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Courier (Newspaper) - October 3, 1806, London, Middlesex T theatrk royat-, drury-lane. < lO-MOUROVV EVENING vill be acted the ^"�"''^"Wk jealous wife. ' Clwrles, Mr. tSartlcv; Mrs.o.iIil^i l*li?s Duntan. Vitb The l^orty TlHi-VtS: ; f.t.- di>iii- mo justice, by'thi" credit you l;a,vi; f;iv�ii to my proffssioiis, I most cariicsily ciitreat you to dojuslit-c to yourM-lvivs by ir.kiiitaiiiini^your gcnfVouS dcdafatioiis ivith every cxri-tiwilhat �eail give tliem effect. . ^ ^ � , � ,', � � 1 hivt-�?!C honrtiir to be, Gpiitlrmpti, Your it)lii;cd and fiiithtul sTHTvant, ygrthanibfflan.rjIou?�', Srpt. ISO'.j. � M'ERCY., . SHAWi IMAYOil. � . A CCrArrtdn Counfil holdeii iiitli.- Chanib?r of the Guildh.-iU of thif City ES0rA*"ED�nanJKVcMiKly, Thatlhe TlianUs of, this Court be giveii to Major-Ot'iuTal lit^rcsCyrd, and ducitiiKi tUc vwv hu;�j}j^|jjllj.^y^ Vers rci�dCT<j�l4y jhciuii* the C!?fltur.� of;\^ii''S, uf ^wio.- (ipciiii'ig a ik';w sourt-e'of Conuurrcc to tho maua'faf tcVics of fJreat liritain, aiid (l iVriVt iugherciieoiiesofoHe oftltcrichcst andnloitextensive Color uiesii) hpr posacssibi). ' Reiolvi'd uuaninirturiy. Thai the Frerdom of tliis City, and a, Swor'd of the v'iiTiie of Two iliintlroJ (juincas be presented to Miijor-Gcrirral-Berest lved unaiiimoufly,That the Freedom of this Rity, and a iiword ofth.-vaUii^ of Two Hundred (iniiieas, hi' jV.ventrA to Connninloro Sir Home I'opham, as a tc;!(imi)ny' �rt catertaifis of his veri'' 'iiL-rilorioiis conduct. . , WOO^THOHI'l-. .. SHAW, .MAYOR. . . , ',- .. � A Coraraon Council lioldiM in the Chamber of the Guildliall of the City 6f Loudon, ou'i'hursiiay, the M day. of October, iH-;y;.. � i'NOLVKD unartimoHsU-', That tTi% Tliaiilis of VICTUAliLJSG OFFICE, Sept. 29, 1806. � llfE Cd'AttnimS'ners for PlcttaUting llis Ma- the 'lUi'aJOclobci- iiext, on life Jiriit'lLWiA-Ay in iSooember n.;/,-/,/ lobe j,nia.fu>), uad-vfVWl'M. UIUED'AAIBER AIAI/iy /"o h^iai'd :'xievied,' a? tliii'ri:^nc(iiie DcaUis theniit-7na,i Ihii.kpririfci lu oJJ'er; amiiernliletii Uteriijlcstn be i.':v dill),of Cuniract; free of al(i-/,ari;e iind fi^Jc io JIU Mm-ji'sli), hill) Hill Mitjiyitfa t'iriuiiUin^'siiirei at I'lytiwuthaud Sotit/itlon-n ; xtnd li/ be paid fur bj iiiUn payable, v-iUi III'-teii'Sl, iiimtii diiyr: ujterdali. Tlic CuiidUimis ofl/it^ Ciititrarls iticif he seen al the OJJicc oft(icA>i;e>ttnctuiUkrail'tjm'Jiit/iafure^aid. j^o rcgartl kUI he had la iini) 'J'tnder in whink the price.ihtilt lutl i/e inscrlf.d in n-ordft at ii.ui;lh, or that shall itol be dc-I'l'creil to Mr. Ivliller, btfore One oH.'.-uvk vn-the said da],i vfTmdr.r, nur iifi'eis'the. prrsuii ivhoi>tn!cci the 7'emlrr, or some, P,:r.ion on hix behalf, altcmlt lt> Hiisu'er iehen'falhd fur.' � XAYY-PFFICE, Sept'iU, ISOJi THE priiicipnl C^Vderif ami Comiitissioncis of iJis MajiUfi) Sail}! do hercbijgivc .