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Publication: Courier August 15, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - August 15, 1806, London, Middlesex 1806.. h b^lbii^.p0Jt4itlkiiU.(9nd in cnte t1 sA�uM vei^'/t ai>ttv� -r.. Price 6*; iN'r;, will bft y, HoTo Xin ^ v;i E-\ir of-the lia.i�kmnp tUfST of KENCEan^ d oneof.flMt ^'^S^^ififirtt scenes ^u�.Ji�ntA�u�lw h-Mc tuttvaM'Clock on Wei.^M.^>j�^v W� SUBSTAN(>roftIi^S|�LTi of Sir ARTHUR fllOU/ti'foff jH^S'Sr �cilii5i�?^'"^ A Wira the Cnu�**�4hee?�c: a�a frbm t!.  ,ri.M, 9i^4nyvrij;in of .tilingst..f ir^iwdj :VJd Shall ha�eA!.U., I.V.- U^-i,f Alif W i>>;4 ^jiidriM lAf. aiKt* por do. '.fti^nrils and ull dMi t �^vequally diiaintf��^U�rs.sub. (MISHWa.NV!* li iv ot!u r llrrcantile Hfius^s KtlecUuu on th^v'rhatacjer Jill rre^ t uf t.Mcroli^iit tKcWm iianed^ 4 fcw^rj who jMJl giv c curh 1 if .nr.i'M>i t r. Prfi.�ioli�Srtliritor, 1i�l>ld \}mi(| �^'p r t1�� beautiful Antaincltc/ 'J1)i;-ifr.vfr*fHrs�>f wljtefi.^ Is c(m�i^ Il (.-.told If packets, at(jcj. and.>:. rj-rb,TrlK*!frt*^^ retail, bv (>�tUaj)d Lfa, .Nw. o2, .^�mv lioiid-strft ; nuvi>o:i ^lid sou, N*.59, Hf'i-STrecl j -frvlr. (iP, f.wiliiir  Wiihors, ^'.'1, vStran^ t.aiid by Ucm-y, tiieck-itroil, Sohft. also by )>:incer, \(�rk;.Bimis Leod�; Hall, Worcester; Un�wo*:'ii, 1 �'tM-sUfti. Tri �rd>'(if Oiford-ftrrt't, aMlie wry rent of per auauwi; tart'i* '�c^uallv mnawirtfi Tbn VvAniseii'Have bcoii nfculv tHiuilt' V iiliiii tln^e l;^t *;vei) \TaTs, and �rcveil adapted fitraiiy K'-ntcel line At busVueif.-. J ri prevent trouble mim: reed apply Miiiiran'i(>t-roijim;�;i(|.fftofn K(�!J to SOt>f* Further|)4fticiUari Pt N'o. gg^ Newmat-streef, Oxford-street. ' _ - matj Actf-it att/ffyO^ce,.-' -, - ' . . w "* �. ivV ^a*^'.^'** r�t'io�l aftur Taeheo'Clack on the ,/tw e/Jroitir/^ nor anj tiutteed, unUjIt the partyi olr an agent for toaikU/cit Vl',ftBa LVl-Ml'UFirO l>y irer.s'm .1 . . e. 5aiettttfcjyVr�;3n,(id. Utacainjjtlucuratttv J^lld a knCrV, tedi- of me Sff'ida/ii- GmnykiVi a/U2ii>ty the i'ompirii'i It-tin SMOT and S!n>l,l,S, ^iVI.iJlSU liJO.V, - - AodHtuf t!it I ,:n'li, ui tin: Luufrnrli tniir/fie-!ie^>iiufinii npyJti-iftiiin tu iSjr. JaUV's vH'^^aji^ ( Icrt: lu tfiv mnd Coinmll-Un etc- iii'lH he- left- (�� hivr. Ue u (Jock . tin tha 3iif:l'\,llt August, bc.iuud wJiic.'i itour ot"iJUf;ii�0 ....._ liMiii v-iUht: at J'lcctic vrie at Trt'ee- ' ' i>./ Uvi/.n-o.- >-.M i\SlJlU]HUN tiM Uii.l.NiiUKAMLJ. I'Rj Slt)L.>T. TboMoM Xom the Mar.'iiiis of BUCK INOIIAM, K. G. ' . ^ Vie i-ioEN rs, i.f SAI.ISHUKV, K. G. REDWbOU-CASTEE. COUM V TIPPEIlARY, Ml EEA^;J>, llELD, Ksa.