Wednesday, August 20, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - August 20, 1806, London, Middlesex TrEBNESnjYy. Mc^uM^^ rS06. VAUXHAIiL.-TJndtT the Pafroiia�c ub!ii- .Jill- If?s iTpret tli)|(i^&Vf:iiU'v orrisioncrf !iy the rc.lsti;i- ���(II-.: i-' "ic It'l;!; nl" otol)rr'i?'xt, that cvcrv!(iii. ))i;i> T-).-bhtiiiiiffl l)v the 'Pgt=te�, previi.U!. ti) tljf fli;4-tli)ii, ;whklt iri;:'v lilii-.-tt'-iV'irlHfJpnift**- : . . ?f ^i?-reri(ii)V(t;hv,tw ActoC J'arii-impt'tvIJ'h T't'd. iii. Ci "f, i"i)iirr!: of I'.rislaivl. and sI'JiH li-'v-t rkcu t!ic d<';;r:'i' ()f ^lafi Ti lof Arts in thi* 'iiirrTMly nf O-xfar'! or ofCamljritiio. ,Kv Grrferof flii'Tnisfer'.i. -KHS?iv,A%)istJSO:;.  � fiKti. iL^KRIS, Clrrk. �t\. rtRCTJLAR. SAW, biivo; Ind aliothn- triah-^'i'lial f rniixrit Jr-.n^M^cr. .Mr. .MY I/iN J'., hifppctprt the wliolt" pro- of thi- .^e�^v ;!^ivcr;lll(l Londrin }5rVdj>e VViitn- ("'oijipai'^e--. that tii/'V are i'oe iH'rt ronveyaueesfor V,'at;'r-Siom- beius; undntibtcdly tli;> pui-ef!,Tlieapesf,!ind itioFt fiiiralde ofall-matfrial'-. " CRM)ITOi;S of JA.^flS OOO'I'JK deri^-d. LL Persons to wlioni .TAiMES BOOTH, (lafc of Chefin, in tlie Cotinfv of Siirr.s', Labourer, dc-cf;-fd, atidtvhoin April IKO.'s emb.-nkci] afapri^-ad" Hol-lier iii the fii't'i fiesriir.ert of Foot, in aship fancd (lu? Citv of l,a"> doaftir'Bonib-iy,and is siirre dea-l) v.a" ind/ijtrd a( t!re lii>)i> /Jl'lii? der-'-afce, are depire.' vit.^in 1! d ivs fmni t;ir date ber.-ot',tosendan aeenir t of f'i;er rVii aa.l deinanils to our olllre, ill order that the s:ime may \yc -lisrl �^riJ^ - _ . �' MONEY,--Mfssrs. LUCAS snnlCJpv.Iica- jc�4vc : to inforBi thoye t'.'at iijay in ^vallt, ar.d di';in)u � ten>;s; by pa\in^T riii nrlecjuate Aniinitv tutereft for tiie sn;ne. , A? aiso e\:iii>y' Will ' be .advanced li) "those .of known proptTty, on their peisonai S'eurity. \ IVrsonal apjili'ention:^ hre dailv Vere-v.-ii bv MeF=r?. T.iiras and Co. atK�. '2, 'amej^'^treet. Adrlpiii, i-'lrand ; aiut letters M>o?t paid) iiftstvw'ed without deity. � A CAUTION TO PAPFt? MAIcrhs AND Si A- ,, �. TK)M;r!s. :. WliEilEAS JOJi:^ .Vil^CilKE, aJonrnpy. man P.iperMajier, das r)r koiti-' fim'' prt.^^t/one about R;noiig.t!)t? Man\iEacturefs and Stationers reiiv .seritinjc h(in. . 'Phis V to eprtii'y that tbt; tatd, .Tohn Vilebee mivCli*; h.ive hi en eo;;-. Srantly aiid ndvant;:fti'(ni-^!y .einjiloyrd by iiu'i. .'inil Iinve ivmlcred nie ii.�istanr.e'fVom tiie tv.i'ii - in "f!:e.i4i'r,ii.; but alti-r bcinji on? we:'?t in mv Si^rvir:", he lei' iduiitt ;,s.';igoiii^. �stnvsa.nieic�t're.-isnl�)-'fi!t-sodw!ia:'. M;)!,: s- ,. ,, hand^ � Also r.KOiifili AyOODS, an Apprei;!- ,' W-.^ :,\:: '/ie!-al iiottotomploy the said (J. Wood.-' rtiv .�pprciilie,-. . : HUCJJl ROWl,.A.N!>. C'lilworfl., Aii^u>t'!'^, IfO^. ''I^KA.