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Courier (Newspaper) - July 30, 1806, London, Middlesex 4,354.' , VAUXTIAT.L. Under the'JP&trBnateCof hi? RovaJ Higlimrfs t'w. I'lllXPF, will itioii *bf  X bfe a GftAND' GAt-anil hrillirint Kx\t\bil\ rHt1i-WORK3,'fej> Stgnof a|ortram.t^Artnlission lis. AYoiiVig^tJetitlfeman .vho lias lately jsratliiatctl at'an Enpl'aji Univrrsi^, not iiitenriinur f " ;i tint vi-Hr-i inenea^hirotelflnimy ProKfe f*p'y'*'fe*'' the subscribed direction, a pmprvrfrcroiH'e  ivitlhf eiv^n Collej^, where nn iTJjiirv mi v l>c inai'io to Ms ChiiWoW and QiialificattoiiE.-Direct, .So. 10!, at . |'osr-0(lirc> C'lmbridj;^.^^ Jml^ort^^.--^otfltrtHfc^|��tiilfel?^aMrfss'to,Wra. Rigvrs, Hl^jaf Wir;'SlOfere's Lpfery Sti'ilvs 'ToftciJhapv ]tVB'drSnEY.-i~Mcs5rs. LUCAS' and'Co. bog lear'c' XvX- to inform those thnt may he in ^TOnt, and 'jlociroiis borrowm^ temporary <ir psrmanent Siltns �xf xMIoney, .ind lwl<:;� Sl! etLT�f any .awigu'.ible proprrtv, th.rt tiiev rnav:hs siiiiplicd" ivith'orfy Sum On fair and coiiitnbltr terms, by pavins; =�ii ' adequate Anmiifv liiten'stfor the 5^-nie. Asal;!> nioncv will! bertd^nccd to those of kuovvaxpropcrfy, on tltiMr pci'sonai SecHiity. ())OSt ivrsortaVappliPation.� iTrily received bv Messrs. Lucas'' 1(1 <;o. at N<�. 'lv.)aT!i ansirfTCj-i Trijh�ffM'tdny. -  ^FA'^ERALof ftiefollo^ving Scms of SOO/.' 5001. .J-mOL 150^'. 20M'. acd :){>3;)?. .ind.!!!.. .-i Urjier amount, irill he !idv;m'^'d,fnr v.cU siciirc.d Annuilies upon lijiidtsd l: cs, Funded Property, and CliurcU Livings, as ;o ^ L i�-*ut. ^vutv.i |jirvt'iii� in�niy disH{i;reeaI>le �!!rcumMaec?sth;it miiiif attciid th  n>'g:nei.4(ions of those that �0/0 Umcquiiinted withthe praeticnl pntti , JVrsim^il applications^ anl Letters.i v was pid: I applications^ an I Letters.-,...... ' Hotiv.Xo^y^, fpc'-f-strcet. , artf daily Ji^I^^fe^";*?'I '�''>"S''">���"'! """'"lie rMtirati,oi'of to) npIIE PrinapitijCyitxr* dht4 .CammhsibHets of tnty bk ipiUlhg ta couirict fo. i^uf^(tlijin^ inefnltaming ArHde.i\ toiiideliiiefed al the VdrHs against thestaneejcpiessed^ vhi ,  > . > *'CUe�tford,VW'ftolwich, CJiat- ENGLISH BEESWAX, j ham, Sh-ernc-s P.>rt-.m(.''jth, ' C and Plymoiithv S.YND, ......v......... Clwthum ai;d Sbeeirnes"); A lyamplti oftfic Ueama.v.f Kiln farnin lif the Ttiidi-rS'for A(( Jt.n-Icr lertnit. tecciired i\ft^'I'Hif.tue o^CtocIs oH ttiK ilny f'{rcnf'j-,-nir atti/ ntUmif, unless tlia I'aiti/, orun A^ua\J'ifr 'if, llHf1\ll: ~ . � Vio'ej-'^^I-.liV -' ^jo-i-., j�iy vOvioOi. ,. H fastd's.^a--'if do Uoivbi/glm'NoUre^ tiiat on '.J-huniday, 'iilt L'l Sms^T-- of JifceoiJ :(lM<ci^-ihjyin^ the fthMOn, <i�<iitt*W^c i'Mif/lsf^iiltt'tOi.'iK- f^glrc^t bidder, at :jVJcai;.X' tour,' lb"iot�!�'?:�<?i"Kr'^'*^'-^'^'*'"?' ^  uig IW.1IIIC ir-i-i-v.s;, iniie j-ipc iiiiu ,i:�r.;uiiynocc;, H gsheads, Iroii fioops broken and brut, and wot-n out Goopers T00I3 ; lyi�S tnUis Mnjaiij's ficiiiulliu^^. PfaHi-iex.' at-Oeptford.: .