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Courier (Newspaper) - October 10, 1806, London, Middlesex FEIDA K, OCTOBER 10, 1896. f Price e�' idaiOlinOW EYENING wIll be acted the 'tomcdy.of , -THE WONDER. Ilo|t.Feli*,^lr. Elliittin; ;C(�lohd Briton, Mr. Carlos, from tbcTheptre p.p.yal, IJatli'(oeinc hU first nppeuraiice The rWry THIEVES.- ' Oil IMQB'lay� Uoin�aanrt Ja'ljet; with TdeForty Thi'^vci. THEATRE ROYAL, <'()V RNT-GARDEN. ' HS".: PreaeqttE:V1^}a(^i.^'Gwm be perform ctl THE BEOGLCifS'OPERA. Captain JUcKcatlii Mr. Incledou 5 ^ Polly by a "i oung . ^^yS^""� y^Mh VALEiNTINE AND OUSON. - ' Lady I On Mondayj liiflg VU-'iTy the Eighthi; with the Children ' in the Woods jV?dtcr,Mr^]\lelvin^ niJODEL^f. t^�ni r OX. CHARLES JAMES JS ANDRAS, Modeller in Wax to her M,v-^Vr^jTVcbeis luaive to aeqaaint' the Friends of that ^^uiiedSlat(Wthat her MOI)El,of:thejate Right CHAt-ES JAMES FO.X, fnm the celcbmtcd ^Mst 4>vMf* ffollefciiwj'is;;j�ist'cmiriilHtd, and may be Seen at >i�itj. , , -4 ,jra.-60 GhuriHj5':jtnr�Tr�-�-.tiVM-e/Btay " IctsW thcRiSht Hou. �WiitiAsi id.I^rd:N'iii^!<^,/ .. "i ff^lfiKOy"AL COLLEGE of WiYSlUlAN JL London, havii^receivi-d accounts from varions , parts<*fj|?ngfenilv fpMlaining lof llie 4�imbcr of irngular ' t'rattitionerg, calliii^'thrraselves Physicians,,ivho exercise (lu! Profession of Physic without .nuthority, ahd in many in- -Etatiis WithOisf diVeqiialitic.ition, f^^ it'tht-ir duty. toajjT prize the Publip. of Ihe.lcgal Prnyisi&nsrto oli'iriate <h� evil, dtorl'fer them to tlic nnutially printed by the Col-]cr,-, wlric'i ill future'they �trill tn keen re to have pr.9pcrly virculatei),i-m fli'derv'iJiat the. Names of alltliosewho may li; i vii,J>vho, having been exjuiiiiied by the College ac-("."1'?'.' to'Law,'have beeii deemed competent to'practice as i'li'-jirinns.-' .; . E\iT-M frotfi'the Acts'of Parliamtnt,14th'and ljt!i of � fhit it may be cnartcd in tnis presciit Parliament, that  no Pi'vifin from henceforth be sufierpl to exercise orprac-" lice i,i Physic tiirpugh Erf;l.and, until suoh tinjc tliat he ha �' tv-imiiic-ilVit London, .by the said President ^ind three of " thr"said'Klect?,',.and liavc from the said, President ar^d KI/ets.Lcttcrs; testimonial of their approviii" and exami-" nation; except ho be a Graduate of Ovtord or Cam-' " bii.!,i;e, which hath acconiplislied all things for his form  ^ta(ofoTftjm the shore, expresses :her grateful senslbi-'lUy to'tJie Alraijihtv, wlib, in the hour of caiiinitv r.uscd Jier*0'nianv betievolcnt friciids; site also hi th > most re-spccifdii^gner expresses h-r thinks to WILLI A.H LA2V E, iisi|. of the filjiierya 0(^ee, 5..oi!o:ojt, who providentially liriiD^oo the'spriitireared and comraei'ctd t)ie,T>til)scriptibn.- Tothc Rev. SAIMUEL BYAM, Rector of Wyke Rekis, for liis.issistaacc.v-'IlpMt. JAMES RCiLLS,Mr.'SCRIVI-K.S, aiwlMr. VIRTUE, W^ymoutli,-for their solicitations to tlie-Inbabitaht^.