp. :-mith's, J'crfumiT to ^is Maji'siy aj.d tlic fi,i>v;i.lFainil\, .S &iK�^4 the *Ji(JOND DAY of pllAWlNe-iHttiwflfeTWPRSDAY NEXT. . Half......T....LaO 3 01 tliiirith...:......L.2 11 � Qunrtiir,.',..4 ,2. 0 1 aja*fO?Uik'....V--: 16 0 No. 7,157,a Prtee ofiO.OOW. as JTlrst-draWB Tf�!lirt, wa� -shared by Sl^iFT and'Ooj: pnaltry ajkl Chariog-^ots, jn one (Quarter, two Ei^iw, and eight Sjxtecnth.i;.. Tickets and Shares on alcilwpranted umlrawo. KEUULatt DRAlVIiVG . < Of Two Thousand Tickets each Day, and KO FIXED CAPITAL PRIZES. THURSDAYrNEXT will be the SECOND DAY of DRAWING the: GRAND. STATE LOT-IFRY. 'i he Ayheeli whicfi^contairjs.nuinf rows Capital Prizes, and �jnly the small number of 18,030 Tickets, renders it iiecetisary �to requept the-Public-\ ,x-o^', or beeomin;; f tey. If Hsed in lieu of pomatum, which the I'lvprictor Jn t earnestly rcconim^ea',-; bwiriiig ra rich fraprauce-, U TrdI aftord, even when the hair has been thin tor yeart, the consuhieni such pfOaf of its Clficacyi ;a5 will not oidv f'�ri>nbe, but astonish them. In tfath, not any is equal �Void,-^fholesalC^UnlW'bjr the Proprietor, Mr. Crawcour, ?�� 1(1, Strand, J.owdpii} andrptai), by his apnointine�t, by >fr OkIi;, (.'hemi^t, Xo. 21, 'iVvlttock-Strtjet, Co\eiit. ; %idrji,(.:mr,iJ'jri/jjK^jJU)yHl Jilcdirt No. liivitu,ii<-row, tTovent Garden; 'Keith apd Co. Perfuniers, � f^d, ..-n^ U lJu:vnwrJtct);.�Mf LarJot, iPerrttim^r,. &c._Ko.; (iO, i'^t'itivftxsiii WiswV JfcMrhn(i'yv%Ub,-No. 86, New Iibat Fact, ind'od to liu-oiiiim-tra-tlu-re all the i^c. in pt;culiar cninpiifi'ttii or '*�meii; mc 5-,.iiitoiiib af which are sliort c ..i(riictioiis, Hud a disposition to coi'suinptioi). 'J he Vl'^OETAIlLESYBUPofDE VELNOShns none orthe incor.veniericies ot all the pre|iarutio preparations of hteel, .M-rioiy, j compVii'itsof ^Vonlen; the syinii of mini-r-il--! and imered to .Ho li-.wd before One o'ChcIc on t.'ie said Tites-duii- ilr ^'�tli in-:!, nor ttn'.ess the person i"i,o mal;ex the Timl-r^or ^i.iiie Person On his behalf, iiUends lo unsa^er if//eu caltCii fur. lIfEof washington, complete. direction of tiie great aOirillustrtoui C'Jiaracter ivhti coji-ccivod and executed tlicm. '. The liberal .Support w'ith which this I'ublitalion has been haoouredduriiig lis pro.jrcssUiroa^-ii the JVc^s, coiSiinLnnls the waruu'St gralitude of Vhe Ftiblisiicr, and, he i� h.ippy to say, has fully wanMiiled the great l-'ricc Wliicli M�';!^ j^ivcn to.tiie J-'amily for these M.-rnuscripts. lie has also llir �:itii- Kin^-�iil iact.on to be able to st ite, tnat the W 01k .1 is l.u 1 I .