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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - September 25, 1806, London, Middlesex N**. 4,403, ffrEATKF, ROYAt, DRUKY-LANi;. Tins Prcsetit |vVi:i\lNfJ witi be a^tod llio TTIK \Vi;ST TNUIAN. B(>lcour, Mr. Lllistmn Cluirlottc Rujport, Mfca Duncan^ Klut the Play a. Divtrtisrnipnlv cmniKJScd by Mf. D'Auir-,il'lc,c..lle �niTwr,>ir. r>I(lvin(from tht Tbcath" Rayal, YoT>k), >:m 1. MS linstHppi'araiJce ill Londrti) ; Bli^. IVIiirtiineF^ itwiton. THE ADOl'TEI) CIIILD. tiijy'stny-) : Avilii:y�)eliij:lit3tid^ , ; . . . �^rrrriiOiitiivKlUXSi'lTAI.., an* GECmaii-aiaiElBJCj oi. ,, T^AX�ul,l^_^�l^.^Il^ u-iiilnio'ninc houri�vi:�?-Jn>:>Materia WrJka &t-a b fire Kiirhi':-'J'he Practice of Physic, at nkKkner Eiglit. -And ihf'CbtNnijirv.aCiiQtiarter after Niiif*. ', lJv(JEOIl iiiiK'vxiftencc, bvMr. MACAR-1'N EY, ()� t HEMISTUY, bv T)r. EU\va1:DS.  On 1\M1)VVIFERY aiid theUISEASES OF WOMEN amlCiliI,!)UEN,byl)r.THyjvNE. > The /A.NATDAIICAL .i^EM'ANSTRATIONS and PRACTICAL AA\4TOMf.l>yiS^!r,tAWHENCE. 'i'lifAnatomieal Lectures will begin ftn Wi-dni^^ay* Qtt. i, at two o'clock i and the otheii t. JJurtholomew'S iloFpital. 1, '^^ V'� VlllTEIlALU . ' �'' W.Vv; CARJeT and UPHOLSTERY WAREWOUSE. DAVID 'NVATSON, begs leave to rohirn In* bi'St t hanks fb the Ndiility ar.d Gent;;v for Farmirs h i-( therto received, and to acquaiiil tbein that^lJc has fitted �y>. tliase extensive premises,late tlie Board ef Ajnridulttijjij:,in tii<i'ui-t diMinct and crtinniodjotts inaane* for the vocfous briiiichi's of th*vbusiness, a'nd hopes the ftreat assortment of o?cfai iiad oraiiirn'ntal Articles of F'tirnittiTe, vith a variety �f Caifpeliiig of the clioiccst patterns w^l ensure tliat pa-trori-ige it has been his study to deserve. (i lo, the minutest ei'pJanations g�ven, as well ai re-jiLVtto Ptrsoiis qf Distisiction, both for Rank and Literature. �� �� � - ' ;, � .-, ^AlMliS, Portable Desk-maker aiitj Jeweller totlieir Royal Highnfvsis.t! puUc 0','.Sussex, has h! his AVare-n ,th.e Priiicc'oi rooms, Not! Wales and and SI, SI. Ac. }lc 1:;;5 Pocket Books �svitli liistruoi.iit.s awl Fashio!!-:ii>lo Jvv.'cilery, forrichncss and vaiietv not to he excelled, Also, Port FoVios, and Shavi:!p; Co.T.nio(les for Riding; and OrnuniPntal Furniture, with Mncliines atlnptcil for Libraries, PuWic-QlSceSj Counting-hbus.'.g, &c. &c, M0N1<VV:.--MessrsTlJUCAH and Co. beg leave to inform thos:e,that iiuy be. in want, and desirous of borrowing temporary or permanent Sums of Mojiey, and po-^^ si'saed of any assi^jnable Tiropertv, thnt they niiiy'be supplied with any Sum on fiiiir 'and. etiiiitablc terms, by payiPKa" ailequate .Annuity".Intere.^t for tlie same. As also money will boadTaaccd to "those of knovvii property, on their personal �^'-'(�urity., � : '. " ' � ... IVisonalapplicfltionsar.'