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Publication: Courier August 13, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - August 13, 1806, London, Middlesex -irAUXttATX.^Unh.ks.--a.(lnii'.'inn 'ij fx pe�on whose character anU abilities mny maliC the pulj4C 111. c. / S'Jretheioth of October next, that cvnv iiit�rniaii( e obtained bv t'lC TrU'toPS, previous to tOH tlcction, ^ lttviqut'Mhv*WAatsl/th G*t�ity�f Oxfor4'0r.^5r^ ,t . PfeEsiotjtn- . VtC'K-VRIlSjDKVt, . � robert Ml'U0LA�,-^i;6l prirN|tlrs.-i-ConipU'tc ftyur'tv to, itS; Membersjand the niT)4tadv;i)�(a;:e()ll3 n\udt' of dividinp Jinvufi^ hein the just bciielKs &i (Ksir ei)gi�!;ciaexitB, liavebKi-it, U is fcrcsujiied, equally ;ittained. Tbf^ formation of nn.iii'ntritnit'_Miol.j|i;i;lo ths JBUicm of lrstUu,(ions ti>r the- AssujKmr? ftt Lives, while \i. iibiorbs tlio profits (Icrivil From tb  -wiirin-!;. rs, lias D-'CH del.b^ratcjy flecliiied. In (iry the^ lustitutionw tVer d scnption �f Life Assurance is. Irauwcted bv this Siici'ly^ and Jilvfiil aUowiuices are made to those who, ju the e ;^;rity of Aijciits onen Policies at their Oihce. . i It, ii..uid 1 .ibjes ol Rate.? ot thi.i Ii-slitution mav Ims hail �^t:*t5 0;ric(;No. '18, St. Pauls Churcii-yari betiveon -the (;>;iu5oftrnjiiidfnUr. . * ~ ~~ MoifiTcAprl nrPMZtfi, Ar.d 1 JT^TIioiis^ndJpssXitkc^ihanlwt State.liOttcry. I'lii'KKWri^VirliCngrjrrttiti.'Hl to ...All oi'iert:!ip'til Pmes are afloat, T^URCIIASKRS of Tickets and Shares will^iave -T ihe ol ohtiMnit'jc :iU tlis Capitil, Prizes, piDvidei. thpv purchase .hf'i4)re the Drawing eoinnM!iicf October W-xt.-The Scheme coniaiiisc) nnl AdviintajT'^s of - TWLNTV THOUSAND PQUND PRIZKS, TKN THOUSAND POUND PRlZliS. FIVE TflOUSANO POUND PRIZES, &c. &c. The former Lotteriesf of double the Number of Tickets, *-'0,lWi) Tickets oiilv, and No other State tottery to be Drawn this Year. No. of Prizes. Value of each. Total Value. 3............... .L.'.'0,000............L.60�Q0O To the r.EXTLKMC.M^Rr.r, .-md l-ilEi'Vllor-D- iiRS of ,t;;e cav:\ rv of xoivi jril applications beeii ninrle by Lord ALTUOU1* and Sir ^MLLTA^^ LAN:itiiat I .inl induced no ionf!,cr to di'Iay declarirs my inieniiini to oil'^r iny Serv,ocs again iit thiM'lisain* Pailiimient. , >. i hroujjiiout iheiiine of my beinj; in PaiT^tment; it bar, bccil myolijectto dischaiff.e I'liy Duly *0 th-f; .vUisfaetiou of my t'oiistilui.>nl.J____. ' " ^ TiiiiiiV i;i>ii'ia:^. ih is dav is pttimsheJ, 111 toolocap octavo, embeVis'irril with an J �l-jri\ii,c. I'v Pvtti, i*iiic t?-- ( vtri b'urljf, rg^Iit: \ilsl.HUi"> ULUA.N UWli, or. JL (liiOANK of TiAlOTrtY- TKST�:.'aiid S.ViviUKL St-N-SlTiVK; with a few isuppleaicutary Si;di� tiom Mrs. TtsTl. � . �  . � � In Twelve DKilf.i^iles. IIci mihi!.,...........Vir;;. Jin. II,'27(. lieu, Hsn............Catii). PoemLXXJS. ^K miseraWe________;Milt. Par. Lost, B. IV. 73. OU! OKI Uh! .i......Shaks. ivl;�cb. Act V. Scene 1. 