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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - September 15, 1806, London, Middlesex TlIBATfir: lioYAL,- l>RUltY-LANJr; fCiP-MORllOW Kveiuhg %vilt?l)e kcted thfe I'Trafeedyof.::: ^^^^^^ v..^; . irsmlett Mh ElUsWn; phel�ai Mt3.i Alountain. . , On ffiHrs^ay,'Jtae" Ifeiut Strrttasert ;' with tlie Mortar r^IlIS Evening win bfefTerfbfnicd' the' Comedy 'I'crrsrrJof, Mr. J^opi;,; lady Caroline UtaynxiiK, Mw. Viil i'ive TlitmsEuitl less T^Jtets tliiinlivst ^tate Lottery.' All otlii*rC!Vf>it;il l�ria\4 rfrc'alhiiit. PURCHASEflSoJVl'ickefsanclSlmv vv-'iM liave the Op\voi'iiiii^ ft�",ipl)|�iuiiii;,all the (.'jijiitiil f'rizei<, wliiili will-heHn the J3Ht;�f OutiJhi-r riest,-1 lie ijcju-inc ^iV 15, 1806: ; iJ)k!bCfSi C^Am^^ tire ; /. ' l^a(ia'i{uif tit'i^ht^ Scfl. \3. I tfoops," on Switis lli(;n ),)............ .^tV))^..,....---- LV�'''i un)............ itXl............ 4^-) 100*v.v�.v.>..,.i. ^.OvW ^20... ....... 8i,WJ "Ticlicts jvnil Slmrcg nfc tfa Sale rtt all the tottery (illj�s. l.ckft.....rt^...........U1S> lb 0 1 Ciiaitfr ......9-0| 55ixt(.i)tli iVREIGS IIAMBURlJll A\l MAILS. Caunt MEERtBT-i>T i$ Appointed Knvoy to the fim^w Coui't. He wtll receive ao,()00 florins rfunaallT^ bcsiJcs an dU^w4iic6'for fur-niturc, 'kc. Five hundred artdlery men ar�5 06%* i^iintly employed in makiivg cartridgcBi The iv'toMtcncgrius are fortifyitig Cattaro, w^ich is not \ct evacuated. - - ..'-BERMN, .ST,l'T.>2.  It is generally tindorstood h^e, tlKitUis Majesty vi:i sooQ^o ini,icrson to the acaty. . - v ' .ir�dn troops, infantry and cav\<tiry) ptc-scalcd liuunselvesholorc.thij smatl City..of Iphesew, forced the gates, and dertAydcd of the Civil OffirL'C e ceased-tb^ t�cir notes ar�ulready;at 2f: per : . ^ . coTTESiBunan, si:rr, A Russian 'Courier Oirrived yesterday in biglit �ays H<i.i,^tcrfeliiirs'4 ^^h important dis-patches for Khglind; All-the accdu 'etctsburgli agree in stating that the t)MrEuoi^ Jias itfused to ratify tlie'Treaty^ <Iiat D'punritf, js i� soijie,disgrace, .for jh^i^ his �ns!r;i?tibns. T*hc RySdart arm^ lias l)6en consi-�craWyaugriieiitedi arid 500,00U men are ready to inarch af- a jiWinenfs warning. , The command of � given be. Clt-is'said) to tIjR old General Kar-Jt.Niicov, who was famous ill the timp of CAruE-Anew Coalition {k fpVwiteagalust l^aitee, jousistmg of Russia,: Pi^la^ SVrcdcrf^^glarid, . �"iy�i-jiit,fc.aistaric'tf..'..-... .:, . ���� Do^sm'ngriir'cet, Sgif. 13. ' Dispatchesj lof which tlie foliow.^rig arc copies and .extracts, haye this day been received' at the OflVee of the kig^t IJflTli. Win7 �^' Ia St. nelena. Sir Home and my.selk lainiL^li-Ately consulted whether it would be better to attack the Town of St. Philip ot Moure-VhK-o, or jSuenus Ayn-s, tl^e -capital of the piovuices; and iftcr much reasoniim,. v\e dctermiui'd to^proceod agiUrtSt liornos Ayres, wliich made it n(Hu-.s.sary to rqiucivc irom'tiierUne of battle snip.s, tlu tro;>ps and marines, and such ^l�aaien ''^^ were luorpo. r^ted wU!i'4|i6 latter, and oOiers that had b.uiu �prfctwsri. to^rujs during the pateage, uUo the trans-.