^To Messrs. HARVEY and  VETERINARY COLLEGE. MR. COLKMAN will begin his C0UR?;E of LECTURES on the ANATOMY, PH YSIOLOGY and PAIHOLO.GY of tiie llORSK, on Monday the 'Jil of Nocmbcr, at jAvcU'e o'clock. Lately jiuidishcd. vol. second, 1(0. OBSERVATIONS on the FORftlATfO>;, OEOONOMY and DISEASES of the FOOT of the Ht) Its i;. . .  NAVY-OFFiCE, SepK '27, 1�0% \ fW^llrj.Pnnctpu!Ojii:ers and Comnnhioncn cf- JL ilit 'iUijJr,.il:/i J^nvij do /icrcJui gUin \ulii::', ttlaf vil AVcdiicsday, !;'></( o/Ocf�6c�-7ic.i/, lil One o'CVo"/.-, MINERVA LIBRARY, LEADEXIlALL-STREET. " Vires at:qqiritcundo." rBIIIE Proprietors of this Institution respec.t- Their Jiavi ;ir aid has preserved a family frc/m rain, for which t!iey e tbeptayers ofthefatherless-Children and Widow, who iiqi fnli^fcl eadeavowwtffmeritithe^upport and assistance .of the virtuous, bensvpl"nt, and humane. ..�^/r<iN,EYP3\tessrs:. LUCAS and Go. beg. leave to inform those that may in want, and desirous.^f borrowing tempoirary or permane*it Sums of Money, and pos- I property:!) fin tiieirpei'suuai Security, Personal applications arc daily received by Messrs. Lucas atij do'a^t Ne.'S, Jnnies-street, Adelphl, Strand; arid letters (p^it.paidjaimw^d without delay; *"t TO MONIED MEN. ^ nflHB Advertiser cantlidly declares, #iat thoiigh X. He has'lately obtained a Patent for a very promising liA'ention, his means arc not (tuite adequate to establish tite MSnufantaifeJtfthiR Article, His small Fortune being entifily employed fn a Business distinct from the Patent; he thert ' pyoposcs to Sell a Part of the Patent, and tostakealike onfe or twoVeSpectablc Pe�*onsto form a moderate F^nd . % enterprise;. After this candid avowalv he may withemt .rciwanch of vanity, de 'S.VINGENT'S GOWLAND's LOTION. A NOyJiER most aiithientic-Proof of the Very rt�L suuerior eflicaCv of the trulv wnninp. fjfiwi.a Mn'� MAT>AJ4,. , ----- :  . . A younb^ehUfeman^ affed .about seven years, son ,6f a Colonel in tKearirtv, Was afflicted with a virulent and sore eruption, accuiiipatired with a running and an intolerable itching in the wr^ts jlnd insteps, the only places of attack of thejcora-Pl^iintj and that to so violent a degree as toniake it necessary to confine liis hands in bags, particularly jitnight :"the com'-F'Vint rMistedjvarioiis apglicationBvf^dm the united consuls titiori of tliftie physicians of cminp'neejalid continued togroiw w.irse nnderflie^regimeri prescrlbfedjwhen a lady, wh� had ; jcieived i4 fcufe of a.very bad: caSerof Scurvy in the facei:of several yeats standing,,by your GOWLAND'S.LOTION.V rfcoirinieiidie^ � trial of the saihp reniedyIt was applied "mler my own inspeetiorti-the'diScase^ave way-^nd th>oe *iuarts MyoutLotiort performed iilradical cure of a'loath-t'lnie disomerv^which h;isbeeB of afioiit fouir years tittration,-n�a had oaffled thcj skill of-sfeversi physicians emitieut in tnoir pfofessioni : r : _ ' i'roH) my coiwiction^*^^^ Vn�,. n^SfX^lV'J^V'A"-^ tlie abovU ctjr^, I tGcommended to a lady whose facecxhibit-�015^^7 ""�Sre�'iWle eruption, (even large pustules, and as L fully inform th(V Public, that they coi^iViniic to add to thl-ir INVALUABLE COLliECTI05f numerous Copies )of. all Modern and distinguislicil V/urks:- Terms of Subscription-yearly Subscribers At L.t 4 0 arc entitled to l8 liaolisin Town, or 24 in the ' Country 3 3 0 .............12 ______............. IS 2 2 0 ............. 