? d.iilv received by Messrs, I-^cas nml Co. at Nn.% Jaijies-streeti Atlelphi, Strand; and letters [jj^MiivtdVanswercd withovn de.lay. _ -No. iO, Charins-ciross, Hear the'AdmiraUy, Lomlon. , 7AUEH0USE for the P6WDERS, &c. to V V prevent and Cure the YEl^low fever, and otii,T Malignant pestilentim- diseases.- Instituted under tlie Sanction of sKilfttVPjIiysieiiins, '1 Ilia llemcdy has been proved X(\ be siv cdiriwious Tn sub diiiuj; and destroying lufeftious Fevers, that the l^tiblie only net'd be informea that thoy may he sut�pUcdwitli it genuine at the above Warehouse, and at the Proprietor"s Warchou�-s . ;a LiyirpimL liristol, and (ilas vr, which have been eslah-li;ud solely ..for tlie -Sale- of ifie YELLOW fever Tlie Price 9f each Box is One Guinca� which contain; a suilicieut quantity for the use of one' Person for twelve Jlonthsi KivX aniplc Directions fiur its Use and Application, M Avdl as Advice�ow to insure llcaltti in the West Indies, -Btfrica, &c_&c. &c. by an eminent Plrvsician. <i \.- "nost satisfactory proof Jiiii�jr be seen at each of _ �ue NVarehouses that this He�iie�ly has saved the Lives pf f bKTHtUC Pibofs of tfie Kllicacy of the Rev. l)r. Barclay's'A.NTlBILIOUS PILLS. , Frpra Lord Ab^qh, fJt. J.iuiep'a-square. A "ave for sonrc tljne takon your (Bawlay's) Pa�piit l^mbiliovis Pills, as Wflil as your fiptcUic for the Gout, and Muiiiaapy in informing vou, I have always received the. *,'J'''''",�'-'uefirapd t�licfVsoLiiitlicni; and shall, as 1 huvc y'v^iV'"?nc 8ince-l'h*rc wpefienced their efficacy; foci �be greatest pleasure i�Wi.rtomnjeHiHng them., *r<jm,Aia�fnfifiiHibbcrt. emtitiaily beMfitted by yniir Barclny's should a4:cu(c<jnyEctf were I to sutiur u-^F- OWlnca'l * lu-ldthisl)av, Read the Lond.'Ai (>.i7.cttR Extraocd))nary wf the 5th instant, c6ataiaiii!: l.>ispitttios from Majur-GeiH-ral Sir .lOJfN' SfUAR'l, coiiinmrlin;^ h's Maji-sty's Troops acting in. Calabria, rclati^ the particnlars ot a brilljant Vic<oty.itt the Plains of Maida, obtained oveir tlie French Armyvof ^catj^ superior fuce, under tlie cumumnd uf General REG- Rcsolved, Thata Vase of tbe value of 300f. witjUan ilp-propriute inscriution, be prevented to AIaj ral sir JOHN Sa'VAllT, as a testimony of the high senSceiijlct-tain^'d-by tliis CBinniittee of \\\* {;allaiit conduct ki that cn-^ageniient^ Which tfr.; pride of the presi)iriAtt!,ou8;i''iiepay WiiiieVere^^y liuriibltid* alio tb�� superiurity oT the Bcitisir l>�0|tt most gloriously pn�ved(." -.x. JteiMited, lltaf^^ e names, l�*" prrtenled to. the. following Field Offlccts woiuided on that owasiini !--' ^l. tdJUajBr P.luiiKtT,'�f the Uth Regiment, seyerely ^^Sw.'fti Lieut..Col: M'l*od, .78lK t� Lieut.