{lOf^S,. aod his Maiesiy'-s ship Karcissiis, whitSh wa cilccted on rhe 16th nit. and tho;if>li then only aibotit ninety miles irom - Uueuos Ayros, s!iil, though to his skdl Sir Home Pophatn added the most persevering zeal and assulmty, }et from fogs, fhenuriracy ol tiie navigation, and v*oi�tinual opposing winds, It was n.jt until the '2 it It at niglif, thet we reached oppoiite to it.* We found our- troops, on Seeitig them advance to tfte cneiny, and I'etth-inudt%debted to him''for his voluntary a�-SiStancli. �� , ; . ;� .� 1 then marched in hopes of ^ircventing the destruction of the bridge over the Rio Chuelo, a river'at this season Of the year iidt fordablc, and ; which lay between its and ths city,, distant from it about tbree miles, anxl. eight from our theh situation ;.and though 1 used every diligence,! had the niortiflcatioit to rsecit in tLirnes long l>i;fore Icoidd reach it. 1 halted the trobps'for the ni.ghta mile froinjit, and ])iiHhed qn three companies of (he Tlst, under Lieutenant-Colonel Packj with two fho\*it&ors, to the briilge, to eiideavour to prevent  fts total tlu,>itructii)'.u 1 accompanied tms def-tc.!;.- [ ^pperAtioniahdrgrcat assistance wbicb Iliavcre* ceivcd from him. '.. � I Kave.the honour to be, &c. ; . , (3'Sned) W.C. J^ebf.sfoup, "^iky^^vi. MaJoT-Gcneril Sir Uavid BnirdrCOiHtnntiiliiig in Cbter, �cc. ,^ Artnal Siatc i?fih<j Troops I'lderJ'''; Oortmand .ufMajor-, Ofucrill Hercsftffd, at the P�i)i��r^flwilmc'3, on tbeiioib juiii,-, J8�jjj _ . ., Stall---tWsijorJOcnerali l-]Jfa^tir- Brlj^de, 1 Aid-de-Cann�, 1 Aiisintsiol <J.a^rt*nAi^^r4{Irtieral, i Assistant V^yt\\\nvii^AXjyS^t^(m, iwd;ieff�c- Kiw:il .'iitUlcrv-1 Captaia^ !,�Lieuienairtr I Aa�islant-ga etlcrtiTC rank and lilv', 1 whe<?fcr, 1 coUar-mscUcr, V urtiiict'tn, .iiiid 4 lij^ht 9i�-{F0Un!ler!i. ' ' ) St. Ilfli'ua .\rtillerv-1 Capuiin, .1 si!rjoan!5, 2 drpnitnep, 1 9i iiciiver.iiiK and tile, and'ii hve ami half hich howk- inent, but on ivachmg the b.idge toiind It entirely 1 -  . , V 1 i ... i'-. vi i- ~ ii -u. I l.Or,)i.()f',,uar.(n-IJpiveri--3 cffeaive rank and file, and JJ consnineu 5 tiua as tlie enemy Uuhng the night was 1 cuViiive hor-sr-. 2()iti l.i^irt Urjgoon*-1 Csptam.tjl s�rjeantt ami a eSectjve . riuk a;i(l file. - � ' 7ist flpj^iini-ni-I t4e�^<'hant�Colon(4, 9 Majoi^j'rCa^^^ -Itiard briuging down |;iins, i withdrew the dustaUh-tntJHt boforo Iiglit^ ft* their p(^tio;\ thrfV^'^ tut) opOnraiid exposed- to tmj enemy's fire, who hvulatnine o'clock, on hearing souw of our soldiers go to the river to get water, opened a lire from ttieir guns, and a considijfable Ime ot liilunlry. 