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Courier (Newspaper) - July 28, 1806, London, Middlesex 4 J;n(ier tlic Patronnge pthijt.Royar^ighness the PjflNCE ^HIS PRESENT EVfiklNfe, July 29, will ,. be a GRAND GALA, ami hrlllSnnt Kxbibitiou of 1 CVDiEMY for completing the EDUCATION \ of VOtfNG GENTLEMEN drs-.gneil for Tra:ic, the mniline-liouse.Jhe Navvf thfc Armv^ a�ii the I'nbiid Of-vv" arCiRKAT ST. HELENS,, Bi'shoj,sgati--^troet. ' �  TK. from the Academy, LittJf fdwc-r-strorf, begs Vir.TCfALLlNG-OFFlCK, Jrihc io," 1805. -ftnii of Book-kc^jHnS. fountJral on M-al biisnic:" ' V' bi-cninspctt''fianil appravedby sosneoftho lir.>t -.rti iri�his City, and ftspvXtfMlly solicits t..4>irsupp�rt ,i|. ^-i.^MflY, whre YriungGentlcmMi arc properly qua-if-d'Vr tlic iibovo profcssidnsj "C^onn" Gentleman. w,ho (las^ lately graduated A nt ji'J En^rsh University, not.ihtending fin'a few years -Vc himself in .-mv Profoston, wishes lo oI)fciiu a suu-;.r cither as Sl:>crctary. to a Geptjcinan, or jjs private nplyl^tiMhe'Iubscribcd dirtcHon* aptopcrrcfereuw . I l,p V�ven ?o hi? Coll.?gc^ Where an enqairy^may be made t,) .-iS Ch.-'ract"rand QualificatioiB.-^Direct, No. 101, at ,1 ( llfK e, Cambridge. _ _ ross,AND OGiLVI'?: * r \- ,vr: !..\ts � mv. JOINT aru) SKPESATE CMlEmfORS % ',7'io hiivo proved the r Oj. i. K, ,i, v reteive a DI-/]|)r;,VT), bv applying at trtwOftw'e .o Hiiir, uiTiKor-strtetyOT) Mondayv -i;ljS("(]irt'nt Alonday "-"-j-*- fr-, MAP or THE "untxE^ kis-goOu: - This j;>ii,y was pubIiSh.�d; li ?-i.YJai-�(; Sh/!rts,neairy cojmirod, price 1/. ir.. Sheets, f,iiii!i(i-d <^n Ron and-Lcdgc, or m a Ojse for iravt'lii^^'- of MfWiT. Shawi'S mnd v,w ;tli of Auiiiisljor tfc,t�foenTcn.anii Two o'clock, mantled fur IIU Mnjtiti/'^s Shijfx.und 'Vcngih ai'LUIiimfOf the spmeojr Tvctlai: Mi/iU/i.i tcrluin, aiiil J'lirilicr unlH Six- aVdiU/ih.. fyuiHingshall he. given ; undid hr.p.titl fur byjlilts, payable vailk Interest, ninety days ajlcr ilitle,' : TheXhnditivnsoflbe ('onlruciliuiiihe seen aitlie Secretary's O/Jice, aitlns agice, or by applying to Jlh Jiritniinic Majesty's Cunsnl al I iisbnn. Ko rei^ard ta/ltbe hail to any 'render in KhicJi the price shall not be inscrle:! iHKor<ls al ttnifth, or thai shall nut be delwered to I he lituird bifoiT One o'OlotKon the xatd Tuesday, Ih.- id al hi'pteinbcr HcJi', uur unifss ihi: I'ersuntaha makes the. I'enr dcr, orstiiiie I'ei'sitn vn hts bchalj, nllends, to answer when Just published, price 2s. fid. in boar�l�i.i '1 HE i5ELUSI0NS of nOW'V a Poem, by ,a Gentleman in the \\VSt IndicV. ' / . Sold by T. Cadi-ll ami Vy; DaiVrcs, Sft'anil. NEboCJlAil'ioN' Willi FRANCE-Com DUG'^^f the PRESENTMINISTRY. This Day is published iti octavo, hrice 5s. the Fourth ' . , F^tiono^ : AN ANSWER to � The ENUUir.Y into the STATE of the NATIONj" with a Supplement on the Prnspfifts arid Terms of Peace. Pu!)li?hi;d,1)y Jolia Murray, Ffect-strcet;'and sold by every IJookselTi-r throughout t'lie Empire. ' in/'..' ViC(t'ALi,i-\u uKMtE, . fITED K.IN,G-. V Mr).M of GREAT BRITAIN .ii).