-C i. Mpofe,^^'3!ad WfiSOii'ns, ICO^: ili^jr St(i4rt, 78th Hegini"^. - 100/itoMal<JrHammill, Royal ReKinientofWaltav Resolved, That t'le following sums be presented i�itlji|e bther OOifers wounded :-r � 50J. to Captain Mcpherson, of the 78th, Rejjimcnt.  SO/. toCaatain M'Gregor,, diito. 50^ to Captain AVaterhouse, of the 81st Regiment. .60/. En3ifii>M'lvinzie,'ditto. � 25/. toiKnsifiJn :>Pr;resor, diito. . Resolve*, That relief bo allot led (o tho Widows, Orplians,, Parents, ahd RMatives, dei)endingt"V^ s^PP"^' on the Olhcers and. Mew killed; a,nd that giatuititrybe given to tliosc wuuiidcd, as soon as tlieHAlWcaiiH extent of the injurifs liiey have received shall be made known to the tlommitlee. Kceolved, That Letters, i-ipied by the Chaimiaij, be written trt Majot-Gciieral Sir A r>. ' ilead also the Ltra.iou Gazette Extfaordiriary of th^ I'lth-inl't. containing Copies and Extiacts of Disautche.s from Mj^jor-titheyal' Ber.sf.>rd,(^omniartillrtg a dctachnieiit p� his Ma,jcsty's troin);ii in Si>ut'* Ainerica; and froin CommftJore Sii HoiTicr Fophaivi, coinm^^ling liis iVlajet.|ys Na*al: Forces on thesnhieslution; c(wituiii('i%the in^MiiitMnt iiifunnatin^^^ liir captu* ftt'the'J own of Um.'"W� A.vr�*�iiid il*dependeiicies, Resolved, That A as!-s of 2tH)/. value each, with .ippnuiri-*|te inscrintirtns, .b.~ presented to.Rlaj^r-General- Bercsojrd ami Cniiiwpdowi ?jr J lo;ne Pppham, for their^aP.ant and disinterested induct ill this flirccssftiland iiiiporiu'iit eiitefprize. IlcsoJvetf,That iin Anmiity utf i')/. tor Ufc he settled on Captain Le Elanr, ol the 7l�t Regiment," w'ha was disabled iij this AttaclJ, with, benefit tesufyivorshipt ffordedt4> the Widows, Orphans, Patfrnfrfyand R�lative��Ucpmdiikgr)tt such Oil^r!) (iiKtiiii>ii were killed,'Or may die Of thelf %�Bii)ds: iuflPliat ('ir.ttui-�|^(S�bej:i*ei�totlto^�'��nded, assoon as the' uatUrc aud,ex-tclif^n%l6'iajurlct>liu'y hav^ received,;shall be koowti ta^he C^iBfttfef't-. ---j; . ...^�.�r - , � . Resrtved, Thatletters signed by the Chairman, he written t�� MaiorrGeilcfal Berrtfonl^ add Commojorc Sir Home Pfx^arn,'requertiiig they will conimunieate the foregoing RPjtolutionsfo bis ftliyesty's Forces under their respectivi-command* aiidfurnish the Coinmittee with the pariiculiiis' necessary to enable them to t^arry their intentioils iiit(> (-fleet. Resolv<!d, That thp above keaolbiions be printed in the Daily Pajter?, � J. Py WELSFORO, S c. This day is pubKibcd, price Is; �4�' 'fTIEMALE CO^JPASSION, illustrated and m- J(;em|fli<ied iit the establishment and itnlerinteadaney of a (;haritable Institution fn^ the Relief of ncccMitoiis Vi^ niilies in the tJity of Itochealra and adjacent Pariibesj a Ser-tnon preached in tll<^ Paritji Church; pf Haint Nicholas, Ro.* Vhestcr, oa Siind opposite Albany, Pitradilly.  Of whom may be tiad, by thesamc Author, priccls. The Good i:ilecisof an Uiiitet^Trust, in the Arrtrtff Flrsli and Arm'of t^ietonl. A Sermon pri!ach�l at Caxton, Keift, .lirtyai, IBOI. DELICATE I^VES1;lGATlO.