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Publication: Courier August 20, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - August 20, 1806, London, Middlesex TrEBNESnjYy. Mc^uM^^ rS06. VAUXHAIiL.-TJndtT the Pafroiia�cub!ii- .Jill- If?s iTpret tli)|(i^&Vf:iiU'v orrisioncrf !iy the rc.lsti;i- ���(II-.:i-' "ic It'l;!; nl" otol)rr'i?'xt, that cvcrv!(iii. ))i;i> T-).-bhtiiiiiffl l)v the 'Pgt=te�, previi.U!. ti) tljf fli;4-tli)ii, ;whklt iri;:'v lilii-.-tt'-iV'irlHfJpnift**- : . . ?f ^i?-reri(ii)V(t;hv,tw ActoC J'arii-impt'tvIJ'h T't'd. iii. Ci "f, i"i)iirr!: of I'.rislaivl. and sI'JiH li-'v-t rkcu t!ic d of thi- .^e�^v ;!^ivcr;lll(l Londrin }5rVdj>e VViitn- ("'oijipai'^e--. that tii/'V are i'oe iH'rt ronveyaueesfor V,'at;'r-Siom- beius; undntibtcdly tli;> pui-ef!,Tlieapesf,!ind itioFt fiiiralde ofall-matfrial'-. " CRM)ITOi;S of JA.^flS OOO'I'JK deri^-d. LL Persons to wlioni .TAiMES BOOTH, (lafc of Chefin, in tlie Cotinfv of Siirr.s', Labourer, dc-cf;-fd, atidtvhoin April IKO.'s emb.-nkci] afapri^-ad" Hol-lier iii the fii't'i fiesriir.ert of Foot, in aship fancd (lu? Citv of l,a"> doaftir'Bonib-iy,and is siirre dea-l) v.a" ind/ijtrd a( t!re lii>)i> /Jl'lii? der-'-afce, are depire.' vit.^in 1! d ivs fmni t;ir date ber.-ot',tosendan aeenir t of f'i;er rVii aa.l deinanils to our olllre, ill order that the s:ime may \yc -lisrl �^riJ^- _ . �' MONEY,--Mfssrs. LUCAS snnlCJpv.Iica- jc�4vc : to inforBi thoye t'.'at iijay in ^vallt, ar.d di';in)u� ten>;s; by pa\in^T riii nrlecjuate Aniinitv tutereft for tiie sn;ne. , A? aiso e\:iii>y' Will ' be .advanced li) "those .of known proptTty, on their peisonai S'eurity. \ IVrsonal apjili'ention:^ hre dailv Vere-v.-ii bv MeF=r?. T.iiras and Co. atK�. '2, 'amej^'^treet. Adrlpiii, i-'lrand ; aiut letters M>o?t paid) iiftstvw'ed without deity. � A CAUTION TO PAPFt? MAIcrhs AND Si A- ,, �. TK)M;r!s. :. WliEilEAS JOJi:^ .Vil^CilKE, aJonrnpy. man P.iperMajier, das r)r koiti-' fim'' prt.^^t/one about R;noiig.t!)t? Man\iEacturefs and Stationers reiiv .seritinjc h(in.. 'Phis V to eprtii'y that tbt; tatd, .Tohn Vilebee mivCli*; h.ive hi en eo;;-. Srantly aiid ndvant;:fti'(ni-^!y .einjiloyrd by iiu'i. .'inil Iinve ivmlcred nie ii.�istanr.e'fVom tiie tv.i'ii - in "f!:e.i4i'r,ii.; but alti-r bcinji on? we:'?t in mv Si^rvir:", he lei' iduiitt ;,s.';igoiii^. �stnvsa.nieic�t're.-isnl�)-'fi!t-sodw!ia:'. M;)!,: s- ,. ,, hand^ � Also r.KOiifili AyOODS, an Apprei;!- ,' W-.^ :,\::'/ie!-al iiottotomploy the said (J. Wood.-' rtiv .�pprciilie,-. . : HUCJJl ROWl,.A.N!>. C'lilworfl., Aii^u>t'!'^, IfO^. ''I^KA.-ThP niiivorsal cb!, Sv.Ar, jjidiieed lih-u of l'rnl)ity and Fxperieiiee to ecnii'-furu-ard and dlfer i.