> IRELAND, on �H  (Lie Inrttpike and jjfincipal Cross Roads are cnretullv rinid, pirticularh diitinwuishiii^; the Route of the ilall 1 I :i('i, roursc oithe Rivffrsj-and Navigable t (im one Miirkct Town to another; thi; ,iiM" drawn from tnabcst authofities-, assisted by local in-,.r,r;:ili[)n.- i',o',ilon: printed for G. Sraitb^Mapseller, No. 172, comer '�\ ONQlJESTiONABLE SAVING-UPWARDS OF PER CENT. ^ if ESSRS, TRElVIAilN and Co. respectfully re-. �| lurn thhr/?�'atcful iwrfcnowledgcmertJs to their iiuine-> nciidi for the favours already rectivcdt at the same ! I vc the libcirty tointormthemithey having disposed of , i; Premises in Lailgate-itrcct, nowcarry on their Business lii lii Retail,and .WIio!c!tal�at their Jlanuf-^ctorv, opposite |(*,i>"t Cliurchy the Surry Side BlackfrtarS Briilge, where V iMeiul iu future to sell for READY MONE Y ONE V, r,. mil cn.rble them to �efve their f-ustomcrs on bet-i.ri'.rs tlwi .any,other House in London; hriviiijr ?reat-Lire I their Expcnccs, are dctermlKcd to tiike a !i,iniill I. rmtl to sell Geiitlcmens' verv best Round Hats finished II- ! s,ie fi)r.l/i Is. Duty and Paper Box included^ �iiid lo.ners who continue thoir favours may be {issnred it^^lialt he of* the fniest Quality and Newest Fashion, : f ;imc jVrticIc that is now charied trom rweaty-scveo livMiilHhgsjn SitiiatwiUi. tl' in -.1 sMilitary, Opera, and i.iv ry Ifats,\irith lia-t;)tildt�i)s'of every Description and New Fiwhioh, reducetl Plan; and ayaFU-ty iiniihed ready :n,',T!ioii. . i). Letters, piistpaidydifly attenderi to, and when Pack-s arc reoMired must be an cxIra Churgc. firjiJ. ��.e/, lUrytctlibe.liatly in recetl-ctenders jn wrMtnii,ft upj jor nnca qHantiiii>,s,}l BIjI.I' and I'OUK of tfie �/^� Kh6nn.i, one-third pare in 'Jiercesy and thi. remaining, one-t/nrd part pn Harreh; to he de'.irered into His Majesly^s blares at Dept-, ford, Portitvioutii, L'lymouthj aAd mta the jfrmif yic' luailtU!^ (� ht, Cathcriitc'% im regular proportions of r.urh df.'Cnjit'on nl (..-ak-i, hif the periods undcftncnttoned,jiiz. ()iiefaurtii part of tne tiie loth January p -One halt .->1; .wd 10 tirj l-'vsl Mmu-.rUeneral at Dublin rrptcliiiely. i\o Jeiiii'jr Ju,- a leJii2iianlify t/iun:oM JLwrces luill b: iicccpic:!.- � � , , Ao i-c::^r,-d mil be- hud In nny {\'nder iiiKhich tlic Price shall nr.t be iH. >. � '''^liij Commis.vioAcrs lor I icluulltng Jhs Ma-JS. jiififs .\urij do hcre^/y .\o(!'f, t;ial u;i ihursday, /.�^ c't, lo Uie.~ln>(lieM bidder, at Jlis Jjlni'iifys ViittialUug PrciniH", cii Dept/oid, sundry Lots o'J the lollotcing Pro\'isiun< nnd-i'itlualling Utore^, t/:,,!. Bread, Bread lJust, Svveejritigs, Damaged Meal, Moor, ! Viire .Pipe, Brandy Piece, M iiie HogfUcud, and I'orcign Hoatb, '1 i.iht and Dry Heading (double pieces), \Vine Pipe! and Br.jiidy Pieces, AVine Hogshead", Iron Hoops broken and bent, and ^yorn isdii. ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE. ThisDay is puhlishi'd, pari-'is. �h1. bound. PR>VCT1CAL ENGLKJT GRAMMAR for the. use of Stu leiits preparing for the Royal Military Colleg-. '� � . ByWlI-LIAM TTCKEN, of the said Co!l.-gc. London: Printed fi>r I�ickin^ton, Allen and Co. TeuipLv of thoMus'-SrFmslniry-squaie. , By whom will .shortly bepiiblishe<l, by the same Author, on the Principles of t^eqgniphyi Statistical, Puli-tw.ll, AstroaiwutMJr U�toi�!id flltUUeraAticjU Jyjud; eoirtely Printed- in 4to. With.Platus, price 1/. 1 Is. fid. A n�w Spiinisb'Grainmiiirj-foritUc'Usfi of Students in t le Iloyal HIiL-. tary Co\lege, by Mr. Mordeote, is also in the.Prcs.s. ON LIVE STOCK. Tills day are published, in 8vo^ prrceS*. fid. REMARKS on LIVE'STOCK, auJ relative Subjects.. By ANDREW COVENTRY, Professor of: Agriculture i*j 11? University of Glasfrow, Printed for Archibald Constable and t'o, Edii.bucgh ; John Murray, Fleet-street; and John Hardin*?, St. James's-stroet, London. I Of whom may ht; had, A Treat sc on th tv Origm, Qua! ities, and Culti vation of Moss Earth. . 1 y AV illmm Acton,, Svo. Ss. hd.  Df;niRDERS of the HF.AD, DIMN F.SS of SHHIT, DEFl-CT of HEAKING, &e< W')\V. CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF:-As 11 PriMjf of its Efiicacy, Mr.; RECHAB THORNS, of M-.MO.ic, Hants, writes, in February, 1803, to thtf Pfo-;ij;istOllii{|is: : - l.innow / I years old, and can sec to read with cotnr ^I,.srps, and my iiieniory is "as good nS ^viien IWas only VI, .hd.v, 1/7.;, (2y ye.-.r3 ago),4 was seized wi i-. .Innies-s Powder, N ^ J5, in St. Paul's Cliurch-;yard,  M and 1>. Collins, at S.ilisbiM'y ; and none is ge^ unless Iue words �� F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Pai^l's," ;'i:;r,iv.:d en the.Stamp.' \m\^ a.ul GENTLEMEN will derive plea-i in - in MlDDLEWOOD'S ROYAL AB^S. SIN i .A N PLOW) Ij SOAP, particularly where soft water l^ ^c.l^c^as it wiR make the hardest A\ at<r pleasant, and its ctliciev iu waih ng the- HAND.S ^nd FACE beautitaily C[.i:A.\, WHITE,' and SMOOTH, in adding dejitafcy to Uiililrrn, and renderln.'? SHj\ VINGcomlorlable to the tcn-Ji�ft face, is most satisfactorily proved by the cstimatton n ^nicli It IS heldby the Roval Family UniT the Public, price me square, the same in hhwingCakes, Is.