\vt!ve, tluit un j'hiirs:' 'day the. V'th'of Octob.iir nuxt, itt Tb-u o'ClvCi: in-ttc Afi<.i.riu<.n, J ilwy Kill ptitiip to Sale, (it l/i�ir tJJfki-in.'Su'mei'set i'liKe,ilcj; .i - �ShaKiiijs.s,' , Canvas, Jleinp,, rindToppels, Oil l-ipi'^'i Tar Uarrels';, liotany Bay Woud, ijic. ?i<.\ Sic. .� , Ijiii^: in !-iii''jliiJii.^:./'ii i'liid rU '.y'uolKich. .. :'yll<a JJh'-Ml!Jc.slt/.i fS'dii li !',l.])Ell, ^.jrij at Shtc-tii^^s. H'fit'i-c liny i'cr.nn^- li-i-i/iing'to.bfiuiiic /"'ijrf.'.-.wAV, ;nay hu.':K ihc li'icrlti tij' vir.'-.-irii; ilii' snric cL'irini^ the i:\ :x:\irKi':g lioiin uf inc Vards iinlii iiii: d?:/of Sah. Jncin.oriViand Cumiiliatu uj .�Ja-e-maf bo had here end at fh: i'urd.s-.. Piinc/'pal ()ijicci:i and Comnihsioncni of , L .//i.v i1i.//':'s,'i/"x A.ii'.v do /�;cL-.' -i//r IriYA hf OUahcr mri, c.t One o'C-ue/.-, tiu-.y .uiUbe read') lu trail -liih sftvhp'crichu m �!::;'-y be Kli'.inr; tu CDrttract fur su.pvljjirt-^' Jlit M'ljvilfi V'^ird at Po>!.rt:~Hil,\ Kcih aquantibjof "Lii.JXL'M' \ IT^'/i'.i of fioiii b'i ii.ciics to �7 incbi'i; Hianicter. A J-'onii of the Tender, v.ay'l'e Kzn at ihh � . , Ao 'J'e.nd&r xi-ill be rccJLcd cifh'.v Twelve o'Ciody on ihc Jrv of Treat;;, vor ahy notiacc', uzifa'i the liartu, ur en n'gmtfo'r him, alt^ndn. , � . ' . , � ' '"'iSAV. l.;pFFIOE, Oct. Ciajj; '^ilVj i^rivcfpol Ojficrr.^ (i:id Cci::m7.^:'.z'o7icn of , .Hin Miijcsli/s .Nciv:/ do kcrc'ji/ I'iL'': fiutiee, t.'iul. on Thufaday> r</i.e UiUf in^aiit,, at On::: c,'CUin\-^ t.'.eii uitl be rtiidi/ to Tterdu\i!h yit!iin one mile ofihe Market 'I'owu of Carniail:!.ei'i, aij.lromnianilsa beautiful prospect of tlie \ ale of I'i>w(^Y.-\ Fe,r furtiier particulars apply by letlcr, post i)aid. xoXw. ,T�PJl E LIT E R A R Y AN I) FASH ION A V. L E %V O R LD. Ou the 1st of NovcmbiT, IHO'i,. will he published the first Nmnbcr of a GlassicaJ and (Jnelnal Work, to be entitled IK iJKAU MONDK) (jr, LITERARY and J FASHJONA BLEMAGA/INL. This Elegant Fub* lie itinn wiUbc conducted tn a striking, Liberal,and Com-nreUrnsive I'lan, and will treat i>f all the moM Intrre^tiiii; SuUjrcW in lllOfi LiFJ: and LITERATURE, so as to prtient a.spirited, butarroirate, l�ictutvbf the general Cha-ructi'rii, MauHcri, Art;, AMUSemejil* aiid Studies of the af^t. it will be pnblished on the Fif-t 'Day of Novi-jnbcr, and -continnrd on the Ftrat J)ay wf cy<?ry4tfunth-aCuwvartb.-^ lienry, Kitig of Knjrland, Mr. Fope; (Cardinal AVclsey, Mr Kcinblc ; Cathrrine. Queen J"ccecd thelatc Right Honourable CHARLES JiKMIiS t''i>X, will take place on TUESDAY next, the 7lh of Ociobcir inttarit, at eine o'clock in tlie forenoon precisely, iu froat 4)f the Parish ehurch of St. Paul, Covrnt-tianlfii." ' ARTHtJil MORRIS, High BaiULV.   Sotithainptoii-sttect, Oct.'id, IfeQg. ^^ISTRESS'iX-GlERMANY..: ^��:-N� SDBDAY next, Oetbter 5th, iSOjS, t\y6 SERMOM S-n'iU he prt-acbetl, at*tli'fey Cliar-cl, Price 'is. Gd. cacii :Vi'inber. 