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Courier (Newspaper) - August 23, 1806, London, Middlesex S-(TURB.iY. JUaUST 23, 1806. Price 6^' VAUXIIAI.L.-Under the PatronaRC of Iiis ' ttoval Ilighnpps flie Prinfc of Wales.-On MO.N-DAY liVF.NING will be i). M- i'}.RB (iAl,A and II RE \\ iRKS, inliowwr iiftlit iiiitli of lib Royal iligbucss the Uiiki'of (Il.AKi NC^b).--^'(>'"Mion3>. 10 V I'illN liSS. - An accuinplishfd, ^IT wlio tia-s bc;-n som;- wars in that situation, aiidis miw ft>iWhiiiK "'^ EdiiratiOnor'a youns Lady who liiis lici^n uivltr jirrnire for tliree yi'ars, wslio? to eiigijgr, at Christmas u-xl, as a Govi'rm'sh in ;i jVobloniars of iienflimaii'* Fiiiiii-ly, or as a ComiMiiion to a Ltdy. Shs is eWrv way P'-r-li-itly qimlififd iii d cHlciilated citlitr of tlie .ii)ovv silii.i-tioiiS, and iindoninbl(; rcft^rcnors i-.m h:� given l)y applying; jiti-sonnllyjOr l)V Irttrr (post-paid), to Air. Taylor, lioojiicl- "i^ilM'KU OR SMALLcnUiU'iiOlUiAN^. )!t60F,[Ul^air(l WILKINSON bc-g to inform j^J tl\r Nobilitv and ricntry, tljat tfepy lisvi- |ii!.t ri,i?lird a. rrmarkablc liaiidfomf "IK" with a Rotiiic f-uit, i'nr a small iotlir C'oaiitrv. Tlw^ Orpaii is hutJ* i.) w.ind at ths-baclf, l>y wliirli nic-ii� tlv p?:rson .srindiDj; U uut I'vops -d to thf.itui'ii'nre, and from it* unit bfiii}� virv ia*^c, may^:;.<�e- �I I'PII I'.LKIN DANMELS is charged with haviM;: t m-ttiiitcd a f;rn?s Fraud, to a. hup!-amount; and a Rciva. 1 of TAVO HUiVj>RKl> GUIN1; AS is oIK-red for his apprelicu-hvllie piTSOHdrfrnudrd. .. riir Soiiot .for the Protcrtion of Propicrtv ajtainst Frautjj ja tlie Stock Kxciiiiiise; do hm-Hv oJl'-r a KITKTJI I:R ftc-ward of TWO ilUNDREI) oaiNMlAS, to anv Person or I'cr.-ions -vviiomav appftthend him, so that lie ma v hi* bro^ffht to,.lustier-t'le said Reward to be paid by tlie 'I'rcasiirpr of . soft ;in 1 with a slijtht tout'h of foreign aecvn:. He lately resided at No. 10, Coleiiian-slreet.- . - - .. . ' � , : MONKV.-Messis. I.OOAS and C;o. bes leavii to inform those thai miiy hi-iii want,and desirous of borroilViiiJC feinpnrnry or | Sniiis ofMoiiey, and p()s-sessed of any assignable pvopvrty^ that they mav bo sup|ilied with 'anv Sum on f.iir ;irA e(!uitabi;> terms, by pay iii^ ail :idcqu:rte. Annuity l:ifpre.-.t for Ihe same. As alsn'miiney \s 111 be advanced to those of kiiovin property, oil thtir personal Sueiirity. IVrsonal appiicatio(K and tWENTV-S,RV'RN THOUSAND POUNDS rirjsdy to be advanced oi approved Sceuriticf, r f � other Alaiiufacturer; :any,as a further proof of the coaVHi . of his Coloucs, the Society of Arts have voted to him lii'/irlarj;' I- Silv(>r ,1'allet, arid Twenty Guineas, for liivcntiorsinSiiperfiiu'Colour.^. N. li. i-Vrniuuent Ink, for writing with a pen, Hvarrintcd to stan-.l w:i liinir, v.'iCn every arliele in the Drawinij Line, of tiii' tirstqinilitv. Ltkp\ may be liad his Liquid Pink Dye f'r Silk Stockiiii;s.-i',Vi.'ry article in the Toy and Turnbrid'ge lane.' "_.� .