^dit-the sasne m a it boxes, with brushes, 2=- od. Al-^o his c( lebratcd COSt Mtnc P0^YDER, to make the FACE, NICK, and All.MS coo) and dclicatel v fair, alter washing or Ot'rsp'ni-i�t; !s used by the most tllustrious Indies in tiie circles of flfiiiiic.",and recommended as anetiessary and agreeable, ap- �i,ns;e to the toilet, Isi or'2s. bd. the packet., ^ iinld by Mr,Raebum and Mrs.Cargell, Edinburgh? U asl.ijun, Dundee; Middlewood, Dublia? AVil^on, Londo ii'trv; Da� aad B^ancbi GnerrLsey; Eaker and flOn, so.un-�:'iutan; Mcvler^ Crutwell, JKean, Gibbon, Ba,th; Carter, liull; Carter, ScarbarOttgh�Sheardowii,Doncaster; Lang-ifiA, I'nmvtSh^rebonie;Wins, Unsworth, Jozephi,Man-tlifstft; {^rikSdtt^ ^amll, LWeraSwl; Smiib, Derby ;prak-Stamford ;,Metrid*w, Gov�ntry jReymer, Mitchel, Col-, cliester; Stevienoiitind'Go. l^orwich;:Tri8ton, Carter, t..ara* <a*Ue; and WiB^<!�i�l.Fer%ier8ana Mediclnp Venders m Ordersaadittsatt t�; J, W.Middlcwaod<tlie-proprietor.) Hi|li^streft,- fWhltediapcI,'JL.�ndon,* Perfumer .and Abjesi- ^'afa Flower 8��Bi acJ Duchess of iniiiicdiately forwj *l'�'r;. Heridri SowerUy ;r ta Che Princess of WaleaV the Duk<j andthp DijkepfGumlieriandvwtJU lie to any part (X thfc world"; dlso Sonsj Thomaa and ?�.' Rowney,|Bur^ "Jones, Perfumers Mr. .Leventborp'i Toy-BookseUer^ ^nd all thfr Medicine. Ware- jtwD with the DuUe'Md DiJ^feiiff TftTrr^^^^ IWiUicoutsidewrapRetf -, MiE RcV; WIliUAM BARCLAY'!!^ TEN'T ANTiBILlOyS PILLS. The exflusive 'ak of this valuable medicine being now vested solely in tbe , -^v. WiUiam MtetaY,ahd thbse^ippoMcdM I �HT sule of the Pills a'ln :cofi8'equeiice.,4&tire*y dis^ontiiiw*;^ ' �ilieElabon(tiw�i N^v88ji-�e�B5W)*f�^,;. ^^^ Jim H now estjibnsbeil- at thtf Jtqv.vWiMiaW Bt^r,clay'^y>*^-W^ 'wing them inil�i.'irUp�re.nnd-^5gemiiiie^stftUv ftlr- Richard Apnl,nil wholMi1l?rei4;'b(!iij! .in Jown^^^^^^ aW HMi'stcdto bciidaii*s*a'tto mW','-'W�t> Vvill toiiTSr tlie Jradc lo treat tcilh such .Persons as �may be Killing to contract jor supplying the J'ulloicing Articles, to be delivered at the k'ards aguin-st liie same (.ipreised, viz, : f Deptford, AVonlwich, CJhat-ENGLISH BEESWAX, j ham, Shewneas, Portsmouth, C and Plymouth. SAND,................. Cliathiini and ftheerness. A Sample of the lieesia/tx, wii/i forms of-the Tenders for iiipptying both the Articles, may be seen at IhisOJ/ice, I\0 Tender will b^ receiued after Tioeloe Clock on the day oftreaiit, nor any nnticefl, unless the Party, or an Ageitt\J'or hint, attends- If any one is ill and knowsiiot bis disorder,'let hiin Sus> -pect the Scurvy,"-Math 10 ays/ .rT^IIE SCURVY appears to be n^ere prevalent JL in tills country than in any other within onr know-,; ledge : wlkther this arises front-luxurious living, the state of the atrnosphcTC, the vartablencsaof our diniatCj or the large quantity of animal food taken by persons of every clas.4, is not easily determined; ^ 19 enough that tt|e evil exists, and it is a v^luabfe .bl.^siMg} ihutihe-greiit and benelicent;Creator ha� uarticnburlj' fa:y�iurcd th^ jiibubitauts �f Grcal BiTr* tain with a peculiar remedy. � The GREAT W ATI�Rl)OCK is b plant indigenous totbis .ruuiitry, nnd lia�.�vvr.l>wa<rei;onimqfq� ly certain Vi'gotrfl>le*pp?ifittpr V latent jn the linWty i th:s E)>sein;e Til al^uyil co)iiiv((ont mats operation antl.Adeots. 