'Jhiii VVork wiircvntainptirtieolarly jrtportantand iutcrc?* ing'Artides under all the subsequent heads: 1. i'ortraitsof lUnsttiQOs MeB, with authentic Biosraphi-cal Sketches.-','. Original Communkatldhs.-3. Viflw of Literature.-1, Historv.-5.-Tfce Stateof Society mud Man- Under ail the aVivvc va.riOBS and strikloj; hrad$, will be insetted the r.ioft iiiiiTo-tiiii;, instrwttvej intport*�ti aird origi-nal articles, which yi'\\t Ge wrilteu by itteo of'�^cftef abi-litiri; thrvrefure this. N'cw and PubUtitfoainujt b� inaispeti-.ible for eveij- Literary tSrfPashtoftable Garttirw, njaii. " ' � ' . , .  f;isi�n. �^* Sei^ice trt cofflmerice. In tbc morning at half past ten, and in the evcniiigatsix o'cjtKk. . � , ^-�, BADHAM'S LECTURES on AliCDF- __CINE.and CHEMISTRY, will "be commenced on i'ridaviiext, "tlie 10th orOctobrr,at S o'clock in the ihorn-iiiLSat No". 15, Clitlbrd^street, Iiurlinj:ti>n-tiardens. "10 be SOLD, a PERPETUAL A I)V0WS0.\, of the yearly value of FIVEHUNDREb POUNUSi tlie present Incumbent is Ha years of ase. liitiuircnf Messrs. Clark6.on,:j.'i,.Esse>i-street. "^^ " UNION CLUB, Si;pt. \m. ' /GEORGE RAGGETT has the honfuir to iLir acquaint the Members, he has taken for their aecoiti-niodation, that ELEGAKT M.VNSION, the late Duke of LEEDS's, in St. James's-square, where he purposes carry-inj? cn the Club on a permanent foundation. 11 AGOE^Talso informs the Subscribers that the. necessary slteratioiis and improvements of the House are in a state of forwardness, and that he is fitting it up in the first st;,le of elegance, which will very 6i)on be ready for the busiilciis of tnc'Clijb. � � � ,' , " . ' . ; -'  LITERARY EMPLOYMENT and PRINTING. WANTED, at Christmas next, a person pro-tjeriv qualified to isUPERINTENb the pnbliation of a WEEKLY NE>YSPAPER, ill the North of Ensland. , Also, a JOURNEYMAN PRINTER, capable of M;i-naRing the PrifitjV'g *hc said Paper, and the general coa-ceiiisofa Prliitiui^Oflice. Li>fti'rs'(p'8st paid), with r^eferences as to qualification and n-;or it conduct, a<ldrc*sed to Y. / No. 3'i, Compton-strwt, <.leikimrclU will be duly attrnilfd to. ."l^dNEY.^Messrs. LUCAS and Co. beg leave JjA. ito inforitt thiise that 'nay. he in want, and deirrbus of J�LQ.^this Conrtbe given to Majur-General Sin Johti Stuart, K. H. commanding his Maje. .V ;rroops ictin? injCalabria, and to-the Oflifeis and Men tinder bis Comuiand, for their very gallant and heroic Conduct at Mnidaj theri>by provinj^ the World tliiit the boasted Prowess of the French Arias 0; lot stand, wlicutiiirly tri-'d, before the intrepid br.ivery, n itcady disi^ipllne, of llrjlLs'i Snldiere. ' ResMved uhanimousiS', That tlic Freedom of tlii- City, r rM)Hs HiTvicei!. woo�a !'fT irt^]-. adequate Annuity liitcrmfor the same. As also mojiey will fee, {idMUved