Thursday, July 31, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - July 31, 1806, London, Middlesex � �� THURSt)AY, JtfLY 31, 1806. Undtr the Patfonagcof his Rovul HicUntSs the PRINCE . . � of WAU'S. . TflO-MORIlOW EVKNINCx. JnJy 30, will Jl^' Ue a GRAiiW GALA, and bnilimtt  F-xhibitioii of Pi'U'->l*O.RKS, by i\"li�rlr;im.-AHmissipn .Ms. CLAi'HiLL ACAjDKMY, EXFIKLD, will OppndnTnRsi)A-irniMt,lhr,';�h DaV of Aurast; and heccniH�ctedas.usur.l,b-f JOHN STHACJiAKvLJ.. D. and llOBf.HT STRACHAN, A. M. wiJiithe Assistance uf the -|^i?;V;-An ,ATTORNt-rv.and Ht>LIClTOR i:i f'.iH Prncttcc, in a CouRtrvTov,'.", xilthw .TOUlilos or I'.onrioiii iias a \ acaiicy for an AflTlCM^D OLKUK.- j'or fiirtli'T paTticuhirs '.ipVb'. 'f by Ultpr (post piiid) to MciOT. Totcn andCiispe, Chancpry^liinp, London. A" Young Gctrtieman who i)as Idtely gradiwtccl at an EtlgIisitiD�iy rsitv, riot iiitcwling fora fe*v yc'krs tilengifoJiimSelf warty ProL'ssioii,MisIics to obtain asitu-Htioh f itHer as Secretary "to a Genfl?nian, or as pitivate 'Xutor i� a gcntcpIrFamJIv. AGKN'fi/EMAN, who for Three Tears Iias-� made It his constant s'tuly to iniprovh liimsdf in-thc Art of re�rf^htf�g''(llinB sipcordin" to t^oir ^fRpectivi" Iteighls) -liftartsi "rowns, l''ariii I1o�s"b, . <S:.;. &c. li'gs leave m.-Kt resMc�fuU<i* to infornr tiie rnldtcm gcnc-r;:U and lirajjgHtssnen-in jjSljtU'ular, tltat on aMil'.cntion to Mm, A. B. lit JJr;..Lcc's,.. Watchmaker, Uigfi. 'vVyconihr, JJncks, a iht^titrifct attention to all Orders aiid GoinmunicaT lioiiswiHbeohJerved. . � �  , Tf.Ti. thi;AdvertiserWw?:aMartofTndopriii'.ent I- prtune, ivill not consider the additloli of a few Acres an objection of g'yious cons'eqiicnce. � ' j�OAP-^Consumers, and Mie Trade siippliod with J,cvcrykind of SOAl�, of'thti hfit qmlitv, nt fhc whole-Siletorices, far ready moiurvtai: the Gundlcund s-oap Company's Warehouse, JSo. 18'/, i''-'"-t-strect, two d^iors from K. B- A Discount is DOW allowpd in propordon to the nuantity purchased at one time, and not loss tliait Ifll). will be ddivcred. Tallow .C;ar.d!�?, .tvifh waxed wicU?, and Sperrtiacclti Oil, sola proportionably cheap, and a like dis-^euut nllowyd. . ' rjf^O be Dli^PO'^'hO OF for a'Jcrm of \eafs :JL an eXcfftwt.PAftWLY HOUSl,^, situate on Jlount Sion, Tuiibild^etWc-liP;. The boiisp has |ust bo'.'.n repaired, aud cop.ipletcVy npwanil el'.�;;nitlv fapn:sliciU f oaeain;;!;!; dui-wt; and dmv.iiiKrt'omsjoppHini^trj a bciulitnl lawn,hVehrat and six scrvaim-vbods^ j)Ht<;fs of every description, tvJth double vat. tiie liharobcrs of Messrs^ CnicTi-lev i-ncf CjiL'ord 9-I"H, or on the i'r<'misjs. . . , iE-V'^^Tl'c uiiiTOrsal ccmpl:uiit of IM-iA at the TiSpViftivc Pnctisfft'ncraliv'soh'.jhave iiidtircd Men of Probity and tA:pericTice. nrs fyonv l.nib;;ite*',iill,, everv ""pecie of tva, up�!i,siu*.Ji Tetcas as. must <;ive .(.-outeid, il tar.t oliject-c;'.ii.i)i)--!iibly bcattrtJOfd at ir-iv NVarehoUse hi.Tctolorc esta-lilishi:!, and tlK- Pnblic arc iv|KTtf�lly rcnnndftd, taatnot Jess than On-J of a Kin.l will !)' sold r and also, tor t.'ieir farther aJvuritnge^ J-oaf t)ii?ar, by tlic Loaf, a<ul Moist ."sitravby the Savrn Poundsi orupwanis. 