1 tb flrst%llort.IS by jincosiblc.pprspiratloii> .�pe.nti42;.tii^.tob^-Btruetcd pores, and gtvin^'.piissage to th6 <ofli^�ding hiiniQur; and, wh<;re the disorder is vindeiity miturc is fottiHir assisted, bytMuorc th<^n.ordinarydisi;^inrgeofiii|rine< KreStorf4 tl�e , "'lost tone of the stomafh, enric lies and, sweetfns^tlfu.'jfloadf curr^tB all iu a^rldv acrimonious, ^nd putrefactive qunViit^a, � nwoves iijf usea,,takf� ftO'all livld^ut.s otth* 8kin,:: *�,1t] of its impurities,, aiid.flcver faiki lu pertbrquhg fti iuundnoad'v pei'U'ct cure'. . ! , Sold wholesale and retail by,Sbnvv and Ed\vWd?;WSt-! I'uurB Chureh-yard.t tlie gebuinenrticlu-hns theirirames griivcdon tlie Stamp " * " ------- � ' FOR TJIE USE OF bCItOOLS. This day is published, price 4s. boundy the Sixth Edition of THE ACADEMIC bTEAKER; or, a Selection of Parliamcntarv Debates, Orations, OdPS, Scenes, and Speeches, from the best writers, ptoper to be read and le-Cittd by youtli, at school. To winch are prefixed I'lenients of Gesture, or plaifi and easy Directions for keeping the body in a graceful position, and acquiring a siivipli; and na-allected Style of action, explained and illustrated by plates. By JOHN WALKER. Printedfor J. Johnson, St. Paul sCburchtvard ;and-Wil-kieand J. Robinson,.')?, George Robinson, 2,5i Paternoster-row; T. CfidelU, and W. Davics in the St-yid. . Where may be had, Mr. ^Valkcr's.Pronounqlng Dictionary, once 31s. fid. aild his other Pieces for Students in the English Language and Elocution. , � - This Day is published, in fwo Vidiimes, Post Octavo, price I (is, in Boards, ISCEILANEOUS POETRY, ronnsting of TRANSLATIONS from tbn, Icclandicj ItalJau; Snaiiish, Portuisjncse, German, 6i.c. . ByihcUoii. W. Hl.RBERT. 'Pfintcd for Loiigmau, Hurstj Rees, and Qrincf, Patcr-iioster-row. ..,,,-'.� �  On .TanQnry the 1st, 1H07, will be eoinracwccd  A ,\lU AlON rilLV PUBLIC ATION, entitled '^HE ATilEA'.EUM ; axMAGAZINE of LI-TLRAxll and MISCELLAM QUSS INFORMA-^TIGN,- : . �� ^ � Conducted by J. AIKIN, M. t). Of this Workj tee hrst part will be devoted to General Corwspoiideiice, co:npriiii'a; in il.-i topics all interesting matter of enquiry or intijnniition in poliOe hfer.ituii', aiiti(|iiitics, -scirn�c,.piviios(iyJiy, naturiil bistorv, st.itistics, domestic eeo-no!uy,nuuii)ers, iScc.^ fif-tlria-depm'tiue'.itvftOBtrover.vialdis-cuMions, within the bounds of riioilenition and decf)rriinv"Trttt" be freely admitted ; qiicrx!^ aiidtlwir answers nill be inserted ; exposures of devcts and abuso'j, proposals for iiviprovc-�nient, and useful suggestions of all kinds, will be thankfully attended to. Distmctand permanent Farts of the Publication will be allotted 10 thq follpwing Objects : Classical Dismnsdrons; cons^istingof remarks histoncal and critibal upon uH the -principal authors of antiquity, ,iiid the manuscripts^ edUions,tran5lations, &c. of their Worxs. : Artalyses of, smdEsti-acti, scarce and curious Books -of ditlerent Age.