� . . A ViVvxit ofibK per Cevd in to lie hiade upoil l/le timoiml ' of each Lot af t'te iimc 0/ bale: and if the- re.inulnder a}' Hie Miinei) be not patd, and the i'mttcuUDix txbe-.i tiirMif, irilliin tiBrnt'itaofkui-;dti:;'f afterwards, i.'tk peposU kH! be furjei/ed, aniitif (iunds i-cmmn t/ieprnpcrly of i/w Croioii. T/ieuthet Condittoni mny be seen, aiul I'rinud CitUiii'^iies' ~' '� '� iihlv 1,16 O Id. , . This Day are piddi'rftedy in Four Ilaiidiome Volumi.'S, fools-": . . , cap bvo. prict 1-6. in boiinls. MEMOIRS of the lata CI IA U hW LF.K LEWIS, Comedian ;.eaniarninp Am-cdotes,; Hinto-ricil nml (ht r,!?a(.l>iil, SCOTl'iaH, and-lKiSi[ STAtiJiS, darmg.-j period cf.l-oify Year.s. -WRITTKN bv HlMHtLV, Anil puJilis^iCdbv hisSoi\,.Vt)iI.N uEE l.JiWIS, Fsn-)'riiileda'.Tr. 11. Phillips No. i>, Hiilg-street, IJlackfriars. jcd, I'an 7tb Edition, with additiiHis, of of iheCONDirGT of His Royal -HL.H^Sh^iess the PRINCE of WALES, in bis various transnclions with McJ-CVf-'EFlYS, diirin;? a perWid ofjiiore. . Uiiiiwc^fy ycar>-,' confining n detail vt many circumstaitecs' r.-ialiiifi to ilie.if R.�vai HigiineKsos tb^ Prince nnd Pr ncew of V, ales, Mr.?. FitzherbPTt, ftc. &c. To which is added, A liciter-nddrrssod to JMrs. Fitzhcrbrrt upo.n thrlnflucncu of h Example,, Ac; &c. , - By NATHANIEI, JEFFEHYS, l^ate M. P. fiirthe Cihr f C�vcPtrv. � To be had ;it No. 2f>, T'-.tll-Mall -mi 1 at No. S, Pavilion I'aradc-Bnghfon, Jince 3i. (id.^ OR. GREGORyS KEVV CVCLtlHEDJA* ' T-o he eompleted ill Si K Months. TplJR PUBLIC ar�' r�irpcct/(i11y i'lforrapcl that �)r;--0�Ti %CTIOlS\\R-Y of ARTS and. SCIT'N'OES may be h.'ir! complete doiio up in boarfls, price 'Ivvo Pounds S.Venteeii S.Miiiiit:* ami-SivpiHc.  thesimed;iv, thiS HIXiMl iii' ^>itl be published, price Nint^ Shdlii>i!:s, and a part \vill cutiTiune to -bi- published on the first of'evory month tiU the -ivi.rk is com-p\iti"t in Twelve Purl.", at M.te.SiJiUincs each. Ortersfrom Cunntvv finoksellcr? for this ork, and ,f r jV.'r. Pitilllps'a othjr Publications, tire executed on adv'aii-taj;ei>ns terms. liriilpe-stieet, El.ickfri.irs, July IS)". l!RTliTi)7)o.NS' NEW ^()V'iv^... ~ Thisd.TyispiibliaIicd. inyvols. pncelJs. fid. fjpiItiA'LViD, WIFK, and WIDOW, a Talc, _a.  in Three VolunT"". Rv HENRY SIDDONS, Esq. Printed for Uichard Philli[W, No. jJri.iijc-Btrcct, Black-frinrs, atrd In be had of .iJl IlooUsi-Iirrs. Or.wlmm may also i�i? iuid, jn-t publislvciJ, J. Virtiwus l'ovfvtv,Jiv the s.T.n;^'.-, ,'i vol?