-ThP niiivorsal c b!, Sv.Ar, jjidiieed lih-u of l'rnl)ity and Fxperieiiee to ecnii'-furu-ard and dlfer i.-> thi; J'ublijcj^at thmr Warehouse, .No', -tl, >,e\v nndjr"-jtree(, IJIaekfiiars, Tvro Doors from;;;!ii>.rlijlV, je^i.j-fyrfljpri'e o," 'i'eii, upon furh Terms as niu:-t rfve eonteiit,, if iJVit/.oVriect tiieirlarthef, litui S-ni!,ai-, by tiie I oaf^fuui Woi=t Sii.sar by the Seven l'(Hiiui'-\ e'-!QiJaIity. 15. The Warehouse if ojjen from B o" Clock in the Mnrn-inff until S (v'('b)i-Ic in the [�A:rniiur. � . : / ^ . _ MOH.r; CAi>lTAl, t'KXZhs, And FiveTh>nt?andlei--5Tieket.s than list State Lottery. The FirBt-drnvti Ticket entihed to TFN TilOL'SAND POUNDS; . Another Capital Frizes are alio..t. "P.l>T'nCHASERS of Tickets atid Sharrs will liayc the Opp�-(ijni(y of obtaiaiiiff alF the Capital Prize.^, prnyided they pnreh.-ise befori^ the Drawing eommeneeii, .'vhieli will be oa the l;3th of October-ne.xf.---TheSeheme 5 Jataiiis equal Advantages of � . ' , , TWHiNTY ,'l'llOUSANT) POUND PRi'/ES, TKN THOUSAND FOUND PR rZF,;:. FIVE TflOl/SAND POUND PK IZ,i;S, &e. &e. The former Lolt!H'ies of double the Niimber of Ticket* ; . 'iOjpOa Tickets.onlv�ajid . No other Stale Lot.terv to be DrSTvii this Year. � ', :�. ^scin-MFv \ � . .Ko..6f Pviifs. . .Value of e;-'ch'. " TotiiVY.iluc. 3. L.'20,(ltnl...........:..l,.(iO,Q;Ki �.'��3.1: ........ JO,(KK)............ aO,!l;i,) it...:.;..:....... 6,o;x).. � 5...^.;::.::.::.:... i;ooo..5,o;w -. � � s........... / soo.:......._____ 4,o;k): . - :"io:.:-.. ;oi)............ ;;:,2,oiw..,. '�K),:..:..'.\..v:... : so..-.____���5,00) 4,100.,.,.;..20..........:. � S'' Tickets jtnd Shares are on Sale rit till the Lottery Oilicrs: Ticket....,.:..:,,.........L:i9 15 6 Jidf...:;.:..10 2 0 ^itiiartor,...... LI.;. h 2 0 KiRhth.....-..::. ;2 H fi Sixteenth......... 1 ' (> 0 UliAl/m AND LONOEVITY: . , DR. JAMES'S ANALFmc and ANTIlilLIOUS PILLS: -r � � ^flilR CfltjbjUy of flic Anatejififi PJHs, as a ge; H. Vneittl ('veBervative ,of Health, is become universal, tiiiiu their Eflitac fin those Coinplaintj, which cpiitmually lisiurb the Hiim&n ICratnc, swfeif as Co'irts,. Rheurpati.snrtf-; llciulsicbsi imlig ;S(Hi;icntly acllve, the, AnUKiliotBPilL 'iceii tecdraWended iri aid by an eminent Plivsieian; who has "MidthesBMedtiiciiies jtotixbined ttir nia.hV yeare with the hnp-picst success; intvlVctiimpluiiUs of the Liver, ai, weiliis other "iUTifal diseases; oi-MK mimelarKC box for 11. Is.: timl tlie Anl'il)iliii!i3i>ills'' Jitu-c 'jf. yd. a lioK, duly included. Observe that Kie words *. Ncwbcry,u^o.-15i Sf.Puul'si'; are cjlgruvt^d in the atainp; mflE GRAND JUllY of tW-Cbtiiity of Moii- -H. niouthjiiow aiscrtibl-d, cnniiot � without r'cr, (|ue:tlftp ^ilr CH v'Ri.i:.S MOKCiA.NS aeci'planec of their, kind wiiUes for a Luis coi-.tiivjiinee Of bi'.alth in his retii'eiiiein. frnui the hi^h and iniportaiit St itior, of , u Ige Advocate Ce-jirnil, wlii-reiii hr Irf.