to those' of kiiowu proiJcrty, on tlieir pcisoniii {>elAl�-lty>  ^^'5^^iHjB�} �pipli#A^nr an* daily received by Mes?r?. Tircas , nntlGo. at N�. Jiiinrti-ftrcet, Adctplil, Strand; acd Ifcvlek �? Vl^oiitpaid) anW^-TeJ-W'ttl^nit d .STAT^X0TTER"V:' (�wnraencrs Drawing on the l;?th  J6f the pjrfes^pi Mouth, (October), being the only Lottery to be drawn this ye{ir� and no other will be decided by the �.iamc iv. � .. . The Scheme contains, . 3- Prizesof � ' Li,'20,000 3..w.:......^...:.______....10,003' 3i......................... 5^000 fifc. &C. ^-c. Thelowest Prizes arc Iwenty f Pounds, and no fivcd Ca-oital, except the First Drawn Ticket, entitled to TT.N 4'HOUSAND POUNDS.-Ticketi and Hhaits are on RlCbARDSON-, GOODl.UCIv and Co. � Stock-Brokers, Cornhill, and Charinc l.roi-s. SWIFT and CO. POULTRY aiid CHARTNG-CRGSS. npiCKETS and SHARES of the State Loltery, ' jL in brgtn Drawing the 13th of ne?;t ftiontli, are selling by SWIFT and Coi at their Licensed Oihces, >o. IJ, Ponltrv, festablishedui l/.o9) and N-o. 12, Chaniv: Cros.s, ni of ths Cityi ;ind a Swtint of Ihf \fali)e of two flundreri Girineas, lie ptj..^ iKcd Io j/ifHtcaaiit-Gencral Sir liAvia JB-iL;^!, .\. IS. a: a. testimony of he hi.thestceni which t^is Court erilcrfains of ft^.^'-verv merino n');...-; Servieek. V/COOTilO'ftPE. MS,\iiT, iit--iirtit iVIac�hall Of.. tiia.C/#a � Demer.u-y, du!v aylbRflsed by the '�H'oiio>ariie Court in Justice, adverties ff/rthe first tifne; thVi;rFfH%'iei expiration of oae y'ar and six weeks, rerko.itr; froti thi- Itith d:iv. of Decenibt-r, !Ho5, hi- will evpo�<; .Mariitall Hale, in lifhalf of B. de Jinnnevin, aiuUiiep'i., .C-^tcculOrs to the last Will. and Teslafticat of. L. Lal'imar), deceased, versus Fr.inces Frith, widow, and litiefieliioldor of John .MaCkay, dee.;-ased, Tho COFFEE PLANTATION called ROURDEAUX,: ;-itu;U.';d in the River Demcn.ry, ?iiaiiel No. I, with all the hiiil;iin;5S, Slaves, and Appurten inces theivto belonging, tlie* pv:;p;'rtv of the said Frances Fritli,' and whereof an Inveii-tori is daily to-be seen at tae Couiitinff-house of Measrs. Roa;;emont and Bchrends, ^o. 11, Uriiad-strect IJuilliii^.i, Londiiii,andof Messrs. Fraissinetaiid Scharll, I\\, oiOMiC. VRLo iiid -fi. SYDERIA. A Ronrance in Futurity. By AI. GRAN VILLI'. Thro' what new scenes, what changes must we pns.i; Tiie .wiac,th unbounded prospect lies beiijve me. Cato. Also just piibltshcd, in 4 large vols. 12mo. price Iris, in board--, The SARACEN, or M.Vi'lLDA and MELEK. ADHEL, a Crusade Romance. By the celebrated'. London: printed for R. Duttoii, lo, Giaccchurch-ftrcct. " ~*" Mrs. KENDALL'S NEW NOV EL. ~ This Day is published in 1 hrce Volumes, I-2imi. price l'?s. in boards. ORl LVND MANOR; or, WHO IS THE^i ___IfElR .' IVY'�irs. IvEiNDALL, Author of Derwent Priory; Caslla . oil the RocRj^c. &c. - Printed for Longmau, Hurstj Uecs, and Orine, Paternos-' tcr-riiw. Of v.'liom hiay be Jiad,.just published, in two voliiiiiej 12mo. price tis; ui boards, MADAME DEMAINTENO.V, Translated from the I rench ot Madame detiENLIS- CATTARO, MOUTHS, TOWN, l-ORTIFICAT10NS. This day is pidilisli^d (contnmedMonthly), pric*; llalt-a Crown, neatly sewed, conii.