0 ! u ! O !........... .Ditto, Othcl. ActV. .Scene I. - Prmleu lor William Sillier, Albcmarle-strect. . Al::(�,l.itolY,pubt:shcu, pr(,ited uniJormly with th6 above. t'Uetiiird l.dition, pnte ;5. . ' Aii KSHAY on the AKT OF lNC4V.N"lOt;SLY TOR-MLNlTNCi, with proper rtnles for iha V,.vetcisc of that aiiiUii'ijC ;^t 'iMv. 1 hi." l^.tlttiov. i-; e!nblli.'>hed w ithan j'.ngraV/-lO'i ie city of LiiTioncki h\m about seven hundred ai-resot Ho^Sj which m.ii:ht be �feiytcigT.izjng ground of. Application (if bv letter, pwst -��ittA) toR. Jlloiftmjidd. Esq. Ruutbampton; or Mr; Clurk, 1319 Aseirt, ^oorr,5alta�'n, li-elaud ; who will shew the lamis. . ; Mjts. . This Pas" ir pnblislieJ, i.i thrsH' eiei^ .ull\' pointed vo\um 's� on - slij�erl'iieyelli)\v I'ijve post pip^r, ;i:i(i hMtpre.^s-d, emhel- ; _JJ^ lifiiod wiili iii'st Lrtjir-.-iio'ii of j;uri>"s Jin^traviiijjj frjTii ' (L.^y* ; til.; Povlvait of iv,\ .Jo.iha.i Reyiio!is, price 1/. 'it: in � ,iV(/'r hoiihU, line POKTICAL WORKS of tlic laJe ;mARY RJ.iI'.I.NSO.V, now fir-it col!:'ctei bv her (lau;rliK'r, Mii^-' KfJIU.N.SOiS, and iiuLUiag many Pi:'ces iR'vei- b.'fnre piil)]ir'lied. . . . Pvintedfnr.Richntd PhUIipB, \o, % Isridse-itreet, \i\ir)s-f/i.-irs ; and !l�ViVi i>t>vEi... - Thin diiy is puli)ifhi-(', ill 3 vols, price j.'X i'd. r-niiK MAJD, V,'IFM, find WIDOW, a Tde, illE Prinrinril OJkcrs and Cui.ii,:,- . > - ///�� Miiji!\ty*j\'av/ildfii!fei!ff;ii;enpt^i St'.::", ijiilt IJo;.-^, Sh:ii.iiV7i' .Spnnvarii, i.\is:.iim V'i'.u; .Shiver:, s, �n.1 Di'Jt, Ciwt Irnn IJallait, &c. ."-0. AUiiiiii^, in ilh MiijUit i'f. (lO.liTin, a vols. I'.erdfiiHiid t ii/'iniio'id. hv.Ws. F'^nnlg, ."i vol.'. UU ^l^i'i--'^k'-^ '11 ivl.t, .-tt.ij.ia *i...jjVi> Iiim'>. Tbis.I)n>is published enj,bellisn.-il with a J:nc Portrait of rolme \\ ivtsoii, from a Painting by Liiw^ ;c volaviii-, octavo, price one guinea aCii o, 4. n. dc^liowcver.tomfct every-  The r,!.-!-.sting History os (Ui.'i r-.Mr;iori.iiii.;iry tb-" e-irlv- jv vitwl-ofthq lr�^ � being pecuLavly Hj-iiracVe to the Ur-.ti ed, in;uld'tion to ifcnaturiil a:;.! while it e.vliioits a tjtlui .1 pu-ture ot the Oj-in evije'isive to th:-: Mfin-icrs, ti�-rontendini; p;irties, biXh in tne Cabinet and iii i . ,1. 1......^ ^>\::^. ^.....t. ... ;..r.....i... .....itvliiwr til.. ..'I F a................. 3..v.... 5................ 8................ so................ 4.100.......i........ io,ooi).'........... 3ti,(ioa ,'i,00;)............ ih,m 1,000............  6,0t)0 500............ -1,000 100............ 2,000 ,S0............ 2,000 20....____.... 82,000 2t>,000 -L;2OO,O0O Tickets and Shares gte on Sale at all tlie Lottery Offices. Ticket..____..............L;19 1j 0 Italf...,...,V..... 10 (Jnartpf.. .-i...;... i 5 2^ 0 2.0 Eiiihth------.......2 11 Sixteenth......... 1 (S T t!M�HUR?r NtW JOia^r, UANT5-0 be SOLD o" TjfX, and ciitorcd npori im- tnediately a gentnel DWELLING-HOUSE, roe;-iiliv repaired, and nicely favnished;, witii good carilcn, and every siiitrible oluce and convenience, !!i'li:;htt(illv situated on Liiiil-liiirst Green, f.