6...12 .1 11 (i............. 4.................. 8 For the convenience of Persons residing in the Counlrv, Boxes are providad ; and the Catalosue and Pro3p;.ctHS of Terms, &c. may be had, on application to the Library. , ' TEN THOUSAND 1�Ot)NDS^ ^ J^.�1iIEFi'lei�ds of POPK�s OlRfirt afc respeclEFiilly JR. ,'inf�r?ned that llie STATE LO'lTERY cdmuii-nces Drawinfton MoNnA/v' ne).t, tlie i:!th of October, wlicn tli(f First Drawn Ticket will be entitled to the above Capital Prize. , Tickets andSIiares arc now on Sale at POPF/s Fortunntc Gfiict',- No. 12, Castle-alley,-fronting the Bank of Ivngland. , SWIFT and :/0. POULTRY and CHARING-CUOSS. rw^lCKETSand SILVR/ES of the State Lottery, JL to begin Drawing on MONDAY NEXT,are selling by SWIFT and Co. at their Licensed QiTiccs, No. 11, Poultry, fcstablishcdi;i 175:)) and No. I'i, .'!uf(T!) contract for siippls/lnir I/U Mu'icslifs }''<i.-J at 'I'orl-inoiilfi Kilh It quanliltjnf 'Ll{i:sV.\i VTTilJ, of from .'i.l inc'aeMo' 7 inches Diameter. -  ' ji Furtn of ihcTrnder^min he seen nl ] of'frciiljj, noranijiiutkcd, tmla-ts Ike jhuIu, or an a^'cnl for Mm, iilti:nd.<. ' ", NAVY OlFICE, Oct. 2,'lR0,i. TIIE Principal Ojjkhrs and Commissioner:; af His Jltajiialf:! A�iy du iier'ibij s^ivc. notice, iliiif.jii Thursday, tfie '2M instant, at One o^Ctoih, llici) nill lia rcadji to Trent n;i(/i.iurh Jfrrnon^i m maij be icitling to .(',iy,i-tract for siipplijlng Jii:i Jilajeilf.-: Voelc-yards at.Dfplfoid, 'Woohrich, Vludham, Hhcer'nt:.u\ Varismoutli, and I'ljnlou'.h, Ji-iM TALLOW CANDLI��.^!.^ Hnmp'iei of t/ir Ciindhs, icUh a Vorrn nf (Iw. Tender ma-j he srrn at i/iia OlJlrc. � � . . � � JSt'o TimderKilibi rereivctl iil'^rr- Turdve on the^dr.f of. Treat I), liojrj ti,n'j miti':':'.', ';:;:,'��< tke i'ariy^ ur tin yl gent jor hini) alteuda. '. V , , . � . NK"VV 'f.TAT'j-: LOrWiRY. [AZARD, lUJiiNK, and CO. Stock-bi-okers, at thdr Old .St;if.' I,nttcry Otlice, No. fW, Royal Es.chanse, London, i!n� now s(.-llin!; Tickets and Sfjaresfor the i.oitVvj' Which bt-,cii-,3i)rawin,a; dii MONDAY NEXT. Tills Lottery coii;-i;.tB , �t):l 3.......................i>,'WO , &c. &c. &c.. . The lowest Prize? are T%ventv Pouiid?, and no filed Capital, except thft First Drawn Ticket, cjititlcd to TlIN THOUSAND POUNDS.-^Tickets and Siiares are on Sale by RICHARDSOX, GOODLUCK ,ind Co. � ~ Stoek-l'rokcrs, Cornhill, and. Charir.|; Cn.':;.  . . ..OFFICESi"  No.2,-Coiixiiit,i,, 14!), Oxronn-STnEET, and '  , 44, St. JAJiEs's-stnEET. ODGES, PAINE, and Co. Stock-Rrokers, with great respect take the liberty to recommeod to the attention of the Nobility and Public the Scheme of the . present Lottery, -which tj>ey have coitipared with that of. every Lottery which pccurcd during the period their Offices have been established (10 years), an;l have found it not only supcrii>r in tlVe Number and Value of Capita! Prizes, butalso to contain en an average half the Number of Tickets. At the above Licensed Oflices the Tickets, Shares, and Chiinccs .-ire on Sale on the best terms; where last October the Ticket No. 3941, .'I Prize of 20,000/. tvas sold in two Quarlers, two Eighths, and four Sixteenth Shares; and in the late Lotteries three Prizes of 20,000/. three of 10,000/. and , seven of .5030/.  N. B. The Dr.iv/ing will begin next Mondaj'. ^NLY TWENTY THOUSAND TICKETS. . M(fre capital Pri'/es and less Tickets. THREE TWENTY THOUSAND POUND PRIZES. THREE TEN THOUSAND POUND PRIZES. THREE FIVE THOUS.VND POUND PRIZES. No Prize less than .20/. "^EXT MONDAY, October 13, the GRAND -L^ STATE LOTTERY begins Drawing, which contains a greater proportion of capital Prizes to the small Number of Tickets, than duy tiiriner Lottery. . SCHEME. No.of Prizes. Valueofeach. Total Value- 3..,.....:..... L.20,000............ L.()0,oao 3........... 3..:............. a................ 8................ 9^........^....... .40.-..-------...... 4.1UU................. 10,000............. 30,000 5,000............ 15,000 1,000............ 5,000 600............ 4,000 100............. 2,000 69....,;....... 2,000 20..-,......... 82,000 20,000: �L.200,p0;� ' 10,000?. fer the First-di-awn Ticket,; ; Andali th6 other immense capital Prizes afloat. PillCE OF TiCK-ETS ANl) SnARESj ticket...________..........L.19 17- 0 Half.............. TO 3 0 Quarter..,...,....... 5 2 0 Eigirlh...2 11 Sixteenth......... I 6 ' Tickets and Shares arc on Sale at every Licenced Lottery �Qince.',..' : � . � '  ' -:' ' From �i*eRi.e;ijt Hon.'the Earf of EXETER. , To Mr. CHING, Apothecary, No. 4, Clieapside. .Sin, ,. : \. � . -r, . : yEttiict IUiiderStand from my Apothecary, that the of your CHING's PATENT W'ORiH LOZENGES, niyservaht, was pomjilete, inl removing ah ohstruCtioii a the first passages and bowels, but there was no appearance of WbrijiB tsTie.had been uftabl�? to; get UP from hef hied for.abbve nine weeks; if she lay down orstpsd up, the path about the regidn of the stomach was iniJfeased ; she baclnbt eat solid meat for mahy%eek8.. Evei'y medicine that tSvo Physicians and an able Apothecary could venture to prescribe, 1�&s srven to her* but Without proper jeflcct. The warm bath al-. IcviateU the paini butthtit was only teraporary relief. After taking yoiir ^lediplne t)r|> dfiys in succef-'ionj she pit uunhd eat her misati a'nd frOhi that time she mended apace. Whenever th^ boAVelf ^fie obstructcd| yoi|r Medicine al,aue relieves her. V   ; ' Bffrlcigh, October 24> . (t^r Ail Opening Physic on all oceasionsj CJFMMG's LQ-ZEN'G'ES arc supetidi; to'cvc^y other Medicine; Sold iii Boxes at 2Si 9d;. art4 Si.MV ieaish, and for charitable |uir-pjiMcs, in BoxeSi at^. ruthi at Cbingnnd UiUcf's, No; i,. CUcapsldej cdrne^ of PfttctaosteMow,., . . Tfi K LrJEOFW.ASni.VGTON, COMPLETE-, it, PIIILLIPH has'the Stti-ifaction to inform f)i)<*r- ; 'hir'ns; its ]):(,rx�^�u^l^�.