-> thi; J'ublijcj^at thmr Warehouse, .No', -tl, >,e\v nndjr"-jtree(, IJIaekfiiars, Tvro Doors from;;;!ii>.rlijlV, je^i.j-fyrfljpri'e o," 'i'eii, upon furh Terms as niu:-t rfve eonteiit,, if iJVit/.oVriect tiieirlarthef, litui S-ni!,ai-, by tiie I oaf^fuui Woi=t Sii.sar by the Seven l'(Hiiui'-\e'-!QiJaIity. 15. The Warehouse if ojjen from B o" Clock in the Mnrn-inff until S (v'('b)i-Ic in the [�A:rniiur. � . : / ^ . _ MOH.r; CAi>lTAl, t'KXZhs, And FiveTh>nt?andlei--5Tieket.s than list State Lottery. The FirBt-drnvti Ticket entihed to TFN TilOL'SAND POUNDS; . Another Capital Frizes are alio..t. "P.l>T'nCHASERS of Tickets atid Sharrs will liayc the Opp�-(ijni(y of obtaiaiiiff alF the Capital Prize.^, prnyided they pnreh.-ise befori^ the Drawing eommeneeii, .'vhieli will be oa the l;3th of October-ne.xf.---TheSeheme 5 Jataiiis equal Advantages of � . ' , , TWHiNTY ,'l'llOUSANT) POUND PRi'/ES, TKN THOUSAND FOUND PR rZF,;:. FIVE TflOl/SAND POUND PK IZ,i;S, &e. &e. The former Lolt!H'ies of double the Niimber of Ticket* ; . 'iOjpOa Tickets.onlv�ajid . No other Stale Lot.terv to be DrSTvii this Year. � ', :�. ^scin-MFv \ � . .Ko..6f Pviifs. . .Value of e;-'ch'. " TotiiVY.iluc. 3. L.'20,(ltnl...........:..l,.(iO,Q;Ki �.'��3.1: ........ JO,(KK)............ aO,!l;i,) it...:.;..:....... 6,o;x).. � 5...^.;::.::.::.:... i;ooo..5,o;w -. � � s........... / soo.:......._____ 4,o;k): . - :"io:.:-.. ;oi)............ ;;:,2,oiw..,. '�K),:..:..'.\..v:... : so..-.____���5,00) 4,100.,.,.;..20..........:. � S'' Tickets jtnd Shares are on Sale rit till the Lottery Oilicrs: Ticket....,.:..:,,.........L:i9 15 6 Jidf...:;.:..10 2 0 ^itiiartor,...... LI.;. h 2 0 KiRhth.....-..::. ;2 H fi Sixteenth......... 1 ' (> 0 UliAl/m AND LONOEVITY: . , DR. JAMES'S ANALFmc and ANTIlilLIOUS PILLS: -r � � ^flilR CfltjbjUy of flic Anatejififi PJHs, as a ge; H. Vneittl ('veBervative ,of Health, is become universal, tiiiiu their Eflitac fin those Coinplaintj, which cpiitmually lisiurb the Hiim&n ICratnc, swfeif as Co'irts,. Rheurpati.snrtf-; llciulsicbsi imlig;S(Hi;icntly acllve, the, AnUKiliotBPilL 'iceii tecdraWended iri aid by an eminent Plivsieian; who has "MidthesBMedtiiciiies jtotixbined ttir nia.hV yeare with the hnp-picst success; intvlVctiimpluiiUs of the Liver, ai, weiliis other "iUTifal diseases; oi-MK mimelarKC box for 11. Is.: timl tlie Anl'il)iliii!i3i>ills'' Jitu-c 'jf. yd. a lioK, duly included. Observe that Kie words *. Ncwbcry,u^o.-15i Sf.Puul'si'; are cjlgruvt^d in the atainp; mflE GRAND JUllY of tW-Cbtiiity of Moii- -H. niouthjiiow aiscrtibl-d, cnniiot � without r'cr, (|ue:tlftp ^ilr CH v'Ri.i:.S MOKCiA.NS aeci'planec of their, kind wiiUes for a Luis coi-.tiivjiinee Of bi'.alth in his retii'eiiiein. frnui the hi^h and iniportaiit St itior, of , u Ige Advocate Ce-jirnil, wlii-reiii hr Irf.