^int: fii" hige road troin southiniiptim, and commanUvu anife-vte;isivt-. vit-'.v ot i'orost. It coiupviaes .3 sitting roomif 2 dressing-rooms, :i l)ed-room.�, 1 si'rvaiia rooms, kiic^ien, scullery, l.'r ler, panrrv, d:iirv, ;vi sh-honse, l-iundry, 4�c. witn '.-aiTiaiic-hfius;', .and e.>iCelUv.n stiOlmg lor five horses. Six afrcB of lana may be hjid it r viuiivd. Lyiid-hnrst is nine miles- from Sontljampton, nine from Roiiisey, and eight from Lymington. - Al^napleasant COi'TAGIv, with garden, at a small d isn tance from the above, coiisisti.'ig of two sitting rooms, three bed-rooms, kitchen, pantrv, I'tc. nerttly furnished.^-For ^rUcular;.?, apply by letter post paid, to Clement Sharp, Cpiiiddor, Roms'-y, "llantf. the .'Vuthor,-by (' rcnV..', in t!irist.LAN]N(i.S in various pirt? of Englindjpartienli'.rlv iii'llampihir:? and W arwi.-kshire ; and containing V levvs of .Society, and of tiie Stat'' ot the Poor m ih-.-* m.tiuii.ictarmg towns ol liirminghafr.,-Manchcsti'i-aiidabelHvUL-, Inclnding :il�ithr;v> tJii^inal Dram-isnf thn .\uf.ior. AndDne V oliiin-." ot hisOriirinal Poetiy. witti tmnribu-�tions ofOriivinal Pieces by tlie fioei Lnureat.f.v ,\;. .loAvn lavlnr, R. V. liMv, V,. Huttmi,AV. .Mevl'T, ,1. .MuiS.^t, >iid.lohii Bullur, Laiji.-=. ; Dr. Walcot, th�-Rev. P. &:c. \e. ^0. ' Subjoiifed IS a new and cid irg-d Ldition of the Authors Poem ot .Sympathv, wntiOri.iriiiHl Notes. Printi-d'for Richard Phillips, No.(>, Ilridge-.frert, hlack,-fri.irs. and tobehiid (>f iilV ��Oi;>rllrr?. __ ill 1 V t.j..i>. ~ Amj i'uri�nt ii,fl?(Tr!� to become piirr/iUien ma-i have the liberty of ciur.-ing ll'^nnt.c il,i,iiig thecuiiiiujm �o.-/.;-i;' ..onu vj'lhc i'i'.rii,tiniit Iftc dfni of .iu't. I'i:)t"U:iti uiul Cuf:i'dioT,t lif ijaltvl'in !,e l.aii l:e-f iniJ rt � Iheij.ih. _ _ : �� '  (,Vmim'.tee of. iilltpjrutir i,J ihc fj.:^'':id'. pant nj Alcrcnanli o / Ltifl'iMti Irnilir.f ic, tt'ii/ w^A%i.v, tltfMyuU "J Wu^Uit iitztf from sttc/t Pemunt tt/io ma^ i^mutTi^iu.w'/;/lui/.ieCi>n;puvyicMi A\i ffO'trj jndCRAryAI^, � ,� a.^.\vA.s,s, , �  � COPi-'ER, - . . i�iT(;)f and'TAR, SiiOr at-A fiHELLS, � ^,'ri4)i!^a iROK, yim! that t/te. Ccixhnoiis o] l/:e Contrrr'.t r.'.ny learm v;^oti avpiicMur. to Mr. JanfcH i^opgan, CkrK io f:ie taid Cuiimit-tcc, Kuh Kimn, tlie i-'rupos.r.s iiivH be hit brfore j tsc'vc c Clock ill Aoon on l,;e tnt ijvfnmilfee mil not :aid-M't August, tf�v�rtrf tr/iicji/wur From the LO.\C0\ OAtCTTC, Aug. 12. � Admird!7j A'a%. Copv of a L.'-tu.T ti-iHii CiptiMi; still'-.s^jip tiie ..^daIila!^t, .to \, liliain Mrir-: the Isliiid i.'l St, j ltd..'im, i,' .uin . Sill,-*-! Iiuvi; tiie nonoiir ti. trirsmit ,\ c) 19. ot IIh Maie?i i'ri, i tx- datea V � at I TO THE FASHIO.VABLE WORLD. ACAUTION.