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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - September 30, 1806, London, Middlesex TirF.ATRK ROYAL, DRURY-LANE. THIS JVcseat iiVlvNlxNG will bu acted ilie Plav of PUARRO. J!;-. I.'a.0more; AJoniso, i\lr. Jl. yiJdo.w; i'lvjra, Airs. x'imdi. ^vith tITf; IVEDrilVG I>AT.  On Tlnir-day, Thr Soldier's Oaiiglitc}-, Tlic Fnir Cirrns- ' sunTJ-______ THr.ATRl". KOYAL, C0VKMT-(;AIIJ)K.N. mO.MOHllGW KVENING will be perfonncd a. fie ri.\v af KINO iiFiNRY THE Founrir. V:.T itiWe; Sir JAUn I'alstaiV, :,.r. S. Kcmble ^"'^ With �r�l^: qiti^iiiV Maria, ?'vf.; C.Kcmhle (being licf first appoarancc o;i t!ii-Stag-.j ; � : TU' ^nthnritv of'ilic rOlib CirAMBKin-AIN. �r,irf;.(-IJEXKFiT of.\ir. PALftUiR, Juii. � 77rr,ATlJ.K-IlOVAl.^ liA.V-Al\RlvKT., � The OAf-rASSi'JuC'mB. . 0?rtii)n'1,I>v,T npiitk-miui t Hassan,Mr. Paliticr, im.; Fa-tuT I'liiMji, Mr. Palmer, (by jicrmissioii of the i*r UARHELS,:and the M A YOR of GAR R ATT. , Jerry Sin>a!i:, Mr. llEES.  tickets to be bod Ht Mr. liarle's CiniilatiiiK I.iVrajy, V'-l)om;ir)r-stre .ace( Iw >;)l>fi^. . � . '. - ^ / ; ANNHITIKS REOEKMABLK. nni'X Yr;)rs Ptirchasivwill be immcdiatclv" given .1. for AnimitiP? iiiideniably Bfcured upon Freeiold, C�-jivii.!l.i, or Idis l^sebold testates,hhere tjie parties have nii ;:l)-(l,iT'" ii'-ter urt' of fill' linvs), ivloiicy cannot br; olitiihu'd upon Morts.<j;e. Aiui  ifiW yenvii fiiirch'ase will like wist be givi-n fur Annuities for Live?, �ecurert on <he like,property,i�f �it ^ioaey in ill - i liids, where the parties, have only a life interest." In eiiliiT OJiSe, the ftrantfrs-will have the "power of reileemiti}; the J-uni".-Apply pei.iOuaUy, or by letter, to JMr. K.iit^, at hii linnff, P, .lohn-sireet, Adelphi. �< 'b'UKy-s &w. GIT y" ooAU: PLAiV-s for building a NcMT Goal, suffiriont to coiiMi'i for tJie present, the rtrc<s?.irv and di..tinrt Ap rfiueiits for Eiirhty Frlons and Ki.rtv DeWors, at l.-asiv ii .th?, and �theraccommodatiohs rrquirod hv tii:- Uiws, uow iii force in Ireland, respecting GonU^ ith siijficipiit V ards, Coiuly, Giiard-houseF, e.�"rs� GLAsr.ow wXter-"vrORKS. ' iTlir A?rrBc fur iKc rGlasgow Wii^r Works f y � Compiiny, r.A^t lJi6^ PtP^^Si-of n*ne a.id fiiiffceii itich boreii delive^l>le at the Cinnpany's Y*"*! "n t).,iii ic, eleven, ;�nd twelver indies d!:fir.i�cr,att:e smallest ends. The piiiees t.o he ^ited at y rculiie font measured nett without the bark, aad deliver-nl'li'ns abuve. ' � , , � : '. ' �� . 'i-'S /'l-M J'lftS, of two, three, four� and fiW inch t >ri-, U'iiver.iblc at t!>e Brnomielaw, /\las!y)\v. 'J'lm pro-{. ''ul are (Oct-iter ine (^uan.tity of yards <jf Oath port, th�: � "I's in whirh tiiey caiv be delWie*!.and^ what price per V. r i i::len;;lh. , " ... . ' ' 1 r'l.i^s.ils tti �vyritin^", sc.Jer' up, are to ]x� yent to Mr. Da- n:it;::o, RAWN THIS YEAR. TKN Tn0US\>;i) FOUNOH First drawn Ticket. . DrawV.iK I'^th THIS iVJO.VTK, Cii-nlatniiig tiiore Capital I'wizes, ruid lew Tickets than any f.irmer Lottery. OiiW 'iO.lW Tickets. TSt'RCTTA=5E]lS "will have the Oppottnnify of >S. nbt;u:.ini; .