^ AND WlLLlAM COBhETJ.-n'iWsoay is pulilishetl, prireS�� ' gTRlUrUliUS t�y Mr. CiOliBtyfU UNMAN-: ______ Price e^. lii^-i-t;/., tlie fc-ro.\, ana the UlVJ.a; witii an Appeiiiii.1,containing Letters from Phy.'ician.vand Surgeons of i-miiience, respecting the pn^'sciit .State of Vaccinatloii m many Cities andprhiciu-i] Towns of the United K,i:ig~um. ThliDayis pjjl)lishcd, hi Quarto^ with coloured Engravings, urideJ;';*. in boariis, TREATrSE on VACCINE INOCULATION to which is added, .-iuArc�unt of the CHICK-en-POX, (iie �WlNE^PO.\, and the lUVES; with ai Alip*'' �   - - ....... eminence, Cities anopriiiciui By ROBI.Ht WILLAN, M.l). F.A.S. . Sc. l*rinted for Richard Pliillips, IJridge-strcet, ISlackfriars ; afrtltobe had of allBpQksc;ller.�, tlfiTtSQyeRNMENT iit'vrE I.OI'Ti:RV c�iiinunces  DrawiiisthislJthqfNEXT MONTJI. 10,000/. fqr the IVst Dfawn Ticket; every other Prize afloat, f�Mni!0,tH^.'.t liices art who ptircliase before JL the Draw! jig begins on equal terms; an adva^jtage that has jct been Qftcfed tpi the public for ni:my veafs wi-st. only TWENTY THOUSAND TIcAeTS, And the SCU^iME contains 3 Prices of 'L.^0,00� 3 li),Oi)0, ' 3........, � ft,0OO. 5 ^i,...,.....>... 1,000 ' '  &c.&e. N Prize liVf than I'wciriy PoiimK. NE\V ftlKWCALaiul JiUlt'W;,A!; WOHK.^. Printed tor l.o> JiIlvtiST,'RkeS, and Oiimk, Paler-no-ler-riiw^ and CAiJin.ii and lyAVlK.s, Strand. l.r'n'iilv PiVH\'ClPLl<:S of SURGERV, Vo- Ja. liiuietUc First.; iiSthey relate to Woui'.ds, Ulcers, and I-isliil^s J. Aneurisms,'and Wmtjided Art-.rief, t'ractures �rthc i.iinbs, and the Unties uf the Military and Hospital Surgeon.: By V 11, Poultfy, (established in l/iVJ) and i*^). Pi, (.'baring Cj-oss, (next Dtjftf to the Golden Cross). Ther-Lottery coiis(^fs but of :iO,UOiJ Tickws. VlbeSehemerontainsthefollowing Brjz^, viz. � 3 Pf L ."� TicketsantfShares arc on Siile at all <M H.ottif�y.OOlecti., Ticket....................L.19 Iti 0 , Half........:..... 10 � 0 Eighth::..........? 11 JQliartcr...,;....,..^ a 0 ^jixt�^'u^h..�,*,..... l'^0 v 8�ver Wales. -By the AVAlrortif the Admonitory I.etter, , * ftlr. CobJie^L^ a�sainij^ tbe &tcl liua Jllie^ i�f iMrKfiiio^lMMiiM'h n^nt^^ de1a)ed, nTteir its de- livery to T^.R. H.tha- iVnicess of * W ai.i;* ; and ayjiiliiig himself 9/' the circum.^.'iTjce of. <^ trjiliiig ieviU�^s'' -huyiui; liceii inf|VutiNit<�lferj Inui ihlruWn out malignant insuiadiittils. t jLCcotrnt suftisfartorily for the delay to cxpliiin iiie n; ani ((..