'j7h villsaon be plc�vufn\ at Market, imd vor obvious reasons wiU befoniid more servtceabjc for Vi luc.stUaii old Susiarp, toUecalsravs-trcsb roaptcdand'ftflhe bestQu.ihtv. ^'. B/ TTlc A! ciintiiicl fiivousjh wnose niedmni tliev mav bs aecoaiinodatcd with temporary �r pCrniiiiient -Mi'ssrs, I-iAIlillSand (.:o, .it the Annuitv Bank, \o, .1, Suflolk-s;reet, Cnianng-cross, r.'Sirt^ctfully lafovm the Noi>ili-v and (icatrvi 111 posfCisioa ol Incomes ansin;; tromi rcc-liold, Copvhold, or Lcaiohiilcl Estates, 111, I,;s)i!<. or Houses, Sloiiev lu tac I'liods, Rent Chni-ffes, iViriTriafec Sett.}fmeii .;or I.ife, inay be .supnlied -mth S;ir.i3 of iMoiiey to any an-.on'.it, by p;u ing an a'leqdate Aii-Jiuity interest tjr the wimr, redociaabV'.- avvy time, at tbeir own'opii()fi. Pcj-soaal applicatiiuis will be received every day, till Tlirce o't'jfick^ and J,etters from Correspondents, III i own or C,"oiii>(i'v, pt)?{ pnii), imiri'-diatelv answered. 'fo i'ox-iiUNTi'.nif. A swiular opportunity now o-.l-r."; itselt to any Nobleman or ('fiulemtili of Lortune, wiRinn^ to coninu'iicc I'lox-huiUir.g. TlIK Proprietor ot one of the most extensive nnd best comilrics, and of as good and complete a Pack oi Ilouiulsas an-v ni the Kt!;5;da:n, is, from ill health, coai-^ polled to decline the Sparlsot Ihf tield, aad therefore takes' thi.i piihlic method ot eudeavourin); to pmcjirc a rfalsports-. tJiaii, as bissncces.soiv to whom he would iiniiiediafely trens-fet the. ab�vcj without'any oliier coa.�ideritioa or cng;a.'jc-Ment than that of contiinimj: ivgulailv to'hunt the country, tvliich.IS thisvear unusually lull or I'oxrs. To anv person �vvhotn this Advertisement ovav slvikc, am* who would engage to comply with the terinirthcreof,cverv accommodation and assistance will be,a{i(;rded, towhichcvcu a very liandnfMae Subscnptioi: will be added, if required. . A most 'complete Miinsioii, in the cenh-c of the Hunt, y ith every (requisite for a taniily ot -distinctoa, niav be had immediately, either to rent or purchase ; and'also two or thuo neat lliwting Boxe? tor trieiids la t"R neighbourhood. AH the btock of old Corat Hay,- Oatmeal, .tc. bid in for, 'he season, maj? �er.sonal wjilioations, nofto any letturs suspected enqaJriiig,ii>m mere curiosity i nor^will any agent whatcverbe treati^d with. Pr.ftt~=siOn may be had im"-�iediately ; Ratisftictoij- .refeTcnc'' will bo ' given to, the saraewill be c-cpectcd from persims^ixpplyjng-, ! ilAI-LAM's ANTIRfLlOtiS IMLl,S,' Invented by t^DWARU IIA l.UAM, Snrufeba and Apothev-'"tirv �i Wife RJBlifeiou* 'Pe'rsuasion ot Oiukcr , Iliir\ Srt. ''|^IIISs^fc^p*leIcgant preparation Isfiistlyes* -fi- teemed for its .agreeable and certain op , Jndi-Kestion^ Flatulency, or'Cold j Svckness at Stomack, Hcad-Jttr, &c. It operates by4isIod;;yif^.acrid ibilc or other crb-Oitiesrctaiuedrinithtf/iHiwtiifaa canal,and.tirtsnil ail al^ We to the 8y9tenrv�en�r;^, y l.>ep.^ or mcrcnnal ptejiaratlonS;, it is a4 bW timemartfe; wid lias Deengivenwlifr^Wgfl!