�n . consolatiirv truth. The geimiiie is prepared and soM by the vXXr^ Mr. bwa.uso^,No.'21, liltlj-trect, LmiMon, at 3s per hottlt, .and by .ill the leM.eitable IMMliLine \ t -dcr in roNn.ind Countr, , but Ml , M n ^ it^ nmie or nronerties, are fi-..udnlci!f aiul'dnnsi-rous^ilions iid still render essential services to ^ irket Townii ihipu�h<)�\Jli� pMlte4il<i�n�lltew^^^^^ o^!y each, or one boaKcoiitiU J1 # 0itl�JjA ' o,[;':/g�fe�^^^^^^^ URTUER Proofs'of the l.llicaey ot the Rev Ur inUCLXY's ANflBlLiOUS PILLS From Loj-d Arson, St. James s-sjiuan- ^ ,11 1) i.idj aWout Ihi J th ot Nov. ib-, ,ind th. Octivo .,,'out the ^mu ot tmit Alonth, at l,.e sans Puce a. bcr^- ""^luh.^t four A oh, n- m Qnjirto ind (^ctavo co�t. me on Sab ittheSao.. ot ^"''-^'"^-'^^^^'V/!.; the I ,0, d. pii Volmne, oat ^>f> ^^l^ll^^f^.'^ Edition rei repri;;trd. per ... naiu on hiiiul, and as that......... all IVrtoiii wJio nave omitted ti� complete their Siisof t!i'j (Juarlo Edition, leiiucbtoJ lo apply for ths tleffctive Voluaics wit!i�irt delay.' luidi^e-sti-eel. t)ct. 1, tW). iViR. SUlUt'S isOVtr.!.. This Day is published in 'i Vols, price 6d. in boards, A W1NTI x>a^-.tpleacure.nre.comn.eiKl,n^tlu.n^ ^^^^^ Tn . 'S'y'to ac^o^ted^e the ot your \'ef'^"'0. J ' Sir ^ourobwlient Immble smvant, S. lUBBUli 1. fe�6'S.�^at Ml sni^.N-''�'-iv ie cfUTiei W* Pfrt.-ihnste'i.vow ; aud ilJtnil by most CouuK 's'dl' cmTicV w k-atiernoMcr-irow; ami.....-- - nu�-ivB.noBe can be gemiiu? that Ija-. no ttae ,ui ' DISSOLUTION ^F Till-; J'AKHA.\tt;.NT; Th!*day is pcMished, price .Nine Shillings in boards, or Ifali-a-taiiiiea bomid in red, in one triick aud cloielv. luiiited voUone, the size of JDehrettn and Kearsley's A-^iilOGIlAPiriCAL INDi:X to the PRE. HENTilOU:^!; otiH)i\h\KXN S, containing brief but correct Nonces ot tbe Lives, tti.etmnilv, and Part^ Con-neetioiis, the Senatorial Ciiaructer and r<(nfluct, and ot.icr tisotiil and s!itis.t.ictory I'.ii-liciilai-s .relative to all tie Metr-bero ot the tvommuw llowsfi ot i.'arliument; dir.iwu up aid pnntetl as a (  Jn an Appe.iilix^is fi;iven alV the Divisiora taken place ou great X'ablic Que�t>ons during past Mavors Illsli r- .>f Eh.-,! ihd, 10?. Air-.'imit'h's History ot England, 3 Vols. 13s. Ljttleton'ariistorybf Ep,:"laiid,y vols.Ss. ' , B'urr y DER, here oUVred to the use of the Public at larsre, was"in the circle of )>r. DinL-^d tle"s par{icu!;ir ac-tiu'iioiaoce, and the >i�biliiy ai:fl Gentry (ii, fatients) and its vii'liu-s ju'tly ;!pi)re "i\i piil>rK-ly an louncing this picpiiration: Mr. tit TLtrl has citme in piiss-.-rfion. of t!ie Original Recipe. Ai!d lie b.-nti to a-snro IhoSv'a*tiictod with deca-Vi'd (>r ojlcn-sive'l Ci'tli an.l (juiiis, that they may rclv on us etln-ucv a-i t r:'sli>r:iiive qu-^ilit\-^.i 1 riiisni,-""of� Inch any on.--maj becou------- vince.1 bv a tair and candit! t'.ial ot oni" J'.ov. Its deltrsue pi-t>j)er(y is mst s-Jiacieiit to cle:ir nwnv those di'i.;tructivc partiole.s of A.^id winch generallv adncre lo tiit* Gum.