-j pre,i.idi\l ."jo iniay yi-aiv �itli.siich Jlonorfo liiuisidf and advanta,;!- lo his Cottiitry: Ami-tUey bej;- liaye.-il-o to i,..\j:r,-*s tlieir ;;-r�tri",il seiise for thecoiista.iiL , realty, an 1 nnifi�rin .iil- nlion to tlieir iiileri-sl^inP.'lrliiiliri'nt; iiiid tli-.vy Ih.ti ti.en-.ible and di.-^iiiJi'reBtede.vamiilft in nut n:ldiiis,-irt our ))u\)lil- burthins, by I'l'i riiii;- withlmt a jiiMi d--:.That Lo. d Arfhnv Soiiicr.-iet, as Foreman,be re-<4uest-il to' Signt'i'iii Addi'is-oii behalf of tlie.<;r;iiid liry of Mie < Vaiiilv- of. illoiiaioiith ; aiiA titat tln^ Sherilf should be , fiirth!riS:'�;ii'~'sTe lbi:;;an, and (hat the n.i.ue be Pi-'.ut''d in llie til t (Uo.i-ester I'aper, and lu �' the (;oiiiir7;ii,'aiid in the iitiii-nii.i'; ( linniicle. fJKN Jil"r4i: SJ-nOit A IMl INC.' (M'lK.SlA 11Y, �t MAIl- ��-..�:� �;�� � c;\i"F.'.,- � . �����','� Pni".SIDi->NT.- ,' i-ar! of ROMNEY. ' . � VJCi-.'ii !�,Sl^J^:^Ts. � ' Th/- Rijrhr Hon. J A.i:! i-.S SUA W, (,ord Alayor. . 'SirCD-il .VUD KS V'i'CUfvaLI,. Lart. SirWj.l.i;iAAI (iJ.Ain, Harf;^!. I'/ '  : s-vM-trl;L"ThOHNT .,.-i-.Mi.-.Si..i>. � Avn.LlAAl (iAKJiO'A, Ksq.'Al. IV .Sir WILLIAM LFiiiil t'O.N, Knt. jind Alderman. �(;. A. ki-:i\ii'KNFKLt:i:s;]. u .lOliN Cl^AK.LlVV Ll.l'T.soM, M, !). .. 'J'UOiMAS FOJISVTil, Fsq. , Fl!,-VNCiS-COIlF., - :mV.ASF'Rl'.R,-.�A-.ilV.S IIV.S ,VT PY.MS,. I'sq. milE AXA^JAL SKiUlON:^ in lieiiaif of this � Jl. Chanty in the j.-!e of iiirini't, will be preaeUi'd oa the2Vth of ihis miiiilh, at ;- t?, to be hadof Mr. nuti-.s, No. AVtlbcek-strecf, (;hveiidisii-sriuare. .- . lo NoliL-men, Ladles, Gentlemenvor Persons of Character, wno are tiot engaged in anv Businen'i �T" in an e: _ CEitX Of sreatniignitui _ investigatia , aud w'dl v.Mirr/.e ail ie.-mieui.e and rapid i'Virtune, witiioul the' fear of future ri.ric, and without irouol* to llii^ Furctiiser, wlio neeil iiot l.-ike any aetivepart, Or ap-pi ar persoDdll.v'in iiiisiness. ivclVrenC'-.s of the li(-.vt. co:is>^--qa-wM iviil be giviTi, apd r'-.^iiired. Leitei-k fvnn l-''rincipa!s only, wilh iv:il N;inie, and plai-e; of abode, tbr.'Cted; post paid, to il.'.-Howard, ist!. lo be le-i'i at IhivNortiiuinberl.ind  C.i)?-V-c ;U>use, in the Siralrl, \viil. meet prujier atteiitioir. �  M()\V,V FOlt DlSaofST. ov,c. "j^/FERCiTA'NTS, MA N lIi''ACT(J5ll';i�, FAC- J.y.M. 'lOft.s, aud 0>t!re,)S, mav be ucce'-UivieiVited to any aaioiiii', by Oi.-t'oHnt of Jjill? of Lvcii.tnsre, inluii.l or Fo-Y(.l fi i.iv.n'.ably ,v,iv;'n by tiie Advertiser to.those applyhig, reeu.r.--pi-iiiV?.IOCS needles'. � �  Lett.-r.sto \ir. vN'oolley, orpevs-inil applic itioiis from iten til? three, at thi- Co'iudipi-'iKUse, Nn. hi, Churcii-slreei, Soho, Loiidon, will receive immediate attention. 