�tgbO(l-efetaiiri�|PreEiutnM-. ' Its ^clioa IS TimtiVtAmysatipteii to PcrhotBof Jliiions Jlibils, ana those of .sfid?n^ty,liyM^wberie a Suffi actioa of tho ooweh Is not-Jc^flJt iitt; tfntf tfudificB ret�5iicd hi- thope or^ giirearefroqttfiflttjfpfbdilcJng jJ.uns nnd intensions, Iicjit' oppTcslion^'^*'^***'*^'^' awiBcidf weariness and Remtf^ irtrertnutp; the e Ct liiiwt ee.lRc." ,,^""8le trial wHlfully ebnvtncetTie n.itinu of their cdlea* un.i,. ^�2f-^^'S* ""^ SioUrend-a*!^ arc ler- !?''�y remo^*�V*ilDglc iotv, and In il louctf iihofter ItuVe. ChUKKAh POST-OFFICE, Au^. 1, I80o. ADyKRTISEMJiNT. ftt" ati ActpfParlia*nont passed in the last Si?s. ''.It'. il yli- 'i _^ Ai.i.' 'Oi!;'*^:-. ..Price 6'^' VtCtUALl.\N'G-OFFTCK, /une 10, {^nktl up); fi,r BiMif, JhA PkOV'ISlONS, ai;d'\?'�Nli,. it6 the Po.';t-O:hc� of the Town ov Place from whence such licttcr is iuteOded to be sent bv the Pat, provided ttutt ,apnii every sucli Iiettet_ so tobe seiit^'tJie '^ariie bf the AYriter, aiid his Class or description in the Ship or Vessel^ Ues'"neo�, Corii�, or Detachmiiijtto wliich heshjiU belong, shall be siip.'rscnb-ed, and ttruvide.d that upon every sudi Letter! written $1 tbe.Hand-writing oi% and si.s;ned hyVtheOiUccr bavittgat'fhetlai?; the command of the !^.iip or ,V essel, Regi-mealli Dctuchmeut, his JSame, aiid the Name.of tlte Regimeiitj Corp^, or Detatbintntcommaiiicil by biih. if pabl'isbed, cleg.witly prinfed In a itockel volume,  l>rice ar(3. Pf-nteil T. Cadell, and Vy.'Pavies, .Stra:i.!. ny, provided,thiftsuch p^nrtv be p>jcdopoh|nU'.�lg tile letter in.toaiPb.n OrJici', icstablisheJ un.1--i- the autiiowiy <,f his Ala- ^'esst?!, R'egim'ent, (.;orp.- d,*Uver sricli left.-rto any piTson, eX" ccpt t'lie Seaman or Soi.dier to whom it shall be directed, or' to some person appointed to receive the same, byivriting, nnder the hand ot tl'.o (Vthccr having the CominaiiJ of the .ship or vess�l,. re.-jinieiit. corosv or detachmei^t to which the Seaman or holdirrshall ofloiig. . Nothing til these. instiucnoiH isto be construed to evt-nd to letters sent to or by t inniniss^tonedor A\arr�it t')lhcers,'vlld-shipmeii, or M-ister.i' AIntes in the Navy ; or to letters sCnt by or to Oommi.^sioneil or W Oluccrs ui the Army. Anv per.'on havihgtlie command of the ship, veBscl, regiment, cor?).'!, ordet;ichiTUnt, who is nutliorisi^d to make his endoiseinent in the aiamier before speijitied on the Wttera ofv the Si;nmiii Or Soldiers under his coiiimaiid� will belialjle for every otiencelo.foiT.-(*.iudL,xvt�i'~iae.Slim of Five Pound.', it he sliall wilfully and kuowinijly write hu' Nanicon anvsach letter, that !s not from Such Seaman or soldier on his private concents nnlv. And any person not havinsjatlhe time the comnrand of the sli'ip, reiiiment, airps, or d''tLU'bment,'wi!0 shall write' his ISameuponjiitvsuc'i letter, in otdcr that the same be sent at a lower r.ite oc mistage fJiHii hv law established,-shall be liabletotorfeitand p-xv fiiesiinictf I'lve Poundsi And anv person who shall-kitowindv aiitl desiTnerilv nd-drfsS a letter to any tsedmaii rir Soldier, which sluill be intended tor any other person, and which shall be conciniing taealfnirsotannther