'As soon as it was li-^/it [ sent Capt. Ketmot of the .hngifioers to reconnoitre the sidos of the river, and fouml that on our side we had little or no cover to protect tjs, wluLst the ene-ny were diiiwn up behind hedges, hoiise.s, and m the shipping on flie opposite bank, the river n.)t thirty yard-; wal,).--' As our^ituarifJn and circuni-uuc.!? could not admit of tne least ds^lay, 1 determrujd t.) thj passage, and tor that purpose ordered donn the ficld-pieces, whicii, with the adJition. ot tli,)se taken from the etiemv tlie d.iv beiore, were eU'ven (one X had . -Cliuelo, and oa ordering all lire to cease, the liUle of tliem that reiu:i:-'.ed ceased also. , The troops which oppu.sed us durin'T two days appear to have been almost entirely proviii-Ciiil, With a cousid.naljlb proportion of vetevjii odrcers. Thcnumb,irs that were assembied to dis. pufe our pas.sag'.i of the river, I have been .since mlormed, were about two tli'iusaivd infantry ; .1 had no �eason from- tfieir lire to sup.oose their iium-'berjjo.great^ t!ie opposition was very feeble ; the' uiat ,vt. ,^4c.uu ui>yu.u. ... V . dirtiuilty >V4i tie crossuu the rl.a to get Jt 1V-- . v\ !...... �1 " .?-I'i.-''::-;,...:..! 1.....1!...-, �Uumu. : , . ,, � � ^ , ' Point of Quihju's, i\here rproposed landini?, hfiv-f-ing been 111orfned by an isn^ibshinan, who w;is pu lot for the river, Kiid v-.hb had been taken by (he ^arcissos out of a Portuguese vessel, tluit it was an excellent'jdace, and. an easy access from it into the country. 'As soon as the wind would permit, on the 2.'Jl.h, Sir lioiiie Popluim took the �shippi'iig as near as it was possible lor go ; and at a convenient di.?taiice for (UseinJjarliinir, whicli was ellected in the course of Uic ariernooii and night, and without any oiipo.'iitioii : the eiiein)-remaining at the Vi!la;jo of llod.i'ction, on a height abouttWAi,miles.from usin our front: the whoje: intermctiiate. s|jace, as Well as to the ris!;]it and left, Jbeing a' i)'i-i;rect (hit; but my guide informed me, tii'at tho'ftgh ill winf>.T it Avas impassable, it Avas then very practicable, and easy for guns to pass. � It was eleven o'clock in the morning of the 26!h, before 1 could move oil' inygrouivd, and the enemy etuild, from his position, have c iimted every man . I had J the number.s as per margin*, lie Avas draw II up along the brow of a hill, on which was the V'iiliige of Reduction, which covered his right Hank, and his force consisted principally of cavalry, (I have been since informed two thonsa!id,) with eight field pieces. The nature of the gifof.nd was such, that i-wasunder, (he necessity of going directly to his front; and to make my line as iiiiich asi could equal to liis, 1 formed all the troops in-txi one linCf p.xcept tli.e St. Helena Infantry of one hundred and fifty men, which I formed one huH-dred and twenty yards in the rear, with two fii^ld piecT?