(Check the stream of malignity which ilowVy}l^h un-ceasiiis virulence from CobbetCs pen. ' . / Lt%lont Printed, for Tippej: and Richards, Leadenhall-stre�i|; of winim may be had, pi:ice 'is, Vie Fifth Edition, Wilrtu eonsidenihle Additions,of the Adiyijriitory jiCtter. ^' Tl^iii Day pulH'islh d, in Onp Voluinyn Pimo. price 4s. iu . boards, the Second Edition, of ' r milE SWISS BMIGRANTS: A Tale, JL By MURRAY. iVwiV-d for Lc^gmaii,. J^virst^ Kyes, and Orme, Pater-ilostar-row.. � �( �' : "! The pbjecto^this well-told talc, ij at to set forth the happiness wbieJi-iit'iy lie derived, from the practice of fie-iii'ficeiici^iii nil liumbtc and ub-scg^e sj^here, and to exhibit .a inoviiigniftdreof the itiiEcry of which war is productive." ^ . MoNTHLV RKVv.luly, 1801, " \� an inter.''stinr, a (Tecting, and instructive tal^e, replete with good sense ani go.od morals. The n.irrative is iildy written, the langu ige ij good, anU tlie sentiments nife iwie.xcipitiliiiiible." Ami-JIacodis, Feb. ISOl. " A pleasiijig aud interesting narrative. The whole isab.-' . parrntlj froin the heart; arid it will t><?guile the feeling mi/id of pity'i softest drops. " Riiv. f^arcli lyol. " This Is a very pleasing and tiA5V\-lpld tale.'' BttiTiijrCaiTie, April,ISO'-. As above tu.iy be iiad, by the same Authpr, lut'ely pub-� . lisbed. The Mpe/n.iT^Y of FicTiON; or, an Ini^uify into the Tendency �) >Vith Observations n � . " Thcvnlii.ihlcsrntiiTirhts ahtidifeciioas e.tprefel in neat laiigiiage, which Air. AiivrrayV work cont.iins, rendiir it well worthy of altentig'i." " ELrrric Rt;viT:AT,-Krb. ItfOly This Day was piititHhi'U, in tiiie V olunieiietiivo. piife i)s. in Botrds, Hill) with ths Key, S3, the Secund Editioi>,'with improvemeuts, iif /SreKK exercises, in Syntax, ^liipsJs,; \Jri>ial>cts, Prosody, and Metaj^hrisis,, (after the inunncr of '� (;iarli,C'� an:l iiliiir's liitrodtKiion to the innlbiug of Latin,") ad ipted to the Gratnniars of Eton, Wetteniiall, J\l(>!>r.�, Bell, and Holmes. To VI hich is greti.ied, a Concise but Cbmiirelieusive .Syntax, By the Rev. WILLIAM NEILSaN, D.D. ; ftliiil iter of Dundalk., Ireluul. PrintJ'rt for Longman, Hurst, Rises, and Onne, Pateraoste^-row; and .T, AndeCion, I'.dinburiJh. " 'I'his, work ^trictly fulfils ttie professions o.f the Title- VICrUALLlNG OFFICE, Sept. 1.5, 180*;. "^IIV-GeminiiiHonerii for VicUiailing UisMa.. ,L jentifi Najtg do htreby give ISiclice, that on Friday, ^e^lli itubnt,'tkeiLWiU be reaifoto receive 'lenders in aril' � Ing (feated m), Md treat for THftEE HUNDREO jCtfAbWONs Of PITS TANFIELtf MOOR COALS, f litl t�a^i to bt iltUvered iiAittcdUiielg.ip. t�a enlire Cttrgoeiy fteei)/ all charge-nnd ritk, into flia. iffajc!ity\i ViciualHng Premheiat Debtford, and to be paid for by llilh payable, with interest, niiletif dags after iair. ' 'The CondiCiun$ of the Contract inag bs seen at the Secretary's Ojlice. A'o reffardtcill be had to aiyf Tcntler in lehich toe Price ihnlt ngtti iiucrte4. intvoi-d* at length, or that skaU'iot be ddiyerai to the Hoard before Oae o'clock on the >uid FriiJi^y, the'HUh imlaht, nurunlesi the person kIw mnktx the Tender, or DQtne person on, his behalf,_alttndx, to answer ithen 'called for. IHSTEMPtlS, MAMiK� itnd other DISEASES ol~~ . DUU.S. TflHR following immt valaable IVXEDJCINES iiiaifySB^nt'v No. 5, Welb-strceti Oxfaritstreet) are pat-troiiisedaud iDied ftrswreral bmnehrs of the Roval Fam ly� by aWist all the N^ibility, and by every celebrated Sport�-inan-'in the United Kingdom. UisTCiui'CK.