person, with mtiiit. to evade t!ie pav-n'-i'fit of the nt" or postaire by law est/ibhshid, everv such ;^ri:!on so olji'jiding will, lor ever/ oiltncq, be liable to toi-teit and pav the sum ot 1'IV.V .Pounds. And it- anv person shall procure any ^l^an^7n br holdlcr to obtain the .sijtfiiature ot HIS Coniniaiiding Ol'icer, to any let-tit to be sent by the Post, whicb snail not be on tlfc prjvale; Concerns of such Seaman or Soldier: Or if any ,>�i'am?!n or Soldier shall himselt obtain thf ttign,!)i.indin!; Odfccr uponauy blterAvhichsh.-i!l aot be frimi hunsiU, oit Ins own private conc;nr, oaly, iii order to avoid the pavnunt.of the r.itcs of Postal?:' bv Law cstaMiihcd, each and ererv person so ollendmR: �w\}\, for (.very olleiicc, be liable to iuricJt andpay tlie^sum ot I' I'mintlf. , t JL>iie motety j>j; the ttatctalpiaiAltu� and .turf 0T!v ot the Juitices ot the Peace, tor tlir ^ :i�iuiv_.A.iti.-, or place where the olTence shall be committed; a^i, in default ot payment, such ollenders are to be Committed fo' tiie House rantei-s will nirve the po^^'er ot redeeming the sani;-.-Apply per;ron;ilIv, or by letter, to Air. king, at: his house-, h, Jolin-street, ,\delphi.- FO.HOERY.-FIFTY POUNDS REWARD". 'irKPLFAS a forced Cheque-for 147/. 6.s.,3d. V dated l./th July ISOli, was on that day prc.-^cnted at the Banking Ifouse of MciHr.s. OowR and Co. in IJr.rtholn-rocw-lanr, and paid in tho following Bank of England ISOtCS, VIZ. jSo. 25fi0 for inS)/; dated Ftb.IuJV, ISOS. . ank Notes from .27,f)-i'i to 'i!7,f:(i.�, all dated Sotli June last, ^nd wlicife-as the said iiote frtf 'iO.'^ was changed at the Bank on tlio I7th dayof July, bva person assuming thepuame of " R. Hams, No. 'i:.<, ^Vntltngjsfreet," who received forthe same two.10/. jlankvNot."sNoj.Z)'i'ota)ul.5'2li.'', dated 7th July instant, and whicb last mentioned notes wi're afterwards on the same day 11th Jiily instant. A rew-ml of will he paid to any person or persons who shnfl eivesuch inform-itioii-a.s shall be 4ipplicatinn to iNtr, A\ inbolt, Solicitor to tli6 Association of Bankers ot Londoiiand Westminster, No. iiJ, Fore-street, LonrioB. t III ''.c^i ,i\r} ' iin-''i i': � Ii'i '.i' ". . This Davis published, handsomely prinleil in One Volume Quarto, price IMls, lidi in Jiiwrils, the Fourth Edition of A CRmCAL PRONOUNCmG DICTlO. NARY and- LXPOSPrOR of the^ ENGLISH LANRUAGE. To wbiclr are piiFefixCd-JPRINOIPLliS Of UNGLISIJ PR0NUN(^IATION;t in which the inftiiencp <rr the dicek and Ldtm Accent and <|Hintity on tl�e Accent and Quantity of'th^ English, is thoroiJghly examined and ', In boards. , S. The 'JVaclipr'a Assistant In Jiiiglis,hC;oi�pQ�uipa} price �.�3si,6il..5�'fJoimlV-'^ ' ' ' '' � . 4. ]'.femciiils ol ElociHiOn} to whicb isftdded a tottlpletft Syirtcmiot tbc Passions: thojikvliole lUaHr^ited 'by (joppcrr iilates* Svo. second ivlirwa, 7s.,jn iVoffrdS,- � .1. OullUies ofEnglish'GminnmrreaftutotCtl for Jhe tfjei, of both SuxCi) at Scltool) 29. tid. bomtd. .\o rtt<f(ird Klllhr ,ad to auj T. nirr in which thr- price shn' not be insrrlcd i� wurdi at urfliut .ihiill twt hr.dHiiierci to t:e lluiud iKfttrc Una o'.Cluck un l/te said Ttti'Silav. tliK% o/rfeptcinjjer li.xi, nor unt^is the P.;r. i.