10 lM>. SOLD, f.),r '2000 c;UiNl<:AS each (to rOnp or mbr,- Personjl, Tii.R l-;i-;,oV,.FbDl'y.J:5iLA|ii'',S established, hoaourrible, aii-l highly vps'jVAr^'itile C^^^ IN' Of sreat mltjnitule, that will beaftiie m.ost miiriite Mit. (iMKFNOUlilFs CiiLFBUATKD TIN-.OTUR KS give;- inimciliate ease, without in'piriiig the Teeth tirtninis.' Alsci Nlr. Ctreenough's AntiaciiLLozenges, whie.h are a sure ,-ind spaedy remedy for the He.irtburii, Ind.igestion, I'aiii or AVind iji the Stomaca, tlwire disnr.k'rs tirat arise'from too free living, and prevents the ill cHcets of bad M'ine, stjile lieer, iSic. �� ' ' " ; ; Nothing can be a better proof of the eOlcacy of the aliove Medicines than the high repute they have been held in up wards of tOyoarS. . . jivcry Purchaser is .Requested, to obivrve, that R. Ifayinard, No. 10,'Ludgate-hill, is printed on the Stamp; all otiicrs arc ComUerfoits. ' .. They are prcpai'iM..and sold by R.Ilayward, Chymisf, f Successor to T. (ircenpughi the Iiiveiitiir), A'o, Jl), Lud^ate-hill, liondoii. Sold a^iio by F. Nciybery,. No: l.o; St. .Paul's Church-yard.; Bayley andRlcw, C on)ugh,and Bacon, and f:d: No. l.iO, Oxfortl-sireet/ Price Is. lid. each. To the PROPRIETOR of STiRACI.Vs J'FALIAN ' �:" �.OILS..; ,. SIRf two Gentlemen have clesirba mt^ to inform you, 1 may acquaint any Lady or Gentlcman'With their names. One gentleman .is iipwards of seventy yeari; two years bark he had sraiieely a hair on the leftside of his h ' I am Sir; yours, &c. R. GOOD, ILiir-Dresser. , ' �� No. 2/, Wiiiumill-*reet,-l{edf6rd-squarb. .�� Mr:-.rdii?fsoN;-''.. Sii^.-I feel a pleasure in, saying, that ywtr Stiraclan J'.h-Hail Oils Is the only ai-.tiele for making the, hair grow 6i horses j my liorsc a'short lime tfinceilnhbeil the htiiroli" oae of his kciees, the size of a sliilliiig i I iminetliately ordered your Oils to be rubbed well on the kuei^; in less than u inonlh. it was iinprissibl^ to see %V|ifre the.; blemish was, though feeutlcnieri said it wodldncvercome itsimidhil 'colour;-. ,�... �  ,� ; ..' N..IV. Send rtic a d'ozcii pots of your OUs; as~ I alwilys dress with them:  � T. WlLKINBON, No. Ill, Osfoid-roaiV: ^Aiig; ?;iW; . ^ v ,, . , CAUTION.-Tl| Ladies niid Gehtlerbcn w.llo purchuse the abovA'Oils will please, to observe, they are always in pots; and the Proprietor's name,." Jojiiisoii," signed on t^e label across fhi* pot: , Sold by the Proprietiir,'No. 1)4, New tnan-stroet; OJifor< ? and, hy appointiiient; at Gold-Inct, No. 42j Cornhillt licirry, GreoU-strcvt,, SoUo j lluhi-- pliriei!', No,'. 118, 0.�foM:stf(�eti l^yli7 Hty^ Cock- .3iuir-*trcct j Iloirtlriie; Tlchboruc-street, Golden-square; 'iiiid at moit of the prh'cipalp. tc/ji^yfJffki'i'K and (Jammisdoiui's (if Price T; .. u.i-U>i^m �)'tM-TeiiileF ituwjhe ill Ihh Offlre. A� Tmdkr iviUb'ah.reii . .......v.. ..... .,...? ;<if IJIH-UI. IJ .\ I.