-The- great reputation the ge-NULNE BANDANA SOAP has acquired for giving the most exquisite delicary of te.t6 of himself, his wife, and two small childrriv, amount only to about 80/. he imlst .jbsoluteivsiiik uiiderthe load, if those who can teel forsHH-hdistres?. and who are W l�Ni lUUJs, kNR ror'Cl�ti\sin;g,a#4 ProscivtnA TKJ'/fll, ' aniloilcctjniHv tijring fhc bcurw intbc (^ums,-prevcnt-tr'g the Teeth fronifurthp*'>l). lOi Lud|;ate-hil1, is priiUed ou the Stamp; all others are t'-Mi)torfcil8� . ^ . � i - I fiey arc prepared and sold bv R, Ilavwnrd, Clivinwt, date: Waldron, Hotwells, Bristol; Giegsons, Liverpool; Ironfide, Aberdeen; and most-Perfumers ,ind Aledicino^ Venders, Price It. each Cake. � und-to. Jso.-J.'iO, OxlwiKstivet. Price Is. l^d. ea�h. R. KIERNAN, Member of the Cot-JL'fJL leee of Surgeons m London, state.�, thati� vears sedulous attention to practice, c.vclusivelv d;r;'ct~d tocrtriin complaints, entuL's him to claim ii professional snperiontv. He offers'i sexes a secret, .late, and permnu-nt cure fqr every stage of that disorder, contracted m an unguarded moment, and for every cla,-s of debilKy, iWiich is �li� consequence of a destructive habit. Also Deafness, attended with a ringing noise In the e.irs,.in most cases cured ih ii tiMV days, : Sir. It.'s terms are.raodcrate. lie may be consulted p-'r-sonallv, or by letter, enclosing a Bank nute, at his house, No, 2l, Lower Onarlottc-street, Bedford^^squarc. An addi-ional entrance in Strcatham-strcctadjoinin;;. For the Gout, Rheumatisms, Consumptions, ScrophuU,!* Cancers, and oihcr (^Jimmcal Dispr.lcrs. The Rev. W. WILSO^'^s ANTIARTJIRll IC ; or, , ALTERATIVE POWDER. iHF Inventor of .iliis Mctlicinc, formerJy a Student m Phvsic, at Glasgow, is induced to offer to the Public an eflicacitnis Kemedv for the .above, .is well as inanv Diseases deemed incurable. It has been extensively t�S:'d ui Ireland tor several years, and its salutary clle shewn in various instances. This PowdtT'docs not contain any nigredient unfriendly Io the human cnastiiution; and, instead ofweakeivnsi its tendency is to invigorate, and to imprtwe the general�i> a/*.h : it oocnsion* no damrer trom cold, and req�ir\^ k imemcnt nor change of diet... Sold by P..Newbe,rvii,na Sons, at the onlv Wirchoiise for Dr. .TiiWss Powden, lyo. 45, in vSt.. Paul's Cb�r.*lti-vard; Lomlon, in pju-kets. jiriA 4s. ^d.. eaolij coiitainnur- twjVpa-i prj-sol eight (loses, ui all thirt^y-two dose*.-Observe tJiat the words " P. .Sewberyi No, Io, St. i'au! s," urc engraved in tlu>sianips. ISEW VOVAi.Tt,o .'V.nD "..An Original Perrodicnl V. orii rpnr, lovkrs of ran-^iiATLin:, .mi the Jt Publiciii,geni'f j1, f^reiijtormed, that onthehrst d ty of every AloutU la n^guLirly published a iNuinb�r, Price iliili -a -. crown, consi^Htigof all THE .N ew VO V AGES and ili A-VEL'S, and c.'jntaininTas much L"ttt^r-pres� as on the sauie novel and intercsiing Subjects i3 usually sold ior twenty shitliiig!?. Much might be siid to prove the superior value, ot this Work, and it >'iiglii b� demuastr.iteJ that it cunsiituies tne most interest log, original, and economical