-j pre,i.idi\l ."jo iniay yi-aiv �itli.siich Jlonorfo liiuisidf and advanta,;!- lo his Cottiitry: Ami-tUey bej;- liaye.-il-o to i,..\j:r,-*s tlieir ;;-r�tri",il seiise for thecoiista.iiL , realty, an 1 nnifi�rin .iil- nlion to tlieir iiileri-sl^inP.'lrliiiliri'nt; iiiid tli-.vy Ih.ti ti.en-.ible and di.-^iiiJi'reBtede.vamiilft in nut n:ldiiis,-irt our ))u\)lil- burthins, by I'l'i riiii;- withlmt a jiiMid--:.That Lo. d Arfhnv Soiiicr.-iet, as Foreman,be re-lbi:;;an, and (hat the n.i.ue be Pi-'.ut''d in llie til t (Uo.i-ester I'aper, and lu �' the (;oiiiir7;ii,'aiid in the iitiii-nii.i'; ( linniicle. fJKN Jil"r4i: SJ-nOit A IMl INC.' (M'lK.SlA 11Y, �t MAIl- ��-..�:� �;�� � c;\i"F.'.,- � . �����','� Pni".SIDi->NT.- ,' i-ar! of ROMNEY. ' . � VJCi-.'ii !�,Sl^J^:^Ts. � ' Th/- Rijrhr Hon. J A.i:! i-.S SUA W, (,ord Alayor. . 'SirCD-il .VUD KS V'i'CUfvaLI,. Lart. SirWj.l.i;iAAI (iJ.Ain, Harf;^!. I'/ '  : s-vM-trl;L"ThOHNT.,.-i-.Mi.-.Si..i>. � Avn.LlAAl (iAKJiO'A, Ksq.'Al. IV .Sir WILLIAM LFiiiil t'O.N, Knt. jind Alderman. �(;. A. ki-:i\ii'KNFKLt:i:s;]. u .lOliN Cl^AK.LlVV Ll.l'T.soM, M, !). .. 'J'UOiMAS FOJISVTil, Fsq. , Fl!,-VNCiS-COIlF., - :mV.ASF'Rl'.R,-.�A-.ilV.S IIV.S ,VT PY.MS,. I'sq. milE AXA^JAL SKiUlON:^ in lieiiaif of this � Jl. Chanty in the j.-!e of iiirini't, will be preaeUi'd oa the2Vth of ihis miiiilh, at ;-t?, to be hadof Mr. nuti-.s, No. AVtlbcek-strecf, (;hveiidisii-sriuare. .- . lo NoliL-men, Ladles, Gentlemenvor Persons of Character, wno are tiot engaged in anv Businen'i �T" in an e: _ CEitX Of sreatniignitui _ investigatia , aud w'dl v.Mirr/.e ail ie.-mieui.e and rapid i'Virtune, witiioul the' fear of future ri.ric, and without irouol* to llii^ Furctiiser, wlio neeil iiot l.-ike any aetivepart, Or ap-pi ar persoDdll.v'in iiiisiness. ivclVrenC'-.s of the li(-.vt. co:is>^--qa-wM iviil be giviTi, apd r'-.^iiired. Leitei-k fvnn l-''rincipa!s only, wilh iv:il N;inie, and plai-e; of abode, tbr.'Cted; post paid, to il.'.-Howard, ist!. lo be le-i'i at IhivNortiiuinberl.ind  C.i)?-V-c ;U>use, in the Siralrl, \viil. meet prujier atteiitioir. �  M()\V,V FOlt DlSaofST. ov,c. "j^/FERCiTA'NTS, MA N lIi''ACT(J5ll';i�, FAC- J.y.M. 'lOft.s, aud 0>t!re,)S, mav be ucce'-UivieiVited to any aaioiiii', by Oi.-t'oHnt of Jjill? of Lvcii.tnsre, inluii.l or Fo-Y(.lfi i.iv.n'.ably ,v,iv;'n by tiie Advertiser to.those applyhig, reeu.r.--pi-iiiV?.IOCS needles'. � �  Lett.-r.sto \ir. vN'oolley, orpevs-inil applic itioiis from iten til? three, at thi- Co'iudipi-'iKUse, Nn. hi, Churcii-slreei, Soho, Loiidon, will receive immediate attention. 