-.tuig ot �evcu sheets of Letter IVe=s, printed in .SVo. on ttnc wove extra royal paper, large page, witii double columns, so ;is to co'ntain morj matter thannny literary publication e.vtaiit; with plates, lontainiiig a planot the Months ot (nttaro f the lowii, Fortilicntions and State Prison, No. I of ri^HL LU'ERARVPANORAAU, mtluding a JBL lleview df Thirty Books, Register of Events, and Mugazine of Varieties. This Number contain* upwards of Ohe Hundred Miscellaneous Articles: among which are a Dijcriplionaiid Historyof (attaro; an Account ot Pnpen-burgh = Report ottlie Comiuitlec of the House ot Commons on that Staple Qoininiiditv of England the W oollei; i rade, and the Combination;. amiMig the .iourneymen; Chiiteaubriaiid s Account ot Mount V csuvius. and his Descent into iiic vrater^ Lord Sudolk s Plan for aiw!lt�iuliiig the Condition ol the Poor? Interesting niid Literary lutelligeoco irn;;! China, (fronticiii ot) Iraiii'.e, Germany, Hollatid, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Uuasia, Turkey, Dcnniarl., Greece, America, &e. Published by C.Taylor, No. lOS, llattoii Garden. Sold by Blacks and Purry, l.eadcnhaU-5trcet> Egert�ii, Whlte-iiiill; Hatchard, Piccadilly; Budd, Pall Mall; C'o��h, Duke-stieet, Portland-place; Kent, Paternostcr-row � and all Dookscllom ia Town and Couniry. P/cspt-tus gratis. ; t ri 1 tl-oi -> J . )( h risiolj Coi-.-ter; i\'!iJirr I'Ol.iLvKch LiHt'*f.;-; i J " 0\ t r f,< 1N Foa I'lii. (.'itoivrn <m',/.viit. ADIES and GENTLiaiKN who wi?h; <lie .iriiameiit of a FI N i; lU'^A!) of II AIR, need make tfi.ll of tho Kt.'Snf/V 011., particularly as t: <*. use <i"r Oilsare fomid so nece^s.iry to nllii. ;eii tiie ll< m.- iii use' by the Royal. Family,-, and Ladies of the ni>.t circle. It i.i a noarishci-and impniver to its erowtli, prevents its falling oil", and is so great u and atrengtiie.iK'r tu tiie |Iair, asto urevent it becoming bald or turning grcv.tnthe litest period ; also resti)ie� iheilair on bald place.;. " Cienllemeii, -who have iieen bald tor v�;ar4i, have ax'ei.iied, alter tisiiig the RusiiaOil regularly tor three months, oecur.-.e nearly covered with hair. It wul serve as a snli.sntiKe tec ponatuiu. It is recommended to Lsdifs who use ciiessiii}' irons, as vipicventstnc Kl-etUa-ts urcasioiied by their lu-at,- F.r:ce (s. i>er b(>ttle. or wne c(.>nt:iuiinir tour sinaij. (iuiuea.-Ii) be had ol tne Pr(>prieli>r, ."i-J;!, {>.\;.,nt-s;re' i: and, by appointment, Smilh, l-ertuii\er to nis .\i;yestv ;i;iu theRoval Familv, No, � 1 lO, N(^v/ Hond-sireet; I'-.-i.^liie. 