-lil th>' Capital Frizes, provided they jinr-cliasG bi'i'orc (ho i-Vi-awin:;. " . � :s(niEME. � . "o.ofl'rizes. "Valueof eatih* Total Valiic. s.......;__________l.':;o,o!)0...........L.()P,cun , 10,01)0.ya,(HO ji.......*:....... i�,ouo .....i>................ 1,000;.........., %OvlO; . ii...:v.)()............ um' '^'1................ 100............. 2,01),) � : � (iO................. .'�()............ '�2,im .....'20..8'2,im LviOO,O0l> Presest rnic^:  ticket.;..............�.'h.L.lf) 17 0 ;Jn'f'.---........-.. 10 3 .) I Kifdith.............2 ir.fi ............r> 2 0 ' Si\teenth......... 1 (i 0 (jn'^';^*-*'" find Shares arc on wale at every Licenced Lottery s Tu U�e .l�ROi>RIErOr of STIRACIAV ITlALlAN tp r. OILS. hvo Gcntlemon Iiaive 4esire�l mc to inform ^ "jOtt, I may acqii liat any Lady or CJcntleman wltlr their nainv's. One gentleniaii is upwards,of seventy years; two .�w-.b:ick he had scurcoly ahalronlho lei'tside O? bisjiead; JJ,'^"ow. srovvn so long and thick that I h.aVc cut it tvAtc. {other KP.ntlemaii is in the' arftiy ti &Unrt lime pince he n-'il several bald nlaCea:flnihiis.hettd,ithc8i/.p of liitlf.a-crovi'n j * WKde usi- only bt" one d�t of yqmr Oils, .-iIhI his hair Is quite ?"'\�''"'V-Al;hiM:ofmifte,whcr}anionthold,Uadnolmiron 11= iiMtl} It is astiJnishbg how jfine his hair grew after using lamaiirj yo'ar's,&c. - R.GOODiHair-Dresser. No. 274 WuidmilHtireetvBedfflrd-^^ tim AT^.^*'^'^ ploadBre ifr.�ac*lo�,*W!y�i knr-H''' oulj'atticTipJi>ron*aklnfffhe h^ilr grow on ofi.r.' a^hoir* 41*0sitite,ruVbed tlie ImS ort'one vwrfui"''"*'?'*'' Mze*f"a HUHWne'; f ium�*?ia�tely ordefea Butu 'ubbBd-well on tl)c Ipipef Ih Jf.'s than a Z;'V^^**.'TJ^�'''^P �e�j-!wHMre thit blemish was col*mr! 6�ntlemefl�id it wo^never'comc its natur.-i ''i^swiihillein"'' * ^ozen^pots df youtf Oils, as I always? A.,. 7,,80S. W^LKlK?Q|r^>-o. H8, Q^fora-roai^*i ''*<J*w''�n^^ Gentlemeo Who* piflrchatc ''.'"�UcroSslliftM'Si' ut tlie Tothe WORTtlY ami INDEPENDENT EtECTSOR V ofthe ClTYpf WISTMINSTER^ rinvTi.r.Mti'v. SINCE my first gddrflss, which J hfid the honour of maUins to you, I have received s^ch warm asSufauccs of support I'nmi several Meetiogs of El^ector.s, and particularly fnnii the very respretablc and nameroiis ftjeetiirs whic.li was holdenthisdiiy at 'iVilhss Rooms, that I present myaclf to you a^ain Willi iidditioiial ranfideiire of success, j'h'' kiudjUM^Ia,i^tti4�HS-tvlH ,v4M *oUfr I consider us lliUleriitj; tesrnnonies that the Constitntlonai Principles o;i wliicn 1 h-ivi- cl.iirmvl your fir diiiie ni'-jii.-itiee, by thr credit you have i;iveii to my .prore?.i.ioiiB, 1 niObt earnestly entreat you to do ju-tice ti> yourselves, by 'niaintiiiiiiiij^your ffeneniiis declaration, with every e.vvrtioii tiial cm give them elteci.' ^ - . ' , , 1 have the honour to he, Oentlemen, i oar obH..;ed and faithful .servant, Northumberland Hoiise, Sept. ^'t; ISOi. PERCY. ~ A l a very niilncrOHS .iivd n;s|)or;"tal�lf, Mtieihiii^ of JtL the El J'OTCVRS of WESTiUlIS.'