10 lM>. SOLD, f.),r '2000 c;UiNlon)ugh,and Bacon, and f:d: No. l.iO, Oxfortl-sireet/ Price Is. lid. each. To the PROPRIETOR of STiRACI.Vs J'FALIAN ' �:" �.OILS..; ,. SIRf two Gentlemen have clesirba mt^ to inform you, 1 may acquaint any Lady or Gentlcman'With their names. One gentleman .is iipwards of seventy yeari; two years bark he had sraiieely a hair on the leftside of his h ' I am Sir; yours, &c. R. GOOD, ILiir-Dresser. , ' �� No. 2/, Wiiiumill-*reet,-l{edf6rd-squarb. .�� Mr:-.rdii?fsoN;-''.. Sii^.-I feel a pleasure in, saying, that ywtr Stiraclan J'.h-Hail Oils Is the only ai-.tiele for making the, hair grow 6i horses j my liorsc a'short lime tfinceilnhbeil the htiiroli" oae of his kciees, the size of a sliilliiig i I iminetliately ordered your Oils to be rubbed well on the kuei^; in less than u inonlh. it was iinprissibl^ to see %V|ifre the.; blemish was, though feeutlcnieri said it wodldncvercome itsimidhil 'colour;-. ,�... �  ,� ; ..' N..IV. Send rtic a d'ozcii pots of your OUs; as~ I alwilys dress with them:  � T. WlLKINBON, No. Ill, Osfoid-roaiV: ^Aiig; ?;iW; . ^ v ,, . , CAUTION.-Tl| Ladies niid Gehtlerbcn w.llo purchuse the abovA'Oils will please, to observe, they are always in pots; and the Proprietor's name,." Jojiiisoii," signed on t^e label across fhi* pot: , Sold by the Proprietiir,'No. 1)4, New tnan-stroet; OJifortc/ji^yfJffki'i'K and (Jammisdoiui's (if Price T; .. u.i-U>i^m �)'tM-TeiiileF ituwjhe ill Ihh Offlre. A� Tmdkr iviUb'ah.reii. .......v.. ..... .,...? ;a\i: iij' Ihrri: Jcrrks.'jytiin IJif.liftc of tkv funlrart, uiiiiliand itratlier perinlt/in^i;, u'uni^-iidr t>ic iV'hitrf of Jlis Ai'iJesiif'iyirliiiiUini; i'nm'f.V'� in\rrled in wurdsat Icm^th. or that, nhnil finl !>t>r iiulr..s'ntnis:':/.onnrx for f'icdtullinjr His Ma-' ��:! \aiii) do Iwrclxj ^ire ^olitv, thai, iMonciay, l.'n' 'lulh int/finl, flii-l/' li-Ht. iir rradlj to rm-ive Trndcrs in �T'V;�ir, (sra.'ed n//)' nod In-.'tf fuf TV/O TJJOUSA.VD SAC.K.^ of P.lSCl IT STf. FF,' made Inim Whole Meal; to lie rU-liv':ic.d in tlircv..ivrrk-, lt;)ivr'.:';l./ proporlioii:. into Hin Mnji'^lfs ^'irlvallinf; Sturf ul ftvii! I'ifd i und to hi- paid for /ij./HI!.! pir.ifilile,Killi l>ilrri'.-.ccn al l/i') Ser.rc-larii'n O/llm ' _  .\n rrinird Kill lie. had I'ti ami Ten'Irr in ichieh 1,'te piire. shall notlie/ntirledin.'KDid'iiil.hiifilli., or'ljivl slinU not be de-fiverrd In the llourd licfote dm' o'Ctort' on the naid .Moii-d;i.v, '2')ti'i iii-ilnnf, nor i/ii'-l�''ne,i, i'l bo rr'l>, " rf^TI '. M.VXAGEMKNT -of LAXDED A 1--,STATV;S, a(^l-;\F.!;\L WORK: for ttiM'-e .of PHOFESSiON.VL 1\1LN : b-ing an .Ab-ti-iief of the miire eiiiirgeiiTrcUisc om I.aiii'.ed' Propertv, reeentlv pidilislied. Bv Mr. M MJSII \i;l. Priiited T.o^-gMifin, Hn- t, liees, and Orme, Pater-, noi/ter^riiw. Of wiiom niav be had,! , .