�,�yi^ the Pres.?. e'oiamandi'the � ,NAVy,,OFl'lCE,.Qct:-t,.:iaOi). .-. rSlIlE Principal Officers and Cvrnmifsoiierjt of: � jB:.' .Wn;/'r-./y> A'/iei/ do i'erctii/.rirc Kolice, l.'ril m ^Vednc3day, i','ie ifn/i ins'l. at On: ('inch, they vcill lie revdi) to treat tnih i-.nnli I'ur.iom V(,v mrtiy be uiUiii^ to contract for pcrformijiit the LAN D audW'A'rER CARRIAGE of about 20tT.OAD?i of OAK TiMBER, now lying at Rarkirigside, in Yife\, to His Mdjexffs Yard, at Deplford. yi Furni of the Temlermuvbtsten uitMs Office, . " . Ao Tender Kill be receiiu'd nfler Tivelve o'CiocIc on the day of treaty, nor any noticed unless the Party, or an jigentfOr . him, attends. ~7~ NORTH WALES. ' . - This Davis published, in One Volume Svn. price 7s. (id. in boards'i eiiibeilished with a fine View of lli-ddw-larl, engraved by Lniiilscer; and three lar^e Plates of Mc prir.ei-cipal Mount.iinous Views, . '* ~ Ji^MARKS upon NORTH V/ALES, bein^ the Rcsuilof SIXTEEN TOUdS througli that. Part of Jhc Priiieipalitv. ByW. HUTTOX. F. A.S.S. ; London, sold by Cadell ant Davi-.-, Slr.iiid ; I.or.pnnn,' itui-st, Itees,. ,inl Ormo, P;tternosler-r.').w : A'-.-reoji, !i.>f>d, aiid Sh'.irpe, Poultry ; L. 15. Seeley, Ave-Maria-lime ; aiid all btlier Book.Milier.i in To�'ii and 0'>U!i"'y. � ' ^" Those'Persons who-li.lve visif"d or i'ltehd to visit tliis iachaati'.i^ Place', will find in Mr. HulSi)j^s iSook Ih.- (.Country described in its trii",.i;r..in1, iiOd native Coloui-;. uiiiilor.i-c'l w'lii tii^t (jlp'vvingDescription which a Poetic f ".'.\ieur a'il Tm;iii;i:) itioa, f')ofVjmien(ly has p.iiiilcdthe .Scencr', o'-Nwth Wales.."; � , . . . " .; , " � NEW NOVELS.; J" AN!^, NEWMAN,: and,:C0. beg, leave to jS-jl. ar.iion;;ee the Pii!>Iir.-itio;r of the, folli)wing popular ;'\t-ark5, >yhidi !i!ay be^hr.d of ..'ill IJooksclloi's-. ,' ,; J. Vicissitudes;"i>r,._*he tijiost o" niy Fiitiipr, l)y J\Ir.=. �:J)e:iiiett,'Aut!!or of t'i(]c Beggar Girl, otcr,.nr Days of Queen Bess, -x R.T.'.iaiK:e, b-y Fr.'nKis L;it.ho!n, 4 vol-i. 1/". 3. '!'hc Iiiv!sil)li^ 1;h -my,-!)? M in'-;; of Wiflit=kn, a Pulish Le.^enciafy il'Mmiice, by'Air. Latliy,! vols. 1,^ '!. Th?"Ai:;;!oTS.i.v((iis, or; the. C'o'.irt. of Eihelwidph, a Romance, l^c!/.. .if'!. � ' ,�  .0. .Forrcsii, or t.':;'.' itnU-m Censi;!?, a Rb;v.r.ncf>, bv th:^ A.nthor of 'Valiitibrosa,'*.! voh.. i:'s. K'. � ' . . . (!. , .i;'-iiej:i;'ia:|oflc, 3 vo!^ .'12s.. '.7.' .lh-.i.vo.()ri?i)henii.!,.or tiu- iila--'-: F<)r:-.t,'a. llom-a:ice, 4 vols. IHa.- : . . .,17; TTiR pi;,e;;?.. . -. A Hnm-.ner bv t!ie Sea, !)\ Orl.'indo,'J vols. , FalJic:ih"pih�,-'2*v3.:?.' '-� . t't;nst.::r.rfd'j !.ind'ja-do!-l', >. llie FoiTe of Sigiitry.''by .Sophia i-"r-u<-.