<t.s, lu xmmer tei, nitt.d I'or. . 'I 4 <id r<-n- tiiiicn ()!ie fourti! part of the whole by the. i.'jt'!i .L-iiuiary ") OnebAU'iif the remaining "tpiavitity by the jut ft'iarch^ 1807 All.^ liie.reniaiiider by tlie kttli .lu'iie ......... ) ytmi tobepaidj'or'lry liills jn/jitbie, mil A //i/tjr.*/, lUnety diii/.i lifter tialp, ' ' 'J.'hc. cdudieians (ifthcC'tntracts mky tie -leeti iil'lheSerretani'f-Oll'.cc', tii iliis djprc, or iii/ tifipl./iJig to Inw DuiisterviUe, ..ig-vjilfar the yirlnaUin;^ lit CM:; to the Collector.) of His Mnje.itij's t'/n/o.7ii' ai Linieriek, Belfart, Newrv, a;irf Water-for.V; �i td io t/i'it Pw.bY Ma.-iter General at Dublin ie]) A. fi. Ao lender jor II Icsx rj[urmtit!/ ihan .Jlercct tcili be ^mepled, . Ao rr-^'ird mil be had tn tinij 'It-nder in Khtck Ihn I'nc ahull not ba iiiicrlcd in Koran at koal.':, or that shiiH not iie fileilrcrcd tollwliiard br/orc One o Clork on Ihe niiiil I- ruUw t/u: Htk oj September ncn, nor nnUsi i/tr. I'e.mon-i ichu v�u.'.-v the~-Jenderi!, ur some I'crsotts on their bchtUj\ liUend to un-sker laheHCfiltrdJjrr.. � ' .' VlCTUA144N yv!K,lHO), IIIFl Coin/nis.Hoiifrs for VictnaUinii ilts Ala* jc*tif !t- ^tii';i � iitii\ (,uild i,),ni)d I,Hit to, StV THO-USAND BACAoi BtStLll, ilUfoi rvU) IIIOUSVN 0 SACK", of BlSCUir STUFF, to be made fi-om'>v�jole Meal, be. delivered tit t/iiw iteeiti by icfekti/ yroporiiva'', znlo. J/ir Majesty's'^'tct^ialUn/; Stores at Vepti'ord i.iiid to i�itaid foriit/ JiUhjiaynktct kithMeteit, ninelifdaifsafterdate. .'V, ii. No Je.ndtrfiti' a Isssijit.inlili/ tfiftn Jftrec llnndral Jiit!;s Of Jiiscuitf orTtcu Hundred Siichs uj MtiU, mil be ad-iHitled. The Cundifions of the Contracts man be seen at -i-'ia SccrWrti'/* VJIicc. �A'o rfn^iirdkii! be had t-o ami Jrnder in vhtrh the frice thall not be in^arled tn icurih nt Unirtiiy or t/inl snnll not ha dt:Ui'/red in t-ic l}itftrd hilorc Oni) o<J!uci( on the sailt As,ofill.\y nejt, the 'l/A ,o/';\u!, nor unlfsx the.ji/er.son wlio mahe.i't/ie '/'..��-dc', or .same pumon on hia m/ialj, attends, (v niitiuer ib/ilb cti.hd lu.: . . I  .. � CUAiitAClN irtJtt tlAltlCAClV hXOlt i;0 tJdmmissarv (iencrrtl sOfliec, breat ticorgc-sir:;iM, July 2?, Itiuti. ^ SUCiI Per.ion.t ri'-- maj/ be (tcr^truus of Confriictin< Vijlai, C � � L.. r.-^r - Vji'b ana P Til N 1.11^ loi nit , aonTHBr i\(t ITLr^JlET, L�'ideda*ttOiftntif"i S tor ditto, mi.y rcicive parlw.iZn,-*!/) tucmnJ. y Artide:., lett:: tlte. /f./>K.v ttUiZ Vumutiur.x.oj /.';c Vcntritii^, ui Ihn Oj)ice be-tneenihe hours of Jen and i:our, and dsh'.'er their 'Jenihr:, .seated i'2h and mcrted to the Coititni.ssari/ tienera', vitir!-: ry WtTeon I enj-r tnr .Barract Supplies,  on or tej>>jp lues-diy, y.Uh Of Ail'jjust, but uo.ia ,v:ili be rereirmi ufer 1 (leiw 0 i iiHii on tiHit �(i.y, and ij sent bijjiost, Ine postaiie wust In: piiid. yii.;M..ilii:s:ic;l, iiiHve. prie-'r;;. Cd. ^iir. PitiN ipi/s iifiRi.GULvriox^of an liistiiutmn coniiiK'iieeil in trie 'ii;:l er, \ >!iii;-; in.tiistripus m.l pru- 1 If V (Jt III i'.!i)r. or to his AVidow and Chikinn, tiie rui! benetit iil" ins oivn eeoi'oiay :. for receivuur th:; s.ivne^e! of ! oilth o! bolhs;;.xe.