-Vn- liiem'Mitarv and PrnctlcaV Treatise riii the Lnnded Property of EnglUr.d : re:-riprisii;g the Purchase, the Ini-, jrovmCnt, and thi' executive Aranageni �ijt of Lu'iir-row; and J. Hateiiiird, Piccadilly. This Day-is'published, rriibeUished ivith Tnvo Pliut.-s, jnic..: ; � One Shiliiinr and .Siicpence, .� �WALKtKro�!?h''LKi::DiS.; or, STRAXG ER�S . tJlJIDF, to eVerv thini^ wortli lioC.-p bi t'>at.aiei'-nt and popnloasTown. Containing ii concise but corn-c' i)es-erijitioa of its Churelies .ind Public Buildings, with an Ac-cmint of the Woolb'nAlainif icture of tiie West Riitingof AOrkshire.' To wiro-h is added, n short Descripti(^'i of Templi'.Neivsonie, Kirkstnll .-Vbbey, and the filoravian .Set-tlem'-nt ;!t Fulti^'rk. Sold bv: Crosby and Co. Statioiier's Court; and .Jihn-llealoii, Leeds. " � '  THE W.VTEKlNG PLACi':s for l,^;o:. This D,av is published, price J."s. in Uoaril-; 1 ti. bound, in (,)je very thick ami closely printed Voiiiinc, illiislratcd witli nearly Seve;ity iMapsiind Views, ^ rpilE GUIDE" to ALL the WA'i'.i'.llfNG antl JL �SEA-15.A,'JT!I\(i PLACES in EiigUnd and Wales, for 180-J,coniisii,iK of A.CCUR.vrE and CIKCL^USTA.N-'TIAL ni'.SCIliP'i'IGNS of every Place of fashionable Jlesort,,and of tlie Curiosities and Sei-n^-ry in tiieir Environs, with an Itinerary of tht^ fioadi to and iromeacli Place, IJv (he Eilitorpf the Pictun; of Loiuloa: . This Y�'ork is so well known, and has been so universally appi'ovedof i'or its Conipleteni-ss and -Vcciir icy, !h;it aiiy fur-thrr Description of iLiConteiit^i, or any Ohservutiuia ou its Merits and (Jtility, would;supei-lliii>iis: Printcdfor IIICIIAHD Pll I LLiP.'i.xVo. G, liridge-slreet, ISlaekfriars; and to be had of all Uo"bsseUei-.s, particularly of those who reside at the rcs'ijcctivc Sea-liathinir aid ^^ a"-tering.Pl.ices. � Otivhom \nav jilso be had TIIE PICTURr. OF LON-DONfor IHO.i, liy the same Editor, price 5s. boiind -in Red. ' , .NAUTiC'AL Mi-;UICiNK AN D SU iltrER i', � This Diiy is iiublisiiedj, in One V'oluine Svoj illustrated by several Copper phitos, prive Ks. (xt. iu Uoafds; or iOs, lid. . slifcp, lettered^ lecp, lettered, 1R>: NA\^AL SUIIGEO.V: or SURGrC.VL and MEDICAL MARINE GUID."^:; comprising a full and coinpiete Account of the Duties of PiolV.ssiunal Menat Sea;; with Ample Instruclions for the. IVeservatioa iund Restoration of the Health of Seamen, iu cvtry situation an.'i Climsite. '.