� � ^ �_ ' � C^OOKK. contiuues to liave on Salo, at his Ma-. / iiuf.ictory ai^d Nottiugham Wariheiise, betwe:-n Castle-court and Old" Uound-eonrt, nearly opp)site "N oric fiuildiiiftT, at Ul, in the Strand, an extensive and v.iluaMi' assortni'-it (>f KOSH'.RY of every di-scription, which for elegance, neatiiosf, taste, and qu-ilitv, has never been equalled, an;l, hell;;tters himself, can Ik-, surpassed. The many advantages he possesses over cv(r^ yt'.u-r pi rson in this lith- of business, and the peculiar deprec of pcrfectioa to which, bv indefatigable attention and unlimited exnenee, hi- his brotif;ht his iManufactorv, while they alf(n*d hire ui oppnr-tuiiity of olVering to the Public a variety of Goflus, sapi rior in every respect to those of aiiy other person, and rendiV .ill competliion fruitl^iis, also enahie h'vm to accommodate.thi: Public, eitbei' in the~ Whi)l:'sal.', Retail, or r',\portTrad�-, upon terms more moderate than can possibly be all'orded by Nliy other House hi th? Metropolis. The only Repository in the British Empire, where Comfort Ease, Durability, Pleasantness, Keonorav, Utily, and A SAVING OF ONE GUINEA IN 'IMREE ARE COMBINED IN. THE PUIUHASE OF lOLLYEll'S SILK STOClvINGy with Cotton J. Feet, No. 14(), Fleet-street. A mottrich, valuable and elegaj'.tsi^lectio:i,Rt the following prices :~Ladies .ind Oen-ileriten's stout and line black, white, and coloured China, silk, IVoui Js.Kd. ortlHve pair for a j;uinea, to suptilinc with the most fashionable clocks, his. 6d. j \. B. To such of the Nobilitv, Clergy, and Gentry, who Iu>v.< not made trial of their distinguished and invalua'lvle cx- ell'-neici;. it may be prop�r more precisely to state, they arc f.iT more coinfttrtable, sof't, and pleasant, infinitely inorjf! dii-riihle,-and though every way equal in richness, eleganee, and (lUiditvvare not more than two-thirds of thu price of those with Silk fi'M. , . , . . : . . � TO THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. ; CAUTION.-r-The great reputation the GR, KUl-NE BANDANA SOAP has acquired for Riving the most .exquisite delicacy of texture and inconceivable fairness to the. Hands, wlikh.are constantly wash'ed with tills Sonp, has imluced . a number of unprincipled Shopkeepers to sell a spurious imitation thereof.' in order to pievcnt the dangerous consequences of beinjt Imposed on, observe that the BUI, accompanying each Cake of the Ge-i!'*iiiie Soap, is signed by the Proprietor's Wholesale Agenti Vni. Wither.'!, in his own hand-writing. Any Preparation 'nl'ei'ed uilrlrr tills denontiimtipnj If it does not bear thissig-ri'itiiro, must be a glaring imposition, and ck\nj{eious to bti dep.iided oil;-SiSId by Wm. Withers (at the only Ware-h'liisp for Dr. Norrls'8 Fever Drops),'^29, Str.nul; Sim-'"iiins, Caiiterbury t Plnckwell, Rochester ; W'arreii,Mar-Kiit.'; VValdi'oij, Kotwells, Bi'istol; Gregsuns,. Liycrpodl; t^l. 'dne)d;iy ' "��"'' the 'Jit uftiiii>lcm')i:i^ficvi, tui/tiiU ,'ir. re/idij to nrdci:. Ten-d^rs in icrUing (staleiiup) and Ireui Kiik iiudi I'cnom �.v, viill. viidt'Hiiki: to xuuphuUmdi qiiunlitm of CHEMU RE-DEKB i yillRE, WAR WlCKitllRE, and (;l.OUd:;S-TBRSll^RivCHEESE,or Cheese of equal Gooduess, and of lUJSb {;()Riv (iieeonds) BUI'lyiR,dir iJiUrk-.!! BU P-TEK, of equal (iooJm>e$i ai snuU tit ixquinA for lih .ttujtstijU f'ictiialliiig Service, frum the iU of October ittxlt to Iht iiOlk v/.iei>,\i<\)i,c.iclnsi"ii. ' ' To Oe di-licereil from limr. to lithe as tiemnridcd, into the. Viciualliiig Slurex at Oi'iJlfurd, Pnrf^'iiouliif Plymouth, nnd Curk, til lim Coii/rnrhrs vxptntx : f V, warrtintcdto keep noiliid I'vr tHrsijiHeofSiu-Mniitlist'iCiK the. reipcrliVe p^iiuds of ddiHU-y: iimlloln' paid for bt/iiiiln pai/iiilt, tcil/i, inteixil,'ninetij da,/s cficriliitc. Ti,c con'liliinu ofth: ('-(intracts may fie sirn at the Secre'arit's Oilirt;itnd at t/n.i Ojlire; or, liy appfyin}; to Mr.