<ltl'.l/ tiilALD-ilONS.if a\i: iij' Ihrri: Jcrrks.'jytiin IJif.liftc of tkv funlrart, uiiiiliand itratlier perinlt/in^i;, u'uni^-iidr t>ic iV'hitrf of Jlis Ai'iJesiif'iyirliiiiUini; i'nm'f.V'< ,UPlvniouth a� � in\rrled in wurdsat Icm^th. or that, nhnil finl !><: di:'irrrrd tu thi' iiiiai'd Ihfure (inc- p'Chidi on the sditi Wednesday, i'li!'. ^Hh. in- t>r iiulr..s' ntnis:':/.onnrx for f'icdtullinjr His Ma-' ��:! \aiii) do Iwrclxj ^ire ^olitv, thai, iMonciay, l.'n' 'lulh int/finl, flii-l/' li-Ht. iir rradlj to rm-ive Trndcrs in �T'V;�ir, (sra.'ed n//)' nod In-.'tf fuf TV/O TJJOUSA.VD SAC.K.^ of P.lSCl IT STf. FF,' made Inim Whole Meal; to lie rU-liv':ic.d in tlircv..ivrrk-, lt;)ivr'.:';l./ proporlioii:. into Hin Mnji'^lfs ^'irlvallinf; Sturf ul ftvii! I'ifd i und to hi- paid for /ij./HI!.! pir.ifilile,Killi l>ilrri'.- .ccn al l/i') Ser.rc-larii'n O/llm ' _  .\n rrinird Kill lie. had I'ti ami Ten'Irr in ichieh 1,'te piire. shall notlie/ntirledin.'KDid'iiil.hiifilli., or'ljivl slinU not be de-fiverrd In the llourd licfote dm' o'Ctort' on the naid .Moii-d;i.v, '2')ti'i iii-ilnnf, nor i/ii'<�� -l�''ne,i, i'l bo rr'l>, " rf^TI '. M.VXAGEMKNT -of LAXDED A 1--,STATV;S, a(^l-;\F.!;\L WORK: for ttiM'-e .of PHOFESSiON.VL 1\1LN : b-ing an .Ab-ti-iief of the miire eiiiirgeiiTrcUisc om I.aiii'.ed' Propertv, reeentlv pidilislied. Bv Mr. M MJSII \i;l. Priiited T.o^-gMifin, Hn- t, liees, and Orme, Pater-, noi/ter^riiw. Of wiiom niav be had,! , .-Vn- liiem'Mitarv and PrnctlcaV Treatise riii the Lnnded Property of EnglUr.d : re:-riprisii;g the Purchase, the Ini-, jrovmCnt, and thi' executive Aranageni �ijt of Lu'ii<'d J'stitlcs :anil^moreover eoiita't li'ig what rel:it''s lo the g^ii< r-row; and J. Hateiiiird, Piccadilly. This Day-is'published, rriibeUished ivith Tnvo Pliut.-s, jnic..: ; � One Shiliiinr and .Siicpence, .� �WALKtKro�!?h''LKi::DiS.; or, STRAXG ER�S . tJlJIDF, to eVerv thini^ wortli lioC.-p bi t'>at.aiei'-nt and popnloasTown. Containing ii concise but corn-c' i)es-erijitioa of its Churelies .ind Public Buildings, with an Ac-cmint of the Woolb'nAlainif icture of tiie West Riitingof AOrkshire.' To wiro-h is added, n short Descripti(^'i of Templi'.Neivsonie, Kirkstnll .-Vbbey, and the filoravian .Set-tlem'-nt ;!t Fulti^'rk. Sold bv: Crosby and Co. Statioiier's Court; and .Jihn-llealoii, Leeds. " � '  THE W.VTEKlNG PLACi':s for l,^;o:. This D,av is published, price J."s. in Uoaril-; 1 ti. bound, in (,)je very thick ami closely printed Voiiiinc, illiislratcd witli nearly Seve;ity iMapsiind Views, ^ rpilE GUIDE" to ALL the WA'i'.i'.llfNG antl JL �SEA-15.A,'JT!I\(i PLACES in EiigUnd and Wales, for 180-J,coniisii,iK of A.CCUR.vrE and CIKCL^USTA.N-'TIAL ni'.SCIliP'i'IGNS of every Place of fashionable Jlesort,,and of tlie Curiosities and Sei-n^-ry in tiieir Environs, with an Itinerary of tht^ fioadi to and iromeacli Place, IJv (he Eilitorpf the Pictun; of Loiuloa: . This