�'r):i.'t f Fellow Of the Mtulical Sofcietv of London; SurgeOp to the Sodetv for the Relief of the Ruptured Poor; and formerly a Surgeon in hisiMajesty's Navy. . . Printed fois RicharU Philips, No: (5, Bridge-street, Blaek-firlftrs.; and to lit? hiid tjf all Booksellers. Of whom may aW�� be had. 1. The Anatomy of ttiij Huiiian Ear; ami a Treatise-on its Diseases; and the' Causes of Deafness. By J. C. Saunders, DemohBtrawr of PracticitV Anatptny in St, Thomai's Hc*-pilaUaiid Surgeon to fh� Dispentory for Diseases of tlje Eye and Ear; � Iwe 25s; 2w practical Observations on the Discasci^of London. By R. Willan, iW. D. F.A.iS: Price 4s:,t;d. .3. A'Vretttise.'nn the Ciiuse, Priwressv nni Treatment of ConsiiHiUtion. By John Reid, M. D: S49br JPhysieiaa to the FihidmrvDispeitfary; 7s. boards; L A braelical 'rresiise on Viet. -By. WiUiam Nisbet/ M. D: III one Vlume,12iho. price lis; .5: A tieriifs of PopiiiarEssttys tm the Means of Preserving and RiJstoniig ilealih. By Thomas BeijLdtiea, JSl. D. iu tlipte VoUuTleui 8vii:.iprlcc H, I*; ill boaWi. , " (i. A Treatise on tUc Process eihi^loyed Ikge 1K1-; and REIGN M. �f PHILIP, lvl.\(i of MAGEDON } tbc Father of ALEXANJJEL'. , . I'.y rnoM.vs l1.:lani), d:i)1 Fcllmv of 'iriniiy Cai iiitiy be had, bv tiie .-auie, : , , A Dis.wl.itiOii oil the, Pru5,aijd(jouty Disorders,,' habiluilCo-^tivercss, aiitl liead-afh ; with Observations on Regiiuen and Di(;t,;inl Air ; includiliij a 'j''r.-ali5eon Sea aud Cold IJathiiig,uiidRemaTkiOii theSliowi-r Bath; likewise, CipVaining way the Sea aud Country Air'i.i inure salubriouj th;ia that of Cities and large I'oiv lis. . , Jiy K. sgCJRitjJ-L, M. So;ic I'lldjor, vice Uro'-vi', who ex^ . en-iiige'>. 2d Regimem of :l'e;)l, Captjin .lolm Gordon, fro-ni the GTth Foot, to be Captain, viie Ferr,ind,\V ii'.i.i.xchanies. 3ith l)itto, Majur 'Finniias ilravyiii', fi-'nii the i'ith Light Dhigooijs^'tojie Major,vice t;i^if.'H-, wiiDi-.w-iiitiiges. 5:Jd Dilti). 'Wiitiin V> iiliani Thnra'd;. to be AJajor, by pi cha?e,v;ji^>i;i�i;skiiie; .'i' ' � ' 67th j;iU(>;v-'Cap(ain U'alkfr Ferraed, from the 2dFoot, to be 4:'[ij)t�i1i 'lit jx (^ffmpaiiv: vice ^iordon, wIm e.\chai:;:''s. ,S'l-.\Fl-.^ wi-ta!il''Comini,^'!ary , Ldwjird Couche to lie .1 Depniy Coinniissary (ieni'val of Stores, J'rinisioiis, and Forage to the Foicehi Dcpuiyi.'mmiii-M.icy of .Stores John llisiiet to. be a Deputy t.^nninijs/irv (if- Aceoniits to tl;a I'oreis. .Ijniies fyieiceiV; (Icat. lo be an Aasistiiiit. Com-missiirv of .�\econipK lo tlK^ lorees. BAR llACf^S.-!. ilill, Ks-V;Capt.iin nant Charles S. Uhodes to be Second Captain/ vice Sniy til. , , Sec.uid Jjieutenaiit P-obert S.Hustler to be First Lieutenant, vice iviiud'js. Captlin .Vugostes De Biittstobe I,ieuN:;iar;t-Colo;ul. .S; i-iind Captain Gtorge Landin.inn to be CapUiin, vice De First Lit'U'cnaiJt IJ.ctiry Kilvingtun to be Second Captain, , vice Landni.'inn. Second Lieu'eniiiitThom.