periodical jiin;-licalHMi ot the, pr;;ic;it day. The OoiitPiUs, hiwever, ol the two br^t \ olumes, of six numbers each, will .spu'uk for thi-niJi'lvcs to every reader of ordinarv cur.osity and in-tcUi^^i^-ntr. - M W J R \ \if A I lOVb in ^ OL. I ard 11 = Trav'l-i in Istria aiid Dalmitia; Ivnttnersm Oeiiiiiiirk, .Sweden, (.lermanv, u:*;. ; .Vlicb.iudji in Ani"ne;i; 01.xlai:n s la Iceland, and St. \ ii>ceEits in tbe file ot Er.iiice, i^iv. OltlM.NAL WORKS-.i!) VOL. I. and H.-An ItU ner.irv to: COjistartiiiopU, and Gk'an'iigs lu i-.(i:;Iund and ers in tiii- Suulli iii l-iMuet-. .'in ilrtgiiiiil lour in Irela-iit. an.Oriirinal lour m .".p.-ji^i. (;an .-^ J niv-ls in ili'- .\ortli or Europe-, atiU I uriibuil s V evil^;'Hound th-vWond. All' completed .is usu,al within the extent of theciirr-lit A'Illume. So various and iiitiTi'stingare the new Voyages and Tr;-vel's, co'.itinu-jlly addr^.-s.iing themselves to the publii; iii vari-' ous l;tiig�ng>'i-, that it iiiHvbe a.'-'ierti'd, no fiiluri' voiui:i;' of tliis \Vork"caii possess claims to attention inferior to those -n . tb-iI('�-ut)li.-ili'';T,HUK (iREtiORY, Of the Royal .Military Academy, VVoolwieh. Vol. 1. ij.iok I, On Statics, tompr-siiig the composition .iiid Re?oliition of l-'brres, ihe Centre of. Gravity, and the Ceniroliraye ;\l"tliO!,!, iVli-eh.iijical Po-,\ers, .Strength and Stress of .\�, and the i'hcory of Cords, Arciics, and Dome-. � . , � ' book 3. Dvmmios, in w'hir'i ar;* tcr.-ited AL> i "i'. De-greiitsand Aseeiits along dillVr('UtLiiirsnmatic�i iiieUidme the Equilibrium, and Mo-^ lion of .Air.'ind othnr elastic; Fluids; the nieasur.^in?nt cf Altitiidtwbv tiie Barometer and'Ihermomcter; theTheory of Air and of VVntrr Pump.i, and the Resistance ot 1- lutds.. Vol, U. Contains Remarks on the .Nature, Construction, and Siinplificatioa of M.'itbiiiery, on 1 riction and the Rigi-ditv of Cords, Pirst Movers, togither with Tables ami Dt's-criptinns of n.'?arlv Iw o Hundr.'d curious and useful .Mueniues-i oF which, however, only a few can be specified in an Advertisement. Atwood's insrenions Appar,itUs for variable Motions, limprir.ed Beam tompasseo, by Walton. Prony s-Coiidfnserof I-orces, applicable to W iiiamills. -Cranes, bv Gottlieb, jVndre'.ts, l:lall, A\ hyte, Hardie, tS,e. Ilydraiilir Engines, i. e. thi- Ivmpanuui, the Nona, De la Favc's Wheel, the Pei'Si-an V> lieel, Cnain Pump.-'; Hero s Fountain, Darwin's EiM{ii.ej lUmgariaii Machine, t'le Spiral Pump, Desaiiuliers s: Lnmer and Bucket, SarjrtxnCa .Ma chine, Dearboriies Engine, iiC, . Oil-mills and Ordnmice boring Machines. :. , ('(iitrlvanceji for Parallel Motipiis, by Uartwright, Dry-den, ^c. . � ,. Various Pumps, -with Remarks on Pistons and V.