-.'-.-, .�'iutlio.'-of ^'iviniio, - i-.- >i;iiT.'^>'iv'', 2 v(;!';. , ; "V'.cNuvia, or Air.;U'se:i., Jiiaunr, b;? t'u- Author;ot'V:;loir.-. brosn, ;> vols. ' "... �file. .Beau mon.lcy or ?-Ieiru>irsof Fa-.iiiuiyibU- Ch.ii-a'ctM-i, 4 vols... ;. �", ;, inerv.;;. OSiee, Lc;a-.i(-nhnll- -tiTCt. ' BUENO;i A VRES. � � ' . / On Satiirday, October II, v.ill be published, cnibeUis'ied'i an aecurate ivl .ip orthe V icerovajlty cf Hu-iio.^ Ajres, . tos'^t-'iT;:. Plim'o: the Town-, :V05. I u;!j 11. of .,4 COBPLETE un-1 AU KNTiC ACCOi:^NT �h. of tfic VICE-ixOi'Ai.'r i .0. BUr/NOS AYREU 5 co:itaiaiii}j the iiioU aec^rat(:: Detail'.^r^^ Jto ''''i" w"!.h the!! !he ir-;rti!;';t A Jthoriti.-'].-i th"fe King-doins, has becM ark!;(iv,t �re,:. ^....i-; � The f()ur Voiunse.vih iiuirtfi and.Octavb �;(intinue'on Sain ;v!ibp;Sho?,"iaf .nil B�qife^ett(a%r.ff5|�WfiV�Ty a i^i! ^:fd lOs, lid. piji- V'olame; but ijs very; few of the tjuarto i-idUiew iifem%io.-J9u- handj-artJ (as'thit Edition will nc-rer'be repiinted,' a!t i*e-si)j!svv1ir�,hi 1^omitted to complete their Set!; (jf tJie vr.ailM Edit-flHy """e xeqacsted to apply far the defective V'oluines witbb'jf delay. Brilge-strcet,'Oct. i, J8O:?. I' HELMS' TRAVELS' from BUENOS AYRES to PERU. Tliisdayis publiihed, il!u-:trated by a Map, in orii elegant' volume, small oct.-ivo, price OS. in boardsj rpilAV^ELS from BUliNOS. AY^RKSacross ths 3l C()Btineut of squm AMERICA, byPOTOSI to Lllyi.'V, pcxformed in the Years 1790 and 17S)I, being the latest Travels throutjh those Couatricj : with copious Notes hyiiie Translator, containing autiientic Descriptions of all the .�Spanish Possessioiis in South America, drawn from the 1.1,4 and bes't Authorities. By ANTHO.N Y ZACHARIU.5. HELMS, Formerly Director oftho Mines iieur Cracow,in Poland, and late Director of the Mines and of the Process of Amalgu-mition in Peru. ' ; Printed tor Richard Phillips, JS'o. 6, Bridt^e-strfet, Blaok-frinrs, and to be had of all Booksellers. Of wboiii I'lay also be iiad, the PjirrSL-.Njr State or, in one elegant vol. (luarto, cnibellished witii.tnenty coloured En.a,'ravinsrs, price-.^/..'is. ill hoards. DR.'GIU"/raR Y'S NEW CYGLOPEDtA.; 'I'o lie finished in five Mouth-;. , mHE SE V KXT/f PART of tv. GREGOR ' 'JL ' -NJI-W DICTION'All'V of ARTS and SCITiXCESe ii;r;-.i?.ii:.;;; rJ.i th.' new . Discoveries ahd Inipror.-inen:; to ttij 1 , iitioks^. ;,-;.. ;, - .� A Parf.'will -c/Jatirne to' be nv.V.lijheJ on the First Davof th:- fi)"':;\vir)5 flve;Mi;lv;;lj,;^v';^:;: this valiiaMo "VVBrk .will be .Tftsnplet'cdill J'welve i'-Sfa, ut:i!c;,r; two larg-? atici spiciidiJ voUime-^, in 4�att(?, i!.'.ur-tmt.ed-.U-y 'Oiic^iiatidrtidand I'fir'.y Ei;.h�v;i:3, bv ibe Jlrxl ;A!'ii-(?. [�)re.-!e.ii tiiiie, w a- j.'u!)liilii'.u oil th-j First Day of .September, [irice Ts. andhiiiy bi; b;i'.l ofBoukseiliri aad Dealers iii 'i'he \'o!u::ie and may r^uuv t:i"'.pr ^.