Y�'ork is so well known, and has been so universally appi'ovedof i'or its Conipleteni-ss and -Vcciir icy, !h;it aiiy fur-thrr Description of iLiConteiit^i, or any Ohservutiuia ou its Merits and (Jtility, would;supei-lliii>iis: Printcdfor IIICIIAHD Pll I LLiP.'i.xVo. G, liridge-slreet, ISlaekfriars; and to be had of all Uo"bsseUei-.s, particularly of those who reside at the rcs'ijcctivc Sea-liathinir aid ^^ a"-tering.Pl.ices. � Otivhom \nav jilso be had TIIE PICTURr. OF LON-DONfor IHO.i, liy the same Editor, price 5s. boiind -in Red. ' , .NAUTiC'AL Mi-;UICiNK AN D SU iltrER i', � This Diiy is iiublisiiedj, in One V'oluine Svoj illustrated by several Copper phitos, prive Ks. (xt. iu Uoafds; or iOs, lid. . slifcp, lettered^ lecp, lettered, 1R>: NA\^AL SUIIGEO.V: or SURGrC.VL and MEDICAL MARINE GUID."^:; comprising a full and coinpiete Account of the Duties of PiolV.ssiunal Menat Sea;; with Ample Instruclions for the. IVeservatioa iund Restoration of the Health of Seamen, iu cvtry situation an.'i Climsite. '.�'r):i .'t f Fellow Of the Mtulical Sofcietv of London; SurgeOp to the Sodetv for the Relief of the Ruptured Poor; and formerly a Surgeon in hisiMajesty's Navy. . . Printed fois RicharU Philips, No: (5, Bridge-street, Blaek-firlftrs.; and to lit? hiid tjf all Booksellers. Of whom may aW�� be had. 1. The Anatomy of ttiij Huiiian Ear; ami a Treatise-on its Diseases; and the' Causes of Deafness. By J. C. Saunders, DemohBtrawr of PracticitV Anatptny in St, Thomai's Hc*-pilaUaiid Surgeon to fh� Dispentory for Diseases of tlje Eye and Ear; � Iwe 25s; 2w practical Observations on the Discasci^of London. By R. Willan, iW. D. F.A.iS: Price 4s:,t;d. .3. A'Vretttise.'nn the Ciiuse, Priwressv nni Treatment of ConsiiHiUtion. By John Reid, M. D: S49br JPhysieiaa to the FihidmrvDispeitfary; 7s. boards; L A braelical 'rresiise on Viet. -By. WiUiam Nisbet/ M. D: III one V lume,12iho. price lis; .5: A tieriifs of PopiiiarEssttys tm the Means of Preserving and RiJstoniig ilealih. By Thomas BeijLdtiea, JSl. D. iu tlipte VoUuTleui 8vii:.iprlcc H, I*; ill boaWi. , " (i. A Treatise on tUc Process eihi^loyed <iy Natttrc in sup-. prossiiiE the Hempr-hiige from DiyUiert^anU Putictured Arteries. BVJ::F.'D.JojiesiW.D,'; Price 10i�<lid; * Ab'tmiuiry intoiKe,Nature and Action of Ciuicer.TTitK a view io.the establishment of a ri��uUfr Mode of Cure. Bv S. Young; Esq. of the ll Ikge 1K1-; and REIGN M. �f PHILIP, lvl.\(i of MAGEDON } tbc Father of ALEXANJJEL'. , . I'.y rnoM.vs l1.:lani), d:i)1 Fcllmv of 'iriniiy C<dk-g-, jiublin. Printed for Longniin, Hnr-t", Rri'.-.aiid Ormej.Paternoster-rovy ; and .L P..rki-r, OxforJ. � � Ibis d.iy is published,price .'i. SUPPLE.MiCN r to the DlSSl-jlTATIOX on : tlie l-H) V l-.AilS: Coniuining a full Reply to the Objeetioiis ai)s1 .Miirepi'eseiitatiKiia of the Key,. L. .W. AVhita-ker; Soiiie Remarks on ecrl^iin parts (if the A.u-hor's of. n Di-i-siTt.itioii, and _?i View of the present posture of Atlairs ai coiuiecled wilH Probhecv. . liy tfejlev.G. .S. FAIJKR, B. D, Vicar of SlucktoM upan li-c.