-'ohn tV il-livitns, l)uns/f.rvine,^-i!frnt for the P iftuiiUinf; III \.:ork. A'u rciiiird milt be hud tu ml:/ Ti-nder in whirii the I'rKesha'l not ba.iiiserlcii in icordi at feii^l'ii nr that shalt not he delivered tu :he UiiHrdOeJorK (h\e o'l..' > hie Prr.inn icUo iniikt'.s lue iVSt-�dcr, omuine I'er^nin en liin hekalf, attends, to amtccr^tiiiiir rnllDd fiir^ '  � � . - � - V J c IL \ LLI .^ (i-o t FI c i�:, Aug. i'-j, itio ^WlIIFi Coiimissioimnfor VicimUin^ His Ma^ JL jesly's Arte// do hereby give \t^ ;?ioiii>f, iitey Kiu oe re ititcriling (Healed up), for fifeh qi PEASK.of Kiln Dried flOU.SKi; JUSCUITSTUFF, made-tVonl wh 'ofirf., liiii! on Mouii^iy, the lat of bii-plemher ne.U,'ou Monday \lid of t.i'iit mouth, and'on the Jint and third f>lomh)}S iU ecerij siir.ct.cdinf; monliry they viti be ready to reetlre Tenders '� rnanlilles of hr<G\.Am ;oLD FLOUR, andof hole iMcal, iii the, rr.njKC-tti^: Deahrs Ihcrein may think proper to offe.i-j, to ha delii'iercd dnio His Mniesty''.i Stored at Depljord, or into Ihc yirntj f'ic-tuiilllnff h to res in St. C taniily than'^J.') Qiiarlers of Fi.asa n-iil be aet:ep'itd. The Cimdilion.i of Ilia Co. ry's OJjih: onlrarts may be seen at the HcCreta- yo'ret;:/rdml!be had 10 any.Tender in whieh theprite ^bafl ot be iiiicrled in tL-iird.s itt leniflh. Or that ithtU wil bv'de.'iwi-ed to lie li:iard hefore 'Two, o'Cloek nil I he re' � behalf, tilleiid.^, io onsirer ivhcii railed for. ' CORN'.liXCif.\NGB, MARK-LANE, LoKDftK, At'ijf St y^. li^o'. IIIE.Trustees aiiij Mana 'GE wiUheopeiied for the dispatch of business', on r*U)NDAYS,WEDN.-.SDA VS.and FRIDA VS, ; as heivt(>f<)re; but that, 4ijring tliis mpnths of Jvxi:, Julv , aiid At'r.TJSTi' ill cyeirv year, tae Market m'IU be nel'don Mavi*Avs add ThuusVays only. .lOHN SMITON, Secretary POULTRY AND CiiARING-CROSS. , FIFT and Go. at their Old 0thc3, No. 11, Poultry, and at No. 12, C^haring-Cross, nr� anthnrized by Goveriiihent to sell the Tickets, Share.-, and Chances of tliepr.'Scit Lottery, which cOritdins a greater proportion of Cjpit;il Priaes than any former one. T he First-Drawn TicKet is entitled to 10,030'. bcinr the only Prize ftxed for any day, conseq-i'.mily a Ticket drawn at'any period of the Lottery will U.ive the chajice of all the J'rizcs lathe AVh?cl. : ' SWIFT and Co. Unre h,ad^for many Tears pist, the.satis-faetiQa of itdllnga great pt'iifi'VriiOii of t'lC C.'ipitul Prizej, pa^'ticularly in ihs lu*t an 1 lite Lotteries. Letters f.-otfi the Country, nijdmseil as to No. 11, i'ouVtry, will receive inHftcii}^te|. .'.',00.) .iO............ i.',000 20......... 8'i,000 20,000 L.200,000 Tickets ami .Shares arr on Sate at all the Lottery OiTices. Ticket....................L.19 lij 0 Half............10 a 0 1 liighth.______..,.-..2 11 6 tjiiarter----.