*riji.!et=d ont'^e c.irstof Auguj:, h:u!, i.! bj:i-'J-, y;"';-.; 'j'. ITs. -jd. .ai;d all _ rec^'tiiii; Niinibers :::,).y ako be in i at .?iie'.flhpp of cvejy i3'S;'l^---"iler. jii t'le ijiiiti-ii K;ii:;ilii:n, p;-:ce l;i;eaciK Goveniiiioiit,  . Co-aris of Justice, Iteiij^ion, Af^rlculture, Producti()!:s, {'oimnerce, Ittvenue'--, (tc. Discovery, Coiiiiticsf, 'topography. Climate, t-uriosities, Natural History, Pbpnl.ition, , .........wv.,, ..v. of that valg;.ble (Vulony. With a pavticulaj- Account of its Surrender to the Britiih Forcej unuor riirHome 1'opiia.m and General Bereslord. ' .Jiy SAMUEL HULL WILCOCKE. This Work will be uniforiiily and elesanlly printed o fine wove demy paper, and coinpii-ed i;i about-12 iNimibers ; to be pnbii;;iied Weekly, price is; c<icli ; Number conlaiuitig forty-eighf2Pagcsof Lctter-pn ss; and I'oraii'ii;one hand.some .Volume in Octavo, embelli.ihcd witir ti �orr.'ct Map of the Couhtrvj an aeeur;�t? Plan of tin; Towi'., iiid various otiicr Plates on Subjects of Naihr.ilHislorv, 'London : Printed for H. D. Symiin.-ls, No. 20, P;!t.'i-..o-jt.'r-row ; IVli^ssrs. Blacks and Parry, Lead-itihaU-'^lree! ; riiid may be had of all Booksellers aiid Newsmen in tiie L'liiied Kiligdom. NEW TREATISE.. Dedic.ited " to the (Senllemen iiitTcsled in Axricolfitr;-, and _ those entrusted witii the Tuition of i. oiath," Oce. This day was pu'ilished, in One Voluine, 4to. embellis'ied with an Engnived Plan, and Si.x l^lates ; togetiier with an Engraved Field Book of 27 Pages, price Ijs. boariis, or , ISs.lialf-boundlnilussia. ; ; rinilK SYS^l ;ofbpp,rt Fields, Ings, Ci)mmon ni.dOl.l Inidosnre, divided and allotted acco-rdiu-v to (/oudiiioj.vs of Ain'Cemeut between the several Proprietbrc. .?uvl; ;:;!!):rt nI hy Pjvj;,' aiid^ Mac'nlriy, Xo.-87, Strati. ' nr..7e H:-'.. ill !;�.>�-'.-.!s, V'.;!'.i",;,First, of xiL UIsr^jaY Oi-"^ KKULANi.�,-iroui tie inv^^uii 0^ Jalius Gsp.'.ir to �he.-;ie'vu;.!*:.�i ; ;:.i,:� I'-f.-c^rnui^iided to Centle^jiPn st;i-iviii.i; t'".  GuM-:n:in. i'u:i;:;;i:;:.^e. TLj Secof;i Volume v.i;! s!ii)i-i!\.iivik'j i!s :ip.;3'e.ira!K-e. ." � "iGfADi';;"i.O^S: OKIlJfNAL' CCaUINE >._'l-Ti.XC'i"'i:i'.:;, is n-j-.v sndsold bv THOM.A!> TIL'-Ci-LER.-I-V, Ma-.-. cKij.-ir:;;!, who. h-id'the original iui'. � -iitlc rtec.'hu from hi,- iirotntr, who married tSe^c--:' liter i vil of th;^ i;;tc:i\;idi; ii;lclli-e;:>, wlirt'aiofte Was in pes- ; ta;i! ii.v I'aablcteoret. dnJ by wljoin it �va'? n^'ve.'-i.i-.ii;:r:ed 'tr> ar.y o!her p?r.-or., nhich nt,\v be easiiy proved if ;!!iy should d'.^Ui'^t. / it mJ !'!��!! !ai'v.-i-t:.-.i by tlie Public, \Yhr) U-ew lis Talu.ible-pi.>p. rile-, iii:it the gi-eat age aivl uuiriiiit-.e-; of thii late nirs. Hadiield, had so long p'reveuted her from prepan^ig it; and the nunibeiless applications for it nwcf, suiiicientiv _ poye its superiority to the spurious Tinctures v.hichhave hecii imposed on tluv public, under that name, during her tiiability t'J continue it. For the s;jkc of preventing these counterfeits in fnfurc, and tither reasons, it has been thought iK"C� l;'l imeu ni.;, ;;nd biuind up for ;i day or two with t;-,e ur.