'X Itcliborne-strert 5 liavlev, t.ocl.spui-.-iieet; f>acu-'. d \ll u /) 0\t>rd I' \l, U 1 a, \ liil 1 > {(i botn: iiuller, -1, t-aeaiiside; Saitw r.ii 1 EJvwird., '.).>. .�-it. Paul -s Churen-vard; Vi ilhers,li^y, Siv.-ir.d. i:ear i. ei;:|,�e-ii -i i'i-rrin.'i.'I. Smithampton-stieei,, (;�v ;oval l-.xehaiiije. l.u.iiio.n iluiU i)a!'ie--itri Rafburii, .\orlli-brKl};i', iai.'hurfta; 1 ) , s ilis 1 IM i-^t !u \ o k \\ owlir i, 1 \ a-id Cnitwell, B:Uh;^ice,; lulUi^s, Liverp .Munclteslert ihomoson, Newc:v.tle j Swintuii, IliL-lm, PortsmoutJi; .Me.lcnett, Norwi;::. ; ^^ for.l: 1 lotlson, Ci!Mnl>r:<ige; Al arr.'ii, ftiartJii te j .briKhten; llarvev. Soutiiainptim; liuigeii, fv.r/r=^s;^ (Icii. (;iieltenharfi; mid <;! .\ieiVt�ae \ ciideri ana Ftr-tnnieis 111 town ar.d country. i\. B. *|ic Riiseia OU will rests.'e tue low jif iiair on Hor-ics, which ofjou proves agraii<ii3tiijurciii<.r.i to t.iose vu-luable animals. Jleware, as noac are FejiaiiV;\but those who haveihe RnsJian Eagle a.T the ouwide, au� iignoa la R(?d inxbv cue Proprietor.^. " .Mochnkuisky and innce.. � to fsuu:e-fii� which IS I'ehtnv.. ' Orders from anv pr.vt of the will hs vj.l nv remir-ttng t!ie money, reeled to Mr. Prince, jja, i^.stiirj-=iirei:(, London, (ioiul alio-.vincc to iUereh;intf naa C api.tiu-, t-r export-Uiaa, as It has been loiiad inlinitciy suvicibic i;i Wanaand changc.-igh: f.riiiiaies . "DIj.I W] rT^'HM.J , and oihir bijLAji ~T" DOGS. mHF fol'jwii'j most vJinlU TUFDfCiVi:^ -ft. (discovei-ed and prepared by ftir.BL.U.NF, V tt!::'i-nary Surgeon, Ao. 3, 'SVeil!-ftrcct, 0-vfijrd-str is.-His Worm jPowders, price '2s. 6d. per S^tj dtvstroy all the various Wiidsof \^ orms, without cter tnilirc C.\.NKim IX TUR li-.\K.-Blood ^ir Matter within side of thtvLnr, teaicrs Dogs tilmost to Madu-ssi but the complaint IS rciidily removed by bis Ciiikcr W ash, price 2i. ou. per - Bottle. C.vnker on thbF�.M*oi'Thk L.'Vr.-This Ouitmeiit is a speedy and certain �.,iire, unce vs. tid. per Bov. Foulness and itchuig of iJie Skin are ii'inoved, as well us condition promoted, by his Alterative Crunditioii Powdi'i's, price vs. jiersct. , Ptin<:iAO BA'i.ts, n sale, but effective purgative, price �Js. Hd. p.-r Itbx. These Medicines are sold by his W boliftale Agent?. Mr. Booaey, 4< OW Oroatd-strect, where Mr; JJluiiic ntleads evt*ry Wednesday from eleveii to.onc; UarcJayvUiid S<�). FleetMarHet; Hollier, PaU-AJaH r Crlsi}, (.;�ckspur-strcet; Httddleston and Co. Dublin; Ko/SU, South Uritlge, Edia-luii^i I and Osbora, Kew-York. n,iticc.= of the fe.ittires iutne-Costiiuiea of Gea-tleinrn, which will be iliuslratid wU i ina.�erty Engfaviiigs anil friticisir.-, th-:t m.iv lierve at once as ;in explaii it ^a2ii!i; t,ill In; puhU-ri!"! .-:n th'.i J.';t of Novemb'T. .it Will be einbuiri-heil witi) a CiJirf'!.-t Likene.-:s of (uir int-.i gr.i-.-iouj Kiii;;:, eiijirraved. bv p^Tinission oi the Frji>ri.