-. The-\Vi!;terin London, by Mr. Surr, in n vo!i.  3. Novice ot\St.J)o!ninie. .hj-;V!;?s t)weiisnn, 1 v:ds. 4. .Heefwood, by i�jr. Gddiyin, ;) vol�. ."). Fordinaiid.Fifiornion;!. Wv Str-. Tt-mpl^, n vols. t>. Thfc �VVIVI Irish Girl, liv Miss O-.'t.enso-.i, :) vols. '1 ills day is published, in One elppint volime. e,urirto price Voitvrflvc bhrlliKjTs, in hDi.rilf, einb-llisheii ivith Sixteen beautifuV Vievrs, hv .Medland, and dedic.ited by pormis- � smpi'to the Enrl of fttorr;;', � . rpilK STR.AN(rER in JRELAND: or, a Tour -fi-v itithe �oiilliern.a\ul Westrrn .I'iirts of that Country, dannglhe AutUQiiiandA\ mtir of t'le last.year, 1805. : � UyJOilN CARIl, ibtt. Of the Honourable-Society of tlMj *;idille i'einpl'*. Antltor � Of the Northern Mimnicr; �r Tviycls;round thjp .IJaitic : of the StHHiKerin Jbraiice, (Iv-.c. vood, lias hccit foi'wardc'd to the Ad, iniralty itk his Lordship's letter (�f2;t itixtant. Pompec, at anclior oir Senlia, MaySI, 1005; MvLonn^I arrived at Palenno iji the Pampeti on tlteSlst of last month, and took cm ma the command of the sqiiadrioH your Lordship h.iSdone me the honour to place under my orders. I found things in the state that may be v.cll imaTlticd on the (jrovernment being displaced from its-capital, ......fAoi capi^i . tal to.itsilawful sorcrt^ijiila a,nd fiigUiinliat>(-tftrtfe nv'onUlbenogi'attifitatiWif It slfridldbe fortrtd :^ JnaJ-Ao f*r.<;V to latidanid' keep clrdefj itt case of the, ycenc"h rtrniy retiring to the fortresses,  1 should IeVeaiJ\)ipiulent dty aprey. to tli? liocn(ioij'ff'p*<;fc of ibts fioiiVpiuniiyj AVho would not fail fo profit by the confnston tlie llamcs w^rafd occasion ; not a gun ivas firifd=:^iit no sttch considcrat)o�-opcratc<l' on my prevent.m<�, disltJdgingtKe'French giirrisoii fri(Hn the Island of Capri, which, from its situation, prott'cti^ng tho coasting .^ommunica*. ti�)rt sonthward, was, aigreat o^je^t for tho cncmjr: to-k(�<pj.and Uir,s ACC6rdi�g1y; sBmm<�n�^ilM^^^ mandttM to "litirfeadflt;"on'5ih noh'4aca|tiicS5JeOjCfev (s 20 the anfte.xed correspwii^ce),,' rffi^cteS^-^^^ . the bndiag'tofeMjsringsaiid ;b<�at8^<Ste^ edan.^ttackf^) be..wade andBn:;his� orders." bravcvOlRcer placed' JiiS'-ship jndic^uslyj nor at"ked Ity-the Wfect'of :m� 'dficK^ \#hsrC:-tIie'liret'Lictft^Ja!^^^^ : wounded, aud^-ft-seaiinan- waSt killed^ q,ltta�^h ^jjaptaitt.Rowl�y ^egretti*^-^injicB^tHo sfrn'icps ,�f, nee induce vij^HS.'^"^^?''^^^"''-*^^ riictpcmploy.ta terms of the �df rent bfrtUfd Tr!is&^ at Capri. IJbfeCoMHiandtaiitof Cdpri t�f ^�irrAdm>*ij1 SjdJiey Snrfffl. I reerf*ea?,JKr,' yrfnr letter, daicd' ibw dayra�id*i^.r sntcrltfavp tooi)KieTveto.y*aI tluiA: oJdirtj^solti^r Am'-is fWiyomler till he lia* tried bii fort'r- r '" yooare, Sir, i d ferave .1 vddicr to Wmc n ji.\v t.j>UA(k^;";MPi{ov i;t). Thiiday iapuwisljcd, in fotflsip.'tp outavo,.embeHislv!d with an Engtaving,Ky Pyne, price Ssv extm boards, . f^Jm MISEkfES of UVAIAN LlJ'K.i: or. the A  GROANS of TIMOTHY TBSTY and S-iNlDEL ENSlT|Af�;, with a few Snppleracuury. Sighs from Alls. TJSSTX* -  - , "In Twelve Dialoi!;ncii. Heimlhili.V*.�.i...".Virg. *:n. 11. 271. '  Sen, Heu............Cati^l. Poem LXXX. Ife miserable..........MiU. Par. Lost, B. IV. 7.9. ^ Oh! Oh 1 m!:......-.ShakB. Macb. Act V. ticene 1. 01 O} Pl..;i........Ditto, Qthel. Act V. Secnel. .