-! and Gftimtrus,^ Memoij-s of distinguished Peftons. � Literary lnteUig;cnce,Domeati(i and Foreign.-, Original Poitry., The Political Events of the preceding Months . Meteorological'Registers and ObservHtioiis. Agricultural and Commercial Reports. A Notice of all interesting Occurrences throughout the-United Kingdoms, witn an Obituary of remarkable Cha-i  l^cters'. Cpmlniiniqations for this. Work are requested to be sent, postpaid, to Messrs. Longman, Hurst, R6es,and Onne, Patci-i os!�r�FOW, and Messrs, t/adell and Davies, Strand. This Day was published, in two . Voluinesj 12mo. price Ssi hound, embellished With Frontispieces by llopwood, rpHE HISTORY of ENGLAND, related in JL Familiar Conversations, by a father to his Children: interspersed with Moral and Instructive iremarksand Obspr-TuttoiK on the inostlfiading and interesting Subjects. Designed for the perusal ot Youth. By ELIZABETH-UELME. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rccs, and Orme, Paternoster-row ; and John Harris, St. Paul's Chur�ch-yard. '1 he present undertaking is well adapted to the piirpo'se, and is rendered engaging by the easy and agreeable dialogne, in which the most important fads olfBrvtish History are cou-niunicated. It isateo-acheap publi<^utlon.'' , -Brjtish'Critic, Oct. 180,5. As above ii)ay be had, by the same Autiibr, lately published, 1. MATERNAL INSTRUCTION; or. Family Conversations, ou'jiioral and interesting Subjects, intersptrsed with History, Biography, and onguiul Stones. Designed tor the Peni.salof Youtii. In ^2 Vols. J2uio. ;.with,:Frontispi�fce3, Fnee-b's. in Boards. v ; , These little stories are interesting- and instrnctiyet nnd may be. put into the hands of children ^t about ten yVara old-j wtth much advantJige." : Ann. Rcv.^faOS.'; " There is something in the plan of the present little AVOrk particularly pleasing^ It is with, great pleasure, that M' a work, the design of wbiclris soseiislble,. and'the execution so satistactory.-' Brit. Cnt U ftjrs. Helmelias m'this work: made a very; pleasing addition to^ the iuvcnde library. Every child must be Ulnused withreadiflgUbcm, and to be improved, we think he cannot f4il." Cut. Re%.Apiil, 1801. INSTRUCTIVE RAMBLES thrcmgh Lond(,ii aiid its, Environs. Complete'in I Vol. Price'Is. bound. " Much topogriipbiciilnud iHstpHcal knowledge iscont.iin-edwti;iisYQluiAe,.iUii|gledw4lh pertinent rcllectionl.^ ' Critical Review, J.iii. 1790. iHS'l^ajeiiify'.s service, I shall direct her to be pii-'-.