-ilves, Rainsden's .V.aeliiue for dividing .Mathethaticnl Intitruincnts. , Contrivances tor reveiSiiig and changing motions. Seapeineiits, by (irali;im, Mndge, Do Lafoiis, Src. Steam Eiigniea, by Newcomimi .BUikev, GaniSbofongh, ^Vatt, Ponibluwcr, Cartw right, Murra.v, bettauoourt, Woolf,&c. ' Bramah s .Machine tor Plan.ngdtftVreiit kinds of Suffat'os. � Hulcitor fiirmiiig Teeth aiid AV ipers ; with Maudsluy si Teeth-rulting App;iruliis. , llon/oiital, Vertieal, and Circular Saw-milU. � Tide-nulls, (aVabject never bofoW treatediui anv English 4) woi-k) Willi I'lHitrivanci's by (�asset, Hovd, and Diyden. Turning A�tO!i, by Ma�dsla\ undSmart. \\aler--i�illi>,�iuler-sliot, over-shot,spiral, tJuiUing, t'irc. "Printed tVir G. Keai-nley, Ileei-itreet, Loiidnn; w iiere may hkewisebivhad.tliiii Autlior's Jread-ie on Astronomy, price Commodore h-.r A> ni a'jouaintir.^ luai \i it .>o.)tra -scMurj tic lo.i i have th:' hi; Adauinnt, in t Sir,-I hxve tlio lioio^ii- lo i hi.^ iMajestv's ship und-r mv co/i Willi the victuallers named !n tl;:' tuc;shsliip Aosiri Senor i d y i)f a Letter t;;. opiiam, at t.:ii.� l.;i,jt;"(if L:yod Uojip-t.'ie. cip'-ur.'ior ih;' b?p.i!:i-n "^nip ot v,;i.r J.''i. al-.-ii ijiii'.e.j ir i-iora. �(.WIN STILES. T r;oo-1 1.'ope, May ,n vijJ.of.rri;' r.rrivii ui ��j, iX t.ii-i .in'ciiorage, ViTin", rvrc'.'-iii) i/iifii i'V Ij^liorc-, illl.:'; i.UiJf'-' u- t 1 J' lio.iou be, (S;c. lOiil! lys par iiior.i, ol thirtv guns, i twelveaiifitw:;'iv-m:i-- iiu iii-: and tiip'e iiiindred and lirteen men. CJinan;i.k'.! ii. ;i;.ii:.i,..ui Comau:lj an l>:hcer in the Spanisa .^.-ivv. it ; ft-Jl i.i witi and e-.ii)tured ijer on thciit.h i.ii-ijiit, iii,^.-il. ..i.j d-s:. -'j ii;t:j. aim long. l.'j deg. -20mm. V\ . SU J h:id he:-n c-j'. a nujiit.; r-,i-!i Monte \ ideo. Ill tiie ilio di- l.i Plat;;, aud ii.;a iiOr-;i; x. 1 have treatiaiisfiictu):i in icina tii:-;er.isi ot Aii'ica ; nr-r crewaroa desperate set e-c i-re:jc:i, Sp-.'-iini--i-. Pi)r:jii s^-. and Ame-ncans, the prmcvp'tl O h'.i'r., > ruiicit: S::l' i;a t authoritvlroiu tlie Vir.e-Iv!�v t" v,t:av t .e. (^oi-yer? ot tn-j Ivinu �t sp'.m, and had a c.t,�-,)iii-,: i V inisi hiMinr* on bu.ard. Sae h a strnn;; Well biKU vessel, arMUi lowx veai-s oi '. coppered, and copper Listened, Liaa i.-, in my opiiiion, wfil c.:\.i-.-u-.?.tc:i tor his aiajestv 1 service. I ha,ve lii:- liouiirio heicc-. -Commodore Sir TImnc Ponir-.'ii, -.->�. �* Alexaiiiier and Uoy. AdnnralUt Udia I hivt CiiaD-.^iie. i o 1 ''i* S .1 . ir->.iei;. ' I Copv of .inotiiej* Lt-ttei- from (y.T.";iiii jestv .rs.'iip .'\d.i:nii".t,. to WiUutm .^ t 11(1 _, him -J, IS1 Sii". .-r-l imri'iav.-i ber>ie i p-ined ivit.> vov, 1 tv'll i;i Kitn aim c:!j>iLiir:'U ft .Sjtiii.s.'i5.1 tnirtv -juni niid t'lree iiuiiiinnl and !i,\eei: iiir-n; tt: ot wii:(;li I beg l-:ive to iiicius-'111 a Ictl.-r Au. I in Table liav. vi it;i liic vj.-l-jailcrs, :>:f tnc .'.jr'io; .�>.:�.) irn iiii; Si-en t,ie;n i-i Sdt.;: > v, itlioiit ar.c:iit'".U;; myselt, 1 01 V t 1 t I ^ 1* I t c 1 an V ,�t ;d cjn-^ liars v?d im- liroceefied tii'S:M Oiitriv r-l-jr-i to .tti iieiena, yc-eordiiig lu th ir Lor;i5 orders; out 'ifeiamg w itn a most violent g-.ile. of wind from the N. w. andb-oiiig vc-.