-----... n '2 0 1 Si xteentli......... I 6 0 ll.AftLAAlV ANTTiTlLldUs'lMTLS, " Invented by EDWARD HALLAM, Surgeon and Apothe-cary *f the Religious Persuasion of Quakers, Bury St, Ldmunds. ''TIHIS safe and elc^^ant preparation is justly es--1, teemed for its agreeable ami certain operation, by which it ollectunlly rertioves all Inaction or Obstruction of the Stocmacb and Bowels, whether arising from Bile, Indi- or mercur)4!rprcparations, it is at all timcs^nfe 4 Aud has been g " ' ' action and thi-----..... , . bowels is not kept up, and crudities retained in those organs are frequently producing pains and distensions, head-achSj lanquor, aiid giddloess, or a sense of weariness and opprecsion. " Remove the cause, the efl'cct must cease." Asinglc trial willfully convince tjie patient of their cflTica-cy. The woii^t rases of Kiltous or Sick Head-achs are certainly removed by n single dose, anil in a much shorter time tliancouid bccredlle/lj but from experience. ThwProprietor thinks it ((rOpcr 10 remark, they will be fuiin.d not only toa�t withoutiialii or (iDCanuess, but to leave the body, after their immediate action'deases, free from that costive state whic4i generally succeeds tlie ojpcratiort of laxative niedU clnes, . : ., � �, � , � � . .� Sold Wliolesale and Retail hy Shaw and Edwank, 66j St. Paul's Chmdiayard, LoDcton) price'js. {)cl� per Boxr One very thirk an 1'i'l'isidy vr.infcd Volume, illur-trated with n'-arlv Hi'veiily Maps.'iiKl Views, rWMlVi (HjlW. to" ALLthc WzVTERING and .1. SEA-UA'liUN(i Places in En^'l.indard Walec, foi-im)a,coii ISTA S-TtAL l)V.S('iM'l'rlo:\S of ev.ry Place' of la-hionahli: iJesort, aiiii of the Curios tilw and Sren"ry in llieir Environ.*, w ith an itiui tary fif the Utiad� to and fnini each l't;; tJytiie! i;ditorof lUivl'icture of London. Tliis Work is HO well known, and has lipcii -o iiiiivers'illy approved of for its Compl.'leiiess a-id Accuracy, that a..iy fur-tner l)e.-criptioni)f it.? COiitenls, or any t)l>seKValions Oii its MeritNand L'tilits, v/nnld Nie super,liif'us. I'ri.n'd fnr ia<' il \RD I'll t LI,I PS, No. fi, P.riil^e-Ktreef, Blaekii'iars; and to he U id of all I'.iio v eUer-., pi.'iiculavly 0,'tnose'.v!io reside at the nVipcctivc S;-a-Bathiiigand Ua-terins Pl:nes. CfiVhoi.i mav also be had THE PlCTCRi: OF LONDON for IKO I, liv the -a-ne l/litor. pr Ce .is. bniin I in Kei!._ ~ IK ELAND. . Tbi^'day is puUVshed, in one cli'j;.int volume, quarto price Forty-five SiidHngs, Ifi hoavds, emi)!llisUcd with Sixfecii beautiful View's, by M.-iihuidj aiid dc.licatcd by pcrmis-; sioii, to Iht* fcnrl of Mtitr^, rpHE STRANGER In IRELAND; or, a Tour Jl. inthe Southern and VVeslenr Tarts of ihat Country, dUi'l/lgthe Autumn andV/iiitcr of tiiula.-.t vear, lbO.5.- � By. .JOHN c-\Rll, I sq. Of the Jlommrable'Soeiety of the .vliddle I'e.uiple. of the Northern Slimmer; or '1 ravels round the of the Stranger in ranee, I've. Kc. . Printed for Ricliard l�hiUips,Nn. li, Rridi;c-street, Blaek-friars; and to l)e had of all IJooksellei-a i'.i Great ijritiiin and Ireland, Of whom may also b? had, Mr. Carr's Nortliera Simuuer; or,Travels tk; V;.V�,inb:Kirdr. And rtio MAU), WIFE, and dons, .'jvols. Pis. M. Fifrh Edition, considerably enlarged.-Thlti day is nubllKh" ed, |)ric pn, U.I, 1 .lu-ijaii; ami ponitl.tmp-UTru; r. Oitdl, Ave-vIaria-lAne, St.-'irrl, Mnrin-.Lihf. rv, IJrightoi*. Autlior Baltic : round the Bal-WIDOW. By Mr. Sid- ; DISSOLUTION OK THE PARHAUKNT. This day is published, price Nine Shillings in boards,or Half-a-Guinea boihid in red, tliiek and eloselv printed volume, the size of l)t"brett"s and Kcaisley's Peerarge, ' HIOGRAPIIICAL INDEX to the PRE- Sr.Nl'tfGUSi; of CO.MMONS, containing brief,but correct'N-oiices of t^ie Lives, the Fauiily, and Party Con-liiectioiis, the:Si>rinfi)i'i,il (.Iharactcr nnd Coiiduef, and other Useful and sati.