-i,-:ii!d r'tiirning the same Kt tlic time o( ^'a^^lagc with riiienst and propiyi-tionate Piemiiinis iherrupon ; tor eniioliug i'ar;'ntH, bvta--" payment of snusll r^mas at tiie liirsh ot their t;hil:ireii, to provide enilowmej)'.;; tor tiicai at the.i^e ot -il ve-.u-i; : and also, tor otherusetui and imp'Wtafit purpe.w.-; particul irlv t;)r cmi-centratin;',- and applying tlie exertions i;t the liiieral to tne benehl ot the indigent, so as to prevent the unwortav claiming, or tne .impostor abusing tlieir Deiievoleiiee; and thus effecting thq^oainu.vt. Ahoi.I'Ijon ot the Pooa a Rati;, whilst It iiicj'eascB the c.oratc.vts of the I'oov. Bv JOHN liONF. London : Sojdby.l, yNspenie, No.Coriihill; J. Ilateh-ard. No. i'ltci'dh, 'erl.m a-id M.r.-ul', No. Strand ; Joiie.^, No. i, t'aterno.stcr-rov.'; and at the Oi^ce of the t.iinr.i,, Aloion-strcet, lilacktriars Jiridge. AMiere also ia.-y oe had, by the same Autlior, as latro-dactory to tiieabove. V. ork, once t's. AnOUTLIN li of a Pi,\N for reducing the POOR'S R.VTK, and amending t!ie ConditioTi of the Aged and I7n-. fortun.ite, including thoseof the Naval and ^lilitary iJep.irt-ments ; in aLetter Vd the Itiglitilon. (rcotr^e liose, occasioned by his Observations oa the J^oop tows," &c. NAUrtCVl' MlHIlClNI, AND SUI{')ER\, This Day is publishedj in One \olumc Rvo. illustrated by several Copper plates, price �s. dd. m boards; or lOs. 6d. sheep, lettered, .r^UR naval surgkon ; or surgical Jl and MEDICAL MARINE GUIDE; compris.<-,- a full and coiuplctc Aceogpt of the Duties of Prot\'i=!ional Men at Sea; wit<i ampl" Iiwrnictions for tha Preservatioa and Restoration of the iicaUIi of Seamen, in every,si tu.\tioji and Climste. To winch are EUb|Oined, a Practical System of Naval SuTger�, and a Compendious Pharmacopana, accompanied by Plates, By IL1.I\M TURNCUI.L. A.M. McmberortheHo^al College of Surgeons, Loudon; FpHow of the Medical Sftcietv of London; .'surgeon to the Society for the Relief of the fluptiKcd Poor; and fomierly a his Maifay's Navy,  � Printed for Richard Philips, No. 6, Bridge-Street, Blaick-frltirs 5 n nd to be had ot aU Bookscjicrs, Of whum may also be hiiil. 1, The Anatomy of tiM! IluthnuHar; aod a Treatise on its DiseasrSi <-(nd the Cav$�;H of Deafness. By.I. C. Sauaders, IJemoP^tratiJr of Practical .'Xnatomv in St; Ihomas's JJos-pit;il, andburgeon to thjB Dispensai'y'for Disease&of the J:;y<; and Ear. -Price'2.')?. . 2.. PtVictiep.l Ohservntioas on the Diseases of London, lly R. Wlllan, ftL D. I, ^,S. Price 1�. od. 3, A'l'reatisc <ni the CMise, Progress, and of CoiUiumptioft. Bv Jnhn Held, M. D. Senior Physician   ATrcfltiif on.the Process emulayed byXftturc in sup^ firmsiii^ th�B�ntOirrhagcfj^ill Divided am) Pufictured Arte-les, fcyj. F*�.J<�n�s,ALD, <�rice I0s..^�.^ Ata liupjiry.into the Nbimw and Action*! Cancer, with tk vietr to the r stuhirshmeiit of a regular !A�i� Cnr^. Bv ^. Youbg; Esq. 9t tt ^4 Ct^cn^ of tiiV|�fiMi', Puff Thifl div is piiblislji'-ril, elei^autly printed iR two volumes, aiidillustriiied'witli Engravbig-ij price 15s. in boaid", a new Kdition, of UEllON': a Pos-rn, fiOD> tha German oP \V)r,i,,i>i). Bv WlLLf.