-.-rii.j: ive'|);'; by droppiiia; the tiiutu're ifjuiii it. w ill in liii-. coiiuiK,.! cot Oi wounielFet-t ti c.iiv, aud ^.el�y dK"seroHs woii;:;!, . ii^' oif upon the Plan c.ach PrOpri- �Jne VYUOie i>v .luewiiumonty. By WILLIAM STEPUENSOX, Lam\ SurviiJOr,; Horiiyhstle. .'.'�, ' .,1 l^ondon : printed for H.D. Symonds, P.-iterno3ter-ro^.''� Thls.Tre.^tlse divulges wlwt has hitherto been kept u ;ie-cret from, the Public, sctircefy kiiownto rtiiy than its Professors, ^ind is soensy, tluitaYoutb may tench himself, in ; k to the I'Jun, nnd other. Plates, becMine act^U.'^intcd with the Prucc''(ti.(lg8 of Surveyors and Commissioners, and Plans ill g6ncriil,'so esseutial Jurvcry One intc-. rcatgd in Of riculturul pursuits, &C. , [;; blood, find lias ')-;.'e!; >uee.."ssful!y used ia rei-.-.x 1 -.-.n', � ami seal.Is ; t'.ir st;-.vii;-s, Uf|!ii:;g w-.s" ever jti;).';�:.�;; I., ;-.;i;h;..i the part nll'erted witli, tiiis iinct^i---, v.-ith � by a -jrood -ire j amJ the s.i^iie aiiolje.-!::.);! lias (-.e happj;:sr eil" ;-,'.-; r;ie:im.;(ie i;;jiiis; for u variety of inward' Cc'ir!.iUii:.ts, p.-.rl.le'aiae.'y .the, drpp'in'.'. i:l;i>s of aiiv k;:u'. of Mliite wii-e, i;:ves ["ii-�;e.i; eajc, and bciiis:persevered ii; p.^riveisa cure ; if ii:;� ever been found a sovereigli remedy in spitli;;;; !;lo,i'.{,' or in c.ises sf broiicU ribs, crauy iimard cms!'., brais.' m i'r.ieture, .by t.'.fe-iiiil a tei.spooafiil i;i a .Cla^^s of eol:' --..riri,' \vater, fora;w-- c;s i.'r horses. If It sh'ould grow thick ii.i sevc: d tVo.^t, heiii ; h'id a few minutes by a warm fire will restov.-. it, aiid if kapt well stopped, no time wiUdestroy its virtue;;. � Made and sold by Thoans I'hacher.iy, .�Vshton^-unJer-Line, near Manchester.--Vndaiio sobi, by his ai.>pointaieiit, bv Missi-s. Bacon and l>. No. j Mr. Sheperd, .Maisfit^d. iaO,  OxfdriV-stiYet, oppe-site XeW Bond-street,i.on-don, Wltolc^nk* Venders.- . Mr. Stniiies, Manchester. j>lr. Atkutsoii, ditto. ' ; Mr. Dnniel Lynch, ditto. R!r. Vaughiin, (late Mrs. lAJoki:), ditto. ^^r. Bent, Uiirntley. iMr..Binn5, ilalifax. iM.ess. BrmA '-iind Lancashire, , liudder^field. ; Mr. Sill, ProsKni. � Mr. Leigh, .-Vtheri.lune,.' M.w.^AVviltiiiaiivl Wkitiiwrsh, ...S^l^i^^u^\J ,">�- - � � Mr. MoUnsi'v, Preston. Mr. Giyon, liereford. Mi;>*s. Elder and Co. Edia-�� bVirgh. . . ; : Mr. lUviav-A, Bath. ; UriHvry, Derby. Mt. Woodi Shrewjibnrv. Mr. Walker, NcylrcasUe-up- Mr. Fletcher, CliKSter.  Mr. Kitig, YcuvU. Mesr;. iWl',and Hngue; Mr. WiU,i3un:\Viki?c!v,t.'lK>r-� -lev. '�'�'"* ' ; Messrsi ^tArriott and W.tiJ|ht. Livei-jiuaiL � Mr. Druinmohi,' liincqln. Air. Co;\t�, M.icclcsfii?ltt. 1 1 -s .^nd by all the pTincigiil Venders QtMctlTcincs In tWKJnK-dom. . . ;";'. � ''. N. B. .\ny Letters addressed t6\t8omaiXh�cker�wr, Jjk, be duly ;^tE�iudcitu.

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