^f.ictory I'articuliirs relative; to all ,the Meiii-bcri) of the Commons" Honre of i''arri:inii;nt; drawn up ami printed ,iis a Companion to thcCoiirt Kaleiidais and the j'orket Peerages. * � � In an Appeinlit is siven all the Divisincs which hnve tak'eji place on great Public Quwtioii* during several Years past. , . I'rinted for Richard Phillips, No. (t. Bridge-street, Black-friars, and to behad Of all Biioksellers. �3i'Rs;ROBrN7�oN.' �: �.- This Day Is published, intliree elegantly printed volumes, 011 superfineyellOw wove post paper, aiid liotpressedj' embellished with iir,*tImpr.-.ssioi!s Of Burke's Engraving, from the Portrait of Sir Joshua Reynolds, pirice 1/. 7s. in boards, � � . ' r-fflHE POETI?A:L WORKS of the late Mrs. .-H. MARY ROBINSON, niiW lirt collected by her-daugiiter. Miss ROBINSON, and includiugma.iy Pieces never before published. - I'rinted for Iticliard I'hillips, No. fi. Bridge-street, Bl.ack-friars ; and to be bad of all Booksellers. Of whom may behad, TheMEMOIUS of the LIFE of .Mrs. ROBINS'ON, written by Herself; in two vol.s price H ilf-''i-Guinen in boards. "-(i-.-_._-:-.--_i_;_ ,|V. . > ,GOXCLU.-itO_^. of.MR. PRATl-S GLEANINGS. .This t)ay is publishi-d'entbelllshed with a tiiu! Portrait of tlie A.ut!ior,ljy.Caroline Watson, from a I'aintiiijBJ'by Law-' reace, in three large volumes, octavo, price one guinea tiiid a Iwilf in boards, ' ARVE::rr HOME, consisting of SUPPEE- . MENTAUY GLEANINGS in various. parts of England, particularly in Hampshire and Warv.'icksti'irc; and containing Original 'Views of Society, and of the .State of the Poor in the great manufacturing towns of Ijirmingham, Manchi'ster and Shellield. By Mr. PRATT. Including alsothree OrigiiUil Uram.'isof the Author. And One Volume of his Original Poetry, with Contributions of Original Pieces by the Poet I,aureat, by .Miss Pye, Dr. AUiv6r,(:harLs,Iam:"s,.lo!in Taylor, 1{. C.'Dallas, "W. HiiH()n,W. Aievler, .J. Morlit, and .John Bullar.T'.sqrf.; Dr. Walcot, the Rev. 1'. Parsons, iSie.&e.fte, Subjoinctf is a new and enl.irgwl Edition of the Author's Poem of Sympathy, witli Original Notes. Printed for ({icliard Piiillips, No. tJ, Bridge-street, Black-friars, and to be had of all Booksellers. . THREE BOOKS OF BIOGRAPHY FOR THE USE OF SCHOOLS. ; This day were publislied. New mid improved Editions of the following interesting, useful, and approved School Books ; written purposely for the use of young persons, on theob^ vioiis and important principle^ that Example is more powerful and more seductive than Precept. l.rriHE IJRITISII NEPOS, consisting of Select JL Lives of tlwe ILLUSTRIOUS BRITONS who have been the most lUsiinguished for their Virtues, Talents, or remarkable Advancement in Life, interspersed w itli practical Rellectimis. By W. .MAVOR, LI..1). ^ic. price Is. lid. bound"; and containing accounts of the mulermentioucd distinguished Personages Alfred ', Bacon Wickliff Chaucer � Wolsey More T. Cromwdl Latimer Cabot .Jewell Gresbam Walsinghani Crichtoii Drake Burleigh Shakspearc , Newton -Sir R. W.ilpole Mair Sloane WoltV." Anson Barnjird Lyttleton Chatham Garrick Cook.  