-The land is�o .J�ank� of tlw. Ifc-aatifol river Sbauiioiii;"�ti'eh is navigable fb ttic city qf Liwfi'hrk. Alob about sereii haiidfed:iifn> of B"gs. whifeh" iiiij? IS aile grazinK grauui pf. Application IlC o.V ;\^*�:i,l>*rt p lid) tt� Ki,r�looma.^tf.*Fii;. Simlhajw��''; '.M^vCKrkt f rarv Hill,, to Wam^ford Bridge, and from Noraiati .f/pss to Peterborou^ch Bndw,: all lu ths 1. ountv of Jfi�"l"'g''�"�'"*'el>v give ^otlcei that a Meabpj^ oftUeTAiStpee fortlienaid |}r-arts,wnll be held at the BEi>t(iUon,'on Tbnradaythe 4ith diy "tSP^'cinber-rteiav at h oclockintlie Forenoon^t-.irtransacting any Business relating to tte^sald Roads that lijay 'then and there appear Andtbey dofurfber gi�e Notice, that at 4 o'clock w tb^^''H�uses'lMr-loiiging tbcretQ, wUtoUTolls, &c. will be put yp at the tol^ luwiup AunualSums. Sawtry Baraud-Engjne,L.l,^ 8 0 "rtansfordjBar.*;..... 750 0 0 Norman Cross Bar____........... 0 0 Orsuch,otberSufnsas maybe agreed �p�n, sub^eot to such ; Conditions aashaU betbeDprod)iced-*>*whaever happens to be tilt best buldft for any ofsiich Tolls, nuMt iit tlic same time wter into a security with sufficient sureties to.tbe sattdfiiiCtion of the TrMtct'E, for pa}Tnentof tht Kei t agreed for, and the F'riurniaucc ot proper Covenants to be inserted lu a Lease. By order, .. ' TVM; MORLEY; Clciik to the Trustees, '"^ J!?!l_______ i' c 3ili0CJa ai(d sither COiMRlAxN*TS of i�ic HiO-MACH, &c 0111M \r ^4 ni TABi E Cordial, Bv his AifiM'Fiv s Royal l ' Mcliaiid bovvels,>si/;kflcssy,vomitinps tlatuloii^o,(^^^^ �\h'l:uuhtv. ItEj-oatly iiicrcascsthe appetite, promotes di-"f tioi., iiid fortifuS the stonApcfi nml bowcN TMfkinliii/, 1 �v^MifsipmtB, norypusandh�9t?Ucil.ih�nliy, Kishi^lily 'iiittiev-R by brac^l)g the nerves,. eUi'fishWi;jc animal >"its .1 i^iMrv \ ^M\f'U tm svijtem 'lo f.n qn liti:'s ��-H be nttrtbutcil itsv iiiiviiig proved scrviccuMein rlivumnjlie The Rii;tittlij�i I'Jie JRishtiiwi.L4>id KENSIxr'l'O.N. The aiwt Noble the. Marmiisof,MUi;iii;iaU.\M, WIU.nM' J-lt^liD, ts^ M. p. 'iiJfcSliS Qliasct sltliis* III?fitil tim) is totetUtcc iho Jfl E-udn.k'^Tc-.flnTTtrrtl^-^hK\SC^^.-rtid ff&yi-' 5(011 fwr OUlA^&iUt (tie most atlvaiitiiji-iius Pniicfples for the I'unlic lint arr po>5!bl^. Vi Ufi tlii-s vi"\v tlie Insured and AiMiuitaiits are t.iereiDre reudv-rofl Proprietors, .'vad alter the Expenros ot an econoniiCJil Maiwiji'iueiit are defrayed, they Siarc tne jtuiplns Pn)(iis. hi* tjiat bv the spscitic .Sum iii. sunvl, ji.nd the liiwiion of Contingent Probts, t-very iMoin-ber otthis liit-tttutioii bos the falloit Value possible tor the PaynieMts ivhich he lias niatlc. This liKS'tituliou conipriiiCsexcrv mode of Insurance upon Lives, a)ul Mi a particular niaii^ter it ali\iri1� a Provision ugaiitht tiiy lafiriiiitics of Old At^e, which promises iiu\i). culable a4vanla,i', and Ko lither State Lottery to be Dranu this Year. SCHEME. Ko. of Prizes, ^ ; 1 le of each, 3.