\>L.SOTHKBY,.Esq. Printed fir T. Caf;,"!! and \V. Ijavies, Strand.. . Avei^'t'ew Copia oiUnr;-;c Paper,With fint impressions ofttie l-iat'.'s, price, L<.4s. ui bo-irds. This Day are puidisiiei, iir7'wo. V Hi?. pne<i Ja�. Boards, I,KTTi<:il-Sivddrei �. pioper Names jnenffiined. ill Antieni .'Viithors, with the Valye o;" Ooiiii-, iV'eighii-, ariil AlcaJurc!", uvi'il am"lig the Greeks and R�a|aiiSj anda-Chrd^ � nologic.ll Talrie. , ' Bv.',J. LKMPPJERE,';*. D. (V.asler of .*biJiguon School.  Priilied fji- T. Cailcilana \V. D.ivie!�, Strand. . Ofwhoui inay also iif ;hU�i, nnolher Ofth? saine Work; With Hie several'Articb'?, greatly etdarged, containing a full and iiiteresliit,; .Aceoimt'of tlie Literature, History, and .Maiinrr* of Ancient Tiini-s;'iKindsoiaely printed in 1 l/in;e V' l..,.'tfi, pric''i.'..";s; "_ ^ Jtiiis ly.iy IS puoiiaiie.i, in <jii,! , oiu.iic, %j .I.ard UaLLAND. Primed for Lobi'inbn, Uiu'.it. 11" a, and Ornie, Paternoster-row ; K. .leir^rv, l^^n-.Mnil; -i!:d-'. ittd^wtty. Piee--t,�ll v. inis Day-are puoliMi ouiiiii-;!, octavo, price V. if. in Boar.Js, ECOLLKCTiONS of PARIS, in the Years lf{)'>,3,A, and .:. , ^ , Bv .1. Pl.N'i-Ll-.iiTuN'. Printcii.for Loiigiimn, llnr.^t, i?rvt, find Onne, Patcrr.os-i tcr-row ; and Cid'll aiidOavie-, .""train!. . , (3t v>hom may i>e iia;l. bv t:ie s.iin:'.\iitaor, MODJvRN GtOO'llAPU^i .-A Description or the Empires, Kingdoms, States, aan (;(ilonie?,with the. l)ccan=, Seas, � and J.'lrs. mail Parrs oi the W orl-', incle.dinit.xe most recent liiscnveries.and Political .Mter^tike'i*. di^'cstsd on anew ' Anew B,dition,r;'v�si'd bv t'le \iil:or, price IxJs. la oonrdi stiiig U l.r'.)e;l I proving 111 his own tni-nie.iiat'> La*e tne versatileanrf ii:iivrtni!! candrtfbas of Man- -In^rav d o i (' ooper .11* a taesnad-.T ot tb^ Original^. lu t'oiiap.irte s own ii;ind wriiin-;, aa-l vensiwl by lA)liD Nli.LSO.N. wail a priiitod tio!>v thereof in.letter prcjs, verbatim el liTeratiia, and aa i-.iiglisb Tr.ansl-'jtiouwill biS givmi amongst t'.i:? gr.Mt mess of otncr vrrv cariOQs and la,-. fresttng .'Vi'tieJ-a Is the next r.umocr, being U�c Sixtb^V; be p'-iblUhed �>. o-iaorr.)w, of � � �f- A P.ELLK ASSl',:vlBLKK; or, BELL'S JLj COUfl r and FASniONABLK MA(!.\ZINE. The Embellishments tor thi.-s Number nave vefysapcfjor claims to the aonrobation an-l ndniir^tion of tne Ppb?ic,par-ticiilirlv on account of t:ic hi^h aiiis!-ed slvSo of Bngraving, its V.cU as lor the clesancx', ani eACCj)eiicy ot theiiiherent POR'PftA W I�RIN ? in Uiis.N"umber is aa aibnimble rr5t-n�*jjt PtlN. s-� ' ' �' I*!?, en rivi. I bs Scfiv�"viS4>eran or :ini;)i'iiis;nnent;, the nrice Ot. whLch, if sold seoiirati Jy at the Prim .-ihotr..-, would cost at least Niueiecu Still)iass. ' . � Tiictive pivccdmg NiimhTs are now befor." tne Ptthlic, .an.J^nvu'been hyiioarcd witli tne mo.>t iin-iualiited appro- l=:intel for J. P.-n, at the ''.VreUv Messenger Office, Sj.itJi.iini.'to'.i-stri'Ct, ^tr.inil: pr-r a. car:i. Ml^s 0-,V .