-rftjmedfflrrWiUiam Miller, Aniemarti^-strcet. MEN^'ING, With .pi�p ile N9thii>g^;iie'aWer'p^^ ,f the nboye *fe�j�r�itplthjs high tepiAe they have been held iu up hy t;apt of th� ships under his orders,'and tha position oi the KrRish Army under Sir Jolui Shjart at T\Ios;. sina, had ho>vover prevented fnrtlior mischief. 1 had the satisfaction of learning that Gacta still holdout, although as yot without succour, from u mistaken iciea, much too pre>-a!ent, that the progress of the i<'roneii arroies is irresistible. It was my first care to see that tha .nece.s.'sary supplies si-iould be safely conveyed to vthe Governor. 1 had the inexpressible satisfactioti of conveying the most essential article.sto (il acta, and of communicating to his Serene Highness the Governor (oir the breach battery, which he never qaits) the assurance of further support to anye.vtent ^vilhin my power, for the maintenance of that imporfant fortress liither, to so long preserved by his intrepidity and example. Things wore sl new aspi*ct immod.ately on the arrival of the ammunition, the redoubled iiroof ' the enemy Avith'red-hot shot into the Mole-(beiiM^ answcrwl with redoubled vigour) did not prevent the landing of every thing \.c had brought, together with four of the Exceilent'a\^lowvr-deckg^i!i:i, to answer this galling iiro, whrcrhv'bore dtrecMy. on the landing place. A sec.ludconvoy, Wit'.i the Intrepid, placed the garri. n beyond tiie imiuedinte .want of any thing os.simtial, and thti enemy from advancing his nearest approaclic's to wilinn '260 yard^, was reduced to the dc>fonsiwo in a degree, dreading one of those, sorties wJiich the Prinea of llesse had already slic'.yu him his garri.ian.wis equal to, and Wliich was becume. a much safer operation, now that the llanking.fnv, of cin;!>t Neapolitan gunboats, I had brougiit with> me in audition, to four his Highnoss had arruady �used successfully, %vouId 6ovcr it, even to tire rear of the etvcmy's tmrc.'itHi. Arrangements wera- put in train for this purpose, and according to a wise suggestion of his Serene Highness, measures V/ere taken for the^ embarkation of a smajl party from, the garrison to sland in" the rear of tlie cit'my^s J[w,tteries to the northward. ^ ' , .. Icontidcd the c%'Cc;ifion of the naval part of this arrangement to Captain Richardson, of^ hlfr- Ma. jcsty'ssliip Juno, putting the Neapolitan'.frigate  and gun boatst underhisorders. HisScrcne Highness rposscssiiig the experience of European Warfare, and a most firm mindii having no-occisian for furtlujr.Aid on the sp6t, .1 felt I feouldquit the gar-�risbn without appGcliensibn for its. safety �n such' Jiands, with (hw 'pfesont 'means 'of dofenco, antl; that 1 co\ild jjcst co-onarate with 'him by draining, 'some of tho, attacking. fores off sfor tlw defenca :of Naples^ and accordingly ;proccede a*ll<i tr^OcHds "vbaforo Gacfa to Is^^^^ on account of Joseph-Bonapahe pvo^aiming^himw vSDlf Klng^oJf the Ttvo Sicitid$ !t Tho:fjllinr4on �f I^agte made us liVti sail �f ^the lintf; �tt() it wo�Jt^ th',itiKei1torioijs ."