-...l.2o,ooa liilK Eso^ la One' \ olumc^lto. with (ilegmu Eugraviufts by M�dlafiiHii>rico I^ llSv (id. in Hanriis; also a.suponur Ldi-tint)^ vriti^ t^c' Plates coloured after Life, price "Al. 'is, in 4,'A COMPENDIUM of the VETERINARY ART. cf�ntainif(g.anaecuratel)ie*c.MpU(Jn ofa)lth(JD�ei>*r's to which the 'Hi�rse is liable, their Svmpfo:ns r.a4 Tifatiiifiit; tac A tiatoiny aad Phfsmi10({v oPtbe i ooi; iJla.�t*atcd bv Platen, \v�tb(*bservatioii�on JhouMni;; anl on Stable Manaj;ei;ieiit. D''dicated, bv PeraiiiSton, to bis Hoval Ifighaeis tlu: Uune of^Yiirk. The Sixth Edition, cornnied. Bv Janes >V hue, Vetei'inary Surp;outohis ^lajeslv s First or Roy-l ^;raiJoo:iS. luTivo Vols. i'.0. wlib AiiatDiiii.'a\^s, price li. m�. �., t>. SPORTING ANECDOTE.S ; Origiiml �n1 Se!;-(t: Inrladia;; fbaracterisiic Sketches of cir.!j;ei)t l'ci.m;;i wno hivi' appenred on tne 'lurl^ by an Ainuuur bpoitsiMi'-'. i-i HvO. illustrated by several Engravings, price Jos. t.l. up  boards. � _- � __ Tbi!i Dayi^i publiiilied, la 1 vuls. JSmo. prico O.u uiuiica, ui iMjartis, the SocoshI Edition, oi IMPLi: TALKS, Ly :yiis. O P i F. printed for Loiiijinaii, ilur-jt, Kc.:s, aad Orin#i, I'atcr-nosier-ruw. . *' In the Talrsfiovv hffore us. we find much the a.inieni tiIs as in her beaiV.Mful storj; of Ailelinc JMoi; bray j. the same truth and di'lii-acy of seniinuiu, .the simc graceful svmplicitv ill the di:ili)iiii'' p.irti ot the wO'-k, and- i,u ' saiiiehiipitv art : oi piv.'ciifunjoi.linarvtKelin'K and occurrence^, in a maii.'icr that irivaiiiiblv coiuiaariUi o,ir �vinj.iiittiv," Ediiiourfjfi iti^vii';v,.;>o. Ifa. ' As nbav''*'iiiv b^ Had, by t.ic s;l,l�v^ .Vullior, 1. Adcli'ie lyj :)\vt�rav, iiJ i-.ditiu'i, :i vols. l;fj. uit. hi):tr(li. V. 'r*ic Path, r aod "IXiu^litt.T, ath Edit. Is. od. b'l:. r.;5. S. i''ut>nH. The Fouuhf Edition, os. bour^is. .  _ ,\ijvvoR'8"A}r\V~\VOliK. ThisDav Is publwlied, in t�o Eleg;aii(iV olujiico tooUcap octavo, pru't* lit bo.inl.-i, FATIiKR'.S GIFT TO lil:S CIIILDRKN; t>o.w\stinp of Oris\n:J LSbAVh, T.VLEb, P.MILES, "iCEPWiCiJlON,*? ifcc. Ac. bv \V H.LIAM MAVOa, L L.D. Rector of btonesfield, in O^t^jrilabirc, V u-ar of |lnrlcy, in Berkshirev ai*! Chaplain to the Earl ot iMoira, Printed for Rrtfhar.l Phillips, No. ti, New Bri>i^;c-s!icct, and to be had Of all bookselli^rs. Of whom liiay be had, the followuiKCstccjncd AVorks by the same Author. 