-tor...,il' the, lj�i-,d."U s-Grand iidf-tio.-iOf Shakespeare, l''n;m l.*-.; \yhole leiig'.h Porfr,-i(c wnicn adi;n-s tl;;.t v, ork : thf- C'-ijlFiai painting from which it was tiikeii is th:; priVii!ction of that e^tccned laasier Sir . V(ilii;.iin Bcec'.iiiy ; awl a c.'l.'ijf.tted engraver hi: been em-nlovt'd to preinrci t'-.e l^iiiit whtce. -.vil'l decomtc the fii-'t A'uin!)^^ ot' l.ii' !'.,?au ;'.!o.iile, or L'.ter.iry .-irS Fasiii.-iriiinlc ;v!aj;:;.zir.c.' A ^j;^v,Iep!-.Ual il-retch uf bi-s'-MujeEty lil con�-piwe t!!rl;rit'pa,"c..; fiijd Uir.e.'g'nciul tae snliwquer.i .numbrrs . will be given, iila ci.utiiui'ils-i.TiC';, and in the"aine splendid style,�FiirlraiCi aiid ^iur^ci'iili.^'^i .Notices oi'lllcstr-ous Cha-r;i:tt.-�-, 3-niiuii; iv!\-.iin tiie- iUitisU t'riiices v.ill. take precedence in ti^.Mn-vU'.r of public.itU);i.. I'.ach Kunber of!.'; Beau .Moiide will contain two beaa-tlKilly coiiMired lingia^ iiigs cf a .Vlan of Fa-hid!;, one ina . Mornin^-'s aiiltiieatlieriiian .l:vcning"3 Dr'e-S';. , An Eiigraviiy of a .New tartiicc by tui i-uprnvec! Coach -Miiker, will follow the CoiitmruN ; tliis --vir. be c.\eciitcrlin . the isost tastefij in.-imier, and accor ling the cnr-j�i:uJraircd ' nii-iJe!. .�' : � ' . .A !'rintofsomeel;".i;aiit piece f i'ar'iSia.-i or Erclish Fur-liittii'e -ivill lie occ:;siiJii;illy iiiiraduced ; aiiii all these cr.ibcl-lislwnenls will be Ci.doiii.'d in a superior >!'.r-. 'i'his work will be printed i;: royal oci-.v.-^ on the liiejt ->vo\ci! ji.-iper, raid evi ry dcparinieiit'f it, b�nh as ti> us appo;irai:ee and iiitenial ciinii'-oiillan,; wi'l lie c'^eeuicil bv .l.iierary. (Jentleincn a'.id .\r!i5t> of the..'Jrst abiiiiics. Prin'ed and i'uidirhei'. I'-jr ,.l. B. ilrll r.-nd Co. .\o. 'J^l, llolii', near I'urestile ; a-jd wwis in: iiaii ot"every .IJnoiieiio.-and Xe-,'.i in I'bwn :uid Coiiii'.r.-Ihre-arl'-iUit the L nito-l Kie,>;d.�!i!. l>-.i!y .-.ppiic.i-viijn sh'nutd be nlitdL' in .frder i ^iT cf vvhici! tJio nnnt emiile-tii.-al (i) thecaiisi.itr -.tion ot'inlcliigriit and t'.;s'-iiaji.;tl^,i; ..�adj^rj-, wi.M b'r !e^.rt.ed wiljlrf*'utaiosl pUJit-tinilitv. , The l'nn,>i-i-.'�'ir> i.-niie ine .'utlints ki'-aW Xew i^'uMir,!-tiii.-'.s ti> s: il-'l .(-'opies i)f theu- \Vi:r'�, .uiilc.;, it a^,piuv.'d ..i' . 1-ill b'Mu't.->e.i i.i th-- V'ie.v. �!)(� l.iuT ,'!ir �. ' ^ti.>l'ii-;i.,ij".5 Uii.i'.xiA.� ij .Ui\:\{JT\7-r TlXCrnitl^ is uow n!::ds aiKlsoli by THO-MAS 'I'il.'VC-KHll.-W; 'nA.Ncifi:Sfvi-.i) hid tiic i)ri;:=i!i.-a authejilicileeoijil fi-v>'n Ik; iieett;:::, v;:!'! ii; .rdoil i;ii'\!::lv ddii,t;htcv o[ t!:e i.'ie. .Mr.*, ilad;;.-! I, >v:;-.':U vva-' i,-; pt.-"-, session of tiiat ir.valuatdes-.nTct, aiiiiy ivI.L.ri. i: v :.s ixvtr iiEpaVtci loany othci; p:r=on, v,-;.ic.';;!n2y be e.iSiiy j;ri;vea ff -aiiv oiie siioaid dou')'.