�,Witli orders to make face to the.right or left', ascithcr of our flar:ks should bn threatened 'by'his cavalry. I had two sLx^pOunders 011 each Hank, and two htnvifzers ill, the centre of the jirst line, in thfs order,, 1 advanced agaiiistthc oi:oii)y, and after wc had got within range of his gUng, * tongue of swamp crossed our front, and obliged me 1 cannot omit reportifig to yon that I h?td the most )ust cause to b.; s.itisiied with the conduce of every officer, and alt the troojis under my coin-man-d. To fjieiiienant Colonel i'ack of �every praise is-due, as well as to titat e.vcelleat regiment. The' batt.ilioM of niarin.;s, comaianded by Capt'. KiiigV of tlu Royal Navy, not only behaved, with the utmost.g')od condac", bat with a di.scipline in the liokl iiuicli-lieyond wiiat could have-been eKpected, thoag'i every exertion to. ef-;fect it had be.ui used by C.)!n.u idji'o ."iir II. Pop-haui, anieveryoiiieer of the Royal Navy during the pas.s:;ge. � �A corps of seamen, wlio had been drilled to smiill arms, werea!sj landed ; they were be!wee;i eighty and ninety ii ii'imljer, and i under the necessity of attacliing tiiein, to (l.-;p.v the, which they did with a ciie.erfiiluess and zeal that ; did them gr.a' credit: and i was nnd.'r great obligation to Captain Khigior his a:::ivity in pre-pi^ribj rjifts,. boats, to pass tiie llio C/huelo. Lieutenant-Colonel LiO^, and the St. Helena frp.op.Sj aLso merit my thanks for tht;i,F, good conduct; asdfies Capt^ Ogilvie,, comnvanding the artillery, for the iiianiun- in which the guns were condiicteil and served. Cii^itain Kbnnett,Of tie iloyal Engineers, was particularly serviceable, by his intelligenceand zeal ; as were ihe 1lo,n,, Major Deane, my Brigade JMajor, and the Hon. Ensiga Gorc^on of the 3d Guards, my Aid-de-samp. Hy eleven o'clock �. 9/�. I had got Some guns-and the greatest part of the frooj>s, the river-andseeitig no symptoms of farllier opppsilion, and learning-1hat the (f00ps- in general had deserted the City, motives of. hum.r.iity induced me to .n-nd, by the Hononrabre" (hisign'(lordon, a snntmons to the Governor to deliver to me the ci.^y and fortrc-s, that the e.xce.w'css and calamities wliieh would incst pr'obaJ>Ij' oi.'ciir if the' llroops onlered in a hostile 8 laeu|..'uaiiljv 7 Lii'�gii�, 1 Paymaster. 1 A^IJllt.^ll^, I (Ju.irMT->laMer� 1 Sursc'-on, i .'Viiist-iiit-iswgv^oii-, h scr-l<-aiil .-iiti'iia);ls, U Serjeant.^, a drunicieij, and Ijo cUi'cttvt; rank an J l;le. ..lariiie.'-!! C.apl.nns, 7 LicuteJiants, l.?. Serjeants,.'I . dni'ii'ier,-', and .Jli J'li;!; and file. {.i>i:p.i)[ .-ica.n;'!:-I (.iiDtiai, .i Lnnitenrints, 4 Midshipmen, (a 'i,. ^-iiid 1 .'V.sststi.:! ;;iiirw'Oi> (ot thi: Sl.ill ); 1 (.;ii>;.".ii?, .} la utiMirint.s, and t .�tias!npim-n(of t!ii5 ({oval Navv) l.K".iten:int-(.