1- A UNTA'ERSAL ULSTOIIV, from.the (n'ation to tiie Peace ol Aiiiieu?, in V!.) elega it Volumes. 'J In- .Scinul l;di�n>u, pfiee ."b. !)d. e.tch, oa small paper, and o;iiii, �m fine and Lirjce paper. '2. The BRJ TLSll N i;POS�or Lives of lllii.,trious llritaos, for Schools. The Seventh Edition, price 3. PLLTARCU'S t.lVKS, adapted to timuse of Ea-lish Schools. Ipe Third r.ditioiij price us. bound. 1. The IVLEMENTS of N ATLRAL IU8TORV, for the use of Schools, vyith Go plates., Tfief ittu fcUitujii, price 6s. bound. CLASSICAL ENGLISH lSVL SHORT llAN I), being the System iu general use. The Si-yentU J'Ulition, price 7s; bd. H. The ENfiLiSIl SPELLING lioOK, the Tlj ty-fifiii Edit'on, pr-re Is.fid. � j. ' / .' . �' . uiKlvniable positWA, that a knowledge otourowi. Laws 1:3 anc.:3scutial part ot a lib;:ral ctfncaiion,'-Judgc Llackiione. � - . PRINCIPLES of POLITENES.S,teaching Polite IN^, and a knowledge of Life, price Js. ud. addressed to botb be.\cs. � � � , � * Take out the iinmoralitv from. Chesterfield, and- it ought to be put into the ha;ids of every i Oiith.'-riiiK is herodoue -�Dr. aobiisua. A SiSTEM of ETIQUETTE, with ObJcrrationi on Duvllmg, once i...6d. . i>i.Oi)iillN TIMES, or the Adventures of Gahricl Out-eai^t, oil Lie rUn ot Oil BUis, J vols, wiih Ivvcjve Copper-plj7.i?s, price iis'o, 1 n;s, tiioiirf j u.idfr the form of a very laagiiaVVe .Novil, w ill t',Mi:ii nKyre h.(io\\i 'dge ol l.iif la:tii Lveiity vt'ofs eAj,. -riwu'c, � hita u uu^un, t)i i linr, a t.,ii:g riclil/ viortli tac purciia-i', > ' � "Thi.. author i5 tlic very Hemskiw of Novil.sU.'-i.:;-glisb. IJeview. 1 he ch.iracti.'r-: h.T;: intin.liavd :in'dr.i\'it;.;ip rit,and pursued with coiiSiiicey, ilroli. s of r.aiii.le Lis a.iVL'j !. t \ "i-q. 1 ,t-.ia= th-the niofa � liI.AI6�- -.i i II .\i i. i IC exiil'cji;-, '.i. ^..Ulll'l'i.t il-,ii>ii, on ;ul ufc.;iiO:;6, thij- 3. S 8. .10. 4,100. 10,100 . l,Oi)0... jai... 'JO... Total Valuo .l(>�,000 .1.1,000 .� is,\m . 1,()0J . 2,100 .� '.',000 l 200,000 "Ticket' and Shares are on Sale at nil the Lottery O.hces. luk.t . . . - L,10 ij 0 IT ir t.>..i tjijiri'v,�>yithe PateHtqe s, fi^eutE, Sha\*';vf.iVl'".'lv.%)rds.(iti, Saiiit'A:Cbvrcn-,v:\if.l,, 'adoi, 111 liotilM ol V-i 1.1 111 e-^iht'\ntj' OT it*-I''epU!iiaialin�iiti!veriy4i�iJ(;�(n Great.iEritrtui -"t VXTTON lO ^ V\IIMJN PARI'I-f I LMtl \ H) 'JUL NO!JILll\. ir.FLRlN'Cr t-^ Intoiwso notonows, that it I ( hoN (b al) 1 iniilit ~, ) i�\elli r , ujid other,, tondopt thiH ijK iMin iMiiilnn ^ mui h a ^o-ibible , lit on di r Illlvl': '1NK.J �s.prfpiired bv J. ClarHV'Aueiiiist, �,ni iS n