.i I'ER, held at VV ll> LlS's iiOOMS; liiua-street, St. James's, on 'iiiiauAr, � ' ,tii-4>Rr!E liTirr:^ Esfi- in the riwir.. - . ; Tli(?f;)lhh*f,ig Re:soliifi.n:te frijiiig^boeif moved by Sam.iTfl Ayhitbre.ut, Jisq. And :^ecoiid.;d by loan Elliott, Esq. were unanimously earrie.l, viz. That this" Wcettng is deeply impressed wttH the irreparable loss which this (Ujuiilry ami the World has snjtaiued, by the DeatH of tlieir late beloved Repr.sentatlv reprejeat thc'City aad Liberty of Westtnijisterin Parliimeiit.- That the iiidepeiidciit PrinciplesAvfiicb liaveanjfornily dis-tinftuislit'd the Percy Fij:Tiily are the be.st i>le'.lt>.e of his Lord-s'lip s attaehmeiit, to the "C'.>nstituHoiijtl l.itieiiies of his Country. r � 'that the scvevsl Persons compa'inf; tliis Aleetfnj^ will, if nefessarv,.f�i.oei.itet|n lusvlv. s with the dilleri-ntCominittees held in tiieiv rvrspective 'Pari-lies, for tlie purpiwe of .taking; sueh inejisijres as may bi' foijntj'expedient to ijive etViet to lhes:i Resolutionii; and for ssecuciug the i-.L-ction of JUrrl Pei-cy. 'J'hat these Resolutions lie sign -d by tbe Chainnan on bis-half, aud ill the iiiime of tliis iUcetiUij, and b.c published ii| tKcDally Papers,. (vSijjtiedV G, BYNO, Chairman. Th.nt the Thii!;ks of t!iis Meetfrig bo given ti> the tJLinirman for Ms abli- condiiet i.i tlic Ciia.i-. ' � ', , . Jl ijAlST.S, Frieii. s to its rear In^ependenfe, are" tnost e.->riiestlyrequjistcd to ftiretat the Geiirf^e Ian, VVincheftr, on ThursdayThc 2d of ()'t.nobi.T next, at Twvlve o'Clock at .]No6n..'v . � ., Dinneroh tabk at Three o'clock. Sir TiiO.VlAS ^llLL'�.il,|�.a^.ia the Chair. .  . �, .STEWA:Ki>S.. W. i^OWLETTPOWLETT, NAVYrBi'FICE,, JBtrtit. JC., tSO'i. ' � ^:#f.__L-.. .Mr* '.* � :V, .^j on mic/y lo lira t nil li.iw.h persuns at ma^ioKlUing towidiact J'm-itipiilging HAMWOCK.S, V<� be delivered at Hit lUnja-tf.i I artls at Dcplj'ord and fVooUich. j4 I'aHern uJ'iJi'^ liummoclcs, nith a Form of the Tcnderi via;/ in seen at thh Office. iVo Tentjer iciufr. /�'�i.rlred after Tuxlu: o'Clurk on the day ofTreut;/, lior any lUV.ad, unUsn the p >LH A.M.J, and ANMUTk' ^FFICE, ,STRA.M> and COli-aJilLl,. )Eft>C)NS iluiifouii of puviiliit^^ for their Fami. lies or.Urpcndrtuls �ia;;, by an Antiml Ptiymenis nMurc id llieif H'idtm^, VliildrM^Mr any vlln.i' Parmiii, eii/ier an Annuity for the vemaindtf uf Life, oiKgrons Sum to be paid atUiiir Ihvtase. land arid RUssia? Thn past prrfVes th? c ieh, ' ^ illKMATURE ritpilsurcs havin^r boon talvcn in the (.'ouirty, aad riu-.rieriius Friends liiwing urged iw to oiler ourselves a� Candidatee to repres.eiit the County at the eqtimni; iAeviioa, �ve take the lib. rty to solicit your Vote's and Interests,and to assure ytiu tlint "wt-t-lialliuakttbt! W�rJ� fare Of the County the rule of our conduct. We h.ivetbe tio::ou.r to be, (5eiitl.?mcn, Mith the greatest rt^cct, , Yqur dfvoted and ni(�.'t humble Servants, V, lEHAiM HEaBERfj Sept. n,ISO.';. THOAIAS THlSTLETii WAYTF:. ~ ufe'of mr. i:6x. � This day is published. In 8vo. price Is. ..d. UcdicjUed to the Ri;;lit Hon. LoriiHrtLLA.si),' rpiin LTFIO of the Iligiit II�n. CIIARLKS JL JAMKS,FOX, late one of his Majesty's Pfiiieipal Secretarlefol',-State, with anECDOTiCHnf his l>0-IVI: .;riC HABITS ami FRJEN OSUl 1>S, an estimate of uMloServii^es. a .fudgmeift ofj his Talci.ts as au Orator, 4>WTiter, !