-^Hi� MedieiiiaV Powder? for Distemper, ptSce Is. (id. per packet^,usually suaicient__f<)f the Curcj ai'e actually in rcl|Ui'3tin every p,ir^ of the ('J;obr. M.t.nfni:.-r::Hi3, Specitic Oiiifnient for Madge is the ilnost easy and infallible remiidy ever dispbyered, price 2s. tid. per box, amply sulGci^nt. Worms.-His, Wo:^m Po.wders, price 2s. 6d. per Set, dc�4roy all the v.-irious kinds'of W (irnis^ without ever failing. (MSKLEiv IN Tirt Ear.-BltMid or Matter within side of the Ear, teases Dogs almost to'ftladiK'ss, but the complaint is readily i-enio�ed by his Canker Wash, p^-ice 2:. vd. per Bottle. V C.iHKEit o.Ti THE Fi,*P OF THE E.i r.-This Oiiitracr.t i% tis. Bo.-irds. , as well.a.s -J----------------Puvvders, price'2s. per Set. ' Pvi?.GiN<i -Balls, a safe, but effective pj^r^ative, price 2s. fid. per Box.  ' ' , ' ' Tliesc Medicines are sold b,y kis �\Vlio\esale Agents, ?�iir. JJooseyv 4, Old Broad-street,^ where jiir. Blaine attends every'Wednesday from eleven to one Barclay and" Son, rtcpt Market; Hosier, i*a',\-J\l.iil; tirisp, (.'ockspur-streit j yij.ldlcston and Co. Dub!!;j  .N'o.Sti, South lirid,;e, Ediii-bnrgh ; .nndOshorn, Nrw-V S flLLS, ~ Invented byEDWAiil) HALl.AAii Surgeon and Apothecary mi the; Uel^giuui Persuasion of Quakers, Bury fit, 1 dinuiids ^T^IIIS safe; and elegant preparation is justly e;;-Ja. teemed tor it4 .agreeabl:' and certain operatioe, by wiiieh it ellectually ivnioves iit! lii.ictio.'i or Olttiruction of the Stocmaehiand Bav.i In, T\;ii-tn>r arising f^rnm 'Hile, J-di-o;r=tipni Fl:ituIeRCV, or CoVi: .Sickness at Stomack, : Head- ; iich, ftc. it operites by d!5b)ilj;i:!g r.criu bileor wiier cru-difres retained in tt:e ii!t;;sti:!.n.l\;,-'lii'.V,aiJd .-lets a;s a.ialtei-a-tiyi; to the sj^tein genf-rally. 1 ree' from anv ai.tinionial orm.ercurifll prep;ir.itinns v�ds i ct inu!t cease."  :4,4'''Slc trial wittfaUv'f mivince the iiatient of tbcir efTica-cy. The worst cates pf iilians ot^Uick HeF,d-<ich5 ace ccr-tiJnly removed by a siiijle d * rcjii;-is, !mt to leave the body, .iiVr thfit iitimcdiate action C.e.!.*--s, free from th^t costive state which geneialiy stVLjei'ils tlie opcE.Ui'-'n of laxative'medie � einrs... Sold v.'holesale and Retail by Sliav.'.".nd Edw.Tri?, 6c, St Paul's Church-vard,,(.oi |!jnatory Le(ler-press. Price I/, lis. rid. iiiboiirds. 