^ chased, ittid Bhallcbntnii.ssion her by iJie name sa� now bcarsj with a sloop'.? complcmciiti I ara, &c.; (Signed) .J. R. DAcat-. -  His Majesty's sloop Renard, Port Royal, ; .SIR,  Jamaica, .tune 3, 18US. I have the honour to inform, you, tUa^ his Majesty's sloop under niy command, captured on tli� �aSth ultimo, in lat. 20 dcg^ ^0* nlin. N. long. 68 dcg. W. after a chace of si.Kty.four hoursy th i French National brig Diligent, comihanded 1)/ Captain ThcTcnard, of 14 six-poundcns, and tw-'> thirty-two pound braH carronades, with a er:w of 125 mi^n.s�ven <l3ys fE�?t� Paitit-a-P<-*re. d'ju-daloupe, chitrged with i'lisjiiKclies for Knuici'-^ -a were thrown overboard during Hie chac-^. The conduct of the officcr-s a::A mew, of thU <;Ioop was highly commendable^ and their exertions Uncommon, dtvring so long and anxious a cliace.: /the ;btig is �opiiei;et3 aud- -^fa^it^g^- oidy throd yearns old, sails w'eUj: is aT'vcry .coift^qt*; vessel, and is, in my jopinioo, fit for Ids Majesty's * service. I have the iuittnar to bd, &c. . ,lv!>qi dated onboard ttit:lIercuIej;Pt>rt,.ilo/aI, June 8, I860, \ Srii-I have the honour to incto.sey far the ift-formatjon of tl>eir Lordships, th(\ Copy of.a Let-.. -ter I l>.:ive received from Captain Vansittart, Informing me of the capture of a ^nvafecr by his Majesty's ship Fortune, undtv his command. 1 am, &c. (Signed) J. R. DAOiiES; IlisAfajcsty's hhip Fortune, off �SIR,  Navassa, ^une J, iBOd, I. have the honour to acquaint you, that in the execution of your ordor of the 5tfi ult, dilrecting me to stretch over to the Coast of Cuba, and cruiz* diligently for the protection of tire trade and a'n-noyance of the ctiemy. "Oti the 18th oft Cape . liureiis, his Majcsty"^5r5hlp under my'.command fell in witli and capftrrfed the Frcndi privateer schodnor . Grand Juge BertoHo^ of Guadaioupe,"^armed ^ifh one long brass twelve-pound gun, twoifonrs, and four twclve.pound carronades, complement one hundred and twt'nty meiv, but having otJly fiftr-one on board, five days from St* Jafo de Ciiba,-bound to the City of St. Domingd to comple*? het complem-jnt. A few days previoos to this capture, the boats of his Majesty's ship uadcr my cqmmaad destroyed two SpanishfeluccaSj Vvith beef and flour, and captured a small schooner. I have the hono�ir-to be, ice, 11. VAVsriTABT. ^ram the LQNJ^^�4ZETTE, Juli/ 26. a'tfetlfet* frW^V^aMLttmiral'bail l$O0. DacrBSj-Coramn "3 Sbipi andlVessels at J^aiii(iic| on'board^tUe -Hercule, ^ PopyoTa' mqhiefi . Wrti^ Mamen, JBW)/ ^1, SmT^With fqnch uleatmre IxOnclose;. for the iti-forratttion- of. ,thd Lords Commissioners- of' 'thV ^Adoiilrftlty, tlic Qopy Q)Ei a.Letter lhJt^e received fj:om Captwn Coghlao, fccquaiuting me crf^the Re-natd bavinja; capture* tb^j F.r<}nch natltirtal brig .i^pijigent, tof' 14 "sfifpoundersf, and thirty-two vpoiiud^na}! '.DEosSpCptrrb^del/'wU.b � compluraont of ' r^^Jil<rt1i6,:l^i^,, UPdtt nuripMl^be fouati fit for Ci'otstt-Ojjice, Jii(^ 16, ISOd. PAnr,i.VMENT, Bop.onoH or SLioo.