-, and inthe lnter^tlces of the icetOjUitliuat iivjuriiie: the surface ot iillitv; healio^ sr.roiU'ss n; t!!i' ti!rr^;cr, ai.d promnlinp; a new cnami-l ot pondv ii hltencss, ivhcri; it h.'is benii!|HFid or corro'Jr.l, on t.ic hilii-i-. It n.ii ;. i>i es> the i-imorc-s of r.u-ii.i, tlw Diltrhi'is'\s of \ ork, l;e;!!"i>rtl, l'0>-.'>�.i. .".i>ciis. IJut'and, tm'a most ot iheEiiglisii 1-or, lii: Nobilitv. main 01 waoin. recomnr-Mid It with admiration, a n.-'cc^sury .iini.-ndiisrjv u\ the-Joili't: nnd jndecl they do but c.iinmoi;^.> m reus, since i: imparts a tirmiU'ssand b;-an;ift!t~ro:.'ii;:; 10 � lum.^.: to the Bi-TOth the jjioU rt"lectabU� sweena'ss; !u o'Cd'COH-stantlv .IS directed, w nrreiuier the i e>-Ui iirm ,t,;c; M h.te, �an:i prevent that dnvutiiil mala.iv the i �>oiii-:.die jiMnv returning toVthose wlK^havv. bijcir liafnc �o its most baiiMul efrcct.�. Preparedi^dsoldiM hulesale a>id Ket.-ii!, bv Mr. Biitlcri No. 4iCiienpsirf e^i>red"jjy A;r., VlXt-EiM, sole Proprietor r. tiowL.V.Nn's KecipeJ, in a Letter fniju �r Dr. t. W,� Utayton^Esq A vrtung ^enHwnan, the Division? which huTO sevcriU .\ eara. past. Printed for Richard Phillips, Nf^- Ci, Brldge-;5trect, BJnq^. fri-ii's, and to be had'ot all i�ook�ellei;!.>' :' " � ? / � Dtt.'.lOllN REll) ON t'tJNSU^lifTlON, * Tliis Day w pahlisfied, 111 one clCi^ant volunK>, post octavo, .., . i,. price, (s. Ill Ijo.trdr, A TREATISE 011 i\w ORlGl.V, PROGRESS, i-lSL PREVENTION, miU.. TREATAlE.NT " of CON. SUMPTIOJ*, ;�;0n im, Batll." �'�'�>��� � ptejiifjandt'.itttosovi^M.tu devei" as make it neccssarv to eo!|lI:~n- hlshiindsmbagi, p rticularly at night: the coni-nlittilt reiJlMftd Viriuus applicatio.vS: irom the united coi^ul-tuiou of three p^ySiC an� of cniiience, ind continued to grow Wor*ennilctlhttregUi��n prcscrilied,whea3 ladv,,wiio had r^cvived a cure ofa, bad c;;s? tit ftcurvv nunc face^ of sevebd yeah stindins, your GOWl, \ND'S 4.0TJGN, recami�ei,ded 4^ Wlal Iff thp stime.rowed>,^H ^a^eimUctl Miul-r in. own inspecXiiir-Ibed�easeg;ive wa^imf three quarts of .vtaurJLotitfn performeda raUcalcurc;,ora loathsome disorder, which htis beoi^ of about four ycara duration, and had bajhsd tkc skiU ;of $e*ox�l pijsiclans eminent w their protesMor. , " From niV eoiiviftioB of the .above care, i recommended you- g.oW'LANU'alotion to�1-iey whtis-.' tiiHMcJthJbiN eJ a v TV disaiyeeableeruption, (e.yen large pa�tul;$,and a� one diedawav c=>other appe^redVso inutrh-fu as to prohibit her.ifoinn into"cooipany: a pint oi^ouci^O vvlan*v� lotion ctfett.d a cure, and she is'now IVce fKnim eruption.- I am. Madam, xonr very obedient |ivinM�.^o':U)t, � Hill, Bath, Nov, iV, ISO^. WM. u^r.ayto.v. Olisjivwmini can be g W, Barclay .tilgrfcd on UfWid hit oiit�fd>frwi4pp g(;miuw, , .... nva btaclc^tamp, :d*fi- w rapper ot oaeb Aoxi. wUrihis ain^ed- .j ./ J - r

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