IJIaekstone .Tohu.'ini Lowlh Jli>w.ird Miuisfield Sir J; Reynolds. Bacon Andrews (;oke Striitlbrd Hampden Harvey Elake CbMendou .Milton Marvel Svdney Tlllotson Locke Holt Burnet ;Penu Addison Marleborough 2. A SELECTION of the LIVES of PLUTARCH, abridjjed for the use of Schools, by William Mavor, LL. D. &c. price Is. (id. bound, and containing accounts of the undermentioned I'ersonages, the .most illustrious and estimable characters of Antiquity : , Romulus Pericles Lycurgus Alcibiadcs Solon : Timoleon ^uma Aristides ThciTifctocles Cato the Censor CamiKuis Pyrrhus 3. SCRIPTURE BIOGRAPHY; or^,the Lives and Characters of the Principal Personages rrcnlrried In the Sacred Writings^ practicnlly Jidapted to the Instruction and improvement of youth, liy the Rev. John WatI<inf,-LL.D. Price .lis. bound. This imporwint Work, which teaches and applies the principles of religion under the agreeable form ot biographical narratives, contains accounts uf the folluwiiig Scripture Characters : Adam Joseph Solomon Cain Job Elijah . Abel Moses Elisha ' Ilnoidt Balaam Daniet Noah Joshaa Esther- < - Abraham Ruth Murdecai Isaac Siimuel . St. John ' Jacob David Jesus Christ- Printed for Rlohard Phillips-, No. 6, Bridge-sti'eet, Black- friars; and to behad of all Books<.'Uers, arid Deiden ui Books, wltli the jHWl uljowar.ce to Schools. Eumenes Pompey Alexaiiiilpr Iiilius ( s .tr tcmosthoncs Cicero Nf. '2:), Cnr.iiiill, 5-, ('harin?--eri)s-, anlM. ..ilar^'-wet's llill. Borough. OR.XSBY and Co. resjnTtfuIiv- the i i'liiil".-thnt tlie piv ?eiit Lititery contaia.. WJi'e I'.ijJi-� il I'li/.i",mil f;!\ver Ticke.L-i zaii proceejlt.ig LMery. A. gfit varieif of liek,-ls an.l ohji^L ,irfe�*� S.ife. at tmf.^ IvwciU uriees, at tlie above 9tJi'i^A, tflsj|fj$^at<!3; whttre all Sharen of'Pri/.e9�r-p leiivx ia lulL V � Orders by Letter or Carrier e.xPCiKe|^<to fhe same terms as . Vfpre-wnt.'� .,� , 'i'lie Lottery besini Drawiix/fie l^t'j of OcTonF.n. ri^ME riial JAPAV ilLACRlNG, made by" D'VY �.xn<i .M.Vi; I'lN.-Thisinvahiable Composition, witn halftiie n^ual Liliour, produces th<-most brilliant jet b!a<'tev.t In-held, aliords p;-colmrmHsrishm''nVto the Im- ...... -------...r ^..^. :iv, ^nu, Tjivi-'lociV-tr.'et; V\. Day, b', Mv.ill.nv-tieet; A itell, \o. 1, Finch-iMiie; the priiu'ipal Hontinaker^, Perfumers and Oilmen ia [he .Metrijpoli-, and i,i every town thrim:;llout the United Kingdom in stone boiftes, price Is. ud. c.'ich; FOR TMi: GROWTH OP H.,\!R. ADIES aiui GlCNTDvMEN uho wish thd IJ oi-nameat or a FIXE HEAD of HAIR, need orilv mike trial of the IIUSSI.V Oil;; part.icularly as the Ure o'l' Oils arc found Siineccssary to nmisten tae Jhiir when dressing, for whicli purpose the Ras.sia Oil ha.s now liccamr in use by the Royal Family, and Loilies of the fii-it circle. ii nourisher a-i.t iiuprnvcr to its grn^ t)i, pr;.'veiits its f;,!-ling oil", ,'ind is -o great.a preserver and stiengthener to tlie Hair, as to prevent it hecoming IialJ or Uirniiig grev. to tjie latest period 1 also restores the llairon ball pluceii. "Mcveral (ieiitlemen, wiio have been bald for leait, have declared, after using the Russia Oil regnlurly fnr "tliree nmntlis, became nearly covered with hair, ItAviil serve .is a snbititnte for pom.ilum. It is re>ci".ivmcndeil to Ladies who usedressiiig iroi!'!, as itpreventj the ill-ell'eefs oecjsioned by their hi at.- Price 7�. per bottle, or one eonnining four small, .it a Guinea.