� !!ita|e�mari� nj)d .(jjp Leader of a Party ; and inter'BtLig J6t�il^ rir^pecling hjs pjjief Frieuds andJRivals fur ^i,,fsoMti.ijfir;^ai>.^.^;_. ^_ fla w r.oji'lon ; '.rMW. rrisadJetlthe. Ch�r�ctei:of Mr. For. By R. IJ. S.i;;�(i>AS, Esq. ' Puhlis'littd by 11,1), aynioncis, iNo.'iO, Paternos- HELHS' TRAVELS; frbm IH't'NO.S A V Ul-S to PJilll'. On Thursday next wilfbe publijhed, illastrateJ by a Map, in one elegant vqluinc, snmll octavo, price lis. in boards, nnRAVKLS froiii i3UKxN0S AYll!IS acji)ss thi Contimnt of >S�UTH AMERICA, by POTOSI to Spanish last and best Authorities. By A .N l'H(>:N Y Z A C H A RI ITS H ELMS, / Formerly "Uirerlor of the ^Jiixs newr (,raeu.u',in Poland,npd late Oirectov or the Mines iwid of tiie Process Amalga-inatiou in i'liu. -Printed for Richard PliUlips. No, Bridge-slreet, Black-friars, andtO.be a.id of all Booksellers. . Of wiiom inav also be had, the PjtKSKNr Statu of Pbku, inoaeeleftant vol. quarto, embellished with twenty coloured Enjnaviii}!.*, price'2'. .-p. ill bo.ird:;. hpvedilywiilbepuolisiieil, icidvo. , ^WSWV. Cl.TM.VTi: .OF GIIEAT JiJUTAlN ; iBL cnntaluiii}; an Enquity into t!ie. Changes it has undergone, p^rticiil.'irly witliin toelaiit fifty Ycars, accounting for the increasing lluniidtly. anl consequent .piomjini'ss.tiid Coldness of our flpriii;Ts and ftuniincrs, w ith tHrJr Efl'ects on the Vcjfetalile and Ajiimil ],coiiomy: inelildin< various tive Of the Proce.ss in Vegetation, and the ('oiiiiu�ti�n be-^ twecn the Phajn(!(|inciia ot the \\ catlierf aud the 4;*|rodac-' tioas of Soil. Ey JOKX WILMAMS, Esq. liondon: Printed for c;. and R. Baldivin, New Bridge- street. ~. f _ � 'iLi'^UKTUKil Proofs of the lUfecy of the Uev. X! Dr. BARCLAYS ANTIBILIOUSPJLLS ' -From Lord Anson, St. Jajiitts's-sqinre. Sin-I have for some'time taken your (Bjirelay's) Patent Antibilfous Pills, as Well as your Specific for the (iput, and 1 feel happy in informing youjst Jiavc Always receited the "greatest benefit and relief frmii thera; aAU shall, as. I have always dime tiinee !< have experienced tliV-if tfliiucy,- feel the greatest plcasitrc in re;;fommcn<Jingthem. " 1 am, yoyir'n, &c. ANSON. To the Rcv/Dr. Barelay.-^Fcb. 17.: From Alilernian Jtibberf. . Si n-Tlnwiiig .^o ciwentially benelittisd by your Rarclav's Anlibilious Pill.'ii I should jie�Ju�e rtiyself tv.cre I tc' �j�i'r any �sserti6ns tct your advantage to passnumticed; Ihtkvc been applU'4 toby several .frieuds at Uutli<||||rMfl;tbCD(i sothe of ypur PilUf and am convinced you wauRl;tiii4,i|ieadvUnf tag'e- to estDt)lish the sate of tliem �,t tltitf place.' I am huppy l4Ma� wy heaJtl) isitn'w wry gooiL'ana tun ifttravs realM to ucKnowledge the merits of vAuc Mc'dTcii^ ^ ui< �ii\yoUr obedient humble aervant, ""^ ^.UX^tfLI^  BrtooK-Btreetv D<! slrlc, corner of Patrnioster-row i awl retail l^y UMM( Ctviml^ Medicine vejidwts, io bosrj, ut 5v 6d. each. . ObstTve,nune can be geimitic that. has. not the lATnt! of W. Barelay eugravcd oit a black�tjimp, vM^jU U aUiScd aruuiid tlic outd^9 wNL)p|�r ofciiNlijwx. ttr in A,idoEA'rraiigciiiciits between Debtor and (mlitot, itc-ike.; aijd Vohtlitecr,H-iuay, for a small Premiabi, iusure aijiiiVst iK^ifh froin Miliniry ..)i/iiiaitiesare�r^itt!