(d(m di, 2 i�laji}rs, (-iptaMir, '.'J Li.'Utei'.antj, / ivasisn-, J 1'' ari^ter, 1 Ad-* .lui.iijt, I (Jirirl:T-.i!astrr, 2 SarKL'Oiis, I A-ast.iiit Surscum.-, /2>i'i!e,irit-< '2/ dratniiiors, l-'i.r< fUr ftivi- and Idcj I," ell..-CI 1VI' liiirjco, 1 Ill-el T, ] f uui(iiers. \V. f\iUvRESJr'ORi)j Maj. Geci "lerns granted to tit;> Iniiahitatitj f)f B i Avrci and it� i)<"pe)i;'a"m'i jv3 hci(.M!�.in^'ta I athalic :tla-'sir, v 111) wiT.Mn tlic tiiwn atthe tmi'.'ot the eiitry ot lae Urdisa tio )()��, ,s.ia!l hi; all-aiveu to aieet in me l.orlri's iit llurnos .^;,n'.>, niircii our. ,�� tat? !� an with all tie.-i!.'i:'.,mr.'of uar, unlshall ilortli taeirarais, and heivmvc prisaneri oft war; IhU sacii C)ilic.;r'a.'i are nat'.vl'!-ot .>tnitn ..\inerica, or ni snu'Ovvith natives oi tii: countrv,-or re�;al;irlv d >�, i-i-li.iti'd, sli til he at liaertv to caatiime hero so lo^^a-: they he-It ivi- theni'idvesas been netli jj-iru sahjef-.-iauU .itizei;;.-,, taK-aji (ha,t)atii Oil allejsiaitf!; to hi,i Ijr.iaaaij .�^l)o^t.. ^if pro-lewl to Ore'ftt tint iiii wita r,'?ular passports, ha�iir lajf!str.ites, Muriieri, and lahivlntjnj.s ot �!� t,}w.i iiue-nos..V\r?j anil i'.-. .,( p�ndeur.i.'.s, to the illujtf oui tae bishop, tnetlerj.-v; tn la. ;.:!rirehe-, \li�aiif)tifu-s,L.>llei;.,-s, t^Mild.^-t.o.i^, and oraiT jxtalic lnauutio.js kind, siulL roui^ia tieea.l.l n.iaioli jied., ill. All pLr.;oifi of every dcscriptrvin hcfcuismS ft� tms citv and its Jepcndi-neies, shiiUreeeive every jroiection from tiic liriitah l � Catbulic lUajralv'i �t>r .sWatIany p^r-soa \>hative.- in tae city or its dependcjic..s takeup arnv, �r otlierrtiae act iiiiinically to his Maji-siy s troops v.r .i;)ve.a-nient. J V .Tlie Cabildo, Ma^i.^trates, IJnr^aers, aad i ihahit-ant> til ill pre;t:^rve all taeir. rights .lad |)nvile;;es w hi.^.i t.'n-v have enjiiyed hitai-rc�, anil saall eantaia:- i.i fullSv.iJ tr.'e. exercH-oV tlioir, le^.il fiLictiuiis, hutji civil an,* criminal, liiu'er .ill tae iv.ip.'Ct uii.l protection tha�ienn be atrorled til la tv V hi-.\lajestj,'s tioveFiiment, initil his Majesty's [jlca-siiiv i k.ia-.vii. \'. 'I'iic paldir .^^cIlivo5 ,pf flie town fa ill receive every prol. tioii iriai his i'aUauiile !liajest\"!i Govenancat.. V I. 'i'iie di.i'ereat tiixesand dutU-..; levieil by tiie Magistrates t) real lia tV.r the pruieat, a.iJ t�) be collected bv |.ii-:n iiithesiiae ai.iiaijr, .aiu.ipilied to tiie faau". parpiiseai Ultc-tiil",)r for t'le fceneral gaad of tae ciiy, u.iiil an .M.ije=t_v"i jili'-isure;i.s kaii-.v:'. . \ . V i i, l-.v.-ry [ir.iti-ctionshall be gtven to ixl! .ini free exeV'.'i-e iw' iiotv Cathoiic tteliiiii) i.i aiUinl ie�pi'ei tota.Miiast IUailriou .'rj, aeioraiag to a proclaav-Uiua i.-sni.l the j.t^ uU; � � X. -Ml pabiie property .of every de.-crlpiioa beloa^iag tv theeiK':i'.:S;Ot'UJb Ur:l laiiie iliiieitv 5 i.iU ii.