i-iVrt'^^^^ ,7"^ ulii itliiks A^rcb notknir tau distharge, iioi will it T";V-;^eiti',*m;ucheni.r,H,bv]Nir Raco,, -- ...... H, .yraetc.huvch-slree.Vi ljii.';:.'mri, Ha jinar- i M li P I Its I' utHlLV. This day ispubl sh.d, PinbelUMhed with nearly One Iluadred Woou I'uis, price o.ily Sixpence, witli a full allowaace. to those who purchase bv the tiozcaoi-huadred, rrillK LONDON PRIMMER; ur, First Book JL forChildreii at the age; Intetided as an Introduction to Dr. Mayor's, aud the various other English Spelling Books. '  . : Bv M. PELIIAM. The following are the peculiar improvements which, it i:i supposed,entitlethis littl.: work to generaladuptiuii and preference in all preparatory and first schools, a^id among those mothers who teach their infants the brat elements of reading. 1. It IS printed on a supcrliae paper, on a very large and clear type. 'i. The first set of Letters are of an unusually large size, being an inch sqii,%re, and the second set ot great and small Letters are illustrated with Cwtsoi familar Oojccts. a. 'llib Reading Lesjoiis begin with wonls of oplv f.vo Letters, and prc��8si\e Series of easy and tumildi v 2. The SEQUEL to Wavors Spelling Bbok,i�ftd TRODUCTION to Illair s Class/Book; coiisistlii/ ^of a rent vartetvol en.'v Lessoils,arranged(br theuSCuFSQAUdls, iiif lioth Se.\e�'. Bv tlm licv. David Blair, price I'l. ud. bound.- vV . �A t)d paiiji.ajit.'-Jnticat l*-evi'.-\v. 1 lie liiw ^\f.v:~ (>[ liieow lirro oair.t'.d \\ 1 i(,-!.t tru �ftfuioiJi-s, a['.ii wet'o tiii.jii.i;a i:iC vaji .withuu: i.iii^;>e.r. -.vuui...!y.!u-a'. . Mt-i:, ortiiP Ad\ciuurii ot \\. !i;:mhle, l.'-o. to theaoove, wita .j i latCs,.:) voii. inme i o, .li. All i'.NC.i..i.bii iiwA. 1 J:..S, l>iicti i-:-, ti-.u-iiiTinj.rl-, .w.. u iTiVn^ Lasu!,,.i i. o.^ j will. An Ati-.! / ' ol t'" ( 0^�^.0^ 1 I'vA 1 ' pr (p h-.:j.\. siiij,'.!, tor l-.LK.i:i|r to Liiiir.a : tnts co>ii.ii:i> tiic [i ata ot the pej^jle, a'Kt r.-;ii:ii5, wit.i irie onn'-"i;riii;u uitrus tajrked tiii-.j.a^'jdut, so 1.1..l iviia l.ic le..>t a(teiiiiL..i cj.-v-muji lie re;i a v> .li. ThL- sUiiiA.Mli aflAUEri, price'?s. 6d. ca., parti ol lae .Miiii.-tcr, uurka.l as above. �Jli� iilEFEIiENCl-. b tuii-.-ii WORDS C:t;v NO.MMO.LS, 'J volt, .price a. ' � ' I he. mure Itie disliweliQii ot wards is wcighe.'. ck'Mrly !!aa ImiciuK 'iUiill we >; r:i.e anopeiiS -i/f,. Ttie KlMiiT 1 J'oK. liU LLb o; .'i; " ed io the eap;iCilT or(u.i.4, prui- ts. nioii lite;-aad to save a4 caicjKu loHowiiig i ^\1U.IVR TABLES, price Gd i u'=clul a I tiiiii s : . Toe HONOURS ot the TAIiLL,w\,t.h tbe whole Art oi" Carving explained, by'il Liiti, price ;s. To dome (jo^ioaiMj^fa lable well, is oiieof theoutluus of a ^^ elf-bred iimfl, ati^to Carve well is useiui Iwiec; every -diiN ; tae dijiiiK Oi �liic.i ij, 1= not onjv trouoleao-.ue to uur-s 'IK'S, bur rendeis usd;.s.ii'.i-ej;ibU! ana lulieuluus to oihcr^. * - i.or.i CiiestjjticlA a Letter.