-y s';i-oTlof water, ilia\ing "bei'u three inoiithi f.-i.-ai iuiglaiiU witiout touching at ail/pUee, �.vith tUr?i; Im-iJr'd a-.iJ l:ftfeii pri-nimei'::,) !>i>ti\ ;uy m;'.t�i-t:>psnil yard, caiTii-'d away, and _in>r penpK: very f.iui'b aihietcd with tlie scury>., I tliought myseu' jiiftilie.l in bearing up f jr Simon's K:iy f.;i- i\-fr ;-;ia,eiil-:. "ihe i'n-.u:h Adr.iirni vViileaumez, with .si.v .-:i:l -,'f line, v,-.-is in tlii-.-it! seaSaliout si.ic n-eekis ago; ji.te ;t,(>n tras to Have r'^etii tlie Cisp''! bulhearifigii r,as iii yu;-passcs/ioa tie was obliged til ^ tt> Feriiaiid de >ior�ii^a for -t^-ater," ?ii:d has cot since been lieard of. The Cannonnio.r ir.:n';rt tVigate, (Lite bis iMajesty's ship .Minerve,) put into i al.-e iiayuiiajt tiie 1st of Alav", not knowing the Cape was iti cur li:i:)3s, and sent her boat on shore with a Lieuteii;int,y,l;ii, w ilh his crew, are prisoner!! onboard t-his ship. As there no man of war uieitiirtr Table or Fiilse Bay,' and as the. did iiot�aite fiach into the proper anciioragc, she got away, aau it is supposed she is gone to the'lsle �>1 France, where t!c: piedmoctt^e ii ly ing blotke4 up by the Russcl, i.ord Du::i-!in, ,-uid Psyche. j. ii.'ivc the lio-wur to be, s. Sept. 6. J. Mos'-s, New AiarKct-strcot, A\ ajtping, sionsel- ler, at ten, at Ouiidhnll. Nov. b. I;, (iiintrt, St. George's FteWs, back-irakcr, at ten, at Guildhall. Sept. 3. r. Plait, Diggie, Saddlev,-orth, Yorkshire, merfe cniim, tit eleven, at tne Rose aui crown, iiudderhi'lJ, orkshire. Sept. >27. S. Yates, Wood-street, City, nercinct, at twelv^i* .It Guildhall. > Sept. a. A. Lewis, B.-inlmry, Oxfordshire,-mercer, at eleven, at the \� bite I.ioii-im'i,liaiiburvv Sept. 0. G.Kiiignt, Liverpool, gU^js-mannfacturrr, atone, ; lit the Globe t'aver", l.ivefpotil. Sept. o.- J. Ludlam, awxe Uc'vece.- Norih.\m->?!>'.\s;iiTe.i-c-luallef, at tea, at tno V\ hue Liou-lnn, iiai;..�rv, axit.ra-sture. � Sept. 5. ' T. .ToiTeSit^tTje-dcalpT, at eleven, at the! liiii, Gloucester. . . .-  , Sept. -i.. .1. L.-Uaylev, \Y.olyerh,anjptoi?, Stailor.lsh i^e,r.nen draper, at hve, at tue Aed Lion-iuu,Vi vilvertiautpioti, ot^t- forushire. Sept. iO. G. Dansnn, Lancaiter, raercbaiit, at cieven, at the  King s .^^mj-'^llm, Lancaster.  Sept. . J. crane, i.eic,>ster, ^ocer.'at twelve, at the >VHuc Ilart-iiui, spulding, iiinculnsUire. Sept. lb. ,i., liiewer-strCtflv^Pimheo, florist, .at iwt' CiU'Jda.ilL. October 2u. .i. Gasnson, KmgslanJ Road, .MidJlcsex. (iix- dresver, at ten. at Guildhall. October 23. .1. Brewer, Richmyud-hil"., Surrey, victurJkr, at t).'U, at (tUiLiiiaU. . CERITFICMES, Srp.rF..HSi!:i 2. n.- ^Aari^ig, liridluigton.A orkshi^e.spioi mercnant. E.. W ailieubury, Liverpool,mevcUant. C. Reviioliis, .Vorwieh, woollen-dr.iper. J. Brnicouke, Bedtord, L.auijasierahlre, cottoo-roanaf.icttt- ver. S. Wade, Manchester,and S. Clakely, SionJon. dealen. ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: August 13, 1806