- f.iif.ifuliy di'ii-v-.'red uj) ti) Ihe capiaiv ; an.) as tie.' ('li.a.iuiiuU'-i ia'Chii'f biari ihein.'eives to sVe ih;' fal.'iiiaou: nf the prfcdieg ariirK's fur tae benetil of .i.;utii AuieriCd, da tiie Ce.!)i\'i'> aa.! \ia-j; liiad tll."r.i.'t'lvcs taste tliit thii l.:sl article is faith-tally and ho.itiiu-.ibly compUfd with. . \Givt a uadvr oar" h.uies aiid.s-j.iij, ta t'le fJrtrcjs of Oueuo.i .\ vn s, tiiis Jdda , Alt',1 ul iRi.' (^ig'iie.l) "V,'. C." i;i.;Ui:srORn, IMai. Gen. fSicieJ; nO-Mi: IHJtniAM, Corirniulare, , � oraiiiandiasi"'-'Iwef." .^.Signed) . �JOS-SPil DlvLA QJJiNTAXA, Umcraor and Bri^dier of Dragoons.^ :'  Witness to the above s'iUatiires, � .-(Sigaeilj i;a v\. 4)K Li;jic.v .\ S.ven E.vttESTE.; (..V true e.Kpy) , CiKO. >\. Ki:.\iM;rrT 5iil. Secretary.  Castle of liuenos Ayre.s, .";t:i Jnly 1S33 Itctura of Ordnance, Aramuailiihi, ami Ar.ns captured at Udi-uos Ayivj, KoJ it* ileiie.idewie'', vi.!. Iron Oniiiauee.-;� eii;lit oaaa\-rs, 1 t� .dve-j)Oiwder, S iiiiie-piHiii.lera, 1 opf, (.Ic." at'th� tJUii of this Letter. i:i-.'r. of their religion, and protection to their persoiis Jind'all private |)ropeity. He ivtiirncd to me an Oificer to ask some hours to draw up conditions: but eould not consent to ileluy iny \narch. \yirn:h 1 CO.minencoil as soon as the whole had cros.S'jd the Rio Chuelo ; and, on arriving near the City,- an GHicev from the Governor tigaiti inetine with a mniiber of conditions, to jvhich X hatl iiot then tiiiio to iittetul: bi�t said I would contirtnl)y writing vfhat 1 had proud.sed, wlien in pos,>wssion of tho^'ity mid the tvrms granted aitid signed by Sir Ttortje-J^opham and myself 1 have tluj honour to annex.. . ., � � . , .1 also transmit a iretiirii of the killed, woun to-tUii suL^e:iil of this. cK-piidition, and of tW cardial 550 \\ hole barreUof pov.dcfy 9051 nwkcls w�U� ba\ontt>, tjtu eartiinoc, 40/9pistaU, miwt.r.tJo.;s� J A)S s*toj'�Ls. (Sij'.iicd) . .1. K. (>(�i LV lli, t:e.pi. camnuindtn,; Koyalaui St. Ui-leiia AitilU'iy. Siace the aho�e Return.was sent to Sir Oa-vii> haircV, t(Se follow iii^ jruas, left by "t^Sij \ ic.-ro^ ia h.s lli(;ht, have iH-entaker, siiulurms', i\c. reeeived.: llr.i.v linlnaiice.-J tour-pojaid-.r^.j irto-p; VsA .MusluMs with bayonetii, 71 nm$lu*ts nIthout bnyonrts, Si j)oi\eUes,a;> swords. Jl t'.O. Return of ^he KtlJed, ^youii4*'�'anil MisstoRof the Tro�p� under 'the I'oiniu.ind of .Vtiyor-ueucr,l. Mcreari>rdt m lac aAU;M>d�^.th;.Uinc.lSU>. V , St. lU^leiuiArliliU'ry.-I r.wk and tile wounded. 7)8t Kejr.--r! OlHeei^l si'ric i.U'�dejl. Corps ijfseanie.,.----'r�ak and ill.'killed. Captain l,c Ll h e, ai ihi.v73slroj(imr'iit,s!iot lu tao leg^slawr iiniputa�r",d Above liu-Uaee.. . : , Assi.~wn�-.S!ur^eo<i iJtUrkilay. oi't^e Medical Stu'lattachedtc� hs, ilvietcA ilegiidettt^n: s ini;. (For ike jvmuiuitfir ijp^^^^^ Ciaictte,

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