5. A series of Engravings, explaint.ig the Course of the Nerves. By Cliarba Bell, Surgeon. In rayal ito. yyitli Letter-press pefftsiptions. Price It Js. in bpards., . The Anatomy of the Briiin ; expliined* in :i Scries of Gligraviiigs,. beau'tifi)tlV coloured, liy Charles BcU, Sur-g;cva. |nroyal4t9. Price'2/. Is. in b.iai'.is, 7. EngVavingii of ttje Arteries. By Charles Bell, Stti^Qn. I9^jhn||erial octavo, beaut ifutty coloured. Price 1/. is. in i^piSical ObsesfiitionK. Pnrt I. containing a Clas-sificat^n of Tujtiuurii, with Cases Ittillustrntc the History of. eacl^ Species. By John Abenietliy, F. R. S, fc'vo. bs. iii boar^?,. V 9.  � �' --------- Part II, containing an Account the Disorder^ of Health in geneiul, anil of the di- . g^Sti've Organs in particular,, which accompany local Dis-eases, and obstruct their Cure, By John Abernethy, F.R.S. lo I voA/Svo. Price t)s. in boards. 10. UDservattOos on Abortion: containing an Account of the.Manoer in WtUfsh U is accomplished, the CWiises which prR4,Ul^elf it, and the Method of preventing or treating it. By >*ohu Burus, Ueetiiirer on Midwitcry. lu i VoL 8vu. Price 4s."6d. in Boairds. - * 11. Thtf, Modern PFactice of Physic. By Edward Goodman Claifte* M. D. In 1 Vol. 8vu. Price: i-s. iu Boards. 13. Medieinm Ptax�os Compendium. By E, G. Clarke, M.U. J'ijBo. .Price 5s. scwea. 13. Medicina Naqi^ica; an Essav on the Dise:^scs of Soa-len. By Thomas Trotter, M. IX'late Physician to his Ma-sty's Fleet, &c. Ill 3 Vols, 8vo. Price 1/. 3si in poards. If. An Essayv Medical;. Ptl'>)�iophical, and Chemical, on DrunfcenMSS, atid Us EU'crtG un the ilmnan Body. By Thomas Trotte^ M. D. In 1 Vol. 8vo. the 'id Edition, Prise os. ;a Boards. ,;; ��  , � . ' : lil. Ah Essay m Bespiration, Parts I; and II. By John BostocH, M. JL); In 1 VoL'Svo. pri�!6s. Board.s. it). A NewMedical Uictiomiry, eontuiuiii^ siu Explana? tion of the Terms in Anutsmy, Pliysiotugy, Practice of 4'hysic, Matei^ia Medica, Cbc'mistry, l*hariiiacy. Surgery, Midwifery, and the various Branches df Natural Philosup&y Connected with Medicine. By Robert Hooper, M.D.'F.L.S. Iu one very large Vol, 8vo. price ius. in Boards. 17. A New ivicdicul Dictiitiiury, c*ntaiuiiig a concije Ex� plaiiatiouof all the Terms used in Mciiliclue, burgcry, Phap� IFADFIKLD'S OJiiCiNAL Gi::-;i:i;>i K .J. TlNCrUlir., is v.'r.s i.Miitj an i iilid bv 'filu... A.> THACKERAi , -.n-VNciiKsn^a, the .r.ei: hI niithentie Recoi|il fr.*ii) i.;ii I'lir.ticr, nii'> iliarrii-d t;ie diiughier of the Inti- .Mri. ll.v.Ki.lJ, vvh'.t was in [lO,'-sesssDii of that inviiluablv soret, an 11>> \y;irtin it wa* nc. -imparled toany otiier p rsv.-r,, w.iicli may be e.isily provta ;f any one should doubt. it has bcenUiu'Miiedby th-Pni)lic, who knew iu va'.unbie properties, that "tlie svi'tt aifci intinnities of th" Irtlt-Mi-s. ILKKieia, !i;ul .>.'> l.ii.g ii.-.