�officer in" soq^ira.Critical moinent,' he has since lecoTcred. - '. 1^ u Aa.kour'9firefroBrbotlndecfcsZ)f'thc Eagle, %e-' twecu Sand 10 o'clock).with-that of Iwj^Neapoii,-;. tatimurtar boats uiider an:;a�toe flicerj�Lie�ierifint-' :Rivoraj d4'ove'the enemy;fro'm tlnfe'Tincyatds ttithv-.ifi.their walls,, the Md*iiiet.4..wcr(}-Ian,ded^ atfd gal- � lantiy led by Ca �taiii'dj�nce>'thfe-seilm^n in like manner^ under. Lient�naiit' Morrell, of the Kagle,: ami-Lieutenant lleddjng^ of the Pompeo^ iftounted tfce steps*; for such was theii? road, he(ided by the ofticers, nearest to the narrow paE?, by which alon?: they cottld -"ascend. Lieutenant Carrol had i^thus 4n'opporfUnity: of particularly distin-^lisbing Jbamswlfi-. Captain Slannus commanding the^enieu'S'TriarinBS'.g?>llat�tly pressing fur\va;rd gained ths'-Jtoights, and the French commandant fell by his hand: this event being known, the euemy- b.pat a jjarley, a lotfei' from the sacond in comm.tndy^Iaimed the terms offbred, but being dittjd on the Itilli. after midnight, some difficulty occurred, tqy limitation as to lime being precise but on the assurance that the drum- beat - before; twelve, the capitulation annexed was .signed, and the garrison allowiKl tomaTch.out andpass ovgr ts Naples with every honour of war, and after the interment of their former brave cammaudar, with 'i^l.jliW-XiaiMi^',,,Vttt-ilMA8 becAma master* �f> tHis.��-portantpost. � 'rhe enemy not having been allowed ttine to bring two pie'bes of heavy cannon, with thoir ammunition to Capri, the boat containing them, together with a boat loaded with timber for the construction of gun-boats at Castclamare, took refuge at MasJia, on the main laud opposite to the island, where the guard had hauled the whole upon the beach; 1 detached the two mortar boats, and a Gaeta privateer, under the orders of Lieate-nants I'allveriio and iiivera^ to bring them oftV sending only Mr. S\''illiams, Midshipman of the Pompee, from the Sfptadron on jMirpose to let the Neapolitans havetbd crcditof the action, which tfblljpe rate to 09ake^j�u,^f�d- ^i>'^iv on ns possible, w^th the arms and bagg.tge b2lejguig to thi menffrt. wards the troops �and' vessels which shall transport l6en� to ihe^ fairly obtained ; for^ after dislodging the v' * Poii�iic�, v^v'^'-cO-> '>-'Uci;(iirlf latiejiiu: ginient of Light Intantry, commanding in,tKe lilaod of Capri. Ti/whi^chhaVfe Signed,' �(Siffned>>. J+'ETANG. _ - V. CHARLES ROWLEY. N. B.l"lie Ccmroandant since wi^b'uig to discmbiirte with his troi>|is afMassa, invites the English AdraivJ to grant it to him.