^u v-i A f. \\ :M>Vi-.|.. day IS pablisneJ, i.i vid^, .ui.idecimo, price I"-', m bo.'irds. 6d. rpilK WILD lillSUGillL: a National story; .A. winch rire i!eliii:\ittv,l ti>e yla- , -rj, Am\ise;nc:its,-anl.i v-iw -�of the P... VMlt\ i LO.u VNil V of IiU,LA.SI). By SVi)N>:v O-.VENSOX, Antliore.-sot the Niutce ot >t. Domiiiie, St. Clair, ftc. London: i'rintcd f;:i- Kieliacl Phillips, .No. (i, Brid;;e-sireet, lUacktnnrs: and sold by ail Booksellers, in Great Britain and IrcLiiul. Ol'v.hom mav be, A new edition of the NOVIl^!-: of 3]\ DOMINIC, bv Miis UsveiLioii. In I vol'i. >'rice in hoarJ?. the tilth edition o.^ t!ie WIS T-iR iq LON DON, by .Mr-.'^urr, :{ vo!. . Tii i: N o VI c !; flf st. d o mi n i c k, a Novel,-By MISS OWENSON, Author of SL. Ciair, iVc. . . n _^---a-For Truth :�iid 2;ood are oiw^ " And beanty dwelli in tr.mi, ;;!:d they in her. With like particiiTitiiyn-------" AketisiJei Printed for Biehiir.l P.ulips, No. (s, fJri.lge-ilreet, Blaat-fri.irs, a:ui to he had or all Booksellers, and at all the CirC^r lating Librari�. . .Of whoitt miv tilso l� had, |ust published, . Ferdinand Fitzonnond; or, th'i Fool of Nature, "by Mr^* Temple, m livo volumes, price ^Js boards. The Wiiiitcrm Loudon, Ov Mr. Sarr, lis. 6d. The Maid, Wife,ainl Uidowbv .Mr. Siddo.n?, 1.1s 6d. This day i .)0N1L.VS LEi J"JJ1S." small Svo. ly IS published, in 'Iwo elegant V ohimes, sma cnibili. bed wit>' heauti'ul Portraits, by Caioh.ic Watson, price 1&. in b�ajrds, ' � CO.MPLETi:and AUTIlRNTIC RDltIO> A J..iff. of the CELlUP.tM'KD LETTl-RS of .H-NU contajnlsgpiuch add!tioml.;Matter, and much iutorah.tioi', not to be foijad jn any oth^r Edition^ V �/Vnioiig the Additions are, 1. The various Letters fo whieh Junius n^plied. 'A Copious iUustr�tly� Notes, historic;*! aii.l hiog^i^pmcal; and;�. .Vn Enqtiir}"relative to the .Vuthoroi these p;ipcrs, m wivjch tbi> pretensions of various snpposr^ Writers arv'eriticaUy examliifcd, andthe ntiine of the real An-t&o?asecrlained, * BV JOHN ALMON*, Author of the Lives ot the J-arlot Chathami and John Willfcj. of Anecdotes, Historical and Biographical, &c. (fee. No person can doubt the suweriqr preteuslons of Mr. ,^1-munto give to the woild an ilfustrated and cDassiral Eriitioa of the famous Letter; of Junius, a tas'tttsr whuvi be has;ji, >vavs bCiMi acknowle4s;eil to bs bntiT qualifted than anv other Coiuempurarvi of tUa.1 dMie.guished AVrlier. '1 lus ivditloa tlab�s,therefcre, the decided Preicn^nteof the Public, as the )ost Work of tbe' Editor, who wa^ intimately coin, netted with the most eminent Political Chnfbcters of the period in which Junius wrote, and alMi as being^ the com'� ulvtcst.the t:heape#t,and t  most elegant Ed|tiqafxt�nt., � PrliitcdforRichard Philii,).*, Bridge-street, �)a�kT!riitis t ond tj� Vtt hid �f all UooiseVlors aqd penlers imBoOl&t N.B. AmoJirthc >ngrj�i>gs are a Portrait..the.Au* 4hi>rol'thrill tetters; anil a fWc !>ini I  of h}� f�t�faa hiiid^ ..writfoslti contrast ttfUvc f�l�aed}��uJ ao4er W,l|��?)Ji fe?^<�?f<�: t^orttkd Witli hi� JPrifitcr, . .

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