-. . 1)0.\;1:;MT1C iuA.n AtiLMI-NT. vri.e tV'r the in-striietioii ol:you;i;j iloU3eli.i;epei-. It ;iOii:o du; 1:1 e\;iy rio-iiieiHc d.'p.irtineiii, hnw seiv.iii;'jon..ut to ;ifi, ai.'d tei.iiu's them ( wlielaer men or w uiueit I liol-. Idi. i-.d. luiuad, 1 iiij li an Alphabetical L-at oi fic-Clirrejice.-, ijoih 111 AiicuMt ami :\!oiu'i;i iji-^iur;, trie jilai �. i\ote, \ ol.;!, i'- ju;t publii'ueti, aud iu.t\ be k^u ifar .b'. Uriee-^s. ^d. � iAJsoan Epitome of tbi.?, siiiiill enough for a po.Jcc�i book, tu .1,'t per.-'Diij rijjut in coiiVrUhUt'Oi, j/nca'.i. M. TRuSlihif.s: AL;;UUiii.i; Ui\it,n'Eti, very sjiall, fvr the uoe'of Newi Readers, price ti. \\ ith a ;�:;ir.f, Tile liABlTABLi: V^OKi.D iit.SCti iRtii i> tlie completeit' System of.Geo.^jraphy e.vlaia, if vtii 01 a, i.uij.jipma!i, rr;C- js. l-d- This will tike bul sniiiil ruoiu in 3 i.'n ilitv'.. TRLSbERS SEKAiONS, iuvlv,:, w.-iU;u hv him on the Sersis, l-afaior.-, i;c. >to. tvpi . -vish a aiL'u hiiisn- iions-pa- .i.,e i.iiu;.iiv, r. ti'Iiyv. mi b\ In-du.k uf the ( uiis.ree;i-tloii, and pr.iited at ineir reijuebt, piicv- -i Ut j.-Cii'iii. troji landlord to tenaaiir. , iii, t�l hriti i COILJ CJION J 0 V. 1 I( \l DlsCOL lis iSf:jr the Pulpit ii;-t:.:!ii, iU auii.-ir,,-vo. tvpe. price ^ruv, i^r t^r uv . j. Peito:,, t: L-tio;:, or, (:iivi.'!>; e'.\*>iit. v;iu.v .Cl".;' Ih- I r. ll>e;- J)i' i:;e\ i il,>,i.- Ke.,e.rti uII g iiasotijtltl ii: i.1.,.i,;.. .Ti itio:; ca 3: . -r iraw iiii s, i c -e. jinee :>. p.iUot tuai'iil-'^ted h V s.- � Tt!^" feilHM/Vg -vr. Thel-ONDO.N i.o.ivt, 500 USetuI iUi)J' i ti. *'7uiTtiTCtv^ii^.rd kl-SPECTABLi:, with IV . tiia .sof Pii !>. i \ e , ipi-m-- ' co-)omv,-inc  t�A.Ni.'i( ^ , sihMMi.ei .jv the t, Art oi PT'-vWii, how '.o yle;�r V_v�. .� jcur ou .uO .Vcr�i of ^^n!' 'i.'OL^'vTRV I,.\\V ViiR, la tS.-; mauurr ot iiurii* i vh�rebn, w hica ,pi iJMi'S-. 1" HI'S t;ou;ilrj- huvc u.'ctsioa at tiiiieS'to reterto, pr)C'l.*J!^. \ Vlu-GAlUil N CO:UttA.NlON, with Cuts, pric?'.^^.,By. ' thi ot i,^u !-ii .Viaie. pr.ce jii. V.I i ^-^AA on I 11 . ^l, y or a CommcuUrv Q i tlie'sCRiuii'.. . .. ........... ihe N,AtUli.\L 4i.S|;C>ii i tn M i'. LN w rit-'tn by a t'er'aii who liveu t'Vi years there, prue Caialuitui's gratis of All iit. � -J ru�:er's uiCftl PubliVati j.^p. ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: August 15, 1806