-Approved, (Signed) Yr.,|Tt)NEY SMTTH. I/K\'of Xilled^iinffWo^^^^ latakln^Cap/i, May Jt>,18Q> Eagre-^Lieu^eiiatit'Jaraes Crawly; First .Lietftenant, si igbllv woiuided:'l,>�eamanand' I'Mitfiiiekili^^ 4 SearacuaacI (i M.irinesweicmiied. .'v;, Listiuf the' Killed and �Wouadcd in the Sortie of Gr^ta, : " MBvl6,lfiOo-. .... Divisions of the Boats tletaidJed ircm tkie .Te.'no-} 5iara;>n killed .ind 5 Seamen wounded. ^ (SiB'*'') '  \V.Sft>XEY".SMtTH. ifisMajertj-'siSIii^^^^ Sir--The enemy hiivi:pg erected a baUery of 4 guns on dib l^gint of La Madoivaydejlfi Cattcfra. his Serene Hi|hness the PfI'nce of Hesse ord'erca ' sixtj' men from the garrison to be embarked in ^fi2.yr.,J!l^i?S.fe?^tsi and on tUsnishtof, the VitU, I proceeded wim tlic Jiino's boats, armed, accoVa-panied by those of his Sicilian Majesty's ffrgate, MiniTva, commanded by Captain' and landed the troops, undiscovered, in a small bay, iu the rear of the enemy's works, Licatenaut Pujisioj; Avh.3 commanded the party, having advanced, the enemy abandoned tha^ post, after firing to alarm Iheir camp; but before they could ar.rive with a reinforcement, the gims were spiked, the gun-carriages destroyed, and the tro�ps re-em-bai-k-cd Avithput .<uy loss. I hate the honour to be, kc. (Signed) II. RiciiARDSOx. 'Sii" W. S. Smith, K;. S. Rear-Admiral of the Blue, 5;c. _ His Majesty's ship .luno, aff<neta\]V!ay 1*1.^ . Srn-His SereneII igh ness the Prince of riesfe Phi-lip.stlial,harviug signified to mc on the 14th inst. hlS" intention of making a sortie early on the foUow-ivg day, to attack the French lines and" tci have the necessary arrangements made, that;-the boats might-co-operate with and support the troops from the garrison, I caused the' ^un-' boats to be divided into three divisions (foiir in each), and delivered .copies oil' the enclosed order toCaptain Yieugna, of his Sicilian Alajcsly's frigate Minerva, and Lieutenants Le Chevalier:JBeliamo and rValguarrier. The sortie took place precisely at half past eiglit fl^Mock yesterday morning, and wa* attended with success i the ivcapolitau tf bps hating dri'^cn the enemy oyt of their trencheSJiKidtakiin tb's Seraps. battery (the guns of Avhich they spiked), returned i,r>tD tlie.^airison with little loss, bringing in w4th therii a Captain of Engineers and some others, thfif prisoners; the number I havt? not yet learnt, ' They wcTftsapportcd in their,attackandretrcat, on thcih left along the shore of Scrapp by theboaf of this ship, armed under tlie direction of LieaY. V/iills 'of the Navy, and Licutv Want of the Marines, and the first division of gun-boats^ wVich I took the^CQmaiand'of; and on theirright by the secimddlvisipii^ tinder ordtir-C of" Lieut. YaU �guirna:, the third division ("havii% embarked fifty, men ifrom the garrispn) were .prdered tvith the M�-iiervafrigate, to make a diversion on the other sitlc of tlje .B^^^^ a calm,, tlie Mi-' n^rya^OTuIti not reach her ;Stalf�^^^^ t'aoug^h t^e boats . svicceed'ed> JTi lapdin^^ th<jyrbops, and brought off. *SOffie cfl,ttl(?; the kept in cljcck auti prcTCrtifld'fro^^^^ a con- sideraliiTo bpdy of the :ei|emy'^ ciivalrjf, wore ~;is�!