-. ' Piloted for F. c; and .1., Hivi.-ivloa, No,. 62, .St.. PinV*'-Cbufcli-yard : Sold aii'o by ,J: il.itchard, .\o:.n'u,- Piciu-. diily. , ()f \sb ai iiitiy be had, bv tiie .-auie, : , , A Dis.wl.itiOii oil the, Pr<Jpi:r;:ios t'.iit isav;^ bceil fulldle.1, arL- now fiillilliug, <;r will her,-at'tcr be fulfilled, rcl.itive to die siwit peried oi' I2'j0 years ttlie^Paptl aiwi Miihommcdan Apostacies, the 'J'yrajnriral liei,^n u5,aijd(jouty Disorders,,' habiluilCo-^tivercss, aiitl liead-afh ; with Observations on Regiiuen and Di(;t,;inl Air ; includiliij a 'j''r.-ali5eon Sea aud Cold IJathiiig,uiidRemaTkiOii theSliowi-r Bath; likewise, CipVaining way the Sea aud Country Air'i.i inure salubriouj th;ia that of Cities and large I'oiv lis. . , Jiy K. sgCJRitjJ-L, M. So;i<):s"!i;nfc; . Snld bv" ili'-chles, .No. , l'lcct-:trei:t i and. lla-lcbard, No.190. Picc;idillv. � pnr- . j<Vow llu; WSDOX (^AZISTJ'E, Aug. 10.: nItr-OJjirc, .-/if-W 10, i�Cd. Elevetilli Regiiiu'iit oi" Liphi -Oi igoiii-s, .Maj c I'lldjor, vice Uro'-vi', who ex^ . en-iiige'>. 2d Regimem of :l'e;)l, Captjin .lolm Gordon, fro-ni the GTth Foot, to be Captain, viie Ferr,ind,\V ii'.i.i.xchanies. 3ith l)itto, Majur 'Finniias ilravyiii', fi-'nii the i'ith Light Dhigooijs^'tojie Major,vice t;i^if.'H-, wiiDi-.w-iiitiiges. 5:Jd Dilti). 'Wiitiin V> iiliani Thnra'd;. to be AJajor, by pi cha?e,v;ji^>i;i�i;skiiie; .'i' ' � ' 67th j;iU(>;v-'Cap(ain U'alkfr Ferraed, from the 2dFoot, to be 4:'[ij)t�i1i 'lit jx (^ffmpaiiv: vice ^iordon, wIm e.\chai:;:''s. ,S'l-.\Fl-.^ wi-ta!il''Comini,^'!ary , Ldwjird Couche to lie .1 Depniy Coinniissary (ieni'val of Stores, J'rinisioiis, and Forage to the Foicehi Dcpuiyi.'mmiii-M.icy of .Stores John llisiiet to. be a Deputy t.^nninijs/irv (if- Aceoniits to tl;a I'oreis. .Ijniies fyieiceiV; (Icat. lo be an Aasistiiiit. Com-missiirv of .�\econipK lo tlK^ lorees. BAR llACf^S.-!. ilill, Ks-V;Capt.iin nant Charles S. Uhodes to be Second Captain/ vice Sniy til. , , Sec.uid Jjieutenaiit P-obert S.Hustler to be First Lieutenant, vice iviiud'js. Captlin .Vugostes De Biittstobe I,ieuN:;iar;t-Colo;ul. .S; i-iind Captain Gtorge Landin.inn to be CapUiin, vice De First Lit'U'cnaiJt IJ.ctiry Kilvingtun to be Second Captain, , vice Landni.'inn. Second Lieu'eniiiitThom.-is -Mooly tn ba First Lieutenant, vice i-vilviiif:.ion. ..  ; S.'cjind (^apt.iiii Comrli^s Mrinrito be Capt/.iii. Fll^t Liehtenant Gilbert to be St cond Captain, vice ;\lann. Second Li.euteinnt ,Jn!in Henry an to be First Licutceant, vice I'lichunnaii. Sec tid (.^-lptanlJoM! tt'b'eC.-'.f.triin. Fir.