-To be bad of the Proprietur, ilj, Oxford-slreet; and, bv appointment. Smith, Perfiinier to ni. ayley, Coek^pur-^treet; Hacon, 1.50, and Allen. 7n,()xford4tro;'t; Vi'ard, J'.'l,Middle-row, IIi>!-born.; Biitbt, �!,., Ciu'iipside; .Stiaw and Edwards, (jS,. it. I'aurs Church-va'rd; VVit!i!TS,'i'2;>, Strand, nearT>mpk>b::r; lins, Salisbury; Hlancliard,Vork;^\()olnier, r..\eter; .Mijior aiid ("rulwell", Bath; Lee, Lcwei.: Billings, Liverpool; hynch Manchester 1 Thompson, NewcasUc; Swiijfen, Leicester; Balani,Portsmouth ; Matchett,'Norwich ; Mrs. Jones, O.x-ford; llodson, Caiiibridge; Warren, Margate: Gregopv, llvight<ni 5 Harvey, Soutliampton ; Burgess, Ramsgate ; Sjel-den, Cheltenham ; and of iiiost Aiedicine V endcrs and Perfumers in town and country. N. B; The Russia Oil "will rt^tote the lo� of tfaif on Horses, which often proves a greatdisfigurement to thu��i.,4a-litirtilftintntals. . \_ . Of �, Beware, as are genuine but ;hoise who have tha Russian Eagle on the oulsiile, and signed iu Red Ink by the Proprietors', "iVlochrikiifsky and I'riuce," to counterfeit juiiich is Felony.  . Orders frOm, aii v part of the Country will be sent b v remitting the moiley,dir Sar.d IN'WAIID DECAY. Feebleties?, Horrors of the Mind-Paralytic Complaints, &c. ForNER___ L<�s of Memory, Dimness of Siglit, Pain's of the Back and Loins, Trcmblinsis. - , HUNTER'S RESTOR-VTIVE BALSAMIC PILES. Country Gentlemen and others are informed that they mav be supplied with ttiis valuable .Medicine by sending t!ici"r Orders by Coachnuni or Newsmen, or bv enclosing Cash in a small Parcel directed to .Sir. .lohn Wade, No. i:J,'50ld Bond-street, Ijondou, for which purpose complete packing iioxes are provided for sending it a\ ith safety tO any par.t of this kingdom, Ireland, Sroiland, 1,'^c. UNTERS's RESTORATIVE BALSAM for --restoring and invigorating the constitutions sf pcrsong weakened and debilltatea by a course of dissipnted pleasures or indeed by any ot her causes. .Every day produces fresh accounts of the singuLirsuccess of this"invaluable Restor.itive Medicine, and many gentlemen have been c^n lid eiioiigh to declare, that it has succeeded in cases when everv other Medicine proved, , ' * * Cientlamen of tlie first distinction in this kin qncnt)y take a f "As to the oflicacvof the lli>siora�ive in my Nervoa* complaint, I should feci my�clf In a tnanner ungrateful, if I diiVnot acknowledge the gn^at Iwne^t I received when vurir ous other mediciiws had been tried to no purpose; and. llierefore, although I have been in the ISfib.t of acquiring n.� small knowledge in the nhy-sical way, I n>ust.s.Ty, that f have not met with any th ng equal to Hunter's Restorative Iv^ote.' This Restorative is prep.ited in pHh, which pro-ice mare gradual and Listing eil'ccts than all the internal due ...... ...... ...vv-.-v ,Muti ail iiie forms; the Uuer parts of the Balsam are also bctlerny''.. served. 'r'"' aud all Vcudiirs of Medicine in Town and Cuuntrvw nri<�� lis. Sd. the box, or in Imrger hd.xes, only l,'. 9s. wivcli contain the qu.�ntityr of six small, ai made up for the: Ann v and Navy.v.&e.; � . � A l�nniphlet oil the virtues of the RestorntiTe. with a rt�� ---------���--�^ nyliu^Uadof.he Vei.ikw,pViceb'd. ^' of Cure! annexed, ihay

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