�jtit ;;atfticfc':the:^ J ii^bpj^.ljfMsiJ^ gartJs6� I have npt yet undbr-�jtpodf .th^t is, first; diy'iisibrij^^^^ 'pd. ;|^|h liave: autiercd considerably, 9S .mb%: than *>tie h��ndred ^m\^skets' have, been I'.^n acwnttit of their good cotldnct and courage, iPb>^tfrt.)i�sItf�^�tWi*ip La thVLiv^ufenSi'n Sic'dian Majesty's uavy, Le �^.'>)�fe-'i'-l�,=?��^4ei:5g2*S^ i have the honour to bo, &c. , . . . , ,.........J^Uo^ihe^K : - H. ltfCHAHOS0>r. xifii fimmw. yo* 4v�,.-|��^iaife�*-�h iW(rtiW)i�:h^jMtt ocVuav. Sir W. S. Smith. K- S. Rear-Adm. of the Bliie, Ac. 1'Ife'S^^a^iJJS^^^ iF^ti^r,moi�d,rt^ihcGa.,a^^^^^^^ cn:;?ny from a strong tower, thrty not only brought ~. ihc boatf? and two pounders, but the powder (twenty barrels) from the magii/ine of the tower, before the enemy assembled in force. The pr;/jc!c!vjd', sorties took place on the 13th and 1.7ti� lu the morning, in a manner to relicct the highest credit o�i the part of the garrison and iiavai force employed. .The covcpng tire from tlie lloetwa.^ judiciously directed by Captains Richardson and V'icmia,'-whose conduct oa this whole service merits my warmest apjwobation. 1 inclose Captain Richardson's two.letters as detailing these afifairs, and a list of the killed and wouudei on the V2th. ' , On the 19th ult. theboats of the Pompes, under Lieutenant Bcaucroft, brought out a merchant veHsclffom Sc-iilvitra, hear S^erno^ although prp-tGOted.hy.a hoiivyfij-e- of musketry. That'Officer and Str. Sterling distir>.guished themselves mncli. Tho enemy are endeavouring to establish a land carriage there to iXaplcs. . Otv .the 'i;]d, obtaining inleMigcnce that the enemy had two 3G-pounders in a smair vessel on the beach at Sealea, I sent the Pompee's boats in for Ihem. But the French troops were too Well p'/sted in the hou.wsof tht^ town for fhera to succeed without the c�>ver'of the ship.  I accordingly stood in with the Pompee.; -sent, a message to the inhabitants to. wjthdra^v, which being done^ a.few vof the Pompee's lower-deck guns cleared the town atid^ncighbcmring hjlh, while the launchj com-mandcd by Lieutenant.Mouraylin, vrith Lieutenant Oats^ of the marines,v:and Mr. Williams, drove , (he .Frenchj with their, armed adherents, from thy guns', and took possession of the pastle, atvd of .them. Finding, oh my lat^ding, that the t.own .was^enablc against, aiiy f�rce the :cuetny /coiilil jibrin'g against me frpm t^jt;?, nearesf^arrisoit, in a giv�5j(^'ttme� Vi(i6% post with ^le ntarincs'; and, ^undor cover of^ tJieH" positipn^ b^ the' cxtrciup' .ex<�r,t}ons of Lieutenant C�i,rroli Mr. Ivos,~ master, and tbe potty Otficersi'ftta^ b^iits' crews, (he g.iu�s fVere.cpnv^yctl td t%o'Pbrfijpoe,'with twenty-two tia^rpils of p waei'.TA-.i; tiaVb tjiift lioriiiiiir, 9cc, /Sign'ctl)''' ' \ 'W,' StbssY SMitit- #"

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