-. . "  i: iK-.s DCeii inineiitej ijv i^... i';.,,i'e. ^. wo knew mo v-:!u-.b!" i:.i;rii!:t(:'S o. In:; Ute e siiouid"dou:j -.s been i;iin;':itej') ".ics. tLat l.!ie gre I'l 1 , ' * zo 1-, t'.;e ii-j'-.i.icr.eT:. a; Ls s'jpericrriv lo ! :i:i:�ej i;.". t.': , t>. '.'.i < :;: p.pc OS' ake.-'s .-asic 1 111 i.-t> tiieo:-.!' prLp \ t 1' it r I r and oi t/;e sh ir I 1 ciUons L;r it r J"- J1 L I ton V 111 ' J ur^.-icriirs t l 1- ?'.> �.vi � lilt'J re: t tor avni: coaiits (.-; J t t c::e. tht.arim'.i;'. yr? s:g'i( .1 '.'ilh �J'hii tincture, s i.r ) 1 dn 1 I J II te and biniiid II!) r. b , tlri;ppiKt the t'i v.e-jnd ellcct a cur. i,i a t n in piBi' b!i. .is K-.T-L'vcrt'-d; �. c tverv ,-...C!- r 11 d I person ,:n th.^ wjrl.i h.-i� tho ..i-r.!) a.iers.-.lied vir'u;-, t;;ai ?. fc'.v i v.;U.,U:it, cr eld U,;eura.:,, e.o -.Mth tii? dref--i:t.g k;';i', n;.)'":t will in :iiiy c.i:i!nn).T c-it e-�V .5, s e.\fceu;v;;ty eineaeious ii> tt:f b";.ii the ps.rtaFcaod:v.-ith thi<. tiactaro, with-ths ftaa-l war.inoa i-ri-.-etrirnr-ptrla'aiiCtsd wltStne sevtiert roeuicitic -^j.nns; f e-^ V i-ict'v of in7, ciinHil-ur-n, p,;arly -.tie .-^r. v-l, ti d'- p n i^n I <i 1 1 ti'ti Mil , "-iv "< I rt�eit " ' !T.';', iii r.'etlsa .-urc 1 It K-is over ;�ecn ledv in spittiai: �r in cases of is-..:irai .1 Ic . i; , a t h ij < I a 1 vrr i � t u\ ) rit i-r v I i\ i I t 1 t r t i:ot com:; tn woui;--' t 1 ii 11 r f ojt 1 f ti h I ; or tr.icture. b.- tak-i a v r U'^- \ It r,: , -1 'vc k euMtMniij; w ater is .Vu. .'. inue� of this St�nie. are 1 e:ii\, a-s It IS eflually i.set'ul p-.iui.s .y .-xniii.wlj, and h;.a n la? bo::'.;!, bv :. i^:' L'ver fuiinu nior;^ l-);ij_' been ka iil no ;!pp:iratuin v qiiicklv edie.iiioai in ;.ll \vou:i'isiir bru'ses in d.i^s or hoi-s It itshoul.l ^ruw the-h in severe irost, h"i! v, .Isatoii-HnJer-Mne-r.ear Maiieiiester.-.-iiid ;i1jo sol:, bv his liprioiniuiciit- by lUe.'si-s. Baeon iiinl C�i: No. � iJi.!. OM-ord-street. opp..-sile New HoiiJ.:-i-.ii.i.oii-doii, W liolea;ile \ enders. Mr. btaiiies. ftlai!elic.-.ter. Mr. AtKii.soii, d.iio. .Mr. Oanu'l Lvncu. diilo. atr. \ iiUiihan, ilaio .^:rs. t-ooKe). iliito. Mr. Lent, liaiutl-'v. Mr. BSnii.., Halit.iv. Mess. Brook irtid Luucaslnrpj Huil(U'r>neld. Ml Sill l\ i m .Mr. S:ieper5l. M:uishi^d. .Mr. .Vio.iijsey, Preston. .Mr. (Irscn. tlcveford. .Mc^siv. I Idtr aiidCci. Ld>n- bnrfli. Mr. ll:i:*:ird, ii.r. l)r Vond, Mhrew*bury. Ml.Walker, Nt-wea.tli on-J^ne. Mr. lletolver, Chester. Mr. King, Yeovil. -Messrs. Holt, and Hague, Newark. Ml. WilllaiiV>Vilcock,|Ghor-Icv. I .Messrs. Marriott and W right, Liverpool. >tle-up- Mr. I.eiiih, Ataer.^lone Mivs. W y:itt:iii4l W hitmar�h, : rumiiunH\,1.1>5coln. Alt Coat�, Macclestield. .\ndliy UlHhepiiucipa) Vciidei'sof Metliciues in the Kingdom. N. B. Any Lpt^rs addressed to Thom.ts Thasktray, .Isb-ton u'jJoi-', wiUbcduly iitteiidwlto.

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