�f coinliteiH;(! iinaibdiatiJlY, Oi' nlany ftiturc pi-iiod. , . Printed Rates and Conditions of InsuvaiKC ipay be,had gr.itiH, v/ith the List of Uireetors as above, or of the Agents of the BHl I'lSll FlllE.OFFlV-'i^iiiil"^ Country, wiio are appoihtedAgentti for this Ofiice, ^, ROBERT SKr.LTON, See. mil ttSllMRi, Of Ml (J i., n j'it A Mj and COilMiii.L. INSUIlAjVGE (grunted on ijouscs, !hdlilinsH j\lanufaiToriL:i, SlilniyUnd all btticr l\!^tl.\, duodu .Ve*--c/iunt/*;^^ J'armiug ftVuw, attd oO-.tr J*r!i^.Krl-i, f.oin J.us^ or Oauiit^e by Fire.- The uiipree.edeiiled-Prcforenee given to th'ls OlSce by aV. descriptions of insurer..;, tlie pireciorb flatter tliciiisHvej '.w, arisen, iM>t only from the Facilities adopiod ia tliL'ir improy.il J'laiis and siinpliiied Aiodes of Fire insurance, hntfroni their steady.iuid uiiuorm Cauduet in tlic gi-'neral ConeernS of the Bu.iuiess. They are persuaded that adherence to Principles and prudent Caution ar.i the beit Secur;i>fs to the O.Ueeanil la liic j'ublic, and that iusLitutions ot" this p..iiiire ciii only iJene-ficial w'tien due AttriiiiiMi i,'; paid to reciprocal Ativaiitagcsi Agricultural Stock.ii.:nre.d at'/s. ,m1; per Coiit; The (JniL-e.graiits Itour.nicis for Periods .laort of a ycarj and makes good los9 by Eire l"r -tjawfii the Prt'hei'Aifi'i t^c^ Eiitpress of iva.-.<ia, the DutehesB.'s of York, riedfor(', , oiiility, numy of v, hjai reL'ommcnd it with adinir.Uim;, .ii a neeiriiiry apjiendag.- to-tae J"Oiletj and inleed Ihev do but eomnioi! Jiiilice herein, since it imparts dfiiva.ii-ssaad beautifal lydne.'-s to lue C'liins; to the Kr;'atti t.'ie most d-.icctahle swceiiiess; aiui ifuied cou-statitly as rilreeted, will render the Teetli lirai and Vvhite, and prevent that dreadful niahwly the Tootl.-jciie from re-tnriiing to those who have titfen/liitbli; to its most bamifnl eifects. Preparcdand sold,'\VUoJesale and Retail, by IMr. BiitV:r, No. 1, i;heupside, Ciir.iir of-Paternostei-io� ; aad I:, .-li by motifCoaatry "Boukstllars and PerfumetM, in Eoxe;-, at yd. .�-a,ch. . � fOliElGNl!^TELLiGENCEi rEGM THE Fi^^CH PAPERS. . ' PAiiis, f;i;eT. 20. Siiicc the departure of the gretiadiiT.s uf liie. i>it-peror's guard, the dragoons of (he I'V.vtPiirss mount gnaid at the Thuilli^ries. This new corps is re-markabjc fiir Its ftnp appearance and the splendour of its uniform. ' The Germari JoHritals, upon which Pnjss'ta way have some inttiiencey, represent Saxony as seized with a warlike transport. hW the private letlers from Saxony, on the cojitriiry, reprc-settt tlie di.spo-sitions ill that country as the most patilic. In this state,, so quietly .governed, Sovereign, JNIInistcr, and subj(, inaction, "ivliile she' xaiinpt find a field of battle wiiere site may rccD'tor the advjmttages add the military renown Whieh she has .lost. Frussais at war with Swctlen; 'this .trar resembles twore a village quarrcUban � fouttist of Suvcreigus. And while she augments her armicvs, she makes jprr�paratiunf la such a luanncras to oc. casion the i>olier that she proposes .nothing ]e.ss than to uttttcli the Gr. n t^y would Jiavejoitktly to cumbati. Dufc iCM% the jctu^e, the int�rtMits and j,<�riaciprc& of jP^vbsm trira iccuuijrd 'with thpM of �n^. has suppo?ted her for fiftccri years ^gidnst ttie hatred, .the envy, and the iiidjg;nstfo0, of ill Statcii of Europe? D'op.s sKcstillpretwid to di^ciT^" her A,llies by tiandestirte engftj^m^ls likW'cb ste dc'iigus to violate with the first favoiirabfctfppt^rtni^ tiity? Or rather will she, irt l?er turn, rtrth into a snare which thby laj' for her in order td fe-voijged for her p^st conduct f T^f^ pttblic ttpiirioa has OHiy the ttlternatric between llieSe t*o seirti-M mcnts, untirr��e has iremorcU the teil-<*'hich stjil conceals tlic truth. ' " With Tcsptfct to sound ptilicy, the wsd^^ of PriLSsi^ to be the advanced post of a.Conti* ueutal war, seems to us Ciiitally %Bgei�[B* a^^ tard)-. Sile coiiimcnced her career'rtt-ifiiBconti* nciitai war by a dofectioti-^ .vlncli, cv^n then, disclosetl her system. ,Whi!:it; Austria, and � t^raace hare held the equilibiriUm, she tranqti"iy collected the fruits of her tortiioijs, avaritious, and vacHlating policy. But Austria oncq con-qiiersd, Prussia lost the iniporfauce of a mediator, where she hrid acted, ptirhaps, with an iitiualcon-tetiipt for both pa.'ties.- "\Vilh these pHnciplos sh* Iocs niit ofier tj aiiy one her sincere frientlship. There caii lie no doubt that she coul^ not resiiaie tHe saiiie system, if sithilar circuui^tanocs shonld agaiii occur. Mere is %vhat ought to serve sis a compass in lifigOciations with her; The Ptassian Cabinet, althctigh fortunate Jm . its speculations, has inad�? itr fact less dapes thari it iraagiucs. F'ranee ])aid her tieutralify* so as to persuade her that she was siriccre, biit Slic bclik:ved this coniipliaiicemost conformable to hef interests, and besi; adapted to restore a general peace in Europe j she acted like the Lacedetrionian General, who Sceirtga Corps of young incn disposed to deliver up a post to th^ erieiuy, coitfcnted iiimseH' with pointing out to them another, where he might watch them. What other Cahitiet cari Prussia abu.'ie.: is it that of Kt. .janio.s's.wheujiiisteadofshirinj the dau-gers,as she had taken part iii the projects of the last war, she glided after ihecunii'iai: over the iivld of battle, to carry oft' the fi-uitsef the victory, and divide the s}#ils of tlie vanquished. She still keep* Hanipiver, atid iiitHlitates ait alliance with..Eiiglaud. .Tier ports ai'ti istiii bIo,ck?ded by thc.Sv.