-r-faeorge Camling,. Esq. of Gawivth, -iii the County of London<icrry, lu the ro;na of Owen Vi vnne, Esq. wlio, since ms klcctron for tiie,-'aid Bo-" rouj;h, hatli accepted the OiSce ot EscUeator of Munsttr. BANTvRTGPTCY ENLAR.GED. , ... Tliomrs Jorde.n liuokhain,-Isew Bond-Btreetj Mrdillcs'!*, bookseller, iroi-.i Julv '2y, t6 Auff�styi,at teiij?�t pt, ti, at eleven, at the G(Jorie-Inn,~ Ctew-keriie, SfwieriJctantre. Attomies, Mr. Willfctm-Lambert Whifii, Yi'ovii, bomerselshirv'.; ;ini Mcssi's. blandford,-and Sweet. Temple. - . ' George Hams, Manclicster, alehouse-kreper, Aujr.ll,12v and Sept. t), at flcven, s:i the Bridgew.itcr Arms Inn, Manchester.- Attornies, Mr. jounLaWi Queen-street, St. Anns, in Mantiiester; and Mr. Charles Jackson, Hare-court., 'temple^ London.-Jaincs Wrigjit, Mutloa'i, Derbyshir.", butcher, An,'<n$t SI, 22, and Sept, i , at eleven, at the Bridgewafer .�\riiis, Alanchester., ,At-tornie^, Messrs. Jones au.l Milne, Manchesier ;.and Mj-^ Edge, Inner'lemple, Loiidim. James Baird, Liverpool, merchant, August 2.0, GO, and Sept. 6, at one, at the (>li)be Taveni, , Liverpool. 'Attornies,-Mr. GcorgcOrred, Liverpooland Mes-i-s. Cooper, and Lowe, Southainpton-buildiugS, London. John Percy, Liverpool, blocJi-mafcer, Aifg, 27, and Sept:t?; at eleveii, at the Globe lavern, Liverpool. AtiurHie?,.. Messrs, Parr and Tiioiiipson, Liverpoul. , . , . ^ John Harding, Abingdon, BerTtsbire,-bookseller, Aug-. 5, 9, Sept. a, lit eleven, at the Gro*nanitThit>lle,nl Abingdon. Attiirnifs, Mr., Moi'land,^Abiiigdon4-. aild M s&r�.. Klagravcaiid WtJker. Syniond's-jmi, X.ondon, ^ , W ilhanv *t"ar> Mi""Sfaie, Keiit, lineii-dranw,-Aug, l2, Sept.'d, at ten, at liUildhdlH, LondOn. -Attornies Mes>rs.- : Bell and Brodriek, Bow-lnne, Chcapside, London, v . Thomas Smith, A^argaret-slreet,, Cnvcndisb-squ;ire, Mid^^- ' sex, hardwarcniau and jappaeiier, July and sept. ft',a.t! u?n,atGuildhall, Loi^don. Attoruevj Mr; SuiiaaH, Gol-:" .deii-squaie. DUIDENPS. ; August. 19. G, L. CSibson, ?olc!iej>icr,.tailoj�anddsnpcTt nt ten, at the t>nlhn Tun, lyOlche-ster. - . , , August lei G.-ByriiCj i.xetei-itrect, Chelsea, (lat-^kcriHt' ten, at 6�dJhall. * v n � Aug. fR. Hall, Upper Th.imes-stre^t,n>erehant,;at tQif,!, at (luildliall. > . I. V f . AHg.,2fii Uond, A\orcester, patte,a-makcr,-at'6atiiittfi*- Angel-Ttm, Sudbviiv. -, -,-,%;--:: )Ang. 1 . G. tasicrliy and AV. Macfarlanc, C^p^tt^^biiff, Rotherhithe, roei'chdjits,at leh, at-(iuildhatl. ' / Aug. rh. BreHell, Birinuighiun, bosieis at tinsM^vei at <ll�*� ; Sw�ln:TaTC^^, liirimnglBiuK , .� V , . '!�-(: Aug. 2d. G. Soou^ll, Blacfcheathv Xentf liie^Jh^t, ai, iwclvc,at Gu,ldh:ill. .   v ' Aug.Sl.  l'.:Mi�in, Brook-sirceV St.-Panchi5�si6il6SBJa3c�t'V .at tw#l*c. at-GivildhuB. 4- v -^vt, sAua.4t). Gritlitlis, Threadncidle-sli;eet, ftp<� , Bristol, tr-udtr. T,.riwrgo�d, >tHwiVi Hert]&)3[il,Sl>0^ R. MiuT,UinctHter,meTcha-ttt. , v-S.iVaidcH, AVc3tTol5iSiuodtbj.Dftvo%:'' -'--i

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