-t Lieutenant Churics ti. FiVicainlje to be .Second Captain, vice Sqaii-e, ' . Second Lieutenant John Oldfield to be First Lic5teif)ant, vice EUicombe. Scciind Captain C'lirlesGrah.-m to be rn.ptaia. F'ir.t J^ieuteaaiit Ldiiard i'i-.ui!wive to' hi Second Captain, vice iiriinini. Second Lieutenant Matthew C. Dixon 'o \ya Fitst Lieutenant. vice Fanshawe. F"irst Lieuten;iiit (Jeorge ^fitrleori, to bo .Second Ciptain.' SecondHcuteiiant Ale.^andor C'lewie to bcl'irij Lieutenant, vice :^lacleod. - Firrt'iia"iit Pet : BANKRUPTCY I-NLAllGKD. FrancisDirake, of Plymoutii, b.iker, fraiu Au^-. IS.toSept. a, at (iiii; at Guildhall, LondiiM. : , , . , -HA-NKRUPTS. Robert t.iUoft, late of Uur'.ley, Lar.c.-ishire, cotton manu-tactu;-er, dealer, to surrejidrr Sept; 4, . n-.i;)'.), at ticvea, Ac the Rnll a;nd Mouth la;i. Leeds. Actoriiies, .Mr. Lee, of Leeds; or Messrs. Sjkes and/.Ruowies, New iaii, ..London. Thomas Kew;. of Neftingham, de.nler, .Sept. I, at sLt, ?, nt nine, .and JO, :it livei'at the Pinich lioivli Aoltinghan:. At-loiriiies, ftlcssrs. Jaiv.son .ind Leesou, Notti.-ighaia ;' or !S!r, lUder, Fetter-lane. London. Thomas Donathiii, of Liverpoa!, block-maker, Sept. IG. 1.?-, and IJO',' at eleven, at iheGUihe I'avern, MverpooL Attornics, Messrs. Parr and Thmupsuu, .ttcwlck-strcet, Liverpool. : DIVIDENDS. Oct. S. F. Waddiii.-;ton; of York-street, Southwark, ba: -r, atten, at (.'ildhaU. �, Nov. I... C; Teasd.ile a;nd VV. Teasdale, of Upper Thames-street, Loudon, brokers; at ten, at GuildhalL Oct, Jl. S. Bradbury, of .Vldersgate-street, London, baiik-er,atlnclviv,at ti'uil.'hall. Sept. 12. J. Graham, of Mildehhall, Suflblk, bair-mer-chant, at eleven, at the Bell Inn, AUldenhall. Sept. 2L C. VMlson, olWlaneheiter, wOoUen-draper, at three, at the Briit.^ewKicr .'Vrius Inn, .Viaitche.iter. Sept. 3u. ,1. Rhodi^s Ji JustaijiQnj, of ;�ianch(�ter, cotton mannf.icturcrs, lit tbree,at Uio Jtiridgcwatcr Anns Inn, Sept. la. Wni;HolmeS,;,o? Pudiev, YorksJme, dry-saltet', ateleyen, at tAe Rose and C'''�'w>limv Leeds. ' Sept. 13. r.* Johnson, of St: Martin Srcourt, Leicester* square, WTiibrcUa-lnaiker, ntlen, at Guildhall. Oct. 14. AVm. M'Alpine, of AUei^ite-strcet, London, titerohant, at twelvt>, at GuHdhlUL Get, 11; J.Tullocktheyoung.e*f.(?f Savage-gardens, Lon- ,<ion, broker, at t�u; at GailvlhAVl.^' Sejit. 2. IL VVuglmn And It. ^Taughrus of Liverpool, grocers, iit twelve, at the AngeX.imi, Dale-street, LVdr- Sept:i6; j; G."V7eriSn<ik, of l-Iymouthj merthunt, at'fiW, ttt tlie King's Artm Inn, Flyniottttfi GUltTIFICA'TES-Skpt. 9, �W.ITenihaTC, ofSaiiit ''atlieruie's, limg-inerchant. J. Cother, of Pitcticombe,. Gioucostershirei elothieri "r.Delghton, of Manchester, calic�-printer. R. Thoiuuwn, of Southampton, ship-buildnTv .�. VVIiitj5i;er,,,pfMafu:healor, dealer. Mary Robbins apil Ciithariwe Robbjw; of B�l1nifltli3|�Bl<

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