-is -Mooly tn ba First Lieutenant, vice i-vilviiif:.ion. ..  ; S.'cjind (^apt.iiii Comrli^s Mrinrito be Capt/.iii. Fll^t Liehtenant Gilbert to be St cond Captain, vice ;\lann. Second Li.euteinnt ,Jn!in Henry an to be First Licutceant, vice I'lichunnaii. Sectid (.^-lptanlJoM! tt'b'eC.-'.f.triin. Fir.-t Lieutenant Churics ti. FiVicainlje to be .Second Captain, vice Sqaii-e, ' . Second Lieutenant John Oldfield to be First Lic5teif)ant, vice EUicombe. Scciind Captain C'lirlesGrah.-m to be rn.ptaia. F'ir.t J^ieuteaaiit Ldiiard i'i-.ui!wive to' hi Second Captain, vice iiriinini. Second Lieutenant Matthew C. Dixon 'o \ya Fitst Lieutenant. vice Fanshawe. F"irst Lieuten;iiit (Jeorge ^fitrleori, to bo .Second Ciptain.' SecondHcuteiiant Ale.^andor C'lewie to bcl'irij Lieutenant, vice :^lacleod. - Firrt'iia"iit Pet: BANKRUPTCY I-NLAllGKD. FrancisDirake, of Plymoutii, b.iker, fraiu Au^-. IS.toSept. a, at (iiii; at Guildhall, LondiiM. : , , . , -HA-NKRUPTS. Robert t.iUoft, late of Uur'.ley, Lar.c.-ishire, cotton manu-tactu;-er, dealer, to surrejidrr Sept; 4, . n-.i;)'.), at ticvea, Ac the Rnll a;nd Mouth la;i. Leeds. Actoriiies, .Mr. Lee, of Leeds; or Messrs. Sjkes and/.Ruowies, New iaii, ..London. Thomas Kew;. of Neftingham, de.nler, .Sept. I, at sLt, ?, nt nine, .and JO, :it livei'at the Pinich lioivli Aoltinghan:. At-loiriiies, ftlcssrs. Jaiv.son .ind Leesou, Notti.-ighaia ;' or !S!r, lUder, Fetter-lane. London. Thomas Donathiii, of Liverpoa!, block-maker, Sept. IG. 1.?-, and IJO',' at eleven, at iheGUihe I'avern, MverpooL Attornics, Messrs. Parr and Thmupsuu, .ttcwlck-strcet, Liverpool. : DIVIDENDS. Oct. S. F. Waddiii.-;ton; of York-street, Southwark, ba: -r, atten, at (.'ildhaU. �, Nov. I... C; Teasd.ile a;nd VV. Teasdale, of Upper Thames-street, Loudon, brokers; at ten, at GuildhalL Oct, Jl. S. Bradbury, of .Vldersgate-street, London, baiik-er,atlnclviv,at ti'uil.'hall. Sept. 12. J. Graham, of Mildehhall, Suflblk, bair-mer-chant, at eleven, at the Bell Inn, AUldenhall. Sept. 2L C. VMlson, olWlaneheiter, wOoUen-draper, at three, at the Briit.^ewKicr .'Vrius Inn, .Viaitche.iter. Sept. 3u. ,1. Rhodi^s Ji JustaijiQnj, of ;�ianch(�ter, cotton mannf.icturcrs, lit tbree,at Uio Jtiridgcwatcr Anns Inn, Sept. la. Wni;HolmeS,;,o? Pudiev, YorksJme, dry-saltet', ateleyen, at tAe Rose and C'''�'w>limv Leeds. ' Sept. 13. r.* Johnson, of St: Martin Srcourt, Leicester* square, WTiibrcUa-lnaiker, ntlen, at Guildhall. Oct. 14. AVm. M'Alpine, of AUei^ite-strcet, London, titerohant, at twelvt>, at GuHdhlUL Get, 11; J.Tullocktheyoung.e*f.(?f Savage-gardens, Lon- ,

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: August 20, 1806