-Vi';.Ve,l liei from'{;reiJaitli:ir ft; and theimir.iii-rles>!a|;pru-alinns iV)r it siiicv, sutic:e;:tly pove its superiorily to i le ipuri.Jii? Tiiirturcs which h^ive ' been imp'wed on tiic public, uud;;r that name, during her inability to contiiiiie it. F'or the sak.e o'f preventing these cnur.tiriVits in future^ and other rea'siiiis, it li.iS been thin;;ht nociss.iry to eliange the shape of t!ie bottle to a square moulded ofie, with tbt* maket'i iwine T., ive. on the four si-le?, whieii will be the onlv s'lupc lUe r-al Tincture will be sold in, in future 1 the haiiil-bills incbMiaj every bottle, witn dir etio!is macyi Botany^ Natural IBslory, and Chemistry. CQin* piled by .lohnFox,,At.D, ln.I Vol. Fopbcap 8vo. price � 7t.Boards.  ' ' v ,  ; ' ,18. A Treatise, on Tropical Disehsfs, on Military Opera-iiOns;'anid on the.CUiiMte of'th�. olbei: person in the worl.l bns thi? secret of prepar\ng, is of .suc.V u:ie ? in stepping blood, aiul has been tucecMfully used ill r-ce.-.t Im'.ij.'i and scalds ; for strains, mitlvng was to rubij:;:' the partallected with this tincture, with the liaiiii warned bvagoodfirej and the same application has the h.ippicst eii'ectsiii anv part atilieted with tne severest tlie'amalic p.iui^; for a variety of inward complaints, particularly thejfr.ivol. (W dnips in'a glassof.any kiiid of white wi.ic, gives prcser.t e.ise, and being persevered in peifectsa cure ; it Jw". ever been fiiuml a sovereign remetly ni spitting blood, or in cases ef broken rilw, wr'aiiv inward crush, bruis.' or fracture^ hv tak- not cuntined to the human, species only, as il is eqnaliy ii. ro frost, being hold a tVw minutes by awarm lirewillTv-stonv It, u^id if kept wells'cppsd, no lime wiUdestrov its virtues. Made and sold by rhackcra.y, .\s!itnii-un !er-i.i!;f, near Manchester.-^\nd aUo sold, bv his appo.r.lnav.t, g-1., v., I Vf..$i,pj,j.ra, i\1:iustitj... Messrs. Bacon and to. No, 130, i.).vford-^^treft, oppo-. sitcNew Bond-stx�et,London, Whulcsale Venders. Mr. Staines, Manchester. , Mr. Atkinson, ditto. Mr. Daniel Lvnch, ditto. Mr. Vaughiin, (late Mrs. Cooke), dittp. Mr. Bent, Bariislev. Mr. Bimis, Halifax. V Mess. Brook, and Lnnciishite, liuddersticld. Mr.SiU, Preston. Mr. Leigh, Atheistonc.  Me�s. Wynttonid Wbililjaxsh, Salisbury. Mr. Druminond, Lincolii. Mr. Mouiisey, Pcestoa. .Mr. Green, lierefci-l. .Messrs. Elder and Co. Eiiin- liurgh. Mr. hazard, Bath. Mr. Urwwry, Derby. Mc Wood, Shrewsbury. !^lr. Walker, Newcastlc-ujiy oarTviie; Mr. Fl.'teher, Chester, . Mr. King, Veovil. Messrs. Holt, and H;igue, Newark. Mr. William WilcucUJCbor-ley.  Mes-,>?. Marriott and Wright, Liverpopr. Mr. Coatcs, Macc|cs'tield. And by alt the principal Venders of Medicinrs in the Kingdom. ^011 N. B. Aav Letters addre^ to Thomas Thackeray, Ai'ar ii>iaidiH'rJ�]N>r> will be duly aittemledtu. ^

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