-cd.'s, and .slie calls them to lier aid. She invokes the sup-p.drt of tlto lv:rnerf li(.rc been so ijftenilecci*etr, and who huvt? Eiifh re|)roacltes tt' uiake ro each other, ', it is dilViowU to conceive. The wouiuls which Prussia has occasioiicdsiiil iiieed. The ]"iij;lish writersthen:-selves, caunotgive credit to this rao:iscrous aflianrc. The aid wliich slu". promist's them, appears like tltrt Wooden horse, 'I'tit-y tremble to'receive her pre-senis. Tims, ia spite of t!ie positive a.sseriiouseveu of the Joiiriuils of lierHi), wo cannot giveCrctlit io . the sudden change iu live Conduct of Prussia, bi-.^ ciuisi; every thitiji iir.posos on her tiic obligation of ...rttichinij hcrseir i.'ore closely th;in ever to France. AV ttli thi^ Irieadshipof that Power, sh'e may cover the v.ioiigs which she lias comioittcdfo-wai-ds others; with her aid she ni�y be stire of* preserving lite advantages shti has cbtainod without drawing thii .sword. Jii adoptiyg another course, in disregarding in tliis jiOint hur situation and her interest, she wuukl expyije Iter existence and- the' remaiuder of her gloPy. Iler inevitable fall in an unecpial contest mi^rt offer cotupensations favourable to the re�cstablJShnie;it of general tranquillity,; 11 might satisfy the rcsentmeut of betrayed Power--, leave a grt^t example, and shew that in policy ai in morals there are tru*:hs and duties, the violation of which Pfcvideuce Will sooner or later punish." r.\RISj SEl'T. 22. On the 18th the Commissiofiors of his Imperial and iloyal Alujesty, proceeded to. the Jewish Assembly. One of them delivcrcil a speech, wtiich was answered by the Presidentof the Assembly, after which the following llesolutiotis were adopted, C�//crff PmtwZi/e.^ ' That a Committee of the .Assembly shouH wait upon the Commi.ssioners of his Imperial and Royal iNlajesty, to entreat them to carry to the foot of the throne, thw homage of its profountl gralktado, and of its entire and respectful devotion. That there shall be atldresscd by the Ass^tnbU" a proclamation to all the Synagogues of the French Empire, of the Kingdom of Italy, and pf Kurop^.-to announce,to them, thatxjivahe 90th of October a grand Srfnhtj'drin Mill be opened at Paris, uiidir the protection, and by the express permission i.f his Majesty. That the llabbius, Melnbera of the Assembly,*shall be invited to make paftrt of the Sanhcdrin. > That twenty-five of the Deputies, Mcrfibcrs Of the Assenibly, shall be. cloctetl by secret ,scrutin/j ' to make also part of the Sauhetrriu.. . That his hiPEUi.vi. and Royal MajimtV sliall Iwhumbly entreatctl to give the necessary orders, hi order that 29 Rabbins chosen-in tbesy^iaogues ofhivs Frapirt}, aud of his kingdomof Italy, may proceed to Paris, to assist at the Grand Saiihcdriii. That the Assciubjy do proceed to the electioa of a Committee of uiiie Mcuiborj^byset^rftslicrutiny, ' having three scruUt>w(s of .the list; .trhii^ Commit. , tee shall be charged with tl�e preparation, iu concert with the Commissaries of his MajKS)*t the EainiKoR and Riso, tht? matters- wMch shall b� aubmitted to th� detiixeratioa'of the G'niud^'tiv-

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